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Daily Boost - 16 Shvat

16 Shvat: Wisdom of Women

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Show Notes

Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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All the women, whose hearts inspired them with wisdom, spun the goat hair. (Shemos 35:26)

This was particularly expert work.… (Rashi, ibid)

Like the Jews in the desert, our generation is charged with the task of making the world a sanctuary for G-d. The most difficult work associated with the Tabernacle was performed by the women because they possessed the unique ability to truly transform the world into a house befitting G-d.

We must involve women in all matters of Torah and mitzvos. Only through a woman’s touch will
G-d rest in our midst.

Hisvaaduyos 12 Tammuz 5717 Seif 33