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It's the one with Eva Mendes in it.

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Scorpion is back, Cassar is here, but mostly this is the one with Eva Mendes

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corey price
Co-host of MK Podquest, They Made Another One?! and Strat2
Neal Hallstrom
Co-host and editor of MK Podquest and Crew Expendable, Sega enthusiast, proud Zune owner

What is MK Podquest?

Two internet buddies embark on a journey through the world of licensed Mortal Kombat TV, Film, books and comics.

INTRO: In each of us there burns
the soul of a podcast. In every

generation, a few are chosen to
prove it. Long ago, that fake

compelled to friends to watch a
discus every piece of Mortal

Kombat and media they can find.

Neal: Corey and Neal must join
forces to rewatch every episode

of Mortal Kombat conquest in a
new way. Commentary,

Corey: yes, what I found,

Neal: what did you find?

Corey: I went to a store the
other day? No, because for the

time being, we're still allowed
to do that. I think, you know,

the day is coming, where I think
stores will just kind of stop

existing, and like human society
will just stop existing. And

we'll have to like maybe go to
space, and try to find some

stuff there to maybe fix our
Earth problems, but I don't want

to get into that. What I want to
get to is that I think the store

is selling some stuff that maybe
we found there.

Neal: space, space stuff, cursed
space objects.

Corey: So I'm holding in my hand
a regular bottle. Uh huh. In

very few ways. It's a pretty
weird bottle.

Neal: Actually. Bait and Switch

Corey: It's 710 milliliters. Do
the math.

Neal: Regular bottle psych not
regular at all. Well,

Corey: it says limited edition
on it. So how could it be a

regular bottle because I'm
holding condescension,

condescension condensation. A
very condescending bottle of

everyone's favorite sports
drink. dripping with

condensation. Oh, no. But
something looks a little wrong

with this one. What's wrong?
This is a bottle of Gatorade.

Yeah, the athletes. sweet milk.
That is a limited edition All

Black Label. Black ice. Black
ice pitch black liquid needs

Jesus Christ shone a light. You
would see nothing. It looks like

oil out of a car that's been
that thoroughly used, but it

lacks the consistency. All
right, hold on. Much like my

grasp on the English language. I
lacked the consistency

Neal: Corey don't do not drink
this. Don't drink this.

Corey: That's never stopped us

Neal: Sure. Have you seen a
little movie called? I don't

know. Prometheus.

Corey: Yes, but not recently. So
I don't remember. I know that

there was black stuff in it. But
I don't remember what happened.

I'm sure it went fine. Right.

Neal: maybe a little film called
Alien Covenant.

Corey: I haven't that one. I got
it level with you. I skipped out

on that one.

Neal: Have you have you have you
not heard of chemical? A zero

dash 395 9x point nine one dash
one five.

Corey: Did you have that in your
head to say it?

Neal: No, I did not. I had to
look at

Corey: oh my god, that would
have been awesome. No, I haven't

heard of that. Ever. I've never
heard of that series of letters

and numbers in my life,

Neal: bro. That's the pathogen.
That's the that's the fire of

Prometheus right there. That's
the engineer goo. Do not drink


Corey: But the caps already

Neal: Don't know. Don't. Don't
come in contact with it's gonna

swim around in your eyeball and
mutate you from the inside.

Practice was a condescending
cautionary tale. I

Corey: just drank it. Fuck. I
was joking. He told me not to

drink it. I was drinking. Good.
Now I'm trying to figure out

what it's supposed to taste
like. It's like death. They say


Neal: spaceless

Corey: I think we have a bit of
an Iron Brew situation. Oh, in

that. I can't know. Bear with
me. In that. I can't tell what

it's supposed to taste like. It
doesn't taste bad. per se. Um,

it doesn't taste great. I would
drink it. I will drink it. I

would drink it. But if I was in
a store or space really? And I

had this or like, either blue
Gatorade. Sure, yeah, blues,

which presumably we're also
sending to space like pale blue

or regular blue. Uh huh. I would
rather I would sooner drink

Rayden or Sub-Zero flavor.
Gatorade than the Prometheus goo


Neal: Gatorade, frost maybe
maybe some monster hydro. Blue.


Corey: I will say G two can go
fuck itself. fucking sucks. Is

it? No, G two. No, it's not all
G two.

Neal: Or is what is G two? Like
the like the watered down


Corey: It's like Diet Coke.

Neal: Sure. Yeah,

Corey: it's bad. I don't like
it. All right. Um, it's not

good. I had some other joke. I
was like, halfway through saying

I don't remember what it was. It
doesn't matter. It's fine.

Anyway, so I'm drinking black
Gatorade, which really sounds

like a sentence you shouldn't
legally be allowed to say sure.

But yet, she persisted.

Neal: Somebody on Reddit asked
Reddit said, What flavor is

black ice Gatorade?

Corey: That's not what that
subreddit is for

Neal: the top top. Answer. Black

Corey: tastes like black. Uh
huh. Um, now

Neal: it's possible that someone
hit enter a little too quick

because somebody else followed
up with black currant.

Corey: Isn't that what an Iron
Brew supposed to taste like? I

think so. Hey on.

Neal: Yeah. And then someone
says grape someone says

Blackberry. So want to say says
certainly not grape fierce grape

should never have left. So good.
So now we're getting

Corey: quite sweet and has a
deep flavor of black currant.

Neal: Uh huh. Yeah,

Corey: so maybe looking drinks
tastes the same.

Neal: Maybe they do. Well, they
don't. Exactly they don't but

they're supposed to. Why are
they so drastically different

colors if they're both black
curls? Like, like iron urn

brood? Did some

Corey: maybe black currant is
like a stage name and it's

actually an orange Berry.

Neal: My boyfriend said it
tastes like watered down

original monster but without the

Corey: what does that mean? What
does that what does that mean

for so many reasons not the
least of which not carbonated

Neal: but but she or they would
describe it as unique as a

unique strawberry but their
boyfriend says originally I

don't think we're gonna get to
the bottom of this. That someone

else just thrown out concept
BlackBerry maybe question mark

like they've clearly never had
this drink. But they just want

to wait yeah, what it could
taste like get out of here. This

underscore performance
underscore for 2612 days ago.

Why does that have an upvote?
You know what? Taking that up,

vote away.

Corey: Anyway. Dumb drinks are

Neal: down. Drinks are back,
baby. So what are we doing

today, Cory?

Corey: Oh, I don't know. We're
watching. Mortal Kombat

conquest. I know that Mortal

Neal: conquest episode 11.
thicker than blood. Should we

find out who our combatant of
the week is? Cory? Yeah.

Combatants of the week. Eva
Mendes. Kasara. Scorpion. It's

Eva Mendes. It's Eva Mendez.
Dude, this is the Eva Mendes


Corey: Finally,

Neal: I also Kisara and Scorpion
are here. But come on. It's the

Eva Mendes. She's She's the
combatant of the week.

Corey: Yeah, it's not going to
be the other guy.

Neal: It's not going to EcoStar
No. Just to recap, as far as I

have been keeping track, we have
something like 23 fatalities.

And I believe one Hora Kiri. 13
confirmed apples. I think we're

gonna get another one in this
maybe two because there's like a

big eaten scene in this one. And
we've got we've definitely got

more than two broken tables, but
I have at least two broken

tables on the list. So that's
where we're at going into this

episode. Cory Are you ready to
just dive right into this one?

Corey: Not quite yet. Actually.
No. Okay, I'm gonna need a

second because I had the wrong
thing open. Today good live

podcasting for everybody. I just
closed audition and then opened

it again as if that was going to
be with fucking episode was for

the second time in a row.

Neal: Ban that said pathogens
really getting to you? Do I get

the not good. Got the alien
vapors. Hey, question. Do you

remember the Gatorade
commercials? Where it was like

athletes like sweating? Yeah.
And the sweat was the color of

the Gatorade. They were drinking

Corey: weight. They were
sweating the color of the

Gatorade. They were drinking.
Yes. Yeah, I might vaguely

remember that. Okay,

Neal: because I'm just thinking
about this. This ink colored

Midnight Black Gatorade in one
of those commercials would be

kind of terrifying and feel like
a scene straight out of


Corey: What a lot of people
don't know is that Prometheus

was guerilla marketing for black
ice Gatorade.

Neal: It might have been
actually might have been I bet

they did because it was this.
This is a the black ice was

originally made for the Spanish

Corey: I believe. So I don't
know. What do you think I did


Neal: Maybe there was like a
local Prometheus tie in? Yeah,

initially made in 1988 for the
Spanish market. Okay, that

predates Prometheus a little
bit. Okay. 1988 1988 do you

think you're drinking like an
official like a vintage 1988

bottle of black Gatorade right?

Corey: no because the bottle
wasn't the shape. They could

have re bottled it but that's
not original because it wouldn't

be the same mold fucked up
plastic open up the old plastic

poured then it would be this
there's no BPA in it all right,

but there would be

Neal: are you ready? Yeah. Okay
just as a reminder to everyone

we're gonna count down we're
gonna say round 11 321 fight and

you hit play on fight all right,
round 11 321 Fight

reuse sets footage from the
Mortal Kombat 95 movie.

Corey: Well, that's what I meant
when I said reused sets but I

guess it also is a reused set,
but I meant the footage.

Neal: But this part of it's new
we're watching Scorpion just

kicked some dudes ass is one of
them we know is bizarre, because

we've seen this before. Right?
In his little like hell

dimension here. Yeah, I really
liked this set. This is cool.

Corey: Yeah, it's nice to see
something new in the grand

scheme of things because it does
get a little bit samey

Neal: right too much too much
fusion market and the courtyard

outside the trading post. In the
trading post, the combat club we

haven't really been called the
combat club lately. On this run

through so obviously Chris
Cassamassa is back as Scorpion

in this episode. The man the
myth, the legend. And we got

Dean Cochran has Khazar

Corey: the country music stars

Neal: he was in he was a
production manager on Ad Astra

and the Assassin's Creed movie.
And he plays Rocky Balboa and

Rambo in Meet the Spartans. So
he's like a does he

Corey: look? That's unfortunate.

Neal: Does he look like
Sylvester Stallone to you?

Corey: I'd love to see his face
again. Well, you're gonna see

plenty in this episode. Yeah, we
just need to wait for the close


Neal: Keep it on your mind. That
wasn't lack of motion close up.

He was also in a short called
cats on a plane. That sounds

delightful. Does it? I don't
know. Anyway, motorcycle gang

member in Batman and Robin and
Tobias high did an episode of

silk stockings called Exit the
dragon. He doesn't. He doesn't.

He does not currently. No, no.

Corey: It also probably didn't
at the time and frankly, I doubt

they cared all that much.

Neal: I don't Yeah, for me the
Spartans. They probably didn't

care. We need a guy to maybe in
2008 He looked exactly like God

this Scorpion voice. It's not
the best. Yeah. It's better than

it wasn't the pilot. If in
Warrior eternal part two. You

remember that? Yeah, like that
was that was Scorpion is no

more. Or Takeda is no more I am
Scorpion. Like it was real

robotic. Darkness. What else was
the sky in Days of Our Lives?

Over the hills? 90210 Amityville
1992 It's about time. Cory.

That's one for your list.

Corey: th why me?

Neal: Yeah, it's a it's about
haunted spices.

Corey: It's about time. Hey, yo,

Neal: hold on. There you go.
Given out pity rim shots. Yeah.


Corey: just a funny sentence.

Neal: Mortal Kombat. You know,
we don't know who does the

announcer voice for the thing. I
feel like that's an oversight on

our part. Like the voiceover

Corey: I was drinking like

Neal: I couldn't answer. You
just miss Kung Lao sort of

breaking a dude's arm?

Corey: I didn't miss nothing.
I'm eyes on

Neal: that Matt Damon. I don't
know. damn cool. I'll go a

little hard. You're trying to
get warriors on your side. Not

cripple the entire Earth room

Corey: I've never seen that
move. Where you hit me. You


Neal: This guy sucks. Yeah, just
big. This might be James Barthez

var te es who's crazy young Matt
Damon. Credited as young man in

this episode of conquest only

Corey: young man Matt Dave

Neal: but he already had his
Jason Bourne body.

Unknown: Well, thank you for
turning post is mine now. I'm

going to open up. Why don't you
give me a hand

Neal: Kyle watt as mob leader
again, we've got weird people

credited in this that aren't
showing up in episodes or

whatever. I love the the
storyline that, that people are

like they're trying to recruit
there's room fighters and

Corey: they're only coming in to
teach Kung Lao or get cool

moves. And then do what with
them use them aware. What do you

Neal: mean? On the streets,
dude? And

Corey: why do they live on the
fucking Streets of Rage?

Neal: Yes. You've seen Zhu Zin.
You know, there's fights break

out of the bowling ball games
all the time. Hey, it's it's Eva


Corey: It's so jarring. And I
don't mean anything by this to

the people that that are on this
show, because I like them a lot.

But you'll know what I mean in a
second. It's outrageously

jarring seeing a real celebrity

Neal: someone who transcended
like, I mean, yeah, this is a

don't get me wrong. I know what
you mean.

Corey: I now care deeply about
everybody on this show. But I

was not like culturally aware of
any of them. Except for vaguely

Paolo Montalban. Before watching
this show. I knew who Eva Mendes

Neal: right and I think the what
what feels the most odd to me is

that she feels miscast in this

Corey: Oh, yeah. Like should
that will become apparent. Not

Neal: like she's the one who's
not fitting into the fantasy

environment. No, they

Corey: put somebody who works to
famous. And I mean that. No, you

know what I mean? Like, you get
what my point is?

Neal: Yeah, I do. I just like I
don't think she's got a lot of

like fantasy credits under her
belt. Right? Like I'm looking at


Corey: Children of the Corn

Neal: There's that she deals
with terror but that was but

even that was setting like
wasn't that set in like modern

day? Yeah, well as I was just
fucking around, because I've

seen that movie. Yeah, she's
well that she was in that with

Greg Vaughan Of course. From a
friend of the show. How can I

forget? From poison ivy the new
seduction and also the black

dragon episode. Yeah, VIP. Urban
Legends Final Cut. too fast, too

furious once upon a time in
Mexico. Not a lot of like,

fantasy genre stuff on Eva
Mendes is filmography. Just this

and that's what I'm saying. She
doesn't seem to fit. Right. Like

in that, that genre, I guess.
Also, she's super famous.

Unknown: Or at least I don't
think so. You don't think he is?

He's missing?

Corey: We need to talk. I don't
want to have this talk with you.

Okay, I guess we'll just talk
here in front of Tasha.

Neal: Let's just talk in front
of Tasha.

Corey: We're Tajik he convinced
me this is a good idea. I do

like how nosy Tasha is in this
episode. Is this nosiness or is

this just like earnest concern
for a missing person?

Neal: I think it's nosiness.
Honestly, I don't think she's

particularly concerned. I mean,
I guess Taj it probably would

be, but I think that

Corey: okay, no, she clearly is
not concerned. I remember her

saying just when it was getting

Neal: Yeah, it's nosing this I
love this. I love that shot of

old footage. Yeah, it because
you can tell they just like

barely, like cropped out. Like
Lukang and Johnny Wong like Did

you see it? Was there a boom
mic? No, I'm just kidding. I'm

just telling jokes. I missed the
joke. Yeah. It wasn't funny.

gonna mention one more time how
awesome Shao Kahn is thrown is

it looks like it was designed
oft. It looks like it was

designed by HR Gieger. A little
bit. I think it's probably hard

in lined with spikes, but he's
like into it. You know what I


Corey: This Scorpion voice
sucks, man.

Neal: I know. I'm not. I know. I
feel like the less it's it is

hard when they when they make
Scorpion talk because at this

point, he didn't really say
anything except get over here

and come here. Right? So they
just didn't know what to do for

a voice for

Corey: the guy that has to say
toasty. 800 times so sure.

Neal: And then smokes classic
line toasty and Sub-Zero is

classic line. Hey, everybody,
chill, right? Or whatever he

says. And then Johnny Cage is
classic line. Lights Camera


Corey: That's what you say when
you race cars. Start a race you

just say Lights Camera traction?
Sure. Yeah. Lights Camera power


Neal: Do you know Jackie Bryant?
From Virtua Fighter I think is

an f1 driver canonically in the
world of virtual fighter.

Corey: No, I didn't know that
was just for you to say I

thought you were asking me Hey,
do you know What is a real

living person? Jackie Bryan is

Neal: certainly not famous f1
racecar driver Jackie project

Corey: does have a good point
that he does a lot of favors.

And there is something funny
about leaving Kung Lao to just

be like, Hey, can you do
customer service for the next

six hours? Right?

Neal: And Kung Lao was like, no,
no, no, until like, the hot

chick shows up. And he's like,
Yeah, boy. Because he didn't

talk, let

Corey: me go to Eugene Appleby

Neal: because Kung Lao is a
little fuck machine in this


Corey: Do you get 1000 miles and
like whenever this is that would

have taken a fucking while.

Neal: That was yeah, that was
half his life probably probably

like I'm sure he travelled by
like wagon

right this is awkward. Dude.

Corey: It looks the way they're
doing this like shot reverse

shot is so clearly like these
shots are all from different


Neal: Oh, yeah. Clearly, you can
tell they may not even again

maybe two bodies they might not
have been talking to each other.

Yes, not once. I don't I think I
think I think

Corey: given the shooting
schedule I suspect this had they

probably needed to shoot talking
to each other. Probably but it's

time do you think they have

Neal: I don't know. Maybe like
they had like Eva Mendes

shooting her Kisara scenes. Like
we gotta get we'll put the

second the second unit on Siro
and I don't know dude. It looks

filmed differently to like, does
it look like it's filmed


Corey: This does really, it's
hard to do. This actually kind

of sucks. Yeah. If you have
family members that you don't

like you are obligated to be
nice to them is she's making

toxic relationships

Neal: with your family. Too bad
go help them. I mean, Qatar is

not I mean, I guess Qatar did
sort of get radicalized by like,

a Scorpion. Like the the Asian
version of Jordan Peterson.


Corey: I need you to justify
what what like he's got he's got

like his like little men's

Neal: rights like yeah, in this.

Corey: I don't think it's men's
rights. It's an army.

Neal: Okay, all right. I'm just

Corey: Well, I just I didn't I
don't get it. I don't.

Neal: I'm saying like He's like,
he's like preying on like, like

dudes with like, low self esteem
like bizarre because of the way

he was raised with in conflict
with his brother and his dad and

forced to compete and then

Corey: yeah, and he's like, he
talks like a fucking idiot.

Yeah, so he's like the most the
most relatable thing would be to

Jordan Peterson is about sound

Neal: But like so like he like
fell into this cold, right of

like, No, we're gonna teach you
how to be like, cool, tough man.

Man warriors. Our path is not
for the weak or whatever. He

says 14,000 times and he like
gets radicalized into this like,

Corey: yeah, army. I'm just
petting an orange.

Neal: And like, he's like, super
possessive. Yeah, commercial

Paul. He's like super possessive
over women

Corey: versus over. All right.
God, that's the opening in that

shot was literally just her
chest that's zoomed out

Neal: from this this woman's
breasts. It has been shopping

with Kung Lao for hours at this
point it seemed and bought

nothing and then she just
fucking leaves like an advocate

This is none of your business.
I'm just saying like.

Corey: Score means at least at
least trying to teach these

people valuable skills.

Neal: I think you're given
Scorpion a little too much

credit in this.

Corey: I think you're giving
Jordan Peters too much.

Neal: No, I'm not. I'm saying
they're both shitty.

Corey: No, it's funnier to say
that Scorpion is better because

that's a joke because he's a
literal demon.

Neal: All right. All right.
Fair. got me scared for saying

that. I was like, sound like I
was defending Jordan Peterson.

Corey: No, but it's also funny
to say that Jordan Peterson's

word is then a dude who was a
sculptor of faith that beats

fire out of his mouth.

Neal: It's fair. You're right.

Corey: and it is more valuable
to learn how to fight than it is

toward anything about cleaning
your fucking room for

Neal: cleaning your room. It's
what he talks about.

Corey: At some point. He's like,
Yeah, clean your room. Because

like, it'll save Western
society. I don't know. I didn't

watch it. But like it'll

Neal: save Western society.

Corey: He's a fucking idiot. It
doesn't matter what he say.

Neal: I'm thinking Scorpion is
definitely on some. Some MRA

shit. That's my whole point.

Corey: MRA men's rights

Neal: activism.

Corey: Didn't know it had an
acronym. We're gonna Pirates of

the Caribbean.

Neal: How do you we talked about
this last time. How do you get

to this weird hell dimension?

Corey: You got to answer Jordan
Peterson's riddles.

Neal: You have to name six kinds
of serial while people beat the

shit out of you or whatever the
proud boys do.

Corey: What are you Why do you
know so much about this? What

are you talking nobody knows
anything that you say anyway I

don't know what any of this

Neal: but how does he like
seriously like where is this

place? Is it just like
underground and looks cool or

probably between realms?

Corey: No they have those
Phillips special fancy bulbs

that you use your phone had they
just turned those red

Neal: Philips Hue got you an
extraordinary spirit. Yeah I

just well because it like they
obviously tried to make it look

like whatever world Johnny Cage
and Scorpion fought in in the

movie on Shang Tsung island. But
that was like in our world at

that point. So is this like a
weird little pocket dimension is

my question. And no, I don't
think it's that deep. Okay, they

just don't it's just a place
because he also didn't explain

it in the movie. So it could be
anywhere. Really? I guess. I'm


Corey: read sharpen my blood
knife. Is that a knife? Kung Lao

gave him I can't believe I said
it was okay to use Jen's old


Neal: Right and just wild I
guess for Hannah. It's okay. But

for Siro when he's drunk, it's
not okay.

Unknown: Then help me. Let me
hear it from you. You've never

told me anything about your
family, where you're from

nothing to tell.

Corey: I couldn't sleep. I
couldn't sleep. Tasha, you can't

just hear about 15 seconds ago.
No to say that she said up in

the room. She's like, I can't

Neal: It's been zero minutes.
It's been no time at all. Like

she hasn't even tried. But to
her credit, like she's worried

about Kisara right. And then
this is where the episode fails

the Bechtel test. Because all
they're gonna do is talk about

Siro and bizarre

starring Tom Cruise and what's
her name Cameron DS.

Corey: I don't know what that
joke means.

Neal: It was a movie night and

Corey: Event Siro and Kasara
possibly have to do with Tom

Cruise and the other name that
you said. Cameron

Neal: Siro is clearly Tom Cruise
right and Kisara is absolutely

the Cameron Diaz of Mortal
Kombat conquest.

Corey: Eva Mendez is famously
the Eva Mendes of

Neal: Eva Mendes is the Lucy Liu
of this and then I don't know

something Charlie's Angels.

Corey: And then something
Charlie's Angels.

Neal: Yeah. This the I'm tired,

Corey: ya? What are we really
firing on? What I would describe

is all cylinders. Dear listener,
you be the judge.

Neal: We seem to be a little
off. It's all right. We're

releasing this anyway. Because
why not? We gotta release

something. I just put like a
header. Like, I'd be like,

warning. This is not a good one.

Corey: I don't think that's
maybe our finest decision.

Really. We got to save that
admission for 17 minutes into

the episode of television. So
then people don't realize it's a

black Gatorade.

Neal: It's a five but it has Eva
Mendes in it.

Corey: He's attend but he does a
podcast about Mortal Kombat.

That is itself a fun

show, but he let Kung Lao break
his arm in one place

Neal: he's attend but he doesn't
get along with his brother or

his dad and 1000 miles to get
away from him. them whatever

Corey: she's attended but she
shouldn't be here

Neal: she's attend but she's in
a codependent relationship with


Corey: he's attend but he's kiss

Neal: as real to energy do

I mean, there's this is just a
very long

Corey: exposition. This is this
is one of the largest dialogue

seats they've ever had
absolutely insane.

Neal: All of this to say Siro
and cathartic. We're always

having to compete with each
other because of their shitty

dad. And then

Corey: I am feeling very tired.
We have been talking for five

minutes after you put me to bed
six minutes ago,

Neal: Eva Mendes. She fell in
love with Kozar because kasar

made it known that he needed her
and Siro didn't make it known

that he needed her. And that's
some codependent shit. It's

unhealthy. It's toxic
relationship and Wonder dude ran

off and join a cult? Yeah, it's
bad news bears dude. And now he

and his boy are gonna kidnap

Corey: She's attended but she's
easily kidnapped by

Neal: he's attend but he's
trying to kidnap his girlfriend

to join a cult

Corey: he's attended what he's
been doing the same joke for

three minutes

Neal: Yeah, this is I mean, this
is just toxic relationship all

over the

Corey: place. Just not a lot to
comment on here.

Neal: It's just kind of
depressing, right? Like it's

just kind of sad. I don't know.

Corey: Would you like to join
scorpions death army and also

get married.

Neal: Let's make it clear.
Kisara went missing. went

missing. Eva Mendes traveled all
the way to fusion to like get

serious help in finding this man
who went missing because our

went missing to join a warrior
cult and is now back in secret

trying to kidnap her after he
stalked her through the city.

Right. Was he eating an apple?
Or did I imagine that

Corey: it looks more like an
orange to me, but I'm willing to

write it down as an apple by
virtue of Apple meaning fruit.

Neal: We're gonna say 14
confirmed apples for that one.

And then like his dude, just
like knocks her out. Hey, I

Corey: was talking to her. This
is just like red flags.

Neal: All over the place, man. I
like this when they bam. The

double dose kicks the kicks.
Yeah, dude, it's good. Because

they I mean, they go to try to
like hold the door close. And he

just like kicks through that
motherfucker. This is a badass

Kung Lao in this episode. I'm
not gonna lie. Like this is good

Kung Lao on this one that I'm
remembering it I mean, the

episode started with him
breaking dudes are so like,

dude, just like not holding back
anymore. Obviously.

The close quarters fights are
always pretty good. But there

have been how many fights at
this point in Jen's room like 70

It's a good fighting

Corey: location and maybe Kung
Lao should treat it with a

little bit more tact.

Neal: Maybe you think every time
they break stuff in here he like

replaces it. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Like he's had to fix that

window like seven times. And
he's gonna have to fix it again

because then he kick I can't

Corey: Siro stopping the
fighting now now he's like, oh,

right now I now I care about
what's happening. Fuck the

window again.

Neal: We got to fix the window
again. God dammit I know it's my

brother. bump bump. Ah You're
right. Did he hit again, red

flags all over the place, dude.

He does. Oh shit. It's the
torture time one episode where

they just torture czars return
forcing them to meet Arizona

Sora has got a better Scorpion
voice than Scorpion does. I'm

not gonna lie.

Corey: Yes, Scorpion voice is
bad. Right? And I know it's

boring to keep saying hey, the
Scorpion was bad. But uh it

ain't good.

Neal: But listen to those Kasara
pipes though. Like they should

have dubbed them or something.
Did I lose or just gotten Ed

Boon to do all the Scorpion
lines in that yelling voice?

That would have been fun. Right?
Yeah. Just screamed to every

line. Commercial he's attend but
he yells all the time.

Corey: Versus over pa

Neal: Oh, there's a fun
establishing shot. Where's

Alright, so now Siro is just
gonna torture this Scorpion

ninja. Right. Knife to his
throat. He was like tied to a

column. Jesus Christ. You said
he wanted you to join Scorpion.

scorpions dead forgot scorpions
dead I saw him fall into a lava

pit that when the earth cracked
open he fell in and then the

earth sealed back up over top of
him that's how I know he's dead

fucking burn on the linkway do
Jesus Christ

Unknown: it is Scorpion. He's
recruiting fighters here on

earth realm Sora is an army
something like that I couldn't

follow it all talked about
brotherhood and movement point


Neal: see dude it's like a cold

Corey: I mean I did not think it
was a call it's pretty clearly a


Neal: And I'm just you know,
it's just saying this is this is

just this is just this is a
cautionary tale of an episode

like the whole thing like
there's just too much going on

here dude like there's family
drama relationship drama,

political drama it's all it's
just so much this is a heavy

episode. Yeah. For for Mortal
Kombat conquest to tackle all of

these major issues you know

Unknown: think he's lost Siro?
So are you

do care but I can't save

Neal: Is it is it serious job to
save him? Oh, no, no,

Corey: no, I don't think so. Why
would it be i They're just

saying that because they're like
family. Right? Right. But like I

don't know. I don't really I
don't feel that way.

Neal: If a man is is like in a
few years, I will start in too

fast too furious. And if that
franchise has taught us

anything, it's the importance of

Corey: if that franchise has
taught us anything It's Monica

go Oh, god, that's like one of
the funniest things you could

yell I think

Neal: I can shall rule

but the thing about the they
were about shows in family but

yeah, so I guess this is kind of
what Sora is like been sucked

into a cult thing and he's
chosen the family. This is all

just complicated. Also really
realizing how much the Scorpion

mask looks like a face hugger if
you're successful

strong enough like the cheap
pranks she pranks to get through


Corey: she and cola would
probably get along on account of

the whole bait and switch

Neal: probably feet I think
kills him anyway Scorpion

because as he will remind us now
here he reminded us their path

is only open to the strong or
something like that. Where their

path is not open to the week I
don't remember he just said

so I'm just hanging out in the
in the woods bizarre and Eva

Mendez. What's your real name,

Corey: Yes, well, I mean other
way around, but yeah. Or a


Neal: name? Sorry. character's
name is Hannah. Yeah. So I don't

know I'm obsessed with how to
get to the Scorpion place it

must be in the woods right

Oh shit. Oh no. I can Bugs Bunny
style captured in that joke

Corey: I just made came true
immediately. She is using her

bait and switch skills.

Neal: With the help of Kung Lao
and everyone though

Corey: he did to get out his
classic torturing saw quite a

bit worried

Neal: his pendulum

was just so consumed with
jealousy Jesus Christ

Corey: jealousy I don't know is
that anything?

Unknown: No. Stop Have you
stopped me from finally doing

something for myself? By
swallowing some line of crap

Scorpion fed you topical

Corey: finally, something
topical. These are these

important subjects more fucking
1995 or whatever.

Neal: Like to 9999 I

Corey: think by now. Yeah. The
good news.

Neal: Sure just shows how much
things have not changed. Right?

Corey: The first two years of my
life and this sort of have just

sort of continued half a day
from there and a cycle

Neal: 1998

Corey: I'm so mad I need to
untie you to fucking throw you

into all

Neal: this episode of air
December 98

Corey: You're a pussy fight me?
Right? I'm afraid I wouldn't

stop this is toxic masculinity
in action. Yeah, it

Neal: is dude. And it gives
Scorpion power in this universe.

Right like he's like, I'm not
gonna fight you. You can fight

my boy Kung Lao champion of
Mortal Kombat. Right.

We can go to try to recruit them
into their cold. See, that's how

you get people out of cold. So
you convince them to join other


Corey: It just stops being a
call at a certain point.

Unknown: My help and timing can
be great. Or you have a trainer.

What does he offer? What do you
offer is all in place, a job

support to carry out His plan
and do the same?

Neal: Much the same way you want
it to breathe sulfur all day


Corey: Right? Yeah, you do like
sweaty? Yeah. Kassar,

Neal: we have a breeze up here.
Fresh air. Apples. Lots all the

apples you can eat dude,

Corey: you don't have to keep
watching the movie drive. Which

Scorpion won't stop watching and

Neal: You can also dress however
you want. Dude. He's just like

me. I also love the Scorpion
absolutely watch his drive.

Corey: Oh, yeah. He watched his
drive and to try to mimic that

he bought the jacket off of like
a bootleg website and has been

working on a Mazda Miata

Neal: working on a Mazda Miata.

Corey: The recent course.

Neal: Commercial, Paul they're
easy to overstuffing

Corey: he's not an expert. He's
good at fucking throwing snake

chains. Right? Yeah, he doesn't
know cars like that.

Neal: It's a starter car first

Corey: Yeah, he's He's good. He
got like,

Neal: did he get it in like the
Scorpion yellow?

Corey: Yeah, and he's gonna He's
gonna put a turbo on it. I don't

think they come turbo if they do
somebody's gonna know I'm a

fraud and talking about this.

Neal: His license please get
renew wheels like it's made out

of chain. It's one of those you
know, it can

Corey: shoot bullets. You can
take the uniform off now.

Neal: It says only close. So
just remember we're gonna see

him later. He's gonna be wearing
Ciro's clothes.

Corey: Scorpion knows I'm cool.
What if I am going to fucking

give a shit?

Neal: Yeah, and this is now
they're just going to talk about

how much they hate their dad.
Right? Competition story of all

of our lives

where you realize that Siro and
Taja Siro and Taja Siro and

Kisara are the the Tavan and
Dagon of this universe dude,

absolutely they are. proved me

Unknown: Seeing you after all
these years, forced me to face

the truth. That did this to us.
He drove us apart. It wasn't us.

Neal: See, this is an artist
shit, dude.

Unknown: We make our lives now.
Like you made yours. That didn't

make you leave. And it did. And
now she's here. She's mine. Siro

Yes, she

Neal: became Do you um, do you
believe these two men as


Corey: Um, yeah. Enough

Neal: even though one has an
accent and the other doesn't

I guess after 1000 miles, maybe
there's some regional

differences right?

Unknown: If you don't be safe
this I promise

Neal: be nice to fight with you
for as long as he got through to

him, so that's good. Be nice to
have a brother after all this

time. Nice to see something like
wrap up nicely. You know Happy

Ending the brothers getting
along. We're gonna have a nice

meal together and the episode is
gonna end and everyone's gonna

have you know, they're gonna
have a new ally right

Unknown: should we prepare to
bring him back? No, I will do it

alone. No one leaves us

Neal: well, it's kind of a weird
scene, but I got a good feeling

about the rest of this episode.
I think we're gonna have a nice

happy ending look good. They

Corey: love so leader at women
in the street. These two crosses

the roads and posing Hey, Go
home to your wife, your wife.

Neal: Go home to your wife. He's
like, of course my wife.

Corey: Don't worry. I took half
of my call it fit off. Now I've

just dressed like I'm doing
community theater.

Neal: Kisara is kind of a white
guy, isn't he? No,

Corey: he was just clearing it
with it in the street life guys

don't do that. He's a 10. But
he's leering at women in the


Neal: He's a white guy, but he's
a 10. Wait. How awesome.


I was waiting for another Kung
Lao likes to meditate by the

lake. I think we only see the
lake once and it's when it's

next episode. I think when when
Tasha is mourning her dead

boyfriend who got melted by
reptile acids. Spoiler alert for

next episode.

Corey: This episode feels cattle

Neal: It does. This one's crazy

Corey: because it's one of the
ones of this show where it's

setting up a bunch of things
that won't pay off.

Neal: It's mostly a lot of

Corey: Where does he go up a lot
of stuff and then I'll just say

a few things don't break exactly
how you would help for some of

these core characters.

Neal: Are you seeing any apples
on the table? We've had a lot of

changes in this series eating an
apple. Yes me.

Corey: We've had a lot of outfit
changes in this one. He's

changed twice. Taj has changed
once. Eva Mendez has changed

twice. Yes, like this one's
fashion forward

Neal: 15 confirmed apples also
Siro is wearing his sleeveless

shirt and Kisara is wearing his
sleeved shirt.

Corey: His Church shirt.

Neal: I love that. Yeah. And
they're in there each wearing

one of the two pairs of pants
Siro has the brown ones and the

blue one

Corey: I think they should each
get half of the church shirt and

half of the other shirt.

Neal: Yeah one sleeve each and
then like one brown pant leg and

one blue pant leg. Like like
fucking to face right. But this

is something kind of grim about
this. We will see Siro wear that

church shirt again so he is
going to wear the shirt that his

brother died in in the future.
Yeah, yeah. Kind of kind of wild

and I hate dad. I don't want to
go back

Corey: to good place God I just
want you to hate my dad. I do

buy them as brothers now that
I'm thinking about it not just

because they're in basically the
same shirt. No, my dad is

Neal: here. FUCK IT'S OUR it's
the standard for our dad.

Corey: Dad just walked in on

Neal: Scorpion, the guy who we
have placed all of our daddy

issues on

Corey: we're projecting it is
funny that the shirts a little

too big.

Neal: Yeah, it's a nice talk
because Daniel Bernhardt I think

it's like add some believability

Corey: it makes it work and I
liked it. They kicked the table

in half and I liked it the boys
are gonna go fucking kick that

demons as he fucking does
gymnastics away.

Neal: Oh, yeah, this is good.
This is a fun fight this good


Corey: This episode has been
fight light. Anyway, on account

of the long opening fight, and
then this

Neal: and that was kind of Yeah,
it was just kind of the long

opening fight the Kung Lao
fighting Kasara that was good,

though. But brief. And now we
get this this is gonna be like

it's like a five minute long
fight I think to

Corey: get kicked in the back of
the head of my Daniel Bernhardt.

Neal: God not many who have have

Corey: if you ask you'll do it
but you will.

Neal: Chris Cassamassa is you
know we're talking shit about

the Scorpion voice.

Corey: Hey, God, stop stop what
you're saying with discovery of

voice because we have to talk
about that. The Flying punch. So

rarely do they do wire work is
Still Yeah, but they're so good

every time. They should be doing
those constantly. That's so much

fun to watch him fly across the
fucking town square. And this is

shit. Why are we doing this all
the goddamn time?

Neal: This is good the Scorpion
the Scorpion snake spear like

lifting Kasara

Corey: This is Oh much

Neal: Yes do

Corey: the flying punch the
uppercut murder the snake chain

rope. Arm.

Neal: The girthy snake rope.

Corey: I don't know about that.
I don't know if we have to do


Neal: We do it every time I do
it every time I like to remind

people how girthy it is. Okay,
it's good. It's good Raisa D

directed this episode. And he's,
he's like, directed, like, as

far as I can tell, since
television was invented. He's

directed television. Like as far
back as TV shows in the 60s.

And then he's also doing Mortal
Kombat conquest episodes. Yeah.

Yeah. As I was saying, I think
like we talked about the

Scorpion voice, Chris Cassamassa
still like a good fighter a good

stunt dude. A good good casting
as Scorpion. I just wish they

had done some kind of like post
processing to give Scorpion more

of like a Spectre II voice
right. Like he has in the games.

Corey: Yeah, course Bob Yeah.

Neal: Yes, commercial Paul.

Corey: I like this is that was
the bumper has no say no, that

if it was well, this episode
ends very unceremoniously

quickly. Given the amount of
time it spends building up the

the encounter and the context in
the family everything. Then you

have a relatively quick fight
with Scorpion, which was mostly

with Siro anyway. Because our
unceremoniously dies and Eva

Mendes is like, well, I guess I
should leave. was just like,

Neal: not just I guess I should
leave but I also can't stand to

look at you because you remind
me of Kozar

Corey: You look too hot like
you're dead brother.

Neal: Right? Yeah. I have to go
be in in hitch.

Corey: I have to go out with my
husband who was in Drive, right.

All right. Ryan Gosling and Eva
Mendes married.

Neal: Are they they might be I
think they are. Eva Mendes.

Corey: It's up to you Google Eva
Mendes. I could go to Ryan

Gosling. Yeah,

Neal: they are still married.
What a beautiful couple Jesus

Christ. She's like, I have to go
be in Ghost Writer.

Corey: Dude, that's awesome. You
Yeah. Dude, if Ryan Gosling was

on one of these fucking
episodes, shit, holy

Neal: could you imagine? But
wasn't he busy on are you afraid

of the dark or something? I
guess Ryan God,

Corey: I don't know what the
fuck he was doing. Live in the

fucking GTA or wherever he's

Neal: the Grand Theft Auto
right? God they're gonna do a

new IMDb redesign and I already
they're letting you preview it

now. I already fucking hate it.

Corey: screenshotted I haven't
seen it. I want to be

disappointed too.

Neal: You can just go do it.

Corey: I like how we've already
decided this episodes over which

is why we're just talking about

Neal: Yeah, Ryan Gosling. Are
you afraid of the dark? 1995 The

tale of station one Oh 9.1 Was
this first one

Corey: Oh 9.1 Though beast and
they play like rock music

Neal: and of the episode also,
it's great. It's also Greg banks

in the Say cheese and die
episode of goose bombs. That was

his second credit. Hercules,
young Hercules Lars and the real

girl. No, no, no VIP or
Baywatch. And Ryan Gosling's

IMDB. I think it's a good
episode. What do you think?

Corey: Um, we weren't that
invested in it. But I don't

think it's necessarily a bad
one. Its biggest problem is that

it has absolutely no bearing on
what became one season of

television. So as we said, it's
a whole lot of exposition. For

Yeah, essentially nothing. Which
is this definitely frustrating.

Neal: Well, this was the
episode. So like, obviously, we

learned all about Kung Lao in
the pilot, right. And we learned

a lot about Tasha in the undying
dream. This episode right is

undying dream, I believe the one
wishes in the Cobalt Mines.

Corey: Yes.

Neal: Yeah, whichever one that
one was. So this was this was

now ciros Episode LET'S GET TO
KNOW Siro Siro is backstory in

history right where we meet his
brother and his loved ones and

stuff but it is yeah, it's but
we're halfway This was also the

middle of the like we are now we
have no watched half of the

series at this point.

Corey: And knowing that we don't
have more, it does feel like not

a waste that's far too short
order but it's frustrating to be

like we're at the midpoint and
what we got out of this like the

thing that effectively is part
of what's teeing up the future

is something that becomes
effectively moot. Which is a bit

of a drag. But I think

Neal: this does kick off a
little Yeah, cuz next episode,

shadow of a doubt. That's the
one where Okay, that's the next

episode. That's the Molina
episode. Oh boy, that's gonna

suck. So that's kind of but
that's kind of like the so like,

this thicker than blood. This
was like the Siro relationship

episode right. And then shadow
of a doubt the Molina Kitana

Little Mix up that's gonna be
like the Kung Lao like diving

into like, the Kung Lao
relationship of it all. And then

we've got twisted truths. That's
the one with Brian wrath Clark,

but basically, more
specifically, Tomas. Taja. His

boyfriend, you know, yeah. And
yeah, Brian Rath Clark as burly

citizen. Yeah, and there's like
we're getting like a nice little

trilogy here. Oh, nice. Maybe is
not the right word considering

that weird Molina episode. But
like this is now they're diving

into they're trying to build
more of like the, the character

like more steaks for the main
characters. You know what I'm

saying? Right? Does anybody know
what I'm saying? Do I even know

what I'm saying? Somebody's
gonna know you're saying?

Somebody's gonna know what I'm
saying. Oh, shit, dude, we

fucked up. We're gonna get to a
festival of death the spooky

Halloween episode like way
before October. Oh, well,

Corey: we could wait. Yeah, like
I think there's good stuff in

this episode. But I think with
the context of knowing like what

we have coming up. I don't know
if it stands up to the scrutiny

of like the best episodes of
this show at all.

Neal: No, I don't think I'd put
it in the best way. Like, it's

you know, they brought back a
main Mortal Kombat character in

Scorpion. Maybe he just because
he used a little bit more

Scorpion. A probably could have
used a little bit more Scorpion

and a little. A little less
Khazar a little b maybe

Corey: a little more Scorpion a
little less. Action please

Neal: add a little bit of Monica
in my life

Corey: Monica say it like the
beginning of crazy train

that was fake laughter turning
into real laughter really


Neal: that's a fun game. Like
that game? Yeah, yeah

yeah, I don't know. Pretty good
episode. It's middle of the road

is better than a lot of episodes
that we we will see.

Corey: Yeah, it's better than
the worst ones by by a margin. I


Neal: calling it now it's going
to be better than the Molina

episode we're going to have to
endure next time but I'm I'm

done. Are you done? I'm good.

Corey: I'm still drinking his
black Gatorade

Neal: right and you haven't died
yet? So that's a good sign every

Corey: fucking day now.

Neal: You haven't mutated into
like a crab like Monster.

Corey: I have a doctor's
appointment tomorrow.

Neal: Oh good good timing
actually yeah, get checked out


Corey: just I'm gonna be like
Hey, I know that this is like

you know our first time having
like a follow on appointment new

doctor. I'm gonna lead I think
with the black Gatorade as my

biggest immediate health concern

Neal: right speech like Listen
sir I had a little bit of

chemical a zero dash 395 9x
point nine one dash 15 And he's

gonna humble

Corey: own face and gasp and go
like ah, because you're not

supposed to do that

Neal: Did you just make a joke
and then get proud of yourself


Corey: not proud it's just kind
of funny. It's it's funny to say

Home Alone face everybody knows
what that is. Fucking nail my

homologue faces a face of rage
because the new home alone movie

was bad. There's a new home
alone movie Home Sweet Home on

baby starring a horrible child
and Rob Delaney.

Neal: Oh shit. Rob Delaney.

Corey: Yeah, Rob Delaney and a
girl whose name I can't

remember. But she was on the

Neal: Suite.

Corey: I think she was on the
office. Anyway, the movies bad

you shouldn't watch it. None of
the things I'm saying should

draw you into watch

Neal: Ellie Kemper Yeah, she was
on the office and she one of

those rival podcast ladies. No,
but she was recently on an

episode of there's also How
could she do that to us? Right

Ellie Kemper go on MK podcast
we'll talk about the Unbreakable

Kimmy Schmidt which is funny and

Corey: Yeah powerful would be to
be unbreakable and Mortal

Kombat. Holy shit. The
unmemorable Kimmy Schmidt

Neal: playing with a Game Genie

Corey: good Genie

Neal: got that Game Genie code.
Yeah, she was also in

bridesmaids, Cory What do you
got going on?

Corey: Um, wow, I almost lost my
mic over sorry

Neal: listen, I'm gonna say
look, I'm gonna say right now

the commentary we did. I'm gonna
give us like a cinnamon All

right. If you bailed before
getting to this you fucked up.

Corey: We say don't a good ship,
right. That's good podcasting.

You want to keep them wanting
more? There's no way they're

doing a show. That's this
fucking bad. Right? Is your

right listener? We weren't we
were saving all the good stuff

for right now.

Neal: This is a test to see who
makes it through

Corey: Yeah. If you listened to
the end of this episode, tweet

at any related Twitter account
to us. Monica parentheses

extreme Crazy Train voice and we
will know

Neal: that you made it to the
well no, you're a real one.

Corey: Well, no, you're a real
one and you don't like when

anything for that but we'll
appreciate it does that count

for anything? It should we'll
put your dad peelers

No, I have a good relationship
with my dad It's everybody's

everybody everybody be cool
everybody be cool. Must be nice

everybody be cool guys deals
talking about his relationship

problems dad every one of you

Neal: must be nice to have a
nice cool supportive

relationship with your dad. Did
you just file your fucking chair


Corey: I was surely Jesus Christ
clicked something started

playing audio really

the worst possible time because
you were making like an actual

statement. Oh

Neal: doesn't matter. Okay,
people. Cory What are you doing?

Corey: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh,
yeah. Yeah. Yeah, like the guy

from the Storage Wars. You good?
Is that guy probably canceled

maybe we'll see.

Neal: I'm pretty sure all
everyone on storyboards is or

will be pretty safe. Like if
you're if you have like a

canceled betting pool. You're
putting data from storage was

just anyone on Storage Wars easy
money, but Jiminy

Corey: Cricket from Storage
Wars. You laughed. It wasn't

funny, but you laughed.

Neal: I was loving it. I was
laughing at the concept. Yeah.

Corey: Because he was just like
a little boy. He's a little man

wow, who? This Mario now? Jiminy
Cricket Mario?

Neal: They made another one.

Corey: Yeah, it's good stuff.
We're having good time. Um,

okay. Well, actually, there was
an f1 race this morning. If you

want to hear me talk more about
f1 You can listen to strat two.

We don't have like a weekly
release schedule. My friend

kalmunai But we get we get them
done when we can so soon, you'll

be able to hear us talking about
all of the most baffling forett

Fuck, you'll be able to hear us
talking about all of the

baffling Ferrari strategy
decisions. You can imagine that

strapped to f1 on Twitter.
strat, like the word strategy

like that word I just said.
Yeah. They made another one.

sequels, reboots, remakes,
movies stuff sorry the

Blackadder it started get to me
a little bit.

Neal: It's mutating Oh,

Corey: and we just had our
yesterday our end of the season

wrap up episode will be out.
It's long. I don't know how long

it is yet. The answer is nearly
three hours. Holy shit, give or

take whatever it gets taken out
in the edit and And it's a

really good time. I think we had
a lot of fun and it's a good

place to sort of get situated
like what did we watch in the

last year? What are we teeing up
for the start of August? It's a

good time they made another one.
Everybody knows about Twitter

account is I don't need to say

Neal: You can have one more sip
of that. That black goo and

you're really good. I'm gonna

Corey: drink do you want me to
drink the rest of it right now?

Neal: Home sweet overload is
good. Actually. Jim, I

Corey: want to drink the rest of
it right now. If I ever say

that, by the way, you can kill
me you know it's not me anymore.

Chuck it I would never say that.
So if I ever say hose we humble

on was good. Actually. You can
fucking kill me on the spot.

Neal: You got it? What? You just
said it. Oh

Corey: no. I don't like I
shouldn't have done that. Do you

want to play

Neal: and if you want to learn
more about chemical a zero dash

395 9x point nine one dash one
five. You can check out my other

podcast crew expendable all
about the Alien franchise crew Dan that was
available crew expendable dotnet

Yeah, but wasn't at crew
expend a pod on Twitter. And in

your podcast app as crew
expendable. You can find me on

Twitter at final Neal and
Instagram at final Neal retro.

Follow the show on Twitter and
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YouTube channel all of our

episodes, places to subscribe,
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cetera. us good five star
reviews. We look we earned that

we've pulled it off at the end
of this episode. We deserve that

five star review. So they'll
drop a drop of liking a fav and

whatever else on the podcast
places. And we'll be back next

week assuming Cory survives his
encounter with chemical a zero

dash 395 9x point nine one dash
one five. Yeah, I'm gonna try