Bruins Benders Podcast

Lyndon Byers called us out! Where is Brad Marchand on the all-time Bruins list? Is this David Pastrnak’s best season? Can the Bruins close games now? Rotating goalies? Danton Heinen for 7th player. Plus, much more!

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A weekly Boston Bruins Podcast by a couple of Benders. News, highlights, trades, rumors, and more! Can’t skate, weak ankles, but we know all things Black & Gold!

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And the national networks

have put out their schedule, too.

So Bruins will be on some of that as well.

And we'll see who they play.

It looks to be the Tampa Bay Lightning,


It's getting pretty close.

Yeah, I mean,

there's been some back and

forth about it and about

the playoff format and how much it sucks.

And it does suck.

And it should be changed because, you know,

you have the Bruins, you know,

having a really good regular season.

And then you look at Tampa

Bay in the second wild,

first wildcard position

with more points than some

of the teams in the Metro.

So it just, they really need to fix it.

And have a straight one

through eight and seed

according to points in the

regular season to reward

the teams that have a

better regular season.



Tampa Bay is going to have

like 10 points or more

better than the Islanders

if they win that, if they win that thing.

So I agree with it.

I think the format sucks.

I think the Bruins and

Toronto Maple Leafs have

been screwed in past years because of it.

But I'll tell you two great matchups,

Boston, Tampa Bay, Florida, Toronto.

There's that end to it where

it's just great hockey.


But it's happening a little

too early in the playoffs, really.


It is.

Want that later.

Want that later.

Hey, rapid review.

And the Bruins had an

interesting week here.

Started out well at Carolina, a 4-1 win,

one of the better efforts of the year.

I mean,

they played really well in Carolina,

a team that's had that

number at times over the years.

And the Bruins really put

forth a really good effort

in that game and won in Carolina,

which was really nice to

see as they're playing some

really good teams down the stretch here.

And to this point, they were beating them.

Yeah, they were playing really well.

And that is a really good Carolina team.

Carolina's been playing unbelievable,

especially since Frederick

Anderson came back.

I think he was 11-1,

and Carolina as a team was

13-2-1 or something like

that since getting a march

or something along those lines,

maybe mid-February.

But they've been playing real good hockey,

and the Bruins went in

there and had a really nice

kind of playoff-type game.

game great road game they

scored three quick ones

early and then you know

hung on and closed it out

strong so a really good

effort in Carolina where

they've struggled certainly in the past

Right, and in Florida at home,

and what was a real

Donnybrook on a Saturday afternoon,

3.30 start, Sean McDonough on the call.

I mean,

it had all the makings of a really

good Saturday afternoon game.

And in the old days,

Saturday matinees could be

real snoozefests and bad

efforts and teams that are

half asleep and so forth.

But this year,

there's been a lot of really

good Saturday afternoon

games with some really good action,

and this was one of them.

3-2 win for Boston, Jesper Vogtqvist.

with the big overtime goal.

And at that point,

put Boston four points ahead of Florida.

It was a huge game as far as

the division was concerned.

And Bocas makes a really good play.

I think it was along with Lindholm, maybe.

No, it was Gryzlik, maybe.

Just inside the blue line,

they kind of converge.

Bocas makes the steal, comes down,

and just rips a snipe for a

goal to win the game 3-2.

He's been really good, Boquist,

since he's come up and

entered in the lineup.

And that's part of the

reason that Beecher hasn't

seen enough as much time

until recently he got called back up.

But Boquist kind of took

that fourth line center job

and held on to it.

He's been producing.

He has six, seven goals now, I think,

in a couple of months.

So, yeah.

he's really added a lot to the team.

He has a lot of speed,

which is something that the

Bruins lack overall up and

down the lineup.

So I think that's another

added plus to his game.

And, you know,

it was a really good overall win.

I think the Bruins stood up

to the Panthers' physicality.

They were ready to go from

the very beginning.

And it was a really nice win against,

you know,

a team that is probably going to

have a lot to say about who

makes it out of the Eastern Conference.


And I think it's, it's been,

it's needed as far as

fourth line play because the Bruins,

I thought that was one of

the weaknesses of the team

was the fourth line is

couldn't get it right.

You know, Loco wasn't doing much.

Steen wasn't doing much

earlier in the year.

They were playing a little bit too much.

Weren't doing really anything.

Both of them kind of the same player.

Not a lot of size, not, I mean,

there's some speed there,

but not a lot of

physicality as much as you wanted and,

And then Brazo came in,

and then Boquist comes in,

plays pretty well.

And then you start to figure

that thing out.

Brazo gets hurt.

But Boquist, I think,

is kind of a sleeper coming

into the postseason.

He's got the speed,

and he's got some skill.

And I think on a bottom six,

he can make some things happen.

And they're starting to

figure that thing out,

the bottom pair on defense.

In the fourth line, on offense,

they're kind of putting

those pieces together.

I think it's one of the

reasons why they've been

able to win some games and

potentially win the

division is largely because

of the bottom pair in the fourth line.

So that was a really good

snipe by Boquist and just a

good play all around in the overtime.

And then, of course,

as the Bruins often do,

They put together a real

stinker at home against Carolina.

4-1 loss.

Just not a lot there.

Looked like they wanted kind

of the season to wrap up.

I think they had a little

bit of a hangover.

Okay, we beat Florida.

We've distanced ourselves.

We think we're probably

going to win the division now.

And there wasn't a ton of urgency there.

And Carolina wanted some

revenge for losing at home.


it seemed like the Bruins kind of got

caught reading their press clippings like,

oh, we've beaten all,

we've played all these

playoff teams and we've

beat them and we've closed

out games the right way and

we're playing with more physicality.

And, you know, Florida comes out first,


Carolina comes out first shift of

the game.

They almost score.

Bruins get lucky on a shot

that sits on the goal line.

They called it a goal on the

ice and then it was waved off.


but the Bruins just didn't have it from

the jump.

They seem to pick it up a

little bit towards the end of the first,

but from the, from the second period on,

it was all Carolina Bruins had, uh,

I believe four shots on

goal halfway through the

second period total.

Uh, so, uh,

It was all Carolina and the

Bruins seemed disinterested

and didn't really have

anything to say about what

was going to happen in that game.

It kind of reverted back to

those old matinees like you

were talking about,

even though it wasn't a matinee.

It reverted back to those

old matinees where it's

kind of a sleepy game and

the Bruins are just kind of

going through the motions,

didn't really have their skating legs.

There was almost no

physicality from either team.

It's almost like

Nobody wanted to get hurt.

And they're just kind of

playing out the string.

So, you know,

not exactly what you're

looking for heading into the playoffs.

And, you know,

I think the Bruins need to

still kind of ramp up a

little bit here to be

playing good hockey as the

playoffs begin.

Yeah, and three games to go,

and two of them against two

teams that are really

fighting for a playoff spot,

Pittsburgh and Washington.

I mean, they're right there,

right behind the Islanders

and looking to try to make the playoffs.

Both games on the road.

It won't be easy.

They'll be playing with tons of urgency.


and then finish it up with Ottawa at


And, um, you know, so it, you know,

the Bruins still have to, like you said,

finish, finish with some,

with some zest and,

and play playing pretty

good hockey so they can go

into that first round series.

Cause they'll need it for sure.

Seven chirps.

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Chirp number one.

Where is Brad Marchand?

On the all-time Bruins list,

does he play beyond next season,

and is he underappreciated in Boston?

A lot going on right there.

All right.

Underappreciated in Boston,

I would say no.

I would say around the rest of the league,

I think he is.

I think the rest of the

league sees him as a rat and a rat only.

The players,

and we'll get to this in a little bit,

but I think the players

around the league have a

little bit of a different

view of him maybe than the

fans from around the league do.

What was the second one?

The second one was,

does he play beyond next season?

Yeah, I think he will.

I think he will.

I changed my mind.

I thought that he would

probably hang it up,

but I think he will maybe

go the Bergeron route and

go like year to year.

and hopefully signed a

team-friendly deal to keep him around.

You know, bonuses and so forth.

And as far as where he falls

on the all-time list,

I think he's probably top 10.


there's been a lot of great players in

the history of the franchise, clearly.

Um, but I think he's, I think he's top 10.

I really do.

Um, obviously Bork and,

and Busek and Esposito and, uh, or,

and I think Bergeron's ahead of him.

Um, Chara probably is ahead of him.


you know, after that, you know,

he might be in there six, seven range,

seven, seven, eight.

We're in there.

I would say.


Oh yeah.

What do you think?

Uh, as far as the all time list,

you could argue, uh,

Top five.

And the reason why you could

argue top five is he's in the top five.

I looked at it and just

about every offensive

category in the franchise history,

top five and everything plus minus,

like all of it.

The only thing he wasn't plus five in was,

I want to say it was maybe

power play goals.


maybe, but plus minus ludicrous.


Uh, the, um, shorthanded goals.

Number one, uh, like all of them,

like he was up there,

top five and just about everything.

Um, does he play beyond next season?

I think he does a two year

deal to finish it off.

Um, after next season.

So that'll be 38 years old ish.

wrapping it up.

Is he under appreciated in Boston?

And I'm going to say yes.

And I think that people understand how,

I think people understand how good he is.

The thing that continues to

hold him back is his

reputation and the type of player he is.

Even in Boston,

I think there's still

people in Boston who won't

give him the total benefit

of the doubt because of whatever.

I don't know.

I don't want to say

character issues because he

seems like a good enough

human being and leader and

highly respected teammate.

But it's more like some of

the just questionable things he did.

And I think that kind of

sticks with you some,

so they don't take him 100% seriously.

And the Bergeron thing hurts

him because you can make an

argument he's a better

player than Bergeron.

It is an interesting topic.

Who's a better hockey player?

That's probably a really good,

interesting topic.

That's a really good conversation.

For the offseason.

Yes, it is.

Who is a better all-around hockey player,

like Marchand or Bergeron?

You can make a case for Marchand.

But I don't think some

people will because of the

Bergeron integrity piece.

Yes, I think that's part of it.

I think the selkies are part of it.

I think playing center and

having to play 200 feet is a part of it.

And being a mentor of

Marchant is part of it.

Are you better than your mentor?


I mean, offensively gifted,

I think you got to go Marchant.

I think creativity, I think shot,

I think on ice vision,

I think it's all Marchant.

So there certainly are, you know,

pros and pros and not cons, but pros and,

you know, less pros for each guy.

And but yeah,

I think that's certainly an

interesting debate that

that we should have down the line.

And maybe we should get it.

That's a really good debate.

And I,

and that has Twitter written all over it.


It does.

That sucker will explode on X. Yeah.

But I think also the, the,

his size scoring over 400

goals at his size.

I was listening to Andrew

Raycroft talk about this on sports radio,

like it, his size and stature,

like the score of 400 goals

is like incredible.

It's like, he's like Theo flurry.

Don't he mean?

He's like, I mean,

he's like a modern day flurry, you know,

what's that?

I said without the cocaine problem.

Without the, right.

A lot of the Coke.


But the, you know, that that's,

but that's kind of that sort of thing,

you know,

to be at that size and just Martin town,



like to be at that size and to play

like that is like really

impressive and put up those

kinds of numbers.

And when he's done, I mean,

he's going to have next

year and then let's say he

does next year and two.

So he does three more years

and he scores 25.

So that's 75 more goals.

He's close.

He's close to 500 goals.

at the end of his career.

That's pretty crazy.

Yeah, I mean,

the people that say that he

doesn't belong in the Hall

of Fame or won't be Hall of

Famer is beyond me.

I don't understand that at all.

He should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

First ballot.

He's going to be a top five

player in the history of an

original six franchise.


Then he goes to the Hall of Fame, dude.


Like, I don't care.

You don't like him.

You think he's an asshole.

You know, you know, you know,

you think he's a pest.

You think he's dirty.

You think he's whatever.

You don't like him.

And that's your narrative.

And you're sticking to it.


But don't be it.

Don't be it.

Don't be a dank.

I mean, he's going to the Hall of Fame.

Like, and he deserves this.

I mean, all the work he's put in.

I mean,

they thought he was going to be a

fourth line guy.

They thought he was going to be a third,

fourth line guy.

You know,

I was watching the Marshan and

the Thousand thing the other night,

and Claude Julien, you know,

said that Marshan told him

his second year he's going

to score 20 goals.

And Claude's like, yeah.

You sure about that?

But you scored one in games

in his first year.

And then he did it.

And then, you know, so exploded.


I mean, he,

he really has put in the work to,

to make himself that the play,

the play already that he is now.

And, and, uh, you know, uh, all those,

all those characteristics, um,

are probably part of the

reason that he's the

captain of this team now.

I mean, it just goes to show if you,

you know,

apply yourself and you put the work in,

you know, what you can accomplish.

And again, for the third year in a row,

the NHLPA, they had this little vote.

Which player do you least

enjoy facing but will want on your team?

Brad Marchand won it again at 29.19%.

12% more than the next guy,

Connor McDavid.

Like, by far.

Like, 30% of the league.


Would want to play with him,

but hate facing him.


That tells you everything

you want to need.

I mean, that's competitiveness.

No, that's all.

Yeah, that's all of it.

That's that's, you know,

coming up big in moments.

That's all of it.


That's all of it.

That's a being a complete

pain in the ass and having to, you know,

scout for him, prepare for him.

No worries on the ice.

Penalty kill power play five

on five overtime.



Any of it.

So, yeah, I mean,

Marchand is... I think that

Marchand is going to be a

top five player after the

four guys you mentioned.

I think Marchand...

Well, it's a great discussion to have.

I think Marchand is going to

jump over Bergeron,

but Bergeron is going to

get the benefit of the

doubt largely because of the guy he is.

And I think in the respect

that people have,

they're going to hold him

up on a pedestal more, which is fine.

I'm not saying that's bad.

I'm saying he deserves it.

I mean, that's fine.

That's a good thing.

That's a good thing.

Yeah, I mean, it's no slight on Bergeron.

No, of course not.

Bergeron is still one of the

greatest players in the

history of the Bruins.


Well, for sure.

You know,

we're arguing a little bit of

semantics here.

It's like, you know.

they're both insanely great players,

Hall of Fame caliber players.

It's just, you know,

where would you rank them?

And that's a good, you know,

that's a bar side debate.

You know,

have a couple beers and fucking

go back and forth.

I mean, you can have five, six, and seven.

All time, right on that team.

Bergeron, Masha, and Shara.

You could make that argument.


You can make that argument.

Those three are in the 5, 6, 7.

They're all in the top 10.

And then Krejci,

you can make that argument

that he slides into the top 10.

Jesus, that's pretty good.

Yeah, it's high praise for all those guys.

It is.

It really is.

All right.

Chirp to Jim Montgomery gave

insight on the goalie situation,

which is going to be a

complete fist in the ass

after when it's all said and done.

He alluded to the fact that

goalies will rotate.

Do you agree with this nonsense?

I told you,

I think they're going to do it.

I don't necessarily hang up.

I'm telling you right now.

I told you they're going to do it.

I think they're going to do it.

It's what they've done all

through the season.


and they have had success with it in

the regular season.

And the last two years in the playoffs,

they have not had success with it.


they've gone without the rotation

and the team's lost in the first round.

So they're going to mix it up.

They're going to change it up.

And they're going to go with the,

they're going to go with the rotation.

I don't know if it'll be a

straight rotation and it'll be like two.

And then the next guy goes

in or however they want to handle it,

but they will do a rotation

in the playoffs.

So if it's one of the, so, okay.

Game one, three, nothing win at home.

They beat Tampa three, nothing.

All Mark stands on his head.


You're putting Swayman in there,

who hasn't been great the last 28?

I mean, they are.

I mean, like I said,

I'm not sure if they're doing, you know,

if it'll be one game and then one or,

you know, two and then whatever.

But, yeah, I think they'll do it.

I think they will.

I think they'll put Swayman

in for game two.

And and, you know, if he loses,

then they open themselves

up to a ton of criticism and me included,

because I don't think they

should do it either.

I think they should ride the

hot hand going in.

And the second half of the

year since the trading deadline,

Allmark has been better now

in the playoffs.

Historically, in the last couple of years,

Swayman has been better.

So we'll see what happens

when the rubber hits the

mode and they actually have

to make a decision about

who it's going to be right now.

If you had to ask me today,

who are you starting game?

One of the playoffs, I'm saying all Mark,

cause I think he's been

better recently and you

ride the hot hand.

Um, but you know, if,

if all Mark goes in and

then lets in a couple of

softies in game one, you know,

it'll be swimming in game two.

And, and then if he wins, um,

I don't know what they do.

I don't know if they go back.

That's the thing I'm trying

to tell you is just like,

so you lose game one, five to one,

then fine.

Put Swayman in.


But then Swayman wins the

next game four to nothing.

So you're going to put all my game three?

No, that's just no.

No, I mean, I agree with you,

but I think they will.

I think they're going to go.

And that's what I tell you.

That is what is really

scaring me about this thing

is that Montgomery is not

learning from the

overthinking last year that

cost this team.

cost it this they cost the

team his overthinking with

line shuffles and all that

shit so he so he's going to

do this thing to set it up

again okay so they win the

they go with all mark the

first two games they win

the first two games and

they're up 2-0 and they go

to they go to tampa bay and

they put swayman in in a in

a series shifting loss

because he sucks and now

you're back to what

Now you go back to All-Mark again,

but now you lost some momentum.

Like, I just don't see where it works.

It does in the regular season,

but it can work in the

regular season really well,

but not have anything to do

with the postseason.

Like, not work in the postseason.

Because it's just...

It's just, it's too risky.

It's too risky to find things.

It is.

It matters, you know, all that stuff,

team confidence, like any series,

it's like crazy.

We've seen it with the Bruins.

Like any series can shoot a dime.

And to allow that to happen

because you couldn't get

your goalies right, it's just stupid.

Yeah, I mean, I agree.

I agree.

I think that they shouldn't

do the rotation, but they will.

And then we'll have to see

how it plays out,

and we'll have to kill them for it.

Literally, no one's ever done it.

This is what I always say

about stuff like this.

If no one's done it before,

then there's a reason.

You know what I mean?

If no one's ever done it before,

then there's a reason why they haven't.

We saw it last year with Florida.

Alex Lyon's in there.

Doesn't play well.

They put Bob in there.

And then they, that's it.

They win.

They go on and run.

That's how you do it.

Like, that's how you do it.

So, but,

but this rotation and making sure

that the second guy gets in there,

it's not October, dude.

Like you get this, this scares,

this scares me.

This could be something that

really prevents them from

advancing deep is screwing

with this thing because then you're,

then you start screwing with

people's minds and Swayman

hasn't been playing well anyway.

And I don't know.

It's just, it's just too risky right now.

I'll put them in there to win and move on.

Like you don't play a lot of back to back,

you know, have some,

but you don't play it.

I don't think they play

really back to back in the playoffs.


I mean,

if they were going to do a

back-to-back here and there,

I could see them going with

the other guy in the second

back-to-back because

they've done it all year.

But, you know,

if there's enough rest in between games,

like, I don't know.

Yeah, it's...

It does.

I mean, it just does.

Because last year,

I think we had some real

moments that hurt the team.

And this is like, without this too much,

go with the Hawkeye was

playing really well.

You don't have to,

you don't have to the wheel here.

And I know that Jeremy

Swayman is a star in the whole season.

And it's hard to go second

star to not starting in the post season,

but that's the way it goes

with goaltending.

It's the way it goes.

Like, that's the way it goes.

Allmark's playing better.

Play him.

Like, that's the way.

It's not some, you know,

first-line center that's not playing well,

and you put some other guy in there.

Goalies are different.

So I just, I don't know.

I'm scared of this whole situation.

And it'll be fascinating to

see what happens.

But I'm really scared.


they may be able to handle it themselves,

the two goalies, and do it well.

And maybe they are the

aberration in the history

of the freaking league.

Maybe they are.

Maybe they have what it

takes to handle this.

And then it's fine.

But the odds say that it's a real risk,

I think.

All right.

Trip three.

Is this David Pasternak's

greatest season to date in

the whole grand scheme of things?

Uh, I would say yes.

It could be if you look at

the whole ball of wax.


I mean, I would say yes,

because of without him,

I'm not sure this team

makes a playoffs this year.



I mean, they, they have a good defense.

They have good goaltending,

but I don't know if they

could score enough goals.

without him to make the playoffs.

Like he has over a hundred points.

The next closest guy has under 70,

like marching under or right around 70.



He has 28 and yeah, it's under,

isn't it under?

I think it might be under.

So, I mean,

that's like a 40 point difference.


You know,

and they've talked about some of

these other heart trophy guys, you know,


having big gaps between what

they've done and what other

guys on the team have done.

But other guys on some of

those other teams still

have guys in the 70s and 80s.

It's a drastic drop between

Pasternak and the next guy, Marchand.

So I think it has been his greatest year.

He's maybe improved a little

bit physically, too.

He's thrown his weight

around a little bit more.

He seems more ready to battle and hit.

Whether that translates to the playoffs,

we will find out.

But I think his overall game

has been better this year

than at any other time.


here's a tweet that was sent out by

Ty Anderson yesterday.

Since Jim Montgomery called

out his team in that

practice before the Florida game,

David Pasternak has been on

the ice for nine goals for

and two goals against in

over 100 minutes of five-on-five play.

Among 77 forwards with over

100 minutes of 5-1-5 time

play over that span,

only seven forwards have

been on the ice for more

goals for than Pasternak.

Only four forwards have been

on the ice for fewer goals

against than Pasternak.

Only 10 of those 77 have

more 5-on-5 points,

and only six forwards have

drawn more penalties at 5-on-5.

Pasternak has also a goal or

assist in eight of the

team's 19 goals over that span.

42%, to your point,

and scored in the shootout

win over the Capitals.

So his value just there,

and that stretches off the charts,

he's played 20 minutes of ice time a game,

the highest ice time he's

had in his career.

He made a 200-foot play the

other night that what

people say he doesn't play any defense,

which is kind of a crock now.

He does play a little more physically.

He's not Ovechkin,

but he'll play physically.

He'll hit guys.

He'll get in a scrum.

He'll do those types of things.


I mean, he does it enough.

to be okay,

to be fine for it not to be a liability.

He doesn't enough.

He's just,

he's taken on a leadership role.

Like he, he plays every game too.

Like this is a guy that

people say isn't physical

and isn't this and isn't

that and soft and this,

and he plays every game.

Like, and that's for a guy like him, like,

That's, that's impressive too.


I mean,

he really should be getting more

heart consideration and

more heart than he is.

Um, but you know,

your Kucharovs and

McKinnons and McDavid's have just had,

you know, ridiculous.

They're both, they're all looking at,

you know,

Kucharov and McKinnon

upwards of 140 points,

McDavid's in the 120s or whatever.

So, you know, but he should, based on,

you know, his value to the Bruins,

you know,

I feel like he should be in that

consideration because I

think without him...

they don't make the playoffs.

Whereas those other guys teams, you know,

there's still some star

players around those guys.

Whereas, you know, the Bruins, like I said,

there's not much

offensively without him in the lineup.


You got,

you lost two of your best centers

you've ever had in the

history of the franchise.

And, you know,

he just hasn't missed much

of a beat or his goals down short,

but he had 60 for Christ's sake, like 61,

whatever it was like,

he's going to score 50 goals, uh,

Yeah, he's still almost 50.

I mean, he's 47 goals.


he's still almost 50 with Zaka and

Coyle as your centers.

Like, I just – and you're right.

Kucherov, if it was me, I'd pick Kucherov.

just because I don't think

that team's great either.

He's out there scoring 147

points or whatever it is.


Stamkos has 39 goals or whatever it is,

and larger because

Kucherov's on the team with him.

Not taking anything away from Stamkos,

but he's much older now.

You wouldn't think he'd

score 39 goals this year.

Um, and I'm just, and I'm going to,

and I'm going to tweet, uh,

to my own horn here about

McKinnon because my, um,

my wild prediction going

into the start of the

season was he was going to

score 50 and win the heart.

Hit the hat trick last night to 51,

and he's right in the mix there, baby.

He's in the mix, dude.

You might have a double

whammy right there.

Oh, he's right.

He's right in the mix.

So, you know, good call by me.

Yeah, you're in the mix,

and I'm in the mix with, you know,

60-plus goals for Matthews,

and DeBruyne's still stuck at 18.

Like, here we go.

Like, here we go.

Here we go.

Poor, poor, poor Jake.

Um, boy, Jake, the breast thing that,

that that's going to be interesting.

We need him to get hot.

He's in a cold street right

now and we need him to get hot.

Did you see part of that?

He's so streaky that he's in this thing.

You're almost waiting.

Like he's really close to

turning it on to being on a

hot streak right at the right time.


So this could be good.

This could be good.

Chirp for Danton Heinen

nominated for the Bill Masterson trophy.

I'll tell you that Heinen is

one of the best pickups.

When you factor in the whole picture,

one of the best pickups of the off season,

like in the league, not just them.

Oh yeah.

In the league.

For God's sakes,

like to pick this guy up

and have him be pretty much

on the top line now is insane.


Yeah, he is essentially on their top line,

which is Pasternak, Zaka, and Heinen.

And he's been unbelievable

since he came into the lineup.

He does a lot of the small

things for those guys.

He's a smart player.

He has a good hockey IQ,

so he makes a lot.

There was a play last night.

when I was watching the game

where he cut across a

neutral zone from left to right.

And he did kind of a little

behind the back, little backhand, uh,

like a little tiny,

so like a three foot pass sauce pass,

but it was right to pass

knock in stride and allowed

him to come into the

offensive zone with speed.

And he got a really good chance off of it.

He just does little things

like that that really help

that line succeed.

And he's been fantastic

since he came into the lineup.

And I'm trying to find his stats here.

So 16 goals, 19 assists, 35 points,

plus 14 assists.

You know, he's having a really,

really good year.

He has 80 hits, 45 blocks.

I mean,

he does a little bit of everything.

And he's getting paid, you know, peanuts.

So if you can find me a guy

that's been a better value

than him across the league,

I'd like you to show him to

me because I don't know if

there's one out there.

I can't believe I'm saying this,

but going forward,

who would you rather have,

Danton Heinen or Jake Dabrowski?

Like, seriously.

I mean, right now,

it's a legitimate question going forward.

Who would you rather go with

going forward after the season,

Heinen or Dabrowski?

I mean, right now you have to say Heinen,


Wouldn't you?

Because it's probably going to be cheaper.


You probably get Heinen at half the price.


And he does exactly,

he's doing exactly what

Jake is doing right now.

Jake has 18 and 20 or whatever it is.

And Heinen has 16 and 19.

Jake has 18 and 21.


Heinen has 16 and 19.

So Jake's done a little bit better.

Jake's plus seven.

Heinen's plus 14.


Jake has 102 hits, which is good for him,

and 48 blocks.

People have said it.

He's playing a more complete game.

No doubt about it.

But the production is not

there for what they're paying him.

No, some people don't give a shit about.

That's really what I'm down

to is the production for

what they're paying you.

If you want to pay Jake

DeBrusque the same price

you're paying Danton Heinen, I'm all in,


I'm all in.

I need to fuck up.


But he's getting like four

times more than Heinen is.



So and he's probably going

to want to raise.

So are you going to get him

give him more than four mil next year?

Coming off a down year?

I wouldn't.


I'd offer him at best the same contract

he just had.

Two years, $8 million.

At best.

I'm with you.

I probably would go less than that.

I mean,

there are probably teams around the

league that are willing to

pay more than that.

I'm sure Edmonton would love

to have a guy with his

speed and finishing ability

on a team with the likes of

Dreisaitl and McDavid and

Hopkins and Hyman.

Um, so, you know,

maybe they swoop in and

give them a little bit more money,

but honestly,

they should be focused on defense.

Like half the fucking teams

around the league just

forget about defense.

Um, so it'll be interesting to see what,

what happens with him.

Um, but I think you're right.

I think Heinen is certainly

making a case for himself to be, you know,

a candidate here to, to sign, you know,

a longer term extension

with the Bruins in the off season.

I think the Bruins are going

to let DeBrusque walk.

I really do.

And I think they're going to

go with Heinen like two years,

like a Freddie deal, like two years,

five million, whatever it is,

and do that instead.

And I think they're going to

let DeBrusque walk.

I really do.

Unless DeBrusque doesn't

have any real other offers

and they're able to give

him a low ball thing.

I really,

I really think he's going to be

gone and they're going to

just let him go for nothing.

All right.

Chirp five.

Do you feel better about the

way the Bruins are closing games now?

I was until yesterday.


I'll tell you what, Peek and Wotherspoon,

up until the last game,

Peek and Wotherspoon have

helped because they play a

little bit of chippiness

and a little bit of attitude.

The Florida game,

I thought that they were a

huge part of it.

but a huge part of it

because the team sort of

rallied around them and

they didn't back down from

the bullshit and they ended

up winning the game.

I thought it was a really

good moment for the team

and it shows some real

value from that third pair.

If they get, we've said this before,

if they can be Ference and McQuaid,

then that's going to re the

Bruins could really make a run here.

They could.

And I'm going to, I'll,

I will say that boldly, uh,

that they could make a run

if that third pair plays

like that and does that.

I 100% agree with you.

Now, the other problem is, though,

you have games like last

night where Wotherspoon was bad.

Bad, yeah.

Not good.

Not okay.

Not like Holder's own.

He was bad last night.

So, you know,

there's things like that that

you have to worry about.

How's his consistency?

Is he going to be able to

handle it when it ramps up

another level when you get

into the playoffs?

Especially against teams

that four-check hard like Carolina and...

um, Florida do.

Um, but I was encouraged,

I'll tell you by the, by the, you know,

the games leading up to, uh,

last night's hurricanes game.

So I,

I would give that pair a shot in the

playoffs going in.

Um, and then, you know,

if one of them is terrible,

then you have a really good

veteran in Shattenkirk.

That's that has a ton of

experience that you can plug in there.

But I'm giving those guys a

shot because I think you do

need their kind of

no-nonsense attitude and

physicality come the playoff time.

Yeah, and maybe it's a matchup.

Maybe that's it.

For a while, we'd do something.

But he wasn't very good.

He's the third pair of defensemen.

He'd be great every game.

He'd be playing all nights.

this is a 12 minutes,

15 at all type of pair D. Uh,

you're breaking up through all of that.

So I'm,

I couldn't really hear what you said, but,

Oh, um,

With Wotherspoon, 10 to 12,

15 minutes per game, right?


Third pair.


Just be solid for that time.

Maybe Carolina's not in a good situation.

Not a matchup.

I don't know.

Hopefully, it's just an aberration.

Maybe it's just a, you know, who knows.

Chirp six.

Nelson's wearing 37 Providence.

It's just outrageous.


Jackson Nelson should not be wearing 37

for the problem.

The amount of people who

didn't care was kind of shocking to me.

I was like, what?

I mean, I get it.

It's not the Bruins Bruins,

but Patrice Pergeron played

for the Providence Bruins

and wore that sweater for

the Providence Bruins.

Now, if they're going to retire in Boston,

I feel like they should, you know,

honor it there as well.

You know, is it a huge deal?

No, not really a huge deal,

but I think he should know better.

And I think the team should know better.

So yeah,

I just feel like the guys that handle that,

the equipment guys that handle that,

could have been a little

more sensitive to that and been like,

look, dude,

Patrice Burge won't wear 37 here.

I'm not giving you 37.

I don't care if you ask for it or not.

You can have 73 because

McAvoy didn't really play in Providence.

He went straight to the...

He played like two games there.

So I'll give you a 3.

I'll give you a 7.

I'll give you whatever.

But you can't have...


I mean,

I guess three and seven are both retired,


So if you're going to follow that, then,

you know, I don't know.

I just feel like it's, you know,

the guy just retired and he played there.

So I feel like that's it's, you know,

they should have given him

something else.

I just feel it's weird.

I feel like no one said like, wow, 37.

Should we give 37?

Like, would you give Mason Loris 77?

No, you wouldn't.

I mean, I mean, I don't know.

I'm just like.

why there's so many other

numbers give him some but

something else like I just

I don't know maybe I'm just

overthinking it but I'm

sorry I was like you gotta

be kidding me like no one

said like yeah I mean if

I'm sure there are guys

down there who've won like

number four and bobby ordan

providence bruins so like

yeah you know but he's it's

retired up here so


You know, would you do that?


I mean, you could still give him four,

but he played there.

Patrice played there and he just retired.

So it's in people's minds still, you know,

you're played, you know,

50 years ago, for crying out loud.

I feel like because he played there,

that should be retired there too.

Because he played there.

That should be like,

that's Bergeron's number.

He played here.

No one's using it.

I don't know.

What was Sag Sinitian?

Give him that number.

That's fucking open.

Give him that one.

Oh my gosh.

Actually, Sinitian's still playing.

I saw some tweet the other day.

He signed again.


signed again in Bolivia or whatever the

hell he's playing,

like some overseas somewhere.

I don't know.

You know, the Bolivians,

they're big on hockey.

Trip seven,

Wotherspoon and Peake matched

up with the Kachuk line.

Seemed to embrace the challenge,

and that was just for the doctor audit,

as we talked about.

Yeah, it was.

Like you said,

they didn't back down from the bullshit.

And I think they were

aggressive from the very

beginning in that game and kind of,

you know, showed Florida, look,

you're not going to push us around.

You want to.

And, you know,

Tuchuk still did some dumb shit.

He boarded

bought a spoon in one play

you know and trying to come

off and say it was just a

push like he does dirty

shit away from the puck

kind of or within scrums so

that you retaliate and then

take a penalty and then

they got you because their

power play is fantastic and

reinhardt has you know

fucking unbelievable power

play goals has like more

than the rest of the league

combined for crying out loud

So, yeah,

I thought they handled it really well.

And I think they do bring an

edge to that back pair that

the Bruins desperately need, I think.

And I'll tell you,

if they if they do meet in round two,

Bruins were thought it was over 13.

The power play against Boston.

Boston shut them down all season long.

Penalty killing against that

really good power play, like you said.

So that was that was an interesting stat.

But I think that knocking on

wood right there.

Oh, yeah.

But Wotherspoon and Peake.

I just like what they bring

to the table when it comes to that.

They weren't taking any of the crap.

They weren't letting it happen.

And I think it really helped.

I really do.

And I think Kachuk was getting mad.

He got that boarding penalty.

He's getting all frigging whiny.

And that's good.

That's a good thing.

He's not just out there

laughing at you like he did

last year and talking about you,

how we're going to beat you

guys and all that.

I think that you saw a

little bit of the tide change,

which was nice.

All right.

A new segment called Who the

Fook is This Guy?

Because how about this?

We put out the Jackson Nelson.

Actually, no,

we talked about Jackson

Nelson on this very podcast.


And you said how the Bruins

needed center depth.

You like the pick.

You like the signing, rather.

And this was a guy that, hey,

he's got size.

He's a center.

You need center depth.

So we put it on Facebook,

this little clip.

And old Linden buyers,

old LB thought we were

clowns because evidently

there's plenty of centers

in the organization.

No, you shouldn't,

you shouldn't sign any prospects.

You shouldn't,

you shouldn't bring any

centers into the system.

It should be all wingers,

D's and tough guys.

That's it.

We're all set at goalies too.


So just,

so just don't bring anybody else

in the system.

We'll just go with the guys

we have until they retire

and then fold the team.

That's a good plan, right?

No more centers ever.

And then when those guys run out,

we'll just fold the team.


Why does he think I think

Jackson Nelson is going to

play this year on the Bruins?

I don't know.

He just came out of college.


Coyle is doing a great job.

Zaka is doing a great job.

They filled in admirably for

two of the greatest centers

in the history of the Bruins.


Is that what you want to hear?

He's not going to play on

the Bruins this year.

He won't.


He will not.

He will not.

But you need depth down the

line for when Coyle and

Zaka aren't here anymore.


Coyle's 31.

Coyle's 31.

So he's not going to play forever here.

So you need another, like, you need, like,

top centermen.

You need, you can go through the list.

Yeah, you need guys.

You need bodies.

You need guys.

You have to say that Jackson

Nelson is going to work out

and he's going to be the

next Charlie Coyle.

Hopefully he is.


He may never play for the Bruins.

He may never play a goddamn

second for the Bruins.

But you've got to bring guys in.

They don't have any fucking

draft picks either.

So how are you going to

bring anybody else onto the team?

If you're just going to be like, oh,

fuck it.

We don't need centers.

Centers are good.

We're good.

We're good with everything

just the way it is.

So you either spend $9

million a year on a center,

which you can't do all the time or ever,

or you have to bring guys

in and see if something works out.

Throw it up against the wall.

Future GM.

If you're watching on YouTube,

future Coyotes GM, Lyndon Byers.

He's going to be the GM of

the Utah Super Soakers.

That's who he's going to be the GM of.

Hey, look, we love you, LB.

Come on the program.

Rip us to shreds.

Let's go.

Let's yell at each other.

I'm down.

Come on.



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And before we get to Beauty and Bender,

we are going to do a listener question.

And this is from Bitterman,

the Bitterman TBM,

not to be confused with

Pearl Jam's Betterman.


Sit a few of the big minute

players for a game?

Question mark.

Better to rest and waste energy now?

Question mark.

What do you think about load

management in the last three?

I am all for it, Bitterman.

I am all for it.

Let us manage the loads.

Let's give some of these

guys that have been playing

big minutes and will play

big minutes in the playoffs a break.

So I want McAvoy to sit a game.

I want Marchand to sit a game.

I want Pasternak to sit.

It doesn't have to be the same game,

but have them all sit for a game and,

you know, yeah,

let them get a little rest

before the playoffs ramp up.

Managing a load is a skill.

It sure is.

And I think the Bruins

should manage loads as well.

You got two teams fighting

for the playoff lives.

And I think that you

should... Coyle's played

every game a couple years in a row.

Pasternak's played every

game a couple years in a row.

Martian's up two hips.

This is a time here where you can...

And I know you want to

probably get Pasternak 50

and there's some,

there's some season things there,

you know?


I wonder if like a games

played streak or

consecutive games played street.

I mean, I don't, I don't give a shit,

but I wonder if it means

anything to some of those guys.

It might, you know, it might,

you go to the negotiating

table and you say, Hey, I'm playing.

Charlie Coyle goes to the

negotiating table at 32

years old and says, Hey,

I play every game.


Okay, yeah.

I mean, maybe that matters.

But I'm managing loads.

Nobody wants loads on a back-to-back.

No, not a back-to-back.

Not on a back-to-back.


Hey, you know what else is a beauty?

It's Brad Marchand.

Yeah, he is.

This will teach those filthy

bastards who's lovable...

No question.

Marchand with 400 goals and

all sorts of points and first ballot,

all the famer and just been terrific.

I mean, really...

Incredible what he's been

able to do after the

surgeries and at his age

and size and in taking on

the captain ship,

what she said was heavy for

him and to be able to have

the type of year he's had,

he's got a chance at 30 goals and.

He's just been really good

all season long.

And, you know,

he had a dip there for a time,

but he still goes out there every night.

Talk about guys who go out

there every night, play hard every shift.

I mean, Martian plays hard every shift.


we've talked about that over the

course of this podcast

about what it takes to be

professional and why are

great players great rather

than just good.

And it's consistency.

That's the hallmark.

That's the benchmark.

And he has been one of the

most consistent Bruins over

the course of his career

from the very beginning.

He got into the lineup,

had a little bit of a tough

stretch at the beginning, and then

You know,

kind of came on and he's been

really good ever since, you know,

scored some big goals in

the cup finals to help them win that.

And and has really been kind

of a cornerstone of the

franchise from that point on.

And, you know,

he doesn't always do

everything the right way as

far as some of his on ice decisions.

And he's been penalized for that.

But, you know, if if there was a guy,

I mean,

and you just saw the graphic a

little while ago around the league.

that you want to have on

your team and that you

don't like playing against season one.

So, uh, you know, I'm, I'm certainly,

you know,

happy that he's a Boston Bruin

and that I get to cheer for him and,

and have him, uh, aggravate, you know,

other fans and fan bases and players.

What's great is you have these, you know,

Bergeron and Marchand

playing their entire

careers with the same franchise.

That's rare.

It is.

You have two Hall of Fame players do that.

I mean,

Wayne Gretzky played for four teams.


This is really impressive

that two Hall of Famers

would play for the Bruins

their entire careers.

Even Bork didn't do it.


Even Neely didn't do it.

Even Espo didn't do it.

Or didn't do it.

Or didn't do it.

yeah so that's really

impressive it's pretty uh

all right here we go uh

we're doing a a bender and

this is we got a little

this is a pruder film thing

going on we got an

anonymous abc guy possibly ray ferrara

Get off the ice.

Pittsburgh goes into

Washington and wins last night,

which was Thursday night.

It's 100% Ray Ferraro.


that was Todd Angeli singing the

national anthem in a hot

mic in the ABC booth or whatever.

Believe we caught Ray

Ferraro telling him to get

off the ice when he was

doing his homage to Rene

Grandcourt where he points

at the crowd and tries to

fire the crowd up a little bit.

And Ray was having none of it.

And then you heard him

talking on his podcast.

We did a little voice comparison there.

And that is 100% Ray Ferraro.


Is he a Bruins hater?

It seems like it.

I mean,

he was a Whalers guy way back in the day.

So, you know,

a little rivalry there from

back in the day.

And yeah,

it doesn't seem like he's a big

fan of the Bruins or Todd Angela,

who sings a damn good national anthem,

if I do say so myself.

So we're going to need an

apology video from Ray.

We need him to dress up like

a chicken parm sandwich and

apologize to Todd Angela.

And we'll post it.

And, you know,

we need some retribution here, right?

You need to you need to be

better than that.

That's not a very nice thing

to do for a guy who's just

trying to make a living.

You know,

he bartends at the in the club

level or whatever at the at

the garden and then comes down,

sings the national anthem,

tries to fire up the crowd.

What the hell's wrong with that?

Lighten up, Francis.

I'm telling you, I think it's, yeah,

you got to watch out for the hot mics.

I mean,

that's some intern fast asleep with

the mic.

And he's just, you know,

he's upset with Todd Angeli.

Todd Angeli pumps his fist

for about five seconds.


I mean, give me a break.

Like, he's not out there for a minute.


and he might be one of the nicest guys

you'll ever meet.

In the world, by the way.

Yeah, and like you said,

it's a great anthem,

and the crowd's going nuts,

and what the hell

difference does it make?

He's got a real problem with it, though,



Yeah, he does.


So he is definitely our

bender of the week.


We want to play that video

from time to time just to bring it back.

I love myself a chicken parm.

Yeah, so do I. I'm going to tell you,

I agree with him there.

Chicken parm is a fantastic

nickname and food.

Yes, it is.

Centennial season spotlight.

This week, we've got Tuka.

This week, it's Tim Thomas.

I still have Tuca slightly

ahead of Thomas all time,

but they are 1 and 1A.

And Thomas was obviously

terrific in the 2011

Stanley Cup championship.

And he was better as it went on.

Like in the Montreal series,

it wasn't great early.


Yeah, which people forget.

But he was great,

had that miraculous save.

I can't remember who it was against,

but it was near the post

with the stick diving to make that one.

You always seem to have that

one signature save on a

Stanley Cup run where you

look back and say,

like Vasilevsky's had one,

where you look back and say,

there's the one.

That's the one that...

they're destined to win it.

And that was definitely it.


He was great.

He was a battler.

He was, he battled his ass off.

He was an undersized guy and, and he just,

you know, uh, flurry, uh, yeah, Larry.


Luongo, sorry.

Luongo, yes.

Luongo was, you know,

wanting him to pump his tires and,

you know,

as a more technically sound goalie.

And, you know,

if he was deep in his crease,

he would have saved it.

And, you know, the back and forth and,

you know,

Tim Thomas that I didn't know it

was my job to pump his tires.

So there was a little bit of

back and forth there,

but he was a battler, man.

He just did whatever it took

to keep the puck out of the net.

And, um, you know, when he got hot,

he was as good as anyone

and he got hot and that,

and that cup final and the,

and the Bruins rode that

amazing defense and, and physicality to,

to the Stanley cup.

And, uh, he was a huge,

huge part of that and,

and a big reason why they want it.

And, you know,

it's nice to see him kind of

come back now.


there was a little bit of a time there

where he kind of was away

from the team and had, you know,

kind of disappeared and, and,

kind of went out of the limelight and,

you know,

but he's been back for some of

these alumni events and the

centennial celebrations and so forth.

So it's good to see him back

around the team because he

should never have to buy a

beer in the city of Boston

or in this area ever again.

He was a huge,

huge reason why that team won the cup.

100 seconds in that season, 938 saves,

and a 2.00 goals against.

In his career, he had 214 games,

145 losses, 49 ties, and shutouts.

He was 2-5-2 in a 926.

There's two Vezinas,

two All-Stars Cup winner.

I mean, just an Orthodox goaltender,

only 5'11".

You know, took ahead all the tools.

Thomas like a battler and it

is a spot there doing

whatever he could to keep

the puck out of the net.

And, you know, he was a quirky guy,

but most goalies are aloof, quirky.

But he was and he was a lot

of the attitude he brought

to the table in that

specifically in that

Vancouver series was.

was a big reason why, you know,

the team sort of fed off it.

And, um, you know, he,

he was crushing the Sedins

in front of the net and, you know,

and just, that was his crease.


and that team really took on that kind

of identity,

especially after the Horton injury,

like they really started to,

to fight back and stand up

to the Canucks.

And it was probably the

reason why they won, uh,

was because they were just more physical,

more mentally and

physically tougher than a

much more talented Canucks team.


100% agree.

But that was a great career

for Tim Thomas.

Providence Bruins Beauty of the Week.

John Farinacci out of Harvard.

He's had a good year for the P Bruins.




Great grant.

34 points.


He was a third round pick of

Arizona and your future Utah Soakers.

And, you know,

he's he's now a prospect and

a Harvard man.

And he's he's having a

pretty good year for

himself in his first.

This is his first year as a pro, right?

This is his first year as a pro.

I mean, he signed with the Bruins.


34 points as a first-year pro is

pretty good.

So, you know,

it's exciting maybe to see

some things to come from him,

and hopefully he turns into a prospect.

Hey, LB, a little more depth right there.

Hey, you need that center depth.

Without a doubt.

I mean, that was, Hey,

do you think that there

should be a section in Utah

where you're the cork

soakers and you have just a

section with all the,

they have the shirts on and

that's the cork soaker section.

There should be that section.

There should be that section.

Well, do you, do you know what the more,

you know, you know what soaking is though,


What the Mormons do.


Because for those of you who don't,

you know, it's, you know,

probably a little outrated.

So, you know,

you can look that up on your own.


soaking on your own and but

did you know they have

people that that like shake

you people get paid to

shake you yeah while you're

soaking so that like you're

not doing it but you know

the vibration is getting

down yeah yeah little

movement so they're you

know you're getting

movement from the from the

person who's actually

sitting there watching you

be on top of your girlfriend.

I just, I don't know.

That to me is wild.

It's a different type of

fornication for sure.


You know,

but it doesn't count in sexual

intercourse because you're just, you know,

playing a little game.

It doesn't count.

Just a tip.

Go ahead and Google it,

but we're just going to

tell you all what it is anyway.

Google it.

We don't want to describe it,

but here's five minutes of

what it really is about.

What it really is.

I mean, this is a, this is a, you know,

we're a hockey podcast,

but we'll give you, we'll give you all,

all you need.

I mean, it's a, it's a versatile.

We'll give you a little bit of everything.

Jackson Edward,

he'll give you a little bit

of everything to the face.


he'll give you a little bit of


He's got some goals.

He's got some assists.

He's got some fights.

He's got some suspensions.

He's got some questionable hits.

There's a guy who's tough to play against.

Seventh round pick, 59 games played,

seven goals, 23 assists, 30 points.

So he'll give you a little

offense to go along with

the style and the nastiness

and the crazy.

Let's be honest.

He's been suspended more than once,

numerous times for questionable hits,

questionable things that he's done.

So, you know,

he might be a guy that can

that the Bruins could use

on a bottom pair, you know.

in the future, you know,

a goodest type guy who's

going to just be out there,

just fucking shit up and,

and giving guys pause when

they want to come to the

front of the net.


Instead of going out and

getting a guy at the

deadline that needs to add

some toughness and an extra guy,

Jackson Edward could be

your guy next year.

You know,

he could be a guy that could come in and,

and be that guy.

If you need a little bit of rugged,

you know, defense and guy who gets to the,

he gets to the borderline

might cross it every once in a while.


I mean, maybe who knows.

Week ahead for your Boston Bruins.

April 13th at Pittsburgh.

April 15th at Washington.

Those two clubs right now are tied,

I believe,

right behind the Islanders

trying to get into the playoff push.

And then 4-16, the end of the season,

versus Ottawa at home.

Seventh player award night.

The shirt jersey giveaway night.

Shirts off your backs.


Shirts off your backs.



We could talk seventh player

award next episode.

Because it'll be announced already.

Who is your seventh player award guy?

That's that's I mean, Dan Heinen is.


I mean,

you can make a case just because he

came out of absolute nowhere.


I mean,

Dan Heinen certainly deserves some


I think Jesper Bolquist

deserves something.

I think Trent Frederick

certainly deserves something.

Is that a good year?


You know,

I don't think you give it to a

top six guy.

So I don't think Charlie Coyle is into it.

I think Morgan Geeky is

another guy who could have

some votes potentially.

But to me,

I think you got to go with Heinen.

I mean, he basically came off the street.

He hung around for a month

or two while you tried to

figure shit out what was

going on with your bottom six.

And he comes in the lineup

and then has been a really,

really good piece ever since then.

And now you have him playing

on the top line.

I mean,

you can't ask for much more than that.

from a guy who was, you know,

on the street and then

comes into camp on a professional tryout.

So I think, I think he's my guy.


I think it's Heinen.

I mean, he wasn't even on the roster.

Like you, you didn't expect anything.

And now he's a top line guy

for you heading into the playoffs.

It's just like absurd what

he's been able to do.

And I, I don't think you can,

I get the coil thing.

Um, but I believe though,

He's won it twice?

I think he's at least once.

At least once?


So I think it's Heinen as well.

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