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Daily Boost - 18 Shvat

18 Shvat: The Beauty of Shabbos

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Show Notes

Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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The honor of Shabbos is its candles. If you guard the Shabbos candles, I will show you the lights of Zion…, and you will not need the sun for light, for I, Myself, will shine for you…, and the nations of the world will walk in your light…. All of this is in merit of the candles that you light for Shabbos.
(Yalkut Shimoni, Behaaloscha)

Women usher in Shabbos with their candles’ light, long before men proclaim the holiness of the day with kiddush. This light immediately shines through the entire home, filling it with a holy beauty and grace.

The Zohar teaches that the numeric value of ner (candle) is 350. This is equivalent to the number of positive mitzvos, 248, plus 2 for the love and awe that inspire our deeds. Women have this special power to bring love and awe into everything that they do, transforming their actions into candles that spread light and warmth.

Moshiach is compared to Shabbos. By convincing women to light Shabbos candles, in both the simple and broader sense, we will hasten the time of Moshiach.

Sichos Kodesh Yud Shvat 5735 Seif 5
Sichos Kodesh Lag Ba’omer 5737 Seif 16