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[Roscoe]: Welcome, welcome back to Leafs Late
Night. I know tomorrow night ended up being

[Roscoe]: a week, but things happen. I guess
I'll address that first. Mine and Beaner's

[Roscoe]: Jobs take us on the road sometimes,
and sometimes we go on vacations and things,

[Roscoe]: and sometimes things knock us out
at night. And it's been a little hard to get

[Roscoe]: our schedules on the same flow. And
I'm sorry, but we're here now and that's what

[Roscoe]: matters. You know, it's the summer.
Not much has happened since last week. Anyway,

[Roscoe]: there's just a couple little more
things to talk about. So it's just more fun.

[Roscoe]: It is September, though, which means
we're ramping back up for preseason. That starts

[Roscoe]: in like three weeks.

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Roscoe]: If you want to stay up to date on
all that stuff, give us a follow on X slash

[Roscoe]: Twitter, on Instagram and on YouTube
at inside the rink. If you want to catch the

[Roscoe]: videos. Welcome welcome I am joined
today by Dardee Broderr, Suddy and National

[Roscoe]: Beanographic.

[Suthy]: That's

[Roscoe]: Ready to talk

[Suthy]: it.

[Roscoe]: about some stuff that's happened.
We got some signings, we got a whole new league

[Roscoe]: that appeared, we got like crazy stuff
so and some fun games so without further ado

[Roscoe]: let's do it.

[Roscoe]: Alrighty, and for anybody watching,
I am drinking Landshark, the Margaritaville

[Roscoe]: beer in honor of Jimmy Buffett who
we lost. Man, legend. I always wanted to go

[Roscoe]: to Margaritaville. It looks like so
much fun. When I was on my road trip, we saw

[Roscoe]: one that was being built opening soon,
but something I've not yet experienced. Have

[Roscoe]: you guys ever been?

[Suthy]: No,

[Biehner]: No.

[Suthy]: I haven't. I don't think I've ever
even seen one.

[Roscoe]: I think it might only be in the States
and maybe Niagara Falls. Like it's one of those

[Roscoe]: things like a rainforest cafe. There's
not many of them.

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: But alas, Jimmy Buffett, another legend.
Also, we lost Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth.

[Roscoe]: Man, it's the summer of losing musicians.

[Suthy]: That was a bummer.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, go and put All-Star on repeat
or watch Shrek and you know, pay respects.

[Roscoe]: So some hockey stuff happened. But
before we get into that, we have a question

[Roscoe]: that's been looming. It's been from
Steph and from Mikey D. How is everybody's

[Roscoe]: summer? And that's more appropriate
now that it is past Labor Day and summer is

[Roscoe]: officially over, even though I don't
know about where y'all live, but it is 38 degrees

[Roscoe]: every day for the last couple of days.
It is stupid. But it's not summer. So let's

[Roscoe]: start with Sathy. How's your summer

[Suthy]: summer's been good. I've had an unusual
amount of time to myself due to a couple of

[Suthy]: unions being on strike

[Roscoe]: Nah,

[Suthy]: in

[Roscoe]: just

[Suthy]: the

[Roscoe]: a

[Suthy]: world

[Roscoe]: few.

[Suthy]: I work. Yeah, so this is the first
summer I think I've had in a long time where

[Suthy]: I've had more time off than I've been
working. Got to spend a ton of time at the

[Suthy]: cottage, whole bunch of weddings. All
in all I'd say 8 out of 10 summer.

[Roscoe]: Nice, love to hear that. Dardy, it's
been a while. What about you, buddy?

[Roscoe]: Is he there? He's there, but will
he unmute? I can't tell and I can't see him.

[Roscoe]: Dardie unmute

[Suthy]: Welcome.

[Roscoe]: yourself. Tell us how your summer
was. You have three seconds.

[Suthy]: Welcome back,

[Roscoe]: Justin,

[Suthy]: Dirty.

[Roscoe]: how was your summer?

[Biehner]: So in Dardie's defense, he has a
dad now, so you

[Suthy]: Yeah

[Biehner]: instantly do dad things. You don't
have to have been a dad for a long time. So

[Biehner]: he's probably still talking right
now, just forgot to unmute it.

[Roscoe]: He

[Biehner]: It's...

[Roscoe]: is out for a run right now. It's not
like he's sitting at home and running to do

[Roscoe]: dad things.

[Biehner]: It's been a summer. It's been good.
There's been a lot going on work-wise, family-wise.

[Biehner]: The reason our show didn't happen
last week, I was up in the Caluet again. For

[Biehner]: those who don't know, that is the
northernmost capital city of any of the territories

[Biehner]: of Canada, up in the Arctic Circle.

[Roscoe]: literally national beanographic. I
swear I'm gonna finish that shirt and get it

[Roscoe]: up on store.

[Biehner]: And anybody that's watching, that's
the hat that I'm wearing. It's from a local

[Biehner]: brewery up there, which is just wicked.

[Suthy]: Nice.

[Roscoe]: Do they use iceberg water?

[Biehner]: um I have

[Suthy]: GAH

[Biehner]: I honestly have no idea I didn't

[Roscoe]: There was

[Biehner]: get

[Roscoe]: one of

[Biehner]: that

[Roscoe]: those when I was in Newfoundland that
had a very similar logo.

[Biehner]: Interesting. Um, but yeah, I did
the math that since May 1st, I've had 22 nights

[Biehner]: in a hotel for work. So I've been

[Roscoe]: Holy

[Biehner]: literally everywhere

[Suthy]: Woo.

[Roscoe]: And some of those hotels have had
great Wi-Fi and allowed us to do shows and

[Roscoe]: some of them haven't and that's kind

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Suthy]: So roll

[Roscoe]: Oh

[Suthy]: the

[Roscoe]: and

[Suthy]: dice.

[Roscoe]: And there was no internet at the airport
there, which is crazy

[Biehner]: Okay, can I vent for a little bit

[Roscoe]: Of course.

[Biehner]: So the whole trip, I went up there
last October and it, it was an eye opening

[Biehner]: experience, but travel wise, everything
was fine. Flights were fine. No delays, nothing.

[Biehner]: This entire trip, the flight from
Toronto to Ottawa was delayed to the point

[Biehner]: that I was the only one of like 11
people that made my connection. Um,

[Roscoe]: Huh.

[Biehner]: so then the flight from Ottawa to
a Cali was delayed on the way back. Not only

[Biehner]: was the flight from a Cali to Ottawa
delayed and the other flight delayed multiple

[Biehner]: gate changes, like just a nightmare,
but they were doing some infrastructure work

[Biehner]: on water in the city of a Cali. And
like, this is a capital city. It's not some

[Biehner]: small town. It is the biggest city
in the territory.

[Roscoe]: I mean, it can

[Biehner]: And,

[Roscoe]: be both.

[Biehner]: well, yes,

[Suthy]: Easy.

[Biehner]: they shut water, the water supply
off the entire city all day. So,

[Suthy]: That's...

[Biehner]: like, when I left the hotel in the
morning, the water was shut off. I got to the

[Biehner]: airport. There wasn't a single bathroom
open. anywhere

[Roscoe]: Oh, dear.

[Biehner]: in the airport and were there all
day. Like it was just, the whole day was just

[Biehner]: surreal. It's just crazy.

[Roscoe]: It's always traveling that can just
turn into a nightmare when you're at the whim

[Roscoe]: of business just Corporations control
your every move for the day. It's so much fun

[Suthy]: Yeah. For those who don't know, like,
flying in Canada is one of the best experiences

[Suthy]: you'll ever have. It's always such
a great time and in a timely

[Roscoe]: Especially Air

[Suthy]: fashion,

[Roscoe]: Canada.

[Suthy]: too. Fuck.

[Roscoe]: I just saw a come up on my Instagram
feed. Apparently there was somebody who refused

[Roscoe]: to sit in a vomit covered seat on
Air Canada and Air Canada kicked them off and

[Roscoe]: threatened them with a no fly list
after they like tried to cover it with coffee

[Roscoe]: grinds and perfume or something like.

[Suthy]: They did

[Roscoe]: my

[Suthy]: say

[Roscoe]: favorite

[Suthy]: they were

[Roscoe]: one

[Suthy]: sorry

[Roscoe]: was.

[Suthy]: though.

[Roscoe]: Oh of course they did. They have to.
They're a Canada. My favorite one was while

[Roscoe]: somebody from Air Canada was talking
about what they're gonna do to fix all the

[Roscoe]: delays and cancellations The camera
guy like pans up to the board

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: of all the flights that shows them
all delayed like while she's talking so

[Suthy]: That guy's a

[Roscoe]: gold

[Suthy]: hero.

[Roscoe]: Okay last one dirty coming back to
you because I see you now how is your summer

[Roscoe]: buddy? Oh By the way the population
of a Cali what's like? 7700 people so it can

[Roscoe]: be a capital and a small town

[Roscoe]: Like, 7,700 people is like... I don't

[Suthy]: That's a lot of people

[Roscoe]: Almhunt?

[Suthy]: that ought

[Biehner]: It's.

[Suthy]: to have water at one time, though.

[Roscoe]: It is a lot of people do not have
water, and there's also probably communities

[Roscoe]: around, but yeah. Dardie, unmute yourself
and tell us how your summer was.

[darty]: How's it

[Roscoe]: areas.

[darty]: going folks?

[Roscoe]: Buddy!

[Suthy]: There he is.

[darty]: I'm in I'm in dad mode so I got a milk
as much free time as I can so I'm on a walk

[darty]: with one of my buddies right now. I'm
Getting trying to burn off that 40 pounds that

[darty]: I put on you know Being a dad

[Roscoe]: Hellaboy.

[darty]: it's you know So yeah getting a walk
in here on the podcast my summer was pretty

[darty]: good just exploring except the ups
and downs the peaks and valleys of fatherhood

[darty]: and doing a little, what do you call
it, vacationing, staycationing. I went to St.

[darty]: John, New Brunswick. That was a lot
of fun. I think, I don't know how you guys

[darty]: feel about Ontario, but Dardie might
be looking at moving out and heading out east.

[darty]: Out east looks not too bad, so, you

[Roscoe]: Right

[darty]: What

[Roscoe]: on

[darty]: does

[Roscoe]: buddy.

[darty]: it mean I won't rep the Leafs?

[Roscoe]: Hey, I mean it's not like there's
another team farther out there.

[Biehner]: Full disclosure, my wife and I have
had serious conversations about moving to Nova

[Biehner]: Scotia.

[Roscoe]: I mean, our houses still cheap out
there too, because I know Newfoundland is like

[Roscoe]: insane how cheap they are.

[Biehner]: It's still a hell of a lot cheaper
than here.

[Roscoe]: course. I've noticed it's starting
to come down though, at least in the Ottawa

[Roscoe]: area. I mean, stuff that was like
a million is now down to, you know, 800 or

[Roscoe]: 750 or something, which is a little
more reasonable. It's still not a $750,000

[Roscoe]: house by any means, but it's not a
million dollar house either. It's better than

[Roscoe]: Toronto. So just to finish this off
and get into some hockey, my summer has been

[Roscoe]: cool. I took some time off work, which
as Sudi alluded to. Might not have been the

[Roscoe]: best ideas. There's some strikes and
stuff going on. So don't know when I'm thought

[Roscoe]: I was new when I was going back, but
maybe we'll have some more episodes the next

[Roscoe]: couple of days than I expected. Um,
otherwise went on a road trip, which I think

[Roscoe]: I talked about, went down to, um,
New York city and to Boston. Sorry, leave fans.

[Roscoe]: Boston's really cool city. Um, went
through Rhode Island and Vermont and stuff,

[Roscoe]: New Hampshire, whatever else is down
there. I don't, I know that order was off,

[Roscoe]: but you know, the story. Um, last
Labor Day long weekend, we went to Plattsburgh,

[Roscoe]: New York, where there's this, uh,
if you ever get down there, this is the thing

[Roscoe]: we realized how close going down to
New York is from here. I've never lived so

[Roscoe]: close to a border, I guess. And I
didn't realize how close Ottawa is, but in

[Roscoe]: the same amount of time it takes me
to get home to Coburg, I can go all the way

[Roscoe]: to somewhere in New York for the weekend.
So we did that. If you get down there, check

[Roscoe]: out something called Audible Chasm.
It's like Basically, if the Grand Canyon was

[Roscoe]: in a forest instead of the desert,
and obviously not as massive as the Grand Canyon,

[Roscoe]: but there's tons of trails and stuff,
and you can take raft rides through it, which

[Roscoe]: we didn't get to do, obviously. But
if we had more time and found it before we

[Roscoe]: got there, maybe we'll do it next
time. But yeah, some cool stuff.

[Biehner]: Is that still part of the Appalachian
Mountains up there, or is that too far north?

[Roscoe]: It's like Adirondacks,

[Biehner]: Okay.

[Roscoe]: I think. And a weird thing, we kept
seeing ads on restaurant signs for something

[Roscoe]: called The Michigan. Like, we have
a Michigan. I was like, OK, what's a Michigan

[Roscoe]: in the context of food? I've never
heard of this before. Apparently, it's a kind

[Roscoe]: of hot dog with a certain kind of
sauce on it. And it's famous from Plattsburgh,

[Roscoe]: New York, but it's called The Michigan.
It was the most confusing fucking thing. Anyway,

[Roscoe]: I picked up a bunch of. Liquid Death,
which can't get up here in Canada. It's some

[Roscoe]: really good sparkling water in a can.
And now it's September. It's kind of it. So

[Roscoe]: hockey things, I guess we could start
with the PWHL because this is really cool.

[Roscoe]: We have been hearing a lot over the
summer about, you know, this, oh, I guess over

[Roscoe]: the last month or so, this league's
happening and who's getting different teams.

[Roscoe]: But now We've got some players signing
contracts. So I've got here, it seems every

[Roscoe]: team, but Minneapolis, I think, has.

[Biehner]: Note Minnesota's announced three.

[Roscoe]: Nope, Minnesota does. Ottawa, Toronto,
Minnesota, Boston, and Montreal. Who's the

[Roscoe]: other one? New York. Hasn't announced
any players.

[Biehner]: Yep, they've got Alex Carpenter and
Abby Rowe.

[Roscoe]: Oh, since when? It's not on Elite
Prospects as a confirmed transfer.

[Biehner]: I was going to ask

[Suthy]: We only have

[Biehner]: if you

[Suthy]: two.

[Biehner]: were using... Yeah, they've only
announced two so far.

[Roscoe]: Okay,

[Suthy]: Okay.

[Roscoe]: well, they're not only prospects,
but I'm sure

[Biehner]: So...

[Roscoe]: there's not a ton of people updating
this yet.

[Biehner]: Yeah, so for everyone that doesn't
know, what they're doing is they're allowing

[Biehner]: each team to sign three, they're
calling them foundation or foundational players.

[Biehner]: And then they're going to have a
draft on I believe it's September 18th to fill

[Biehner]: out the rest of the rosters. So like
Boston has signed Hillary Knight, Megan Keller

[Biehner]: and Aaron Frankel. Minnesota has
signed Kendall Coyne-Scofield, Kelly Panic

[Biehner]: and Lee Steckene. Some of-

[Roscoe]: Stecklin? Yeah.

[Biehner]: Yeah, some of these names I might
be butchering, which I'm ashamed of myself.

[Biehner]: Um, obviously Montreal has Marie-Philippe
Poulin and her fiancee Laura Stacey. And then

[Biehner]: Anne-Renee DeBien is their goalie.
New York, like we said, has Abby Roke and Alex

[Biehner]: Carpenter. Ottawa has signed Emily
Clark, Brianne Jenner and Emirates Meshmeier.

[Biehner]: So those are three good starts for
Ottawa. Maybe there will actually be a hockey

[Biehner]: team in Ottawa this year.

[Roscoe]: that plays

[Suthy]: Ooh.

[Roscoe]: downtown Ottawa, which is what I want
to get to.

[Suthy]: Yeah, that's exciting.

[Biehner]: And last but not least Toronto has
signed Sarah Nurse, Renata Fast and Blair Turnbull.

[Roscoe]: So I mean, right off the bat, it's
names that people recognize from, you know,

[Roscoe]: Olympics and World Cup hockey that
have been highly popularized over the last

[Roscoe]: couple of years. I think it's good
for getting people excited about this. It's

[Roscoe]: pretty accessible to the Northeast
where you've got the most fans that are going

[Roscoe]: to get on board with this. I love
that it's an original six. Like it's, I like

[Roscoe]: what they're doing. I know there's
some negatives to how this all went down and

[Roscoe]: how, you know, six teams is not enough
for how many players are available. And There's

[Roscoe]: a lot we can get into there, but on
the positive side, I think there's a chance

[Roscoe]: here for this to do well. I mean,
knock on wood, but I like what they've done

[Roscoe]: so far. Brian Burke is the head of
their players union, which I think is a great

[Roscoe]: move. Somebody that actually gives
a shit about players and has time after time

[Roscoe]: been on the right side of progress
in hockey. So I think he's a great person to

[Roscoe]: be fighting for their rights when
these negotiations happen. We do not know how

[Roscoe]: much these contracts are for yet.
They have not voted on whether to make that

[Roscoe]: public or not. So we'll see if that
happens, but I think they should, just for

[Roscoe]: the sake of competitive wages. I mean,
if Toronto and New York are paying a lot more

[Roscoe]: than like Minnesota or like Ottawa
are getting away with or something, you'd want

[Roscoe]: to know about that. But I'm sure internally
it would be known. Anyway, what I wanted to

[Roscoe]: say, the Ottawa's team, which doesn't
have a name yet. None of the teams have names

[Roscoe]: yet. I hope that comes out soon. But
they're playing at the Lansdowne TD place,

[Roscoe]: whatever it's called, where the Ottawa
67 play downtown, which is an extremely accessible

[Roscoe]: arena. And so the I don't know about
you, but we should go to some games.

[Suthy]: Oh, we're going. I'm so

[Roscoe]: It's

[Suthy]: excited.

[Roscoe]: so

[Suthy]: It's

[Roscoe]: easy.

[Suthy]: right in my backyard. I think it's
going to be super fun. Like the inaugural season,

[Suthy]: like you said, original six, it just
has really good vibes all around about it right

[Suthy]: now. So I think what we need to do
now is hold up our end and go support this.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, and I think it's awesome within
the show that we've got people on either sides

[Roscoe]: of Ontario. So like, you know, we
can have I don't feel bad being a fan of the

[Roscoe]: Ottawa team here. Like, I'm not going
to immediately

[Suthy]: I'm out.

[Roscoe]: go to Toronto because I'm a Leaf fan.
So this is something that I'm going to get

[Roscoe]: behind from its start. And we can
have some little internal competition on it.

[Roscoe]: It'll be fun. Like, I mean, Biner,
are you looking towards obviously cheering

[Roscoe]: for the Toronto team?

[Biehner]: Um,

[Roscoe]: Are you going

[Biehner]: it's w-

[Roscoe]: based on geography or what?

[Biehner]: I don't typically, like, it's weird
because normally if I'm trying to choose a

[Biehner]: team that I have no, like for NFL
or Premier League, when I was choosing a team

[Biehner]: it's, I wanted it to be a storied
franchise, I wanted it to be a lot of history,

[Biehner]: like, because I love that kind of
stuff, right? So Manchester United and Green

[Biehner]: Bay Packers,

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: like you don't get

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: much more historic than those two
franchises in those two leagues. Um, so this

[Biehner]: is kind of weird for me that it's
a completely blank slate. I'm probably going

[Biehner]: to naturally lean towards Toronto,
but like, even just with these three, like

[Biehner]: with the foundational players, every
team's going to have a ton of skill on it.

[Roscoe]: Well, yeah, I was going to say, I
mean, it's cool that each of these teams has

[Roscoe]: a good slate to start with. Like everybody's
got like it's a fair start, I guess I should

[Roscoe]: say. Or everybody has star power and,
you know, nobody's starting at the bottom.

[Roscoe]: Like it's going to be good all around.
Like you're not going to go wrong picking any

[Roscoe]: team, whether it's the one that lives
closest to you or not

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Roscoe]: lives, but plays closest to where
you live or, you know, you just want to cheer

[Roscoe]: for some players you like. So. I don't
know, I'm going for Ottawa though, because

[Roscoe]: it's fun and Ottawa doesn't have that
many teams that are worth cheering for.

[Suthy]: Yeah, you're not wrong there. I think
if it's in your city and it's a team you can

[Suthy]: go and support as often as you can,
then granted, like it is a unique experience

[Suthy]: to be able to pick a team with no history,
whatever. You get such a clean slate on it,

[Suthy]: but yeah, I'm gonna go with the hometown

[Roscoe]: And I'm glad that everybody has a
home arena. Like, I know in order to grow the

[Roscoe]: game, they had to do these traveling
tournaments, the Gillette, whoever was getting

[Roscoe]: behind it. But the fact that people
can feel like it's really their hometown team

[Roscoe]: instead of just slapping the name
on it, but they'd never play in your city,

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Roscoe]: it really feels like this is something
that Ottawa and Toronto and Montreal can really

[Roscoe]: claim as like, this is our women's
team now that we have, in a league that is

[Roscoe]: set up in a similar way to the NHL.

[Biehner]: Yeah,

[Roscoe]: Exciting things.

[Biehner]: I do really like the fact that they
did go with six and realistically, they're

[Biehner]: all markets that should have no issues
succeeding whatsoever.

[Suthy]: 100%.

[Biehner]: Minnesota is the most Canadian place
outside of Canada.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, it's farther north than Toronto
is, isn't it?

[Biehner]: Yeah, they're going to succeed. That's
not going to be an issue. Boston, the Boston

[Biehner]: Pride were a very good team there
for a long time for women's hockey. We know

[Biehner]: Toronto's hockey crazy. Montreal's
hockey crazy, especially you have someone like

[Biehner]: Marie Philippe leading the team to

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: New York, even just the population
there, they can support a gazillion teams.

[Biehner]: And then the real question will be
to see, and I'm not trying to put a dig because

[Biehner]: you said you're going to cheer for
them, but the real question will be to see

[Biehner]: how Ottawa actually does.

[Roscoe]: I don't know for sure.

[Biehner]: But

[Roscoe]: One thing I

[Biehner]: maybe

[Roscoe]: just want

[Biehner]: if they

[Roscoe]: to show.

[Biehner]: can come up with a half decent name
instead of like the

[Suthy]: Hehehe

[Biehner]: red blacks or some shit like that.

[Roscoe]: The Fury, Champion, every team we
have sucks. Just for reference, if anybody

[Roscoe]: hasn't looked at a map in a while,
this is where St. Paul, Minneapolis is. It

[Roscoe]: is so much farther north than like
where the majority of our listeners live. It's

[Roscoe]: just south of Ottawa, but it is farther
north than most of Southern Ontario. That's

[Roscoe]: wild, same with Green Bay.

[Roscoe]: There you go. Little geo lesson. Now
I'm national beanographic.

[darty]: Did you

[Suthy]: I'm gonna go.

[darty]: just pull a map up on the screen there,

[Roscoe]: Um,

[Suthy]: We

[Roscoe]: yeah,

[Suthy]: did.

[Roscoe]: I did. It's not the first time and
it's not the- won't be the last time. I like

[Roscoe]: maps, okay?

[darty]: I'm waiting for

[Suthy]: God.

[darty]: this to be like one of those Excel
presentations where it does a little like twist

[darty]: and turns into a star. Wow.

[Roscoe]: Oh, can we get an editor that I don't
have? Can we put one of those in here? Pew.

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Okay. So the next thing I wanted to
talk about another fun thing. Big City Greens,

[Roscoe]: which came on to my radar last year
as the show that did the NHL crossover, where

[Roscoe]: I think it was Washington and Rangers
played a game that was completely animate,

[Roscoe]: animated and overlaid with Big City
Greens stuff. I don't know. I'd never heard

[Roscoe]: of the show before. It's a kids show
on Disney now. They released their list of

[Roscoe]: guest stars for their upcoming season.
And there was one of them that caught the eye

[Roscoe]: of Twitter, slash X. And nobody seemed
to care about anybody else on the list. Brad

[Roscoe]: Marchand, among a list of celebrities
that are known for acting, Brad Marchand will

[Roscoe]: be making his appearance on this season.

[Biehner]: Well, that

[Roscoe]: I.

[Biehner]: nose is so easy to animate.

[Roscoe]: Do you think he'll

[Suthy]: I mean,

[Roscoe]: be playing

[Suthy]: he...

[Roscoe]: himself?

[Suthy]: Well, he is somewhat

[Biehner]: Oh, probably.

[Suthy]: of an actor

[Roscoe]: Probably.

[Suthy]: himself, so you'll do just fine.

[Roscoe]: I think he's the perfect person to
be like, I don't know if we can really call

[Roscoe]: him the first, because isn't Sean
Avery in like, every Christopher Nolan movie

[Roscoe]: or something of the last couple?

[Suthy]: I

[Biehner]: He's

[Suthy]: think that

[Biehner]: in...

[Suthy]: is a thing actually.

[Biehner]: Yeah, he's in Oppenheimer, apparently.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, and he was in Tenet, I think,

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Biehner]: and he was in one recently that I
watched. What the hell was it?

[Roscoe]: Oh, and you know what? I know it's
not an acting thing, but PK Subban was in Jackass

[Roscoe]: forever. He was so good.

[Suthy]: True. Yeah he was.

[Roscoe]: They were doing a cup test and they
had PK taking slap shots at the guy's

[Suthy]: Haha

[Roscoe]: cup to see if he could take it.

[Biehner]: He was in, he made an appearance
in last one, laughing Canada as well.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, PK is one of

[Suthy]: What

[Roscoe]: those

[Suthy]: did

[Roscoe]: people

[Suthy]: I do?

[Roscoe]: that's made his way into the screen
world for sure, but this podcast too is really

[Roscoe]: popular.

[Biehner]: It was weird seeing his bare eyes.

[Roscoe]: So

[Suthy]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: I guess.

[darty]: Wait, who's bare ass did we see? I
missed this. What's going on?

[Biehner]: PK Subban.

[darty]: Sorry, I saw Suddy turn in his chair
for a second, so I thought maybe I missed something.

[Biehner]: Hahaha!

[Suthy]: No, no, no.

[Roscoe]: Okay, so what

[Suthy]: later.

[Roscoe]: I want to know is with Brad Marshawn
making his acting debut, who would you like

[Roscoe]: to see from the Leafs make theirs,
whether it's animated or live action? Who do

[Roscoe]: you think has the best shot at getting
the call next?

[Biehner]: Just for the sheer fact of secondhand
embarrassment, Morgan Reilly.

[Roscoe]: And what do you think Riley would
be doing?

[Biehner]: I have no idea about that Pizzaville
commercial he did. I feel so embarrassed

[Suthy]: Hahaha.

[Biehner]: for him.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, we're not considering any of
their commercials as acting, so

[Suthy]: No.

[Roscoe]: Ryan O'Reilly's thing doesn't count.

[Suthy]: This was terrible.

[Roscoe]: None of these commercials, they do

[darty]: Who's

[Biehner]: Fuck

[darty]: Stanley?

[Biehner]: him, he's not gonna be on TV, he
wants to

[Suthy]: Oh

[Roscoe]: Dude,

[Biehner]: go

[Roscoe]: I

[Biehner]: and

[Roscoe]: love

[Biehner]: live

[Roscoe]: that

[Biehner]: in obscurity.

[Roscoe]: commercial. I love that commercial,
Darty, you have no idea.

[Suthy]: You gotta think

[Roscoe]: So.

[Suthy]: Martyrs gotta be up there, right? Or

[Roscoe]: Yeah,

[Suthy]: Willy?

[Roscoe]: I think Marner would be good, but
I don't know what he would play other than,

[Roscoe]: oh, you know what, he'd be good. In
like one of those reality, I know he's married

[Roscoe]: now, but one of those like reality
dating shows like he looks like one of those

[Roscoe]: guys that would like roll up on the
beach and a little like short pink bathing

[Suthy]: Hehehehehehe

[Roscoe]: suit and just like, hey, how's it
going, everybody, like a Mitch.

[Suthy]: He's gonna be on The Bachelor in 10

[Roscoe]: It's not acting, but like, I don't
know. I could just see him being on one of

[Roscoe]: those where he's like the guy that's
just like the clown of the bunch.

[Biehner]: See, I think Willie would be good
at that too. You see the picture of him and

[Biehner]: his brother on the beach from earlier?

[Suthy]: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. He just
dresses great all the time and travels everywhere

[Suthy]: with his brother.

[Roscoe]: Okay, Willy, I know this sounds, okay.
This isn't because he's Swedish. It's because

[Roscoe]: of the hair, but also because he's
Swedish. But him in like a Viking show as like

[Roscoe]: a guest star would be sick. Like,
I mean, the one who really should do it is

[Roscoe]: Eric Carlson because he looks like
a fucking mustache

[Biehner]: No,

[Roscoe]: and everything.

[Biehner]: Victor Hedman.

[Roscoe]: Oh yeah,

[Suthy]: Oh yeah, there you go.

[Roscoe]: Hedman, Hedman for sure. But for the
leaves, I would say...

[Roscoe]: John Tavares would be funny as like
a receptionist somewhere, like just so deadpan

[Roscoe]: and

[Biehner]: I could

[Roscoe]: like

[Biehner]: see him being like a fill-in, like
a supervisor or a temp or something in the

[Biehner]: office.

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, something

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: where he just gets to, like, they
give him lines that are fucking hilarious and

[Roscoe]: he just delivers them with a straight
face, because I know he won't break. Like,

[Roscoe]: he'll just go out there and be like,
all right, guys, so here's what we're doing

[Roscoe]: today and just lead everyone through,
like, the stupidest hockey training camp ever.

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: Michael Scott 2.0

[Roscoe]: Yeah, he's the one. Oh,

[darty]: What's

[Roscoe]: he could like

[darty]: that

[Roscoe]: because

[darty]: show with

[Roscoe]: we

[darty]: the four

[Roscoe]: know that

[darty]: guys

[Roscoe]: Michael

[darty]: who

[Roscoe]: Scott was

[darty]: prank

[Roscoe]: good

[darty]: each

[Roscoe]: at.

[darty]: other?

[Roscoe]: Oh, prank patrol.

[darty]: No, no, the...

[Biehner]: P-P-Practical

[darty]: Man,

[Biehner]: jokers?

[darty]: I've been watching...

[Roscoe]: Impractical jokers, yeah.

[darty]: Impractical Jokers! I could see him
being a replacement for one of the Impractical

[darty]: Jokers. Like John Tavares. That'd be
fucking hilarious.

[Roscoe]: Well, remember Michael Scott was known
for his skating abilities. If we like one day

[Roscoe]: reveal that John

[Biehner]: I'm

[Roscoe]: Taveras

[Biehner]: sorry.

[Roscoe]: was his skating coach, that would
be so funny. It's like, yeah, you know, I went

[Roscoe]: to an Islanders game one day and just
bumped into John outside and asked him if he

[Roscoe]: wanted to skate. Here we are. He's

[darty]: Did you have

[Roscoe]: like, yeah,

[darty]: a

[Roscoe]: Michael's

[darty]: Willie

[Roscoe]: a good

[darty]: versus

[Roscoe]: guy.

[darty]: Paris Hilton? Blonde versus blonde.

[Roscoe]: Oh my god.

[Roscoe]: Okay, so let me pull up my notes here
again. So onto some more serious things. Two

[Roscoe]: extensions happened. The first one
being Austin Matthews. Oh, excusez-moi.

[darty]: Yay!

[Roscoe]: That was the ghost of Jimmy Buffett
coming back. So Austin

[darty]: I think that

[Roscoe]: Matthews.

[darty]: was the ghost of General Tau

[Roscoe]: Austin Matthews signs four years 53
million that's 13.25 per year followed by Sheldon

[Roscoe]: Keefe signing for two more years at
who knows and who cares how much because there's

[Roscoe]: no cap there. What do we think of
this Matthews contract? Dardee since you've

[Roscoe]: been cast away in your run here what
do you think of the Matthews extension?

[darty]: Okay, well first of all, I got to,
I missed out on what I wanted to say because

[darty]: we were referring to Brad Marshon and
his, I guess, what is it, his TV

[Roscoe]: Oh yeah.

[darty]: debut. And what I wanted to say, which
I can no longer eloquently put, was I guess

[darty]: he's got to be prepping for his role
in the live action Ratatouille, right?

[darty]: What up?

[Roscoe]: Where he plays Remy. Remy? Remy

[darty]: the

[Roscoe]: is the mouse, right? Not the guy?
I've been told I look like the other dude.

[Roscoe]: The dude from

[darty]: Linguini

[Roscoe]: Ratatouille.

[darty]: you definitely

[Roscoe]: The human.

[darty]: that is a hundred percent you do look
like Linguini but So Austin

[Roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: Matthews

[Roscoe]: I mean like,

[darty]: was at thirteen point

[Roscoe]: look

[darty]: two

[Roscoe]: at me.

[darty]: five right if I'm not mistaken

[Roscoe]: I'm fuckin' linguine.

[Suthy]: uh

[darty]: fellas, that awesome Matthews, his
contract right,

[Biehner]: Yeah.

[darty]: 13.25 at four years, correct me

[Roscoe]: or

[darty]: if

[Roscoe]: T.25.

[darty]: I'm wrong.

[Biehner]: Yes.

[darty]: Honestly,

[Suthy]: Correct.

[darty]: you know, what are they, was it not
good, not great, but you know, not terrible?

[darty]: I can't complain about that. Like you
know, at the end of the day, like it is what

[darty]: it is. It's, it could have been, it
could have been much worse and we get to keep

[darty]: Poppy. So you know, for that, I'd like
to put out a congratulatory yay.

[Roscoe]: Oh, you know what? I haven't used
that one in a while. Where's that?

[Roscoe]: Yay.

[Roscoe]: Oh, Sadi, 4 times 13.25. What was
your feelings on this?

[Suthy]: I feel good about it. I'm just happy
they got it done before the season started.

[Suthy]: Honestly, I thought maybe he was actually
going to try and sign for three years and just

[Suthy]: keep maximizing his money after that.
So the fourth year was nice to see. It's a

[Suthy]: player empowerment time right now.
He strikes me as like the LeBron James of the

[Suthy]: league, right? This is what LeBron's
been doing for years and years on his contracts

[Suthy]: in the NBA. And in the term, whatever,
obviously we want more years, but the money

[Suthy]: is pretty great, especially with the
cap going up. throughout the length of this

[Suthy]: contract, I think the last two years
will be really good. So overall, pretty happy.

[Roscoe]: Look, it's okay to be okay with him
staying here and not caring about the money.

[Roscoe]: Like we can just be happy for him
making as much money as he wants, like as long

[Roscoe]: as he stays here. I don't care if
it's four years because he wants to then maximize

[Roscoe]: on the next one. As long as it's not
to a point where it's like, and I mean with

[Roscoe]: the Capcom app it shouldn't, but as
long as it's not to a point where it's impacting

[Roscoe]: what they can bring in elsewhere on
the team or assigning somebody else, which

[Roscoe]: maybe it is right now, but who knows,
who cares? He stole

[Suthy]: He could have

[Roscoe]: a leaf.

[Suthy]: got more

[Roscoe]: That's

[Suthy]: still.

[Roscoe]: kind of exactly

[Suthy]: If he asks

[Roscoe]: right.

[Suthy]: for the max, he gets max. What are
you going to do?

[Roscoe]: Beaner, take it.

[Biehner]: Like, first off, I want to start,
I think we touched on this a little bit with

[Biehner]: our attempted episode when I was
in a Calumet.

[Biehner]: With regards to the four years, be
happy we still have him. I didn't honestly

[Biehner]: think he was going anywhere, but
you never know, it could have happened. Like,

[Biehner]: since the start of last


[Biehner]: year to now, like everything's completely
changed. Matthews doesn't know what the future

[Biehner]: holds. He hasn't seen what Tree wants
to do with the team. So even just looking at

[Biehner]: it that way, I don't really blame
him for not committing eight years. Yes, it

[Biehner]: would have been awesome to have him
commit for that long. He's still in the prime

[Biehner]: of his career. We still get the majority
of his prime. Like, relax. Plus, as you guys

[Biehner]: said, 13.25, that's not max. That's
a smaller cap percentage than when Ovechkin

[Biehner]: signed his big deal coming out of
entry level.

[Roscoe]: Interesting, I didn't know that little

[Biehner]: Like when Ovechkin signed his deal
coming out of entry level, it was for $9.538

[Biehner]: a year for 13 years. And

[Roscoe]: She says.

[Biehner]: it was worth just shy of 19% of the
salary cap. Whereas Matthew is only at 13.9%.

[Suthy]: I feel like there's

[Biehner]: So.

[Suthy]: one thing that no one's... Sorry, go
ahead, go ahead. Finish your thought.

[Biehner]: Yeah, so like it's still less. The
number itself isn't really what you have to

[Biehner]: look at. It's the percentage of the
cap. So that's still not that bad. And if you

[Biehner]: averaged out his last contract, the
1164, that was what, five years? If you take

[Biehner]: those five years, plus these four
that are coming up, and you could have told

[Biehner]: someone, yep, when Matthew's entry-level
contract is up, we're gonna sign him for nine

[Biehner]: years at an average of, what would
the average be, 12.2? Everyone would have fucking

[Biehner]: jumped all over that.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, yeah, honestly. And I mean,
with what we're hearing with, you know, Dullin

[Roscoe]: expected to sign eight times ten and
a half. And, you know, Sanderson just signed

[Roscoe]: eight times eight and a half. I mean,
if a like pretty good to star player goes for

[Roscoe]: anywhere from nine to ten million
and then from there up like ten to twelve,

[Roscoe]: we're saying or ten to fourteen, I
guess, now a superstar like I don't it's fine.

[Roscoe]: I don't care. It's not my money.

[Biehner]: So just before Suddi gets into this,
I want to... The percentage of the cap like

[Biehner]: I was talking about, Matthews is
considered to be probably the best goal scorer

[Biehner]: in the game right now, which is what
Ovi was when he signed that one. If you want

[Biehner]: further comparison, McDavid is still
in the eight year deal he signed coming out

[Biehner]: of entry at 12.5. So he's, this is
coming into his third year on that deal and

[Biehner]: he's still at 15% of the cap.

[Roscoe]: How many more years does McDavid have?

[Biehner]: He's a free agent the summer of 2026.

[Suthy]: Okay.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, and there's no way that you're
getting him for less than 13.25.

[Suthy]: never

[Roscoe]: So

[Suthy]: happened,

[Roscoe]: exactly,

[Suthy]: especially then.

[Roscoe]: right. It looks good now. It looks
good when the cap goes up. I'm fine with it.

[Roscoe]: Could have been higher. He's the best.
He's still here. He's not in Arizona. He's

[Roscoe]: not in L.A. He's not in New York.
I don't see anything wrong with this.

[Suthy]: and even

[Roscoe]: It

[Biehner]: and

[Suthy]: like...

[Roscoe]: is, however, weird that we keep hearing
other players getting signed before Willie.

[Roscoe]: But, you know.

[Suthy]: Yeah, and like not a lot of people
want to talk about this, but it's actually

[Suthy]: not too bad for the team itself maybe
because Matthews has a chronic wrist problem.

[Suthy]: This has been happening in every single
year And obviously I don't think it's going

[Suthy]: to be something that's going to explode
career ending god forbid But it is something

[Suthy]: to keep an eye on so that's also not
a bad little wrinkle for the Leafs

[Roscoe]: Look, I get that, you know, oh, eight
years is great if they're a star. I don't like

[Roscoe]: eight year deals. I'm totally with
you. If you can keep signing somebody four

[Roscoe]: years, four years, four years, five
years, whatever it is, and they keep getting

[Roscoe]: a little more money out of it, it
gives you a little more freedom too. Like that's

[Roscoe]: what you're paying for. Is that option
to be like, all right, so this has been fun,

[Roscoe]: but you just got hurt three times
in a row and you are not the person you were

[Roscoe]: six years ago.

[Suthy]: Yeah,

[Roscoe]: So goodbye.

[Suthy]: everybody gets to reevaluate. And yet,
like I said, not be locked in those extra three

[Suthy]: years.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I'm not saying, you know, Matthews
is going to fall off when he's 32, but like,

[Roscoe]: you know, you never know what happens
and it's nice to have some freedom in those

[Roscoe]: times with money because you never
know what else is going to come up.

[Biehner]: Not

[Roscoe]: What

[Biehner]: to mention

[Roscoe]: I do

[Biehner]: the

[Roscoe]: find...

[Biehner]: fact that,

[Roscoe]: Oh,

[Biehner]: sorry,

[Roscoe]: go for it.

[Biehner]: I think he only needs to average
like 20 goals a year throughout the rest of

[Biehner]: that contract and he'd be the all-time
Leafs goal scorer.

[Roscoe]: Unreal.

[Suthy]: That's insane.

[Roscoe]: I do find the Jake Sanderson contract
a little strange. I know he's a high draft

[Roscoe]: pick and everything and they got the
term at a pretty good dollar value if all shakes

[Roscoe]: out the way it's supposed to. But
after one season to give eight times eight

[Roscoe]: and a half is really risky. And it

[Suthy]: 77

[Roscoe]: that this is Ottawa's.

[Suthy]: games.

[Biehner]: 77 games.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, it's one season minus, you know,

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: a couple flus. So it seems like Ottawa's
move lately has been to hand out term in order

[Roscoe]: to keep people there. Like, I know
it's not a totally undesirable place to play,

[Roscoe]: but it's been a changing of the guard.
There's a new owner. They're potentially getting

[Roscoe]: a new arena. They're shifting the
whole team around. Young guys coming up to

[Roscoe]: take over. It seems like in order
to get other players to stay there, they've

[Roscoe]: had to throw huge term at them and
even their own guys. So I hope that this works

[Roscoe]: out for Ottawa and this becomes a
bit of a run for them for a few years because

[Roscoe]: I'd like to see them back in the conversation,
but man, it's a risky move.

[Biehner]: It definitely is. Realistically,
if he turns out to what he projects to, this

[Biehner]: is going to be a good deal. But for
after the 77 games to have him making, no offense

[Biehner]: to Moe, but he's making that much
more than Morgan Reilly.

[Suthy]: more than Shabbat

[Roscoe]: bright.

[Suthy]: too.

[Biehner]: Like, that's insane. Yeah, he's like
$50,000 more than

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: Shabbat.

[Roscoe]: crazy. And just to circle back to
what said he brought up last time we were on

[Roscoe]: I know it seems like an eternity ago
because it was awesome Matthews deal of 13

[Roscoe]: and a half mil makes him the highest
paid NHL or it also makes him the 113 highest

[Roscoe]: paid NBA player 103rd highest played
highest paid MLB player and 88th highest played

[Roscoe]: NFL player. Oh my god, like fix your
shit. I was down in New York like I was talking

[Roscoe]: about, and when you turn on the cable
in the hotel, it's Spectrum TV, which I hadn't

[Roscoe]: heard of before, but I guess it's
a very big provider down there. It must have

[Roscoe]: been out of a merger or something
because I've never heard of it.

[Biehner]: Spectrum's been around for a little

[Roscoe]: I don't know. So anyway, I'm flipping
through channels and every now and then there'd

[Roscoe]: be a channel that just says Due to
an ongoing dispute with Disney this channel

[Roscoe]: has been blocked so I guess they don't
want to pay as much as Disney wants them to

[Roscoe]: because spectrum wants to keep the
prices down and Here we are where ESPN is not

[Roscoe]: on spectrum, which is one of the biggest
cable providers in the states. So

[Roscoe]: I know it's not exactly your thing,
but this is your game that you're supposed

[Roscoe]: to be growing. And the TV deals have
been fucked. Like every network has fallen

[Roscoe]: apart and they've just been fumbling
these American TV rights around. And I don't

[Roscoe]: know how many subscribers does Spectrum?

[Suthy]: I'm surprised you don't hear more from
the owners about this. They seem to back Batman

[Suthy]: so much, but he's always been fumbling
these TV deals. And how do you grow your game?

[Suthy]: Like, especially financially, it's
with TV deals. That's why

[Roscoe]: Charter

[Suthy]: NBA

[Roscoe]: Communications.

[Suthy]: contracts exploded. Go

[Roscoe]: Yeah,

[Suthy]: ahead.

[Roscoe]: you're right. No, sorry, with 32 million
customers in 41 states, the second largest

[Roscoe]: cable operator in the US, just behind
Comcast. So.

[Roscoe]: a lot of people not able to watch
their home teams if it's not on another network.

[Roscoe]: It's dumb. You got to get your revenues
up. It's you can look up on Wikipedia. There's

[Roscoe]: a chart of like revenue per game and
per season for all the major sports. And man,

[Roscoe]: the NHL has got to do something about
this. It's getting out of hand. They they.

[Roscoe]: An ad on a jersey or on a helmet is
not going to fix this. Like it needs to get

[Roscoe]: to more people. And there are so many
blockades for no reason. Like it shouldn't

[Roscoe]: be this hard to watch hockey. I don't
get it. Like we're. in a bit of a bubble where

[Roscoe]: the Leafs are owned by the two biggest
telecom companies in Canada. So watching them

[Roscoe]: isn't exactly difficult, but it even
still is. Like I'm in Ottawa and I get games

[Roscoe]: blacked out all the time. So it's
just it's stupid that everywhere you live.

[Roscoe]: It's never easy to watch every game
unless you pay a couple hundred bucks. And

[Roscoe]: I'm not. I don't know.

[darty]: You brought up ads on jerseys though,
and let me tell you though, I can't wait for

[darty]: when they let like a Viagra ad on a
jersey or like an Xlax ad. Something stupid

[darty]: like that. That's when you know Gary's
really broke.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, Manscaped and Better Help are
like the fucking Jersey sponsors next.

[Roscoe]: Ugh. Okay, another

[darty]: Pepto

[Roscoe]: little.

[darty]: Bismol, fucking RubA535.

[Roscoe]: So the other one who got extended
is Sheldon Keefe for another two years. Again,

[Roscoe]: they can fire him. I don't care. What
do you guys think of this? I think it's strange

[Roscoe]: that it happened before the season
started. And I think it's intriguing that it

[Roscoe]: happens right after Matthews gets
signed, like as though it was a bit of a stipulation,

[Roscoe]: like I want to keep playing for Keefe,
but I want to

[Suthy]: I

[Roscoe]: know

[Suthy]: think

[Roscoe]: what you guys

[Suthy]: like

[Roscoe]: think.

[Suthy]: the two years is it's nothing right
if you fire him and you have to pay him out

[Suthy]: That's not a big deal But I think having
him locked up is one less distraction going

[Suthy]: into the season and maybe that's kind
of what Brad was looking For in his first year

[Suthy]: here. That's the only thing I can really
think of

[Biehner]: Yeah, I think that's a big thing,
trying to get one more distraction out of the

[Biehner]: way. And like you said, Roscoe, not
that Matthew should have the final say, but

[Biehner]: when you have a franchise altering
player like that, you have to take their opinion

[Biehner]: into consideration.

[Roscoe]: Oh, of course. I mean,

[Suthy]: 100%.

[Roscoe]: it's not a secret that like, Crosby
gets asked about anything that Pinkwins do,

[Roscoe]: you know, Vetchkin gets asked about

[Suthy]: any

[Roscoe]: the Caps

[Suthy]: superstar

[Roscoe]: do, and McDavid gets

[Suthy]: in

[Roscoe]: asked

[Suthy]: any

[Roscoe]: about

[Suthy]: team.

[Roscoe]: whatever the Oilers do. Exactly. Like,
it's not uncommon for them to be, hey, do you

[Roscoe]: hate your coach? No, I want to keep
playing for him. Great, we're going to sign

[Roscoe]: out.

[Biehner]: Like, don't you think that kind of
stuff should have happened? Maybe it did, but

[Biehner]: should have happened with the flames?
Like, is Sutter the reason K'Chuck wanted to

[Biehner]: get the hell out of Dodge?

[Roscoe]: That

[Suthy]: According to rumors,

[Roscoe]: fell apart

[Suthy]: it was.

[Roscoe]: in such a weird way. Like it was piece
by piece and then it was all at once. Like,

[Roscoe]: there's still a couple stragglers
and everybody's been wondering if they're ending

[Roscoe]: up on the Leafs, but still a few guys
kicking around there. But yeah, it seems weird

[Roscoe]: that they booted him and traded everybody.

[Roscoe]: I have a question for y'all. What
do you think is the most common first name

[Roscoe]: in the NHL?

[Roscoe]: Dardee, you want to take a stab at

[darty]: uh... thomas i don't know i thought
we were starting with last names alright i

[darty]: got the scoop earlier when everybody
was off so saying first names i was like oh

[darty]: fuck oh

[Roscoe]: Thomas?

[darty]: sorry i swore sorry lukeman

[Roscoe]: Thomas is fading in popularity since
2010. It was at one point, there were 20 of

[Roscoe]: them. Currently there are 12, I wanna
say, but it is not the most popular. Anybody

[Roscoe]: else wanna

[darty]: I

[Roscoe]: take

[darty]: think

[Roscoe]: a

[darty]: Michael's

[Roscoe]: stab?

[darty]: gotta be up there.

[Biehner]: Yeah, it's gotta be like one of the
ones from our generation like Michael or Matthew.

[Suthy]: Maybe

[Roscoe]: Here's the

[Suthy]: John

[Roscoe]: thing. So

[Suthy]: or Jeff.

[Roscoe]: Michael was the correct answer until

[Roscoe]: And Michael has dropped off like the

[darty]: Well, sorry for being six years too
late for this fuckin' poll.

[Roscoe]: At one point in 2015, there were 40
guys named Michael in the NHL, but they all

[Roscoe]: retired basically at the same time.

[darty]: I missed like seven episodes and now
I'm like six years, seven years behind

[Suthy]: I'm sorry.

[darty]: in the league apparently.

[Roscoe]: Anybody else stabbing it?

[Suthy]: Hmm. John?

[Roscoe]: All right, so John, Johnny, John,
they're at, what's that, about 18 of them?

[Roscoe]: They are not the first place one.
So just pardon me. The leader has, what's this,

[Roscoe]: 34?

[Suthy]: Hold tight.

[Biehner]: Wow.

[Roscoe]: and there is somebody right behind

[Biehner]: Ryan?

[Roscoe]: So Ryan, we got 23 of them, not the
first place. It's fifth, fourth, fifth, fifth.

[darty]: Tyler.

[Roscoe]: And just, sorry, these statistics
are from 2021. Nobody has updated it since.

[Biehner]: Are

[Suthy]: Alex,

[Biehner]: you using

[Suthy]: finally

[Biehner]: the

[Suthy]: guess.

[Biehner]: light?

[darty]: That's a good, that's a great guess.

[Roscoe]: Ah, there it is. Alex, winner, winner.
Alex, Alexand, Alexander. Yeah, that's the

[Roscoe]: number one name in the NHL, followed
right behind by, what is this one? Jacob, Jake,

[Roscoe]: Jacob, Jake, which in 2010, which
is when this counter starts, there were six

[Roscoe]: of, and now there are 33. It has shot
up from last place to second. It's one of those,

[Roscoe]: you know,

[Suthy]: Go

[Roscoe]: the

[Suthy]: Jacobs.

[Roscoe]: millennial. Millennial names.

[Biehner]: How much do we want to bet Austin
and Connor will start rising in the next

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: 15 years?

[Roscoe]: O'Connor is becoming like the most
common name. It's going to shoot up real quick.

[Roscoe]: Last thing here before we go to questions,
classy and trashy part two. So I want to talk

[Roscoe]: about at home viewing of the game
and some things that are OK and not OK to do

[Roscoe]: or maybe not OK, but just a little
trashy. So yelling at the TV, what do you guys

[Roscoe]: what do you guys think about yelling
at the TV during the game? Do you do it? Do

[Roscoe]: you not? Do you try not to? Does it
happen? What do you think of it?

[Suthy]: It just happens. There's

[Roscoe]: Hehehehe

[Suthy]: nothing you can do about it.

[Biehner]: Have you seen the officiating in
this league?

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, yeah. So I think we can all
agree that it's just something that is involuntary.

[Roscoe]: We know that they can't hear us, everybody
saying, they can't hear you when you yell,

[Roscoe]: shoot. I know.

[Suthy]: I mean, maybe

[Roscoe]: I know.

[Suthy]: if you're yelling like every couple
minutes, then you need to reel it in a little

[Suthy]: bit, but it's gonna slip out once and
a while.

[Roscoe]: What about jerseys for at home game
viewing? Any superstitions for what you wear

[Roscoe]: when you watch the game or do you
take one out for watching it at home?

[Suthy]: Yep, always.

[Biehner]: I can typically get a little too
superstitious, but I think that stems from

[Biehner]: me being a goalie as well. Like when
we talked about, I don't

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: know if it was last year or the year
before, pregame rituals when I'm playing out,

[Biehner]: it's very simple. When I'm in net,
there's like a strict timeline and order that

[Biehner]: everything has to be done in.

[Roscoe]: Hehehe. Ugh.

[Suthy]: If it's a must-win, I'll also give
my jersey to my girlfriend. And that so far

[Suthy]: has been working quite well. But it's
only for the rarest of occasions.

[Roscoe]: Ooh, I like that having a safe, what
do you call it? It's like a superstition, but

[Roscoe]: you keep it for special occasions.
I don't know what,

[Suthy]: Yes.

[Roscoe]: there's gotta be a name for that.
Help me. What else is there for at home? What's

[Roscoe]: a snack you have when you're watching
the game? You get chips, you do popcorn, you

[Roscoe]: do pretzels. You a

[Biehner]: Typically

[Roscoe]: microwave

[Biehner]: chips.

[Roscoe]: chips? Yeah.

[Suthy]: Yeah, I think chips.

[Roscoe]: Chips is an easy one at home. That's
something that you don't do when you're at

[Roscoe]: the game live. Like chips is never
something that I would get while I'm at the

[Roscoe]: arena.

[Suthy]: No,

[Roscoe]: But when I'm

[Suthy]: never.

[Roscoe]: at home, I'm like, I just want a fucking
bag of chips. Also, cause

[Biehner]: And

[Roscoe]: like,

[Biehner]: that's...

[Roscoe]: can you imagine what they'd charge
for like a full size bag of chips on an arena?

[Suthy]: It would be like 12

[Biehner]: And I'm

[Suthy]: bucks.

[Biehner]: glad you said it that way as well,
like, I'm not talking about a handful or a

[Biehner]: small bowl, like, I'm

[Suthy]: Or

[Biehner]: talking

[Suthy]: to

[Biehner]: about

[Suthy]: beg.

[Biehner]: a full family-sized

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: bag.

[Roscoe]: which like, come on, is like really
a half full bag of chips when you get into

[Roscoe]: those

[Suthy]: You

[Roscoe]: sides,

[Suthy]: dump that

[Roscoe]: but.

[Suthy]: into serving bowl and it's not seen

[Roscoe]: Yeah, exactly. Do you have a... In
my head, there's these like, these white plastic

[Roscoe]: bowls that my parents had, always
had chips or popcorn or pretzels or something

[Roscoe]: in them. Do you have like a go-to
bowl that you always put that shit in?

[Biehner]: Well,

[Suthy]: Uh,

[Biehner]: I

[Suthy]: yes,

[Biehner]: think we just.

[Suthy]: actually.

[Biehner]: Well, we just established that when
it comes to chips, you don't really need bowls.

[Roscoe]: Uh, it'd be...

[Suthy]: I'm

[Roscoe]: sometimes.

[Suthy]: a ball guy, I think.

[Biehner]: Yeah? Nah, right

[Suthy]: Oh

[Biehner]: from

[Suthy]: yeah.

[Biehner]: the bag.

[Roscoe]: There's something about the greasy
knuckles or like chippy, like flavored knuckles

[Roscoe]: that you get from going in the bag.
That's just not always what you want. Also,

[Roscoe]: if people go to sleep, if like, you
know, my girlfriend works in the morning, I

[Roscoe]: don't want to be like those miss Vicky's
bags, which I really love miss Vicky's. Why

[Roscoe]: is it that all of the kettle cooked
chips have the crumpliest bags?

[Suthy]: They're so loud.

[Roscoe]: so

[Biehner]: I

[Roscoe]: loud.

[Biehner]: don't

[darty]: Yo,

[Biehner]: know.

[darty]: I missed this, but Greasy Knuckles
is the name of your sex tape, Roscoe.

[Roscoe]: Hahaha

[Biehner]: hahahaha

[Suthy]: Not to mention I like

[Roscoe]: Oh

[Suthy]: having the option of picking which
chip I want to.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, that's a thing

[Suthy]: It's a

[Roscoe]: for

[Suthy]: thing.

[Roscoe]: sure. Because because there's sometimes
where you're like, I want a little crunch right

[Roscoe]: now because that last one wasn't.
And then sometimes you're like, no, I need

[Roscoe]: like a big in

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Roscoe]: this. Sometimes it's a munch. Sometimes
it's a hunger chip. You know, there's different

[Roscoe]: levels, context

[Suthy]: Beginner's

[Roscoe]: of chips.

[Suthy]: leaving too much up the chance with
the big.

[Biehner]: Nah,

[Roscoe]: different.

[Biehner]: I just need to get it done. And then

[Suthy]: Hahaha

[Biehner]: you

[Roscoe]: different

[Biehner]: get to

[Roscoe]: mix

[Biehner]: the last

[Roscoe]: them.

[Biehner]: little bit, you get to the last little
bit in the bag and you crunch it all up and

[Biehner]: just devour it.

[Suthy]: That's a good

[Roscoe]: to

[Suthy]: move.

[Roscoe]: remix two kinds.

[Biehner]: Occasionally,

[Suthy]: No.

[Biehner]: I might I don't know if you've ever
tried the hell of a good French onion dip

[Roscoe]: So good.

[Suthy]: Oh yeah.

[Biehner]: It's amazing and it grosses my wife
out because I will dip any flavor of chip in

[Biehner]: there Not just

[Suthy]: Mm-hmm.

[Biehner]: plain like sweet chili heat Doritos
dipped into that is a

[Suthy]: Yep.

[Biehner]: gold mine

[Roscoe]: That's weird. Not gonna lie.

[Suthy]: No, it's not. It's

[Biehner]: You gotta

[Suthy]: good.

[Biehner]: try it.

[Roscoe]: Okay, if both of you have tried it.
I'm not saying that I trust either one of you

[Roscoe]: over the other one, but if both of
you say it,

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: then there's gotta

[Suthy]: I think

[Roscoe]: be something

[Suthy]: even all

[Roscoe]: to

[Suthy]: dressed

[Roscoe]: it.

[Suthy]: is really good with it too.

[Roscoe]: Dressed

[Biehner]: Yes.

[Roscoe]: all overs.

[Suthy]: Yes.

[Roscoe]: Something I didn't realize was Canadian.

[Suthy]: Yeah, we

[Roscoe]: Dressed

[Suthy]: are.

[Roscoe]: all over chips.

[Biehner]: That and hickory sticks.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, hickory sticks in America are
just like salad toppers. Like you get them

[Roscoe]: in

[Biehner]: Hehehehehe

[Roscoe]: the grocery store

[Suthy]: Ha

[Roscoe]: by

[Suthy]: ha ha.

[Roscoe]: the salad section, and it's like a
thing you put on top of salad. And then here

[Roscoe]: they're like, wait, what do you mean
you can get a whole bag of those and eat them?

[Roscoe]: That's insane.

[Biehner]: And I don't know if they still are,
but apparently Kinder eggs used to be illegal

[Biehner]: in the States.

[Roscoe]: I think they still are. Cause I remember
there's been some cases of people getting busted

[Roscoe]: trying to import a bunch of them.

[Biehner]: which

[Roscoe]: Like

[Biehner]: is ridiculous.

[Roscoe]: you can only get them in

[Suthy]: Kinder

[Roscoe]: like grocery

[Suthy]: Smugglers.

[Roscoe]: stores and stuff. Well, it's because
the way that lawsuits work down there is it's

[Roscoe]: just like, it's not worth it. Cause
if every dumb parent with their dumb kid is

[Roscoe]: gonna get hurt with it and they're
gonna start suing you, it's like, okay, let's

[Roscoe]: just not sell them here anymore. We'll
sell them to people that, you know, don't leave

[Roscoe]: their kids unattended with a... think
a plastic thing. Anyway, we're not gonna get

[Roscoe]: into that.

[Biehner]: But come to Sunoco today and get
a free gun.

[Roscoe]: Yeah,

[Suthy]: Thank you.

[Biehner]: Sorry.

[Roscoe]: there was there was a anyway. No,
never mind. I'm not going to get into that.

[Roscoe]: But some interesting things driving
through upstate New York for the last month.

[Suthy]: I'd have imagined.

[Roscoe]: Fucking Dollar General, man, it's
like you don't see a grocery store, but you

[Roscoe]: see a dollar general every hour. Insane.
I think I talked about this, but I don't know

[Roscoe]: if I told all of you guys, but the
Aqua Sarsenny Reserve, that's like Quebec,

[Roscoe]: Ontario, New York area. On the New
York side of it, by the casino, there's like

[Roscoe]: gotta be a hundred pot shops. There's
one that's literally called another damn pot

[Roscoe]: shop because it's such a joke that
there's so many of them.

[Roscoe]: Questions and then we got to get out
of here. I really have to pee too. Fun guy

[Roscoe]: at South Park Cal, will Keef ever
send this line out in a game? Bertuzzi Domi

[Roscoe]: Reeves. I mean, probably not, but
maybe on a, like, what, a penalty kill or like.

[Suthy]: Maybe I could try and wake the team
up. Just hoping for a really physical shift,

[Suthy]: just to try and get something going
in the game. But other than that, I maybe

[Roscoe]: game

[Suthy]: don't.

[Roscoe]: against the Jets that goes south?

[Suthy]: Yeah

[Roscoe]: Oh, excuse me. Yeah, if people start
beating up on Matthews and Marner and you're

[Roscoe]: just like, you know what fine You
want to start shoving people around? It's kind

[Roscoe]: of a fun idea Like the fact that he

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: can is hilarious It's just if you
want to fuck it's the fuck around and find

[Roscoe]: outline like

[Suthy]: Exactly.

[Roscoe]: if you see him send that out It's
like shit He's like it's to send a message

[Roscoe]: and there's no other reason you'd
put it out for one shift or I don't

[Suthy]: And if they go out there, like, they
know their mandate's not to score a goal, it's

[Suthy]: just, fuck shit up.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, but on that, I do love that
both Pertuzzi and Domi have expressed interest

[Roscoe]: in staying here long-term and it's
just a matter of figuring it out next off-season.

[Roscoe]: So really excited

[Suthy]: Fingers crossed.

[Roscoe]: that some people have the passion.
I mean, obviously Domi wants to be here, but

[Roscoe]: Pertuzzi is an interesting one, especially
because he was so anti-Canadian with the vaccine

[Roscoe]: mandate and everything. Wasn't it
Pertuzzi that was the holdout?

[Biehner]: No.

[Roscoe]: So it's interesting that he's now,
I mean, I know that's not like a reason to

[Roscoe]: write off a country, but somebody
that's so quick to be like, no, I'm not doing

[Roscoe]: that. It's like, yeah, fuck it, let's
go Toronto. I'm down to stay here long-term.

[Roscoe]: It's like, okay, let's go. I'll take
a shithead. We need another Michael Bunting.

[Roscoe]: Another question, Cody Donaldson at
W underscore Donaldson. Another very important

[Roscoe]: question that needs to be answered
tonight. Dardee, I'll let you take this one

[Roscoe]: first. What kind of pizza would the
core four be individually and together, crust

[Roscoe]: type, et cetera? So if you took the
core four and turned them into a pizza, what

[Roscoe]: would that pizza be?

[darty]: I feel like they're like a deluxe Hawaiian
with cheesy bread. You know, the cheesy crust.

[Roscoe]: And why do you say that?

[darty]: You know, sometimes it's awfully confusing,
surprisingly delicious, results may vary. And

[darty]: at the same time, you know, unfortunately
I feel like cheesy crust is pretty overrated

[darty]: sometimes. Like you think that it's
gonna be amazing. You buy it every single time.

[darty]: And then you realize there's a reason
why crust is just crust because it's boring.

[darty]: All right. And I eat crust. I'm a crust
eater. Okay. Like I'll eat your crust. I'll

[darty]: eat crust off of people's plates. If
they're not gonna eat it, I'll eat it. I love

[darty]: crust. I know some people they like
to. get dips and stuff, I'll have it dry. I

[darty]: don't care. I'm a weird guy. I chew
ice too. I'm one of those people. But that's

[Roscoe]: Don't

[darty]: why I

[Roscoe]: underestimate

[darty]: say they're cheesy crust.

[Roscoe]: a good crust.

[darty]: Cause I say, I love a good crust. That's
why I say they're cheesy crust. You think they're

[darty]: gonna be all that in the bag of potato
chips. And sometimes it's just like, you know

[darty]: what? Still just crust. So that's my
take there.

[Roscoe]: That's kind of interesting because
I mean, when you look at it from afar, it's

[Roscoe]: like, that's a lot of things that
individually are really good. I hope this works

[Roscoe]: well altogether. And depending on
the bite you get, you're like, there's a lot

[Roscoe]: of good things here. But then if you
take too big of a bite, and you put it up against

[Roscoe]: other things, it's like, okay, there's
just too much going on here. I can't I can't

[Roscoe]: with this.

[darty]: One

[Roscoe]: And they

[darty]: bite,

[Roscoe]: get

[darty]: everyone knows the rules, right?

[Roscoe]: and nobody knows who the like lead
flavor is. It's like a bunch of very strong

[Roscoe]: competing flavors. Yeah. And there's
the yeah, I like it. It makes sense. Everybody's

[Roscoe]: got

[Suthy]: That's

[Roscoe]: a little

[Suthy]: good.

[Roscoe]: hidden talent and the hidden talents
and the cheesy crust. It's good. Okay, next

[Roscoe]: up, Sudi, what do you think?

[Suthy]: I don't think I could follow that up
actually, he nailed it pretty good.

[Roscoe]: I know honestly that's kind of the
best answer. Anything you want to add?

[darty]: Here's a way to follow it up not to
skip bean but All right, sorry now I'm free

[darty]: dart is free See you later boy. So

[Suthy]: Bye, Rocco.

[darty]: yes, I wasn't lying. I was on a walk
with my buddy.

[Roscoe]: I'm

[darty]: All

[Roscoe]: sorry.

[darty]: right, that's why I was so a you know
afk but

[Roscoe]: See you buddy.

[darty]: That's rocko, right? All right Kaz
wicks finest so we are I We're talking about

[darty]: pizza, right and did anybody else cuz
we you know We always keep up to date with

[darty]: the goings-on of social media anybody
else following the whole Dave Portnoy situation

[darty]: with that whole pizza thing. Like apparently
he got, like one of his pizza reviews went

[darty]: a little awry.

[Roscoe]: Man, I can't keep

[Suthy]: I don't

[Roscoe]: every

[Suthy]: know.

[Roscoe]: time I go on Instagram, there's another
Dave Portnoy incident that I'm supposed to

[Roscoe]: care about. Like, is he a good person
or isn't he? I can't decide. I don't watch

[Roscoe]: these things. It's just always like,
oh, he yelled at somebody and almost fired

[Roscoe]: them live on the podcast. Like, what
did he do this time with a pizza?

[darty]: You're asking me? I actually don't
100% know. That's why I figured you guys were

[darty]: more into the social media scene. I
just know it keeps like some bullshit keeps

[darty]: popping up on my feet about him. And
I'm like, honestly, this guy, just as you hit

[darty]: the nail on the head, like this guy's
like, he's like

[Roscoe]: here.

[darty]: the apprentice. He's like the apprentice
era Donald Trump of fucking, you know, cheap

[darty]: sports casting. You know what

[Roscoe]: pizza

[darty]: I mean? Like

[Roscoe]: shop that took on Dave Portnoy and
Barstool Sports. This is from Bon Appetit.

[Roscoe]: Okay,

[Suthy]: I think he like

[Roscoe]: go

[Suthy]: stopped

[Roscoe]: on, I just

[Suthy]: him

[Roscoe]: gotta.

[Suthy]: from going in for a review or something.

[Roscoe]: Rates at a 6.4 to 10 is a Dragon Pizza,
a relatively low score. Shows red approaching

[Roscoe]: Portnoy outside the shop. Dave, enjoy
your pizza as any customer, he says, but I

[Roscoe]: don't appreciate what you do judging
a business with one bite. Let me be clear,

[Roscoe]: move on, don't stand in front of my
business. Let me be clear, fuck you, Portnoy

[Roscoe]: replies. Nice, fuck you and the stool
you came in on, Dave, douchebag. Nice. So,

[Roscoe]: okay. So this guy just didn't love
that Portnoy is reviewing their restaurant

[Roscoe]: off of taking a bite of the pizza,
which I get. It's not, you know, Gordon Ramsay

[Roscoe]: orders the menu for a reason. But
I got into a little altercation upfront. So,

[Roscoe]: I mean, it's not good. I don't think
it's a good move if you own a business to like

[Roscoe]: approach a, whether you agree with
it or not. I mean, I don't know. This is good

[Roscoe]: business for them. Any news is good
news, I guess. It's good PR. I didn't know

[Roscoe]: about Dragon Pizza 10 minutes ago,
so now I do. But I think it's just a bad idea

[Roscoe]: to try to tell somebody that's from
some internet thing that's reviewing your shit

[Roscoe]: to fuck off, like, and create a scene.
Like, I don't know, you're always better off

[Roscoe]: to try to form a partnership or, you
know, be in on the video or however you can

[Roscoe]: feed off of it in a positive way and
get people to, you know, it's like, hey, I

[Roscoe]: don't know, make a joke out of it
if you don't like the review, but I don't know.

[Roscoe]: It's drama.

[Biehner]: So with the pizza question, first
core four, are we talking JT, Marner, Matthews,

[Biehner]: and Elander, or are we having Riley
in there somewhere?

[Roscoe]: however you want to do it.

[Biehner]: So if we're doing JT, Marner, Matthews,
and Nylander, I kind of went a little bit of

[Biehner]: the opposite direction of what each
one would be pizza-wise. And in honor of our

[Biehner]: general manager, why don't we go
with pizzas from Boston Pizza?

[Roscoe]: Oh hell yeah.

[Suthy]: Hehehe

[Roscoe]: That deluxe Hawaiian one is so good.

[Biehner]: The Royal

[Suthy]: Yeah,

[Biehner]: Hawaiian?

[Suthy]: dudes.

[Roscoe]: The Royal Hawaiian,

[Biehner]: Yeah,

[Roscoe]: oh, with

[Biehner]: that's

[Roscoe]: the sesame

[Biehner]: my go-to.

[Roscoe]: seeds.

[Biehner]: So for starters, we'd have JT, you
know, our captain, pepperoni, all the way.

[Suthy]: Oh,

[Biehner]: Just

[Suthy]: 100%.

[Biehner]: keep

[Suthy]: Or maybe

[Biehner]: it simple.

[Suthy]: just cheese even.

[Roscoe]: You know what?

[Suthy]: And if you feel

[Roscoe]: You

[Suthy]: it

[Roscoe]: gotta

[Suthy]: spicy,

[Roscoe]: give him

[Suthy]: you

[Roscoe]: like

[Suthy]: might

[Roscoe]: margarita.

[Suthy]: throw some pepperoni on there.

[Roscoe]: You gotta give Tavar's margarita,
because it's like, it's plain, but it's plain

[Roscoe]: done well.

[Suthy]: Fair

[Roscoe]: You know,

[Suthy]: enough.

[Roscoe]: it's the highest end of basic. He
is a margarita pizza.

[Biehner]: I think for Willy, I think you would
have to go with something like the tropical

[Biehner]: chicken. You know, like an Alfredo
sauce, you got the bacon, you got the cheese,

[Biehner]: little spicy chicken breast on there.
Like, that's like a Willy.

[Roscoe]: Spicy

[darty]: Tropical

[Roscoe]: pierogi.

[darty]: chicken as a pizza? Sounds like a dance

[Biehner]: Yeah.

[Suthy]: Yeah,

[darty]: move.

[Suthy]: I thought it really might be Hawaiian,
but tropical pizza works just as good.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, see, Sudi, I'm with you. Willie
feels like a Hawaiian guy just because it's

[Roscoe]: like.

[Biehner]: The Tropical Chicken has pineapple
on it as well.

[Roscoe]: Oh, okay,

[Suthy]: True.

[Roscoe]: then yeah, it's Willy.

[Suthy]: Yeah, we're gonna go with that.

[Biehner]: For Mar- for Marner I would think
one of their new pizzas, the Carbonara. So

[Biehner]: that's kind of like a Marner thing.
And then with Matthew's, I'm kind of torn between

[Biehner]: the two, probably the two most famous
Boston pizza pizzas. But I think you

[Suthy]: video.

[Biehner]: would have to go, I was thinking
the Meteor or the Spicy Pierogi.

[Roscoe]: Spicy

[Suthy]: Hmm.

[Roscoe]: pierogi feels like you'd have to be
Eastern European.

[Biehner]: It's cactus

[Roscoe]: It just...

[Biehner]: cut potatoes, pro-geat, like it.

[Roscoe]: Oh, cactus cut? He's from the desert.
Come on.

[Biehner]: right?

[Suthy]: Hahaha

[darty]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: But then, but then you have the Meteor,
it's literally got everything and he has everything

[Biehner]: with regards to being one of the
best players in the league.

[Roscoe]: Yeah,

[Suthy]: I think it's

[Roscoe]: I feel

[Suthy]: gotta

[Roscoe]: like

[Suthy]: be Meteor.

[Roscoe]: it's Meteor. If he was European, I
would say Spicy Pierogi, but yeah, it's the

[Roscoe]: Meteor. I like that.

[Suthy]: Great question.

[Roscoe]: Nice one. So we answered it in both
ways. So thank you for that one.

[darty]: I got a question

[Biehner]: And

[darty]: for you,

[Biehner]: then

[darty]: Johnny.

[Biehner]: Morgan Reilly is whatever Tessa wants.

[Roscoe]: Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

[Suthy]: No!

[Biehner]: Ha ha!

[Suthy]: Jesus Christ

[Biehner]: Sorry.

[darty]: That's good, I like that, that's funny.

[Roscoe]: Well done.

[darty]: That's what we need to hear. That's
what the listeners want.

[Suthy]: I'm gonna go.

[darty]: That's what the folks at home.

[Biehner]: with the with the calling with the
calling fire crest.

[Roscoe]: Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho

[darty]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Let's be real, John's getting the
cauliflower crust.

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[darty]: I'm going to go to bed.

[Roscoe]: Dardee,

[darty]: Wait,

[Roscoe]: you got

[darty]: so

[Roscoe]: a question?

[darty]: here, yeah, so that's a question for
everybody too. Just another one that, because

[darty]: I was thinking about this while we're
talking about food and hockey players and who,

[darty]: who's like, again, like I'm probably
missing out on something here. Maybe someone

[darty]: already has one, but who's going to
be the first Leafs player to get their own

[darty]: like meal? You know what I mean? Like,
you know how they had like the Travis Scott

[darty]: burger? Like, is there going to be
like an Austin Matthews like burger or something?

[darty]: Like who, who would be the first one
on the team to get their own like actual like,

[darty]: you know, meal, like from like, like
say Osmo. or Timmy's or something, you know,

[darty]: like old Tim

[Biehner]: Marner

[darty]: Beibs

[Biehner]: had

[darty]: going on.

[Biehner]: one.

[Roscoe]: Today, where?

[Biehner]: I think he had a burger with some
burger joint.

[Suthy]: Hmm. You'd be my guess.

[Biehner]: Martin our partner

[Suthy]: He does a

[Biehner]: partners

[Suthy]: lot of commercials.

[Biehner]: with skip the dishes to launch the
Mitchell burger

[Roscoe]: Oh, nice.

[Biehner]: Here

[Suthy]: There

[Biehner]: it

[Suthy]: you

[Roscoe]: And

[Suthy]: go.

[Biehner]: is.

[Roscoe]: I remember the Raptors had a thing
with Starbucks in Toronto.

[Suthy]: Oh yeah.

[Roscoe]: So,

[darty]: Well that's

[Roscoe]: yeah.

[darty]: why, like the Raptors, that was one
of my inspiration too, is what's his name on

[darty]: the Raptors, is doing the thing with
Subway, right? Bowlway or whatever, makes his

[darty]: own bowls. The

[Biehner]: Scotty Burns.

[Suthy]: Oh yeah,

[darty]: kids,

[Suthy]: you're right.

[darty]: Scotty Barnes, yeah, kid sensation,

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[darty]: he's awesome, he's wicked.

[Roscoe]: If you get the wrong meal, I mean,
it would probably be... I mean, it's one of

[Roscoe]: the star guys, but I'm thinking of
like what...

[Suthy]: Does it have to be? I feel like maybe
a guy like Ryan Reeves would get like a spicy

[Suthy]: something named after him. Like a challenge

[darty]: Oh yeah,

[Suthy]: type of

[darty]: that's

[Suthy]: meal.

[darty]: for sure. That's a good one.

[Roscoe]: I mean, he is here for a few years,
it's true.

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: Or like someone like Domi, like some,
I'm not super familiar with restaurants in

[Biehner]: Toronto, but maybe a restaurant that's
been around forever, they make some sort of

[Biehner]: like quote unquote hometown meal
and call it the Max Domi or something.

[Suthy]: Could be.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I'm sure there's a ton of ways
you can play on like the double Domi and all

[Roscoe]: that.

[Suthy]: Oh yeah.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, you could have like the oh,
that's a good idea for a burger. You could

[Roscoe]: have like the Domi and the double
Domi and like.

[Suthy]: Pitch

[Biehner]: McDonald's

[Suthy]: it.

[Biehner]: and the GTA should temporarily name
Happy Meals Smile Meals for Samsona.

[Roscoe]: Oh,

[Suthy]: Hehehehe

[Roscoe]: I thought you were going, I thought
you were gonna make a McDomey joke.

[Biehner]: Oh.

[Suthy]: Hehehehe

[Roscoe]: But no, I think there's a lot of opportunity
for these guys to cash in, all these new guys

[Roscoe]: in town. There's tons, I mean, the
fact that Osmos, I went home to Coburg and

[Roscoe]: there's an Osmos there now. The place
is popping up everywhere. So, you know.

[Biehner]: I've still not tried one. I finally

[Suthy]: Me

[Biehner]: tried

[Suthy]: neither.

[Biehner]: Chick-fil-A today for the first time.

[Roscoe]: Not open on Sundays, says on every

[Suthy]: I don't know.

[Roscoe]: The thing with Osmos is like, if you're
not from Ottawa, I'm sure it's good, but like,

[Roscoe]: when you have it here,

[Suthy]: in.

[Roscoe]: it's like, come on, I've had better
shawarma than this. What are we

[Suthy]: This is

[Roscoe]: doing?

[Suthy]: the shawarma capital of Canada and
it is excellent. You don't have time to mess

[Suthy]: around with Osmo's.

[Roscoe]: That's

[darty]: I think

[Roscoe]: why

[darty]: we

[Roscoe]: they're-

[darty]: have a whole episode that deals with
that, right? We did a discussion about the

[darty]: subtle

[Suthy]: We'll probably

[darty]: intricacies

[Suthy]: have a few

[darty]: of

[Suthy]: more.

[darty]: what makes a good shawarma.

[Roscoe]: Well, that's why like there's only
one, what's that poutine place, Smokes? There's

[Roscoe]: only like one of those here in Ottawa.
Like, you know, it's the poutines from Ottawa

[Roscoe]: and come back. It's like, well, like,
yeah, that's why everybody makes it. And there's

[Roscoe]: not like a poutine place.

[darty]: That's so funny because I was actually
just thinking about that. I was looking for

[darty]: a solid poutine where I live and I
was like, you know what? I haven't been to

[darty]: Smokes in so long. Of course, since
COVID, it's disappeared.

[Roscoe]: Really?

[darty]: It kind of went without a trace. There
used to be over 250 restaurants, I think. They

[darty]: had Smokes in the US, they had Smokes
in LA. Now there's

[Roscoe]: Oh wow.

[darty]: like... You know, they at least have
the amount of restaurants they have. Because

[darty]: I had to go up to, I didn't go, but
I know like for me to get like the closest

[darty]: smokes to me was like either in downtown
Toronto or in Berry. And they used

[Biehner]: I

[darty]: to

[Biehner]: know

[darty]: have them everywhere.

[Biehner]: I had a wicked poutine when I was
heading up to Nunavut when my flight was delayed

[Biehner]: in Toronto. I ate at one of the restaurants
that was in there. A Montreal smoked meat poutine.

[Suthy]: So, nice.

[Biehner]: It was delicious. Had

[darty]: Oh

[Biehner]: a

[darty]: yeah.

[Biehner]: bunch of Montreal smoked meat shaved
up in it and then some Dijon mustard on it.

[Biehner]: It was awesome.

[darty]: Shout out to Poutineville, which like
you said, the people that worked there used

[darty]: to know me by name. I used to go to
this place called Poutineville that I think

[darty]: it still exists. It's in Montreal,
but there was one in Toronto by like Bathurst

[darty]: and Bloor area. It was by the lab if
anybody knows where that is, which also does

[darty]: no longer exist. And yeah, I used to
after a night out of partying, particularly

[darty]: it was near the Brunswick house. I'm
pretty sure where all the fights used to happen,

[darty]: which again, doesn't exist anymore.
Thanks COVID and Doug Ford and. the economy

[darty]: but thanks capitalism but yeah it was
the best

[Suthy]: Uh.

[darty]: honestly it was like the best poutine
I ever had like I'm pretty sure they still

[darty]: have like that chain or whatever in
Montreal but yeah poutine feels amazing shoutout

[darty]: to poutine

[Roscoe]: So just to bring it back, you made
a good point there, Dardee, Smokes has downsized

[Roscoe]: in the last couple of years. So they're
out of Ajax. They were only founded in 2008.

[Roscoe]: They opened their first location in
Toronto then. By 20, it says in 2016, they

[Roscoe]: had 76 restaurants in Canada and five
in the US. They planned to expand the company

[Roscoe]: internationally and open 1300 restaurants
around the world by 2020.

[Suthy]: Wow.

[Roscoe]: They had already started this expansion
having sold franchises to the states, like

[Roscoe]: Dardie said. They had by 2017 150
locations across Canada and the states. They

[Roscoe]: had one in Berkeley, California that
closed. Four other USA locations have also

[Roscoe]: closed. According to their website,
as of August 2022, there are 49 locations.

[Roscoe]: So that's 100 down from 2017. That's
two-thirds of their restaurants have closed.

[darty]: I wasn't making up the severity of
this situation, alright? I do my research when

[darty]: it comes

[Suthy]: Okay.

[darty]: to poutine and hockey, okay? Alright?
I don't, I back this shit up with facts.

[Roscoe]: That's what you come here for, you
know? It's leaves

[Suthy]: 100%.

[Roscoe]: and random tidbits of information
and you will always get that here, I promise

[Roscoe]: you. So,

[Biehner]: Speaking of poutine, I had

[Roscoe]: yes.

[Biehner]: one at the Paris Fair this weekend
actually. We went to a local fair to celebrate

[Biehner]: the end of summer and I had a Dorito

[Roscoe]: That sounds good, actually.

[Biehner]: So just your regular poutine fries,
gravy and cheese curds with a whole bunch of

[Biehner]: crunched up nacho Doritos mixed in

[Roscoe]: That's a really good idea.

[Biehner]: Simple,

[Roscoe]: We did that,

[Biehner]: but really good.

[Roscoe]: we did a mac and cheese at the cottage
a couple of weeks ago, and I crushed up a bunch

[Roscoe]: of Doritos for on top of it, and it
was really good.

[Biehner]: We'll always do like a taco salad
every now and then and then we'll mix in we'll

[Biehner]: crunch up nacho Doritos and sweet
chili heat in there as well

[Roscoe]: Nice.

[Suthy]: Oh boy.

[darty]: That actually reminds me of, oh by
the way, so shout out to Sheridan College,

[darty]: Dardie Brewer, Sheridan College alum.
And I made a promise that any

[Roscoe]: EW

[darty]: time that I represented Sheridan College,
that I would always, as an actor, make sure

[darty]: that people know where I'm from. So,
gotta do it the proper way. And yeah, when

[darty]: I went to school, they used to have
this like, in their cafeteria or whatever,

[darty]: they would have this like, taco in
a bag. I'm sure you guys have had it before,

[darty]: but it's like,

[Roscoe]: Yup.

[Biehner]: Walking

[darty]: you know, a bag

[Biehner]: Taco.

[darty]: of Doritos or bag, yeah, Walking Taco.
I know people

[Suthy]: So

[darty]: have

[Suthy]: good.

[darty]: different names for it, but that was

[Roscoe]: do

[darty]: amazing.

[Roscoe]: with Fritos

[darty]: Honestly,

[Roscoe]: too.

[darty]: when you're up a little later and you
kind of had a couple too many wobbly pops,

[darty]: a little Walking Taco, Taco in a Bag,
Crushed Doritos and

[Roscoe]: Bit of the

[darty]: all

[Roscoe]: jazz

[darty]: the fixing

[Roscoe]: cabbage.

[darty]: of a taco, it does it. It's amazing.
It's crazy what the little things that satiate

[darty]: the hunger.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I had that at work actually
for the first time. They made that for everybody.

[Roscoe]: It was like, you can do Fritos or
Doritos if anybody hasn't had this before.

[Roscoe]: You open the bag

[Suthy]: Fritos

[Roscoe]: sideways.

[Suthy]: are great.

[Roscoe]: Yeah. Oh yeah. Fritos are the corn
flavor. Oh my God. There's so much cornier

[Roscoe]: than Doritos are. That's the thing.
Don't give me that look, Justin.

[Suthy]: It's

[Roscoe]: Don't

[Suthy]: caught.

[Roscoe]: give me that look. So you cut the
bag open sideways and you can put like just

[Roscoe]: chili in or you can do like regular

[darty]: Chiller.

[Roscoe]: stuff like. You know, ground beef
and sour cream and onions and cheese, whatever.

[Roscoe]: And it's just like you eat it with
a fork with a bunch of crushed up Doritos,

[Roscoe]: it's so good.

[Biehner]: little bit of Italian dressing.

[Roscoe]: Pardonz-moi.

[Suthy]: I've never heard of that.

[Roscoe]: I'm sorry, what?

[Biehner]: When we do our taco salads, we'll
put it like ground beef, lettuce, spinach,

[Biehner]: peppers, crushed up Doritos, and
then some Italian dressing.

[Suthy]: Italian.

[Roscoe]: one.

[Suthy]: Not like sour cream, not ranch or...
Sour cream.

[Biehner]: There'll be a little sour cream in
there as well, but.

[Suthy]: Alright, alright.

[Biehner]: My wife likes to say that I have
pregnant girl cravings, like all

[Suthy]: She

[Biehner]: the

[Suthy]: might

[Biehner]: time.

[Suthy]: be right.

[Biehner]: We've discussed this previously with
one of my favorite breakfasts with toast, with

[Biehner]: peanut butter and melted cheese.
Ha ha!

[Roscoe]: Okay, so I just, I know what Italian
dressing tastes like, but like I can't discern

[Roscoe]: what's in it in my mind, if that makes
sense. So it's lemon juice and white vinegar,

[Roscoe]: Dijon mustard, garlic, honey, parsley,
oregano, thyme, olive oil, black pepper, salt.

[Roscoe]: So besides the Dijon mustard, like
the flavor wise, I guess it makes sense. It's

[Roscoe]: just not something I would ever think
to put on a taco salad, but. Like, why don't

[Roscoe]: you get like an avocado lime crema
going or like, I don't

[Suthy]: Mmm.

[Roscoe]: know. You mix

[Biehner]: because...

[Roscoe]: some sour cream with lime juice and
you're set.

[darty]: It

[Biehner]: No.

[darty]: honestly feels like cultural appropriation
at this point.

[Roscoe]: I actually learned that similar to
how like Hot Pockets and Pizza Pops were created.

[Roscoe]: It was some Italian guy made fucking
Chinese food, frozen dinners, and they were

[Roscoe]: like, why don't you put pizza in an
egg roll? And he's like, ah, Pizza Pops.

[Suthy]: Genius.

[Roscoe]: Genius. Sell it to the world.

[Biehner]: You gotta go with the McCain ones
though, not the Pillsbury.

[Roscoe]: Oh, dude, right?

[Suthy]: Y'all 100%

[Roscoe]: Right.

[Biehner]: Pillsbury's

[Roscoe]: This

[Biehner]: too doughy.

[Roscoe]: is why we got to get the Patreon going
so we can just talk about other things forever

[Roscoe]: without worrying

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: about wasting

[Biehner]: By the

[Roscoe]: people's

[Biehner]: way, are we

[Roscoe]: time.

[Biehner]: ever doing the Vegemite?

[Roscoe]: I have mine. It's definitely

[Suthy]: I still

[Roscoe]: expired

[Suthy]: have,

[Roscoe]: at this

[Suthy]: same.

[Roscoe]: point. But well, we were going to
do bets, right? Like Steph made a bet that

[Roscoe]: she lost and ended up having to eat
it. So, I mean, do we want to just like find

[Roscoe]: preseason games to bet on or like
some when we bet on like other sports, we'll

[Roscoe]: find like some random other thing
that's going on and we'll pick whoever we think

[Roscoe]: is going to win the next like, I don't
know, golf, tennis or race or something that

[Roscoe]: we don't watch.

[Suthy]: Done.

[Biehner]: That could

[darty]: And

[Biehner]: work.

[darty]: just to Luke man, I don't even think
like I don't it's not necessarily I don't even

[darty]: want to eat the Vegemite it's more
so that like we wanted to do it in like a special

[darty]: way and then like we just never got
around to doing it because Like I'll eat anything

[darty]: like I'm a kind of guy like I like
a good liverwurst sandwich, you know So like

[darty]: Vegemite I feel like will be a cakewalk
for me. I don't know about you

[Biehner]: I love the random noises in my dirty

[Suthy]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: every

[Suthy]: Hahaha.

[Biehner]: time

[Roscoe]: So

[Biehner]: he

[Roscoe]: wild.

[Biehner]: talks.

[Suthy]: Thanks for watching!

[Roscoe]: You can pick like K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K

[Roscoe]: Who do you think is leading the KHL
right now?

[Biehner]: and scoring?

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: Probably someone who shouldn't be
playing hockey like Jake Vertanen.

[darty]: I was going to say, was this the dirtbag

[Roscoe]: Uh, points. Oh, they've only played
three games so far, so it doesn't really matter.

[Roscoe]: Um,

[darty]: I thought

[Roscoe]: who's

[darty]: you were

[Roscoe]: this?

[darty]: talking about points for the show,
points that we need to improve on.

[Suthy]: Uh huh.

[Roscoe]: Ow. I'm just thinking if there's anybody
we recognize here. Doesn't seem like it though.

[Biehner]: Okay, let someone who actually knows
players look at the list.

[Suthy]: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[Roscoe]: Yeah, oh fuck you. Do you know

[darty]: Dude

[Roscoe]: who,

[darty]: coming for a beanie.

[Roscoe]: do you know who fucking, who is...

[Suthy]: It's not Mitchkov, that's for sure.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, right, do you know who Nikolai
Goldopen is?

[Biehner]: Nicalical Dolmen is a leaf's prospect.

[Roscoe]: Goldobin? He's 27.

[Biehner]: or no, sorry, I'm thinking.

[Roscoe]: Okay, nice try.

[Biehner]: Um, Goldalman used to play in the
league, did he not?

[Suthy]: I believe he did. Like I recognize
his name.

[Biehner]: Yes, I've definitely heard the name.

[Biehner]: I've got to look up that prospect
now. I'm thinking of it's grow something.

[Roscoe]: Number three in points last season
was Alexander Radulov.

[Suthy]: Oh

[Biehner]: Jeez,

[Suthy]: yeah.

[Biehner]: he's still playing.

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: Shippa-Chep's

[Roscoe]: What

[Biehner]: still playing

[Roscoe]: interstate

[Biehner]: over there too.

[Roscoe]: are you hitchhiking down, Darty?

[Suthy]: Hehehe

[darty]: I'm just trying not to get robbed,
stabbed, or anything else

[Suthy]: Brilliant.

[darty]: that would be unfortunate for me.

[Suthy]: Are you walking down the 401? What's
going on here?

[darty]: I think this is Woodbine. The second
longest road in the world, apparently.

[Roscoe]: Nikolai Goldoben was selected in the
first round of the 2014 draft by the San Jose

[Roscoe]: Sharks.

[Biehner]: 125 games in the league between Vancouver
and San Jose.

[Roscoe]: There you go. NHL totals 46 points
in 125 games.

[darty]: Look

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[darty]: guys, I could have been doing this
show or listening to the Canadian True Crime

[darty]: Podcast, alright? And honestly, like,
I feel less secured with this being on the

[darty]: show.

[Roscoe]: Alright.

[Suthy]: You made the right choice.

[Roscoe]: So it's Thursday, we'll be back soon
because season's heating up. We got more stuff

[Roscoe]: to talk about, more games to play,
and more trivia

[Suthy]: predictions

[Roscoe]: and stuff.

[Suthy]: coming

[Roscoe]: So

[Suthy]: up soon.

[Roscoe]: exactly, we got to do a whole preseason
breakdown. We got to do the East and the West

[Roscoe]: and lots of stuff coming up. We're
getting back in the swing of it, I promise.

[Roscoe]: So stay tuned, subscribe, follow us
and you know, chill. Leaf season's coming,

[Roscoe]: baby. Anybody

[darty]: keep

[Roscoe]: want

[darty]: on

[Roscoe]: to

[darty]: rockin' in the free

[Roscoe]: sign

[darty]: world.

[Roscoe]: off on that? Keep on rocking.

[Suthy]: I think for dirty safety we gotta end
this here.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, before I get smoked on

[Suthy]: Thanks for watching!

[Roscoe]: the side of the road. All right. Good
night, everybody. We love you.

[Biehner]: Ciao.

[Roscoe]: I have a no-tro.

[Suthy]: Bonsoir.

[Roscoe]: I was just-

[darty]: God, how much I've missed this outro.

[Suthy]: Let's.

[darty]: now available on the side of

[Roscoe]: Oh

[darty]: the room.

[Roscoe]: and shout out to Mike Ross for signing

[Suthy]: Fuck yeah.

[Roscoe]: Year with the Leafs.