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The World Economic Forum hosted a cyberattack simulation called 'Cyber Polygon' to prepare for the "next pandemic". The reason we are focusing on this today (as well as the energy grid attacks) is because this same group of people hosted 'Event 201', which predicted the C19 pandemic spot on. In fact, it was deeply worrying as to how similar the pandemic was to the simulation they ran just 6-weeks before the first C19 case was declared.

In 2023, it seems we keep jumping from crisis to crisis and instead of burying our head in the sand waiting to see what happens, we want to prepare for what is *likely* to happen. This one can be the most damaging and it might occur soon since it may directly relate to the Russia Ukraine war. Here's everything you need to know about the simulation and what to *potentially* expect based on their own words and documents.

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So that doesn't sound good, Does it Well before we get into it? there's a lot to get into. Welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show everybody, I'm your host, Johnny K. It's great to be with you. It's always great to be with you. If you're new to the podcast, This is the podcast where we assess current events and the truth without an agenda where a political were anti politics. We don't lean. Either way, we just go straight for the truth, and that is what we do. So this is in front, the faint of heart. This is for people seeking truth without bias. That's it. It's the number one a political podcast on the Internet by a long shot. Okay, so wherever you're getting this by the way, you can subscribe wherever podcast subscribe to the huge you tue channel Scribe rumble. And that's all the pitch I got for today. I don't want to see that stuff any more because it's boring, so not much going on. you know, just another day in twenty twenty three. What do you know about Cyber Polygon Okay, there's two parts of this. Okay. This has to do with energy. Grand attack We're on. Get to the second half of the This is real stuff. This is crazy. Okay, but Cyber Polygon and I got it over here. I got the Pdifthe. Cyberpolygon is an international online training for raising global cyberresilience. Sound familiar. It's like Klaus Schwab's third favorite word. Uh, resilience right? So we we know of even two o one? That's no secret. All right and I've shared with that goal. Check the previous episodes. we've covered it. If you need the podcast, go At the history, Go look at the Library of Data and podcast The hundred and sixty we've done before this, look at the track and then be like, Oh, can we trust them? Yeah, of course you can rest, John. then O an show we aren't political so therefore we are always truthful. We don't have a leaning. So eventual. One perfectly perfectly, almost literally, almost perfectly. It was a coronavirs. It predicted the pandemic perfectly sponsor by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Who love you dearly absolutely love you. Um, and I think John Hopkins was the other one, But they did a whole training on predicting exactly what happened in real life literally months later, Like six weeks later, Olvoslythe, exact same thing that I did a little simulation for happened. Well since that was such a crazy success to them, go, man, he had crazy psychotic controllers of the world. People. I don't Eve know what to call them and let's just call what it is. It's absolutely insanity. but it happened and they were successful in their eyes. I think I don't know, But now there's a prediction of a piper attack, Okay, or an attack on like the energy grit or the financial markets go down, or you know nobody has internet connection like they are predicting another pandemic, but this one being a cyberpandemic. So there, one for one they, they were unbelievable. The pandemic I thought happened like once every hundred years. I thought that was like kind of the thing. Now, they've kind of programmed everyone where pandemics happened like every other year, or maybe every year, just crisis after crisis like. Oh, what's going on? Just the first Like you know, Viral pandemic is like nineteen, Eighteen. World War Three. You know, the whole energy grid is going to go down. It's life's normal, and they have you buying into this being normal. Let me tell you right now this is not normal. This is so far from normal. this is psychotic. It's insane and it's not normal. Just think of your life five years ago. Please remember what your life was like Five years ago. You didn't talk about pandemics and cyberattacks and grids going down Were three. Like every other day. this is insanity. It's insanity. All right, Let's just call what it is. So what's really what I actually appreciate is that the world economic Form actually hosts these meetings and panels with people, experts, experts. Just like the experts during the pandemic, they were so good, they were so good, they literally got everything wrong, Was literally the perfect script for an upside down world. They nailed a hundred per cent wrong. That's a skill that's impressive, But they do these Annals, and then they post the videos on Youtube and everywhere else and just watch it, which they just say what they're going to do. They say psychotic things and basically are like here. Just listen to us and this is what happens and you peasants can't do anything about it. Well, I got bad news for them. The peasants are coming together world wide. Okay, over a hundred countries. Listen to this podcast. We're joining hands were reaching across different classes, different party lines. In whatever we're realizing, people are waking up to the fact that we you I, Everyone are on the same team. That is vital. That is vital because you cannot beat the human race together. There's too many peasants we've won. There's more of us now than there's ever been. We are always the winning team Because we're here. Like I said, There's more F us now than ever. If we just band together and kind of see that is clearly a dividing conquer strategy. This will be a piece of kick. So anyway, they do these panels and they just say these ridiculous outrageous things like it's normal like it's absolutely normal. It's crazy and they jus Posted Like. what are you going to do? So listen to these numbers. Okay, Tell me, Do you remember this? Like to dose twelve, Like was seventeen to his one Nienineysixs, Like, do you remember numbers like these? These are. Listen to this. I'm gonna play two close from this panel. Okay, we're goin off with the opener. The opener, this guy, this guy is about to read some statistics. This, this, this panel is the global cyber security outlook for twenty twenty three. Guess what that's this year? Aren't you excited? Listen to this guy. This is like the head of cybersecurity for the w. F. Jergens. Okay by the way, if you're not watching this, let me just tell Ouwhathe. looks like he looks like a smack. his tie his tie terribly, And that's coming for someone who came tie. Tis very well, his tie looks awful and he looks like a smack. His hair cuts terrible to Okay. If you're watching, you can just see him. listen to this. Listen to this. So he goes on and talks about Okay, So all of a sudden, twenty twenty three, right after the pandemwell, I think by, and actually in the U. S, at least extended the national emergency. whatever. I don't know what else that's like. It's crazy. but anyway, the pandemic and and all den, we have nother pandemic crisis crises crisis, people, please remember that normal life does not have pandemics and crisises every year That is psychotic. Okay, something is ary. Okay. A piece of rye bread. A right. I don't know what that means. but you know something is up. Something isn't right. So here's another woman on the panel. Actually, this woman. I believe he introduces her as the Co, and then says Chair Co and Chair of censure. Okay, Isn't that like one of those companies that Buda Judge came from, who is doing such a phenomenal job at East Palestine? Unbelievable, I love consultants. I love it hat. do you do for living? I'm a consultant. That's those people are so amazing. I love them all right. Listen to this lady's statistics. Okay, She, As there's three numbers that everyone should be aware of Okay, listen to this. Listen to this. Julie Sweet, Is her name? Did you hear that? Do you you want to do that again? I think we should that again. Let's do it one more time. Eighty six percent Believe there's going to be a catastrophic cyberattack in the next two years. Eighty six percent. Ah, what? Like what? This is insane? I don't know how more psychotic it gets Okay if you're if you haven't woken up since twenty nineteen. Well, here's your chance. You actually are given another opportunity to be a part of the biggest. A political, pro, human, pro Earth, pro piece, anti war, anti, killing people, pro, Elevate human to the next level Movement of all time. We want you. We will take you whenever you want to join the people, the peasants of the world. Okay, there are so many of us and we can never have enough and we accept people at any time. Are you a good human? Do you want to contribute to society? Do you want to prevent saber attacks and pandemics and an enforced injections and all this crazy madness? If the answer is yes, or even maybe come on board, We need you. We are fighting this. This is amazing. Okay, eighty six percent, I believe there's going to be a catastrophic and like what was it? Forty three percent Think it's goin be like. Just damage their business. Like what? this is not normal. This is. if this is being normal in your Ead like, Yeah, you know Castropic Breve. Yeah, you know global pandemic like the Spanish Flu. Yeah, this stuff is totally normal. Sure people live in a lion city of like a two by two piece of wood like in Sat Arabia, Yah, totally normal. Yeah, yeah, feudal system. Yeah, totally cool like we, of course, transhumanism awesome. that's great. Yeah, do whatever you want Us. Oh slavery sweet. I'm in. Okay, No, no, no, we're not. We're not like that. I said the principles pro human, pro Earth, anti tyranny. That's it. Okay. You like those principles come to the political movement. All right, this is madness. Okay and they're running a simulation, just like they ran a simulation with event to one that predicted to almost perfection like a ninety, two point seven, two, five percent, succession or success, not succession. That's the show on Bo. I believe, which Herd's very goodi've. seen parts of it. you know, haven't got too into it, but it's amazing success rate. I would say of their plan. If you haven't watched Event one yet, please, I implore you to go on Youtube and just watch event one. It will make your heart feel so warm and fuzzy. You will. just. oh, you will. You'll think it's Valentines day. Okay, you're gonnathik. it's Valentine Day. And you, and you're gonna tinkyou're? the Valentine? You think you're the Valentine? You're the Bill and Melinda Gates Valentine? All right, So eighty six percent Belie he's gonna. As to events. These are all big business. That's at that are that are associated with W. F. Which, by the way, just so you know, that's kind of the front organization for actually the Builder Burg group. That's who, as really behind all this I covered hat in the previous episode. Go listen to the episode right before this one. If you want. It's towards the end, second half of the episode where I talk about the structure of how it's the people, verse the corporations and the lets, and basically all the institutions, And then it's just s peasants out here trying to back them off and be like. No, we don't want to be. Was forever. Not too much to ask. Last time I checked like Pro freedom. Oh yeah, that's another principle. By the way, Pro freedom. very very important. we do not budge on freedom. So so before so cer polygon, Okay, let's talk about this international online training for raising global cyber resilience. We need resilient supply chains. And then the last time class, Weber said that the Y, the supply chains went to ship. Okay, He's like we need resilint supply chains. They broke. All right, He said, nobody, Nobody will be safe until everybody gets vaccinated. like Joe Byron says, Get vaccinated whispering in the microphone, Very strange stuff. This is not normal stuff, not normal stuff. I just want you to be aware of that not normal stuff. so I think the best way to explain the cyber polygon in detail is there's a fantastic channel that I've come across and he explains it very, very, very, very well, And so we are going to play. Lay it unless I, X out of it. No, I didn't Oh, I might have. I did okay. So it's what we're going to do here. So it is. I'm going to pull it up right now in real time. East's what we do. We can do it in real time. So it that the Youtube channel is corn burrow Bureau, Burrow in the burrow, right, like when you say the Federal burrow of invested whatever it is, So he has two parts here, and it's the F cyberattac simulation part one, and he has a great little snip here, the second part after the intro of explaining Tyber Polygon better than I can. and so I'm just goin t play his, And then you can understand exactly what's going on here and how this is not normal. and here's a great description. Sorry for that delay Here had to make adjustment and real time for you, the people, for the people of the people, By the people, the people, the people, the people. That's the motto of the movement, So here we go, take a listen to Corn Barrow, The Wfcyberattack simulation part one, and here he explains it. So that is what Cyberpaligon is, and he goes into fantastic detail on it and I'm goin, just gonna give you a little briefing on it. So the partners. I'm looking the p. d F. right now. I have it on my other screen, so first of all, you only have to go three pages in and you see Claus's face, So when you have a p d f document, no matter what the document is, if in the first five pages you see Claus swabs face, You know something is not good. Okay, something bad is happening on the later on the latter six Fifty nine pages. Okay, that's a red flag classes. Face is never a good sign That is bad energy that is bad for the people, which means the peasants, And he has a quote and I will read it to you. Quote. I would like to state again how essential it is to see the high number of leaders that joined Cyrus Polygon this year. Today we will test how to work together across organizations across borders and across the public and private sector, public and private partnerships. He loves public and private partnerships, which is technically, That is the technical, and go listen to two podcasts ago, where there's a great club about this from Jordan Pierson, Jbocharia, friend of the show of Fashism, The real technical definition of fashism, which is when the state combines with big corporations and they fuse. That's technically fash. He just calls a public private partnership, which is the same thing he goes. This is a significant step in preparing for an even more highly connected and I hope a highly secure and trusted future And he Saying how that we're at this inflection point of all this technology, A Baba, and whoever whoever can master this technology will master the universe will master the world. Okay, Him and his buddies want to master the world, so I do believe were a time where this old power structure that has ran things for who knows how many generations, is losing grip and they're trying to hold it in this new digital age and they're trying right now. That's the global reset. That is the great reset. That's what is happening and they're going to lose. The Peas Will win. Why Because outlets like this because of you, because your family, because people who don't want to give up freedom. Okay, once you taste it, once you taste it, you can't give it up. you can't give up freedom. Okay, freedom is fantastic. Even if it wasn't even real All these years, it felt real right. And now I just want more of it. I want to bathe in freedom. Okay, just because they don't want me to have freedom, I want to put freedom all over my body. Okay, I'm obsessed with it now, just to go against the tyranny. I am obsessed with freedom. Okay, Now, I'm all in on freedom. I'll work freedom flags. whatever. I'm a freedom fighter. Okay and so are you, And you know what the best part about it is, You can be a political. In fact, I encourage you to be a political because that whole political theater nonsense, B. S is honestly just to divide everybody while they just keep getting more and more centralized power. Let's be honest, Let's what do we say? Call a spade a spade? Right? That's the saying. Well, Et's relevant here. So back to this fantastic little document Here they talk about the partners, which obviously microsoffh as a big partner You know. Obviously, so will the. the question is the golden question? The golden goose, Will there be a saber attack in twenty twenty three? I can't answer that, Okay, but there are a lot of red flags and many episodes ago I walked you through how pre programming works, How they start letting out information so that something happens And you don't think it's that crazy Of a deal because you were already program to get ready for it. Okay Through the propaganda taught you how to do that. If you knew the podcast Go back, That's a specific episode. Was it was about Trump frame frame for the vaccines. Whether I'm I'm not saying that he's guilty or not guilty or four against nothing about that, I was just showing you what their plan was Okay. I'm not political, so I can't be, so I don't don't have to take. I was just trying to teach you like. Look what they're trying to do. They're trying to pin this on him. And then the didn't go any further because we identified it. The public know and you know. Once you. once, you kind of call out the propaganda. it's hard for it to be successful and listen. He's guilty and ll that anyway, But listen. That's not here nor there. I'm just Elligyou. The episode. If you want to go, listen to it. So this ties into the next part, which is the energy grade. You're starting to see a lot of articles and I'll pull up somethin here. You're starting to see a lot of articles about how the energy grows under attack. There's you know, way more. there's way more Uh attacks this year than he were last year. This is recently in the Wall Street Journal power grade attacks surge and are likely to continue study. Finds confidential analysis shows sharp rise and targeting of facilities with gun fire, intrusion and vandalism. Physical attacks on the U. S. power grade rose seventy one percent last year compared with twenty twenty one, and will likely increase this year, according to a confidential industry analysis, viewed by the Wall Street Journal, a division of the great oversight body known as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, who found that ballistic damage intrusion of vandalism largely drove the increase. The analysis also determined that physical security incidents involving power out ages have increased twenty percent in twenty twenty, attributed to people frustrated by the onset of the pandemic social tensions, tensions and economic challenges. Then you go to political and you got a recent article saying Under energy, physical attacks on power grid surged to new peak. P Are shooting sabotaging and vandalizing electrical equipment in the Us. at a pace unseen, at least at least the decade, Amid signs that domestic extremist hope to use black outs to so unrest, the Us. power grade is suffering a decade. high, Surgeon attacks as extreme as vandals and Pyper criminals increasingly take aim at the nation's critical infrastructure. Then you go to time, is it says. Is there something more sinister Going on? Authorities fear extremes or targeting us. power grid? And Yeah, so you've seen food plants blow up and wigs blow up and everything blow up. Yeah, of course you are, but there's nothing to see here. Totally normal. They're normalizing it. Let me read the top of this article. in time. a string of mysterious attacks on power stations across the U. S. has rekindled fears about the vullnabilities of America. Electricity infrastructure, which security officials have warned, presents a growing target to extremes, and savatours. Attacks and suspicious activity at Us. power stations reached eight decade long high last year, with more than one hundred reported incidents in the first eight months of twenty twenty two. according to a time review of the Department of Energy, most recent data, which runs through August, Since then, there have been at least eighteen publicly reported attacks or potential attacks on sub stations in power plans in Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington, And it goes on and on and on so they are. It seems to I am going to call out what it appears to be. It appears to be. Yes, there there are attacks. Man, Where these attacks coming from? Are they coming from peasants? Unlikely peasants just want to be free. Peasants love energy. We love having the lights on. we love having heated homes. we love air conditioning on hot summer days. Okay, last time I checked Okay, so maybe this is someone bigger. Maybe this is the same people who derailed East Palestine. Wait, maybe that was a qoincent. Okay, maybe it was just a qoincince a year before they created white noise. Netflixanetflix movie. That's based on a book for Nineteen four. But whatever they made it a year before, about a plane or about a train de railing, And he's Palestine, and the extras in the movie were from East Lasting. It was the same exact situation and it was because chemicals were blown up. And though everyone freaked down, that's what the movies was part of what the movie is about. Yeah, I'm sure that's totally normal. Yeah, I chance to like one and eighteen trillion billion billion quintillian. Okay, that's nuts. That is literally pre programming. Okay, it appears to be that way. I can't say that, definitively. can only say it with Moderately high degree of confidence. So should we be concerned? It's a good question. I'm just giving you the data. I'm giving you the information. And what is this podcast About This podcast is about to remind you that you have God given critical thinking skills that you're able to use in every situation. Sure, somer you were putting to fear and forgot how to use those skills. but now you're remembering Okay and now now you're about to use those critical thinking skills like never Seen before in history. Okay and that is amazing. That's what this is all about. This is making this is allowing people to think for themselves with all of the data and information possible. So saber attacks from w. F. They're doing simulations on it. They're one for one with even to one and pandemic simulation, so red flag, And then we have all these energy energy grid attacks that are happening in all the you know whether talking points, talking about main publication. S. whatever it is, they're starting to talk about how it's going to increase and I'm goin to get worse this year. He is gonna be bad, and you know we need to have a resilient power grade and we don't resilient cybersecurity, so I'll end it on this. this. Let me tell you, Ow, this ties in potentially potentially with the Ukraine, Russia war, which is, you know the topic desoure right now, Because and this is Corn Barrow again. This is how he ends the second part. This is a really good take Now. Could this be Russia, or will this be a front? Like? Will this be actually We? For some other organizations doing this and blaming it on Russia. Let's keep that in mind. So Yes, it could be Russia doing the attack, or it could be a false flag operations. saying it's Russia. I think those are equally likely likely. But just listen to what's possible and it's a little scary. It's a little scary and it comes full circle to where we're at right now. Take it away. Is That's true. That's true. If we work together, anything is possible and that's the take away from today. So will there be a cider attack? Will there be an attack on the energy grade? Nobody knows you don't know. I don't know. but there's one thing that we both know that if the peasants come together and join hands and realize we're on the same team, It doesn't matter what chinaticans, they try and pull. It's over. It can't work. It can't work. if we rebell. The problem with the last pandemic is Everybody want. Just give away all their civil liberties and rights and freedom like it was like, nothing like. Just take it. Just take it. Keep me safe. Now people are waking up and saying Hey, you know what, Maybe I don't need to be so safe. Okay, maybe I'm not even. maybe that whole illusion of safety isn't even real. Maybe it really is an illusion of safety. Okay, just to take away our freedom will take away two freedoms of yours and we'll give you one back. That's how it works with government, Okay, and that is a very slow or perhaps fast escalation, Tyranny. Okay and we can't have that, no matter where country your and wherever you're listening to this podcast. Wherever you get the Jonathan Coan show, I'm sure you want to be free. There probably are a lot of people who don't want to be free. Don't like making their own decisions. care, Lise, There's a sideberattack Prefer would just like people to dictate their whole lives and live it out er an authoritarian regime. If that's the case, this might not be the podcast for you, But if you still want to know the truth, but you disagree. it's still the podcast for you Because we tell the truth. That's all we do. Okay. That's what makes us different, a political Truth tellers, unlike anything else out there in the Internet. So we don't know, but we must band together and that's the biggest take away today. Okay and here's all the information. You know. You can look up cyberpolygon. You can look up these simulations, which I really implore you to do. You can check all the stuff in the link of the description, wherever you're getting this. And the last thing I'll say is band together. Realize that if you know someone who thinks they're on the winning team of these elites, which they're not okay, they're not. send them this podcast. Send them a price Podcast. Go through the library. Listen to a few of them and see which one is best for them to wake up, and we will wake up everyone before it's to like. That's the point of the Jonathan Ogan show. That's why we're here and that's what we're doing. This is the biggest, the largest a political movement in human history barn on nothing even close, So all I ask is subscribe to the John Ath Ogan show. Wherever your podcast, Apple podcast, Spotify, Overcast, whatever I don't care, subscribe to the Youtube channel. subscribe to The Jonathan kogan Show on Rumble on Follow on Twitter. I post all I do all this live on Twitter. Two at k, o, g, Z Kogz, Okay and yeah, every day it's March first right now, twenty twenty three, and we're goin do this every single day until the people are waking up. We need about. I think we could wake. I think we could wake up at least eighty per cent of the people, and honestly, we probably need thirty percent, but if we get eighty per cent they're done. There are sack of potatoes. All right, everybody, no matter where you are in the world, have an amazing morning, amazing afternoon, amazing evening. It doesn't matter If no one told you today. I love you. I appreciate you listening. I do care about you. You should care about yourself as well, and we're in this together. Were a team. Okay, we are a straight up team. Thank you for listening, and I will see you tomorrow as always.