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Welcome back to Season Three of The Company We Keep podcast. Host Jason Pearl is ready to jump into another amazing season for everyday business owners, entrepreneurs, or leaders that wanna think differently about growth, think differently about success, and are looking to find better balance in both business and in life.

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(00:00) Introduction
(02:24) We're back!
(02:15) New sponsor!
(03:12) What you're going to get this season
(06:24) Revisiting past lessons from earlier seasons
(07:49) It all goes back to Head, Heart, House
(09:31): How this season will be different
(10:17): Who am I? A little bit about my background
(15:04) Recap

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What is The Company We Keep?

Jason Pearl is a second generation entrepreneur, bootstrapping business owner, loving husband, devoted dad, and raging Bills fan. He tosses aside the idea that you can't have it all and devotes his life to proving it wrong. Grab a cup of coffee and join Jason every Tuesday morning as he dives into topics to help everyday business owners and entrepreneurs think differently about growth and success, and how to achieve a better balance in both business and in life. He’s also shining a giant spotlight on some very smart people in his inner-circle that have helped ignite his success along the way.

[00:00:00] All right, all right. Welcome to another episode of The Company We Keep podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today.

I'm your host, Jason Pearl. Super excited to be chatting with you again today. This is episode one of season three.

We took about an eight-week hiatus. And we're back recording and super excited to share some new things with you.

[00:00:24] So, what is The Company We Keep podcast all about?

If this is your first time listening, don't worry, you can pick up right here, you can check out the previous seasons, at a different time.

But The Company We Keep podcast is a podcast for everyday business owners, entrepreneurs, or leaders that wanna think differently about growth, think differently about success, and are looking to find better balance in both business and in life. In today's episode, we are going to be laying out what season three and beyond can look like with The Company We Keep podcast.

As I said, we took a nice little hiatus break. it was nice to, recharge, rebuild, put together some new content for all of you, and just get ready for the next season, which will be a lot of fun. In the absence that we've had since recording, there has been a lot happening behind the scenes. We've got a new and improved website, so you could check out at your convenience.

And, you can see that we have revamped it. There's a new look. And, we are looking to provide you all sorts of ways to not only just interact with me but ways to interact with the content and take the content that we're putting out there so you can go and you can apply it in your everyday life. in addition to that, we have been super active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where I spend most of my time from a social media standpoint. It's where I, you know, put all my thoughts daily as to different ways that you can improve as a human being, first, but as a leader, of people. Whatever role you're playing right now as a leader of people, that's what we try to help to do.

[00:02:15] In addition to, to all of those things, I am wildly excited to share with you all that season three is actually going to have a sponsor. John McDonald at Harbortown Financial Group has graciously offered to sponsor season three of The Company We Keep podcast. John and his firm work with individuals, families, and small businesses to build customized financial plans using their holistic approach, to help you achieve all of your financial goals. If you wanna contact John and his firm, all of the details will be provided on my website,, and in the show notes. There'll be links of ways to connect with John and his firm, Harbortown Financial. But, check us out, big time, with a sponsorship for season three. And, we could not be more excited.

[00:03:12] I personally know John. He is an amazing human being and somebody that I am blessed to call a friend. So, you'll likely hear from John later in this season. but, Harbortown Financial Group, we are so proud, and excited, and grateful that you sponsored season three. So, as we move forward and discuss, what season three is going to be... is going to be and how it's going to be laid out, we are going to do a mix of solo episodes with me and guest episodes. this season, what we're gonna do is we wanna focus some things down.

We wanna focus on making sure that every time you tune in and you decide to give me 20 to 25 minutes of your personalized, very valuable attention, that we give you something in return that is going to be actionable and attainable when you get done listening to the podcast, that is what this is all about, I really enjoy, chatting with you all and- and sharing my experiences. But, the reason that I have this podcast is to make sure that, um, whoever's listening is gonna be able to- to listen to an episode and then have a takeaway, that's the goal and that's what we're gonna do. So, I will be bringing some people on, some very specific, hand-selected, crazy talented people that- that can teach you new things or can give you perspective on certain things that are gonna help you succeed on both business and in life. But, as we do this, what I wanna do is, re- reintroduce, what... what we're trying to do here. in... over the course of the past two seasons, there has been a lot that I've learned. the first thing I've learned is that you're actually listening. And, I am super grateful for that. we have been overwhelmed with the support that this podcast has received, the recognition, the reviews, all of that stuff, but we have heard from you, uh, that you are listening. And, there's just been an absolute outpouring of support and- and people that are messaging me, sending me emails saying, "Hey, listened to X episode, applied it in my life. It's working. Thank you," and encouraging me to continue to record episodes. And, I really appreciate that and please keep the en- encouragement coming because the encouragement is certainly necessary.
And, I appreciate that. the lessons that we talked about over the course of the past few seasons, some of which are foundational to my beliefs and others are things that I think are just practical applications that can help you in your business. Number one, one of the teachings that- that I hear a lot, uh, of great feedback on is that, know, when I say success is a choice, and what that actually means and how success is a choice, is an individual choice that you make every single day, both in your personal life and your business life, to succeed. And, uh, I wanna continue to hammer on that point that, no matter what social media is telling you, no matter what type of guru or guy is talking in the microphone and saying that you should do, the most important thing that you should take away is that everybody is and, success is a choice, so your path should be built on what you believe success to be. You guys all know, for me, family and faith come before everything, that's how I build my success. And, this podcast fits right into that, but it's really important for you guys to really focus on that point.

[00:06:24] We've also talked a lot about progress over perfection and that, no matter what, you just gotta get started, and you gotta get things done, and it... you can't focus on it being perfect. Uh, perfect example of that, season two, right? Let's point the finger at this guy, uh, got this new beautiful office, as you can see, the supply chain has delivered some things, got some pictures on the wall, got some, got some chairs back there, got some footstools, got some plants, but the audio quality in season two was just not up to snuff, it is not something that, that I think that moving forward will happen again, but we started towards the end of season two... understand what needed to happen to- to make the audio high quality in this new office that I have up here on the third floor of my house. I'm a perfect example of progress over perfection, I could've probably scrapped 80%, on audio quality of last season's episodes. But, we powered through it and we figured it out. The other thing is we talked a lot about the power of saying no, It's important because when you make a decision on something, saying yes to something means that you're saying no to something else. And, I got a lot of great feedback on that.

[00:07:30] Um, you know, the last episode of season two was how to keep clients happy. And, if you're a business owner that's out there, you know, for sure, that, the cost of trying to find a new client is much greater than the cost of- of keeping a current client you already have, So, if those are things that y- you haven't heard me say yet, go back to the show notes on my website, you'll be able to find the different episodes that you could listen to.

[00:07:49] And then, finally, my core teaching and my core methodology of, who I am as a human being and how I get success out of others is head, heart, and house, right, that three-step methodology of how to get the most out of yourself and the most out of others, making sure you understand what's happening in your head, what's happening in your heart, and what's going on in your household, and that is something that we're gonna continue to talk about. There's gonna be a significant amount of content. It's gonna be coming out in season three, really focusing around those principles and that methodology. So, as we, move forward, the- the thing that we want to do in season three is really start to niche down a bit. and, I know that's a really popular and really common word that everyone really likes to use right now, talking about, "Let's niche this, let's niche that."

But, really, what I want to do is, as I said earlier, I wanna make sure that when you tune in and you give me that 25 minutes of your super valuable time, that I'm giving something back to you that you can certainly make sure that you can apply in your real life and, and that's what we're gonna focus on. my career, as a professional, the founder and president of Nacre Consulting. Nacre Consulting is a sales and revenue growth-based consultancy where we work with businesses in that one million to $25 million space. And, we help them increase their sales in the revenue-generating activities that they have. And, we also work with the leaders of- of those companies to help them improve their leadership skills and make sure they're getting the most out of their selves and the most out of the teams that they work with. And so, because of that, I have had some real world, very practical, um, applications of this and what I'm trying to teach in this podcast. And, what we wanna do is we wanna make sure we talk about that. We wanna make sure that we give you takeaways that can make you successful, both in business and in life.

[00:09:31] And, if you're not a business owner, that's okay. there is still significant value for you listening to this podcast because, again, helping businesses succeed is what I do. But, what I do is I focus on the people in those businesses and that's the magic juice, right, that's what makes these companies successful is it's not when you focus on just what's in the red and what's in the black, when you're looking at your statements, and your profit, and loss, it's focusing on the human capital, focusing on the people that are in that business and how you get the most out of your people by, first, trying to get the most out of yourself. So, if you're not a business owner, that is okay. Again, do you lead a team? Are you a parent? Are you a coach? Are you a consultant? Are you just looking for ways to be, to be a more effective human being?

[00:10:17] If you wanna scale, anything in your life, this is a podcast for you. don't feel like, because we're gonna niche down, we're trying to turn out nose up on- on some of you that may have been listening that- that aren't business owners. We love having you, we love our loyal listeners. And, we think that, if you keep listening, you're gonna get a lot out of this podcast. another thing that's really interesting, and I talk about this a lot, is that there is just a significant amount of noise out there, isn't there? I am one of hundreds of thousands of podcasts that are out there, right? So, the fact that you're listening now, I am so grateful for. And, I don't take that lightly. I know how valuable 25, 30 minutes of uninterrupted time is in my life. And, the fact that you're giving me that attention is amazing and I want you to know I take that so seriously. but, what qualifies me to- to- to speak on leadership, and to speak on growth, and to, speak to business owners? it's fairly easy.

I can give you a data-driven answer. For the past 20 years, um, I have helped, both individuals and businesses, get more out of themselves and their teams under my leadership. and, I've helped companies in a lot of different ways grow. this isn't a brag session, but this is something that... when you are auditing who in your life that you wanna listen to, make sure that you're understanding the difference of opinion and fact, right? and, I understand that, results matter, especially when you're talking to someone or listening to someone that's gonna try to give you reasons, and strategies, and applications to improve yourself, the people around you, and- and the folks that you're in charge of, I've helped companies scale and grow in many ways, whether it was as an employee or as a business owner through my consultancy. I've received, a lot of great feedback. And, I have been able to help many different companies grow, whether it's th... three X-ing the top line revenue of a fairly stagnant financial services company or whether it's taking a company from four million dollars to $20 million dollars in, three-plus years, whether it's taking a tech company from a small startup to, an eight-figure powerhouse in the industry, or whether is tripling the monthly recurring revenue of a tech startup, in- in less than 18 months. These are just a handful of the results that I've been able to achieve, myself and my team, with Nacre Consulting. But, as a personal individual, these are things that my hands and fingerprints have been on. So, I don't say that to boast. But, I do say that because if you're tuning in and you're wondering like, "Should I really listen to this guy?", there are hard facts that prove that the methodologies that I use work.

[00:12:55] And, my methodologies are not for everybody and they're not for every business. And, I'm aware of that. but, if you're a heart-centered entrepreneur or leader that is looking to get the most out of yourself first so then you can pour into your team and get the most out of your team, this is a podcast for you. These are strategies that you will be able to employ. There are takeaways that you'll be able to use that can make yourself and your life in- in saying that, this isn't an I thing, this is a we thing, right.

[00:13:30] When I have achieved these results with these companies, it's not because I have a silver bullet or a magic wand and I make it happen. I'm very discerning with who I work with.

[00:13:42] And, I choose the human being first and the company So, I've worked with super talented individuals that have built great teams and I use my God-given talents to help them grow to the next level. And, when you surround yourself with these wonderful companies and these wonderful leaders and then we- we get ourselves together to try to grow, that's where the stories, the applications, the strategies, that's where they come in, so that is a reason why listening to me may make sense for you. It may not, but I appreciate you listening, In addition to that, I'm not a spring chicken anymore, right? I've been married for 17 years, I have two beautiful daughters, I have traveled basically all over the country. I've moved seven times in 15 years, worked with a lot of different companies, seen a lot of different things. So, I have some significant life experience that I wanna transfer from me to you.

[00:14:35] And, in addition to all of that, I am a product of two self-employed entrepreneurs that have been hustling and killing it in the entrepreneur game since the early 1970s. And, through osmosis and through them being my parents, I have learned a ton from them as well. just a few checklist items for you if you wanna, check that stuff out, you can, but these are the reasons why I feel so, um, motivated to share what I've learned with all of you. so, I've seen a thing or two and I- I just wanna transfer that knowledge.

[00:15:04] So, this season is going to be an absolute blast. I am really excited that you're- you're with us, that you're joining us Again, if this is your first time listening, what a perfect time to show up. I'd love to direct you back to my website at where you can see all the other episodes that I've recorded for season one and season two. this is episode one of season three. again, we're gonna do some solo episodes. And, we're gonna do some, um, other episodes with- with some of the people in my circle, The Company We Keep, but would love for you to continue to tune in. make sure you don't forget to sub... hit the subscribe button so you never miss an episode or never miss any of my content. go check out that newly revamped website at, and just, interact with me, would love to hear from you. season three's gonna be a blast. Thanks for joining me. Can't wait for you to tune in next week, all right? This is Jason Pearl. Thanks for keeping me company. I'm out. Peace.