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Josh Pigford sees a lot of SaaS revenue analytics; what's he seeing that we're not?

Show Notes

This week, Justin called up Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics:
  • Baremetrics does analytics for SaaS companies
  • I called him up just to get a sense of how this pandemic (and looming recession) has already started to affect different SaaS companies
  • He's already noticing some trends: "A lot of SaaS companies are seeing the biggest loss they've seen in the past 4 weeks. I've heard from some companies that are seeing a 10-20% decrease in MRR."
  • "Payroll is the biggest challenge over the next year. Payroll is our biggest expense."
  • How are you going to ride this out?
  • "We use Flight Path + Baremetrics to forecast revenue and expenses."
  • Justin's tweet: "here are the companies doing well right now."
  • A preview of a new feature that Baremetrics is building: automated email messaging for SaaS companies.
  • Josh's side-projects: Cedar + Sail, Lasertweets

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