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The lizards discuss the Cuban Montecristo 1935 Linea in Maltés, Glen Deveron's 20 Year Aged Scotch, Grinder's Scotland trip and Poobah's famous Bloody Mary recipe.

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The lizards discuss the Cuban Montecristo 1935 Linea in Maltés, Glen Deveron's 20 Year Aged Scotch, Grinder's Scotland trip and Poobah's famous Bloody Mary recipe. // Join the Lounge Lizards for a weekly discussion on all things cigars (both Cuban and non-Cuban), whiskey, food, travel, life and work. This is your formal invitation to join us in a relaxing discussion amongst friends and become a card-carrying Lounge Lizard yourself. This is not your typical cigar podcast. We’re a group of friends who love sharing cigars, whiskey and a good laugh. Email us at loungelizardspod@gmail.com to join the conversation and be featured on an upcoming episode! Find us on instagram: @loungelizardspod

What is Lounge Lizards - a Cigar and Lifestyle Podcast?

Released every Tuesday, the LOUNGE LIZARDS podcast helps listeners navigate the experience of finding and enjoying premium cigars (both Cuban and non-Cuban) and quality spirits. Episodes range from 60 to 90 minutes and feature a variety of different topics including food, travel, life, sports and work.

The podcast features seven members: Rooster, Poobah, Gizmo, Senator, Pagoda, Grinder and Bam Bam.​

This is not your typical cigar podcast. We’re a group of friends who love sharing cigars, whiskey and a good laugh.

Join us and become a card-carrying lounge lizard yourself! Email us at loungelizardspod@gmail.com to join the conversation and be featured on an upcoming episode!

00:00:01 Gizmo
Welcome to the Lounge Lizards podcast.
00:00:03 Gizmo
It's so good to have you here.
00:00:05 Gizmo
It's a leisure and lifestyle podcast.
00:00:06 Gizmo
Found it on.
00:00:07 Gizmo
Our love of.
00:00:08 Gizmo
Premium cigars as well as whiskey, travel, food, work and whatever else we feel like getting into my name is gizmo and tonight I'm joined by Rooster Puba, Senator Pagoda Grinder and Bam, Bam.
00:00:20 Gizmo
The full House of Lizards and our plan is to smoke a cigar, drink some Scotch, talk about life and of course have some laughs.
00:00:27 Gizmo
So take this as your fourth official invitation to join us and become a card carrying lounge lizard.
00:00:33 Gizmo
Plan to meet us here once a week.
00:00:35 Gizmo
We're going to smoke a Cuban cigar tonight.
00:00:37 Gizmo
Share our thoughts on it and give you our formal wizard rating.
00:00:41 Gizmo
We'll also discuss grinders time in Scotland poopers Bloody Mary recipe, and a variety of other things for the next hour.
00:00:47 Gizmo
So sit back, get your favorite drink light up a cigar and enjoy as we pair a 20 year age glendevon Scotch with Monte Cristo.
00:00:55 Gizmo
00:00:56 Gizmo
5 linea in maltis.
00:00:58 Gizmo
So we have a.
00:01:00 Gizmo
Fantastic double Robusto here provided by Puba. The Monte Cristo Linea 1935 Maltese which is.
00:01:09 Gizmo
Pretty significant in your hand puba.
00:01:12 Grinder
Certainly is got some girth.
00:01:14 Gizmo
Certainly has some girth. It's a. It's a 53 by 6 inches.
00:01:19 Gizmo
Double Robusto, it's the middle of the three sizes of this Monte Cristo Linea 1935 line. There's the Dumas which is 5 and an eighth by 49.
00:01:30 Gizmo
And then there's the leyenda. I guess it's called it's 55 by 6 1/2 inches, so.
00:01:36 Poobah
That's the big daddy.
00:01:38 Gizmo
So this is a release that Monte Cristo did that Habanos did to celebrate the.
00:01:44 Gizmo
Formation of the Monte Cristo Line in 1935. Obviously pre embargo Cuba.
00:01:50 Gizmo
And this is a I guess, a.
00:01:51 Gizmo
Pretty rare stick to find Cuba.
00:01:54 Poobah
It is it's it's not.
00:01:57 Poobah
It's not a limit, it's not a Matata, it's not a regional, but it's.
00:02:01 Poobah
I guess you would call it a.
00:02:03 Poobah
I guess you called it a limited production run.
00:02:06 Gizmo
It's certainly a hard cigar to find it.
00:02:08 Gizmo
It's it's pricey, which we'll get into in a little bit.
00:02:10 Gizmo
I I think it's interesting.
00:02:12 Gizmo
It has three bands on it, so it has the normal Monte Cristo Havana band.
00:02:16 Gizmo
It has the like a gold embossed.
00:02:20 Gizmo
Linea 1935 Maltese which I guess they have three of them for the three individual sizes and then on the end it has.
00:02:26 Gizmo
A foot band yeah foot band Yep.
00:02:29 Gizmo
Which you don't see a.
00:02:30 Gizmo
Lot no.
00:02:32 Poobah
It's it's fancy, and the presentation of the box is is unique.
00:02:38 Speaker 4
Really nice.
00:02:38 Poobah
It's a, it's really.
00:02:40 Poobah
It's a really nice box of 20 cigars.
00:02:43 Poobah
It comes in account with a cardboard outer box.
00:02:48 Poobah
The with the the.
00:02:52 Poobah
With the box code and date.
00:02:55 Poobah
Uh, and then the the box itself is that.
00:03:00 Grinder
God, it's like a mat.
00:03:00 Poobah
I don't know.
00:03:00 Poobah
How it's like, uh, yeah, it's like uh, it's a finished box.
00:03:04 Gizmo
It has velvet on the.
00:03:05 Grinder
Bottom right.
00:03:06 Poobah
And it has some, like almost like a velvet on the bottom. It's. It's really, really nice presentation. Gold, Monte Cristo logo linear 1935.
00:03:17 Poobah
Logo on it.
00:03:19 Poobah
A really beautiful presentation.
00:03:21 Grinder
I think these people.
00:03:21 Poobah
Box of 20 cigars.
00:03:22 Grinder
Before you know, obviously before we smoke it, I think it's suffice to say you're paying for some of the pre presentation.
00:03:28 Gizmo
Definitely, and the name and the name you're.
00:03:30 Grinder
Then I'm paying for the.
00:03:31 Poobah
Definitely well and it well.
00:03:32 Poobah
And when you look at the construction just take a look at the role and the construction of the cigar.
00:03:37 Poobah
00:03:38 Poobah
If you take a look at the foot.
00:03:40 Poobah
Uhm, and just how the tobacco is.
00:03:44 BamBam
Very tightly rolled.
00:03:46 Poobah
And then on the on the draw.
00:03:50 Poobah
I'm getting it's open but some resistance.
00:03:52 Gizmo
Definitely some resistance, but not bad.
00:03:53 BamBam
So I've got that.
00:03:54 BamBam
I've got fantastic draw here.
00:03:54 Gizmo
Not bad resistance.
00:03:55 Gizmo
Yeah, it's really nice.
00:03:56 BamBam
It's really amazing cedar notes I'm getting.
00:03:58 Senator
Yeah, is anyone else just the nose of the wrapper on this cigar?
00:04:03 Senator
I I just feel like.
00:04:04 Senator
It's it's.
00:04:05 Grinder
No, it's life.
00:04:06 Senator
Tons of milk chocolate, yeah.
00:04:07 Grinder
It's it's very light for.
00:04:08 BamBam
Yeah, there's a sweetness to it, yeah?
00:04:10 Senator
And the cold draw.
00:04:11 Senator
If you just tasting history, it's delicious.
00:04:14 BamBam
I can't wait to light this cigar.
00:04:16 Speaker 5
You know?
00:04:16 Senator
I was in my car and I couldn't light up a cigar and I could just.
00:04:19 Gizmo
Puffer cold draw this.
00:04:20 Senator
Cigar, I just feel like I'd.
00:04:21 Poobah
Be very satisfied.
00:04:22 Poobah
You probably wouldn't favor there, right?
00:04:23 Grinder
Could just smoke.
00:04:24 Grinder
It in the car like some other.
Here is.
00:04:25 Grinder
Lizards in the room.
00:04:26 Gizmo
This is what you do when we have the wife.
00:04:28 Gizmo
In the car you just sniff the cigars you provided.
00:04:30 Grinder
Sniff the stick.
00:04:31 Gizmo
You know what I'm noticing too before we light is that there's a lot of tobacco in the cigar you.
00:04:35 Gizmo
Oh yeah, it's packed in it's packed in, but the draw is nice.
00:04:36 BamBam
Oh yeah, yeah, Oh yeah.
00:04:39 Gizmo
I mean it's there and it's got a dark oily wrapper.
00:04:43 BamBam
Does really moves machine to it.
00:04:43 Poobah
It's got a Sheen to it.
Yeah, yeah.
00:04:46 BamBam
The ash may be structural on this because of the pack.
00:04:49 BamBam
How packed.
00:04:50 BamBam
It is, yeah.
00:04:50 Gizmo
Sure, so.
00:04:50 Grinder
I hope yeah yeah.
00:04:51 Grinder
Shall we light?
00:04:52 Gizmo
Alright boys, let's light it up.
00:04:54 Gizmo
The Monte Cristo Linea 1935 Maltese.
00:05:00 Gizmo
Cuban, of course.
00:05:04 Gizmo
Yeah, there's a lot of tobacco in.
00:05:05 BamBam
This, as I toast this I.
00:05:07 BamBam
Can't wait to try it.
00:05:10 Gizmo
So this is a pretty expensive cigar.
00:05:12 Gizmo
I'm seeing that it's ranging anywhere from, you know, if you can get it at a decent price.
00:05:17 Gizmo
I know it's very hard to find right now, but anywhere between 32 and 48 bucks a stick, so it's not.
00:05:23 Gizmo
Yeah, certainly not in everyday smoke.
00:05:29 Senator
Perfect for the holidays.
00:05:30 Gizmo
Toasting nicely though.
00:05:34 Poobah
The box.
00:05:34 Poobah
Stayed on this is June 2019 factory code, BRE.
00:05:39 Gizmo
Oh, the light is wonderful.
00:05:40 Gizmo
Wow, wow.
00:05:43 Gizmo
That's really nice provea.
00:05:44 Grinder
This is delicious.
00:05:45 Rooster
The rivers lot.
00:05:46 Gizmo
So I I have not had any I I've not had any of these before of you guys I know poop.
00:05:49 Grinder
No, don't never no wow.
00:05:50 Gizmo
Obviously has bugs.
00:05:54 Gizmo
So I personally don't smoke a lot of Monte Cristo's. I love a good Monte 3. I love a great Monte for some of you guys. I know smoke more money crystals than I certainly do, but.
00:06:04 Gizmo
You know, I found them to be from Habanos.
00:06:07 Gizmo
I would say more on the inconsistent end.
00:06:09 BamBam
They are.
00:06:09 Gizmo
My first Oh yeah.
00:06:10 Grinder
I don't, I don't know.
00:06:10 Grinder
I I, you know I love money every every money I have is is is delectable to me.
00:06:16 Grinder
Maybe I'm maybe I'm partially biased 'cause it's one of my favorites.
00:06:21 Grinder
Even I even some of the smaller ring gauge like the lancero's, they have very very tasty.
00:06:28 Gizmo
What are you guys getting?
00:06:29 Gizmo
On the light still light.
00:06:31 Grinder
Still very, I get to create.
00:06:33 Grinder
I you know, and it's.
00:06:35 BamBam
Creamy, it's strange, it's creamy.
00:06:35 Senator
The white chocolate.
00:06:36 Grinder
That you had on the on the nose.
00:06:37 Grinder
I get more on the.
00:06:38 Grinder
On the draw now.
00:06:40 BamBam
You know, white chocolate.
00:06:41 BamBam
So great.
00:06:42 BamBam
I think it's.
00:06:42 Senator
I thought more milk chocolate, but yeah.
00:06:43 Grinder
Oh yeah, sorry, I meant.
00:06:45 BamBam
It's creamy, no doubt about it, kind of.
00:06:47 BamBam
Nutty yeah yeah.
00:06:49 Grinder
Get some almonds.
00:06:53 Senator
Rival issues.
00:06:53 Gizmo
Definitely not woody.
00:06:54 Gizmo
I'm getting an amalgamation of a bunch of different flavors, but it's really really nice, really smooth.
00:07:00 Senator
Which is very Monte Cristo like.
00:07:02 Senator
I mean, I feel like the money 2, the money four.
00:07:05 Senator
It's a chocolaty smoke, you're not getting a cedar bomb or anything like that.
00:07:12 Poobah
No no.
00:07:14 Grinder
The Retro Hill does have some good spice.
00:07:16 BamBam
No, no it does.
00:07:17 Grinder
It's got some pepper.
00:07:18 Grinder
It does, right?
00:07:20 Grinder
But it's.
00:07:21 Grinder
Like as Michael Scott would say, it's kind of like the afterbirth.
00:07:26 Poobah
I feel like I I feel like it start for me.
00:07:29 Poobah
It's starting off kind of full.
00:07:31 Gizmo
So so they describe it as a full strength cigar.
00:07:34 Gizmo
Yeah, you know, they're they're saying what they're calling the first time by Monte Cristo.
00:07:39 Gizmo
Their branding this is a full cigar.
00:07:42 BamBam
I don't see that.
00:07:42 Senator
Personally, I would say it starts off medium I.
00:07:44 Senator
I don't think it.
00:07:45 Grinder
I don't see full.
00:07:45 BamBam
Starts so but AM.
00:07:46 Grinder
I do see I do.
00:07:47 Grinder
I get some spice?
00:07:48 Grinder
I don't get it.
00:07:48 BamBam
Full I'm not getting spiced, but I'm getting some really beautiful, very light, very light chocolate notes and on the smoke when you bring this this big cigar to your nose.
00:07:49 Senator
I'm sure it picks up, yeah.
00:07:52 Grinder
The burn is ******* phenomenal.
00:07:54 Grinder
It's great.
00:08:00 BamBam
Really beautiful aromatic chocolate really.
00:08:02 Rooster
Very aromatic.
00:08:03 BamBam
It's unbelievable.
00:08:03 BamBam
Yeah, I've never had a cigar that has an aromatic smoke that's chocolatey.
00:08:09 Gizmo
Not a, not a ton of smoke output, but not in a bad way.
00:08:13 BamBam
Excellent flavor.
00:08:14 Rooster
Decent, decent amount of smoke.
00:08:17 Poobah
This is just getting going.
00:08:20 BamBam
It's definitely a Cuban.
00:08:23 BamBam
Right, you get those notes, those traditional notes, but there's I don't say floral, but very Catholic chocolaty?
00:08:29 Rooster
Cuban twang
00:08:30 BamBam
Yeah yeah, it's.
00:08:31 Grinder
It it it tastes so it doesn't.
00:08:33 Grinder
It tastes aged it's, it's not, it's the.
00:08:35 Gizmo
Same, it's a 2019.
00:08:36 Rooster
It's from 1935 for that site.
00:08:37 Gizmo
I don't know if these.
00:08:42 Grinder
This year born right.
00:08:46 Rooster
My first cigar.
00:08:48 Poobah
I will the premiums that got the premiums that go into this are.
00:08:48 Speaker 6
Normal cigar.
00:08:53 Poobah
This is the choice leaf.
00:08:55 Poobah
That that that's going to.
00:08:57 Poobah
That's going to get rolled into.
00:08:58 Poobah
This this.
00:08:58 Gizmo
Cigar Habanos describes it as an exquisite selection of tobacco leaves coming from what looks like 4 different plantations.
00:09:06 Gizmo
San Juan El Martinez, San Luis Vuelta abajo.
00:09:11 Gizmo
One football and Pinar Del Rio all in Cuba top regions.
00:09:15 Grinder
Spinner yeah yeah.
00:09:19 Senator
Grinder, I feel like.
00:09:20 Senator
You were spot on when you said almonds.
00:09:22 Senator
The nuttiness is pure almond.
00:09:23 Poobah
The nuttiness
00:09:25 Senator
It's delicious.
00:09:26 BamBam
Delicious cigar and on the finish you're getting, I get that I get the almond on a.
00:09:30 BamBam
Finish not on the draw.
00:09:32 Poobah
It has a long long long finish.
00:09:34 Poobah
Oh my.
00:09:35 Grinder
I was I was saying, when I rudely interrupted bam earlier the the burn on it is.
00:09:41 Grinder
Really, really good agree.
00:09:43 Gizmo
How would you guys describe this?
00:09:45 Gizmo
Compared to other Cuban Monte Cristo's premium.
00:09:49 Speaker 6
Yeah, learning more.
00:09:50 BamBam
No doubt about it, there's no.
00:09:51 Senator
Refined more refined and smoothed out.
00:09:55 Grinder
More than once.
00:09:56 Senator
I mean, this doesn't even have a ton of age, but you can tell by I guess that premium tobacco and the leaf that go the leaves that go into this.
00:10:03 Senator
It it doesn't have the bike that you sometimes get on a Monte two or even a Monte 4.
00:10:10 Rooster
Much more flavor out of this than amounted to.
00:10:13 BamBam
Yeah, I'm I'm restraining my enthusiasm because the flavors I'm getting are spectacular.
00:10:17 BamBam
Pube, it's it's a delicious cigar.
00:10:19 BamBam
Don't restrain.
00:10:20 BamBam
I mean, I.
00:10:22 Poobah
It's got it it.
00:10:23 Poobah
It's got a level of complexity to.
00:10:25 Poobah
It just even off the light.
00:10:28 Rooster
Right, so you know what I.
00:10:28 BamBam
Find when we review cigars like this.
00:10:30 BamBam
I'm just going to speak openly.
00:10:33 BamBam
When we when we grasp a cigar that had that, it's delicious like this like the one we did with you, rooster your cigar.
00:10:39 BamBam
It quiets the room because it's so.
00:10:41 BamBam
It's just so tasty and we're enjoying it.
00:10:44 BamBam
I can't.
00:10:45 BamBam
I can't take my time with this.
00:10:47 BamBam
I can't I want to go through it and I can do another one I it's so good.
00:10:49 Grinder
Yeah, I'm starting.
00:10:50 Grinder
I'm starting to lose the line on.
00:10:50 BamBam
It's that good for me.
00:10:51 Grinder
The brain sucking it down.
00:10:52 BamBam
Well, right, it turns out.
00:10:53 Speaker 4
I'm really stuck.
00:10:54 Speaker 4
I thought I thought.
00:10:54 Senator
You Make Love to every.
00:10:55 Senator
Cigar bam.
00:10:56 BamBam
I'm Naked with this one right now.
00:10:59 BamBam
I am naked in the room with this cigar.
00:11:02 Poobah
But it's so packed with the bat it's it's.
00:11:04 Poobah
So what I'm noticing is it's really well constructed, yeah?
00:11:10 Poobah
And and with the.
00:11:12 Poobah
That construction it so we just so as opposed to.
00:11:17 Poobah
If you were to contrast this with the draw of a Padron, it's got a.
00:11:21 Poobah
It's it's got a more snug draw, but I don't think that that's that this is a good thing.
00:11:28 Poobah
This is a very good thing.
00:11:29 Poobah
This is like, you know, if you're going to heat.
00:11:32 Poobah
This up and you're going to really and you need to kind of.
00:11:36 Poobah
You need to take a little bit of time with this and not be so aggressive.
00:11:41 Poobah
Uhm, but.
00:11:44 Poobah
Because the draw is just the it's, it's just snug enough.
00:11:48 BamBam
And you're pulling you're pulling yeah.
00:11:50 Poobah
It's just snug enough.
00:11:52 Grinder
I mean.
00:11:54 Grinder
It's it's kind of burning.
00:11:56 Grinder
Rather quickly for me actually.
00:11:59 Gizmo
Relatively I I would say about a few minutes in.
00:12:01 Gizmo
I'm already about a.
00:12:03 Gizmo
Quarter of an inch half.
00:12:03 Grinder
Yeah, yeah, it's kind of.
00:12:04 Gizmo
An inch in yeah.
00:12:05 Grinder
It's kind of burning quickly so.
00:12:06 Speaker 4
Probably, but it's the line is.
00:12:07 Senator
It burning perfectly.
00:12:08 Senator
I mean it's kind of.
00:12:09 Senator
Sharper look look.
00:12:10 Senator
At this I.
00:12:11 BamBam
Yeah, I'm just, oh that's beautiful.
00:12:11 Senator
Mean I.
00:12:12 Poobah
Well, it speaks to the construction, right?
00:12:14 Poobah
Mean it's like look at the construction.
00:12:15 BamBam
At the Ashes fantastic.
00:12:17 Poobah
The ASK is fantastic.
00:12:19 Poobah
It's a it's, it's a it's.
00:12:20 Poobah
It's a, it's a it's it's that kind of.
00:12:23 BamBam
I'll be completely honest with you guys.
00:12:25 BamBam
I wasn't expecting much.
00:12:27 BamBam
From this cigar I don't know it honestly.
00:12:30 BamBam
I don't know enough about this.
00:12:32 BamBam
I only know the multitude.
00:12:33 BamBam
It's really the only cigar I know.
00:12:34 Senator
Well to tabanus.
00:12:35 BamBam
I don't know the cigar and I am blown away by how delicious this is.
00:12:39 BamBam
It's surprising it's really surprising.
00:12:39 Gizmo
Prizing it's fantastic.
00:12:40 Gizmo
It's and to prove a point to.
00:12:43 Gizmo
I think this this.
00:12:44 Gizmo
This reminds me like holding it in my hand the way I want to smoke it.
00:12:48 Gizmo
It kind of reminds me when we did the chefs edition a couple episodes ago the way Puba said, you know, it's one of those cigars that when you sit down you dedicate the time to this.
00:12:55 Gizmo
You're not reaching for.
00:12:56 Gizmo
This in a rushed moment in a in a with a limited amount of time.
00:12:59 Speaker 4
No way.
00:13:00 Gizmo
This is something you want a nurse and.
00:13:02 Poobah
So you gotta really kind of take it.
00:13:05 Poobah
It's a.
00:13:05 Poobah
Trip, yeah.
00:13:06 Rooster
Is this what's the packaging 10 in a box?
00:13:11 Poobah
20 in a.
00:13:11 Poobah
Box 2 rows of 10.
00:13:15 Poobah
And it comes in just this beautiful presentation.
00:13:19 Poobah
It it has a velvet.
00:13:23 Poobah
Cover that goes over it and an output and an outer cardboard box as well.
00:13:28 Gizmo
Pagoda, what do you?
00:13:29 Gizmo
Think of it.
00:13:30 Speaker 6
My initial feeling is I I'm enjoying it so much I feel like going for the next draw immediately, which is kind of like.
00:13:35 BamBam
Yeah yeah, yeah.
00:13:38 Speaker 6
Contrary to like I know, I've got to be holding.
00:13:41 Speaker 6
It off for.
00:13:42 Speaker 6
To let the cigar cool down a bit, but I just feel narrowly drawn to just pulling.
00:13:45 BamBam
It's hard.
00:13:48 Speaker 6
It back to my.
00:13:48 BamBam
Mouth and yeah, yeah yeah, it's hard to eat.
00:13:50 Speaker 6
Yes, discipline is.
00:13:52 Speaker 6
It's delicious, but.
00:13:53 BamBam
You can't be disciplined with this cigar.
00:13:55 BamBam
I agree, it's just too good.
00:13:56 Poobah
It's it's so you gotta.
00:13:56 BamBam
I agree good.
00:13:58 Poobah
Be careful you gotta.
00:13:59 Gizmo
We have to be.
00:14:00 Senator
Careful, but it's still performing I.
00:14:01 Senator
Mean I I'm I'm.
00:14:03 Senator
Planning to rip through this cigar and it's holding up.
00:14:06 Senator
I mean it's got a.
00:14:07 Senator
Razor sharp burn and just to play this excellent.
00:14:07 BamBam
What did you do us tonight?
00:14:09 BamBam
What did you do?
00:14:10 BamBam
You gave us a cigar that we.
00:14:11 Gizmo
Can't find yeah yeah this is very hard to find.
00:14:13 Gizmo
Let me let it be known for the listener.
00:14:14 Gizmo
This is a very, very difficult cigar to find right now.
00:14:17 Gizmo
This is a nice one that we're having for the holidays.
00:14:19 Gizmo
It's a nice treat that that poo has brought us.
00:14:21 Gizmo
I know he procured these quite some time ago, but.
00:14:24 Gizmo
These are certainly something that I you know, don't start Googling this and buying something you can find, because whatever you're able to find is most likely going to be fake of these right now they are not easy.
00:14:33 BamBam
To find how many more do you have?
00:14:35 BamBam
At these wuba
00:14:36 BamBam
10 how much you want.
00:14:39 Gizmo
Sam's going to buy.
00:14:42 Senator
Rooster is going to have 40 boxes delivered to his house tomorrow.
00:14:42 BamBam
Let there be.
00:14:46 Poobah
It's kind of a palette, you know what's cool about what's cool about it?
00:14:46 BamBam
Let let the bidding begin.
00:14:50 Poobah
Is it kind of for for me in my hopes and it's then what it kind of lives up to is it's it's delivering?
00:14:59 Poobah
When I first started smoking Cuban cigars, of course you smoked the Monte Cristo #2 and and those can be absolutely outstanding and they can be absolutely frustrating.
00:15:12 Poobah
They can be really frustrating 'cause they make so many of them and the Monte Cristo flavor profile is.
00:15:18 Poobah
Super duper.
00:15:19 Poobah
It's the most popular cigars within the Habanos SA catalog and distributed the most widely globally.
00:15:22 Speaker 6
It is.
00:15:30 Poobah
And because of that you just run into weird **** Yeah, you do.
00:15:35 Poobah
You know, it's like you know Senator will have a box.
00:15:39 Poobah
Because Senator I met senator, you love you love the Senate above some Monte Cristo 2 like like Dan loves the Monte Cristo.
00:15:46 Poobah
Two, but then I'll have some and you just they they have construction issues.
00:15:51 Poobah
They have burn issues, so the hopes you know you're hoping with with the with a box like this that you're saying is, is it going to deliver me some of these classic Monte Cristo flavors that you just love so much?
00:16:03 Poobah
Much, but in a premium.
00:16:07 Poobah
A premium release, and I think that that's what the objective was with this release was that.
00:16:14 Poobah
They wanted to really deliver something that was that that was a a premium rolled cigar with premium a different blend but but or or a different ratio of tobacco they don't really blend.
00:16:29 Poobah
Cuban puros, but it's it's a different ratio with premium tobacco from Cuba that that exemplifies the Monte Cristo brand, and I think that this cigar does that.
00:16:39 Poobah
I think it does.
00:16:40 Poobah
It pretty well.
00:16:41 Gizmo
And to your point about that though, and to me it's frustrating as a as a cigar smoker, a Cuban smoker that I have to spend somewhere between 38 and.
00:16:50 Gizmo
You know 48 bucks to get a premium Monte Cristo, whereas some of the other stuff that that Habanos makes in party gets up and you know, you know, we love that up in half corona, that's a $5 stick and it delivers every time.
00:16:50 Poobah
Taking off now.
00:17:03 Gizmo
So it is a little frustrating to me as a smoker that Monte Cristo you need to spend this kind of money to know what you're what you're going to get.
00:17:10 Senator
I agree with that and and and as someone who loves the Monte two when they're when they're good and and that's where I I fully agree, they're they're not the most consistent cigar.
00:17:14 Speaker 4
When they're good, good.
00:17:20 Senator
They're not part of this, you know we we started by reviewing our first episode, that the part.
00:17:24 Senator
Against Maduro won and I think.
00:17:26 Senator
One of the things we universally said is portugis consistency is is almost unmatched among Cubans, and I would never put Monte Cristo in that category.
00:17:34 Senator
And that's honestly why I actually saw these pop up.
00:17:38 Senator
Might have been.
00:17:38 Senator
A year or two ago where I could have pulled the trigger and bought these and I didn't because I was worried.
00:17:46 Senator
That Monte Cristo just doesn't deliver the most consistent of products when they're on, they're on.
00:17:46 Poobah
00:17:51 Senator
They're really, really.
00:17:52 Senator
Good, and that's what helped me back, but I have to say, I mean, we're we're early in this cigar, but wow, I'm really impressed.
00:17:57 Poobah
We lost them like.
00:17:58 BamBam
Wow, Wow is an understatement.
00:18:01 BamBam
It's really shocking how good this is.
00:18:02 Poobah
It's taking off now.
00:18:03 BamBam
I would like to ask the gentleman in this room that per that aggressively procured, Cubans put this on the top of your list.
00:18:10 BamBam
Try to get these.
00:18:12 Gizmo
You know the one thing I will say for somebody who wants to get into Monte Cristos and and and I know that Grinder recently bought you bought some monitors recently, right?
00:18:12 BamBam
Try and get these.
00:18:15 BamBam
Yeah, you rooster.
00:18:20 Gizmo
And they were pretty young and I know that younger.
00:18:24 Gizmo
Monte Cristo, especially on the number two, are performing very well from the last 2-3 years, so that's something to look out for that if if you're if you're a a wanting buyer of a Cuban Monte Cristo's and you've heard a lot about them, don't shy away from the younger boxes because I I think a lot.
00:18:39 Gizmo
Of them are performing well.
00:18:39 BamBam
It's a good point and you I'm not sure where my last batch of Monte Twos came from.
00:18:44 BamBam
Grant gives I think they came from you.
00:18:46 BamBam
If I'm not mistaken, I haven't. I've yet to have a bad Monte 2IN.
00:18:50 Gizmo
That batch yeah.
00:18:51 Gizmo
Cubans had a very good run and obviously you're going to get the inconsistency of the fact that these are handled by human beings.
00:19:00 Gizmo
You know they're going to be inconsistent.
00:19:02 Gizmo
It's also.
00:19:02 BamBam
Part of the adventure of his Cuban, I think right.
00:19:04 Gizmo
It is, but it's something that you don't want to gamble on.
00:19:07 Gizmo
For 40 bucks a stick, true.
00:19:08 Senator
I I have to say so obviously I'm so far loving this cigar, but if there's one thing that I'm just slightly frustrated by, I wish the smoke output.
00:19:18 Senator
Or, and I say that because this is a larger ring gauge cigar.
00:19:22 Senator
I'm loving the flavor that I'm getting out of this cigar.
00:19:26 Senator
And I just would expect more smoke output.
00:19:28 Poobah
A little bit more combustion.
00:19:30 Senator
That's my only complaint, but I say that because I I love the flavor, I just want more of it.
00:19:35 Senator
I want clouds of this.
00:19:35 Poobah
You you want, uh clouds of this yeah, if you look at the ash here, it's a bright white ash, which is not typically what you'd see in a standard production Monty.
00:19:40 BamBam
It's awesome, it's.
00:19:47 Poobah
It's kind of it's performing almost like like a Davidoff would perform in terms of its burn, it's.
00:19:54 Poobah
It's it is, uh.
00:19:55 BamBam
Technical question for you to go out professionals in their room and I've had this discussion with other guys that I have cigars with.
00:20:01 BamBam
If you look at my ash, it's a little crooked.
00:20:05 BamBam
What causes that like why?
00:20:08 BamBam
Isn't it I'll?
00:20:08 Gizmo
Tell you yeah.
00:20:09 BamBam
I need this is just to discuss it for.
00:20:11 BamBam
The listeners what causes that?
00:20:11 Senator
I'll tell you 'cause you're smoking it too fast.
00:20:14 BamBam
Oh, that's my.
00:20:14 BamBam
That's one of my downfalls always, but.
00:20:17 Senator
Honestly, that's what does it when you, when you're smoking a cigar too quickly and it's heating up too fast, you'll see the app.
00:20:22 BamBam
00:20:25 BamBam
Turn it turns.
00:20:25 Senator
Curve or turn or even.
00:20:27 Senator
Split sometimes.
00:20:28 Senator
Now sometimes it can be.
00:20:29 Senator
The cigar could.
00:20:30 Senator
Be several times.
00:20:31 Rooster
You're asked your ***** crooked.
00:20:31 Senator
It's just the construction.
00:20:33 Rooster
So what you said?
00:20:36 Speaker 6
This will come over here after Rooster Rooster.
00:20:38 Poobah
Could be like.
00:20:38 BamBam
Crow, come over here and fix it.
00:20:39 Rooster
A task cooking cooking mass.
00:20:40 Speaker 4
When I when I when?
00:20:41 Poobah
I was talking before and I let the cigar cooldown.
00:20:45 Poobah
And I waited 30 seconds.
00:20:48 Poobah
You know, in between draws it it it produced.
00:20:55 Poobah
A a nice big cloud of smoke.
00:20:57 Poobah
Yeah, so I think.
00:20:59 Poobah
From my recollection of smoking one or two of these.
00:21:02 Poobah
Months and months and months and months ago, I remember being like OK, it's something you you, you know, if you're going to get aggressive with it because of the way it's rolled.
00:21:12 Poobah
It may not be, you know, you have to kind.
00:21:15 Poobah
Of pace yourself a little bit.
00:21:15 Rooster
Pogo Pagoda is almost halfway through this.
00:21:18 BamBam
Yeah, I mean wow.
00:21:22 Poobah
Go through it.
00:21:22 Speaker 4
Wow, he's through it.
00:21:22 BamBam
There it's that's gorgeous.
00:21:24 BamBam
Look at that, ash.
00:21:24 Rooster
And it's a good perk.
00:21:25 Speaker 6
The ash is holding fantastic really well obviously very, very well constructed to.
00:21:30 Rooster
Them and would you guys say?
00:21:32 Rooster
This is one of the best Montes we have.
00:21:35 BamBam
I think all hands.
00:21:36 Speaker 4
So no.
00:21:36 BamBam
Doubt absolutely. I've only had them on T2 though.
00:21:41 BamBam
You have smoke.
No no no no.
00:21:42 BamBam
Well come on.
00:21:42 Senator
Haven't you you actually bought and Rooster? Did the Monte 85th AH special anniversary skirts you have had.
00:21:47 BamBam
Oh, that's thank you, right?
00:21:50 BamBam
00:21:50 BamBam
That's a very light, creamy, very elegant stick.
00:21:52 Rooster
Delicious smoke as well.
00:21:53 BamBam
Yeah, it's it's delicious, but in a different way.
00:21:55 BamBam
It's much milder than this.
00:21:57 BamBam
Now this is not.
00:21:58 BamBam
I don't consider this to be a full cigar for me.
00:22:01 BamBam
But from the point of view of the flavor profile, it's almost all flavor well.
00:22:06 Grinder
Is anyone is anyone else getting?
00:22:08 Grinder
I'm I'm about an inch through now.
00:22:11 Grinder
Is anyone else getting like?
00:22:12 Grinder
Earthy petrichor like after what's petrichor.
00:22:18 Grinder
Petrichor is that is that scent.
00:22:20 Grinder
That's like after after a rain and then the sun comes out and like.
00:22:24 Grinder
There there's like a.
00:22:27 Grinder
You know there's certain oils that come up from the earth and coalesce and its ascent.
00:22:29 Rooster
Like petroleum
00:22:32 Grinder
There's like a look it out.
00:22:33 Grinder
There's a FCK there's I'm not.
00:22:34 Rooster
It should flora.
00:22:34 Grinder
And I'm not ******* crazy.
00:22:35 Grinder
It's a real thing.
00:22:36 Grinder
It's like after rain scent, like after a quick storm.
00:22:42 Rooster
Your palette is way too refined for us.
00:22:46 Speaker 5
Need to leave a.
00:22:49 Speaker 6
Ekoko all the way here.
00:22:50 Speaker 6
English is a second.
00:22:51 Speaker 6
Language for me.
00:22:52 Speaker 6
Oh my Lord.
00:22:53 Speaker 6
But it's good good form over carved.
00:22:54 Senator
I just have to.
00:22:54 Senator
Say you could have a lot.
00:22:55 BamBam
Of petrichor, sorry, you were saying something senator.
00:22:56 Gizmo
A lot of country core.
00:22:57 Senator
Thinking about the the Monty 85th anniversary that I to this day regret tremendously not.
00:23:06 Senator
Buying it was the worst one of the.
00:23:08 Senator
Worst decisions I ever made BAM bought.
00:23:10 Senator
A box or two.
00:23:10 BamBam
I got 2 box.
00:23:11 BamBam
I bought 2 boxes.
00:23:12 BamBam
Yeah yeah.
00:23:12 Senator
Rooster I know bought a box or two.
00:23:14 BamBam
A few.
00:23:15 Senator
And you guys were nice enough to share them with me, and that was a fantastic.
00:23:19 Senator
That was the creamiest cigar I've ever had period.
00:23:22 Senator
I think most of us would agree with that.
00:23:25 Senator
What this is telling me, having tried that Monty 85th.
00:23:30 Senator
Now, a quarter of the way through this 1935 Monte's higher end Cubans are really spectacular.
00:23:37 BamBam
They certainly are.
00:23:39 Rooster
Special tobaccos are being used in these special sticks.
00:23:42 Senator
Yeah, there's such sophistication in this cigar.
00:23:45 Senator
I mean, my gosh.
00:23:46 Speaker 6
I think that the combustion is really improving here right now I'm smoking.
00:23:46 BamBam
Mean so look, I've gotten it's improve.
00:23:49 Poobah
It has it it is, it is, is he it?
00:23:50 Speaker 6
A bit quicker.
00:23:53 Poobah
You're absolutely right, pagoda. It's now picking up the combustion's picking up and the finish.
00:24:00 Poobah
The finish is so like in between draws.
00:24:04 Poobah
The finish is so long it just lingers.
00:24:08 Poobah
It's just ******* lingers.
00:24:10 BamBam
And that's yeah, coding your mouth.
00:24:10 Poobah
It's like it's like, yeah, it's.
00:24:12 Gizmo
Postop, yeah, it's coating the top of your mouth.
00:24:12 BamBam
Yes, now Senator, exactly right.
00:24:14 BamBam
And the flavor stays with you.
00:24:15 Grinder
I'm getting like oily like.
00:24:17 BamBam
Yeah, oily chocolaty for me royally cocoa what?
00:24:18 Grinder
There's a lot of yeah.
00:24:20 Speaker 6
Do you think about that?
00:24:21 Grinder
Well I love.
00:24:22 Grinder
It I like.
00:24:23 Rooster
This draw, which is like not too loose, not too tight.
00:24:27 Rooster
Not like right in.
00:24:28 Rooster
The right in the middle it is right.
00:24:29 Speaker 4
Right in the middle.
00:24:30 Senator
It's slightly tight, but.
00:24:31 Rooster
Just slightly tight, but it's it's good, it's not.
00:24:33 Poobah
No, you know running lightly snug, yeah?
00:24:36 Gizmo
You know what's funny about my brain with withdraw the way that my brain relates.
00:24:40 Gizmo
Draw to good or bad is even when it's like a little snug like this.
00:24:45 Gizmo
I really relate it to like how much smoke output there is.
00:24:48 Gizmo
I don't know why my my brain works like that, but even when it's a little snug, if it was putting out way more smoke.
00:24:54 Rooster
You think if it's.
00:24:55 Rooster
Too loose loosely.
00:24:55 Gizmo
I I would be I would be even happier, but it's it's.
00:24:58 Gizmo
Very good dry.
00:24:59 Gizmo
Just wish it was putting out a little more smoke.
00:24:59 Poobah
I hear you.
00:25:00 Poobah
I yeah I'm with you on that. I I hear you like so. For example, the up in twos like the 2014 up in twos that I have the way that they're rolled.
00:25:12 Poobah
That, like they just produce.
00:25:15 Poobah
Tons of smoke, but it's a more open draw.
00:25:18 Poobah
It's just a different experience, so I think that I don't think it's a it's not a negative or a positive.
00:25:24 Poobah
It's really just a different kind of experience that you're getting these.
00:25:30 Poobah
I think with the premium cigar like this.
00:25:33 Poobah
Uhm, aficionados, they do want.
00:25:36 Poobah
They do want kind of a.
00:25:37 Poobah
I mean, you kind of deserve a.
00:25:40 Poobah
A cigar when you're paying this kind of price.
00:25:43 Poobah
It should be packed.
00:25:44 Poobah
You shouldn't be able to blow through it.
00:25:46 Poobah
Yeah, in in in you know and and have the thing light up like a chimney necessarily.
00:25:52 Poobah
But the smoke output.
00:25:55 Poobah
It's not trim it, it's it's in the middle.
00:25:57 Poobah
It's not.
00:25:58 Gizmo
It's not bad.
00:25:58 Poobah
The combustion is very good, yeah, but could it you know?
00:26:03 Poobah
Are you a chimney with this thing?
00:26:06 Senator
Right and and and I.
00:26:06 Speaker 6
But it improves, it improves.
00:26:07 Senator
I think it's just.
00:26:08 Senator
It it's.
00:26:08 Senator
In invitations, right?
00:26:09 Senator
So I I think boom is exactly the combustion is not disappointing on this cigar.
00:26:13 Senator
It's it's not.
00:26:14 Senator
There's not minimal smoke output where you're questioning what's going on with this cigar.
00:26:17 Senator
None of that is there, it's just when you have a larger ring gauge Cuban.
00:26:22 Senator
Your your mind is just sort of trained to expect that there's going to be this crazy smoke output and you don't necessarily get that, but the smoke output is is perfectly satisfactory.
00:26:33 Poobah
Personally said yeah it is.
00:26:36 Poobah
It is.
00:26:38 Poobah
I think with some of the E2's that we've smoked like those 2014 or 2015 E.
00:26:42 Poobah
Two's the particle, like the particles that are a similar size to this, that that where when you smoke it like you're like, wow like I'm just covered in blue smoke.
00:26:54 Poobah
You know, so if you like that, if you like that kind of an experience, that's.
00:27:01 Poobah
You know that's there, but but that E 2 does not deliver the kind of full that the kind of long finish in flavor that it's a lighter smoke that this that that this delivers.
00:27:14 Poobah
I mean, this is a it's a really.
00:27:15 Gizmo
Yeah, this is is very complex.
00:27:17 Poobah
It's a more complex cigar.
00:27:17 Senator
Meaning yeah, that's it.
00:27:19 BamBam
See, I'm flexing it's and it's a full flavored cigar, right?
00:27:19 Senator
They can really enjoy this.
00:27:22 Poobah
Yeah, it's much fuller.
00:27:23 BamBam
It's flavor from a flavor point of view.
00:27:25 BamBam
It's full.
00:27:26 Poobah
Yep, I wouldn't call.
00:27:27 BamBam
It's not.
00:27:27 BamBam
It's not a strong cigar.
00:27:27 Speaker 4
Her it's not a strong cigar, but its flavor was definitely body.
00:27:29 Grinder
No no no.
00:27:29 BamBam
If yeah, the flavor wise it's very far.
00:27:32 Speaker 6
That I bought I I.
00:27:32 Speaker 4
It's full quickly.
00:27:33 Senator
Would so this is maybe where I disagree slightly.
00:27:36 Senator
I would say that so far this is a medium fold cigar.
00:27:40 Senator
I would not say that this is full.
00:27:43 Speaker 4
You're talking about the strength she's talking with the.
00:27:44 BamBam
What are you talking about the strings?
00:27:45 Senator
Spring with I didn't even the flavor really.
00:27:48 BamBam
I'm getting a lot warmer.
00:27:49 Senator
I mean, I, I mean, here's a comparison we we've already reviewed this on another episode the the Partagas Maduro.
00:27:55 Senator
I think the parting is Maduro at this point in that cigar, and at this point in this.
00:28:00 Senator
Oh, it's.
00:28:00 Senator
Gives Maduro is different in flavor and I think.
00:28:03 Senator
This is medium fold, it's.
00:28:04 Speaker 6
That's it, yeah.
00:28:04 Senator
All it's different.
00:28:04 BamBam
Yeah yeah, it's different so honestly so.
00:28:07 Poobah
It's consistent with Monte Cristo.
00:28:09 Senator
Totally, there's nothing wrong with that.
00:28:10 Senator
I'm just trying to put on a scale of kind of how what the level of flavor that shows.
00:28:14 BamBam
If I may to Maduro 1.
00:28:17 BamBam
Yes, a full flavor, but a deep chocolate where this for me is a full flavor but a cocoa.
00:28:23 BamBam
It's a milder type of chocolate for me and cream.
00:28:26 BamBam
Yeah, it's very creamy.
00:28:28 Rooster
Milk chocolate
00:28:29 BamBam
Yes chocolate, yeah milk chocolates.
00:28:31 BamBam
A great example here.
00:28:33 Gizmo
So Speaking of complex, I want to try the Scotch that we have in front of us here.
00:28:37 Gizmo
I'm definitely ready to to sip on.
00:28:39 Gizmo
This grinder was so kind to bring it to us tonight.
00:28:41 Grinder
Yeah, let's do it.
00:28:42 Grinder
This is a Glen Deveron 20 year Highland single malt Scotch.
00:28:49 Grinder
It's of the royal Burgh of bands.
00:28:54 Grinder
This is this is this gosh that I think originally came out in the duty free section of retail, right?
00:29:01 Grinder
You can only get it at those like tax free duty free airports and stuff.
00:29:05 Grinder
They they selectively released it to some retailers around the world.
00:29:09 Grinder
I don't know where you know I got this as a gift from from.
00:29:13 Grinder
From some colleagues recently, it's not a cheap bottle of Scotch. It's you know, 20 years, 300, three $100 a pop. Wow, it's it's, uh, it's and.
00:29:21 Grinder
It's it is aged in Sherry, it's like, uh, it's it's a Sherry bomb from from what I've you know I I have tasted it before.
00:29:28 Grinder
It's that for, for the lovers of Sherry, in the room, the the Sherry cask people that I know a lot of us are.
00:29:35 Grinder
I think this will, as I say, ring some of your bells.
00:29:40 Grinder
This is actually.
00:29:41 Grinder
This is from what I can discern, and I'm like, you know, this is just as new to me as it is to to you guys.
00:29:49 Grinder
Glendevon is the name used by that Macduff Distillery distillery.
00:29:52 Grinder
So there's a a small distillery, and there's hundreds of distilleries in Scotland, some of which will.
00:29:59 Grinder
You know, distill for for some brands and then these big brands.
00:30:02 Grinder
They'll take it and they blend it and they'll make it their own and that they just pump out Scotch, right?
00:30:07 Grinder
Others are, you know, they make this sketch as like a a special release, and it's like their special distillery Scotch and this.
00:30:14 Grinder
This seems to be of of that of that liking that they typically distill 4.
00:30:19 Grinder
Dewars, but this this mcduffe?
00:30:23 Grinder
Uh, this mcduffe.
00:30:25 Grinder
This story is specially released this and it is a Sherry cask.
00:30:28 Grinder
Like I mentioned, you could definitely taste it on the on the pallet.
00:30:31 Grinder
What do you guys think?
00:30:33 BamBam
I think it's great, it's fantastic.
00:30:36 BamBam
Pairs beautifully with this particular.
00:30:37 Senator
Cigar, I think it's very good and I have to say.
00:30:41 Senator
And maybe other people feel the same way.
00:30:41 Gizmo
Look at that thing.
00:30:43 Senator
I'm just always very skeptical of Scotch brands that I've.
00:30:46 Senator
Never heard of.
00:30:48 Senator
I had never heard of.
00:30:49 Grinder
This I've never heard of it, yeah.
00:30:51 Senator
This is it's very good.
00:30:53 BamBam
It's excellent, it's excellent.
00:30:53 Grinder
Very good it's.
00:30:53 Gizmo
Very good now here's my question.
00:30:56 Gizmo
Is it worth $300 a?
00:30:57 Grinder
Bottle I would, so I would.
00:30:59 Grinder
I would I love McAllen 18 right McAllen 18 right now is I don't know.
00:31:04 Grinder
Maybe 350.
00:31:06 Grinder
I don't know that's right, it's probably around.
00:31:07 Speaker 4
That's actually yeah.
00:31:08 Grinder
It's probably about 3:50 and and I it's a lot of money for a Scotch, but it's so good I would.
00:31:15 Grinder
I would probably.
00:31:16 Grinder
Having drank, drank a few a few wee drams of this yesterday and then just now I would still have it below my Macallan 18 because McAllen.
00:31:26 Grinder
For me.
00:31:27 Grinder
I'm always going to love McAllen over mostly.
00:31:31 Poobah
With the grinder, I don't think this stocks up to the 18, but it's damn good.
00:31:35 Grinder
It's very good, yeah?
00:31:36 BamBam
It's damn good.
00:31:36 Senator
Well, I I'm also going to say for the.
00:31:38 Senator
Listener, that is is.
00:31:39 Senator
Saying who in their right mind?
00:31:41 Senator
Is going to spend $300.00 on a bottle of Scotch.
00:31:44 Poobah
We don't do that.
00:31:46 Senator
No, we don't do that generally at all.
00:31:48 Senator
But what I'm going to say is.
00:31:52 Senator
So I'm I'm not a big Macallan 18 guy.
00:31:55 Senator
Do I think it's a bad Scotch? Of course not. It's fantastic, but do I think that it's worth $350.00 to me again? To my palate, absolutely not.
00:32:05 Poobah
No ******* way.
00:32:06 Senator
I'll drink Macallan 12 at 65 a bottle any day of the week over Macallan 18. And even if both were the exact same price, I'm still going to reach.
00:32:15 Senator
For the bottle of Macallan.
00:32:17 Senator
And so I I just, I may offer a very different opinion here on this, but I am generally skeptical of very high priced scotches and I think that there are some that produce some really unique flavors.
00:32:32 Senator
I think some of the guys know.
00:32:33 Senator
I recently a good friend of mine had a bottle of.
00:32:38 Senator
Open 21, which was actually very unique. Nothing like in the open line. That's a 600 dollar $600 bottle of Scott's it's.
00:32:40 BamBam
00:32:48 Senator
Not cheap, wow.
00:32:50 Senator
Would I ever spend $600?
00:32:52 Senator
On that, probably not, but was it interesting and different?
00:32:56 Senator
Do I think Macallan 18 is so much more interesting and different than 12 or anything in their line.
00:33:03 Senator
No, not to command that price.
00:33:05 Senator
And do I think that this is so different than other things we can get.
00:33:10 Senator
No take nothing away from this Scotch.
00:33:12 Senator
No, it's delicious.
00:33:13 Senator
This I just am a little skeptical of some of these at that price point that that don't deliver what I think is 3 fold.
00:33:21 Senator
The experience or four fold of of Scott just there.
00:33:22 Grinder
Yeah, I, I think that I think that's that's a that's a storyline for all these age Scotch, right?
00:33:27 Grinder
I I.
00:33:28 Grinder
Yeah, I had the the privilege of being in.
00:33:33 Grinder
Scotland pre COVID the end of 19.
00:33:37 Poobah
Yeah, pass the bottom around.
00:33:38 Grinder
We're going to pass the.
00:33:39 Grinder
Ball around we're getting, can we get it?
00:33:42 Poobah
We're all empty.
00:33:46 Grinder
Passing the ball around center around boys I was in.
00:33:49 Grinder
I was in Edinburgh with the colleague.
00:33:51 Grinder
One of the colleagues who actually gave me this this this Scotch and we were on a work trip and we get there and we do a bunch of whiskey tastings with if if anyone has ever been to Edinburgh or hasn't been added.
00:34:03 Grinder
Well, strong recommend not just from the from the from the Scotch right but but the the city itself is fantastic.
00:34:10 BamBam
Be a great guys just.
00:34:10 Grinder
Go to castle everything I mean and I have some Scottish blood in me.
00:34:14 Grinder
So I was like getting all the feels and everything was it was ******* phenomenal.
00:34:18 Grinder
But we did this tour of all these distilleries really really something special and we were talking to a master distiller at one of the places in Edinburgh and he said he said the reality is, you know, I we.
00:34:30 Grinder
We they you know he he he blends 2025 year old Scotch 30 year old Scotch 1215 eighteen everything up up in the line right and he's telling me he's like the reality.
00:34:42 Grinder
Sometimes you, but after after 12 years it doesn't really get that much better and what you're paying for is just the fact that it's sitting there and not generating revenue for the for the distillery.
00:34:53 Grinder
So because of that, that's all you're really paying for, and there is.
00:34:57 Grinder
I do agree that there's incremental taste differentiation.
00:35:02 Grinder
With these sketches that go up and.
00:35:04 Grinder
Age, but it's for for some.
00:35:06 Grinder
For someone that's drinking Scotch on a regular basis, you know imbibing and and in in a way that's obviously not over consuming, but enjoying it and and loving it.
00:35:16 Grinder
You're you're not going to get that that you're going to have some nuances that you're going to taste, but it's not going to knock your socks off.
00:35:21 Poobah
00:35:21 Grinder
And to hear this from a master distiller.
00:35:24 Grinder
To tell me like hey, don't you don't need to spend the extra dollar on the three 5-10 extra years on that Scotch, he said to me he's like he said, the thing that not that really brought him into that really said this is my life. Now I'm going to make Scotch.
00:35:39 Grinder
I'm going to live everything about this this malt for rest of my life was at a fricking Glenmorangie 12 year Glenmorangie.
00:35:48 Grinder
And that's like you can.
00:35:49 Grinder
That's ubiquitous you can.
00:35:50 Grinder
You can get that Scotch everywhere, and he said to me, he's like that's the perfect Scotch.
00:35:54 Grinder
You know it's it's simple, it's light.
00:35:56 Grinder
If and it's it's got all the flavor of Scotland.
00:35:58 Grinder
You can taste Scotland when you when you.
00:36:00 Grinder
When you sip it and it's fantastic, he said it we have.
00:36:02 Grinder
We have aged Scotch that is, you know it does.
00:36:06 Grinder
It offers a lot more complexity, but at the end of the day.
00:36:10 Grinder
You know, I use that expression again.
00:36:12 Grinder
It it just rings your bells.
00:36:13 Grinder
You got 12 year old, 12 year old 12 year aged.
00:36:16 Grinder
Gosh and it's that's all you really need.
00:36:17 Poobah
Yeah, right when you sit down and you pour a Macallan 12.
00:36:21 Poobah
Almost like an explosivo, you know, or that it's like that familiar friend that you sit down like.
00:36:28 Poobah
Uh, I'm going to see my dad this week and I haven't seen him in a long time.
00:36:33 Poobah
There's only one Scotch that we're going to drink together, right?
00:36:37 Poobah
There's one Scotch.
00:36:38 Poobah
His cat is named Mccowan
00:36:45 Poobah
He has a cat.
00:36:46 Poobah
Because that's what he does.
00:36:48 Poobah
He's retired, he pets, his cat.
00:36:49 Poobah
The cat is named McAllen and and and and and we're going to sit down.
00:36:54 Poobah
And we're not going to drink Macallan 18.
00:36:55 Poobah
We're going to drink Macallan 12 because that's what you drink.
00:36:59 Poobah
Yeah, well, you know between the father and the son.
00:37:01 Poobah
And you sit down and you have a Scotch and we're going to talk and that's that's that's that's the drink.
00:37:07 Poobah
I mean, I mean, it's almost like you know, so son, what are we going to do?
00:37:12 Poobah
OK, all right, as long as you have as long as you have Scotch.
00:37:17 Poobah
We're good.
00:37:18 Poobah
You know what I mean?
00:37:19 Poobah
And we're going to sit down and we're going to.
00:37:20 Poobah
Have a Scotch.
00:37:21 Poobah
And we're going to.
00:37:21 Grinder
That's what we're going to do, and all of us.
00:37:23 Grinder
I would recommend that that kind of trip for all of us.
00:37:25 Speaker 6
We don't.
00:37:26 Speaker 4
Oh we would love.
00:37:26 Grinder
All the.
00:37:28 Grinder
We we this this trip was so freaking amazing.
00:37:28 BamBam
Have to do that trip.
00:37:32 Grinder
The guy I'm talking about.
00:37:34 Grinder
He's probably going to list this podcast and give it get a.
00:37:36 Grinder
Chuckle he bought.
00:37:37 Grinder
Yeah, he bought kilts for all this.
00:37:40 Grinder
All of the team members we all work together.
00:37:42 BamBam
Now you're talking.
00:37:42 Grinder
We wore kilts all over Scotland.
00:37:44 BamBam
Now we now you are boys.
00:37:44 Senator
Going that 2 distilleries and.
00:37:47 Gizmo
Then talking they.
00:37:48 Grinder
Loved it, they loved it.
00:37:49 Grinder
I have pictures.
00:37:50 Grinder
I have pictures of me on the skull, can bridge at Saint Andrew, standing there crying because I'm a I'm a big golfer.
00:37:56 Grinder
Golf as it was.
00:37:58 Grinder
And was a big part of my life.
00:37:59 Grinder
Growing up and to be in Saint Andrews.
00:38:02 Grinder
The birth place of golf.
00:38:03 Grinder
Off having you know, drinking Scotch in the morning to get the hair of the dog and then being there and and and just enjoying the scenery.
00:38:10 Grinder
And it's you know it's the IT was a classic Scottish Gray day and it was it was, it was phenomenal.
00:38:15 Grinder
Any any of you guys?
00:38:17 Grinder
If you have a chance to go over to Scotland?
00:38:19 Rooster
Not wearing a.
00:38:20 Rooster
Skirt you know?
00:38:20 Grinder
Go to, go to, go to through the Highlands, go.
00:38:23 BamBam
To with my foot undergarment.
00:38:25 Speaker 6
Did you have your undergarments?
00:38:25 Speaker 6
Oh no I.
00:38:27 Speaker 4
Did I did which that's very.
00:38:28 Grinder
Rude to ask, very rude to ask.
00:38:30 BamBam
Yeah, I'm going.
00:38:30 Grinder
This question, sorry.
00:38:31 BamBam
I'm going all long Johns all natural.
00:38:35 Grinder
Of course, I would expect nothing.
00:38:36 BamBam
All natural.
00:38:38 BamBam
You know what I'm getting out of this that I don't get at the Macallan 12 in it, you know I love the Macallan 12.
00:38:44 Grinder
This is a sweeter drink for me.
00:38:46 Grinder
It's very smooth.
00:38:47 Grinder
Yeah, it smooths.
00:38:48 Grinder
That's sweet.
00:38:49 Grinder
There's a lot of sweetness.
00:38:49 BamBam
There is a lot of still lot of Sherry yeah, and you don't get that in McAllen. 12 Now, is that worth $300? It's a.
00:38:51 Speaker 4
Well, yeah.
00:38:55 BamBam
It's a good question, but.
00:38:56 Gizmo
Well, that's the thing for me. It's like you have 300 bucks to spend, right?
00:39:00 Gizmo
Let's say you have 300, three, 150 bucks to spend on something at 9.999 times out of 10. I'm going to buy a box of cigars and I know we're a cigar first podcast.
00:39:10 Gizmo
But yeah, it is hard for me to to throw down that kind of money on on a Scotch.
00:39:15 Gizmo
Whereas first a box of cigars.
00:39:17 Gizmo
It's a, it's a no brainer.
00:39:18 Gizmo
So it is an interesting kind of.
00:39:20 BamBam
I I yeah, but I could.
00:39:21 Senator
See that even forget cigars, right?
00:39:23 Senator
I mean you, you may just spend that on a 12 year or 14 year Scotch.
00:39:27 Senator
You don't necessarily have to spend that on an 18 or or a 21, but what I was going to say that fascinates me about this. This is a 20 year. My experience has been with these pre.
00:39:27 Senator
Sure, sure.
00:39:37 Senator
Jim Price scotches that are 18 plus.
00:39:42 Senator
Is that a lot of them are bottled at cask strength.
00:39:46 Senator
They're really strong, intense.
00:39:50 Senator
They've got a bite.
00:39:51 Senator
You absolutely have to drink them over ice.
00:39:54 Senator
Yeah, and what's amazing to me about this is this.
00:39:57 Senator
20 year doesn't follow that mold, which I actually don't love.
00:39:57 Poobah
You don't have to, yeah.
00:40:02 Senator
I prefer if I'm going to buy a 20 year Scotch.
00:40:05 Senator
I want it to be smooth.
00:40:07 Senator
I want it to be refined.
00:40:08 Senator
I don't need to be punched in the face, I want it to be a little subtle and I I really appreciate this about this Scotch senator.
00:40:15 Grinder
I was just gonna.
00:40:15 Grinder
Say yeah, I.
00:40:17 Grinder
I'm like, I'm, you know I had the the first time I had this added on over ice 'cause that's.
00:40:21 Grinder
Heidrek my Scotch I just poured.
00:40:24 Grinder
Some neat yeah it it's.
00:40:26 BamBam
So smooth it's so good.
00:40:28 Speaker 6
Very way.
00:40:28 Grinder
It's actually better way binder.
00:40:29 BamBam
Way better grinder exactly.
00:40:30 Grinder
It's an excellent.
00:40:31 Senator
Well, I I want to get back to this stick so, uh, a story comes to mind with this stick that I I want to.
00:40:33 Grinder
I will get back to this stick too.
00:40:38 Senator
I want to tell and this involves puba who supplied this stick.
00:40:42 Senator
So the The funny thing is and I'm sure it was probably.
00:40:45 Senator
From that box, the 1st.
00:40:48 Senator
1935 maltis that you lit, I'm pretty sure was at a lounge that we used to frequent.
00:40:57 Senator
And I tell this story because this is so for the listener.
00:41:00 Senator
I I hope anyone who's ever been to a cigar lounge will find this as ridiculous as I do in that we we were Members of this lounge and we're members of multiple lounges.
00:41:09 Senator
But this place for a.
00:41:10 Senator
While and the owner for whatever reason.
00:41:15 Senator
Told us.
00:41:17 Senator
That we were not allowed to smoke Cuban cigars in a cigar lounge.
00:41:21 Senator
Which in my experience frequenting tons of cigar lounges all across this globe.
00:41:28 Senator
I have never heard anyone suggest that.
00:41:31 Senator
If you're a cigar smoker, especially a paying member of a cigar lounge that you can't light up a Cuban cigar so this edict was decreed and we were told very clearly, we are not allowed to.
00:41:42 Senator
Have Cubans and it was Puba who days later walks in our cigar lounge with this exact cigar that we're smoking now.
00:41:53 Senator
And he sits down.
00:41:54 Senator
And he lights it up.
00:41:55 Senator
He's puffing away.
00:41:55 Senator
I'm just sitting there, dying, laughing, because obviously we're not supposed to have these and the smile on put his face as he licked his cigar for the first time.
00:42:03 Senator
I remember you had just gotten, I'm pretty sure.
00:42:05 Senator
This box and he lights.
00:42:06 Senator
The first one, he's got a.
00:42:07 Senator
Huge smile on his face.
00:42:08 Senator
He's just looking at me fantastic.
00:42:11 Senator
Fantastic from across the room.
00:42:13 Senator
As he's not identifying the band or.
00:42:15 Senator
The label or anything like.
00:42:16 Senator
That and I was so curious about this cigar.
00:42:19 Senator
But he had.
00:42:19 Senator
Just gotten them so he's like I'm going to let them rest him and let them sit.
00:42:22 Senator
And I'm so glad that he was generous enough to share these with us tonight, because I now see exactly why you had the look you did on your face that night.
00:42:29 Senator
But that that's what I think of when I have this is our that that night at that lounge.
00:42:32 Poobah
I forgot about that.
00:42:33 Poobah
I forgot about that and I think that the follow up my follow-up commentary to that was you said something like.
00:42:42 Poobah
Wow, you're doing that right now and I said yes.
00:42:44 Poobah
I'm trying to get kicked out.
00:42:49 Speaker 5
Exactly right.
00:42:50 Poobah
I said I want them to actually kick me out of the lounge.
00:42:54 Poobah
This is my objective.
00:42:55 Poobah
I don't want to be here anymore.
00:42:58 Speaker 4
It's exactly it was a full on revolution.
00:43:02 Grinder
I I I'm finding this cigar is is dumb.
00:43:06 Grinder
I don't find it changing much.
00:43:09 BamBam
No, I'm glad it's not.
00:43:11 BamBam
I'm glad it's not changing.
00:43:12 Grinder
Yeah, I agree.
00:43:12 BamBam
It's really fantastic.
00:43:13 Senator
I agree, flavor profiles not changing, but I think the strength is actually starting to pick up, which is nice.
00:43:17 Gizmo
Yeah, I'm getting more strength too for sure.
00:43:21 Poobah
It it hit.
00:43:21 Poobah
It hit its stride pretty well I think.
00:43:26 Poobah
Down the stretch here, you know we're in the probably.
00:43:31 Poobah
In the starting, the last third here.
00:43:32 Grinder
Still work for God is almost done.
00:43:35 Poobah
It's yeah, pakodas
00:43:36 Senator
It really is.
00:43:36 Poobah
On this stuff.
00:43:37 Poobah
He really is almost studies.
00:43:37 BamBam
Still very much.
00:43:38 Poobah
He's talking it.
00:43:39 Speaker 6
Trying to be disciplined and I could.
00:43:40 BamBam
Know this is still very much a.
00:43:42 Poobah
But it it it it it it it?
00:43:43 Poobah
It strikes the other kids settled.
00:43:45 Poobah
In and kind of like really hit its stride performing nicely.
00:43:49 Poobah
I mean no complaints.
00:43:52 BamBam
Lousteau, what do you think?
00:43:54 Rooster
It's a great steak.
00:43:55 Rooster
It's one of the best Montes I have, you know.
00:43:57 Rooster
Ever had, I think.
00:43:58 Rooster
Most most flavorful, most flavorful Monte Cristo, right?
00:43:58 BamBam
It's also local bomb.
00:44:04 Gizmo
Does this make you guys want to smoke more money crystals?
00:44:07 Gizmo
Does it make you want to smoke more Monte Cristo limited releases.
00:44:10 Rooster
Maybe Monte Cristo Limited a regular line.
00:44:12 BamBam
It makes this.
00:44:14 Senator
It does.
00:44:14 BamBam
Gives it makes me want.
00:44:15 BamBam
To buy the rest of that box.
00:44:17 BamBam
Offer him.
00:44:17 Gizmo
Well, good luck with that.
00:44:18 Gizmo
I no.
00:44:19 Senator
No, but to your question it it gives me so much more faith in their limited production cigar.
00:44:25 Senator
I mean, the only limited production cigar I ever tried for Monte Cristo prior to tonight was that 85th anniversary. That was incredible. It was.
00:44:33 Senator
Milder than what I normally smoked.
00:44:34 Speaker 5
We've got the number 4 now.
00:44:36 Rooster
It was the 85th.
00:44:38 BamBam
Special edition
00:44:39 Poobah
Oh the 85th. Yeah, I'm sorry yeah yeah.
00:44:41 Senator
Yeah, and that was the only experience I had with a limited Monty.
00:44:44 Senator
But after having this I I would be willing to try almost anything Monty makes.
00:44:47 BamBam
Right, I think we should pursue.
00:44:48 Senator
And limited capacity we.
00:44:50 Rooster
Were we were talking earlier about a Monte Cristo.
00:44:53 Rooster
Especiales number I think it was the number one skinny cigar, like a Lonsdale or maybe even a smaller ring gauge.
00:45:04 Rooster
2 specialista
00:45:04 Grinder
Number two, yeah.
00:45:08 Rooster
With a lot of age on it, I think it was from like the 1990s. I don't think they make.
00:45:11 Rooster
Wow wow fantastic smoke.
00:45:15 Rooster
I mean it was so creamy, so delicious.
00:45:18 Rooster
But the age on that made it so complex and medium and not like overly power.
00:45:25 Rooster
Full but delicious smoke.
00:45:27 Rooster
When did you have that?
00:45:29 Rooster
I got just one from somebody who bought a box of fundays from overseas recently.
00:45:34 Rooster
He just threw one in there I.
00:45:36 BamBam
Just had one from the 90s.
00:45:37 Rooster
From 90s?
00:45:38 BamBam
2nd that is very special.
00:45:38 Rooster
Yeah, that's that's special.
00:45:40 Rooster
That's yeah.
00:45:41 Rooster
What a nice.
00:45:41 Rooster
Gift I I.
00:45:43 Rooster
Just wanted a box of the old YJ Palace.
00:45:48 Rooster
With cellophane wrappers from.
00:45:49 Rooster
1990 So it's probably coming in.
00:45:53 Grinder
Yeah, I I.
00:45:55 Grinder
Wait, I'm a I'm a big fan of.
00:45:57 Grinder
Monty's why?
00:45:58 Grinder
So to answer your question, does it make you want to smoke more? Monty's for me no, because I always want to smoke.
00:46:05 Gizmo
Got it.
I'm already I'm already there.
00:46:07 Poobah
So let me ask you a question so so have you had the petite Edmundo?
00:46:11 Grinder
Yes, yes yes ******* phenomenal.
00:46:11 Rooster
I was just going to ask him that you stole that a great smoke right when those are good.
00:46:14 Grinder
It's so good.
00:46:16 Rooster
Those are awesome.
00:46:17 Grinder
The same guy who gave me.
00:46:19 Grinder
The Scotch and we went to Edinburgh with gave me a petite Edmundo.
00:46:24 Grinder
Last summer.
00:46:25 Grinder
I smoked it last month and it was it knocked my socks.
00:46:28 Senator
Alright, so I get it.
00:46:28 Rooster
Off you know it also.
00:46:29 Rooster
Scared the petite #2
00:46:32 Poobah
Yes it is.
00:46:33 Grinder
I've heard I've heard that.
00:46:33 Poobah
Yeah, it's a.
00:46:33 BamBam
Sneaker can I ask?
00:46:34 Poobah
It's a sleeper.
00:46:35 BamBam
You, a novice question, how attainable are these cigars?
00:46:35 Poobah
Yes it is.
00:46:38 Speaker 4
Second production, so yeah.
00:46:41 Poobah
Whenever they do any bicurious then everywhere.
00:46:43 Senator
I'm going to be a dissenting opinion, though, and this is more of a challenge, so the the pitted Mundo.
00:46:49 Senator
There are a lot of.
00:46:50 Senator
People that love that cigar.
00:46:52 Senator
I have yet to find a petite Edmundo that, as at all impressed me or blown me away.
00:46:58 Senator
Bruce gave me a petite Edmundo.
00:47:00 Senator
I felt it was a little rough around the edges. I've had some younger petite edmundo's that I thought were just too mild to be interesting or something I would pick up regularly so I'm not sure if.
00:47:08 Rooster
Yeah, it's fair.
00:47:12 Senator
I just haven't gotten the great petite Edmundo, but there's this group that loves these cigars.
00:47:20 Senator
Senator, they're OK.
00:47:24 Poobah
They're not.
00:47:27 Poobah
They're not a premium smoke.
00:47:30 Poobah
They're a nice short smoke that delivers that kind of like a lot of smoke output in the short cigar, so it's it's it's kind of the utilitarian thing that you could put in your rotation, but it's not something it's not a big experience in my view, you know.
00:47:46 Senator
Yeah, and I say that though because the Monte two when they're on they're on.
00:47:50 Senator
They're really really good, and so I just have yet to have a petite Edmundo that I say, wow, this is a really impressive one.
00:47:56 Senator
I'm I'm still chasing that.
00:47:58 Grinder
I I I don't know I I.
00:48:00 Grinder
I just think I'm personally I'm a stickler for like.
00:48:03 Grinder
The history and the story, and sometimes that wins over on whatever quality the cigar is.
00:48:08 Grinder
And when.
00:48:09 Grinder
I look at cigars Cuban cigars, when I when I look at a Monte.
00:48:13 Grinder
Cristo I love.
00:48:14 Grinder
I love the band that simple band of Amanti.
00:48:17 Grinder
I love that and I will always love that band of amanti.
00:48:21 Grinder
I love that you know the story.
00:48:23 Grinder
Behind all these all these Cuban cigars, you know the the the electorate you know that's why we have all these cigars these Cuban cigars that are named after.
00:48:26 Poobah
And the vector the vector reading the count of any crystal.
00:48:33 Grinder
Storylines right, some from Monte Cristo is named after the Count of Monte Cristo, because the guy was in.
00:48:39 Speaker 5
The vector.
00:48:39 Grinder
He was that he was in the factory as these hundreds of people are rolling cigars.
00:48:43 Speaker 5
Reading the book.
00:48:44 Grinder
Reading the Count of Monte Cristo and they're like, well, just call it the county Monte Cristo.
00:48:47 Grinder
We've been really.
00:48:48 Grinder
We've been listening to the story for, you know, the for for days, on days on days just like Romeo and Juliet.
00:48:53 Grinder
The story Shakespeare.
00:48:55 Grinder
They read that in Cuba in the factory and they, you know, I love those stories and some of these brands.
00:49:00 Grinder
You know something.
00:49:01 Grinder
Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I'm I'm always going to love him because because of that history and it's for me.
00:49:07 Grinder
I love.
00:49:07 Grinder
That so I I.
00:49:08 Senator
Think that's really cool? What with what Grinder was saying there about sort of the origin of some of these Cuban brands and the name and what's funny. I was just reading about this cigar. We're smoking the 1935.
00:49:20 Senator
Maltis so Dumas, which is part of the name.
00:49:24 Senator
Of this cigar.
00:49:24 Grinder
Alexander plus yeah yeah.
00:49:25 Senator
Demolished exactly is the last name of the.
00:49:28 Senator
Novel's author.
00:49:29 Senator
Alexandre Dumas Maltis refers to the main character's nickname in the book the The the Multi seller.
00:49:36 Grinder
Oh yeah, yeah.
00:49:37 Senator
It's it's it's.
00:49:38 Speaker 5
00:49:38 Senator
It's it's nice.
00:49:39 Speaker 4
That's awesome, they they put school.
00:49:39 Poobah
Yeah, that's so it is nice.
00:49:41 Grinder
Hours sticking, they're sticking to the.
00:49:42 Grinder
Story, you know it's no matter.
00:49:45 Grinder
The cigars this cigar.
00:49:46 Grinder
And we talked about marketing and branding and how they're you know Padron versus others in.
00:49:51 Grinder
In a previous pod.
00:49:52 Grinder
Yes, and for me it does win people over.
00:49:56 Grinder
It still has.
00:49:56 Grinder
It pulls at some of my heartstrings.
00:49:58 Grinder
You know?
00:49:58 Poobah
Yeah, and I and I also think that there's some I'd like to do and I haven't explored this as much, but the I believe it's the Especiales Monte Cristo specialist they come.
00:50:10 Poobah
In as a.
00:50:12 Poobah
A semi boyt nature box.
00:50:15 Poobah
Some of the smaller ring gauge Monte Cristo's longer formats, like the specialist number two. You specialize I think, or something. It's not a cigar that I've smoked, but they're well regarded and I think that that's a that's a size that I'd like to explore with Monte Cristo.
00:50:36 Poobah
I think that.
00:50:37 Poobah
You know, I haven't.
00:50:38 Poobah
I haven't gone down that road, but it's worth exploring because it's a big line.
00:50:44 Poobah
And I think I think the Monte Cristo #2 it's so mass produced. There are other cigars within the within.
00:50:52 Poobah
The Marca that are worth looking at and and and and this cigar in.
00:50:57 Poobah
You know, maybe it's.
00:50:58 Poobah
A catalyst to say hey.
00:51:00 Poobah
Let's look at some.
00:51:00 Poobah
Let's look at some additional.
00:51:02 Poobah
Monte Cristo's that may, maybe you know that maybe you'll float your boat. You know it because it's not.
00:51:05 BamBam
Right, it's a great point.
00:51:07 BamBam
Yeah, it's inspirational this cigar, yeah.
00:51:09 Poobah
It's not, it's not a it's.
00:51:11 Poobah
It's a good marker.
00:51:12 Poobah
It it's just you gotta find you gotta, you gotta find this the the you know what's gonna what's going to what's going to float your boat?
00:51:20 Gizmo
Well for me, I mean you know to answer my own question like I have a box of Monte Force that I've smoked one of.
00:51:27 Gizmo
And it's been in my humidor now.
00:51:28 Gizmo
Probably for 10 months that I haven't touched.
00:51:31 Gizmo
This is making me want to revisit that box. Now I don't know if I'm going to go and buy boxes of Monte Cristo's, but it's certainly making me want to revisit what I already have and I think from a single standpoint, if I would be able to buy a pack of five or a pack of 10 of a variety of these cigars, that's probably more where I'm at.
00:51:51 Gizmo
I don't know if I'm going to go buy boxes of these cigars.
00:51:55 Gizmo
You know, right?
00:51:56 Gizmo
I mean Monte Cristo, not specifically this.
00:51:58 Rooster
But I think some Monte Cristo's with some age.
00:52:00 Rooster
On it makes a huge difference.
00:52:02 Rooster
Yeah, I agree.
00:52:05 Poobah
I agree I've had some aged pitted windows that have been great.
00:52:09 Poobah
I've had some aged money force that have been really great so.
00:52:14 Poobah
Age plays a big role.
00:52:16 Poobah
These in particular they can lay down for a lot longer and all the potential.
00:52:21 Poobah
I mean when you're coming down and we're in the last third now.
00:52:25 Poobah
You can see the potential.
00:52:27 Poobah
You can see the potential in in how good this cigar could be in five years, what?
00:52:34 BamBam
Are you getting now pull down at this or about?
00:52:34 Speaker 5
00:52:36 BamBam
I'm about 2 inches away.
00:52:38 BamBam
Where you're about there, senator.
00:52:41 Poobah
It's been pretty consistent for me.
00:52:44 BamBam
And guys, you're kind of there, yeah?
00:52:46 Rooster
I think the flavors are about the same as the beginning, but just.
00:52:49 Rooster
It's our more intense little bit more strength, like right?
00:52:49 BamBam
Motivated it's yeah.
00:52:53 BamBam
A bit of.
00:52:54 Senator
Now to be.
00:52:54 Senator
It's it's full now.
00:52:55 BamBam
Yeah it is, yeah.
00:52:56 Senator
Now it's full it it's really picked up in strength in a nice way.
00:52:58 BamBam
Yeah, it's just like yeah, in a nice way and still capturing those original notes I'm getting.
00:53:03 Grinder
Phenomenal right?
00:53:03 Rooster
But the notes roll combustion.
00:53:04 Rooster
The notes, but notes that we.
00:53:04 Grinder
Now, yeah.
00:53:06 Rooster
Got when we first lit the cigar were fantastic, right, delicious?
00:53:09 Grinder
Delay us, it's like it's like it's like.
00:53:11 Rooster
That, uh, role model.
00:53:12 Rooster
That was fancy I.
00:53:13 Grinder
That first beer on a Friday.
00:53:14 Poobah
Don't have any, I don't.
00:53:15 Poobah
Have I'm.
00:53:16 Poobah
Not having rough edges here.
00:53:18 BamBam
No, no, not at all.
00:53:19 Rooster
Very non silver.
00:53:20 Senator
I I have to ask, we've talked a lot.
00:53:23 Senator
About pairing scotches with cigars, I think on another episode we talked about pairing wine with cigars, what else, any time of day, morning, afternoon, evening.
00:53:33 Senator
What else do you like to pair with?
00:53:35 Senator
Cigars, coffee, coffee, coffee.
00:53:38 Poobah
No doubt.
00:53:38 Senator
I mean, I mean I, I guess.
00:53:39 Senator
I, I mean, more alcohol, alcoholic drinks, spirits.
00:53:42 Speaker 5
Oh, ah, bloody Mary.
00:53:44 Rooster
Red wine
00:53:45 Senator
We've talked about.
00:53:46 Speaker 5
Ah bloody Mary.
00:53:48 Poobah
Bloody Mary.
00:53:48 Senator
Well, if we're going to bring up the Bloody Mary, there's only one.
00:53:51 Speaker 4
Well, there's only one, there's only.
00:53:53 Senator
One poobah
00:53:54 Senator
I I had the original I had, I had the original bloody.
00:53:58 Grinder
Mary last weekend at the Saint Regis.
00:53:59 Speaker 4
How was it?
00:54:00 Poobah
And how was that?
00:54:01 Grinder
It was great.
00:54:02 Grinder
It was great.
00:54:03 Grinder
It wasn't.
00:54:03 Grinder
It wasn't a Dimitris, I'll be honest, it wasn't.
00:54:06 Grinder
It wasn't a Dimitri.
00:54:07 Grinder
's kid can we can we?
00:54:09 Gizmo
By the way, pube eyes just lit up.
00:54:10 Speaker 4
We talk about this, yeah?
00:54:11 Gizmo
When he said it wasn't a Demetrius Cooper eyes just shot up 'cause it's true.
00:54:14 BamBam
It's true.
00:54:16 Speaker 4
He's so proud.
00:54:18 Speaker 4
He's legal proud.
00:54:19 Senator
Share with the listener what pube has so graciously graciously shared with all of us in terms of the Bloody Marys truth.
00:54:25 Senator
As the guy.
00:54:27 Senator
Who was never in love with a bloody Mary but once Puba imparted his wisdom I I'm converted.
00:54:34 Senator
So please please do tell.
00:54:35 Poobah
Sure, so.
00:54:37 Poobah
So OK, so there's a bloody Mary mix. It's a solution called Dimitri's. It's a solution, it is, it's it's a liquid solution that you add to tomato juice.
00:54:48 BamBam
It's a chemical compound.
00:54:51 Poobah
It's called Dimitris and and it's outstanding.
00:54:56 Poobah
It's outstanding and I discovered this this elixir, so to speak.
00:55:03 Poobah
This is the secret sauce, which is exactly what it is.
00:55:07 Poobah
It comes in a bottle and it's and it's.
00:55:10 Grinder
Not substantial.
00:55:11 Poobah
It it well, yeah, I mean it.
00:55:14 Poobah
Comes in a.
00:55:14 Rooster
You don't need much, yeah?
00:55:14 Poobah
A solution you don't need much of it. So, uh, I at the time I was working on on in in on 29th in in Madison Ave in New York City. And there was a Houston.
00:55:30 Poobah
Right there in that neighborhood. It was probably on 28th and park or something like that. And and this is, uh, this is long long ago this is this is in the 90s the the late 90s and we and of course like any Houston like every Houston since the inception of Houston.
00:55:49 Poobah
They get packed so.
00:55:52 Poobah
Uh, we would go there at like 11 thirty 11:45 for luck to get a seat. You know, at the true Mad Men at the bar to get a bloody Mary.
00:55:58 Grinder
Bad man yeah true bad man yeah.
00:56:03 Poobah
And I loved the Hickory burger.
00:56:04 Poobah
They had this thing called the Hickory Burger at the time and you get a hamburger and and head start.
00:56:09 Poobah
Start off with the Bloody Mary and the body.
00:56:12 Poobah
Areas where they would serve these bloody Marys up, you know it was like they were so.
00:56:16 Poobah
Good and we developed of course a relationship.
00:56:20 Grinder
That's what does.
00:56:21 Speaker 4
With the board to have a relationship.
00:56:23 Poobah
Like I do.
00:56:24 Poobah
You know what you know, you start talking.
00:56:27 Poobah
You exchange names and phone numbers and everything else.
00:56:30 Poobah
Go down those phone numbers and whatever it is.
00:56:31 Gizmo
To get your bloody.
00:56:32 Poobah
Yeah, they get.
00:56:33 Poobah
Yeah exactly, you know put it in the Nokia at the time Nokia.
00:56:41 Speaker 4
What's that, what was?
00:56:42 Grinder
That game you played on the Nokia Snake.
00:56:45 Poobah
I love that.
00:56:45 Gizmo
Great game.
00:56:47 Poobah
Game so anyway so so we would go and I would meet this.
00:56:50 Poobah
This fraternity brother of mine who worked in the same.
00:56:52 Poobah
Neighborhood and and we would meet, you know, once or twice a month for lunch at Houston and have a bloody Mary and a hamburger.
00:56:59 Poobah
And so we get developed this wish.
00:57:01 Poobah
What is this foot and the guy pulled out?
00:57:06 Poobah
The demitris bottle. It's like that 24 ounce bottle that you can get on Amazon right? And at the time there's no Amazon, there's no, there's barely even.
00:57:16 Poobah
In Internet and he pulls out this this button he goes. Yeah this is how we make it. This is what we use at all. The Houston's and I said oh wow, so we liked it so much.
00:57:29 Poobah
That we would tip the bartender and he would.
00:57:32 Poobah
There was no way to get it.
00:57:33 Poobah
'cause they only sold it commercially.
00:57:35 Poobah
It wasn't sold.
00:57:36 Poobah
It wasn't distributed in retail stores.
00:57:38 Poobah
There was no.
00:57:38 Poobah
I was like how do we find this?
00:57:39 Poobah
Like there's no way to find it so we.
00:57:41 Poobah
Would buy the Dimitri's buddy.
00:57:45 Speaker 4
Behind the bar.
00:57:46 Poobah
The bartender, I mean, so we would tip whatever we took. Whatever it took 20 bucks here. It's there's $20. There's another 20. Give us a bottle of this stuff.
00:57:55 Poobah
And we found we discovered the Dimitri's, and then you know, at with the advent of the Internet and everything else, and the product was so good.
00:58:05 Poobah
It was more about widely distributed years later, and I've been a fan ever since, so the thing about the Dimitri's bloody Mary mix is that there's no horseradish in it.
00:58:15 Poobah
It's really it's like a Worcestershire based black pepper base.
00:58:20 Poobah
Kind of mix and it when you when you just put a little bit of that.
00:58:25 Poobah
Whatever you know, the little bit of liquid is.
00:58:26 Senator
We'll give the give the full recipe you got.
00:58:29 Speaker 4
00:58:29 Senator
A very regimented way of.
00:58:29 Poobah
So so you know you you.
00:58:31 Poobah
Put ice in the glass.
00:58:33 Poobah
You put the vodka in the glass and then you just squeeze.
00:58:38 Poobah
What you want?
00:58:39 Poobah
I mean, you get the.
00:58:40 Poobah
Ratio of how much?
00:58:42 Poobah
You want in there, it's a squeeze.
00:58:44 Poobah
It's like a.
00:58:46 Poobah
Half Oz call it of the solution that's got everything you need in the bloody Mary right there and then.
00:58:54 Poobah
You just add fresh tomato juice to it and mix it up.
00:58:58 Poobah
Maybe squeeze a lemon in there.
00:59:00 Poobah
Maybe you know online.
00:59:02 Grinder
We have to wait to be specific on the.
00:59:03 Poobah
Sacramento and you gotta use Sacramento managers, yeah.
00:59:04 Grinder
Tomato juice though.
00:59:08 Grinder
That's the best.
00:59:09 Poobah
And they also have a have a product.
00:59:11 Poobah
Dimitri is called rimshot, it's like like like it's a.
00:59:14 Poobah
It's a spice mix that you wet the the rim of the glass and you dip there and you dip the rim of the glass into.
00:59:18 Speaker 4
Yeah, you wet it.
00:59:21 Poobah
That salt and.
00:59:21 Grinder
Just the.
00:59:22 Poobah
Prior to making the drink and then you just fill it up and you've got you.
00:59:27 Poobah
When you mix the rimshot.
00:59:29 Poobah
The rimshot seasoning on the rim, with the I mean it's the best bloody Mary it's heaven and and I I think that I've converted everybody to Dimitri Bloody Mary mix. So go on to Amazon by Dimitri's bloody Mary mix.
00:59:29 Speaker 5
Ha ha.
00:59:35 Speaker 5
It's heaven, yeah.
00:59:41 Speaker 5
You have.
00:59:47 Poobah
Mix it with fresh tomato juice because because buying premade bloody Mary mix is a joke, you want fresh tomato juice plus this a little splash of this Dimitris and trust me every listener out there who's listening right now.
01:00:02 Poobah
This will be the best bloody Mary that you're ever going to have in your life.
01:00:06 Poobah
It's going to be better than the Bloody Mary that you had at The Four Seasons.
01:00:11 Grinder
Saint Regis
01:00:12 Poobah
Or the Saint Regis, or wherever the hell you stayed.
01:00:14 Poobah
Bougie bougie bourgeois.
01:00:16 Poobah
At the right it's better.
01:00:19 Grinder
It's better I have to say.
01:00:19 Poobah
And then the only way the only way I've been able to duplicate it is the following recipe, and I'll give it right now.
01:00:25 Poobah
Really fast is the only way you can do it is vodka.
01:00:30 Speaker 4
Right Old Bay.
01:00:33 Poobah
A couple splashes.
01:00:34 Poobah
Old Bay celery salt.
01:00:37 Grinder
Black pepper with the celery salt, absolutely.
01:00:40 Senator
That's a staple in everybody.
01:00:42 Poobah
Yeah, Old Bay celery salt black pepper.
01:00:47 Poobah
A squeeze of lemon, Worcestershire, abbassia, red hot Franks red hot.
01:00:53 Poobah
Mix it up.
01:00:54 Speaker 4
No, that that that then we write down.
01:00:54 Rooster
That's whole horseradish.
01:00:56 Poobah
That no horseradish, no ******* horseradish, no ******* horseradish in the blood.
01:00:57 Rooster
OK, like I like horseradish.
01:01:01 Rooster
I like most routers.
01:01:03 Rooster
Don't want horseradish?
01:01:05 Speaker 4
I like I love.
01:01:05 Grinder
So as as someone as someone who's not a vodka drinker feel, so as someone who's not a vodka drinker and having your like the great evangelist for all this **** like the the Rover, the we'll get to the Rover at some point over there over there.
01:01:08 Poobah
I like it in cocktail sauce, but not in a blender.
01:01:19 Speaker 4
Oh look at Oh yeah, we get.
01:01:20 Speaker 4
To the rim.
01:01:21 Speaker 4
Shots, that's a lifestyle.
01:01:21 Grinder
Bloody Mary, door rimshots everything.
01:01:23 Grinder
You know the various cigars you bring into the into the forum, the Lizard Forum?
01:01:29 Grinder
You're an evangelist, and as a as someone who does, I don't like.
01:01:32 Grinder
Vodka I, I mean I drink brown liquor.
01:01:35 Grinder
I drink rum, brown rum.
01:01:36 Grinder
I drink yellow on yellow tequila, aged tequila and obviously Scotch and.
01:01:43 Grinder
I've never been a vodka drinker, but this.
01:01:46 Grinder
Has has converted me, Umm?
01:01:49 Senator
I, I agree, I agree.
01:01:50 Gizmo
We need to do a Sunday afternoon Bloody Mary episode of The Lizards Podcast.
01:01:56 Speaker 4
I would love that.
01:01:57 Speaker 4
Let's would love that.
01:01:57 Poobah
The way Paris fares better than you would think a bloody Mary.
01:02:00 Senator
It it really does.
01:02:00 Speaker 4
Pairs pretty well.
01:02:01 Poobah
With the cigar.
01:02:02 BamBam
Now honestly, gotta do it.
01:02:03 BamBam
Puba sent a photograph of a bloody Mary that he made one day.
01:02:06 BamBam
It was the most beautiful looking.
01:02:08 BamBam
Drink I've ever seen.
01:02:09 Gizmo
We're going to do it.
01:02:10 Gizmo
We gotta do.
01:02:10 Gizmo
An episode.
01:02:11 Senator
It's gotta but but but to prove a point.
01:02:11 BamBam
Be a public place.
01:02:13 Senator
I was the biggest skeptic of Bloody Marys, just period.
01:02:17 Senator
I never understood the appeal.
01:02:19 Senator
There are few alcohols I don't like.
01:02:20 Senator
I think the only thing I don't drink is gin.
01:02:22 Senator
That's that's the only thing.
01:02:23 BamBam
It's it's great at brunch.
01:02:24 BamBam
Don't drink gin.
01:02:25 Senator
And I I just think.
01:02:25 Grinder
We like the same delay Brett chat.
01:02:26 Senator
We are and and.
01:02:28 Senator
I just couldn't understand he.
01:02:29 Senator
Said, what is this appeal?
01:02:30 Senator
There's almost no alcohol.
01:02:32 Senator
I don't enjoy.
01:02:33 Senator
Why do people love Bloody Marys and Bublewicz sat in my in my lounge and he says Senator you have not had a proper bloody and he is so funny because he describes this.
01:02:44 Senator
Recipe to me.
01:02:46 Senator
And sure enough, I go on my laptop after that.
01:02:49 Senator
I'm Googling Dimitris and I.
01:02:51 Senator
I put it in my Amazon cart, but I hadn't actually ordered it yet.
01:02:54 Senator
I was like I'm going.
01:02:54 Senator
To get a.
01:02:54 Senator
Few other things.
01:02:56 Senator
Fast forward like the next.
01:02:57 Senator
Day I get a package.
01:02:58 Senator
I open it up and.
01:02:59 Senator
It's a Dimitri bottle and.
01:03:01 Speaker 5
That's wild.
01:03:01 Senator
I'm like wow.
01:03:02 Senator
This is really weird.
01:03:02 Senator
I thought it.
01:03:03 Senator
Was in my Amazon card.
01:03:04 Senator
I don't remember hitting.
01:03:05 Senator
Order, but you know, maybe I did.
01:03:08 Senator
I was very confused and Puba sends me sends me a text.
01:03:11 Senator
Maybe the next day and he goes he goes.
01:03:13 Senator
Did you like that?
01:03:14 Senator
Lift and then I'm like I'm sitting there thinking what is he talking about?
01:03:14 BamBam
Ah, cool.
01:03:18 Senator
I'm like holy **** so he sent the Dimitris to my house.
01:03:21 BamBam
That's cool.
01:03:22 Senator
I then go to the supermarket, I get some Sacramento tomato juice.
01:03:27 Senator
I've got all the other stuff.
01:03:28 Senator
I then order the rimshot from Amazon as well.
01:03:31 Senator
Amazon, get everything you need for fellow lizards out there.
01:03:34 Poobah
Oh yeah.
01:03:35 Senator
And it's been life changing.
01:03:38 Senator
I mean, I start most Saturday mornings with the ALUMBRA approved.
01:03:43 Senator
Bloody Mary recipes incredible structure and when you add it before.
01:03:45 Speaker 4
You're such a you're such a.
01:03:46 Senator
Light up exactly when you would use it out for deck and light up a D4 with that. Oh.
01:03:48 Poobah
Light up on your.
01:03:51 Speaker 6
It's a bloody.
01:03:52 Grinder
It's understanding it's ******* phenomenal.
01:03:53 Senator
Here in heaven for you in heaven.
01:03:54 Poobah
It's here in heaven puba, you are a Mensch.
01:03:57 BamBam
Yes he is.
01:03:59 Gizmo
All right, boys, we're coming to the end here of the.
01:04:02 Gizmo
1935 linear Maltese. Let's do a rating on this thing.
01:04:07 Gizmo
You guys ready?
01:04:08 Grinder
Let's do it.
01:04:09 Speaker 4
Rooster, you're up.
01:04:10 Rooster
I'm going to give it a strong mind.
01:04:13 Rooster
I wish I could go.
01:04:16 Rooster
Like mid minds, but it's gotta be a.
01:04:19 Rooster
It's a strong mind puba
01:04:24 Poobah
I'm with you.
01:04:24 Poobah
I'm with you, Rooster.
01:04:25 Poobah
I it's.
01:04:29 Poobah
This is tough.
01:04:31 Poobah
It's outstanding.
01:04:33 Poobah
And I want to just preface my rating by saying it's outstanding.
01:04:35 Poobah
The construction, the burn everything is is is it's.
01:04:42 Poobah
I think with more age.
01:04:44 Poobah
It's with more age, it's a 10.
01:04:47 Poobah
It's very very good.
01:04:49 Poobah
I'd like to give it a 10.
01:04:51 Poobah
But I don't think I can.
01:04:53 Poobah
I think I gotta give.
01:04:54 Rooster
It a nine, I think in five years versus A10.
01:04:57 Poobah
I think in five years it's a tenth.
01:04:58 BamBam
Yeah, no doubt.
01:04:59 Poobah
It just needs more time, but it is damn good.
01:05:02 Poobah
Very good so.
01:05:03 Gizmo
I hope I don't get kicked.
01:05:04 Gizmo
Out oh God.
01:05:05 Speaker 6
Here we.
01:05:06 Grinder
Oh no.
01:05:07 Gizmo
Go I may get kicked out of here tonight.
01:05:09 Gizmo
I'm going to.
01:05:10 Senator
Give it an 80, right?
01:05:12 Gizmo
A very strong eight like in 89 out of a.
01:05:15 Gizmo
100 but a very strong eight.
01:05:16 Senator
Alright, wow, that's bold. I'm going to give this A9.
01:05:20 Grinder
01:05:24 Speaker 6
Just wanted to make sure this five year segmented because you could.
01:05:27 Speaker 6
Do you know age or is this cigar go to?
01:05:29 Speaker 4
Age but the knife like that, the Shank Shank is out.
01:05:36 BamBam
The goat is shanking everyone, there's just no.
Is here.
01:05:40 BamBam
No taking cover.
01:05:40 Grinder
It's not disconnected.
01:05:42 Speaker 6
Having said that.
01:05:43 Rooster
You can't age 1 without the other.
01:05:48 Speaker 6
Another another flavor.
You see your plans change.
01:05:49 Speaker 6
Another aphorism from.
01:05:51 Grinder
The the Red Rooster in the corner.
01:05:52 Speaker 6
We wish we could.
01:05:54 Speaker 6
But yeah, uh, nine I I really enjoyed this deck.
01:05:58 Speaker 6
But actually it made me smile in between I didn't.
01:06:00 Speaker 6
Know why that?
01:06:01 Speaker 5
Ha ha ha.
01:06:02 Speaker 6
I was smiling while smoking and you know when you're smiling when you're smoking, it definitely deserves 9 excellent stick.
01:06:09 Speaker 6
Thank you pube.
01:06:09 Speaker 6
That's great.
01:06:10 Grinder
I mean I so.
01:06:12 Grinder
If if this whole round Number thing is is is bonkers to me?
01:06:18 Grinder
Frankly, I would give it if I could give it A-95, I would give it A-95.
01:06:23 Poobah
I I would group.
01:06:24 Grinder
Uhm, but I'm I'll give it a 9 because I I would rate this higher than in for me in exclusivo.
01:06:29 Grinder
From from the previous podcast as a calibration but method.
01:06:33 Grinder
But this is an app for all intents and purposes, is denied for I.
01:06:36 BamBam
Agree Bam yeah, I'm mad at 9.
01:06:39 BamBam
I think this is a top ten Cuban of all time.
01:06:42 BamBam
Whoa top 10.
01:06:44 BamBam
Not top five top ten.
01:06:46 Speaker 5
Love it.
01:06:46 BamBam
I fell in love with this cigar tonight.
01:06:48 BamBam
I'm down to about an inch of this cigar and the strength of it.
01:06:51 BamBam
For me the profile is getting more intense.
01:06:54 BamBam
The beautiful notes that we got initially carried all the way through at a more intense point.
01:06:59 BamBam
Now that where I am with the cigar.
01:07:01 BamBam
It's a 9 all day long.
01:07:03 BamBam
It could easily be a 10.
01:07:05 BamBam
I'm not an expert on aging Cubans.
01:07:08 BamBam
It could.
01:07:08 BamBam
Get better, maybe it.
01:07:09 BamBam
Stays the same.
01:07:09 BamBam
I don't know I'm not.
01:07:10 Poobah
Get better, yeah?
01:07:11 BamBam
01:07:12 BamBam
Fantastic, delicious cigar.
01:07:14 Gizmo
All right, so the formal lizard rating, which I clearly ruined is in.
01:07:18 Poobah
8.9 I yeah, that's not that.
01:07:20 Senator
I think that's still a strong.
01:07:21 Gizmo
That's a, that's a strong recommend.
01:07:22 Gizmo
Never very strong recommendation.
01:07:23 Gizmo
Very strong.
01:07:24 Gizmo
Yeah yeah, absolutely.
01:07:24 Gizmo
Absolutely very fair rating.
01:07:26 Gizmo
Solid recommends the shirt.
01:07:26 Senator
And I also want.
01:07:27 Senator
To be clear, for just so.
01:07:29 Grinder
I don't know I.
01:07:29 Senator
Everyone understands where these raids are coming from.
01:07:32 Senator
Anything over an 8 is a strong recommend.
01:07:35 Grinder
Absolutely, absolutely absolutely we should publish the grading scale.
01:07:35 Senator
Absolutely period absolutely.
01:07:39 Grinder
I this goes back to my my connection about the grading scale.
01:07:43 Grinder
The fact that we're this is lower than in exclusivo.
01:07:47 Grinder
It is a little silly.
01:07:47 Poobah
It's it's it's.
01:07:48 Poobah
It's a little.
01:07:49 Poobah
It's a little silly, yeah.
01:07:50 Speaker 4
Yeah, I would disagree, but that's that's me.
01:07:51 Senator
Would I I disagree with that?
01:07:52 Senator
I'm sorry that that's actually where I.
01:07:53 Speaker 4
I would.
01:07:53 Speaker 4
This is where.
01:07:54 Senator
I'm glad that gizmo is saying the same because I I will put in exclusiva over this any day.
01:07:59 Senator
Of the week period.
01:07:59 BamBam
Absolutely yes yes.
01:08:00 Gizmo
Especially when you when you bring in the price 100%, you bring in the price. This is a.
01:08:00 BamBam
I agree with you, Senator senator, there's no doubt about it, but.
01:08:04 Gizmo
$40 cigar 40.
01:08:06 Senator
Dollars cigar they actually see those $14.00.
01:08:06 Speaker 5
01:08:08 BamBam
Yeah, see.
01:08:09 BamBam
As far as I'm.
01:08:09 Senator
It's a better stick, I'm sorry.
01:08:09 Speaker 4
Concerned they're fine.
01:08:11 BamBam
May I never really consider the cost of a cigar.
01:08:14 BamBam
It's the experience of a cigar.
01:08:15 BamBam
I really don't care what it costs you.
01:08:18 Rooster
Have to rate this cigar on its own.
01:08:18 BamBam
I don't.
01:08:19 Senator
Care even with that, you're saying you would still put.
01:08:21 Senator
It exclusive over this.
01:08:21 BamBam
I would put exclusivo over this because of the classic nature of the explosivo, but this is such a it's, you know, it's it's different.
01:08:29 BamBam
It's a different smoke.
01:08:30 BamBam
It's a completely different world, right?
01:08:32 BamBam
Particular cigar.
01:08:33 Rooster
So you have to give it the rating based on just this cigar.
01:08:37 BamBam
Yeah now.
01:08:37 Rooster
But he says hiring into any other cigar.
01:08:37 BamBam
You know something.
01:08:38 Gizmo
But let me say something, let me say something and I know I gave it an 8.
01:08:42 Gizmo
But I look at the first episode, Partagas Maduro one.
01:08:45 Gizmo
I'll take that cigar over this.
01:08:48 Senator
I agree with that.
01:08:48 Poobah
Same thing, but that's the guard.
01:08:49 Poobah
But hold on.
01:08:51 Poobah
It's not a fair comparison and I'm going to tell you why.
01:08:54 Poobah
That cigar had six years of age on it. This is a 2019 cigar. This is this is that that's it's not a fair comparison.
01:09:06 Poobah
Yeah, that's fair.
01:09:07 Poobah
It's not a fair comparison and also the Explosivo has is in is is also aged tobacco and it's it's all years.
01:09:09 Gizmo
That's true.
01:09:13 BamBam
It is weird it is older.
01:09:15 Poobah
It's older.
01:09:16 Poobah
So I I mean I think if you pick this.
01:09:19 Poobah
Pick up, I think this is so I want to.
01:09:22 Poobah
I'd like to just wrap it up in terms of saying this cigar is a great cigar.
01:09:27 Poobah
It's a great representation of Monte Cristo.
01:09:29 Poobah
The construction, the burn, the combustion, everything has been.
01:09:33 Poobah
Great about it.
01:09:35 Poobah
So I give it a nine only because it gets a 9 today because it needs more time.
01:09:42 Poobah
This is a world class stick world class.
01:09:44 Poobah
It's a world class stick.
01:09:44 BamBam
You know there's no bad about it.
01:09:46 Poobah
It just needs a little more age and I think that if we pick these up three years from now or four years from now, it's a much different experience and and I.
01:09:58 Poobah
So for me it gets a 9 today, so it's not fair to compare 2015, 2016 but honest error one the to to this cigar because it just hasn't laid down long enough so so it's not a fair comparison.
01:10:05 Speaker 4
That's fair, I mean.
01:10:06 Speaker 4
The age thing is certainly famously that's funny.
01:10:13 BamBam
It's not just a great cigar, it's not just the grades for me.
01:10:16 BamBam
This is an excellent cigar, excellent, not great, excellent.
01:10:17 Poobah
It's an excellent cigar.
01:10:19 Poobah
It's a world.
01:10:19 Poobah
It's excellent.
01:10:20 Poobah
It's a world class smoke.
01:10:21 BamBam
There's no doubt about it.
01:10:23 Poobah
And it's a premium cigar, so today it's a nine with a lot of potential, I think to be something greater tomorrow.
01:10:31 Gizmo
Well, I think that we should look to pick this up in a couple of years.
01:10:33 Gizmo
And then and and see where we we rated again, you know, great.
01:10:36 Senator
I agree it's a function.
01:10:36 Speaker 4
Let's start reversal.
01:10:37 Senator
Street clear in 8.9.
01:10:39 Senator
Is a cigar that every single lizard in this room would pick up and happily seek out and smoke again.
01:10:46 BamBam
Yeah, and gentlemen, I'm deaf.
01:10:47 Poobah
So really good cigar today.
01:10:49 Poobah
It's a great preview.
01:10:50 Poobah
I think of what this could be.
01:10:53 Poobah
Moving forward.
01:10:54 BamBam
I'm down to 1/2 inch and I want more. It's really something else.
01:10:57 BamBam
Really good pube, thank you poop, thank you.
01:10:59 Speaker 4
But very much thank you Glenn.
01:11:00 Gizmo
Absolutely fantastic here.
01:11:02 Gizmo
Thank you for the 20 year Scotch.
01:11:04 Gizmo
Fantastic pairing tonight. Tessa and.
01:11:07 Gizmo
Within 8.9 we'll see you.
01:11:08 Speaker 4
Guys next week next month.
01:11:11 Gizmo
Thanks so much for joining us tonight.
01:11:13 Gizmo
Hope you enjoyed.
01:11:14 Gizmo
It don't forget to leave.
01:11:15 Gizmo
Us A rating and subscribe.
01:11:16 Gizmo
On your favorite podcast platform.
01:11:18 Gizmo
If you have any comments questions if you want to reach out, say hello, tell us what you're smoking. Email us. Lounge lizards pod paudi that's lounge lizards pod@gmail.com you can also find us.
01:11:30 Gizmo
On Instagram at Lounge Lizards pod, we really appreciate your time and we'll see you next week.