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In this solo episode, host Kevin Griffin discusses a new direction for the Multithreaded Income podcast, focusing on actionable advice over inspiration. He shares a story about attending a business event called Life Surge, where he was disappointed by repetitive and unrealistic success stories and high-pressure sales tactics. Kevin emphasizes the importance of actionable steps for success and introduces a new initiative to provide concrete advice in future episodes. Listeners are encouraged to join the Multithreaded Income community on Discord to exchange ideas and support each other in building multiple income streams.


00:00 Introduction and New Direction for the Podcast
00:38 Attending the Life Surge Event
02:16 Skepticism and Real Estate Pitch
05:13 Investing Course and Upsell Tactics
09:47 Reflection on the Event and Community Goals
12:42 Action Over Inspiration: Join the Community
13:54 Conclusion and Next Steps

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Kevin Griffin
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What is Multithreaded Income Podcast?

In the "Multithreaded Income Podcast," host Kevin Griffin navigates the nuanced landscape of generating multiple income streams as a technologist. Aimed at professionals who wish to diversify their revenue while maintaining a focus on technology, this podcast dives deep into unconventional strategies, untapped opportunities, and actionable advice.

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Now let's get started.

Kevin Griffin: Hey everyone.

Welcome back to the show.

Today is another solo episode, and I
want to talk a little bit about a new

direction that I like to take the podcast
and sort of the goal that I have for

the multi threaded income community.

And I hope you're open to this because I.

Think this is a good way of thinking
that it's going to help a lot of people.

Now to start this conversation, I
need to tell a story that's basically

kicked off this new way of thinking.

And a couple of weeks ago or a
couple of months, depending on when

this episode actually releases,
I went to an event and I'm fine.

Just calling them out.

It's called life surge.

And it is sold as a business
event for, for Christian.

This conversation, if you're
not religious, if you're not

Christian, it, that's fine.

It actually doesn't play at all
into the rest of the conversation.

All you need to know is it was sold
as a Christian entrepreneurship

conference, and they had a number
of speakers from that community.

They were going to come and talk about
entrepreneurship from a lot of different

levels now, as a student, quote unquote of
business, I enjoy talking To people about

businesses, how they run their businesses,
how they've come up with their ideas,

how they found their initial customers.

How did they do that hard initial work?

And I was hoping that going to this
conference, I was going to get a

little bit of that information.

So I really didn't do any
research into life search before

attending the initial event.

We just did a little bit of research.

We just went and it was
a, it was a packed house.

Like there were a couple
thousand people there.

Think of one of these crazy mega churches
just packed to the gills with people who

probably in the same situation, they were
there to learn and get some value out of.

And the speakers come out.

And the first thing I kind of noticed
about the speaker list was I didn't

know who the heck any of these people
were and I think that's okay because.

I don't necessarily know everyone in
the business space and I don't know

everyone who's prolific in the business
space or the entrepreneur space.

There's a lot of names that I
think I threw out right now.

You probably wouldn't know either.

And that's okay.

So just, we assume that these people
coming on stage have done something

to earn the position that they're in.

All right.

So the first speaker comes out
and All of the speakers kind of

followed the same general cadence.

They were talking about how my life
was awful and my life got better when

I started investing in real estate.

I have this BS meter just
kind of starts going off.

I'm like, all right, I, I don't
get the conversation here.

Like one of the speakers
literally comes out and.

He starts out saying I
was 25 million in debt.

Like I was up the debt up to my eyeballs.

He goes, but then I bought my first
rental property and it all was better.


I feel like I'm saying it in a
way where you're going, well,

Kevin, you skipped a couple steps.

You don't go just from 25 million in debt
to, you know, having millions of dollars

in error, all your problems taken care of.

And I would say, I completely agree.

That's exactly what this guy did.

He went, I was just completely in debt.

Like life sucked and I bought real
estate and everything's better.

You hear this and go, Oh, I mean,
you just skipped some steps.

What's the catch?

And the catch was that a gentleman came
out and started talking about real estate.

And I don't invest in real estate
outside the home I already own.

Like that is not something I've
really considered, nor is there

something I really care about.

But again, I try to be that student of
business and I listened intently going,

all right, he's going to talk about some
of the finer points of what's going on.

And it turns out it was the finer
points to get you to sign up for

a three day real estate class that
was, was being sold for the low,

low price of 90 something dollars.

They mentioned this, like my BS
alarm just is going into overdrive.

I know that nothing else
that's going to happen in this

day is going to be relevant.

Like it just was not going to be a
useful day and turns out I was right.

So fast forward, a couple more
speakers coming out, all pretty

much saying the same thing.

My life sucked.

I bought some real estate.

Everything was great.

And then it was a guy who came out
and started talking about investing.

And I'm like, okay, this
is the thing I already do.

It's a thing that I already understand
enough to be dangerous with.

So let's see if I can pick up
some pointers, some finer points.

I'm not a day trader.

That is a whole separate.

Set of skills and risk and
the stuff I don't want to do.

So I wanted to listen and simply to
what this guy was saying, well, he was

trying to sell the three day investing
course that they were also trying

to hawk again for the low, low price
of 90 some dollars for three days.

And Hey, guess what?

If you also bought the real estate course,
you get the investing course for free.

As a student of marketing and having,
um, Read a lot of material, have gone

through a lot of different courses.

I know that this is a just
classic upsell technique.

Like they are giving you this low end
product that is not going to be very good.

And the purpose of giving you a low
end product is to eventually upsell

you to the higher end product.

Again, like alarms going off in my head.

Like, this is all awful.

And the rest of the event was
pretty much the same thing.

It was a lot of inspiration and
like cheesy, bad inspiration.

It's like watching MTV cribs.

If you're old enough to know that
reference, it's like, Oh, this is cool.

That person's living high and mighty.

Like they lucked out.

Basically looked into these positions that
let them build a little bit of wealth.

And I don't think that's the
common scenario for a lot of us.

Like we can see the end result and we
can hear the story of how you got from

zero to to everything you have now.

And that's all inspirational, but
everyone has a different journey.

And your journey is not
going to be like that.

My journey is not going to be like that.

And it was when they brought.

Everyone out again trying to do the
final upsell saying, Hey, if you buy

now, you can get the first two courses
and you can also get this like dumb

low add on book that we're selling and
it's all for the low, low price of 90

let's pause for a moment and.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

I went and did the research afterwards
because I knew my BS alarm was going

off and the folks that we had gone to
this event with had said, well, you

know, it could be something like, maybe
you're just being negative, Kevin.

It could be something really useful.

I'm like, I.

I'd like to believe that, but
my better knowledge knows that

that's not likely to be the case.

So I go look up just the experiences of
people who had gone through the course.

And turns out, if you go to that
90 some dollar 3 day course at the

random hotel down the street, it's
Gonna be just one day of recap,

fluff and inspiration that you got
at the event that we are already at.

Uh, the second day might be a
little bit of useful information,

but still it's mostly fluff.

And then the third day is a complete
upsell to their more advanced

course, which starts at $13,000.

And that's right, 13 0, 0 0.

And that's in US dollars.

So it's a, a small car.

Or you could upsell to the even higher
package that goes up to 30, 000.

Now, 30, 000 where I
live is a lot of money.

It is sometimes more money than
some people make an entire year.

It is in this substantial sum
that they are asking people, they

are preying on people to pay.

And ultimately.

They're never going to get the result out
of that 30, 000 that they put into it.

Um, because I'm pretty sure they're not
teaching return on investment and 30, 000

into a cheesy investing course is probably
not going to net you back 30, 000 plus.

So I'm justifiably jaded on this
entire experience and I'm sitting

there listening to the last speaker
before we had to leave, thankfully.

And I was kind of thinking in my head.

I'm trying to teach people,
you all the multi threaded

community, how to be better.

And use your existing skills to
go off and do amazing things.

And I want you all to be successful.

And I want to be invested in your
success because I think as a, you

know, just as a community, like it's
better if we're all successful and it's

possible for us all to be successful.

No one has to be successful.

Not successful in order for
someone else to be successful.

And I don't want to charge
you 30, 000 for a course.

However, if you're out there and you
want to pay 30, 000 from a course for

me, give me a call multithreadedincome.


Let's chat.

Bye there, Grace.

When you come to multithreaded income, I
want each and every interview that we do.

I want each and every podcast that you
listen to any videos that I create in the

future, any courses that I create in the
future, I want them to be full of action.

I want you to be able to listen
to an episode and I want you to

get one, at least main point that
says, if I start tomorrow, here's

the one thing I need to do next.


You're going to start seeing this
on the next couple future episodes

where we talk action over inspiration.

And I think inspiration is important.

I think inspiration energizes you.

It gets to the point where
you're ready to take action.

But if you don't know what that action
is, inspiration is kind of useless.

Inspiration makes you feel bad.

Uh, inspiration can make you jealous.

Like inspiration is good in spurts.

It's good to give you a
kick in the pants, but.

You can't just have all inspiration.

You have to have some
action involved as well.

So I'm recording this episode after I've
already recorded a couple of interviews.

And in these interviews, I've asked
the person towards the end, what's your

action, what's the action that you think
a listener should take, and I'm hoping

this is useful for you moving forward,
because I don't want you to think a

multithreaded income the same way as.


felt about this event that I was at.

I don't want it to be a
complete waste of your time.

I don't want it to seem like
a money grab, which I actually

haven't asked you all for any money.

So I guess that doesn't count, but
I don't, I want to be respectful

of your time and I want to help
you make more of your time.

And if I'm not doing that.

I need to start thinking of ways to
make that process a little bit better.

What's your action for today?

So this is how we kick it off.

Everyone action over inspiration.

Your action for today is that you should
join the multi threaded income community.

You should go to mti.

to slash discord.

Now this discord is full of.

Already dozens and dozens and dozens
of geeks, just like you and me, who

are interested in building multiple
threads of income, whatever that might

be, if you don't know what your idea
is, just talk to people and see if

you can build an idea in your head.

If you want to get started in
consulting, you know, come talk to us.

If you want to just start
freelancing, come talk to us.

If you're interested in starting
a product, come talk to us.

We are here to help, and there's a
lot of really smart people, and we're

already starting to see action in the
community of people taking that first

initial step towards doing something.

We don't know if it's the right thing.

We don't know if it's the wrong thing,
but people are taking that initial step.

So that's your action for today, everyone.

Come join the multithreaded
income community.

Let me know how you feel of the concept
action over inspiration, because I

think this is going to be the continuing
thread, no pun intended, over the next

dozens, if not hundreds of episodes.

So with that, thank you all
for hanging out with me today.

We'll be back next week with an interview
and it's going to be a good one.

I'll see y'all later.

Take care.

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I've been your host Kevin Griffin
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Cha ching!