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109: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 2
I celebrate my birthday on 3rd June 2021. Because of this, I'm doing a Money Mindset Series: Birthday Edition. A gift for you as your money mindset mentor to create an outrageously successful life and business. In this Money Mindset Series, I hope that it will help you create wealth and gain practical wisdom on releasing your money blocks. For Women Who Love The F-Word: Being Fabulous, Having Freedom, Financial Independence and A Happy Family..... YOU HAVE A DIAMOND WITHIN YOU AND YOU DESERVE TO SHINE! Secrets of Manifesting Money Quickly Online Course --->

Show Notes

 109: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 2

Welcome to today’s episode! The part 2 of 21 Lessons from launching Soul Rich Woman and many other launches. 

(1:25-11:44) Number 11. Now, LAUNCH RESISTANCE IS REAL. Now, everyone experiences it so the fact that if you have resistance, people have resistance signing up for your programs, products, or your services doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to launch.

(1:54-2:09) There are a lot of resistance. People ask questions, funny questions, weird questions, interesting questions, you know. Don’t take it as a sign to stop. Just keep going even though people are resisting.

(2:40-3:03) Number 12. REFUNDS WILL HAPPEN. They are a business right of passage and are inevitable. Do not stress about it. Doesn’t mean when people ask for a refund, you are not good or you are lousy because everyone get refund request all the time.

(3:41-3:49) So celebrate the wins and focus on that rather than celebrating and focusing on the negative, right?

(3:50-4:03) 13. PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR STUFF. Now don’t stress too much about protecting all your IP. I mean, some people will join, competitors will join, and steal your stuff

(4:07-4:26) I mean get legal on them if you need to put Terms & Conditions in place. Don’t hide for fear that this will happen. Now, this is pretty rare and lots of people will miss out on your goodness if you let the fear of all these copycats stop you from launching.

(4:27-4:30) Number 14. PEOPLE WILL UNSUBSCRIBE. 

(4:33-4:35) Unsubscribes will go up during a launch.

(4:47-4:53) And when I launch Soul Rich Woman there were unsubscribes because maybe it’s not relevant to them. 

(4:55-5:13) That’s okay because we can’t just hold on to the people forever. I mean people’s needs and people’s seasons will change, right? It’s nothing personal. Just turn off those unsubscribe notifications and celebrate for those who stay on your list.

(5:18-5:30) Number 15. PEOPLE WILL GET PISSED OFF BY WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. Now people will get irrationally angry that you’re selling something even if you’re giving away 90% of your stuff for free. 

(5:31-5:56) I am a true-blue experiencer for that. That’s why I have to tell you this. It sucks, okay? And it hurts. I already did 3,000 episodes of Facebook live- FREE, content that I teach and share my knowledge. And then people get angry about the stuff that we are selling, right? But you know what? It’s okay for you to make money from your business. If people don’t like it, they don’t buy it, that’s okay.

(6:03-6:22) Number 16. PLAN BUT NOT TOO MUCH. Don’t get caught up in creating the perfect planning spreadsheet or that perfect launch spreadsheet. You know what? A simple google document to-do list will do just fine. Action beats perfect planning every time. 


(6:42-6:46) What is on the paper and what is in your head sometimes, don’t get translated out to reality.

(6:48-6:56) You can just keep a file of ideas for next time. Okay? You won’t be able to implement everything this time but it’s handy to keep it in one place so you remember. 

(7:28-7:38) Even though you won’t be able to implement everything now, you will still be able to implement something especially after more experiences accumulated.

(7:38-7:47) Number 18. INCENTIVIZE AND SUPPORT YOUR AFFILIATES. I’m a true believer of affiliates or what we called associates partners 

(7:50-8:04) Because they will help you to sell more because you are also leveraging on their audience. But it takes work to support them. Like you need to increase your customer service capabilities because your affiliates will have a lot of questions. 

(8:38-8:56) I don’t assume that they know how to become an affiliate of Soul Rich Woman or an associate partner of Soul Rich Woman and EduPac. You have to spell it out, literally. Like how to log in, how to use your affiliate links, how to market well, how to even talk about your program. 

(9:14-9:19) You will also attract different types of affiliates depending on the price of your program. 

(9:32-9:37) And people love competitions so have a sales or a leads competition.

(9:56-9:58) Launching- don’t do it alone.

(10:02-10:18) Number 19. MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET. I worked through so many blocks during the launch. Book in with your mentor to smash through the blocks. Talk to your mastermind everything you need to keep your vibration high.

(10:18-10:33) 20. MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE AND VERY VERY VALUABLE. You are going to make mistakes, I confirm and I guarantee that. And that’s fine because each time you launch you’re going to get better and better. Each time you launch you’re going to build on the next level of success. 

(10:34-10:37) Number 21.  DON’T COMPARE. Everyone starts from zero.

(10:56-11:03) We all start somewhere, alright? Don’t assume that everyone has seen your stuff. Launch it again!

(11:05-11:10) I hope that you are ready for your next step. I really admit that.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Just keep going.
  2. Action beats perfect planning every time.
  3. Launching- don’t do it alone.
  4. Don’t compare
  5. Plan but not too much. 

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