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Daily Boost - 22 Cheshvan

22 Cheshvan: Practical Changes

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Show Notes

Topic for Cheshvan: Working Toward Moshiach.

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Serving G-d with both the devotion of a servant and the enjoyment of son means that we must make two practical changes:

1. We must not suffice with fulfilling our religious duties, studying Torah and fulfilling mitzvos. Instead, we must reach out and change the world. Furthermore, we must not only influence those closest to us, but we must also transform even the farthest and darkest elements of the world.

2. In addition, all of this must be done with excitement and urgency. We must feel personally and deeply how much the world must change. And this realization must not let us rest or leave room for procrastination.

Likkutei Sichos, vol. 20, pg. 346