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In this episode, Mikki delights in the plethora of social media content lately, along with Kaprizov getting the first NHL star of the week. She also totally understands Boldy's awkward shower answer and commiserates with an awkward story of her own.

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What is Her Wild Side Hockey Podcast?

Her Wild Side combines hockey knowledge with a side of vibe checks. The weekly show will have game breakdowns, any topical news about the MN Wild, and fun things going on surrounding Wild's social media. This show aims to be informative while also sparking good conversation about the Wild and hockey in general without having to keep everything serious.

hello welcome to her wild

side hockey podcast I am

your ceo of the hot girls

hockey club and hostess

known as mickey aka hockey

she wrote and here we are

um about three days later

than I meant to make a

podcast but you know I'm

here so I've got a lot to

say so we should probably

just jump right in

So first of all,

we're going to have a little rundown.

Since last week,

or at least I think there's

one game I'm leaving out,

but for the past couple of days,

we've had a couple of games

here in Minnesota.

We've had the PWHL Minnesota

team played yesterday and

ended up in a 2-0 loss,

which is obviously a bummer.

In some ways, though,

it makes sense because, unfortunately,

Taylor Heisey is on LTIR, and

i do not know what her

injury is but I just know

that when I saw that

message immediately I was

like oh you know just like

we still have amazing

scores you know so don't

get me wrong but I you know

what she's kind of drafted

first overall she's the

she's kind of the name that

comes to mind first when

you're thinking of the

scores on the team um

But one of the upside,

even though she is not on

the Minnesota team,

was Gigi Marvin coming in

and scoring in her home state,

which is always exciting.

She is such a big name.

And it's funny because she's

actually like my age.

And so I respect her so much

for still playing professionally.

And, you know, just... I don't know.

So for some reason, it's kind of like...

i know that in other like

male athletes yeah in some

sports they will play for a

long time and I feel like

there's just so many other

things that um can kind of

hamper unfairly a female

athlete's profession and so

I just know that she's

still playing is really

cool and it was fun to watch

And the one thing that I really enjoyed,

because this game,

they were still 0-0 after the first,

1-0 after the second.

I mean, it was something where, you know,

at one point the TV

commentators were like, all right,

let's check the stats.

And it was just like a blank page.

Like, okay, there are no stats.

um but it was a really

feisty game towards the end

they were like getting into

some pretty good shoving

matches and I you know what

I like seeing that part of

the game again I think that

the pwhl has really made a

huge step in women's

professional hockey and I think

The feistiness of some of

these players is really just,

it's appealing to watch.

And it's also nice because

they don't punch each other in the face.

And so I don't have to worry

about concussions necessarily.

So there's that.

They do play again tomorrow.

So I'm recording this on Monday.

So the PWHL plays tomorrow

at Mariucci Arena, actually.


I had to think for a second, you guys.

You guys, I hate... Moving on.

And then the Minnesota Wild

had a back-to-back this weekend,

and they play again tomorrow also.

So the Wild played in

Edmonton first against the Oilers.


we all know who comes with the Oilers.

You've got McDavid.

You've got Dreisaitl.

They can be a bit of a challenge.

You don't really know what

you're going to get.

But somehow...

The Wild, they're like, no, you know what?

We've been doing really good lately.

We're going to hold down the fort.

And they did.

The two goals that the

Oilers scored were power play goals.

It took them having a man

advantage for them to

actually get a goal.

Gus was in net, and after his kind of...

chaotic is a nice way to put

it starts to his last game.

He was awesome.


there were 43 shots on goal and he

saved 41.

You know, that's, and again,

the only two that went in

were power play goals.

Um, and the wild one, four to two,

then they,

the next night we're in Seattle and

battle the kraken and they

won that one too five to

two the kraken this year

it's you know I don't know

it's for a while I feel

like the kraken had such a

bad rap just because they

were a new team and with a

new team comes kind of this

um hodgepodge like a

hodgepodge roster but it

feels like you know they've

been really nailing things

down and the further they

go into their franchise the

the better that they've been getting.

So it was really exciting to

have them win 5-2.

Kirill Kaprizov,

he was back with two goals.

The penalty kill was 100% for that game,

and power play was 33%.

They scored on two out of

their six power plays.

And again,

with special teams being something that

is so touchy for the wild.

It's always really cool to

see the good numbers

because otherwise they have

these long switches of time

where it's just like, Oh no, the PK, like,

Oh, how the team's going to score.

It's like, Oh, okay.


They've got a power play, but like, man,

they have just not been

able to set anything up.

And it feels like that has

not been as big of an issue

in the past couple of weeks.

Hopefully that will keep on.

And then right at the end of the game,

my heart stopped.

And I think everybody else's

heart stopped too.

Both fans, spectators, at home,

in the rink, other players.

Because Jewel Erickson Eck

went down hard into the boards.

Just this kind of awkward,

feet-first kind of a fall

into the boards happened.

It was not one of those hits

or falls that you can kind

of see what happened and what is hurt.

But he was very slow off of the ice.

He went straight down the tunnel.

And collectively,

everybody on social media,

their minds just exploded.

And I'm including myself in that.

Thankfully, thankfully,

because this is at the very

end of the game.

I think by the time John

Hines came out to talk to the media,

he was already saying like, Eck is okay.

You know, like, yeah, it was, you know,

he fell weird.

Obviously, you know,

he got a little boo-boo, but he's good.

And in the case of Eck,

I feel like a boo-boo for

him is anything below broken bones.

That guy is so tough,

and it's both admirable and also very,

very worrying.

Either way, he is still in the lineup.


you know, Brandon Duhame,

he was not going to let that go.

He was,

I believe it was Borgen that was

kind of chasing Ekke into the boards,

kind of hit him into the boards.

It was, again,

it was kind of this odd situation.

But so a little while later,

Duhame was like,

you cannot do my Ekke like that.

You need to fight me.

And so they fought.

It was okay.

No big deal.

So they came out of that

road trip with four points.

And yes, in the past four games,

so like last week I had four games,

they were 3-1-0.

I am, you know what, that is, yes.

Right now,

as of when I'm recording this on

Monday afternoon,

they are four points out of

the playoff standings.

They both the Predators are

the ones that are above

them and they're actually

playing the Predators on Thursday.

So that will be an

interesting tilt to watch to see,

you know,

how that will affect the playoff


Either way,

I feel like they are in a great

position to make a playoff spot.

They are not.

It's hard because it's going

to be one of those

situations kind of like

last year where they're not

going to clinch right away.

You know,

two years ago they clinched and

then they had like a good

span of time before the

playoffs even started where

it's just like, okay, like, you know,

if we want to rest some guys, we can,

if we want to take it a little easier,

we can because they had already clinched.

I feel like this is going to

be something that's going

to be running down to the wire.

And again, you know, we've got time.

There's plenty of time,

but it's going to be

something that we are all

going to need to be sending

the positive vibes to make

sure that they really can

push and get there.

So speaking of the game in Seattle,

my brother,

who I have talked about many times,

was at the Seattle game.

he is single and he works a

good construction job and

he had the weekend off and

he is working in california

right now so he was like do

you think I should just go

to seattle and I said uh

absolutely because uh if

you have the money that's

not that expensive do it

because I have heard that

comet pledge arena is

really cool and he did say

that was it was a pretty cool rink um but

I had a very good laugh when he was there.

And after losing two hats last week,

rebuying the hat,

he was buying one of the new hats.

I believe it was the one

that he bought twice.

Kirill had two goals with

some time left at the end of the game.

And I was like,

can you even imagine if you

had to once again throw this same hat?

Like, how crazy would that be?

But you know what?

Again, even if it happened,

he absolutely would have

thrown that darn hat.

He would have tossed it.

He would have been the first

one tossing it on the ice.

You know,

I've been with my brother a few

times when he's thrown his

hat for a hat trick.

And that puck is barely in

the net and he is ripping

it off of his head.

I will say my mom was trying

to explain this to my

grandma who kind of grew up like...

Trying to think like she was

born just after the depression.

So she was born to like

depression era parents.

So she was absolutely

horrified that my brother

would throw any sort of hat on the ice,

especially a hat that he

had just bought brand new.

Like, what was he thinking?

Was he absolutely stupid?

I get it, but it does make me laugh.

One other piece of exciting

news that came in this

morning is that for the

third time this season,

Mr. Kirill Kaprizov is the

first star of the week for the NHL.

He is so deserving of this.

And again,

he is just I can never get over

the fact that he is the

superstar of the team.

but I don't think you'd be

able to pick him out like

that off of the ice.

He is so humble and he is

just such like a pleasant

person that it's incredible

to see him get on the ice

and put up these amazing numbers.

And I'm just also going to

hearken back and remember when he,

beginning of the year, and then, you know,

he was injured and

were people being like oh

he's a bust guys no no

because here he is this is

the actually the fifth time

in his career that he's the

first star he is only

trailing in minnesota wild

records he's trailing devin

dubnik by one so if he

becomes first star of the

week again sometime which

we know he is he will tie devin dubnik uh

And this is the only time

that someone has gotten it

three times in one season

for Minnesota Wild.

So the past four games,

like I talked about, they won 3-1-0.

He has six goals and six

assists for 12 points,

the most in the league over

the past week.


that was helped incredibly by

that Vancouver Canucks game

where he had six points lost.

So I don't know.

Again, congratulations,

because he is just incredible.


I was also blessed this morning with

quite a few pieces of

social media content

dropped by various places,

various organizations.

There we go.

And I'm going to start with

the one that I'm sure has

tickled all of you as Minnesota Wild fans,

which is the outtakes for

the Not Weird Wild

commercials that they have

released so far this season.

The Minnesota Wild team are

hands down the most fun

team in the league.


I am completely biased when I

say that because they are my favorite.

But just the way that these

guys interact and have so

much fun and do all these

stupid things and are happy about it.

You can tell that nobody's

being forced to do this.

Nobody has been forced to be

in these silly commercials.

It seems the complete other

direction where they call up.

They're like, hi, do you want to do it?

And they're like, yep.

Don't even tell me.

I don't even care what it's about.

Yes, I will do it.

So we start with these

outtakes with the Gus bus

commercial where the

Dewey's and Foligno and

Faber get on the bus.

And the very first thing

that happens is Foligno

hits Dewar in the face with

what I believe is a spitball,

like just directly in the face.

And Dewar, Dewey too,

he takes it with so much grace.

He just like barely has a reaction.

We do get a fantastic

reaction shot of Duhame,

which I will put on my

social media because it is

the little smirky smile,

which is the same one that

he had in his headshot last year.

And I miss so much this year.

Then you've got Spurgeon and

Maroon did the Big Rig Part 2 commercial,

and Spurgeon hands down

calls Pat an idiot.

Jared Spurgeon calling you a name,

I don't think anyone could

keep his straight face.

I have a hard time believing

that he does any sort of

chirping on the ice because

can you imagine if Spurgeon

came up and tried to smack talk you?

I almost kind of hope he

does because I feel like

that would just be amazing.

And then there's Ek and Brodine.

They were recording the

Sweden commercial where, you know,

all the Swedes and, like,

their private club or

whatever with the IKEA furniture.

And first of all,

Ek is talking to Brodine in Swedish.

And it's kind of funny

because we don't really

hear them speaking Swedish.

You know, like...

I don't know.

It's just very funny to hear Ek,

who we he's interviewed a lot.

You know,

he is wearing the A. He's been

wearing the A most of the

season because of all the injuries.

And so they interview him a lot.

And so we hear him speaking

in English a lot.

And it feels like that's

just kind of like that's

what's become normal for us.

So hearing him speak Swedish

is really funny,

especially because Brodine

like doesn't even say anything.

He's just like, mm hmm.

But turns out that they he's

reading about his own hometown.

And a little bit later on,

he so in the commercial, you know,

he does this all like, hmm,

like he's very interested

in what he's reading.

And they did a take where he

absolutely could not hold it together.

And again, he is my favorite player.

You know,

I'm not going to beat around the bush,

but like watching that,

I was just like all the hearts for Eck.

He is so funny.

And I feel like we don't get

to see him be as fun all the time,

you know,

because he's so much into work mode.

Gustafson trying to learn how to say howdy,

which is a word that as an American,

I did not realize was

difficult to pronounce.

But hearing him try, howdy, howdy, howdy,


Just amazing.

And I hope that he says it

all the time now.

That needs to be his catchphrase.

Zuccarello, earlier this season,

It's like we all had this

sudden realization

altogether that Zuccarello

did not actually have front teeth,

that he had fake front teeth.

And while this is not surprising in a way,

it was just very strange

because he had never kind

of been without teeth.

But all of a sudden,

they're showing all these outtakes,

you know,

for he did like the best friends

one with Quirrell.

And he doesn't have teeth in any of them.

And are they just always out now?

I don't know if maybe like, you know,

he's got baby Zuki at home.

He's just really tired.

And it just feels like

putting the teeth in is a step too far.

Just like, you know, I get it.

Like having little kids at home,

sometimes you just like,

you only get as ready as you need to,

you know, he, maybe he just like,

he shaves a little bit.

He like kind of does his

hair and then he's like,

I'll bring the teeth with, but like,

I just, I cannot do this right now.

But Kirill realizes that his

teeth are out of his mouth

and starts laughing.

And I swear to goodness that Kirill says,

oy vey.

If someone could confirm or

deny that for me, that would be great.

But I listened to it like

three times and I swear that he says,

oy vey.

And I just want to say

throughout all of this that

Brock Faber is the most

terrible actor that I have ever seen,

but in the best way possible.

And I hope he does many more

of these commercials

because he's terrible at them.

And that's what makes it so good.

So I have a couple other

things from social media

that I want to talk about.

But first,

I am going to pause here for a

quick commercial because, yes,

my podcast has commercials now.

And as a podcast listener,

I do understand that

commercials are not always fun,

but they do help to support

the show and the platform

that I am on here.

the inside the rink, you know,

company here.

So I am going to just put on

a quick ESPN commercial

plus ad read thing.

I would like you to listen

because my editor says that

he sounds like a robot in

his voiceover and I get it, but I mean,

I think he does a good job.

So take a listen.

Thank you for watching the show.

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I personally have it,

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Welcome back.

So as you can hear,

I don't think he sounds like a robot.

I just think he did a really

nice job reading.

But let me know.

I think he's a little

self-conscious about it.

So the next piece of content

that came out this morning, like I said,

this Monday morning was a

plethora of social media

content that I am enjoying.

So this time it was the NHL.

And this,

it was obviously something that

they asked at,

I don't remember what it's called.

At the beginning of the season,

they have like a star or

two from each team go to

like do reporting reporter stuff.

So Matt Boley was the one

who went for the Minnesota Wild.

So in this commercial, in this video,

they ask the different NHL players,

how long do you think the

average shower is?


how long do you think an average

person showers for?

A lot of them say like seven minutes.

There's like a five minute.

And then comes Matt Boldy.

And he says three and a half minutes.

Which, no matter what, seems incredibly,

incredibly short.

But then he says...

That when he's walking around,

sometimes he sees people

and he'll be like,

I swear that that guy does

not take a shower,

which I feel like is very judgmental.

But also in this clip, he is so...

awkward in a way that I

really feel like I

understand him because I am

also very awkward when I am

anxious about things and

this seems like exactly the

kind of answer that I would

um blurt out before really

thinking but then like you

don't want to change what

you said and so you kind of

have to double down on

stuff so I'm going to tell

a quick story that I think will

tell you a little bit about that for me.

I one time went to Target

and this all happened in one trip.

To be fair,

I am someone who is apparently

very approachable because I am constantly,

constantly talked to by

strangers in the store

about random things, recipes, shoes,



First, I was looking for some,

I believe it was oil.

I think it was oil for the car.

Something that I normally wouldn't buy.

But there was some weird

thing where like the car

that we used to have only

could hold so much oil,

but like it was less than

what you get in a big jug.

So you had to buy like

multiple little jugs.

I don't know.

So I'm trying to figure out

this whole thing about what am I buying?

And this very sweet young

lady comes up to me and says,

Asks me if I know Jesus.

And just in general,

living in the Midwest and in America,

I'm like, well, yeah, I do.

You know, like, yes,

I went to church when I was younger.

Like, I understand Christianity.

But then she introduced the idea of God,

the mother.

And then all of a sudden I was like, oh,

because at first she seemed

like maybe just someone who

was trying to start a weird conversation.

And then I was like, oh boy.

So she was explaining things

to me and I very politely

stood and listened because

that's what I do.

And finally,

I was kind of able to take my

leave and try to leave.

But then I saw that I was

being semi-stalked by her

and someone who I believed

was probably with her.

And they were trying to find

me again because I think

they thought they could convert me.

But I was just being very polite.

But so I hid in the dollar

section for a while and then they left.

I was kind of rattled by this, right?

Like the story's not over.

I was a little rattled.

So then I went over and I

was going to check out.

Like I said,

I had like the weird amount of

oil for the car and I was

already rattled.

I put it down and the

cashier was this like,

I don't even know.

I don't want to say young kid,

but like a teenage boy,

early 20s boy probably.

And from the look on his face,

I could just tell that he was like, oh,

hey, pretty lady.

I just knew what he was thinking.

And I was just ready to leave.

I just wanted to be out of the store.

And so he said something about like, oh,

you know that you can buy

this oil in like a bigger size.

And I was like, yeah, no, it's fine.

And he was like, well,

like you'll get a deal.

Like you'll save money if

you buy the bigger one.

And I was like, no, thanks.

I'm good.

And then he said something like, oh,

you must be rich.

You must have a lot of money then.

And I was like, in my headspace,

I was just wanting to leave.

And so what did I say?

I looked right at him and I said,

I'm so rich,

I throw money out the window as I drive.

And that put a full stop to

the conversation.

And I'm not exactly sure what happened,

but it was sort of a blur

in which I finished paying

for my transaction,

made sure that the people

who had been trying to get

me to come to church were

not around so I could run

to my car and leave and never,

ever go back to that target again.

So all of that is to say that, Matt Boldy,

I understand you.

You were put on the spot

with a very odd question.

That was the first thing that came to mind,

most likely.

And then you just you just

had to you just had to keep going.

But I do love there's a cut

to Johnny Goodrow after

that looking very concerned

when he is told that Matt

Foley said three and a half minutes.

And I do kind of wonder.

So the answer is 20 minutes, which to me,


You know what?

I love a long shower.

Not just a long shower,

like a scorching hot long shower.

That, I love it.

Like lava temperature,

almost burned my skin off shower.

And all of them were so, I mean,

there was probably six, seven,

maybe eight players that they had asked.

Hold on.

Sorry, folks.

I had to quickly pause

because I'm pretty sure

I've talked about this

because I talk about it all the time.

I have a son who has type 1 diabetes.

And so I am the main point of contact.

So anytime things are going on,

the nurse calls.

And she and I are good buddies.

She's like a real good buddy

with my little six-year-old.

But so she called.

I decided to see what was going on.

Nothing major.

Do not worry.

But back to this whole shower thing.

The point I was going to

make was just that I wonder

if their perception of how

long or short a shower

should be is kind of

colored by the fact that

they are expected to take short showers.

You know what I mean?

Like after, first of all,

they probably take a bunch of showers.

I know some of them,

they'll like practice on the, like,

get up, take a shower, go to practice,

take another shower, go home, like eat,

take a nap, take another shower,

go back to the rink after they play.

They take another shower.

I mean,

like that's a lot of showers and I can't,


obviously they're not going to spend

20 minutes in the shower if

they shower six times a day.

But also,

I don't think that even if you

were just showering once a day,

it's probably at the rink, right?

And so it's not like they're

going to just lounge around

in the group shower.

So I think it's all colored by that.

But besides Matt Boldy and

his very awkward answer,

my favorite was Cole Caulfield.

Because as soon as he heard 20 Minutes,

he went from early 20s hockey star.

He snapped into 40-year-old Cerberin dad,

mode and he was like yeah

like who's paying the water

bill and honestly I gotta

tell him as someone who

takes 20 minute showers I

don't think my water bill's

that high I don't know

maybe just me moving on to

the third organization that

has dropped some more

social media content today

as I said we are very

hashtag blessed so that

would be the iowa wild

Now, first of all,

they have been kind of

dropping these different videos.

They had, I think it was four,

four or five guys who they

had like work at McDonald's.

And I love this idea because first of all,

pretty much everyone, you know,

some of the podcasts I listen to,

they'll ask different hockey players like,

oh, so what was your first job?

And 95% of them are like playing hockey.

And then probably like,

3% say like something hockey related,

like they worked at the

rink or they were refs or

that kind of thing.

And then there's like 2%

that like maybe did

something kind of interesting.

But the fact that none of

them have really had real jobs,

I really enjoyed watching

them try to do a real job.

They did like ice cream.

They're trying to make ice cream cones.

They're trying to make sandwiches.

Sammy Walker put like three

drips of mustard on a

hamburger because he's like,

I don't like mustard, which is like, OK,

that's good, my dude.

But maybe the person who

ordered the sandwich would

like some mustard.

I think it was Adam made a

chicken sandwich, Adam Beckman.

Either way,

I would love if the Minnesota

Wild would do something like this.

Because not only did the

Iowa Wild do this McDonald's one,

they also did where it was

like a sit-down restaurant.

And they had some of the

players go work the bar and be a waiter,

like a server, and a busboy.

And I would love to see that.

And they also came out with Wally's Corner,

which is my new favorite

piece of Iowa Wild content.

Because Jesper Wall said he...

he asks the hard hitting questions.

He asks the questions that

the people want to know.

Like Damon Hunt was the, the,

the guest on his Wally's corner.

And the most important question he asked,

and I hadn't watched the whole thing,

it was just the clip that I saw,

was if he had smelled Ovechkin,

and if he could confirm or

deny if Ovechkin smells like Pepsi.

Now, unfortunately,

Damon Hunt had not sniffed

Ove and did not know what

Ove smells like.

This podcast is getting a little long.

I'm sorry, guys, but you know what?

Hopefully you like the sound of my voice.

We also had the Sammy Walker becoming wild,

which, you know.

Maybe it's just because he's

from Minnesota,

but I feel like it wasn't

any like new information, which is fine.

I mean, I love Sammy Walker,

but I have to say that boy

has got so much energy.

Like, I can't even he's like.

playing three different

sports every day during the off season.

I just, I cannot,

he made me tired just watching him.

Now I'm going to stop one

more time here to do one more little ad.

Now, if you are listening to this,

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And I'm going to talk a little bit.

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And now we're back for a little bit more,

because like I said,

I should have recorded a

couple of days ago and I didn't.

So now here we are.

I'm making all of your problem.

So future wild stuff.

First of all, we've got Kuznetdinov,

which I always so when I

was learning to spell it

because I can spell it,

I'm proud of that.

You know, like, you know,

when you have a word that

you're trying to remember

how to spell and so you

like say it in your head in

a way that then you can you can write it.

So then I always in my head,

I say it Kuznetdinov

because that's kind of like, you know,

phonetically how you smell

like Kuznetdinov.

So then I always have to stop and be like,

OK, but how do you say it?


Anyway, Murat Kuznetdinov,

his season in the KHL ended yesterday.

So his team did not make it

to the playoffs in the KHL.

But he does still

technically have a contract

through April 30th for his KHL team.

But obviously they want him here.

He wants to be here.

The team wants him here.

Kirill Kaprizov is super

excited to have him here

and has apparently been

texting him and is very

excited to be his mentor.

And it's super cute.

But first they have to kind

of have all sorts of

contract talks with his

team to release him early.

But just know that we're

going to see him soon

because even if he is not

able to sign until after the deadline,

then you know what?

He's still going to come

over and they'll just have

to burn a year of his ELC at that point.

which is fine because we all

know how hard it can be to

get Russian players here.

We know what it's like.

We all went through that with Kaprizov.

And just getting a Russian

player onto American soil

is enough of a battle.

So Kuznetdinov,

we are ready for you

whenever you can get to

this side of the ocean.

uh mason shaw has been a

healthy scratch hopefully

he'll be in soon thankfully

from what I was reading in

russo's article this

morning he understands and

we all need to be patient

and understand because the

team's been playing well um

Now, I know what popped in your head.

I know what you're thinking.


there are players that maybe have not

been at their best.


they are not players that

play in a role that Shaw

could simply fit in one-to-one.

If Shaw's coming in,

then he's going to be

fitting in to that fourth line,

and someone else is going

to have to bump up to somewhere else.

But right now,

all the lines are really

flowing well together for the most part.


You know, there's the second or the third.


Yes, the third line is the one that's not.


just suffice to say that he cannot

just simply be in.


There are lots of trade

deadline talks as we get

closer and closer to that.

Unfortunately for all of us

on the vibes side of hockey social media,

the biggest talk around the

Minnesota Wild are the Dewey's.

Now, Dewey one, Duhame is especially,

especially a trade target.

I have to sigh because I, I love him.

You know, we all do.

He is king of our hearts,

king of our hearts, Mr. Duhame.

But from what Michael Russo

has been saying,

there has not been any contract talks.

He is an unrestricted free

agent at the end of the season.

They have not talked about

extending his contract, which I.

have seen coming.

There are other players that

can kind of step into that

role that he has.

He brings some good stuff,

but none of it is irreplaceable.

And his fee is going to go up,

unfortunately, you know, and, and,

and it should, it should,

don't get me wrong.

Like he deserves it.

He deserves all the good

things in the world,

but now there's been talk about doer,

you know, like,

Everyone has been, you know,

don't break up the Dewey's,

don't break up the Dewey's.


what if they trade the Dewey's together?

That is not the answer that

we're looking for,

but it might be the answer that we get.


Mark Andre Fleury has basically said,

I am staying in Minnesota.

I am not leaving.

I am not waiving my no trade clause.

You know, and he kind of said,

this is exactly what I had

been thinking before he kind of made,

before he kind of confirmed, which is,

It'd be different if the

wild were totally on the running,

if the wild were absolutely

at the low end of the chart.

But they're not.

They've been climbing out of

kind of the hole that they

had dug themselves in.

And because of where they

are at in division and conference,

there is definitely a way

that they can get into the playoffs.

And so because of that, you know,

he's like,

I want to be here like this is my team.

These are my boys.

And everyone can say it with me.

We all love the boys because

the boys love each other.

Let's see.

We've also got Riley Haight in the WHL.

He is the player of the week.

That was also announced this morning.

Monday morning news drop, folks.

He, in the last four games, had 11 points.

Four goals, seven assists.

And this is kind of the

prospect that they've talked about.

So he's only 18.

He is young.

He could feasibly make the

NHL team next year.

Unfortunately, he cannot play in the AHL.

I did not know this until maybe I did.

I did not think of this until today.


you have to be over 20 to play

in the AHL.

So for him,

he either has NHL or back to the WHL.

Now, the good thing is.

That he.

can play a few games without

having to burn the first year of his ELC.

He can play a few games

without kind of being out

of contention for rookie thing.

You know what I mean?

So it'll be interesting to

see kind of what happens

out of training camp next year.

And for all of this yesterday,

they announced that today's

Minnesota wild practice was

going to be canceled.


let me tell you that every time I hear


I like,

I like constrict because the first

time that they, but I posted that, that,


that this happened at the beginning

of the year was the day

that they fired Dean Everson.

So every time I hear this, I'm like,

Oh my God, what is going down?

What is happening?


The second time it happened,

nothing happened.

They just had a day off.

This is the third time it happened.

So far, nothing has happened.

And honestly,

I think this time is probably just like,

hey, you know what, boys?

You did a good job.

You're playing really well.

Let's just take a little break.

So let's hope that that's what it is.

Now I'm going to try and do a really,

Oh my goodness.

This is like a super long podcast.

I'm going to try and do it

just a really quick little, um,

future considerations in a bag of pucks,

which is first of all,

Marcus Foligno's wife had

their third baby, another girl.

So he is still a, what is it?

A dude, dad of only girls.

Um, adorable.

We've got, uh,

You know what?

I'm going to just push us

all over the next episode.

That was me.

I was very importantly.

Switching my notes over,

we'll talk about this next

time because this is very

long and hopefully you guys

are not sick of me yet.

So I will just say one more

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So until next time,

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And until then,

go wild and enjoy the hockey.

See you.