Software Social

Folks seem to love our casual banter, so here's what Zoom captured on our backup recording before we started the actual recording for next Tuesday's episode.

Show Notes

Folks seem to love our casual banter, so here's what Zoom captured on our backup recording before we started the actual recording for next Tuesday's episode. 

Creators & Guests

Colleen Schnettler
Co-Founder of Refine, Founder of Simple File Upload
Michele Hansen
Co-Founder of Geocodio & Author of Deploy Empathy
Cory Stine
Audio Editor
Meghan Coleman

What is Software Social?

Two indie SaaS founders—one just getting off the ground, and one with an established profitable business—invite you to join their weekly chats.

Michele Hansen 0:00
Hey, I'm gonna make sure your pocket

Colleen Schnettler 0:03
nice Do you have space in your computer? Is there space in the truck?

Michele Hansen 0:10
I have not deleted more stuff but I think I had a ton of space left from me just storage

Colleen Schnettler 0:18
management. I think you did. I think you did. I'm

Michele Hansen 0:20
just giving you other time like I deleted like Microsoft Excel like I just get rid of it. Oh, I didn't actually empty my trash that might help.

Colleen Schnettler 0:30
Hold on Audacity is locking up for me anyway, give me a second

Michele Hansen 0:37
I should have a good amount of space.

Colleen Schnettler 0:41
It was so funny because that is totally happened to me in the middle of like doing a ScreenFlow recording where it's just like, you lost everything. It's like, Oh dear god. Okay, hold on. Audacity is dead. Ah, why can't I kill you?

Michele Hansen 1:05
We are talking to our computers. You're sweet and as a person listening.

Colleen Schnettler 1:14
Oh, you're not responding? Not enough security. Oh, okay, good. I have more. This is way better for me like Thursday was just so rushed. Because like the kids had circus camp. I had to be in my co working space. So

Michele Hansen 1:33
it was the whole day was literally circus. It was. Dude, you

Colleen Schnettler 1:39
would love circus camp. It's like, it's like fancy. It's like not Jimena. It's like circus gymnastics. It's so cool.

Michele Hansen 1:47
Are they doing stuff with like ropes and like huge trampolines and stuff like that. Like Secretary chalet stuff? Yes.

Colleen Schnettler 1:54
So it was so cool.

Michele Hansen 1:55
There was a girl from my gym growing up who she was actually alternates to the 2008 Olympic team. And she became a Cirque du Soleil performer and her instagram videos are just like, nuts. I really want to see it sometime especially when they have that they'll do this thing where they have like four high bars setup. And then they're like all swinging on it at the same time and like doing flips over each other and stuff. And if I ever go to Vegas again, I will go to Cirque de la but you Yes, you may have to drag me like kicking and screaming to Vegas and then I will fly in first or just lay and then fly out right if

Colleen Schnettler 2:35
I don't I think you should go to Vegas with me. I don't hate Vegas. I feel like I could change your mind about Vegas. Anyway, we'll talk about this later. We'll just talk. Okay,

Michele Hansen 2:45
um, do we do so? Are we going to talk about me this week?

Colleen Schnettler 2:50
Yes. So I'm going to let me lead I want to lead with because you we lapsed by this into software. Social was fine. I just was worried like, because I was so distracted on Thursday. I was worried I had said something bad but it's fine. Yeah, let me lead and we'll just like get right into it because I want to talk about the workshops and like this life decision you've made and all this great stuff you got going on. Shit. What

Michele Hansen 3:11
life decision did I make? Do y'all bring it up? Okay.

Colleen Schnettler 3:19
I'll bring it up. Oh, find

Michele Hansen 3:21
out. Okay. Oh, and we have to record the sponsors this week. We and I ended up just doing it after. Okay, okay. I'm sorry. My eyes are watering. It's the harvest right now. And I'm

Colleen Schnettler 3:35
just what do you Laura Ingalls Wilder. Okay, all right. Because we're on fire. Okay, okay, go.

Michele Hansen 3:44
All right. Okay, 321 go