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Daily Boost - 3 Cheshvan

3 Cheshvan: Two Days to Redemption

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

Show Notes

Topic for Cheshvan: Working Toward Moshiach.

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These are the generations of Noach; Noach was a righteous man... (Bereishis 6:9)

The name “Noach” means rest. Repeating his name represents two aspects of Sabbath, the day of rest, as our sages say (Talmud, Shabbos 118b), “When Israel will keep two Sabbaths properly, they will immediately be redeemed.” (Ohr HaTorah, Noach 57a)

The “two Sabbaths” quoted by the Talmud are not two days, but the two elements of every Shabbos—Shabbos eve and Shabbos day. Spiritually, Shabbos represents perfection. The two aspects of Shabbos represent two ways that we must perfect ourselves, in both body and soul. We perfect the body through good deeds. We perfect the soul through study and inspiration.
Working to perfect ourselves on both of these fronts will bring about a twofold redemption, a spiritual and physical redemption for ourselves and the world around us.

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