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Hello Black Earth fam!

We are so excited to be back for Season 3 of Black Earth Podcast!!

The theme for this season is 'Innovation Inspired by Nature'. Join us for this juicy and world changing season as we meet incredible black women inventors, scientists and artists who are building new worlds with the genius of mama nature. Check out the trailer to find out more.

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Creators & Guests

Marion Atieno Osieyo
Creator and Host of Black Earth Podcast

What is Black Earth Podcast ?

Black Earth is an interview podcast celebrating nature and black women leaders in the environmental movement. Join us for inspiring, informed and authentic conversations on how we can make a positive impact for people and nature worldwide.

Episodes out every Wednesday. Connect with us online @blackearthpodcast on Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

Hosted by Marion Atieno Osieyo. Healing our relationship with nature, one conversation at a time.

Season 3 Trailer - Innovation Inspired By Nature

Marion Atieno Osieyo: [00:00:00] Welcome to Black Earth podcast. I'm your host, Marion Atieno Osieyo. Black Earth is an award winning podcast celebrating nature and the incredible black women leaders in the environmental movement.

We are back for season three, which is all about innovation inspired by nature.

Throughout human histories, nature has been an inspiration for designing and inventing the world around us. That's because for over four and a half billion years, nature has learned how to create life.

So in season three, we're meeting visionary black women, scientists, artists and inventors who are working with [00:01:00] nature to create resilient, regenerative, radical and reconnected futures for our planet.

Join us on the 8th of May wherever you listen to your favourite podcast.

This is Black Earth, creating conversations that change the world.