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The government has been urged to commit to the upgrade and extension of the Bakerloo line after an impact assessment found it could be transformation for London.
The report says the move would create thousands of jobs, unlock thousands of new homes, and boost the economy by £1.5bn.
Central Forward London, the organisation that commissioned the assessment, is now calling for the chancellor to commit to the Bakerloo line upgrade and extension at his spring budget on the 6th of March.
Following the publication of the Draft Rail Reform Bill, the Transport Committee met yesterday to discuss the use of data in improving the delivery of infrastructure, as well as improvements to rail lines.
Issues such as responses to maintenance challenges can be solved quicker by using technology to monitor the condition of rail assets, whilst also addressing faults at an earlier stage.
Decision-making and improving services will use data in a key role, with this being something that the committee wished to focus on