Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020

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Nostalgia! Jon and Justin talk about their "tech origin stories."

Show Notes

If you used computers in the 80s and 90s you're going to love this episode.
  • Apple IIe in the school computer lab
  • The original Macintosh
  • "I wanted an Amiga so bad!"
  • The BBS scene: Wildcat, Roboboard/FX, being a SySop
  • Compuserve and AOL
  • Tandy 1000, 386, 486, building your own Pentium
  • Fave games: Commander Keen, King’s Quest, Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem, Raptor, Apogee Games
  • Our first websites: high school swim team website, snowboarding website (with a guestbook)
  • Our first computer businesses
It's a fun one. ;)

What do you think?

Show notes:

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What is Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020?

Can you bootstrap a profitable startup in 2020? Thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to launch their own web apps. But with so many venture-backed startups now, is it still possible? Follow Jon and Justin as they build their podcasting SaaS,