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"I don't get it: if that money is for the government, how come the pizza place put it in their cash register?!?"

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What is Build Your SaaS?

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Kid: I'll get one pepperoni pizza, please.

Store clerk: All right, that'll be $11.

Kid: $11!!? Your sign says it's only $10!!

Store clerk: Yes. But there's $1 of sales tax.

Kid: Sales tax!? What's that?

Announcer: Did you know that the cost of that delicious pizza includes more than just the ingredients? There's also something called sales tax.

When you buy a 10 dollar pizza, you might think that the $10 is all you're paying. But depending on where you live, there may be a sales tax added to your bill.

Sales tax is a percentage of the total cost of a product or service that is added on at the time of purchase. In the case of our 10 dollar pizza, if the sales tax rate is 10%, then the total cost of the pizza would actually be $11.

Kid: Wow!! Who gets all that sales tax money??

Announcer: Why it's the government, of course!

Sales tax is an important source of revenue for governments at all levels. Governments use this revenue to pay for essential services like roads and schools!

Kid: But I don't get it... if that money is for the government, how come the pizza place put it in their cash register?!?

Announcer: Governments outsource the pain of collecting sales tax to businesses because it's cheaper than having a government agency collect the tax directly from each customer.

This approach puts the burden of compliance on businesses rather than on the government.

Kid: I can see how that's easier for the government. But doesn't that make it way harder on the small business owner?

Announcer: Well, You know what they say: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the pizza business.

Kid: Gee... I'm more confused about sales tax than ever.

Announcer: So there you have it! Sales tax is a small but important part of our daily lives. The next time you're enjoying a delicious pizza, remember that there may be a little extra added on for sales tax. Thanks for tuning in, and happy eating!