Build Your SaaS

Competing with ChartMogul and Baremetrics, whether you should "go big," and why the market is important

Show Notes

Patrick Campbell just sold his startup, ProfitWell, to Paddle for $200 million.

Highlights (go straight to šŸ”„ for the best stuff):
  • 0:00 ā€“ "My problem is I'm always curious if other people are living a better dream than me."
  • 1:30 ā€“ The major downside to bootstrapping is the lack of network
  • 2:20 ā€“ Selling ProfitWell to Paddle, and integrating the two teams.
  • 4:15 ā€“ How ProfitWell got started (2012)
  • 6:00 ā€“ Initially three co-founders (Crunchbase)
  • 7:20 ā€“ Patrick's background (what he did before ProfitWell)
  • 10:10 ā€“ What did bootstrapping ProfitWell look like? (How much did each founder invest?)
  • 14:15 ā€“ Do you want to be a lifestyle company or a "big ass company?" šŸ”„
  • 15:55 ā€“ What salary did Patrick pay himself? (Tweet) šŸ”„
  • 18:25 ā€“ Differences between Patrick (ProfitWell) and Josh Pigford (Baremetrics) šŸ”„
  • 21:45 ā€“ Should bootstrapped companies go freemium and try to "win the market?" šŸ”„
  • 26:40 ā€“ The characteristics of your market determine most of your outcomes šŸ”„šŸ”„
  • 29:24 ā€“ "Don't underestimate the velocity and size of your market." šŸ”„
  • 34:35 ā€“ What doe the average SaaS company spend on sales and marketing? šŸ”„
  • 37:39 ā€“ Pricing your SaaS discussion šŸ”„
  • 42:45 ā€“ Why competitors entering a new market can be better for your company. šŸ”„
  • 47:10 ā€“ Should bootstrapped companies try to "own the market?" šŸ”„
  • 52:10 ā€“ "We're in the second phase of SaaS: here's what's coming next." šŸ”„
  • 61:53 ā€“ Did ProfitWell employees have equity?

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