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So I did it again.

I think I hit my wrong intro button after
I went through all this thing last time

about like I made a new intro.

You know what?

Fuck it.

We talked about it, we fixed it, and now
you've a great disservice to us all.

You're all sitting through this.

You're welcome.

OK, we're back.

We're back.

And it's been a bit of time.

I know.

I apologize.

Started working again and, you know,
things pick up in the busy world.

And as somebody pointed out on on Twitter,
we are the most inconsistent podcast.

And, you know, there's other ones that
have too many ads and we're the ones that


And they miss us because we don't have

See, the thing with not having ads is that
means it's not a job for us.

So we have to do other things to to make
money to pay rent and all that.

So this is more like a very, very overly
dedicated hobby, like being a Leafs fan is


At least we're number one at something.


Number one most inconsistent.

But you know what?

The fact that people are waiting for it,
we love you for it.


So sorry.

But life.

Also, some of the games were at 10 o
'clock, like two of them in a row.

it's hard on the west coast wing.

I think like towards the end of the season
we're going to be a lot more consistent,

especially going into the playoffs.

It'll be very irregular.

Yeah, and I missed the playoffs like our
first year doing this and I still will

never get over that.

I had to do one from like work on my
headphones after they lost.

It was the worst.


Anyway, Roscoe, Suddy and Beener here.

And it's the end of the winning streak,
unfortunately, but didn't get to cover all

the games in the middle of it and the
games that Morgan Riley.

But hey, some good things happened.

Timothy Lilligan proved me wrong, which I
will eat like I was, you know.

kind of on him the last couple episodes
before Riley got suspended and he really

stepped up.

So that was kind of the opportunity that
he needed.

Like I said, those don't come off on this

So your top defender getting suspended is
going to open that slot up and good for


But where'd he go?

I don't know, you really really missed him

Just having like Riley play with Brody and
all the domino effect of him not being


His absence was noticeable, that's for

For sure.

One quick little trivia thing before we
get in.

There were a lot of hat tricks over this
last little streak.

In the month of February alone, there have
been four.

To bring the Leafs total on the year to

Total on the season to, what's that?

Six, I think?

Seven, eight, nine.

Yeah, so October 11th, Matthews.

October 14th, Matthews.

November 4th, Matthews.

November 30th, Marner, and then Matthews,
McMahon, Matthews, Matthews, Bertuzzi.

That's crazy.

Just I know it's hard for me to search
through this by like season, so I'm just

doing it by year.

has done alone, like I think Lemieux
hasn't done it since what, 95 or something

like that?

Like it's been a really long time.

Yeah, he's got one to the four and six.

That's fucking crazy.

So I just did a quick calculation just by
year again, not by season.

The Leafs have they average three point
two hat tricks per calendar year.

When do you think the last time they had
this many was?


So the crazy thing is the last two years,
this is this has been the pace like since

they've had Matthews on the team and in
his prime here, I'm looking twenty twenty

two one, two, three, four, five, six,
twenty twenty three, one, two, three,

four, five, six, twenty twenty four, one,
two, three, four, five already.

That hasn't happened since the 80s.

If you scroll back through this, this is

This is not just Matthews, but the the.

Insane amount of scoring that is coming
from all of these guys is it's crazy But

yeah, the fact that Matthews is like 50 %
of these is otherworldly

So yeah, he's just proving that we're so
lucky to have him, right?

And nobody can be happy with that.

They joke about it on SiriusXM all the

I've said many times, I listen to them all
the time.

And they'll be like, you know, you have a
guy scoring on a 70 -goal pace and

Matthew's doing historic things and people
are complaining about the fourth line.

Because that's the Leaf fans, that's what
we do, right?

And the funnier part is, is he didn't...

do this the first handful of seasons that
he played.

Like yeah, he scored a whole whack of
goals and he's always been on a great

pace, but it he got four in his first game
and he didn't get a second hat trick I

think until his what third or fourth

I think you're right on that, yeah.

Yeah, I'm looking 2016 Matthews had the
four goal game and then the next one is


Yeah, four years.

Like the tools are always there, right?

Cause he can take away a puck and just
turn the plate on a dime and his shot,

he's mastered it right now.

So anytime he comes across that blue line,
he has a great chance of scoring.

Like his shooting percentage is off the
charts right now.

Yeah, the fact that he has no empty net
goals this year, like the effortless NIS

with that he's.

That's also crazy, like if those had gone
in, the dude would easily be hitting 70.

But no, just how effortlessly it looks
every time he shoots this, like on this

stretch where he's been getting, you know,
Patrick after Patrick, it's it's just like

the guy looks at the net and fires it and
you think, oh, this is just going to, you

know, this is a soft one of the pads, but
it goes in.

It's like, how did you see that one little

And this spot that he's found in the back
corner along the goal line, are you


It's like an almost impossible angle.

And he's made it like consistent.

So the beauty about that is we all know
NHL players are competitive and as soon as

multiple people start saying, oh, this is
the only guy that can do this or this is

the only guy that can do that, they all
get uber competitive and uber focused on

trying to prove everybody wrong, right?

Like early in his career, Crosby was
labeled as, oh, he can't win a face off.

What does he do?

He goes and becomes one of the best face
off men ever.

They say, oh, he can't score all the

He goes out and scores 51 goals and wins
the rocket Richard.

Like McDavid last year.

Oh, he, Matthews is the best goal scorer.

McDavid will never score that.

Goes out and score 64.

Like these players have a history of doing

And yeah, the only player you saw score
from basically the goal line on that type

of angle over the last three, four or five
years is dry cycle.

And then now all of a sudden, oh,
Matthews, oh, you'd think that he's the

only one that can do it here.

I'll just do it for fun.


you don't think he cares that he wants to
be the best?

Look at the corner of his glove.

It says 80 on it.

And like, I don't know if you guys caught
it, I noticed it a couple weeks ago and

then he got on this pace and it's just
absolutely hilarious.

That Sportsnet commercial where, you know,
oh, score 40, score 50, and then Matthews

is laughing, come on guys, that's all.


And like he might have been doing this
earlier in his career too, but like he's

had wrist issues, I think really, really
hampered his shooting ability.

And this seems like the first year in
quite a while where he's fully healthy and

you can actually see what he can do with,
you know, a hundred percent health.

Yeah, it's like the power was always
there, but now it's like dead accurate

that never was not never was before.

Yeah, but it's just the release is
something else from the last couple of


and if you do the math, if you break down
per season, I messaged this in our group a

couple days ago, per season up to it's
like the 560 game mark or something like

that between Matthews and Ovechkin, and
you break it down goals per game, Matthews

is scoring at like a 13 goals per 82 games
higher clip than Ovechkin did.

Oh my God, that's crazy.

Like, where is he gonna be 10 years from
now if he stays healthy is the question.

Like, the numbers are just, yeah.

potential is there to go down top three,
but even maybe the best school score that

we'll ever see.

And the majority of them are five on five.

That's the big thing too.

Yeah, again, no empty netters this year is

How do you have that many ahead of the
person in second place and none of them

are on an open net?

He is so valuable to our team and like a
little segue.

He was maybe a tiny bit absent tonight and
look what happened.

Yeah, and just before we get to that, what
do we think, just talking about greats, is

more likely this season Matthews hitting
70 or McDavid hitting 140 assists, which

he's currently on pace for.

Yeah, yes and yes.

Like, there's...

I think they both do it.

You think both could happen?

I mean, that's fair.

McDavid looked at the lead Matthews had in
goals and said, shit, I'm not going to

catch him there.

OK, that's hit 100 assists because only
three other players have done it.

he's like, I'm just going to stop shooting
because all I care about is assists right


Like the way that they're both taking it
in stride, I think is really great for the


Yeah, that honestly was one of the better,
how do I put this?


robotic, right?

Like he was actually, he had a personality

He was...


Like it was really good.

was something that I'd see from Matthews,
like it's not, you know, over the top,

like he's joking with him, but the sarcasm
and like making a joke about hockey

because that's the only thing he can joke

But it was like he was trying to have fun
and that's more than we've seen out of him

really ever.

Yeah, 100%.

And fuck, the guys got 21 goals this

That's crazy.

What did I see?

It was like 850 something days until he
can play for the Leafs.

The countdown is on.

Him and Matthews are just going to be

McDavid's going to have like 200 assists
and Matthews might have 110 goals.

Yeah, yeah, honestly, I hope that Matthews
keeps this pace up and gets at least one

more hat trick this season.

Like, it's just to hit 70 in this era
would be something else.

to cap it off, his defensive play is

That's also taken a huge step up this

His takeaway numbers are incredible.

He's killing penalties right now.

What he's doing on the defensive end is
not quite as impressive as the offensive

end, but both of them together, he's
definitely leveled up this year.

So you just reminded me of a tweet that I
shared yesterday.

Like, as much as we like Matthews, the
heart is more than goals.

Matthews has 52, McKinnon has 34.

To be considered as a good centerman, as
McKinnon, hockey fans look at things like


Matthews only has 34 giveaways this year.

McKinnon's given the puck away 58 times.

Takeaways, Matthews has 60 takeaways.

McKinnon has 29.


because the first two were both 34.

And that was gonna be a crazy stat if you
kept going there.

discrepancy is insane.

Hits, Matthews at 51, McKinnon's at 40.

Blocks, Matthews at 63, McKinnon's at 52.

And Face -offs, Matthews at 53%,
McKinnon's at 46.

So for...

read Twitter, Matthews is a one
dimensional player, so you know.


Finish your point, because those stats are
absolutely crazy.

How well -rounded his game is is...

You can't say he's the best player in
League, because McDavid is just

otherworldly, but he is easily number two,
I think.

I think there's an argument that he's the
best all -around player in the league.

With those stats, you can definitely argue

so hard to compare the two of them.

It's like Crosby and Ovechkin, I think.

It's just gonna be forever 1A and 1B.

Like, depends on who you talk to.

I think Crosby is infinitely better than
Ovechkin as a hockey player.

Yeah, but I think I guess what I mean is
like the way that you can't compare them,

they're just kind of both the greatest in
their own way.

Like I feel like McDavid and Matthews are
just always going to both be it's going to

be an argument forever of who's better.

And I think they're both right.

Like it depends on the season.

It depends on, you know, whether their
team is better or not.

Like it's it's tough.

Whoever lasted the whole like dry settles
way better than Matthews.

I think that debate has gone to bed,


The whole like...

in there because that guy is just so
incredible too, but like other than those

three, no one is even close.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it,
especially with his piss poor showing at

the All -Star game, like, Kucherov's
factored in on just over 50 % of the Tampa

goals this year.


pretty insane.

Maybe, yeah.

You don't want to admit it, but it's true.

Yeah, I have to admit it as much as it
pains me.

like the stats don't lie.

and I think we'll see a couple more appear
over the next couple of years, but for

now, I'd say that's that's kind of the end
of the list.

if you want to compare like Hooch's
defensive game, I don't think it compares

to McKinnon's or Matthew's.

No, definitely doesn't.

Okay, so to this interesting game tonight.

I mean, who played well?

I'd say Nylander had a good game.

Marner had a decent game.

But other than that, I mean, like Matthews
defensively, yeah, but everybody was

pretty quiet tonight, other than that
Bertuzzi line and fucking Reeves and

Holmberg at the end of the nowhere.

Like, is it Vegas's defense is just that

Like, after this win streak, you think

confident they're on this high and they
already beat Vegas and it just seemed like

nobody could really get anything offensive

I mean they got 32 shots but it felt like
everything was exactly where Vegas wanted


Just one of those games, right?

Like, you get one or two lapses and they
end up in your net.

Like, you can't really fault Sammy on the

That's a crap shoot.

You can't really...

Yeah, the second goal, the tip...

somebody is at fault for that.

Like, come on.

No, but -


Riley and Brody, they're both watching the
play and he just skated right up the

middle through.

Like, I don't let that happen in my beer
league and I'm the shittiest player on my



he was going to change lines or something?

Like, I don't understand.

They watched him.

Ugh, that was...

just one of those games where like a bunch
of weird stuff happened like the skate

blade, them not challenging that high

Just a bunch of weird, it was a fall game.

So I'm not really gonna read too much into
what happened today.

I thought Sammy played a really good game.

He wasn't at fault for too many of the

What's more important I think is how
they're gonna rebound tomorrow and if

they're gonna show what they were showing
for that seven game streak.

Yeah, this one felt like every single
sloppy mistake resulted in a goal.

Like, you know, you can make mistakes any
night and your goalie will make the save

or somebody else picks the puck up.

But this was like they made every mistake
at the worst possible time in the worst

possible spot.

And it took a weird bounce off somebody or
a weird tip.

And it's like, well, OK, fuck.


like even offensively, I felt they had a
pretty, they had some good chances too,

just to go in the net and those chances
were going in the net the previous seven


Yeah, it felt like instead of taking the
shots they wanted tonight, they were just

scrambling in front of the net to try to
get something in or make those those

dangerous passes right in front.

And honestly, I mean, they've proved this
year that they can score that way if they

need to.

And look, Brutus, you managed to put one

It just didn't happen.

Like, look, camp got set up.

82 games a year.

This is gonna happen once in a while.

Marner and Kempf almost had that good
chance on the shorthanded one there.

But yeah, like they just they didn't get
the bounces they needed.

But look, the fact that Pertuzzi did and
has continued to is something that holy

shit we needed.

Well, not only Bertuzzi bearing and it
looks like he's finally found his touch,

but we've touched on it all year.

He's been in the right spots.

He's had chances, just he's been the most
snake bit player I think we've seen in


But despite some defensive lapses, yet
again, we're missing Lily.

Realistically, they're probably going to
add some form of defensive help at some

point between now and the deadline.

As you touched on, it was a decent showing
by Sammy.

Like he wasn't perfect, but he didn't, he
didn't resort back to his swimming.

You know, there's been times, or
especially earlier this season when he's

gotten down like a goal, two goals, three
goals, and he almost, he doesn't give up

on the game, but he resorts back to that
over committing, over sliding.

Like what Aiden Hill did when he lost the
skate blade, that was Sammy at the

beginning of the season, cause he was


Yeah, he was overplaying the cross crease
passes so badly.

So it's really good to see that back.

And then it wasn't the piss poor, they're
not trying, they're just going through the


Like they were still trying.

It's just the bounces weren't going like

Like you said, so the losses happen,
you're not going to win all 82.

But it's a better.

a better loss visually and as a fan to
watch than a lot of the ones we've seen

earlier this year.

Mm hmm.

Like they weren't getting bounce this
night, but they definitely didn't get beat

because they weren't competing or they
were just playing poor hockey.

And to your point, like I thought Sammy
played especially great in the first 30


He kept the team in it.

He was super crisp.

There was one play where he had this
rebound from that and he just cleared the

puck in the corner so quickly and moved to
his lateral post like that.

He was not doing that at all at the first
part of the season.

Like that's how you can tell he was super

Maybe it's because he knows walls coming
up, but like.

I have a hard time getting him out of the
net the way he's playing right now.

Like he has to play his way out of the
net, I think.

Oh my God, sorry that when he batted that
in the corner, I was like, I literally

just yes, Sammy, thank you.

he wasn't doing that shit whatsoever in
the first like half of the season

No, it wasn't a 6 -2 game when you watched
it like on paper It looks so much worse

because like I said, they made a lot of
bad mistakes But it seemed like anytime

they did get something going they it was
like Oh made up penalty.

Here we go Like oh, are you kidding?

high stick, the game is over.


Should have.

That third goal, the timing of that third
goal was bad too.

Oh, obviously with like under a minute
left, especially after Batoosie just

rallied us, like you think you need to go
into the third period with down one.

That's a, yeah, that's a huge momentum

even in his post -game JT was like, yeah,
I was trying to feed that up to Marner

along the boards and I lost it.

It was a bad play.

The one thing for me was the high stick
non -challenge because it looked like it

was pretty borderline and even if you lose
it you're gonna get a penalty and you're

gonna lose that game no matter what but if
you win that call you have a chance at


that I don't know why they didn't do that
unless there was something in the

situation room where they're like When it
actually made contact with the puck it was

below his shoulder.

I don't know

Maybe because like the least team are
like, they're great at making these calls.

They're almost perfect at it, but I feel
like that's one you had to risk.

I don't know if it's their history, but
with their history and the success rate of

their challenges that kind of almost has
me not questioning it.

Like they have an angle that we don't type

Yeah, it could be for sure.

But like, wouldn't you just want to roll
the dice at that point?

Because you're going to lose the game
anyways if you don't.

with all the questions.

Sorry, go ahead, Roscoe.

it might be worth it even just to show the
guys like you're still fighting to get

that last one back instead of them being
like, you why didn't you and having that

come back to the dressing room?

Like, why didn't you challenge that?

Hail Mary, but like it's, you know, a
little pep to the boys, but...

not pinning the loss on the officials, but
with the way some of the calls went, why

do you want to give yourself another
penalty, right?

You're right, yeah, it's true.

Yeah, those calls were bad tonight.

A lot of missed things.

Oh, God.

Calls aside, though, McCabe's poor nose.

This guy...

It is never going to heal.

his nose has been mangled like four or
three times.

It's unreal.

He won't recover from this.

Like, he's gonna be ugly for the rest of
his life.

starting to look worse too, eh?

Like, when it's, it's not going to heal


His cartilage is like Play -Doh right now.

hit that?

Man, I watched it on repeat.

He hit the board so fucking hard.

This guy hasn't missed a shift because of
this either.

Like, let's be clear about this.

This guy is a warrior back there.

Say what you want about Dubus, but that
trade for him is unreal good.

Fantastic trade and everybody pointed out
he jumped right up from that like he

didn't go to the bench like he jumped He
jumped right up and went back to the play.

I was like, oh fuck I am bleeding again
He's been so good him and Benoit just

laying people out of something that
everybody's been missing

As much as I don't want to do it, like, I
used to have, part of the reason why I

actually wore this jersey, I used to have
a rule where I wouldn't buy a jersey of a

player unless they either did something
that I wanted to commemorate, like, you

know, never forget, or, because it would
always be my luck, I'd get, I wouldn't

spend a jersey because they were a lot of
money, but I'd get a t -shirt, you know,

you can get the player t -shirts with the
name and number on the back, and then like

two weeks later they'd get traded or sent
down to the miners and never come back.


like this is a Commorob Uncle Leo.

This was the first jersey I ever bought
with a name on the back because it was his

third season with the Leafs and I was
like, you know what?

I love this guy so much.

I don't care if he leaves.

And I'm almost at that point with Benoit,
which is ridiculous because he hasn't even

played a full season.

Like I love this guy.

I actually want to buy a Benoit jersey and
I don't even have a Nylander yet.

except for shooting the puck and scoring
goals, but everything else he does is


I just had to check.

Trivia question, where is Leo Komarov
currently playing?

And yes, he is still playing.

Wait, no, he's...


KHL or Finland, because he's Finnish.

I said Dynamo, initially.

He plays for HIFK Helsinki in the SM Liga.

Currently in 10 -

seven languages too.

In ten games, he's got three goals on one

He's still playing.

That's crazy.

He's a spark plug.

loved him.

He wasn't the best player on the ice, but
he was like the anti -marcian, right?


Yeah, he just got put into bad position
like where he when the Leafs were at the

lowest, he was like a top line winger.

There's no way that he should have ever
been in that spot.

A great, great, great third line player,
but he should not be stiffing like top two

line minutes.

Oh, the tankiers.

Good times.

Glad we didn't have to cover those games.

Started after that whole shit show.


So, I mean, I guess it's just pack up and
reroll for the next game.

Like, the Leafs obviously, it's a seven
game winning streak.

It's the first one since 2003.

There's not much to be mad about here.

It's just the little things that obviously
were, the little things that need tweaking

were pretty glaring tonight because there
wasn't much else to look at.


Mm -hmm.

those things being JT is slowing down a
little the defense has some defense has

some holes and You know the bottom six is
as good as it's gonna get I think

I think the biggest thing is roster moves.

Like I think JT has got to sit over a
couple of games because he's favoring his

ribs in front of the net.

Like he tried to protect the puck and just
the way he was moving, you can tell that

he's definitely liberating there with Lily
out and with three goaltenders coming in.

Like there's, uh, there's some moves to be

So JT can sit for a bit.

That actually helps us figure out the
goaltending situation a bit, but yeah.

I mean, figure it out, still, you can only
play one of them at a time, and it looks

like we've got five, if you include Hilda
Beast, so I don't know what the hell

Brad's gonna do.

There's three.

There's Jones, there's Sammy, and there's

That's all there is.

And yeah, we'll see what happens with
Murray, but...

Didn't Marty call at the beginning of the

Murray comes back for playoffs.

No, there's no fucking way this guy sniffs
the roster.

I can't believe they're letting him
practice with the team.

Like this guy should be out with a beer
league team or something right now.

Figuring stuff out in the summer.

But yeah, there's no way that he should be
around the big team because Sammy Norwalt

needs to deal with that stuff.

are on the roster right now?

Well, that's what I mean.

He's practicing with the team.

Why would they have him practicing if they
don't intend on playing him this year?

Like, to your point, like, I thought they
were just gonna say, yeah, we'll talk in

the summer.

Just go do whatever you gotta do.

Why is he here?

I agree with Biner because when he first
signed, I was a huge advocate of him.

What he did in Pittsburgh was unreal.

He's got the pedigree, but his injury
status and his just non -availability

since he's been on the Leafs, I don't
think it warrants another chance,

especially like right now.

But let's hear what you have to say.

a couple things here.

One, I agree.


What it would do to the psyche of
Samsonoff and Wall, if you were to throw

Murray in for a game when he hasn't played
in a year and a half, like that would be

my biggest concern with just throwing him

But, that being said, look at the Riley
suspension and look at some of the

comments that were made about why he got
what he got.

Take everything out of there, the fact
that, you know, he...

crosscheck someone in the face
intentionally the fact that he didn't have

a history Like there nothing seems to add
up with some of the suspensions,

especially when it comes towards the Leafs
Spezza and Riley both neither of them had

a history at all and Yet they got multiple

Whereas other guys do the exact same damn
thing and they get fines There is always a

spotlight on Toronto whether people like
it or not.

There always is I guarantee you if someone
saw Matt Murray out in public

just walking down the street without a
limp and without a cast, they would be

calling the NHL office immediately saying
that the Leafs are breaking the rules and

he's not actually hurt.

So sure, give him a stall, let him

If you don't intend to play him, whatever,
because then everybody can say, hey,

they're shooting pucks at him.

If he can't feel comfortable in net and he
can't come back, like they're trying.

I hadn't considered that.

Like, do you think it's an optics thing?

Maybe they went to both Wall and Samsonov
and been like, he's not gonna play.

We're doing this for this reason.


that, because the Roboto Island thing is
such a big joke, right?



He comes out and says he's okay to play
and all of a sudden the next game, oh,

we're taking him off IR because he's okay.

Like they got called out and the league
was like, hey guys, enough of this


not pretend that teams don't bury people
in iron stuff, but you might be very right

on this.


But Toronto is on a way bigger microscope.


And it's come to the point where like,
look, Tampa got the 0 .18 mil over the


This has become the Leafs thing.

Robo .island has become what the Leafs
joke is.

This is how we get around the salary cap.

So instead of.

the real question, like is what are you
gonna do if you send Jones down?

He's 100 % gonna get claimed.

Do you trade one of these goaltenders
before the deadline and just roll the dice

that one of them don't get hurt?

It's a real, real big question I think
going forward.

Maybe the biggest question going forward
for the Leafs.

think the safest thing to do is you trade
Jones for a pick to use in bringing

somebody else in because you're safe
enough to have Wal Sampson off.

And if you absolutely have to, Hildeby,
and then there's Murray, but like you're

kind of opening yourself up to.

What do you get like a fifth, seventh

I don't know.

Go ahead, Dean.

the deadline for Martin Jones, I think
you'd be able to get like a third.

I don't think so.

If you guys had to guess how much cap
space you see the leafs at right now.


four million?

Oh, that was a lot more generous than I
thought you were going to say.

2 .1.

let's say one.

don't know, they've had a lot of people on
IR, so.

So you can activate wall and you still,
you don't need to do anything.

But you can only dress so many players,

Yeah, but if you're truly worried, like
send, send Lajoie down.

Or Robertson, silly forwarder, can go down
to you without being claimed.

only dress two goalies though.

Well yeah, you don't - I'm not saying
dress 3.

On your roster, you can have three though.

Yeah, you don't have to dress every player
that you have up for your roster, right?

I guess you can just healthy scratch one
of your goalies and just hold them.


I get it.

such a big thing going forward.


a position to be carrying a goalie on the
cap to sit.

Like if you want to make a move at the
deadline to bring somebody else in, you

need that extra like million or whatever
it is that Jones is going to eat up or

under a million, but still.

now they're carrying eight defensemen and
13 forwards and they have two million in

cap space.

so they can definitely afford to activate
wall without doing a damn thing other than

sending someone who can actually go down
without waivers like Glugeois.

Lizzo Robertson, like Gregor, yeah

And I think they might do that until the
deadline too.

It's nothing that has to be done right

Yeah, and to your point, Johnny, I think
you're right.

Jones is the guy who's going to go.

A slow hand clap for him, like he probably
saved our season in December and


That's the way he played.

It was unexpected.

But if you have a tandem of Samsonov and
Wall going forward, you cross your fingers

that they're both going to be healthy.

But those are the best two guys to go
forward with.

Yeah, and also to give credit to Jones
for, I guess, turning his own career

around because when he came into the Leaf
system, he wasn't going to even really be

playing starting minutes like he was on
the Marlies and they brought him up.


So like this guy.

not like he sucked the year before.

He did great in the playoffs in Seattle.

Like this guy's got a record of being a
good goaltender, even with San Jose.

got a record of being a sub 900

He has the record of being the like
actually being the worst starting

goaltender of the last couple of years,
who's actually still a starting


But obviously, that means his he's been on
bad teams.

It's his numbers are reflective of that.

But the fact that, you know, people
weren't offering him a starting position,

you know, he he turned an injury and.

opportunity with the Leafs into probably
going somewhere because the Leafs can't

afford to wave him because he's going to
get claimed.

he was also waived at one point, like he
didn't get picked up.


So, you know, now he's in a position where
people are going to be fighting for him,

I'm sure.

This is a good problem to have too,
because the Leafs are not notorious for

having depth in net, and they really do
right now.

Yeah, that's the other thing is that's
see, fuck, I was just gonna say that's the


It's good to have the depth, but it's like
we can almost afford to get rid of some of


I think we actually have a surplus.

I think we're so delicate going into the
playoffs that I wouldn't want to rely on

Hilda Beast right now.

That's not even an option for me.

It depends on how much he, like, I wish
Keith had played him those few games that

they brought him up and he was sitting on
the bench, like, there was a, but it was

like the beginning of February or like
late January, they definitely could have

just given -

lays an egg for two games and all of a
sudden all you're gonna talk about is how

this guy is shit and he's not anything.

He's gonna have his time and it's not
right now.

But two games is not gonna tell you what
he is.

This guy's great, like we know he's
actually gonna be good.

He's gonna have his chance, but it's not
right now.

So I'm actually really glad they didn't.

Actually, to Justin's point, you do know
for this year.

And then you can make a decision without
having the question mark of, well, there

is still Hildeby.

No, we tried that already in January.

this year.

This guy would have played one or two
games, that's it.

That's his sample size.

Same is not gonna be here next year.

Jones is not gonna be here next year.

It's gonna be Wall and it's probably gonna
be Hilda Beast.

He's gonna get his chance then.



still got the two Russians.

I'd sooner fucking get flurry than before

Hexa and Octyamoff as well.


Who's that tall tall motherfucker we
signed to?


I think Hildeby is the tallest one in our

Okay, just to steal one from the broadcast
tonight, they brought up a couple names,

but the two that were discussed were for
defensive options.

Yeah, the two defensive options, Ilya
Labushkin and Sean Walker.

Which one do you like more?

I'm definitely not siding with Draeger.

I'm not really an insider.

Like, fuck.

Dragon is worse.

He might be worse than Kipper.

Like, why would they go - Ah, that's

Why would they go after LeBouchkin?

Like, I'm not saying there's anything
wrong with the guy, but we've had him


-handed shot, that's the only thing he has
going for him really.

He's a bit nasty on the D -line but...

did like him when he was here.

I mean, he lays people out and he's got a
decent shot and he's right handed.

I think that's kind of it.

He was like Luke Shen light.

have been wild for that now.

Yeah, he gets turned around a lot.

His break -up passes are not very good at

And they're talking about having him play
with Morgan Reilly, like...

Yeah, 100%.

Really you need somebody that's not TJ
Brody to play with Morgan Reilly.

To his credit, Marc Giordano had a good
game, but they still need somebody that's

solid and can play more.

like you want to enter your seventh
defensive probably, right?

He can't be playing every night.

Oh my god, he was I say he had a good

He had a good game until he decided to
pass it to William Lagas and instead of

Austin Matthews, who was wide fucking

Sure, at a boy geo.

But no, TJ Brody and Morgan Riley were
like minus four together tonight.

So obviously Riley's partner needs to
change going into the playoffs because

that one this year is just not

Not at all.

Oh my god, Tanev's rumored to everywhere
about the Leafs now, so I don't know what

the plan is.

At this point I don't even know if I...



Saying I don't want to have sounds stupid?

Yeah, I don't think that's the greatest

no, I don't either.

I just don't really know what is available
out there, but Brad could really just go

off the board and find something else.

I don't know.

I think it would have to be off the board
because the obvious people like you said,

Tenev, Hanifin, Larson for Seattle is even
like a long shot but it would have to be

someone who maybe has some charm and
you're gonna have to give up a bit of

capital just to get him.

Yeah, and the little bit that we have, are
you spending it on that?

Like, shitty position.


Don't feel too great about that.

But I used to love him.

I think his play has gone down, but...

What if John Klingberg comes back guys?

Well, see, a name I like.

just remembered when I said that the John
Klingberg is a leaf, by the way?

Because I'm sure some people did.

It's deep in this year, psyche.

Yeah, it's definitely a well -known part
of this season.

Like, what about St.


You talking perico?

Pareco played together at Worlds, at least

I've always liked them.

got a huge hit, like his number is

6 .5, it's not horrible.

massive, isn't he?

pretty long too though.

What was that?

Roscoe, sorry?

be honest, I haven't seen too much of him
this year, but when he played against the

Leafs, he got turnstiled a couple times.

I thought...

And that's a two -game sample size, right?

So his season might be way better than
that, but from what I've seen, it


When he was on the cup run, that's not the
way he's playing right now.

No, no, no.

Ugh, and his base salary is eight million.

But the last couple of years, it's 4 .8,
so it does make it easier to trade, but

he's got a full, well, he's got a modified
no trade in the last two years, but it's a

no trade clause.

So you'd have to waive it to go to

an upgrade for sure.

Like if he's on the team, he's probably
better than we have right now.

He's not waving it to go to Toronto

At that point in your career, why not?

Yeah, Seattle's, maybe St.

Louis isn't doing anything.

It, it, it, to me, we don't need a, a

We need someone who can cut back on
Brody's minutes.

That way Brody can be more effective and
give us a better version of himself in his

current state and position in his career.

So you, you almost need to go for a
massive big splash.

Like, I hate to say it, but do you
capitalize on the publicity that Cowboy's


I love the kid.

Like, he plays for the Knights, they're my
local OHL team, like, I love him.

And I do think that was a diamond in the
rough find, and, you know, the Leafs have

found a handful of diamonds in the roughs
that turn out to be decent third and

fourth line players.

Mm -hmm.

really found a ton of Diamond in the
Roughs that have been first and second

line players.


Like, Nye's aside.

Yeah, like a lot of people like compared
to Marsha or something like that.

I don't think that kid's ceiling is that

I think what he's doing right now with the
OHL is incredible and like hats off to


But maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't
think it's going to translate as much to

the NHL as other people think.

So if you do put him in a trade proposal
right now, like you said, it'll never be

higher than what it is right now.


missed the name.

Oh, oh, cowboy.


That's what I was like.

What are you?


Easton Cowan.


city farmer.

is not even nearly as close.

So like, Dallas is kind of going through
the same thing right now.

Because what are you going to do if you're
in a way for this guy to develop and

hopefully play with Matthews and Marners
in two or three years?

Our window is right now until two or
three, four years from now.

So yeah, yeah, I think you do.

If you can get a really great defenseman
back, you look into that.

Like unless you're viewing him as, you
know what, this is the last season he's

gonna be in the OHL and he's gonna take
Bertuzzi's minutes next year.

Or I'm just throwing a name out there,

Like unless you have that set in your
mind, you know what, he's taking those

minutes next year, you have to look at
every possible outcome you can to

solidifying this team during this window.

And I don't think he is at that point
right now in his career.

I think he needs another year of

I think he needs another year of like
getting bigger and bulkier.

So yeah, if you were to ever trade this
guy, it is right now.

So what about Rasmus, Bristline and then?


There is way too much scar tissue there.


big giveaway machine too.

I don't like the way he breaks out of his
end whatsoever.

He loses his guy a lot.

He's like, he's a little boosh almost like
he can hit like crazy.

He's a bit nasty back there.

But other than that.

Um, what about...

looking at right D Nick Jensen Adam Larson

Larsen's an interesting name for me.

He's a puck moving guy, he's pretty quick,
he fits into the Leafs play.

He's a UFA at the end of the year, so it
would mean...

Oh, no, sorry, the end of next year.

Oh yeah, get a pale T .S.

for that guy.

Well and that's the other thing, if you're
gonna give up such a high prospect, it

would be better if you could get something
similar to McCabe.

That it's not just a rental for this year.

Like it doesn't have to be long term, but
a little bit of term.

And I saw that you knew where I was going,
cause I jokingly messaged our group chat

about moving Cowan for Saros.

Cause I'm a short shit goalie and Saros is
a short shit goalie, so.


You're a goaltender.


at Andrew peak because Columbus is in
shambles and the guy's got three years at

2 .75.

He's 25 years old.

He has no trade protection.

Well, and there's rumors that the Leafs
were interested in someone like Jenner.

So like, do you do a package?

But it's so tough.

Because there's all these defensemen out
there who...

And we might even just be focusing too
much on like a right -handed D.

Like really, we just need someone who can
cut back on Brodie's minutes and be a

decent partner for Riley.

not having Lillagran tonight with the
right, like forcing everybody to on the

wrong hand, like that kind of resulted in
a lot of defensive lapses.

Like it does affect them.

play on your offside in the NHL and you've
made it to the NHL, then I think you have

bigger problems.

I don't know -

but like to Ross's point, like, Lily's
absence did show like a weakness in our DE

for sure, but...

And it's weird hearing Roscoe say that
after he's been ripping on him all year.


no, but to be fair, what I said, what I
said was he needed to step up and he

hasn't been given a lot of opportunity
because he's been buried on the third pair

with Gio for most of the year.

So given this opportunity, he stepped up.

So I'm glad, but my critique kind of stood
and he was given an opportunity.

Here we are.

He's going to have to, and like against
all of Toronto media, like we do have the

capital to pull off a trade.

We have a first down pick.

We have Easton Cowan.

We got Midden.

We got Robertson.

There are pieces to get a trade done.

If you want camp to even out some money,
we do have stuff like that too.

And we're also forgetting like how the
yarn crook is coming back too.

I always forget about him too, because
he's been gone for so fucking long now.

So, I don't mind, yes he hasn't had the
greatest of years, but I don't mind the

Damba idea.

Yeah, I was huge on him early in his

he has played very good defense in his
career in the past.

He is your right -handed shot.

He plays a little grittier, plays a little
bit of an edge.

Like, I think he could potentially be a
really good fit for someone like Riley.

Yeah, I'm actually not opposed to it

followed a lot of Minnesota games, but you
know if he played with someone like a

Brodean or Why am I blanking on their
captain right now?

The other offensive defenseman from
Minnesota not Brodean

Oh Jesus Christ, I can't even think of it
right now either.

Minnesota, I forgot you're on NHL team for
a second.


Oh my god.

Anyways, whether he played with Brodean,
whether he played with him, who we can't

name, him who we shall not name, he has
had that opportunity to play with an

offensive minded defenseman.

So he could actually be a sneaky perfect
partner for Riley.


Oh, he can for sure be had too.

Jared Spurgeon.

We're sorry buddy.

It's not your fault you play Minnesota.

when you type in the team in on Google,
you can hit like players just like on the

quick thing.

I figured, oh, they'll show up there.

He doesn't even show up on this list.

I'm looking at Zach Bogosian.

The defensemen it shows are Brodean,
Faber, Bogosian, Merrill, and Murmus, and

Jake Middleton.

Like it literally doesn't show Spurgeon.

Are you joking?

So I was.


know who would be the best D on this team
right now?

This is Jake fucking Munson.

Remember when we used to have him?

The trajectory of this team would have
been so much different if he stayed


if he didn't literally break his neck.


That guy got like absolutely shredded and
I feel so bad for his body.


If you could find someone who plays like
him, then...

we're laughing.

I mean, I feel like McCabe is kind of
getting towards that.

Like, he's in that vein.

He's like a muzzin light.

got the shot here and there.

He'll hit like that.

His defensive play is pretty good.

He's a muzzin light for sure.

Oh my God, I did not notice until the the
announcers pointed out because we don't

see Vegas that often, but they're like,
Shane's theater just fires pucks from the

point nonstop for tips.

And they pointed it out when they were on
the power play.

He just all all he does when he has the
puck is in the exact same spot, just

rifles it to the net.

I'm like, why don't we have somebody that
fucking does that?

That looks so easy.

It was a pretty good play.

Yeah, they had a...

They were running that all night.


Okay, let's go to questions because we got
a couple of those.

So from Mike the Fanatic, who's ready for
playoff officiating?


Honestly, with this team, I think we're a
little bit better built for it.

Are we though?

the penalty even with this...


Tonight's not a great example.

Keith did get tossed.



on Marner at the end was so bad.

If anything, it was nice for slashing.

If we're talking about like playoff PK,
I'm more worried about playoff power play

to be quite honest with you.

That's, that's what we have to turn around
this year.

Yeah, because honestly, if Nylander is
going to be taking this many minutes on

the PK, like that's a nice addition to the
for playoffs this year that we didn't have

last year.

The dude's got two short handed goals

Yeah, I was gonna say not only Nyland or
Matthews has been as well.

And then that can cut back, like nothing
against Camp, but that can cut back on

some of his ice time.

Like he's a great player as long as he's
utilized properly.

And I think he was overused on the penalty

And then it started to hinder his game in
other areas.

Like, realistically, I don't think we have
to worry about the big boys.

We need to worry about what everybody's
been talking about all year.

the consistency of the secondary scoring.

Like if we can...

the answer.

Go ahead.

if Bobby McMahon's gonna score here and
there and Bertuzzi's picking it up, not

that he's a second, he shouldn't be a
secondary scorer, but he basically is at

this point.

Holmberg has looked good.

I mean, there's some, it's starting to
come in, but like, eh, it's still not

where it needs to be.

I feel like this team is more equipped to
handle playoff penalty kill just because

there's a lot more people doing it and a
lot more high -end skilled people doing


just want to see...

like, camp doesn't need to be out there
for 90 % of his minutes being against top

line players.

Like, that's kind of silly.

Yeah, I just like look at the most short
-handed goals in history.

Like some of the best players that have
ever played the game are up in that list.

Like the Mew I think is in the top five
all -time for short -handed goals.

Like you want your best players out there
at all times and Matthews and Marner,

Marner especially, because he's been doing
it for years, but this year Matthews is in

there too.

Like they are proving what?

Gretzky, Mark Messier, Steve Iserman,
Marielle Lemieux, guess who's number five?

Brad Marshall.

Dave Poulin.



But yeah, to be honest point, even if...

Because if you have a game where we're
just on the penalty kill all the time,

you're taking your top -line players out
of it.

They're out of the rhythm and everything,
so if they can kill a penalty here or

there, even half of one, they're way more
engaged in the game.

I'm just more worried about the entire
team playing as a team because we got so

far away from that at the beginning of
this season that it was embarrassing to

watch some of these games.

Like it truly was and as a Leaf fan we
haven't had to deal with that since you

know the tank years.

So that was a hard adjustment to get back
to because last year there was a lot more

focus on team defense and there's even
been some games this year I think it was

the St.

Louis game that

the Leafs just, it wasn't the prettiest
game in the world, but they played as a


They can play with that structure, they've
shown it.

So this will be a really good test, seeing
this loss and seeing how they bounce back

to it, if they can get back to how they've
been playing the last handful of games.

Yeah, and there was like those three games
in a row where they kept their opponents

to under 20 shots or like around that.

I mean, that's something that we haven't
really seen this team be able to do.

So if they can keep something like that up
in the playoffs, like, yeah.

Team D, sorry, you're running for a sec.


Okay, so fun fact on Brad Marshawn.

He has 35 short -handed goals.

That puts him four behind Dave Poulin and
a bunch of other people that are tied at


He's the only active player who's anywhere
close to this record.

So he only needs five more and Brad
Marshawn will be the fifth all -time short

-handed goal scorer at 40.

That's crazy.

Mm -hmm.

I can't stand him.

I never pegged him for a shorthanded
wizard like that.

So the second half of Mike's thing here,
also can we please discuss the absolute

sack of shit human being that is Nick

Did you see this clip from the Buffalo,
Florida game?

I did.

So for any who didn't, Nick Cousins was
lying on the ground a la soccer mode with

his hands over his head like, I'm in pain.

And then as soon as the fight breaks out,
he jumps to his feet and grabs, who is

this from behind?

Bryson, yeah.

Jumps at Bryson from behind, literally two
hands around the guy's neck, leaves his


The same dude who, this is a four second
long clip.

That's how long it takes him to go from
I'm hurt to I'm fighting someone.

Like, what?

Where did Nick Cousins come from on the
the hit list here?

Like, he was the top of the anonymous
voting for like, most punchable face in

the NHL.

Like, everyone in the league hates this

Well, it like, basically almost the whole
Panthers team got that not reputation, but

that kind of aura about them last year in
the playoffs.

And I don't know if it's Kachuk coming in,
because, you know, the Kachuk brothers

kind of have that way about them.

Like how many times has Brady been tossed
from a game at the end of the third period

this year because they've been losing and
he just loses his shit.

You fucking bit me, who bites?

Like, Cousins is just, he's Marchand
without the scoring ability.

Like really, he does all these stupid
little things.

Oh, you're muted, Suddy.

He does all these stupid little things
that just drive people insane, these dirty

plays, and then he gets up, like he's, you
know, thinks he's the big man on campus


He's the biggest rat in the league.

This guy is such a piece of shit.

If you're going against him, all you do is
think about this motherfucker and like to

the detriment of your own play because he
gets in your head.

He's not nearly good enough that you
should be focusing this much on this

player, but he is such a rat.

He's such garbage that you can't help but
do it.

Oh God, man.

If you're, you're imagine the people who
actually have to play against this guy.

We're just

a guy on my team, it was exactly like
Cousins, and then we played an All -Star

game and like we all went in the dressing
room and everyone wanted to fight this

fucking guy just because he was such a
dirtbag and that's what Cousins is.

He will never answer the bill, but he will
pretend to be dead on the ice, the ref

turns his back and he'll jump you from
back like he's still in Cold Steve Austin

or something.

what we were just talking about.

I would jump Bryce into the Bruins game or
the Sabres game while he was like lying on

the ground like he's dead.

And like, I almost had to tip my hat on
because like the league hasn't had a rat

like this guy in a super long time.

He's Claude LeMou, like Claude LeMou
almost, but like with half the skill.

Yeah, it's weird in an era where it's not
commonplace and it's like, you're the only

one to see somebody do this.

Like you stick out, right?

Like it's anytime somebody takes us.

Yeah, there's always like a couple of
them, but the.

bell once in a while, this guy turtles.

So it even pushes him further.

Like he's, he's an unparalleled territory
right now.

Okay, we got fun guy South Park out
explain how we only got one partial power

play the whole game Yeah, the officiating
this game was very very very very bad Like

I don't know what happened and but near to
the bass and how I love how the refs work

so hard even a makeup calls until the
Leafs are down in the third Yeah, everyone

was pretty pissed about the the calls

Yeah, it wasn't great.

One point against the Leafs.

I feel like none of the players really
drew any penalties.

There was no opportunities for us to
really call one just with them moving

their feet all the time.

But to your point, a lot of the calls
against the Leafs were pretty takey tack.

And it's the timing of them too, like five
minutes left in the game after a goal like

that, you're gonna call a penalty on the
team that's coming back.

Like it's just kind of against the
integrity of the league, you know?

The Leafs draw such an astronomically low
number of penalties compared to how much

puck possession they have, like it almost
doesn't make sense.

It doesn't.

Hey, they've had a couple five on threes
this year and they've scored on like all

of them.

how often Nylander, Matthews, Mara will go
around the offensive zone.

Like you think you would get a tripping
call, a hooking call, a holding or

something like that.

They just, they don't draw a ton of

And the guy who actually has been doing it
lately is Bertuzzi.

And he didn't tonight.

Oh, sorry.

So one last thing I want to touch on
before we head out tonight, because I do

have to work early in the morning.

If you were to sell your likeness for a
video game that was going to be played

forever and ever, what would you expect to
be paid by a billion dollar corporation

for your likeness to be in said game?

I would be surprised to be paid at all if
I'm being completely honest.

how good I am.

Say you were an NHL player and you were
being put into an NHL game, what would you

expect to be compensated for them using
your likeness for said game?

I can't imagine it would be a lot because
you'd have the whole union and there's so

many players that the game couldn't
possibly afford to pay for that many.

I know where you're going with this,

That's a pretty good question.

I couldn't even answer it.

I'm actually seeing if I can find what the
NHL games pay, but I don't know if you can

find that anywhere.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is
because EA, who brought in $7 billion last

year, is bringing back their NCAA football

And they have announced that for the first
time ever, they are offering the highest

payout for these athletes, which, if
you're not familiar,

They don't have that many opportunities to
be paid for anything.

So it's not hard to say that you're paying
them the most for a video game because I

think you're the only ones that ever have
because it's very new that they're able to

sell their likeness.

So EA said any of the 11000 players that
are part of the college system can opt

into the game and they will receive six
hundred dollars in a free copy of the


Which equals if every single one of them,
let's call it six hundred and eighty


times 11 ,000 players.

That is $7 million.

Seven million.

I know exactly.

That's the look.

It's yeah, it's a lot of players you got
to pay.

But when you actually do the math on it,
it's really not that much when this is a

company that brings in seven billion.

And this is NCAA football.

This game costs $80 at launch.

What if you're like Kayla Williams or like
Marvin Harrison Jr.

or something like that?

You're going to go top three in the

In the draft, sorry.

apparently said go fuck yourself.

Like, I'm not doing that.

Yeah, of course you are.

600 bucks for your likeness for even like
one year's worth of play on the video game

is insane.

These guys get totally screwed on their
jersey sales.

These universities make so much money on
their likeness and they're just this is

another like brick on the wall for how
much they're getting screwed.

It's crazy.

Oh yeah, 500 ,000 copies of this game,
that's 40 million in revenue.

Like, you know, obviously before expenses
and things, but like this game is going to

make a shit ton of money.

Seven million is like a drop in the

So for comparison, let's say what's a more
respectable, something that would help a

college per, like student and athlete.

Let's say it's two grand, okay.

Times 11 ,000 players.


Every single one of them opted in.

That's twenty two million dollars.

The difference between that, like it's
just looks so much better to have

something that's like here's a month's
rent potentially.

And like, I mean, it's the states.

It's more than that.


In US dollars, that's substantial for
these guys.

Six hundred bucks for it just seems like a
slap in the face.

I don't know.

And to brag about it and try to make
yourself seem like you're

you're doing a great thing by offering
this to all these players.

It just seemed like a, you know, we're the
first ones, so we get to say we're the


Now, I don't know, I don't follow NCAA
football at all.

Is there still...

Well yeah, that being said, I haven't
really followed CFL a lot this year


Like, what are the rules with regards to
payment and reimbursement?

Because I know with, like say the CHL for
example, like, they, the players get paid

basically fuck all.


I feel...

Like they're amateurs, right?

Like they're not professionals and some
people take that a little too literally

even the leagues themselves There's
restrictions as to how much they are

allowed to make for their likeness for
what they're doing, which is I'm not

saying it's right but

like those rules are in place.

on how much they can make.

NCAA earnings.

I feel like they can make endorsement
money off them, but they don't think they

get anything off Jersey sales off any of
their likeness for their own teams and

stuff like that.

If like, if they get sponsored by the
company, they can make money that way.

But other than that, I don't know if they
actually do.

So it says, a thick portion of the
rulebook that governs amateurism and

athletics eligibility will not be enforced
if a student receives payment in exchange

for the use of the athlete's name, image,
or likeness, also known as NIL.

The NCAA also agrees to allow athletes to
have representation in connection with

their NIL activity.

So it doesn't seem like there's a cap on

They're just saying, like, this is now,
like, we're handing this over to you guys.

We're not going to regulate that at all.

The whole thing is weird, like even for
like OHL, like you said, CHL players, that

the discrepancy for the amount of money
these owners and everyone makes off their

backs, they get nothing in return.

I want to see here.

Yeah, here Madden NFL 24 nearly a million
dollars revenue achieved in first week on


So that's just PC that's not even
including consoles.

But a number of Madden NFL 24 copies sold
during the same period was equally notable

nearly 20 ,000 copies finding their way in
the hands of players.

So there they make a shit ton of money off
of this.

Yeah, if I were like a college player and
you're offering me 600 bucks and I'm going

to go in the top in the number like the
first, you know, first round draft pick,

there's no way I'm saying yes to it.

especially with how big college sports are
and EA is trying to make this big return

to it.

Like put some money behind your words, you

Again, it doesn't even have to be two

Like it's just fuck even $1500.

That's 16 million.

They could do that.

They're going to make all that back in

And again, this is every single player
gets into it.

Anyway, I just want to talk about this
because I think it's kind of crazy that.

I love how like the fourth running back on
some team is making the same amount of


It's like the Heisman Trophy winner.


Like, it just seems like there's no
thought put into it other than like, oh,

we're just offering this to college

It's like, well, you're kind of devaluing
them each individually by doing that.

Especially if they have representation
looking after their NIL rights, like their

agents gonna say no, no, we're not taking

Like if they're top people, they're gonna
say no, we're in commercials for like six


I'm not doing that.

working with Gatorade next weekend, like
are you joking?

we got BioSteel and Prime.

Get out of here.

It's definitely not bio steel.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

But there's still, I still see the bottles
behind the benches.

Are they just like holding on to empties?

Because they're collectibles now?

Well, I think the product's still out
there, but the company's going under.

Are they not?

They're owned by Canna whatever.

No, Canopy Growth.

But Mike, he's the founder of it, but
they're owned by Canopy Growth, the grow


Yeah, yeah, my Camelari in 2009.

In 2010, Gary Roberts reported that ice
hockey players were drinking bio steel.

There it is.

They got Gary to say it.

And then 2019 canopy growth acquired 72 %
of it with plans to infuse can can a bit

cannabidiol infused bio steel on the

And then that just didn't happen.


And they filed for bankruptcy in

and they owe the NHL and a bunch of teams
a lot of money.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So that ended.

I did want to talk about the enhanced
games, but we could do that next time

because that's not happening until

But that's a thing.

So if anyone wants to send in questions or
anything about that.

Also, Mikey D, what's your hype level for
GTA 6?

I saw the trailers when they first came
out and I was super excited about it and

then it said like 2025 so I didn't really
give a fuck until maybe the winter.

See, I am kind of excited because I just
watched the trailer again last night

actually because I was testing out a new
video thing on my laptop.

But I have not got a PS5 yet.

So the fact that it's not coming out till
next year, I might like wait to see if it

comes out on like the next gen console and
I can kind of skip getting a five.

So the timing is nice for me, but I do get
that it's been since 2013 since five came


I'm looking forward to the actual story
mode of it.

Five was really fun, switching between

Justin, did you play GTA V?

I think the last one I played was Vice

Well, this one's going back to Vice City.

Six is...

Vice City was the first one I played.

Well, actually I played one and two, but I
didn't know that they were Grand Theft

Auto games because they're so much

or Andreas, wasn't that after Vice City?

Oh, okay.

I think it's the next one after that.

But yeah, it's cool because 6 is VI, so
it's vice.


Going back to Vice City.

I have a kid, so my amount of time to play
these games, especially games that he

cannot be awake while I play them, is very

So I see about a 0 .4 % chance that I ever
play a minute of this game.

Fair enough.

The only thing that I really am looking
forward to is the fact that it's resetting

the online world.

If anybody played five, the longer a game
is out, the more the in -game economy gets


So that game's been out since 2013.

So imagine a world where everybody gets to
rob a bank every day and there's no

repercussions for it and the money just
infinitely replenishes.

When the game came out, you could buy
like, you go on your phone, you can buy

like cars.

The cars were like,

you know, 12 ,000 or 30 ,000 or 50 ,000.

Those cars now are like $600 million to
buy because the inflation is just

absolutely fucked.

Like the game has just been out too long
and there's too much money in circulation

in the game.

So the fact that they're...

affected a fictional economy.

Jesus Christ.

my God.

So the fact that, the fact that they're
resetting it for, well, I'm hoping they

don't just continue GTA online and they do
a new one.

Oh God.

I didn't even think of that.

But yeah, that needs to be reset because
it's gotten out of hand.

Oh yeah, you got to go back from zero.

There's also like people it's so
inaccessible for new players because it's

been out so long everyone's just flying
around with rocket launchers It's like

well, I can't I can't do anything because
I'm just getting killed so Yeah, I'm

excited for GTA 6 Mikey.

That's my short answer But with that I
think yeah, I think we're we're outie

anybody got anything

Nope, the world is not collapsing after
this one loss.

We're going to go on to Arizona on
Thursday and let's see how we respond.

Oh my God, it's Arizona again, at home.

out to Toronto and the PWHL.

Nice overtime win tonight over Minnesota.

After a slow start to the season, they've
clawed their way up to third in the



Sorry, I'm just pulling up the Arizona
Coyotes record at Toronto.

It's not good.

I mean, the Arizona Coyotes record is
quite good.


Yeah, it's not good for Leafs.

The 2020 was the last time they lost to
the Leafs at home.

Again, Toronto.


We turn it around this Thursday.

I hope so.

Oh my god.

we touched on it.

That'll be a good test for the Leafs
because like everybody always says the

good teams bounce back.

They have one of these games and then they
come back.

And what does Toronto typically do against
bottom feeders?

Shit the bet.

So, you know, you could silence or slay
two dragons almost with this.

You bounce back properly.

You win the game against a bottom feeder.

Matt Dumba can just switch locker rooms at
the end of the game.


Oh man.


The trainer just walks out and carries his
bag over and you're with us now.

Who was it, Alex Nylander, that just did
that, from Pittsburgh to Columbus?

He did.

Oh true, I guess that was just switching
planes, eh?

business and yeah.

By the way, shout out to all the NHL GMs
who continue to troll Dubus by picking up

any player he puts on waivers.


Who was it this time?

I, um, Colin White, right?

Ottawa picked him, or not Ottawa, Montreal
picked him up.

Like, the Leafs had Jones clear.


The Leafs had Jones clear.

doesn't get picked up.


legend Colin White, yeah.

Sucks to be doobus.




We out.

Thanks guys.

Tune in next time.

We'll hopefully be here very soon.



No problem.

Sorry that was fucking loud.