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Chris is pushing to get more headcount for his community. He presents to Michael is situation on how to create a business plan to get headcount. Michael talks in detail about how to do this.

1. Strategy - Case Deflection - Help the support team to create a case deflection strategy - Increase brand awareness
2. Growth Plan - Operation Effectiveness - Companies shift their smaller important customers to a lower cost - Tiering support strategy
3. Competitive analysis (What does the outcome look like)
4. Estimate of the cost
5. ROI - If I get this, the you get that

Show Notes

Michael talks about ROI for a Support Community. He put together an Google sheet to help with ROI of community.

Check it out here

What is Peers Over Beers - Community Experts Podcast?

20 year Digital Experience and B2B Community Expert Michael Sandoval and 20 year Relationship Manager and B2B Community Strategist Chris Detzel are your hosts for this fun and straight shooting podcast for enterprise community managers and social media professionals. With their easy and natural inquisitive banter, your hosts will tackle hard issues facing community managers in their day-to-day struggles, and yes, over a beer. From starting new communities, digitally transforming enterprise culture, moderation, and globalization techniques are all up for discussion.