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In All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 71:

- More talk about Artificial Intelligence even being used in new radio stations, will it take over jobs of radio presenters?
- Twitter making you pay for additional securities
- Website of the week
- Helpful how to guides
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More details of how to screen capture as asked by one of our listeners:

Screen capturing on Windows can be done using the built-in Snipping Tool or the Snip & Sketch app, or by using keyboard shortcuts. Here are the steps for each method:

Using Snipping Tool:

  1. Open the Snipping Tool by typing "snipping tool" into the search bar or by finding it in the Windows Accessories folder in the Start menu.
  2. Click "New" in the Snipping Tool window.
  3. Click and drag your mouse over the area of the screen you want to capture.
  4. Once you have selected the area, release the mouse button.
  5. The captured image will appear in the Snipping Tool window.
  6. Click "File" and then "Save As" to save the screenshot as an image file.

Using Snip & Sketch:

  1. Open the Snip & Sketch app by typing "snip & sketch" into the search bar or by finding it in the Start menu.
  2. Click "New" in the Snip & Sketch window.
  3. Click and drag your mouse over the area of the screen you want to capture.
  4. Once you have selected the area, release the mouse button.
  5. The captured image will appear in the Snip & Sketch window.
  6. Click "File" and then "Save As" to save the screenshot as an image file.

Using keyboard shortcuts:

  1. To capture the entire screen, press the "Print Screen" key (sometimes abbreviated as "PrtScn" or "PrtSc") on your keyboard.
  2. To capture the active window, press "Alt + Print Screen".
  3. The captured image will be copied to the clipboard.
  4. Open an image editing program, such as Paint or Photoshop.
  5. Press "Ctrl + V" to paste the screenshot into the program.
  6. Click "File" and then "Save As" to save the screenshot as an image file.
Screen capturing on a Mac can be done using the built-in Screenshot app or by using keyboard shortcuts. Here are the steps for each method:

Using Screenshot app:

  1. Press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard to open the Screenshot app.
  2. Choose the type of screenshot you want to take from the options provided, such as capturing the entire screen, a selected portion of the screen, or a specific window.
  3. After selecting the type of screenshot, adjust any additional settings as desired, such as the save location, timer, or whether to show the mouse pointer in the screenshot.
  4. Click the "Capture" button to take the screenshot.
  5. The captured image will appear as a thumbnail in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  6. Click the thumbnail to open the screenshot and make any necessary edits or annotations.
  7. To save the screenshot, click "File" and then "Save" in the menu bar.

Using keyboard shortcuts:

  1. To capture the entire screen, press Command + Shift + 3 on your keyboard.
  2. To capture a selected portion of the screen, press Command + Shift + 4, and then drag your mouse over the area you want to capture.
  3. To capture a specific window, press Command + Shift + 4, then press the Spacebar. The cursor will change to a camera icon, and you can click on the window you want to capture.
  4. The captured image will appear as a thumbnail in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  5. Click the thumbnail to open the screenshot and make any necessary edits or annotations.
  6. To save the screenshot, click "File" and then "Save" in the menu bar.
Using third-party screen recording software:

  1. Download and install a screen recording software, such as OBS Studio, Bandicam, or Camtasia.
  2. Open the software and choose the screen recording option.
  3. Configure the recording settings as desired, such as the video quality, recording format, and audio options.
  4. Start the recording by clicking the "Record" button or pressing the assigned hotkey.
  5. To stop the recording, click the "Stop" button in the software or press the assigned hotkey.
  6. The video will be saved to the specified location in the chosen format.

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so many great programs everybody's missing last week we did plan to have a
great episode with Ron Epstein from epiphan uh Ron will be joining us during the week to do a recording
um actually possibly on St Patrick's Day doing a recording before we both have a couple
of points again as well he's going to have a couple points of Guinness over in America I don't drink Guinness I'm gonna
say that the Irish guy that doesn't drink Guinness no don't like the taste um it's an aquarie taste and also coming
up we're gonna have be talking all about ndi cameras and bird dog is a great
episode that's coming up we're gonna have the CEO of Burdock Eamon Drew join us on all teams techie in the not so
distant future so stay tuned for that
Twitter all things techie podcast
recently changed my mobile phone company um I you know what I I did actually
listen to another podcast Tech podcast where the CEO of
um air was interviewed and how they have brought back in the call center gomo
have part of the Air Group have a new offer where you can do 5G
um network uh data calls and text for 15
Euro a month I was paying 25 Euro a month for Virgin Mobile now I have to
say I've never had a thought with Virgin Mobile except for the fact that they didn't offer this 5G and people like I
have some colleagues that says uh 5G is a Swiss in Ireland because there's not enough
um and it's too slow and it's not really giving you the full 5G you know what
everywhere I go I'm getting the 5D coverage I like it it's cheaper tenure
or cheaper a month saving me money well there's been talk in out of recent listeners about 6G
um connections uh the plan to require a
625.3 billion or 481.7 million dollar deal it's been
studied for research and development project on the core of 6G technology the
plan aims to help India to maintain a leading position in the global competition for future network
infrastructure uh as the policy network provider not this is not saying that it's going to come to Ireland anytime
soon the present era of social media the need for fast internet has become very important no matter where we go from
office work to video calling or running social media at the internet is a necessity in today's time we all know
that Prime Minister Modi unleash the latest technology in India at the mwc 2022 and since then Airtel and Geo have
been constantly working to expand the Telecom Network Across the Nation and so India could be getting 6G watch this
space uh I I don't know uh will it will it come I need time soon we did say
we're going to talk about AI and I'm doing some fun things on my
website uh my own personal website I've been writing about this
because my background originally was radio you never guess
um so they we've heard of chop GPT or if you
haven't heard about gbt the whole idea of being able to go on to chat GPT on
open8i and be able to type in a question and it will spur out within seconds if
not maximum a minute a whole essay on a search and top topic
um working in higher ed as well lecturers are looking at this going or I
don't like this and or what is this it's not citation it's not reference fair
enough is it just pulling from the likes of Wikipedia no and then we've talked
about him in past episodes that um they can get things wrong like Google
with birds their AI uh quoting things that didn't actually wasn't actually
factual but to get a good template contains it can't be quite handy so I've done a
couple of articles on AI that you should take a read and will also be up on our show notes as well or visit Justin to find out more but has chat GPT Killed the Radio Star uh AI
chat powered AI power chat boss and replace digits the radio GPT system Taps
open AIS GPT 3 language model along with AI generated voice to create an
artificial DJ capable of reading the news and during song breaks now we have had automated radio stations for years
across especially across the states and then people listen to Spotify in their
cars and internet radio and the fact that we just have to talk about 5G and
mobile technology and even 6G coming on the lines that do people actually listen
to local or radio anymore in their car and if they do
what a base an AI boss instead of a physical radio presenter giving you the
latest news on weather and Sport to your liking it's taking away the whole idea of
Google and smart home devices where you ask it to read you the latest news or
something like that or Alexa but it's gonna it's gone a step further that
you could get into the car and it could be State your own radio station taking a
page from chat GPT a company in Ohio has created an AI power DJ that's designed
to read news talk and training social media posts and crack jokes during song breaks future last week Launch Radio GPT
A system that can help radio stations localize their content to a market and phase out pre-recorder
segments for live radio talk from an artificial DJ uh the technology of TAPS open AI is GPT
3 language model which also Powers chat gbt and AI power program that can generate human like conversations on any
topic G3 decided to use gpt3 to create content from the company's topic pulse
program which can identify news and events trending on social media the generator can't understand meta out loud
using artificial but human sounding voice feature you created a demo of gptv
which shows the system using various artificial voices during song breaks anything a radio human can do I can do
better at the program proudly proclaims to at one point we'll get back to the Howard Harvey Show after we see what's
happening today in Cleveland Ohio Senators have introduced the railway safety act Union chair and Senator
Sherrod Brown favor the bill though further regulations are still needed Senator J.D Vance emphasizes the
importance of helping East Palestine now the PA maintains the air and water quality is safe the sample is intended
to be represented of the type of content one can hear on radio GPD once launched by our partners partners the websites
for the technology says they can report the weather discuss artists being played on the radio station and hold giveaways
to prizes and listeners now that is I think giving away prizes especially
competitions you know how can I pick out a winner
well I guess websites do that and of course a random syndicates but there's
there's something personal about being able to pick out a winner and having interviews and stuff like that but like
a normal radio stations can do is this the replacement of radio is it the replacement of a radio DJ
I don't know but like it you know we talked before about is AI going to take
our jobs well this is a big example listeners on a media perspective of how
AI could take people's jobs uh programming is available for individual day parts or futuries radio GPT can
power the entire station the company says in announcement future has also noted the technology could be used to
train the technology with existing personality voices at a radio station the system is already live for the
company's better Partners which include Portland Oregon company Alpha media and
the US and Roger Sports and media in Canada but one challenge facing the
technology will be preventing the artificial DJ from making on-air mistakes such as expecting misinformation
well that even happens with life presenters the news comes shortly after Spotify
added a DJ characters premium users music feed in the Android and iOS apps
tapping it triggers an AI DJ that serves up a list of music recommendations based on what Spotify already knows you like
the DJ is equipped with a stunningly realistic voice to offer country around
the tracks and artists we have to get a cup of a couple of samples of radio GPT
um and let's try and get a bit of uh local radio GPD let's have a play of this
this is skycam traffic brought to you by John Taylor Mazda for those of you heading south on I-90 on your commute
home from work expect delays around the 71 interchange road crews are making repairs on the left lane so be prepared
to shift over to the right before the merge southbound I-77 out of downtown Cleveland looks good until just before
490. a minor fender bender has traffic backed up a mile or so reports sounds like an automation radio station in my
view [Music] um I would want to hear um them playing a
eredo DJ introducing a song but at the moment that just sounds like an
automation radio station we'll have to get someone on from Radio GPT and future future media to uh comment on us because
and I am writing an article that you will find on uh on our my personal
website Justin so please do uh go across and have a look at that
um so and there's of course Spotify redesigning well Spotify redesigns home
screen and gets in this vertical scrolling I feed like Instagram the new Spotify vertical scrolling feed is
designed to help users discover new music and similar Instagram uh even lets users save the card for later viewing
but about the popular music stream service recently concluded on it it's on
stream it's stream event during the event the company announced that it's rolling out new features like vertical
scrolling speed smart beautiful mode and more and alongside a redesigned home
screen for years Spotify has been experimenting with ways to show podcasts and music side by side but no avail
however the latest update is an attempt to turn Spotify into something more than just a music app similar to tick topper
Tick Tock and Instagram Spotify users will be able to use a new feature that
lets them scroll vertical speeds while users will see playlists and albums on
the top of the screen if you navigate to the music or podcast and show section the app will show a vertical swelling
bee designed to make music and podcaster live Discovery easier I think Spotify will take on this whole idea of AI it on
a massive level if it does start picking up with the radio GPT more on this
I think it's going to be a topic that I'm going to come back to on all Dean's techie but uh writing an article about
automated radio because that's what I did for my Master's Degree way back when
um and also of course internet radio I've been doing for many years as well as podcasts and is this going to replace
DJs I don't know but it's an interesting idea that you could do a hybrid approach
of a physical presenter and also a robot or a AI version of someone presenting
shows a mix of two together and have interviews
that's that it's getting spooky we not only have voices for a podcast
but also faces for YouTube don't miss your next episode
all things techie podcast we're still on the topic of AI could AI
swamp social media with fake accounts whether it's getting cookery advice or helping with a speech chat GPT has been
the the first opportunity for many people to play with artificial intelligence or the AI system and the
artificial intelligence was trained using text databases from the internet including books magazines and Wikipedia
entries all 300 billion words was fed into the AI system track GPT the end
result is a chatbot that can seem eerily human but within a psychopedic knowledge
what you want have in your kitchen cabinet and it will give you a recipe need a Snappy intro to a big
presentation no problem but is it all too good it's convincing approximation
of human responses could be a powerful tool for those up to no good academics
yeah I've I'm well aware of that in in the University I work in cyber security
researchers and AI experts warned that chat GPT could be used by Bad actors to
sow descent and spread propaganda on social media until now spreading misinformation required considerable
human labor but the an AI like chat GPT could make it much easier for so-called
troll armies to scale up their operations according to a report by Georgetown University Stanford internet
Observatory and open AI published in January sophisticated language processing systems like chat GPT could
impact so-called influence operations on social media and it's true if it does that money
Twitter feeds or social media feeds I use Twitter there but social media feeds
that are spacing misinformation if you say things enough times it sounds true
so if there's new ways of creating bots or new ways of creating vocals as we
were just talking about with uh radio GPT how easy is it to be taken the wrong way
and spread propaganda well listeners we're going down a big
rabbit hole this this week let us know what you think you can tweet me at Justin or Dawson the details that's on
the bottom of the screen uh we're at AV Tech junkies it is the show notes and you can use the hashtag
all teens techie as well on Twitter um or of course you can visit our
website www.allteenstech dot IE and and you can
contact us through the Forum there
well Google planned to catch Chachi PT is to stuff AI into everything chat GPT
has emerged as the eventual Challenger to Google search engine while open AI is close ties to Microsoft present an even
bigger threat and so Google is putting it into everything apparently some
Google alumni have been reminded of the last time the company implemented an internal mandate to infuse every key
product with the new idea and effort being in 2011 to promote the ill-fated social media Network Google Plus
yes that's a yeah you know I heard a great one uh I'm sort of
linking this in with future Tech metaverse is dead
I'm gonna say it right now Master versus dead I know there's one person that loves listening to this program Joe way
I'm pointing directly at the camera you metaverse is dead I know people love the
idea of metaverse but I I don't think the match verse is ever going to catch on we tried it before
I think the future is AI and watching Which Way AI develops on
these things can Google play catch up well they have the biggest search engine in the world they're surely they there's
enough developers to try and take on air GPT or open AI yeah we have to we have
to watch that we've talked a lot about AI social media it's modify
let's talk about social media actually so and I know listeners I'm sure you're
sick of me talking about Elon Musk but one thing that really grinds my gears at
the moment is are we going to start ending up paying more and more for social media
I just noticed every time I log into my Twitter feed whether it be personal or
whether it be the shows Twitter feed it's now telling me to turn off
two-factor authentication because it will only work with two-factor authentication if I get the Blue Tick
with Twitter shouldn't Twitter be making it more secure for every one of
their customers but apparently if I want to do that I have to pay for it
don't really get that um and I think I think Twitter is going to have a lot of problems
um they got they got knocked off during the week and and there was problems with
websites that were clicking I've heard also that people were seeing uh posts
from people that they don't follow and Twitter said that that was an algorithm
problem and of course Elon Musk and this war against an employee who said am I
sacked and said that this person who had a
disability and was it never at work and was never working properly for Twitter and there's
a big event I I I haven't followed up on what the outcome of that has been since but uh
yeah doing what I said do it Elon Musk doing that himself no favors at the moment and
you know I don't know I'm still there on Twitter we're still using Twitter on social media for this show but uh I
don't know which way things are gonna go uh it's a bit annoying knowing that I have to turn off two-factor
authentication which I find a safety feature but do I have to pay for a blue tick on both my social media Channels
with Twitter just so I can have two-factor Authentication
bit annoying and let us know what you think I have you have you come across this on there on your Twitter feed
um or a Twitter account let us know what you think please get in touch make sure to follow us on Twitter
all things techie podcast now a new part of our show we're going
to do how to's and I like we used to do this way back um an episode one or two and now we're
at episode 71 listeners um of how to do different Tech things
and if listeners who are not as tech savvy would like to send in questions
whether it be on your computer whether it be audio or visual we have the expert
team that we can ask if I don't know the answer I will find it as the answer for you one of them
is how to screen record or how to capture things on your screen well
there's different names there's Windows capture and PLC also a free tool that
can actually screen grab your screen and the other
one that I think is always a very simple tool to use you can sign up for a free
Zoom account and [Music] then just record and if you're sharing
your screen you can talk over with your microphone and gave it an audio presentation like that as well but
the question's been asked by a listener and how to do screen captures all the
details are going to be on our show notes if you visit www.allteenstech.e click into episode 71
I'm Gonna Make a list of different tools that you can use to uh to capture on
your screen share X is another one that you can use uh a tweak shot screen
recorder uh OBS studio snagus um and bandicam we're going to list
these days and I'm going to give a couple of different examples and also um how to
uh little files and little videos on our YouTube channel and you can visit that
at forward slash at Justin or Dawson and you find us there as well
hey U.S China chip or Netherlands move in to restrict some tech export the
Dutch government is to put restrictions on the country's most advanced microchip technology exports to protect National
Security following a similar move by the US it will include products and Chip equipment maker asml a key firm in the
global microchips study or supply chain in response China has launched a former
complaint against the move it is said that it hoped the Netherlands will not follow the abuse of export control
measures by certain countries China has frequently called the U.S attack hegemony of in response to sport
controls imposed by Washington semiconductors which power everything from mobile phones to military hardware
and the sector of a better dispute between the US and China a spokeswoman
for the Chinese foreign Ministry Mayo ning said the Dutch move aimed to deprive China of its right to develop
Dexter Roberts a senior fellow at the washington-based Atlantic Council Think Tank told BBC that the decision by the
Netherlands was a real step forward a real victory for the U.S and also very bad news for China U.S China relations
are already at a pretty bad place this will clearly make things even worse the
measures will affect very specific Technologies in the semiconductor production cycle the Dutch trade
ministering Master said the Netherlands considers it necessary necessary on
National and international Securus grounds that this technology is brought under control as soon as possible she
said in the letter two lawmakers on Wednesday interesting times and it's gonna
totally destroy more supply chain issues uh with this chipboard that's going on
um what's the spaces is the only way I can I can describe it a new thing that we're going to do on the way on our
episode is uh have an website of week and whilst you I I would love listeners
to submit whether it's a tech website whether it's a website that they came across and went this changes my life
well we were talking earlier on about chat gbt and Willis uh change the way
you cook and asked for recipes well this website is brilliant this is called
what's in my in my fridge at and you literally tick
the boxes of what is in your fridge whether it be apples avocado barbecue
sauce chicken turkey fish garlic green peppers green onions honey mayonnaise
and it will actually make a a uh a recipe for you or a food so I'm
gonna stick chicken I'm gonna take cauliflower green onions mayonnaise
let's make this as crazy as possible and a bit of
um onions and pancake baking mix and I am going to go find recipes
and it has made a easy fish well did I did I take fish I
didn't think I ticked fish uh cauliflower brain about ball is uh one
uh with no missing ingredient missing ingredients and a description Walking Dead one head of cauliflower hot sauce
or salsa remove the leaves from the cauliflower and remove the stem leaving a nice Hollow area with the outer part
of the head intact use toothpicks to hold it together and uh drizzle the
salsa down the cracks of cauliflower for blood filled with guacamole and hot sauce
um and the comment afterwards they say this doesn't really give me a recipe it only
shows me how to put it together um yes I totally agree
but uh maybe maybe you have a better better look on it uh cook time five minutes uh
carves 14 calories 66 serving size one protein five
maybe you have better look on doing a recipe up for yourself on different
things that's in your fridge is the website
now don't forget listeners we will have Ron Epstein coming up during the week
for another episode of all things techie we also have um a group from bird dog will be joining
us on all things techy soon thank you for for listening thank you for tuning in this is Justin Dawson and we will see
you on another future episode with more helpful tips more Tech news and more
talking of audiovisual from an Irish perspective on the all teens techie podcast talk to you soon bye bye thank
you for tuning in to All Things techie podcast part of the extreme media Network follow us on Twitter at AV Tech
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