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[roscoe]: Connecting, Oh, look at that share to Twitter.

[roscoe]: Why is it called that

[roscoe]: Title No

[roscoe]: And

[roscoe]: Sin Episode?

[steph]: Been coming?

[steph]: What?

[roscoe]: They're Hey, Hello, David

[steph]: Uh,

[roscoe]: Garvan, We just started here. We're just getting set
up. We haven't done this in a long time. I haven't gone live

[roscoe]: in a while, So M just trying to get this link. I don't
know if you heard, but they were just interviewing Luke Shed,

[roscoe]: and

[steph]: My?

[roscoe]: I dknow He didn't mean it the way that he said it, but
he's like I never got to play for a successful leaf team and

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: I chuckled out

[steph]: yeah.

[roscoe]: loud.

[steph]: it's crazy to think that they were only now. Riley and
Lucesian were only teammates for one day. It kind of feels like

[steph]: Riley played

[roscoe]: I heard

[steph]: with Lucsianyou.

[roscoe]: that,

[steph]: know, just thinking of that era and point in time. but
yeah, blast from the past, number two, baby is back.

[roscoe]: Yeah, and getting to quick work. he was trying to, I
mean, not clear the net, but that, after the whistle, giving

[roscoe]: a couple of shoves to Hubert is definitely

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: exactly

[steph]: exactly.

[roscoe]: what you want.

[steph]: Hubert's right on top of the puck there, and everyone's
jamming away at it. but hey, no other than Luke Shin getting

[steph]: right in there being like No, Okay. this is my role on
the team. Might as well use my size and give Hub a good couple

[steph]: pushes.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, so unfortunately, leaves coming out of the
first period down a goal and a rough night last night against

[roscoe]: the Oilers. I mean, do we want to touch on that? We've
got questions from last night. I think we can maybe finish with

[roscoe]: those, but

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: man, Connor is quite the

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: star

[steph]: you. honestly. at this point in time we're comparing
every record to Gretski's record, so it's just goes to show like

[steph]: it's not even a single goal streak anymore. It's like
two two goals a game streak or something ridiculous at this point

[steph]: and we called it you know, off season, Um,

[roscoe]: Five in a row.

[steph]: pretty much saying, M. Sid did it himself, saying I'm
going to score fifty next year And then he goes And does it.

[steph]: Carnac. David wanted to work on his two way game in previous
years, and now realizes Hey, I can score as well, And he said

[steph]: it to himself in the off season and damn like, who had
any doubts? Honestly,

[roscoe]: Yeah, and David here on. Sorry on you tube. Just trying
to catch up with all the screens I got going here, as I was saying

[roscoe]: to a co worker today, the leaves lost to counter Mc
David last night. Yeah, honestly watching that, it's very evident

[roscoe]: that Mc David and Drisidll run that team like it's the
way they're built. I get it. but man, Ricytleis is like Marner

[roscoe]: can just find anyone anywhere With the pass makes anybody
look ten times better than they are. And when your partners Mc.

[roscoe]: David, for part of that time, it's just it's in And

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: two are nuts,

[steph]: I'm just thankful that our buds get to practice with
these guys in the off season. Like whenever I saw Matthews on

[steph]: the Is. I just kept thinking like Okay, Remember those
in those summer days where you trained together Like beautilize

[steph]: those skills. You kind of have the one up on him in a
sense, and I had high hopes, especially Leafs coming off February

[steph]: perfect on the P. Q. M. The coaching staff being What
was the award that they won Johnny? Yes,

[roscoe]: Coaching staff for the month, which I didn't know, was
the thing that the coaches Association hands out every month,

[roscoe]: so we'll have to watch for that because I mean to my
knowledge, the leaves

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: have

[steph]: know

[roscoe]: never

[steph]: it was

[roscoe]: won

[steph]: the

[roscoe]: it,

[steph]: thing.

[roscoe]: but

[steph]: I didn't know.

[roscoe]: I've

[steph]: It

[roscoe]: never

[steph]: was the

[roscoe]: been checking.

[steph]: thing that's pretty bad. But yeah, now you got to give
the Oilers credit though, and last night at home, obviously showing

[steph]: the way that he was the perfect pick up for them and
getting rid of Tyson Barry man. Like, what a difference, And

[steph]: we know that he disappointed in Toronto. You send him
to Edmonton, and kind of hope you know. how else can you help

[steph]: this Offensive scoring team by adding more of offense.
But no, this is. That was literally kind of putting them in a

[steph]: hole. In a sense, because no one was there on D. So they
were scoring their way out of their problems, but it's biting

[steph]: them. biting them back in the ass later on when the goal
tending isn't there to save the day,

[roscoe]: Yeah, and honestly, I think Tyson Barry will do well
in Nashville. They're a team that has always had an offensive

[roscoe]: defensement and now that they're kind of moving people
around and reshaping the team, I think he's a good one to move

[roscoe]: forward with, But yeah, at home just immediately made
a difference there, and it kind of reminded me how much money

[roscoe]: they're paying Darnell Nurse to have to solve a lot
of problems for

[steph]: Right

[roscoe]: him.

[steph]: Umdarnet?

[roscoe]: But we have our own. I mean, we can get to it, but it's
It's kind of like you know, we're paying Riley quite a bit of

[roscoe]: money to have to trade for four new defense

[steph]: That's right,

[roscoe]: men and so

[steph]: But with all of our new defenders were are only at six

[roscoe]: Three

[steph]: point

[roscoe]: three.

[steph]: nine. was it mill altogether? So with the San Dine trade
and everything that goes with that, you know the moves that Dubois

[steph]: made to be able to activate Murray in time, and still
being under the cap. It's impressive.

[roscoe]: Yeah, honestly, it is. I think the last thing is, does

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: he make a move for a goal tomorrow? and if you would
like to tune in inside the rank, we're going to be doing a a

[roscoe]: trade deadline day. I, last minute, I'm going to be

[steph]: Nice

[roscoe]: available to join them, so from two to four o'clock
will be live, covering everything that happens if anything happens

[roscoe]: in the last little bit. I know most moves have already
gone down, but yeah, do we think does is going to go for a goal

[roscoe]: tender? I think that's the biggest question because
I mean Sammy's had some rough games. Yeah, everybody's adjusting

[roscoe]: to a new line up and you know Murray's hurt. Do we do?
we think they need help or is it just let's cross our fingers

[roscoe]: in hope that everybody is healthy and back on their
game by April.

[steph]: Just to be realistic and tap into the minds of management
and do this. honestly. I do not think a goal tender is in the

[steph]: future for them. I think their sticking with Wall as
their third string and hoping to activate Murray this week or

[steph]: next week. Hopefully, and I don't know. I, I don't mind.
Right Wall is coming off being named the H. L's top goal tender,

[steph]: Murray. Obvious, We want that. M proven. you know he's
a winner, right, He's a winner. He's a Stanley Cup champion and

[steph]: we want to see that going into the playoffs. I don't
think Dubs is going to give up on him just yet like we brought

[steph]: him for this purpose. Why give up on that like literally
one month before the playoffis Like? I really think Dubis needs

[steph]: to see this out for himself as well. Plus he's a sou,
former Su greyhound.

[roscoe]: Yeah, the ones that are available, or I mean, at least
they are being talked about, Thathrodemco and use sorrows have

[roscoe]: been whispered about between the two of them. I would
much rather use sorrow, Sin of the price would probably be higher.

[roscoe]: but I, just if it's one or the other, just because Vancouver's
had a rough time, I think dem co, because he's gotten more play

[roscoe]: off experience than sorrows has. maybe people would
lean towards. But just because of how rough Vancouver's had the

[roscoe]: last Couple of years, I just he's got a break out of
quite the funk and I don't know how quickly a goal can do that

[roscoe]: Like we talk about how much it's a head game coming
off of a team where you're getting jersey's thrown on the ice,

[roscoe]: and you've gone through so many coaches and so much
just limbo with the team. I don't know.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: I wouldn't touch anybody from there right now. I mean,
Luke Shanaside,

[steph]: right, I don't see.

[roscoe]: The human racer,

[steph]: Apparently,

[roscoe]: as apparently he's

[steph]: but

[roscoe]: called,

[steph]: I don't see Nashville letting go of sorrow. He is the

[roscoe]: I don't

[steph]: for the

[roscoe]: either.

[steph]: Peckarides retired. He has a statue in front of the building.
Sorrows is the only guy left Unless you go with Lankenin. He's

[steph]: obviously a rooky coming into this league. I think he's
second year now and he's He's doing well. I'm sure, but Sorrows

[steph]: is the big name for them and I can't see them immediately
going with Lankenin over sorrows and getting rid of sorrow, So

[steph]: I might be wrong. There might be another name in the
mix. I don't follow Nashville too closely, but seems improbable.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I just feel like they're doing more of a re tooling
than rebuild like. I mean, they didn't trade at home for picks.

[roscoe]: They traded him for Tyson Berry. Right, so they're tying
to bring some new faces in to see if they can change up the results

[roscoe]: because they're kind of like the leaf where they can
get into the playoffs, but they don't seem to be able

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: to get it of the first or second around.

[steph]: and speaking of the leaves right, we say good bye to
Sandman and Pierre in Vall this week, which yeah,

[roscoe]: Oh

[steph]: it hurts.

[roscoe]: so draff.

[steph]: All we did was acquire acquire, acquire, So the time
has come where we have to say our side good byes to our beloved.

[steph]: you know, leaves who were brought up in our system, So
it especially hurts. Yeah, the

[roscoe]: The

[steph]: Swedes

[roscoe]: sweep

[steph]: right. and of course we had the video of them saying
their final good byes with just Just Yeah, shoots you right through

[steph]: the heart there. But you know, big opportunity for sanine
coming up. Carlson. still on I. R. He immediately takes over

[steph]: the first power play unit. Um, I'm excited for him and
this opportunity, and even per Ingvall on that first line, and

[steph]: tonight he was rotating out of power play one and slaughted
in the first or the second power play unit Man. Yeah, yeah,

[roscoe]: Really

[steph]: playing with Boahorvat, Anders Lee on the first line.

[roscoe]: Good for

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: him. I mean, if they, if they see the potential like
it's there like we've always said, he just needs the minutes

[roscoe]: and there's no way he's going to get them on Toronto.
So and like with sand, and I've talked about it in some of our

[roscoe]: group chats, but we always were kind of going to get
to this breaking point with him in Liligrin, where we were only

[roscoe]: going to be able to afford to keep one of them by the
time their Ces ran out anyway, or well, not here. S. I guess

[roscoe]: they're

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: both on cheaper deals now, but like once they hit, You
know when they want to Big contract, we're only going to E able

[roscoe]: to sign one of them. So um, it was inevitable. I just,
I didn't think it was going to happen this soon

[steph]: Right, and I think it's all about timing and dubs mentioned
in his media availability, like last year didn't work out. And

[steph]: then you know we don't forget that Sand Dan held out
and he came back to Dubus signing for the same offer and then

[steph]: admitted in his interview there that he's He was off
to a slow start this year and we know that he missed a portion

[steph]: of training camp, so that didn't help his case at all,
but in return, you know eight hundred thousand for Gusta Sin

[steph]: versus the one point four mill, for Sanden, immediately
becomes the leader in points for defenders with thirty eight

[steph]: points. You can't go wrong like

[roscoe]: Crazy, so we immediately have a new leader in points
and a new leader and hits on the team and they both have like

[roscoe]: no points and maybe one or two hits with the leaves.

[steph]: Right. Yeah, you can't go wrong. Carlson, still on Iraugusticson,
was used to that first power play unit, but tonight, oh my God,

[steph]: first period against the Calgary. Here he is getting
his first look on the second power play unit and the puck bounces

[steph]: over his stick to send You know the Flames, Colman rushing
up the ice. short handed chance scores all that stung.

[roscoe]: Yeah that that hurts. and I mean wall. Not that he could
have had it, but it was just it seemed like you know, he had

[roscoe]: absolutely no chats like he was scared. He wasn't in
the right spot. That was just an easy one. But what was funnier

[roscoe]: was Coleman thinking He scored that second one off of
the tip from Hannofin and he threw his fists up

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: and he's like pumping. Wait. Oh, I didn't scorch

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: it.

[steph]: homecoming trip

[roscoe]: That was

[steph]: for

[roscoe]: great.

[steph]: Go. You know, it's stopping in Seattle and now Calgary.
What a road trip for the buds this time around, you know, welcoming

[steph]: new players to the line up. Um every day this week, it
seems, and now we get to reunite Brodie and go together in Calgary

[steph]: and see what the buds can do on defense, because seven
defenders rolling tonight are sorry, seven forwards, A Or defenders

[steph]: and eleven four wards. Jes,

[roscoe]: Oh,

[steph]: there we go. there we go. The

[roscoe]: there

[steph]: game

[roscoe]: you

[steph]: popped

[roscoe]: go.

[steph]: on, so now I'm like,

[roscoe]: I know. I don't know if you saw, but Matthews has played
nine and a half minutes. nine thirty nine in the first period.

[steph]: No,

[roscoe]: That's

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: crazy,

[steph]: didn't see. So that's good news. I noticed that they
were extremely fast tonight when passing the puck like they had

[steph]: a bit more jump to them.

[roscoe]: Really, because I found that they haven't been connecting
a lot of passes tonight Like there was a couple of ices that

[roscoe]: just were missed passes. Like there was someone at the
Blue Line ready for something and they missed it twice and it

[roscoe]: was iced And it's just the same thing last night where
it just seemed a little sloppy and I know everybody, and look

[roscoe]: at that, another one. The same

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: thing. They

[steph]: I guess

[roscoe]: lost

[steph]: I should

[roscoe]: the blue

[steph]: be

[roscoe]: line.

[steph]: more specific. I mean on the second power play opportunity,
the leaves seemed like they were cycling that puck and just look

[steph]: like they had an opportunity compared to the first time
around, Because the leaves did not get set up whatsoever. The

[steph]: two short handed break aways, it just did not look look
like a good start. No one started on time In a sense.

[roscoe]: Yeah, and now this power plays up and an entire two
shots on it. So yeah, I mean, everybody is finding their legs

[roscoe]: again. It's It's new team mates around. and like I mentioned
last night, I think once Friday passes, a lot of the guys like

[roscoe]: cur foot and hall, and Jes, I was going to say Engvall,
but he's already gone. Some of the guys in the bottom six might

[roscoe]: still be a little nervous.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: I think before tomorrow afternoon, just because I don't
know if any of them expected Nvlandsandn to be the ones Go, And

[roscoe]: now that they have and people are talking about more
moves being made, And it's not like they can't see Kyle Dubs

[roscoe]: walking around on the phone so they know something

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: is going to

[steph]: and

[roscoe]: happen,

[steph]: we kind

[roscoe]: but

[steph]: of speculated all season two right between the pick of
Sandenor, Lily Ingvell, and Cur foot, So we've gone through those

[steph]: two scenarios. We said our good byes to Ingvell and Sandine,
but I honestly don't think kurfoot's going anywhere. Um, I don't

[steph]: know.

[roscoe]: Oh,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Riley, take a pack to

[steph]: just

[roscoe]: the face.

[steph]: feel like they value him way too much. Same with just
at all. But this time around you gotta. I don't know. you got

[steph]: to Believe because I can't believe the amount of balls
dupes has had this year. I've just been mind blowing. He's been

[steph]: making the big moves.

[roscoe]: I just got to quickly say he's already gone, but he'll
hear this on the recording, David Garvan, than you for joining

[roscoe]: us on Youtube and Chris Hurley. What is up? Thank you
for joining us. Happy to have you and everybody else who's on

[roscoe]: Youtube, happy to have you all watching. Please leave
any comments. I will see them as soon as I can and answer questions.

[roscoe]: if you have any live games back on. If you're watching.
I don't know how close my stream is to hers, but I've got like

[roscoe]: seventeen thirty

[steph]: I'm

[roscoe]: seven

[steph]: at seventeen,

[roscoe]: left.

[steph]: twenty six.

[roscoe]: Okay, so you're like ten seconds at just under

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: ten seconds ahead of me. I think

[steph]: not too bad.

[roscoe]: so not bad.

[steph]: I'm actually on cable right now, so

[roscoe]: I am rocking that stream life tonight and it was really
hard. I don't know if anybody else was streaming it, but I had

[roscoe]: to get like real into the v. P ends

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: to get this one to work.

[steph]: so I

[roscoe]: It's

[steph]: try

[roscoe]: getting

[steph]: to

[roscoe]: more

[steph]: delay

[roscoe]: and more frustrating.

[steph]: the comments on our discord and wait till there's a reaction
from someone else whenever something happens, Because I, I know

[steph]: I've ruined so many goals for people in the past, but
I'll try and do the same now.

[roscoe]: If only it was easier to watch the game from a single
source, except even I have my cable. I guess it's not really

[roscoe]: cable. It's like Bell five T V, so it comes

[steph]: Hm.

[roscoe]: through like the fibre optic able. It's It's actually
like behind

[steph]: Oh,

[roscoe]: regular cable

[steph]: oh,

[roscoe]: because it's like

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: an internet

[steph]: see

[roscoe]: stream.

[steph]: that's

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: annoying.

[roscoe]: it's weird. Oh no.

[steph]: You see. it's the door of. Get a little physical with
somebody there.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Oh my God, Coleman's on fire tonight. He has a

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: big jump in his step on this third line.

[roscoe]: No kidding. And same with the char. He's been. That
fourth line

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: here has been really

[steph]: oh

[roscoe]: good.

[steph]: my god, Cudostocaris been always noticeable in every
game. In a positive aspect. He's always been impactful you now,

[steph]: taking pucks off players blocking shots, feeding players
like he's all over the place. I kind of consider him like a cur

[steph]: foot In a sense. now,

[roscoe]: Yeah, honestly, and a little more physical. And the
other thing they even mentioned. Other broadcast. Kerfoot has

[roscoe]: been really a different player the last few games. I
know he hasn't scored yet, but oh, somebody just got absolutely

[roscoe]: demolished. Um, but Kurfoot's been taking a lot more
shots instead of passing, and really driving plays

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: more than he has

[steph]: so

[roscoe]: in the past.

[steph]: nice. I'm here for it all day long. I mean cur foot.
How many times kerfoot and anvil two on one, and no one knows

[steph]: to shoot or pass. They're just so fucking confused, looking
at each other or not looking, But Krfyman, captain of Harvard,

[steph]: like we know, you have some offensive skill. Bring it.
Just utilize your position if you have that open ice. If you

[steph]: have the shot, take the shot. Don't think. Yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, there's been a lot of. I mean, we mentioned it
so many times with him and Engvallit was like I'm not shooting

[roscoe]: it. You shoot it. Don't you want me to shoot?

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Dude? I haven't scored

[steph]: cringe,

[roscoe]: either. Like it was just this. No one wanted to do it
because they knew they weren't going to finish it. So there's

[roscoe]: a lack of confidence going on. So Kerfoot definitely
found it the last week. At least just wanted to touch, because

[roscoe]: we're gonna have to kind of sprinkle these in here and
there, so since our last episode, obviously the leaves have acquired

[roscoe]: Luke Shen for a third round twenty twenty three pick
To Vancouver, and we mentioned at home and Berry, Minnesota,

[roscoe]: picking up Gustav Niwist, Patrick Kane goes to the New

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: Rangers. Little and the weird one was late at night.
We had Jonathan Quick moved for Unus Corposolo and flat Gavrcov,

[roscoe]: and then Columbus flipped today, Jonathan Quick to Vegas,
who. We had a joke in the office about him getting the mark A

[roscoe]: flurry treatment there and they're going to bring them
into Basically be a glorified

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: back up.

[steph]: Man, I'm just glad he got traded to a contender, right
like he would have been left to rot in Columbus. I mean, he's

[steph]: the most winning American goal in history. This guy is
coming off a ten year contract man. Who else to take him than

[steph]: Vegasright.

[roscoe]: I know. I'm surprised they didn't get cane, too.

[steph]: I'm surprised as well, but actually the Blue Jackets
are retaining fifty percent of quick salary and they're also

[steph]: getting Michael Hudgetson in return, which is the little
cherry on top for me, and also

[roscoe]: That

[steph]: a

[roscoe]: guy

[steph]: twenty twenty five seven seventh round pick, but leaves
legend Michael Hudgetson all around the league now showed out

[steph]: Mike. D. I know you love the guy.

[roscoe]: Guys played everywhere at this point. Honestly, you
could have like a Michael Hutchinson jersey collection

[steph]: Yeah, I'm

[roscoe]: and

[steph]: just

[roscoe]: it would

[steph]: glad

[roscoe]: be pretty

[steph]: he's still

[roscoe]: sick.

[steph]: in the N. H. L, might as well play.

[roscoe]: Yeah, same, um, also Arizona, sending shame gaustespair
to Carolina, and finally Jacob Chickeren has moved and he's in

[roscoe]: Autowa,

[steph]: Oh,

[roscoe]: and he's already hurt and he might be back on the bench,
I heard, but he left to go to the addressing group, So that's

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: just

[steph]: my

[roscoe]: insane.

[steph]: God,

[roscoe]: Phil Huronic also moved from Detroit to Vancouver. That
one surprised me because I know Detroit s trying to rebuild things,

[roscoe]: and I thought Philhoronic was going to be kind of like
their their veteran presence on D by the time everybody else

[roscoe]: started to shape up, And I mean they just resigned Larkin,
so it doesn't seem like they're going full blowing up.

[steph]: Me

[roscoe]: I was

[steph]: too.

[roscoe]: shocked at this

[steph]: but you know, especially Philip Arona. He's been switching
out of P. P. one mo siders, clearly leading the way here, and

[steph]: he's the future of the Red Wings and Philip Horonic,
and I know the connects needs need some defense. Especially now,

[steph]: Luke ins out of there and there's don't know. They're
gonna go through a rebuild. Like what's going on there? Right,

[steph]: Like Besser was supposed to go. J. T. Miller was listed
week to week On Yeah Who Fantasy and then magically became healthy

[steph]: today, which is nice for me, but it makes you think like,
Did it some sort of trade talk didn't go through or something

[steph]: like? I don't want to.

[roscoe]: Spiker Levin here on New Tube, Isermanis going to build
a dynasty.

[steph]: Nay, I

[roscoe]: I mean,

[steph]: think so.

[roscoe]: getting the conditional first round pick and a second
round pick for Rondic is good. It's just I don't know that the

[roscoe]: team

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: kind of confuses me. I get it siders your guy, and you're
not going a be able to afford to resign Aronic with the the way

[roscoe]: that he's played this year, but I don't know. Maybe

[steph]: I think

[roscoe]: make it

[steph]: Horonicis

[roscoe]: work.

[steph]: a great pickup for them. He has an offensive mind. He
uses the bad like he's He covers all categories honestly so good

[steph]: on them. good support for Quin Hughes and Vancouver,
Um, but chickering man,

[roscoe]: I just onheronic, though I don't understand how Vancouver
is going to be able to resign

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: Horonic if they want to keep like Quin Hughes, And you
know they've still got this oil deal stuck

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: there like I just

[steph]: me

[roscoe]: I

[steph]: too.

[roscoe]: don't know, man. They confuse me.

[steph]: honestly, the connects, read it community, their advocate.
I don't know if they're advocating for a rebuild or the speculation

[steph]: is pointing to. You know, Quin. Hugh's leaving Patterson
leaving. I don't know. time will only tell. All I know is that

[steph]: bus Pedro is has been hired to cover the trade talk as
well, So that's the latest news with him. I'm glad he's

[roscoe]: Of

[steph]: doing

[roscoe]: course,

[steph]: something So yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, so Chickering ends up going for a twenty twenty
three, first, twenty, twenty first second and twenty twenty six

[roscoe]: second. So first and two seconds to Autowa. This is
not what they asked for, but I mean once Goss Bear went, it was

[roscoe]: kind of like. Oh, all of your asks have gone into the
toilet. So the original Ask if you forget, was two first in a

[roscoe]: prospect plus the roster

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: player. I think

[steph]: clearly they waited way too long. I mean, this has been

[roscoe]: Two year is

[steph]: Two

[roscoe]: too

[steph]: years

[roscoe]: long.

[steph]: too long. This guy has been rotting on a fucking shelf
waiting for a trade. Then he gets put back into practice and

[steph]: everyone's confused, Right and man,

[roscoe]: He's twenty four and I feel like we've been waiting
for his career to

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: start since he

[steph]: so

[roscoe]: got here.

[steph]: apparently the speculation is that Autowa offered the
highest pick while not retaining or not making Arizona retain

[steph]: any salary. So that's why he went to Autoa. And Yeah,
what I can't believe is that you know Tanner Geno, seems like

[steph]: the most has been paid for him out of all of these names
like Patrick Kane, even Mir, Ryan Riley, Terris, Sancho. It feels

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: We said the same thing about Brandon

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Hagel last year. I don't know, man, Tampa seems to just
spend the sun in the moon to bring somebody in And it's like

[roscoe]: because

[steph]: He did score tonight.

[roscoe]: the only the only thing I can think is because they're
the back to back cup champs. Like the price for them is just

[roscoe]: hire because nobody

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: wants to help them out Like I can assume, they probably
have to pay more to get people on that teambcaue. Nobody wants

[roscoe]: to bolster

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: like the villain right,

[steph]: yeah. I don't know. this week has been really entertaining.
I mean, our phones were just off the ook in the beginning of

[steph]: this week, and I'm eager to see what tubes has in store,
but even the Boston bruns man like Gaverick was supposed to go

[steph]: there. That was the speculation, and then then they end
up getting or La Hathaway, and then today the news about Tyler

[steph]: Bertusi, Oh my fucking God,

[roscoe]: Such a Boston

[steph]: Man,

[roscoe]: Bruin

[steph]: Taylor Hall and Nick Feline, going on the l, T, r, M,

[roscoe]: Leaf leaf legend and

[steph]: Nick, Flo,

[roscoe]: almost leaf legend

[steph]: just

[roscoe]: yet.

[steph]: freaking dancing the other day and now he's heard like
randomly, Gary Pentman, Hello, these teams are not listening

[steph]: to your little memo here. if you haven't noticed, Especially
your baby in the desert.

[roscoe]: Oh, that was my favorite. How he came out and so like,
Oh, yeah, we want to investigate people that are taking advantage

[roscoe]: of l. t. r. Spike. Eleven Bostons trades have been my
favorite. Yeah, there, scary doing all the trades that are similar

[roscoe]: to the Leafs, where it's just kind of bull string things
that are already good or filling in those little holes instead

[roscoe]: of like, you know, we're bringing in Patrick Kane or
Team O. My, or it's like now we're fine. We

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: just need a couple

[steph]: exactly.

[roscoe]: little pieces.

[steph]: I just feel for Bertuzi a little

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: though, because he's going to be coming off line one,
power play one, maybe getting pushed to a bottom six role. P.

[steph]: P. two

[roscoe]: Boo hoo, it's the ruins. They

[steph]: Boo

[roscoe]: just won

[steph]: hoo for

[roscoe]: seven

[steph]: fantasy

[roscoe]: to one.

[steph]: owners, Okay

[roscoe]: Hey, then pick up Rasmus, Sandy and paring Vol.

[steph]: On it.

[roscoe]: instead.

[roscoe]: So the one thing I wanted to mention though, as Oh leap
scored funk, I missed it while Ou were talking.

[steph]: Oh my God, sorry, guys. like I said, I'm a blabber or
not a singer. I totally

[roscoe]: Who's

[steph]: missed

[roscoe]: scared?

[steph]: it too. uh, let's check my phone. Marner,

[roscoe]: Oh, here,

[steph]: Mitch

[roscoe]: marner.

[steph]: Marter scores.

[roscoe]: Nice,

[steph]: Now

[roscoe]: let's

[steph]: I'm

[roscoe]: go.

[steph]: getting the red plays. Oh dangles dangles

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: right in just cutting towards the middle at the net.
Like what? Everyone's just staring. watching one on one with

[steph]: Mark Stream. in the end, it seems, and super soft on
Mark Stream. To let that in Dan Marner, with the hands,

[roscoe]: I love

[steph]: Matthew's

[roscoe]: that.

[steph]: camphasis,

[roscoe]: So What I wanted to say was they made this whole point
about You can't take advantage of l. t. R. to go over the cap

[roscoe]: and all this and make these trades for guys that are
injured by Baba. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cotes have picked up

[roscoe]: She, Webber and Yakob for a check. Are you joking? You're
trying to get people to vote for this team getting a new arena

[roscoe]: built, and they're basically just the like cap dump

[steph]: What

[roscoe]: star

[steph]: is

[roscoe]: for

[steph]: it?

[roscoe]: everyone else.

[steph]: They actually only pay forty five per cent of their cap
or whatever to players and the rest was used towards injured

[steph]: contracts and such, Um just off the top of my head.

[roscoe]: Well, their actual. Their actual Um salaries are. what
is this? Oh, my gosh, their forwards, thirty million, defense,

[roscoe]: seven point eight, thirty point nine, thirty, one, thirty
seven. So they pay about thirty, eight, thirty nine million plus

[roscoe]: Okay, So then forty three plus their goal. Forty two
with their goal is injured reserve, twenty eight million dollars

[roscoe]: And dead cap and retained cap, four million. So

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: yeah, Thirty two million dollars to players that aren't
playing, and forty two million dollars to players that are That's

[roscoe]: looking crazy, man, And they have two first round picks
next year. They have one, two, three. Over the next three years

[roscoe]: they have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: second round picks and

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: nine

[steph]: my

[roscoe]: third

[steph]: god,

[roscoe]: round picks.

[steph]: sorry, Nasamcadry just scored on the P. P. Of course,

[roscoe]: Oh, really yours is that much? I thought you were only
like ten seconds ahead of me. Is that happening like right now?

[roscoe]: If it happens right now, I'm gonna

[steph]: Eleven,

[roscoe]: be really mad.

[steph]: fifteen

[roscoe]: Oh, let me. I think my stream might have fallen behind
some pauses here and there.

[steph]: Leafs

[roscoe]: Yeah, there's

[steph]: lose

[roscoe]: the goal

[steph]: the draw.

[roscoe]: that sucks

[steph]: I'm just getting the reply. Here. it comes in off the
rush. You know, the pug comes off Cad around the boards feeds

[steph]: the point back to cadre. Straight shot In farther than
the crash crash marks. there, crash my hash marks. Yeh

[roscoe]: There. I go. Ah, man. yeah, I just reset my stream,
but I tried to get my Vptond. It's still not even working. I

[roscoe]: think after I completely closed Crom, but I can't do
that. Bcausei got so

[steph]: Coaches

[roscoe]: much stuff

[steph]: challenge

[roscoe]: running

[steph]: On the play,

[roscoe]: man.

[steph]: I believe

[roscoe]: Oh

[steph]: in

[roscoe]: good.

[steph]: offside.

[roscoe]: what for?

[roscoe]: It's annoying. I don't like those. even if it's for
us. Speaking of that goal that was not counted last night for

[roscoe]: the oilers. that definitely should have been. I actually
felt bad for them. Like that whistle that was blown when

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: the buck was still alive.

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: Alive. Live and then tonight you have Hubert and Wall,
but covering the puck, nobody can see it and they don't blow

[roscoe]: the whistle. Like the inconsistency for when they

[steph]: Right,

[roscoe]: do that is just frustrating.

[steph]: easily could have been a seven two game last night. The
leaves got extremely lucky with the premature whistles.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: boot.

[roscoe]: it's that's definitely

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: offside.

[steph]: the player on the far left coming center ice, I believe
gets. Yeah, his way past

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: the blue line before line home.

[roscoe]: This shouldn't be a long review, guys, if we can see
it that clear, Like how many times have they watched this and

[roscoe]: they're watching it before they even make the challenge.

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: Why

[steph]: just

[roscoe]: does

[steph]: want

[roscoe]: it

[steph]: to

[roscoe]: take

[steph]: see

[roscoe]: so long? Puck gets kicked, So he kicked the pack from
his back foot, Lindholme, So he's not in control of the puck.

[roscoe]: He's passing it to the pole with his back gate. So it's
coming into that That weird being in control of the puck or not.

[roscoe]: It's like when Mc. David was dating over the line, they
said he wasn't in control the puck. Lindholme, Technic. He shouldn't

[roscoe]: be then if he's passing it with his back gate. But

[steph]: It

[roscoe]: what do they say

[steph]: is

[roscoe]: here?

[steph]: no goal.

[roscoe]: Yeah, offside no goal. So that H. thank you, Chris.
it's offside. Appreciate it, who's probably got a twenty thirty

[roscoe]: seconds farther alive

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: than I am. Like. I only waited for him to say it as
though like my time line is somehow going to be any different

[roscoe]: than yours.

[steph]: Well, Calgary still on the power play minute thirty five

[roscoe]: What about the Golifscochance

[steph]: Love that

[roscoe]: and calegory, That's awesome and in Edmonton

[steph]: Curtis

[roscoe]: last night

[steph]: from

[roscoe]: too

[steph]: Alberta is in Calgary, going back to back game. So that's
awesome. lot of leaf or

[roscoe]: Nice.

[steph]: leaf fans from Twitter at the game tonight in Calgary.

[roscoe]: Love that bunch of people I know from Autawaareall,
going to be at the March eighteenth game as the leaves take on

[roscoe]: the sands and I got to see Jacob Chickering, hopefully,
unless, unless

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: he's injured, would be unfortunate,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: but I'm excited to get to see a completely new team.

[steph]: Right,

[roscoe]: Then, when I bought

[steph]: Dorian.

[roscoe]: the tickets,

[steph]: actually doing wonders this year. I mean

[roscoe]: I meant the

[steph]: Well,

[roscoe]: leaves.

[steph]: just to speak of auto for one sect, like the line up
compared to the beginning of last season. To now, wow

[roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, I didn't even notice until today looking
at their cap Friendly that Claugeru signed until the end of twenty

[roscoe]: five. So

[steph]: The

[roscoe]: they've got a couple

[steph]: one.

[roscoe]: more years of him.

[steph]: The contract that gives you concern is to bring it right
because he needs a new one, I believe, and he's going to want

[steph]: to get paid.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: So Jere was

[roscoe]: he's an r. F. A.

[steph]: was the nice little pick up there and he never had to
have a captain

[roscoe]: Yeah, And if they've got Matthew, Joseph, and Bathrson
and all these guys signed and habatand all them, so I feel like

[roscoe]: they might trade the brink it rights in the off season
that was so close, right on the line, man, Dan,

[steph]: One shot

[roscoe]: almost

[steph]: for Calgary.

[roscoe]: a short handed chance there, in case anybody, in case
you can't tell we are, and you've tuned in late ere watching

[roscoe]: the game. It is about nine to nine and a half minutes
or so. I don't have to ten minutes left in the second period

[roscoe]: here. We'll probably hop off for the third and actually
watch like real people, but we don't

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: want to stay up late, so we're doing it early again
tomorrow. If you are, you know, doing nothing between two and

[roscoe]: four P. M. I'm going to be on inside the ranks Trade
Deadline show. I'm not sure where it will be if it's on you tube

[roscoe]: on Twitter. Some on a space, but I will send

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: to the details

[steph]: should

[roscoe]: on Twitter.

[steph]: be fun. I'm excited to see you know the last splash of
deadline trade deadline.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I was laughing at it today because J v R is number
one. Justin Hall's number like thirteen, and

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: Kurfoot's twenty two. I also love that Carolina's first
round pick is like the eleventh highest thing on the Trade Bate

[steph]: Right.

[roscoe]: board. It's like a mystery box is better than a lot
of other players. That's insane Like is more valuable. Big question

[roscoe]: Mark. I would spend more on that than Maxdomiokay.

[steph]: Maybe the draft class is going to be some next level
next next year this year.

[roscoe]: I know the top, like ten are pretty pretty much a home
run. but after that I'm not sure how like if it's you know, a

[roscoe]: normal first round kind of starts after these guys like
ouif. everything, just kind of

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: you know what I mean Like

[steph]: and

[roscoe]: if

[steph]: was

[roscoe]: it just

[steph]: it

[roscoe]: pushes

[steph]: the first

[roscoe]: down

[steph]: rounder

[roscoe]: the talent

[steph]: for trickering a conditional like top five pick or something

[roscoe]: It is. I have it open here, The park. Or what? did

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: I

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: put

[steph]: think

[roscoe]: it?

[steph]: it's a top

[roscoe]: I

[steph]: five

[roscoe]: had it

[steph]: pick,

[roscoe]: open.

[steph]: So I know you were saying a lot in your M. G, M. Hawke
game. You're playing with prospects from the future and some

[steph]: big names are coming Right besides Bedard.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, yeah, I mean, I'm not an expert. Have them
off to my head, but there's a lot of. it's. kind of. it. Doesn't

[roscoe]: matter who you get in the first round. they're all gonna
be difference

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: makers. To some degree. Okay, so the first round is
top five protected. If met pick becomes a twenty four first round

[roscoe]: unprotected. Should auto reach the twenty twenty three
Eastern Conference final, The second round pick becomes twenty

[roscoe]: four first round top

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: ten protected. If that condition is met, the pick become
Twenty five first round unprotected. What in the hell?

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: So? the twenty twenty four second round pick becomes
a first round pick. If the Sens magically make the Eastern Conference

[roscoe]: final this year.

[steph]: Damn, Sammy lost a stick back long was just.

[roscoe]: Wow,

[steph]: Oh man, I don't know. The flames are cycling on the Leafs,
Hemming them in their own zone. Here looked bad for a sec. when

[steph]: Sammy lost his stick. Now he has it bad.

[roscoe]: Wow,

[steph]: Oh,

[roscoe]: Its

[steph]: well,

[roscoe]: wall.

[steph]: oh my God, What am I saying? Sorry guy? sorry, guys.
Well, thou, you're saying Hall like he's doing something wrong.

[steph]: Really call Hall.

[roscoe]: No, but on Hall, who is he playing with tonight Mackay?

[steph]: Hall is playing with Geo.

[roscoe]: I guess No, because

[steph]: Nope,

[roscoe]: it's n't go with Brodie.

[steph]: Brodie's with Mckabe. Go Hall, And then it's Riley and

[steph]: Gusticims, the seventh

[roscoe]: Oh, I thought I heard.

[steph]: Rilyshan.

[roscoe]: I thought I heard in the first that they. Yeah,

[steph]: Riley Shin is the third pair.

[roscoe]: I thought I heard in the first that they were putting
putting Geo and Brodie back together because it was against Calgary.

[steph]: Oh, well, um, I don't know.

[roscoe]: Anyway.

[steph]: Let's see who Paul was paired with here yet. palled you.

[roscoe]: Weird, Well, they might

[steph]: Maybe,

[roscoe]: be juggling things. So questions

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: we have some questions from. Do you have the Twitter

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: open

[steph]: do.

[roscoe]: or

[steph]: not.

[roscoe]: I can pull them up

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: here?

[steph]: can. though,

[roscoe]: Give me a hot sack. I just got a grab from yesterday.
Um, Okay, Have we seen the last of the Riley Hall Paring? This

[roscoe]: comes from Vi, Blue and white. Zaperumhi, would say,
probably not, but I would like to hope so. but I mean any time

[roscoe]: it comes to Justin Hall, I feel like were as a fan base,
always in a completely different head space than the coaching

[roscoe]: staff

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: and management are. So I feel like it's going to happen
and all goes to the box for hooking. Great,

[steph]: Yeah, I'm thirty seconds into that power play now, but
oh my god, Riley Hall, and when you watch Sheldon keeps reaction.

[steph]: after the game. There's no blame on Hall whatsoever Because
he got physical. He stood up, took took a fight right And it's

[steph]: not.

[roscoe]: Got his ass handed to him by Fenn

[steph]: Yeah.

[roscoe]: Nugent Hopkins.

[steph]: I, I appreciate Hall for stepping up, Obviously taking
his man who challenged him after giving Yama Moto a good hit.

[steph]: I believe it was. Um. Honestly, I don't blame Hall as
much as I blame Riley and the top sick like they just couldn't

[steph]: do anything. nothing was generating. They were losing

[roscoe]: No

[steph]: one verse like one on one battles and stupid little mistakes,
and of course your fat And the league's taught power play unit

[steph]: right, like you can't screw up here and you have to stay
in position. and like, we'll give it to Sammy on one where it

[steph]: was redirected and you know another one where Riley blocked
it and came back out to Hyman and like he slapped it in, but

[steph]: man,

[roscoe]: Look. we talk a lot about these forwards being defensively
responsible, and none of them

[steph]: No,

[roscoe]: really were last night like there was a lot of skating
away from packs that they've turned over and skating to the bench

[roscoe]: when the pack goes the wrong way, or they didn't make
a pass. It was just not the team that we're used to seeing and

[roscoe]: it really

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: showed in the score. So

[steph]: Mick, David is obviously

[roscoe]: how much else than that?

[steph]: make Jesus for reason. Um, he is turning into this next
level monster in a sense where he looks through players like

[steph]: it's like he's a son. Be like he just goes into work
and it's like no one else is there. Does his thing. It's an ultimate

[steph]: cheat code that no one can figure out and Dan, but I
do have to applaud Hall also for taking him down. At one point

[steph]: there was a big hit on Mick David, and I was like, Oh,
where did that come from? But yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah, he did flat in Mcdavat. That was awesome. Next
question comes from it, Nick. this is Nick from our

[steph]: Nice.

[roscoe]: inside the ring. Fam covers Pittsburgh Penguins. Anyone
else you think the Leafs need to snag up before Friday Maxdomy,

[roscoe]: Please, just to complete my Max Domi and Jake Mckabe
prediction from like three weeks ago, please.

[steph]: Well, we know that Max Dome is going to Dallas. Which
good fit. I mean, they're kind of tanking right now. They were

[steph]: doing so well.

[roscoe]: I

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: forgot he

[steph]: the

[roscoe]: went today

[steph]: Dallas was doing

[roscoe]: ship.

[steph]: so well throughout the season except for you know, after
the new year, it seems I don't know what's going on, but

[roscoe]: Robert. Pardon me, Robertson stopped scoring Avenin
fantasy. Honestly, since the New year, he's just been like,

[steph]: Damn, yeah, I guess no

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: support right last year. they had a problem with Tyler
Sego and Jamie Ben not stepping

[roscoe]: M.

[steph]: up and playing to their contracts worth. I mean, they
make like ten point five apiece or something like that, but

[roscoe]: Rupe

[steph]: good.

[roscoe]: has been playing

[steph]: I'm glad

[roscoe]: well.

[steph]: someone has to right like his gin, Getting points at
least good.

[roscoe]: Yes, actually, they all did well tonight. Rope's got
two there, three, two over Chicago right now and I have hihscaninas.

[roscoe]: Well, Robertson has

[steph]: Nice.

[roscoe]: one, but I think Hihscen's got two just looking at.
Yeah, so in the last, just fantasy wise, the last month, Jason

[roscoe]: Roberson's ranked tenth overall. Two hundred thirty
three last month. He's got two goals success, a minus two, one

[roscoe]: power play point in the last four weeks, so I mean for
an average year for him like that's if this was last year,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Sure, his pace, the beginning th year was insane.

[steph]: Well, just looking at fantasy right now. Anyone who has
Brad Martian, he got injured tonight, so that kind of sucks sustained

[steph]: a

[roscoe]: Oh,

[steph]: blur

[roscoe]: actually,

[steph]: body injury. The Boston Bruns, one seven to one against
the Buffalo Sabers, but Martian only had two shots on goal, but

[steph]: my main point where in five leagues, and the only Dallas
player I have is Otinjer in one league and he's not even. Is

[steph]: he playing tonight? The winds have

[roscoe]: I don't

[steph]: been

[roscoe]: think so.

[steph]: back and forth and anyways, back to the question. If
we're talking about a forward, I mean, it would be nice to get

[steph]: a top their forward, but I don't think it's going to
be no right.

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: What

[roscoe]: we don't

[steph]: do

[roscoe]: need

[steph]: you think

[roscoe]: that.

[steph]: then?

[roscoe]: Come on,

[steph]: are you leaning towards goal?

[roscoe]: We've got people we brought in a bunch of people who
can hit. We have brought in some people who can score on the

[roscoe]: bottom six. I think the last thing to bring in is a
player that's not supposed to be in the bottom six.

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: You know what I mean, Like someone who is like a second
line player somewhere else that we're going to throw on the third

[roscoe]: or fourth line to score down there. spending one of
the maybe that pick that they got

[steph]: Maybe

[roscoe]: for Sanden.

[steph]: crows would be a good option. or Um, I've

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: seen talk of connect. Ne. I know

[roscoe]: Gonna

[steph]: he's

[roscoe]: look

[steph]: currently

[roscoe]: at my list again.

[steph]: injured, but it's only for another week or two. Not too

[roscoe]: No, no, I'm not touching an injured person again and

[steph]: Leaves

[roscoe]: not doing that

[steph]: love

[roscoe]: ship.

[steph]: to

[roscoe]: not

[steph]: use their

[roscoe]: doing

[steph]: healing

[roscoe]: that ship.

[steph]: powers, And you know people praise

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: this

[roscoe]: no,

[steph]: ultimate

[roscoe]: no, no,

[steph]: medical stuff. I don't know. And I was the skeptic, right.
I was skeptic last summer. I'm like. No, don't take on this Murray

[steph]: freaking project. Hey,

[roscoe]: Grab

[steph]: that

[roscoe]: Nick

[steph]: would.

[roscoe]: malt

[steph]: That wouldn't be a bad idea.

[roscoe]: Next to all, that's my pick.

[steph]: Who was even left? Right? Who is actually possible? Because

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Wilson was a name. I would love to have Tom Wilson, but
honestly it's not possible.

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: I don't know. I feel like it's going to be like you,
said Johnny. Like a second line.

[roscoe]: May may be another

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: forward if we get another

[steph]: I don't

[roscoe]: person.

[steph]: know.

[roscoe]: So more questions so I have to pull my question tong
back up. Go here, Mike. D. so Mike Tube was good with Goles,

[roscoe]: but thoughts on Quick to Toronto. Well, unfortunately
we now know Quick has not moved once but twice, so it's not going

[roscoe]: to be him. And we did talk about sorrows and andempgo.
So thank you for the question, Mike. but unfortunately, in the

[roscoe]: twenty three hours You said it, it has since become
a relevant as trade week goes.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: and our last one comes from Lindsey from Keswick, slash
Scarborough at Lindsey, Isabel, So is Matthew's playing injured?

[roscoe]: Does he actually want to be traded? What will she solve?
the Hull in our line up? That's funny.

[steph]: Um, yeah, Everyone's thinking you know is Matthew's injured.
Is it that rib injury that he got earlier this year when M. Jamie,

[steph]: Ben gave him That you know, that little graze on that
sensitive spot under between the pads? I don't think it's risked.

[steph]: I'm trying to think of it as this way. If Matthews was
going beast mode right now, he'll probably pray Himself out of

[steph]: Toronto like, maybe it's good that he's not scoring sixty
goals at the moment, and like putting on a one man show because

[steph]: we want to keep him for the future, and we also have
to pay William Neelander, And if you look at the leaves cap friendly,

[steph]: I mean, there's a lot o unrestricted free agents coming
up in the De.

[roscoe]: I'm sorry, but I'm going to stop you there because none
of that matters because we're going on a run for the cup right

[roscoe]: now. Everything else is put on hold because we've We've
sold prospects and picks to bring in people for right now, Nothing

[roscoe]: after right now matters right now. Like this this year
is it's were finally as Leaf fans. We can forget about next year

[roscoe]: the year after that until we get there because it's
all in baby. We're doing it right

[steph]: Well.

[roscoe]: now.

[steph]: Matthews has a target on his back as well like being
the heart winner. The rocket times to lie back to back. I mean,

[steph]: Yes, he's not playing up to form. I'm not disagreeing,
but maybe I'm trying to believe that he's conserving this for

[steph]: the playoffs, or I'm trying to be optimistic.

[roscoe]: I think I had a rib injury this year. It's not fun and
it doesn't heal quickly. Um, if he's still playing night in and

[roscoe]: night out with one, it's obviously not going to heal
like it's It's something that you can. you can get through and

[roscoe]: then all of a sudden you turn a certain way and it's
like Oh, that's how that moves. Like if it's one rib, it's only

[roscoe]: like a certain movement that's going to get it, So he
just might be uncomfortable with certain things, but good enough

[roscoe]: to you. Now be out there night after night. So it's
It's frustrating. I'm sure he'll get back up there, but yeah,

[roscoe]: he's definitely not playing to what he was even

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: two months ago.

[steph]: I honestly

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: think I don't know.

[roscoe]: Something going on?

[steph]: Like, even if he like you said, if he does have that
pain, he doesn't want to miss time, especially right now when

[steph]: you have new guys coming into the line up and you want
to get a bunch of points on this West coast swing. It's so tough

[steph]: to say Bah,

[roscoe]: Um, will Shen solve the hall in our line up? I love
that. I hope so, because it seems that she already in the first

[roscoe]: game. Here is the sand paper that the defense doesn't
have You know. I mean, Yes, go and Brodie will block a lot of

[roscoe]: shots, and and give their bodies to stopping a play,
but not in the same way that she is going to give you the extra

[roscoe]: shots after the whistle and remind you not to stand
in front of the goal. Like what's going on right here Where there

[roscoe]: is a scuffle in front

[steph]: Your

[roscoe]: of the net

[steph]: crook.

[roscoe]: And is that Luke Shen involved?

[steph]: it looked

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: it's yarn Croke.

[steph]: from the side.

[roscoe]: Yeah, just I couldn't see the number and

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: was like that. definitely looks

[steph]: now

[roscoe]: like

[steph]: you're

[roscoe]: Luke. Sen.

[steph]: right like it's nice to have someone who's going to push
bodies out because we know Justin all can do that, but we need

[steph]: him to turn it on every single game. but I think the
problem is is that he's utilized way too much like in this top

[steph]: par role or second pairing role Like Keep him in a bottom
pair. you know P. Caer, and don't put him against these top players

[steph]: all of the time. Like I don't know.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I think you're just playing into everybody's strength
at that point and spreading out like, especially tonight, with

[roscoe]: seven defense and spreading out the responsibilities
nobody has to take on. You know a ton, so I think it's good for

[roscoe]: Hull. It's good for Riley, who doesn't feel the pressure
and you can try to find his game again, especially having customs

[roscoe]: in here. and I mean,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: yeah, they, they find it. but bringing Mc cabin should
help to. I just I don't know. I got to give it a few more games

[roscoe]: before I know what this decor looks like. It seems to
keep Is to, because he's been juggling things around and I apologize

[roscoe]: for being a little scatter. Im also trying to watch
the last minute of

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: the

[steph]: saw

[roscoe]: second

[steph]: a tweet

[roscoe]: period

[steph]: out

[roscoe]: here

[steph]: there that I could not disagree with and it was from
at life with a man on Twitter, saying that Dubs learned from

[steph]: his mistakes with the moves that he's made so far. So
for example, Madgin Musin was injured, Verse, Columbus and Morincin

[steph]: had to play. Now we have too many. D. J. T was hurt.
reversed Montreal in the play offs and Lander was forced to move

[steph]: to the C role. Now we have seven players who can play

[roscoe]: On Lander.

[steph]: Yeah, Also wasting a third round pick on David, David
Ridi. He's sticking with Wall as a third string goal and it just

[steph]: keeps going like dealt with. you know.

[roscoe]: Now you're right. There's a lot of a lot of improvements
over where

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: they were Last time you know they're not. They're not
stuck handcuffed to. going to. You know, the last option that

[roscoe]: they want right. It's a good point. If anyone's injured.
they do have options to move into those important spots where

[roscoe]: that seemed kind of the downfall last time was if you
lose that one piece,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: you're

[steph]: you know

[roscoe]: screwed.

[steph]: what I appreciate

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: him know, sucking around with Sandy, and at the end of
the day they helped each other out, scratched each other's backs

[steph]: in a sense where No,

[roscoe]: For thing about my back jewels,

[steph]: But with Dermot, for example, and it was on this tweet,
You know, We held on for him way too long and only got a third

[steph]: in return. With Sanden, We traded him at peak peak time,
got a first in return, and a guy who's also playing on the power

[steph]: play and all the great things that come with Gustafson,
So man like, did the contract hold

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: out with Marner and Lander, and this time around like
like, it's not going to work this time and look at us now. Uh.

[roscoe]: Yeah, all right, so a second period comes to an end
Here. it's going to intermission. We are going to sign off for

[roscoe]: the night and we're going to finish

[steph]: Okay,

[roscoe]: off with a fun little video. Okay, I can't play the
sound because it's copy written.

[steph]: So sorry to our audio listeners,

[roscoe]: But yeah, it means you gotta come come to Youtube so
you can catch our live video. This is a guy roller plaiting through

[roscoe]: town and he's got one of those self sticks.

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: Can you see

[steph]: I've

[roscoe]: this like

[steph]: watched

[roscoe]: Full speed?

[steph]: many of. I don't know if it's his videos, but somebody
who speeds through Toronto. If this is Toronto and they are,

[steph]: It's so satisfying to watch. Honestly like I always like

[roscoe]: Watch this,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: you ready

[roscoe]: And door?

[steph]: Oh my God, this was going so well.

[roscoe]: Uh,

[steph]: Oh,

[roscoe]: So this guy, this guy's roller relating through town.

[steph]: Top

[roscoe]: It's

[steph]: speed.

[roscoe]: really cool. like Step, where even you didn't even

[steph]: No

[roscoe]: know this was going to be a fail video. So this guy
has got a a self tickadhe's. got a eally cool shot going on a

[roscoe]: fish eye lens and somebody opens their door and he goes
into the corner of a wall and lands like sitting beside this

[roscoe]: poor woman who's just like trying to have her trigjstlike.
What? What just happened? She always got smoke

[steph]: Man.

[roscoe]: to.

[steph]: I feel for those who get hit on bikes and roller blades
because I've heard some horror stories And yeah, anyways, I envy

[roscoe]: Ah.

[steph]: those skills.

[roscoe]: Okay, Anything you want to

[steph]: Uh,

[roscoe]: close with her?

[steph]: Hopefully the leaves win this against this game and one
one to end the second one more period. I'm glad that last goal

[steph]: got called off. Um, Yeah, it seems like a tough game
hits our even shots near. Even so.

[roscoe]: Yeah, I was like eighteen, eighteen

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: or

[steph]: now

[roscoe]: eighteen.

[steph]: we're at

[roscoe]: seventeen.

[steph]: twenty

[roscoe]: I

[steph]: four,

[roscoe]: thought

[steph]: twenty one for Toronto. Yeah, Hopefully we can seal the

[roscoe]: Great. Yeah, it would be nice to come out of back to
back with at least some points, even if

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: it's just

[steph]: and then

[roscoe]: one tonight,

[steph]: we are

[roscoe]: Ship

[steph]: in Vancouver on Saturday, but it is a seven p M. Eastern
center time game so way easier to handle. But also which week

[steph]: is it not this week? One, am I thinking next week is
the meat up at the bottom line to if anyone is interested on

[steph]: the eleventh, which is a Friday. I just want to throw
that out there and yeah, cool.

[roscoe]: Cool. And as for that one in April, I know I said I
can make it, but I don't know if I can any more. I might be away

[roscoe]: on a work thing away from Ontario, so

[steph]: Yeah, keep

[roscoe]: I'll

[steph]: us

[roscoe]: let you

[steph]: posted.

[roscoe]: know

[steph]: and uh yeah, anyone interested in coming to a leaf gathering
in Mark Scarborough, I believe at the Legion, Message me, I'll

[steph]: give you the details at the end of April.

[roscoe]: It drives like four and a half hours to go to a legion.

[steph]: Hey, cheap drink, say

[roscoe]: All right, thanks everybody for turning into our live
episode to you next time and tomorrow if you want to turn into

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: our inside the rank deadline day,

[steph]: Yes, go.

[roscoe]: thanks.