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America may be back, but the world wasn’t waiting.

Show Notes

Venture capitalist Chris Schroeder travels the world to invest in emerging markets. To the entrepreneurs he meets, Silicon Valley is just one of many models, China is everywhere and South-to-South exchanges are constant. To succeed in this distributed world takes humility, agility and a certain comfort with the uncomfortable. 

Show notes
00:00 Intro
01:33 Can you travel over Zoom?
03:11 What's been on global entrepreneurs' minds?
05:51 How technology unleashed talent
08:01 Silicon Valley isn't exactly irrelevant, just less central
10:23 Why it made sense for so long for Silicon Valley to be ethnocentric
15:24 You have to find wonder in being wrong
18:41 America is back. But back to what?
26:48 A return to sovereign industries, or the balkanization of the economy?
32:09 Capitalism, democracy and the mind models we can't let go of
39:32 The skills required to succeed in this world
45:03 Outro

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👀 “America is back!” But to what? by Chris Schroeder. The International Economy. 2021.

📚 Dreamers: How Young Indians Are Changing the World. Snigdha Poonam. Harvard University Press. 2018.

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Borderline is a podcast for defiant global citizens. It believes in openness, discovery and compassion. It resists outrage and seeks wonder. Prosaically, the podcast discusses geopolitics, immigration and lives that straddle borders. If you leave home to get home, Borderline is for you.