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You probably aren't a marketer — and that's OKAY! You didn't start a podcast to THEN spend your time figuring out how to market it and grow your show. In this episode, we're going to continue talking about how to build out your ideal podcast team. After all, behind every great podcast is a team of experts. And that's certainly the case when it comes to podcast marketing.

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2:22 Your time is worth something
3:27 Create quality short form clips
4:24 Clips, show notes, blogs & newsletters
5:10 Get 1 month of content in a few hours
3:37 Compelling & consistent brand voice
6:30 Copy needs of every podcast
7:29 Increase results by outsourcing
9:35 Top ways people find new podcasts

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Creators & Guests

Kyle Cummings
Kyle Cummings is the CEO and Founder of Podcircle, a podcast production agency who partners with New York Times bestselling authors, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, influencers and everyone in between to produce high-impact podcasts.
Mickenzie Vought
Mickenzie Vought is an expert podcast content strategist. She is also the Producer and Co-Host of the Living Centered Podcast, a leading emotional wellness podcast.
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What is Podcircle Podcast?

Finally there’s a podcast for podcasters. Every week join hosts Kyle Cummings and Mickenzie Vought as they share the knowledge and expertise they've gained from years of launching, running, and promoting successful podcasts. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster or you've already got hundreds of episodes under your belt, these conversations dive into the topics that matter to every podcaster — from marketing and growing your podcast, to recording equipment and best practices, monetization, cutting-edge tools, hiring help, and much more.

[00:00:00] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: You're probably not a marketer and that's okay. I think social media world has made us feel like we all need to be marketers and I need to be marketing myself at all times and I need to know how to create a TikTok and create content andbe a content creator and—

that's OK if that's not your expertise. You got into what you got into because you're an expert in that. And I think we're just in this season where everyone is expected to be a content creator. And when you look on social everyone is a content creator.

But this behind the curtain— is they are outsourcing their weaknesses too.

[00:00:30] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Welcome to the Podcircle Podcast, where we bring practical tips and insights for every podcaster.

[00:00:34] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: just getting started or you're already a seasoned podcast, bro, these conversations dive into all the topics that matter most to you. Kyle, are you ready? Today we are continuing our series about outsourcing your weaknesses by building out your podcast team, and we're talking about my expertise, content, and marketing.

Woo, woo. Outsourcing your weaknesses as a reminder means delegating, hiring, or abandoning the things you're not good at. Or aren't worth your time so that you can spend your time and energy doing the things you do best. As we talk about all the time, a vast majority of podcasts don't make it like one in five, right?

Don't make it to year two. So the number one reason is that people are doing it all themselves and not setting themselves up to be successful, to win and to have the sustainability.

We compared podcasting in one of our very first episodes to the field of dreams. You can't just build it and expect people to come, so we talk about it. You have to talk about your podcast. You have to make people aware of it and really utilize the channels at your disposal to make sure you're finding listeners.

[00:01:46] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): it's a lot to ask for someone to say, Hey, come listen to my new podcast. And they look and they see it's 30




60 minutes


Taking That long-form

content creating

shorter content,

short-form content out of it, posting it on your socials,

leveraging that in different ways one, just to

let people


that you even have a podcast, but

also give them a little taste of what it is.

So here are the top three things that you can gain from your weaknesses. When it comes to marketing your podcast, you save time, you create a compelling and consistent brand voice. you get increased results. So the number one one, let's talk about your time. Your time is valuable. as we discussed in a recent episode, your time isn't free.

It's worth

[00:02:29] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yes.

[00:02:29] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): How much is your time worth?

What's an hour of your time worth? What's three hours of your time worth? And that's especially the case when it comes to marketing your podcasts. And one of the absolute best ways to market your podcasts, as I mentioned, is by taking clips of your episodes and them editing them down into reels with subtitles.

So, so these are your ver the vertical videos you see on TikTok, Facebook, even LinkedIn, YouTube shorts, creating those


[00:02:54] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yep.

[00:02:55] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): with subtitles But these need to be quality




don't just

take any, just random and there's, you know, there's AI tools that promise to do this for you.

They'll just process your



[00:03:05] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: there yet.

[00:03:06] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): somehow magically find the quality content and somehow magically subtitle it or the spelling and the

[00:03:12] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Mm.

[00:03:13] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): all these things. I'm excited about these tools. I think they're gonna get better over time,

but they're not


[00:03:17] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: But I think it's a tool,

right? That's what I, I mean, that's what

it's, It's a tool. It's a tool. It's not ready yet.

[00:03:22] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): a tool.

It's not a

solution. It's not an end all, be all

solution yet. So quality clips quality,

accurate subtitles that show

that you care about your audience and, edit these tight because time is of the essence and the attention


[00:03:37] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yes.

[00:03:37] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Okay. So, edit them tight, cut out the fat, cut out the fluff and just kinda get to the meat and the potatoes of it and respect your

viewers time and attention.

'cause if, if you don't keep their attention, they're gonna swipe and they're gonna move on to the next thing that does.

So all that to say, you probably don't need to be editing your own podcast clips for



[00:03:56] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: No.

[00:03:56] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): THE

time it takes to select

them. Edit them, subtitle them. It's probably too much for you to do on a consistent basis, especially if you're producing multiple clips per podcast


It's just gonna

take you too much time. And my sense is that if you're doing this, you're probably editing your own


too which is taking even more

time. You're writing your own show notes, you're trying to think of good titles for your episode. It just becomes too much for the vast majority of podcasters. So. many of our clients here at Podcircle not only hire us to edit their podcasts but they also hire us to create these scroll-stopping clips, it's one of the best ways that you

can promote

your podcast on

social media and beyond that, we

we also, Write comprehensive show notes. Uh, we can round up your, podcasts and promote them in email newsletters, write blog posts out of these episodes. There's just so much we can do from a content standpoint, from these episodes to market your


itself, but

to also market.

You, whatever it is you're doing, whether you're

an author, speaker, course creator, a business owner, an entrepreneur, you know, you're trying to market your product services. There's so much that we can help you do, and it's gonna take so little of your time. I think it's gonna be shocking

to you. I,

[00:05:08] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: been joking about this, Kyle, uh,

how could you get a

month's worth of content in

three in two or three hours a month? Well You could do

that from recording your podcast and then outsourcing your weaknesses and asking someone else who's already in the material already in the episode and the content to pull

pull out that stuff.

And that's what you guys

do at Podcircle and

I am so

grateful for it.

talk about the second thing you're gonna get when you outsource your weaknesses and an expert for content and marketing needs. Compelling and consistent brand voice. I have spent my career helping companies, helping businesses, helping individuals, personalities,

professionals, authors, speakers, all of that,

helping Pod Circle have a consistent brand voice.

Um, that's so, so When it comes to your podcast, you may say, oh, I don't have a brand

voice. Mm, you do. You do.

[00:06:00] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): If you have a

voice, you have



[00:06:02] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: If you have a voice, you have a brand voice, and I wanna just remind you that we at Pod Circle can help you do that. If you say, I don't really know that I have a brand voice.

That's what our strategy sessions do. We can help you be really strategic of what does it sound like when I talk to my audience? And having an outside perspective of someone who's an expert in this listening to your podcast. They're gonna pull out that brand voice for you. And I'm gonna sidebar that for you.

That was just a little extra tidbit. But, um, about all the copy needs you have when you do a podcast. One of our first episodes, we outlined six copy needs of every podcaster. That is the episode title. You can go back and listen to it. Here they are just really high level.

You need a podcast description. You need episode summaries. You need show notes. You need intro scripting. You need outro scripting, you need ads. And as a bonus, I think every single podcaster should have an

episode outline for every episode you do.

[00:06:58] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): to



[00:06:58] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Amen.

[00:06:59] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): does not happen without an episode outline. We don't just sit down and riff on this stuff. McKenzie and I work together mostly. McKenzie outlines these episodes to provide the most concise quality content in as little time as we can,

[00:07:12] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: honestly, all those things can be a lot. And when you hire out copywriting and marketing, you can ensure that you're getting consistent and compelling copy. And like I said, a consistent brand voice is vital. So outsource with an expert who can help you identify it, brand voice, and extend it beyond your


[00:07:28] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Yep.

[00:07:29] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: thing that you're gonna get when you outsource, uh, who knows content and marketing inside and out.

Is increased results. We all want results. We all want our podcast to win. We've talked a lot about creating realistic expectations for your podcast and your show and planning for the marathon. That is podcasting. It's not a sprint, friends, but simply put. You're probably

You're probably not a marketer,

and that's okay. I think this whole social media world has made us feel like we all need to be marketers and I need to be marketing myself at all times, and I need to know how to create a TikTok and

create content.

and Be a content

creator and. That's okay

that's OK if that's

not your expertise. You got into what you got into because you're an expert in that. And I think we're just in this season where everyone is expected to be a content creator. And when you look on social, everyone is a content creator. But this behind the curtain is they are outsourcing their weaknesses too.

[00:08:22] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Yes.

[00:08:23] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: people who are huge have a team behind them. They just do.

[00:08:27] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): That's

they're doing it well, they have a team that has

learned their


[00:08:31] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yes.

[00:08:32] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): their


[00:08:33] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Mm-Hmm?

[00:08:34] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): and there's


[00:08:35] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yeah.

[00:08:36] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): they're not just hiring. Again, I'm not, I'm not here to talk



[00:08:40] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Fiverr.

[00:08:40] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Fiverr and Upwork and

all that stuff, but it's another level of partnership.

[00:08:45] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: just an added, like really building out an intentional team, building out people who know your brand voice and are invested in it, right? Like I'm invested in Pod Circle and I love contracting with y'all. I love working with you because I'm invested in your results. And you can see that in the work that I

put out.


because you have a social media account doesn't mean you're a social media marketer just because you know how to use chat. GPT. Doesn't mean you are an effective copywriter. That's just the reality. We've talked about tools, um, and AI is great, but you should probably leave it to someone who lives and breathes this stuff and you'll experience the results you want in the form of increased monetization opportunities, social reach, and brand awareness.

[00:09:27] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Yeah.

[00:09:28] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: um, of drive this point home, I found a study about the top

the top ways people find podcasts

And the first

1 recommendations

from friends

and family. 2 searching

in an app or a

website. 3 social media.

Um, and the fourth

4 recommendations

from other podcasts or paid promotions or advertising.

So I'm

So I'm gonna be honest

with you, absolutely every

one of those ways. can be

ways Can be influenced by an effective marketer and


the help you need. Reach more people and see results.

[00:10:01] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): so you're tired of doing it all, we've got you covered here at Pod Circle. we want you to do less of what is not in your expertise so that you can get back to doing what you do best and enjoy your podcast. 'cause if you don't

enjoy it,


[00:10:15] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: What's the point?

[00:10:15] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): gonna


[00:10:16] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yes.

[00:10:16] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): just,

I, we just see it happen

all the time and that's so often. Where people are at when they

hire us



[00:10:22] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Mm-Hmm.

[00:10:23] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Uh, and so we,

the amount of time that we give back to people and the amount of feedback that I get, I'm just like, you know, once they find us, it's like, oh, we, we actually, I actually enjoy doing the podcast anymore.

I don't dread sitting down 'cause I know I don't have to edit it. I don't have to write all the show notes for it. I don't have to do

all the



[00:10:39] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: Yeah.

[00:10:39] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): So, if that sounds interesting to you, if that resonates with you, schedule a free consultation. Uh, just simply email me. Just uh, email me at kyle@podcircle.com.

That's KYL e@podcircle.com. We offer a suite of services, including a lot of what we talked about today. Um, social media marketing, pulling clips from your episodes and producing them into vertical reels for your socials. Uh, writing your show notes for you, intro and outro, scripting, scripting for your ads, converting those episodes into SEO Rich blog posts and a whole lot more. We can take care of a lot of this for you. and you get an email at the end of the week saying,

[00:11:21] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: done.

[00:11:21] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): here's everything that we created out of a 20 or 30 minute podcast episode. Is, is pretty wild.

[00:11:26] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: you wanna see our beautiful faces while you're listening to this conversation, you can head over to YouTube and you subscribe to our channel to watch all of our episodes. And even in last episode, Kyle gave you a little, little teaser of, um, some extra content that he has over there as well.

So if you are thinking about editing your own podcast, go and check out that teaser from last episode. And

[00:11:47] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Yeah,

[00:11:48] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: you were listening to me drone on about. Brand voice and being consistent and you thought, I don't have a brand voice, or I don't even know where to start, don't worry. I got you. You can schedule a strategy session with me and if you need someone to really help you get clear, uh, get above what you're doing and offer you an expert outside opinion, I would love to chat with you all about your brand and all about your podcast and help you feel like you have got a plan to move forward.

[00:12:15] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): Absolutely. And if you wanna get a hold of McKenzie, it's justMcKenzie@podcircle.com.

[00:12:21] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: true.

[00:12:24] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): If you can't remember that and Kyle is easier for you

to remember and

[00:12:28] MICKENZIE VOUGHT: get, to me.

[00:12:29] KYLE CUMMINGS (2): me and I'll get, you in touch with McKenzie. So that's all for this week. We are gonna be back with you next week to round out this series on assembling your podcast team. Next week we're gonna talk about. podcast production and content strategy. It's gonna be a good one. So we'll talk to you then.