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And here’s today’s news from Public Sector Executive – on Thursday the 22nd February 2024.
According to new data from West Yorkshire Combined Authority, more affordable homes have been constructed in the county over the course of the last two years than in any other period since 2010.
The data has also found that almost a quarter of the homes that have been delivered over the last 12 months have been affordable, with this representing a greater proportion than in Greater Manchester or the West Midlands.
These homes will be unlocked thanks to support from the Brownfield Housing Fund, with £15 million set to be approved for construction projects in Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds and Wakefield.
The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has announced that one million premises have now benefitted from gigabit broadband, as part of the government’s digital transformation mission.
Government data has now shown that 1,006,800 homes have been connected to gigabit broadband, with these including schools libraries, hospitals, police stations, council offices and other public buildings
By upgrading the broadband that 5,300 public buildings have access to, productivity has been boosted, whilst also creating improved experiences for the people who are using public services.
West Midlands Combined Authority has announced that around £27 million has been allocated to a regional training programme, which will benefit local people.
With the funding coming from central government, the bootcamps are to specialise in training and upskilling people so that they are prepared for employment in fast-growing industries.
This funding will be the largest of its kind in the UK, with this being almost double the amount that the combined authority received for the bootcamps programme last year.
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