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Imagine you were thinking of committing a crime at work, but before you can do anything the police force can subpoena your brainwaves file and arrest you for a crime that you were going to commit. Well, that technology is here!

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What if governments and corporations could control your brainwaves? Well, that technology is here! If you're not focusing on the right tasks at work, your boss can "zap" you back into the work you should be working on. Imagine you were thinking of committing a crime at work, but before you can do anything the police force can subpoena your brainwaves file and arrest you for a crime that you were going to commit.

Yes, Minority Report for the real world is officially here!

All the elites need to do is sell you the technology like that it will keep you safe or perhaps help solve world hunger. Whatever they decide to go with, be sure to know what you are agreeing to!

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The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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One, and we're live. What's up, Everybody, welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show on your host, Johnny K, you know the movie Minority Report where they actually arrest people for crimes that they think they're going to do, And then they, they arrest them before they can actually do the crime. They're thinking they're going to do that. It's like pre thought crimes right, And so the crime doesn't actually happen physically, But they thought it thought crime. you know. kind of like nineteen eihtyfour. stuff. Well, the war And I like form, says that technology is here and they literally. they literally start off this presentation Telling you, let's watch a video about how great this is, N't Hw. We're gonna stop prethougt crimes. They literally say this is real. This is this video is real. So I'm gonna play the intro of the video of them saying we're going a play a video and we're gonna top crime. So it's minority Port in real life, and since tyranny seems to be a fan favorite, you know, in two thousand twenty three across the global population. For some reason You'll love this. you will love this. But since you're part of the John the Coganshow community, you know this is bad. You know this is not good for Team Peasant for the every day person, But this is real. Okay. this is then presenting. Oh, it's already here. Are you ready for brain transparency? We sure are, Kay. You don't have a choice. Listen to this ready less. here's the intro and then I'll let them play the video introducing what technology is here and how fantastic it is. Here we go. So by the way, we can plug in your brain and regulate everything, and just in case you're thinking about something we don't want you to think about, we will sap you into productivity and efficiency, baby, because this world is about what you can do for the man or the woman or whoever runs corporations. Nowadays, whatever your supposed to say, the transgender hero, Whatever, we don't care, we don't. we don't care about genders. We don't care about politics. In this podcast, We really don't care about being politically correct. We just care about our brains having freedom and having freedom. Thought congratulation. You got your brain metric. That's what's going on now. They sap you, Oh your day dream. You're not thinking about the right thing. we want, product productivity and efficiency. No more colleges. You just put them right into slave labor baby. This is matrix forever on the deepest level ever continue. And then it says, the battle for your brain. That's their intro video. They are literally shoving tyranny in your face and saying you can't do anything about it. This is the new work force. This, you know, it's not the concern about the artificial intelligence. Listen will chat chat by team. For better, worse will be known as the beginning of the revolution, which will probably be the most transformative technological revolution humanity has ever experienced. Okay, and that really just started. End of twenty, twenty, two, twenty Twenty three. Now you think about the Internet and how far we've come since Nineteen, ninety five to twenty twenty three. where we are now, and how long that took? right. What is that? twenty eight years or so about? You know to go from ninety five to where we are now. A lot of progress. Now it's all mobile. All that stuff right, social media? Well, think about a I, going five to ten times, probably ten times faster than that, and where we're going to be in three years, let alone ten years. Okay, so ninety five to Twenty three for the Internet is going to be for a I like, twenty, twenty, three to twenty, twenty, probably twenty thirty. Okay, probably twenty thirty. So it's here whether you like it or not. the artificial intelligence revolutions here. I think that it could be much better for human productivity. We could work with it. We can. we could be more efficient. we could. having more leisure. We could focus on more creativity tests. more than you know. kind of like rorotic proces automation, automate those mondaine tasks that people still need to enter in computers, filling out forms. All this stuff that can be done with intelligent automation and process animation at a much higher level with a I, and even some creativity stuff like generating images like there's right now. there's a I. porn stars going around like fat girls that were generated with a that look really real. And so there's like a born now that people are getting off on. That's just the way it is. Obviously, if people always have said, If you want to know, technological innovation, look at the poor industry that the first ones to always adopt it and guess what they're paying a bit coin. Just saying so, I think I don't actually approve of that. I don't know A big point guy, but pornhais like what the Youtubeofporn right? Is that true? Somethin like that? So where anyone can upload anything which is crazy bankers That that exists like open source video platform for porn. That's crazy. like. how do you ven like? Does anything go? What about? like? what about? Like pedifiles and stuff like that's crazy. It's unbelievably nuts, But the point is is that the revolutions here, and the question is who's goin to be controlling this first. Is it going to be your boss Is? is it going to be? Every one is going to be working in some massive corporation, and they're going Look at your brain waves and know your thoughts, and if you're thinking about a romantic thing with your worker, they're gonna look on your boss, who is probably an asshole. Anyways, he's going to look on the computer like. Oh my God, Since I'm a manager and I have nothing better to do, I want to shift this peasant's brain waves to something I want them to do like fill out my expense reports or something. Instead of going to talk to them, you zap them into the task that you want them to get to that is, or hey, by the way, I want to commit a crime like Wi fraud. Oh my God, that guy thought of wire fraud. Let spina. Everything in the government needs to take everything and arrest this person. That is literally Minority Report in real life. Okay, I'm re watching that moving now. it is literally Minority Report in real life, And it's here whether you like it or not. Okay. there's some more this video and by the way, the big innovation is is that I'll get to it in the third clip here, which is this year. in twenty twenty three, They are coming out with the ear buds already to monitor. They're starting you. No, they're gonna. they're gonna. It's all it's going to be. It's gonna be promoted for safety. It's going to be better for the people on it. People. All poverty is for world peace. And so, if you deny having your brain waves checked lie, what are you? races? What do you like like anti huming? What do you? What do you hate helping the world? What do you? a terrible person? Like? What do you mean? Tracking brain waves is going to save the universe? What are you doing? That's how it's gonna be pitch. just like, just like Central. bantitial currency Is what do you hate? lifting the entire world out of poverty, you selfish pig. You know what I mean, you get. just, but they're coming out with these ear buds to save The world literally this year, so it's starting right now and it's going to go fast, But before I get to that third clip, here's the second second clip of an example of how this is gonna be used because those people only think about it in terms of their work force, because they're all like Cos, and founders of massive corporations of how we can make people more productive so we can make more money. That's how we want to utilize a not to not to be more creative, Not to help people go live the life of their dreams. Now, productivity efficiency and low costs, baby. that's all we want here. See how it's pitched. We're saving lives. We need to check your brain waves to save lives. You see how it is. Even though trucks going to be automated with the Tesla technology for the driving soon, we need to save lives, so we must have a hold to your brain. And so when they want to hold your brain, listen to what she says. Safety baby, That's in China. That's where the Chinese Communist Party forces them to do that. I mean this is crazy. What are we talking about Here? And then I think she talks about sapping them back awake. Let's see F. she says real real quick. Okay, so she goes on to talk about how they. If you're at work in a cubicle, you can. If you're not paying attention or someone's tired, your boss will just go to their computer and zap you back away and make sure you are doing that accounting work all day for the next twelve hours. Do you see how out of hand this can get? the fact that they are going to put your brain waves in control of a manager where there's already a dis functional management style. Probably your manager probably thinks maybe they're good, but there's some In the hierarchy where someone is just wants to control people and does not care about your well being or that they look at your thought crimes and then send you to the government. They put you in a goolog. I mean this is crazy. It's absolutely bananas, but here's the ear buds that are coming out soon. I want you to hear this and you should be very very excited. like she said, very very excited. These are coming out this year. This speech just happened like a few weeks ago. Hey little Kevin. what are you doing? What are you on tumbler? looking at porn. Zip, boom, right back to Central programming baby. don't you dare veer off from where I want you to think. Okay, it's the manager class that runs this universe, and that's the way we're going to keep it. We force it and we create a tyrannical organization or world government where we can just own everybody and make sure they do what we want at the lowest cost possible, at the cheapest value and the maximum mount of hours before they, just you know, basically a Chinese sweat shop factory making I phones at scale. This is a dream, baby. this is a dream for tyranny. Literally, we just buzz them. if they're not focusing on the task we want them to do. Do you see how this gets a little bit out of hand? What are you thinking of eating your grapes? Zap? Nope, back to doing that tax return. You understand. what are you thinking about what you want to do? Have work zap back doing that tax return. Okay, you think you're gonna think about going out with your friends later? Zap back to doing that audit. This is what happens. This is the war. This technology is here. She's bragging about how this technology is here when Need to sell it to the public so that you want it, Because you're saving humanity by wearing this scar and doing it by getting zap. You're saving people in in Congo, mining medals for a dollar a day with no electricity in their home town, So you can have your test love, But this will save them as long as you're willing to get zapped. They're so good. These people are so good at framing this in a way where it's going to save humanity for you to have give up more of your freedom to governments to corporations. They So good at it. You're going to say that what do you? You don't want your brain waves managed by somebody else? That means you hate the free world. You hate the new liberal world order. as Joe Haydon says, That's what happens here. So I want to play one of our videos real quick. This is from six years ago. This video talking about how this technology s used this. This one is actually from six years ago, talking about, you know, controling employees and making sure they're doing as they're told. this is six years ago about about a company test co, and what they do with their employes six years ago Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. We tell you what to do. And that's it. That's the end of the story. So this technology s here. The question is to what use can it be put in to play with? Is it going to be implemented in a in a negative way and controlled by people who you don't want to manage your brain waves? Or were you going to do it to make humans better lift us up, pro human pro Freedom, What we stand for on this podcast or is it going to go the way the past couple years of one, which is like, Oh, you know, if you're thinking about leaving your house during lockdowns, we're going to sap you and you're goin t go In your house. Okay, that's where this gets a little bit out of hand, so we need to figure out what we're going to be using it for. But you need to know that this technology is here because the technology is here, and we need to know that when they are selling you on it, you know exactly what's happening and what they're planning to use it for from their own videos, and then decide if you want your brain ways managed. Okay, Because again, if they use it to say, Oh, zap, go to the Cvspharmacys, Zap, go back to lockdowns. You can see how this can be used for very nefarious things. All right, it could be four. You do things you might not want to do. That is twenty twenty three. This is the beginning of the revolution. Life is never going back to being the same. We know that it is about to be unbelievable to what happens between now and like twenty third, Twenty thirty three, Ten years from now, the innovtethe innovation you are going to experience in the next ten years of how life change is going to be greater than the amount of innovation that was experienced in the last one hundred years. The next ten years Will be greater than the last hundred. so. things are about to go bananas. And if you haven't played with chat, g, p. T yet, let me know I can help you out. and that is the very beginning of what this stuff is going to be do. It's very powerful. It could be used for a lot of good. It could be used for a lot of bad. We need to keep our eye on it and we need to. We need to come together. We need to realize that we can use this stuff. We can get excited for this innovation and we could still be pro human. We can still be pro Freedom, an anti tyranny. That's it. That's it all right For listening to Jonathan Ogan show today, subscribe to the rumble channel, subscribe to the Youtube channel. Follow wherever you get your podcast. That's the most important part. and if you want to donate Patron Dot Com Fort, slash ownership economy, appreciate all the new audience. This is fantastic. It's great to be with you. Things are about to get spicy. Things are heating up to nuclear war. We got a lot going on in all fronts, so we're gonna be covering that and then in the coming days it's great to be back. I was gone because I lost heat and it was very difficult to record in freezing dangerous temperatures And I know none of you Me to get ill, Because you need the truth and you deserve the truth, and that's at end of story. Also, you can watch live on Twitter at K, o g z at cogs, and if you have any questions, leave comments on any of the posts and I will get back to you. All right. Thank everybody. See you soon by.