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Welcome to a new, enlightening episode of ⁠our podcast⁠, where we pull back the curtain on BlackRock's groundbreaking and controversial strategies. This episode, titled 'BlackRock's Shadow Game: Unmasking the Great Commercial Property Sweep & the Covert 'Corporate Equality Index' Maneuver', delves into the complex world of finance, real estate, corporate responsibility, and socio-economic impacts.

Unpack the mystery of how BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, is allegedly setting up shadow lenders to take advantage of potential commercial property market crashes. What's the potential impact on the real estate market? How does this relate to other major economic trends such as housing affordability, market volatility, financial crashes, and the future of commercial property investments?

But that's not all. We also examine how BlackRock is apparently using a ⁠'Corporate Equality Index'⁠ to steer corporate behavior, exploring the implications for corporate social responsibility, equality, diversity, and sustainability. Is this move a commendable step towards a more ethical business world, or is it a contentious one?
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The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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What's up everybody? Welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. I'm your host Johnny K It's great to be with you today. We got a lot of new listeners Happy to have you welcome to the side of truth, baby. Let's get it started All right. Let's get into it. Here we go. Here we go All right. Here we go. All right, so we got a few things to talk about. They're all connected very important So a lot of talk about Fed now We got Jamie Dimon talking about the higher interest rates, get ready to go to six, seven, and why they are intentionally destroying the economy, particularly commercial real estate, and BlackRock and Blackstone, they're implementing these shadowy lenders. Wait until you hear this, this is gonna blow your socks off of how they're gonna come in and the banks are setting these commercial real estate lenders up to fail. But before I get into that, and then we have FTX 2.0, this is unbelievable, this is absolutely incredible. So, Let's just go into it one by one. They're all connected as everything usually is. And what we do on this podcast is we connect the dots. We look at it from an apolitical point of view, and we just tell you the truth. And you use your critical thinking skills to come to your own conclusions. Point blank. Before we get started, subscribe to The Jonathan Kogan Show, wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to the YouTube channel and subscribe to the rumble channel. Let's get into it. So new, some speculation on Twitter over whether the federal reserve will launch its FedNow service, which is the inner bank. transaction services, not retail, but in between the banks, earlier than expected. And here's what it says on their website. I'll tell you how I interpret it, but here's what it says. Quote, it's on the Federal Reserve. Connie Theon, head of industry, industry relations for the Federal Reserve Financial Services will provide insight into the countdown to the FedNow Service launch on Thursday, June 1st at 1145 AM Pacific during transfer 2023. Now I think this means... that it's not being moved up. She's just simply giving a talk on June 1st to provide insights about the FedNow service that's going to launch July 1st. So maybe it's coming early because we have all these talks about the debt ceiling and how we're gonna default and the media is having a little frenzy over this because they want you to click, they want you to watch. Don't look away, don't look away. We need to propagandize you. Please don't look at alternative media. Don't listen to John at the Kogan Show. It's dangerous, it's dangerous. Go listen to the BBC verify so you can have trustworthy, pro elite news media that have your worst interests at heart. You understand? I know you understand, but maybe you're new here. So, um, Jamie Dimon recently, which goes on the back of this and then we're going to get into this. How this is all connected. This is absolutely crazy on Bloomberg. This is a 59 second clip where he's telling people, which we've said on this podcast, they are intentionally destroying. the economy, they are dismantling the system to bring in a new one. Okay. I know it's very hard to believe. I know that there's no way you ever thought in your whole life that the elites would want to hurt the peasants, but guess what they do. They don't care about you. They care about their own wealth, their own interests, their own families, and becoming transhumanists. That's really all they care about. So here's what Jamie Dimon says, and then we'll talk about it. So that sounds crazy, right? People are saying that we are on really the edge of the economy blowing up if you count the debt and how fast we've increased interest rates. We haven't seen it yet. But why would they want to do this? Why would they want to do this? You heard the phrase, you will own nothing. The real phrase is you will own nothing. You have no privacy and you've never been happier. They took out that privacy part. So you'll hear you'll own nothing and be happy by 2030. Well, how are they going to do that? How are they gonna do that if you own real estate? It doesn't make any sense, does it? Well, Bloomberg has an interesting article and then I'm gonna shoot it over to George Gamer on the Rebel Capitalist channel to explain, at least part of it. I wanted to play a longer clip of him explaining this, but I didn't wanna keep you going for like seven minutes, so I even did it a little bit lower. But let's read this from Bloomberg. Your evening briefing, shadow lenders move in as banks retrench, okay? Shadow lenders are circling commercial real estate, a large asset class. that traditional banks and the bond market are increasingly avoiding, potentially forcing borrowers to pay a lot more. Regional banks are behind about 70% of U.S. commercial real estate loans. But last month's banking turmoil, combined with rising loan defaults on troubled properties has burned small banks, prompting them to scale back. The other major source of liquidity for property owners, namely the bond market, where commercial real estate mortgages are packaged and sold to securities, has dried up too. Now, what happens exactly if the banks tell you if you're gonna, let's say you're gonna do remodeling on your commercial real estate property, right? And let's say it's $10 million. And they go, okay, we're gonna do it in installments of 2 million. We'll do five different installments. Here's 2 million, get started. So you get started. Here's the other 2 million, four. Now you're at 4 million, you need 10 million. And then all of a sudden this all happens and you go to get your next 2 million, you're in the middle of the remodeling, and they go. We're not gonna lend it to you. Sorry. Well, guess what? The bank then has a lien on that property to then take control over it if you can't pay Okay, you're gonna default on it, but the bank isn't really set up to manage a lot of properties, right? But Blackstone and BlackRock are so perhaps they're in cahoots Maybe the government BlackRock and all the big banks are all in and it's one big party and you ain't in it Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not and BlackRock and Blackstone Scoop in and they come and take the properties and then here we go the peasants own Nothing and you rent for the rest of your life. Here's George explaining it very well. I'm telling you go listen to this full Video here's a part of it Yeah, the the videos on the rebel capitalist channel. Okay, and it's called I exposed black rocks new scam This is absolutely mind-blowing. I think this needs much more coverage It just just listen to this. This is mind-blowing So do you understand how big of a deal that is? They are, these banks are intentionally giving loans to people who manage properties, knowing that they're not gonna give them the full loan and that they won't be able to pay it off. And so therefore Blackstone, then for the bank is gonna get the property and then Blackstone and BlackRock will then purchase that for half the price and then they will have the asset. This is how BlackRock and perhaps Blackstone are gobbling up all the real estate from the peasants. This is the plan. This is nefarious. And the reason why he knows that is he has a whole community of like high net worth commercial real estate people and all this stuff. And they're saying this is what's going on right now in real time. But nobody's talking about it. But we talk about this podcast. Of course we talk about this podcast. I've been sharing episodes from months ago, almost a year ago. in current day in May 2023 that are relevant now. People are just waking up. But we had that episode done like last September and now they're going viral. Like last March, we talked about how the WEF said there will be a cyber attack and how on a panel at the WEF, they said 89% of experts, experts, they're experts, say that there's gonna be a catastrophic cyber attack in the next two years. Wow, how'd they know that? What happened yesterday? Oh, they're giving out satellite phones to the senators just in case. there's some disruptive event. So I share that pocket, we already have it. If you're listening to the John and the Kogan show on pretty much a daily basis, you know what's going on. This is nothing new to you. If you're new here, welcome to realizing what's gonna happen like literally months ahead of time. And no, we're not like, we can't see the future on this podcast. We just do research, do diligence. We are apolitical and we do not attach emotion to it. We just observe, we analyze objectively. And we tell the truth and guess what? The track record is there. It speaks for itself. So let's get one last topic on here. Then we're going to totally switch to, uh, I don't know how much you know about corporate equality index 2022, or just the CEI, you know, you know about other stuff, but corporate equality index is very interesting before we get into that. Did you know? Cause I just want to keep you up to speed of what's going on. Here's a good one. John Ray III confirms FTX 2.0 plans, baby. They're coming back. So he submits his timesheet every month, where he makes like 1,300 an hour. I believe he's owed like 270,000 just from his work last month. And in his timesheet, it says, review term sheet for plan structuring exchange, review 2.0 next step summary, review next steps and comment on FTX restart, review and finalize 2.0 reboot of exchange material. And then emails regarding 2.0 communications and the 2.0 bitter list So FTX the most trustworthy extreme exchange ever from an altruistic capitalist absolute humanitarian Love Society loves you more than life itself Sam Bankman free. Okay. He's part of the same crew that's part of Bill Clinton who's a part of just the whole clout Schwab, they're all connected. Okay. It's the same cabal of people who love you more than life itself, which isn't true. They hate you. They despise you. Why? I have no idea. I think you're fantastic, but they, they have a problem. They have a problem. They think that you are too much of a carbon footprint and you got to just get out of here. So moving on to this part, this was, uh, so Tulsi Gabber was recently on PBD podcast, Patrick, bad David. And at the end, you know, they've been a lot of people talking about George Soros recently. And we've shared clips about on this podcast many months ago, how he was on 60 minutes and he told everybody and laughed that he helped the Nazis confiscate property from the Jews. By the way, I'm Jewish. I don't know why criticizing George Soros makes you anti-Semitic. In fact, to even associate George Soros with Jewish people is terrible, okay? He is not a representation of the people, okay? At all. At all. So how this is anti-Semitic, I have no idea. This is insane. Okay? I can, can I make, can I call out Bill Gates and his agenda? Is that okay? Cause he's not Jewish by the way, neither of them are any religion. They're probably all Satanist or something. Okay. They're just terrible human beings. All right. It has nothing to do with what they were born as, but he said he helped the Nazis round up the properties of the Jews and he laughed. He laughed. Watch the 60 minutes interview 1999 or 1998. Okay. He says it, they brag about in front of your face. So PBD and other people have been talking about George Soros a lot lately. And like, what, why is he doing this? Why? Does Elon Musk come on say that George Soros hates humanity? Why do all his, why do all George Soros' tactics seem like he really does hate humanity? Putting serial killers back on the street to kill other people, right? It's like clobbering at currencies to destroy economies and livelihoods for peasants. Why is he doing this? It's a good question. We can't get inside of his head, but he's tied to so many things. His tentacles run so deep. I thought this was fascinating. Take a listen to this clip and then we'll get into the details. But they were showing how, how there's a lot of big brands that have a lot of males or females that were males, transgender, people who were born male and now they're females, represent the brand in female outfits. Okay? And we have nothing to say about that on this podcast. We don't care. We don't care. Do what you like. But it's just interesting how it's all happening at once. All of a sudden, all the big brands are doing it. It's just very strange. Very strange how every representation of female clothing now is from transgender. It's just strange. It just seems like it's, I don't know, part of a plan. Well, look at what PBD found. This is interesting. Take a listen to this clip. So what do you think about that? You're telling me, you're really gonna tell me with all this proof we've shown in this podcast throughout the past year, that the elites aren't conspiring against the peasants in some way to reshape society. You have Larry Fink on TV saying we have to force behavior and we will force behavior, otherwise companies won't get any money and they're all the major shareholders. You have Vanguard. BlackRock and State Street that are going 90% plus of the Fortune 500. And then you got this whole monetary system collapsing, and then you got banks reneging their promises on giving commercial real estate to people. And then BlackRock and Blackstone are going to scoop it up. And then we also have a motto that you own nothing to be happy. And you're telling me all this stuff is random and not connected. What? You have to be a moron. I mean, come on. This is crazy. I mean, we have enough here to indict all the elites, okay? And if the elites wanna have wars and do all that stuff, they could do that until the end of time, just do it on their own private property and leave the peasants alone. It's very straightforward. They could do whatever they want. They could steal from each other. They can play with each other's kids. They can play with their own kids. They like to do that stuff. We don't do that on this podcast, okay? We are pro-human, okay? We are pro-protecting children. We are pro love. We are pro apolitical. We are just pro peace, okay? They're the opposite, they're the antithesis of all that. They're pro war, pro death, pro evil, just bad, bad. And they go on TV and people believe these people. They write articles and people read them. After the greatest hoax in humanity over the last three years, those same people are speaking and you're listening to what's coming out of their mouth? I mean, There's nothing I could do besides telling you to keep listening to The Jonathan Kogan Show, share The Jonathan Kogan Show with other peasants. We're going to take this movement to the top. This is the largest apolitical pro-peasant movement in the history of humanity. History. And that ain't going to change until we get our world back, until we take Earth back. All right. So we got to do this together. We got to help one another. I'm trying my best to help you. Maybe we could work together. Maybe not. I don't know. We just want the best for the people, the people, the people. That's the whole point of this show. All right. I think that's all I got for today. Thank you so much for listening to John the Kogan show. I genuinely appreciate it. I hope you do something nice for someone today. I hope you say something nice to someone, say something nice to a stranger. Be like, Hey, I really like your shirt, you know, or maybe hold open a door for someone and they say, thank you. And you say, you're welcome. That's how we take our world back. Okay. Kindness is key. All right. They don't want that. The elites don't want that. Okay. They want, they want a much angrier world. We don't want that. We want a happy world where people love one another and that's what we're going to do. So that's it for today. Thanks for listening to John at the Kogan show. Share this with two people. I'll see you tomorrow. Take care. Bye.