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Join us as a Bold Shareholder Exposes Shocking Ties in a Berkshire Stockholder Meeting!

Episode Highlights:
  • A Shareholder's Bold Move: Calling Out Warren Buffett's Connection to Bill Gates
  • The Gates-Epstein Connection: Unraveling the Intricate Web of Associations
  • Conspiracy or Coincidence? Exploring the Allegations Surrounding Berkshire's Heavyweights
  • Unveiling the Secret Meetings: What Really Happened Behind Closed Doors?
  • Investing with a Conscience: Evaluating the Ethics of High-Profile Figures
  • The Ripple Effect: Implications for Berkshire Hathaway's Future
  • Fact-Checking and Analyzing the Claims: Separating Truth from Fiction
  • The Power of Accountability: Shareholders and Corporate Responsibility
Join us for an in-depth discussion that sheds light on the fascinating connections and controversies surrounding Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and the late Jeffrey Epstein. Delve into the intersection of finance, philanthropy, and personal associations, as we navigate through the intricate layers of this captivating story. Buckle up for a mind-opening episode that challenges assumptions and encourages critical thinking about the world of high finance and its enigmatic players.

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The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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Jonathan Kogan:
Here we go, baby. Let's do it before. Let's do it like we never done it before. Let's sweep the flow. What you going to do? Just open the dough. Welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. And I'm your host, Johnny K. So everybody's here. Yeah. We wrap in the day because it's a good day. Maybe not the best, but all I can say it's better than all the rest. So welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. I'm your host, Johnny K. Please subscribe to The Jonathan Kogan Show, wherever you get your podcast, share it with one other peasant. to join the team of Team Peasant. Let's make this movement global. Yes, we're already global. Yes, this podcast will most likely be remembered as the podcast that saved humanity and free speech. Yes, we know all that, but with humility comes great responsibility. And we wanna be responsible and humble. So do as you wish. All right, big, big topics today. Let's stay on course. If you're in America and you're old enough, you know the great Bo Jackson. He was a he was a two sport professional sport like Deion Sanders, like Michael Jordan playing baseball and football dominating at the professional level. One of the best athletes of all time, Bo Jackson. And if you're really old enough and you play Tecmo Super Bowl in the early 90s, he was on the writers. He was amazing. Bo Jackson was unbelievable. Well, guess what? He is dealing with some chisel. In other words, shit, okay? Bo Jackson, the Auburn football legend. And if you're watching this, I'll pull this up on the screen and then I'm gonna play him talking about himself. Auburn football legend. I can't believe I said Auburn football legend. He's a professional football legend. Bo Jackson to have procedure to fix year long hiccups. This dude has had the hiccups since last July. Bo Jackson, a Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn and famed two sport athlete says he has been hiccuping for nearly a full year. This is breaking, okay? Yes, we're getting into Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and some other things that us peasants aren't supposed to talk about, especially non-public. But let's stay with this topic. If you had hiccups for one month, what would you do? About two months, three months, four months, five months, and then you're approaching a year. Could you imagine? I can't stand having hiccups for like two hours, let alone one hour. So this dude, Mr. Bo Jackson, has had hiccups for a year and he was on... a radio show and he talks about it and why he didn't go to see Frank Thomas's statue. Take a listen. Let's put the volume up a little bit. All right. Take a listen. Do you believe that? That motherfucker smelled an ass of a porcupine to get rid of his hiccups. That is amazing. Could you imagine? You get a porcupine's ass up in that nose, you go, oh my God, that would make any person's hiccups go away unless you're Bo Jackson, a two sport athlete, a Heisman Trophy winner. Your hiccups are deep, they're strong, they're very masculine, they're very hard to break, okay? The culture wouldn't like his hiccups right now, okay? It goes against the narrative. You cannot respect Bo Jackson's hiccups. because they're so strong. Okay, not good. Not good, men should be weak and obedient. You understand? That's how it should be. Shut your mouth and move on. Okay, that was very important. I think you need to know that because listen, Bo Jackson's a legend. He's a, if you don't know anything about athletes, you're in another country, you might be like, hey, it's not a big deal. But let me ask you a question. Have you ever had hiccups? I don't care where you're from. I don't care what you, I don't care about anything about you. Do, I mean, I do, I love you. But have you ever had hiccups? Is the answer yes? Well, imagine just put yourself in the man's shoes and just think about how great your life is. Okay, because that could have been you. Okay, it can always be worse. Unless you're in last place in the world and how bad life sucks, you can't fucking complain. Okay, get your ass up, do something, be productive, help the peasants and come together and spread truth, love and let's take this to the next level. Okay? You can make yourself happier. How? By doing shit. Okay. Contribute to society. Be a good person. Okay. Be kind. Say it, give someone a compliment, some stranger be like, Oh my God, I wanted that shirt forever or give someone a penny when they need a penny, I don't know, well with inflation now a penny is the new a hundred dollar bill. So give someone a hundred dollar bill. If they're getting their Starbucks coffee, you know what I mean? Actually, if you're getting a Starbucks coffee, you're, you, you, that's like pretend elite. Okay. That's like upper middle class. You know what I mean? We don't do that. We're peasants through and through. We don't fake who we are. We love who we are together. Okay, now into Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, the shareholder meeting. There is a man, I'm gonna play this clip. He, you have to, when you present at a shareholder meeting, you need to submit what you're gonna say. You need to be approved so they know what you're gonna say. They actually see the script or what you have written down. Well, this guy who's been an activist for some time now, uh, and he's going to say who he is and he's with like American legal or something. He got up at the share Berkshire Hathaway, which is run by Warren Buffett, who's the chairman and brings up your favorite doctor, Bill Gates and his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Now, first things first, do we know that Bill Gates has ties to Jeffrey Epstein empirically, like a hundred percent? Yes. Was it even just recently published in the Wall Street Journal that he met with Jeffrey Epstein like 40 some times after he was convicted of being a pedophile? The answer is yes. Do we know what Bill Gates was doing with Jeffrey Epstein? The answer is no. Okay. We just care about the truth here. So we know 100 percent and it's even reported by the mainstream that Bill Gates had very close ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who we know had an island that trafficked children to basically have sexual... uh, uh, intercourse and stuff with elites. Okay. They would ship in babies from all over the world. Africa doesn't matter. They'd ship them in however they like them, however many hot dogs or pizzas, or however they talk about this nonsense. And they do what they do. There was cameras in all the rooms. He was probably part of the CIA. If you read one nation under blackmail by Whitney Webb, you'll get a much better understanding he was there to get dirt on people and he did it successfully. And then he. killed himself in jail. Yeah, okay. And all the cameras went out. Oh my God. And all of a sudden the doors were open that night. Oh my God. Everything, everything played out so perfectly. Yeah. And if you question it, you're a conspiracy theorist. You understand? I know you understand because you listen to John the Coghan show, but if you're new, you're like, holy shit. I have not come across a podcast that's so truthful in my life. I am ready to accept and absorb the information and use my critical thinking skills and decide my own conclusions on all subjects. I just want the bare bone facts. facts are. Bill Gates tied Jeffrey Epstein 100% okay fact but if you bring that up in public and you're a peasant well even if it's 100% true you know where you go you go to jail and even if you were given permission to speak at this event and you were on the agenda you will go to jail for what for trespassing I know sounds crazy but that's exactly what happened. Listen to this mofo call out Warren Buffett and you know, everything's pretty rocky But then you mentioned Jeffrey Epstein and once that name is mentioned, it's over that's done might cut immediate jail You cannot talk about the bare-bone truth in public. How dare you shut your mouth freedom of speech not for you Take a listen. It's a little few minutes. So take a listen Oh, hold on, it's loading. Let's see if we can fix this a little bit. You know what? Hmm. Let's see what we can do. So, some lady interrupts him. And I heard an interview with him afterwards. He was on Kim Iverson. And if the video keeps cutting out, I'll go to that one. It'll probably go faster, because Elon Musk is redoing video for Twitter. It'll probably be much better. So I'll go to YouTube if necessary. But a lady says, stay in line, don't do that. Don't talk about that. And he's talked about how he's done this for 19 years at a whole bunch of different companies. And no one's ever said that to him. And so that's why it got silent because some lady disrupt, you know, interrupted and said, no, don't do that. So listen to what he says. So they cut his mic. And these other peasants, I imagine, are cheering for him to be censored because he mentioned Jeffrey Epstein, which is all true. But you shall not say that. This is Warren Buffett. So they arrested him and he talks a little bit about, you know, what he does with his money and doesn't address the claim. Now let's understand what's going on here. Listen, is that the right venue for all that? Probably not. Is he, is he, is he really stepping out there to prove like a point? Yeah, he is. Okay. He could do this under many different venues. Now, should he be allowed to do it? Was he approved to do it? Yes. Was he legally allowed to do it? Yes. Was he on the schedule to speak and they had exactly what he was going to say, his speech and written form prior to the meeting. Yes. You have to file that with the sec now. Should they have cut his mic and put sent him to jail for trespassing? No, that's insane. He's like a court date coming up at the end of May. That is insane. Now, what he said, he, he gave his opinions. He's clearly a conservative, you know, that's that where he political. So we don't address that, but when you said Jeffrey Epstein, everyone immediately asked for him to be censored and shut down and cut the mic. What's the deal there? We know this to be true. We know a few days ago, we covered it on this podcast on the one and only, The Jonathan Kogan Show, how the wall street journal mentioned how many times Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein after he was a convicted pedophile. And let me tell you the number was not zero. Okay. It wasn't zero. When someone's convicted of pedophilia, the number should be zero. In this case, it wasn't. And when you're, when you're, when you're, when you're the world's richest man for that long, like Bill Gates was, and you said you have to go to Jeffrey Epstein because you were like raising money. What? Okay, we may be peasants, but we're not fucking idiot peasants. Okay, we're not. We're smart, we're, we're intellectuals. We love, we're, we lead with kindness. We hold hands with our brothers and sisters, regardless of their political or apolitical affiliation. We just want the truth. We are so sick of having these gatekeepers keep away certain information that goes against their agenda or what they want to get out of society or how they wanna shape society. We're done, we're fed up. That's the reason why you come to this show because you get unfiltered truth no matter how harsh it is. Listen, it's an objective truth that I tell you, okay? If you think it's too harsh, you can't handle it, then maybe they're right. Maybe they knew they need to get information for you because you can't handle it. But the truth is you can, you need to trust yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You have to know that there's information out there that isn't pleasant to hear, but that you deserve to know. You don't need gatekeepers censoring before the information comes to you. You should want unfiltered information. And then you come to your own conclusions with an apolitical mindset, preferably But whatever mindset you want. Again, let's talk about some differences of the stories today. Bill Gates hanging out with a convicted pedophile, Bo Jackson hiccups for a year. Who do you blame more? Probably Bill Gates, right? Not Bo Jackson's fault. Could be a physical issue. It's a, well, it is a physical issue, but hiccups for one year. That story to me is much more important today than calling out Bill Gates being tied to Jeffrey Epstein, which we all know is true. It's a hundred percent fact. It's confirmed by a trillion sources. Like in the mainstream media, it's confirmed, but then you bring it up and you're censored. That is insanity. Okay. That is insanity. Now, I want to talk about a little something controversial before we sign off here. Now I've been thinking, now these are the, I say this as honestly, as an apolitical peasant, that's all I am, all I ever will be. Now there are a lot of people in the political sphere that call I need to be very clear, I'm an apolitical peasant. Just follow me. I think of things logically, we lost logic. And let me explain what I mean. So people compare Trump to Hitler. He's fascist, he's Hitler, okay? Now, Trump is the one who created the medical intervention for the virus, all right? And then that was mandated upon the people. Now if Hitler created a medical intervention, Okay. And then told everybody to take it or someone after him. You knew Hitler made it. And they're like, you need to take this medicine. You have no choice, but to take this medicine. Whatever, you know, however he talks in his German. It's very rough. You know what I mean? The stash. You have to take this. It was made by Hitler. And then, and then you go, Whoa, I don't know. I don't really like trust it. You're anti-science. You need to be barred from society. Now, if you think Trump is Hitler and Trump came up with the medicine, who is the equivalent of a Hitler. And you're okay with the mandating the medicine and anyone who questions it is a lunatic psychopath anti-science fool. Am I missing something? I'm missing something. This is crazy. Think about that. How can you force a medicine on someone that came from Hitler? He was involved in eugenics. There was Nuremberg two trials from the Nazis. And it was like one of the worst crimes ever. Now you're saying Trump is the same thing. People are saying he's the same thing on the left. But yet he came out with this medicine, which I can't say the V word. He came out with it and then it got mandated by Biden. And then if you question it, your censor, you're taking all blah, blah, blah. And if you don't believe in it, you're anti-science. Like the whole genre of science you're anti. That's crazy. See how the logic gets really confusing. Very confusing. Very, very confusing. And another thing is, is I read this great, does that make sense to you? Or am I completely out of my mind there? It's just crazy. You compare someone to Hitler and then Hitler creates a medicine. If you don't take it, you're the worst human ever. And you're just a psychopath. I'm like, what? That's crazy. Oh, uh, this isn't what I want to get into right away, but I'll run this down real quick. So the, uh, let's see his position here. Dean Preston is the San Francisco D five supervisor. He came out of the video saying today I'm announcing legislation to limit use of guns by security guards. We must amend local law to prohibit guards from drawing weapons. Just. to protect property. Human life is more important than property. And Tim Dillon replied, and also Michelle, there was a lot of good replies. So there's tons of crime in San Francisco. It's rampant. They just go and rob things. And stores are getting private security guards to protect their stuff because everyone's just coming in and robbing them. And then there's no police force to help because they defunded the police. Tim Dillon says, now it's a crime to defend your home or business against attacks by lunatics. Anyone paying attention? This is a controlled demolition of personal autonomy before a security state is ushered in. So they have more crime than ever. The public service protectors like the police, there's not enough of them because they defunded them to protect these businesses. So they're getting private security guards. And now he's trying to put in a bill to take away the security guards or the guns of the security guards. This is like mayhem. I'm not even a gun guy, but like, damn, that's crazy. It's literally controlled demolition. I mean, right? I don't know how else to say that. You probably heard... Tucker Carlson is launching his video exclusively on Twitter, which is interesting and great for The Jonathan Kogan Show since we put our podcast on there, which is great. And we're gonna do a lot more with Twitter too as our audience is growing there immensely. So, hmm. Interesting. Interesting. OK. So I was looking for something specifically, but I can't pull up the bookmarks on Twitter on my computer for some reason. I don't know if it's something with the Twitter version of the web version that's just not working, but it is what it is. All right. Oh, yeah, here we go. So last thing I want to touch on real quick, real briefly. So they go, Pelham on Twitter says, the rabbit hole runs real deep. A real article from The Economist in 2017 said from Ross Child, Lord Ross Child. He's the oldest Rothschild. Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the new world order, says it will destroy globalism forever. So I went down and looked at these articles of the Rothschild saying how, if Trump is elected for a second term, It's going to destroy the new world order. I thought that was very interesting. Very, very interesting. We're in a political podcast, but we're told to believe that, first of all, there is no changing new world order. And then there is no new world order period. Because if there is, you're a conspiracy theorist, even though Macron, the president of France literally said, we need a single world order. And my, I still have a warning on my YouTube channel for playing a video of Macron saying we need a single world order. Okay. not a dual new world order with China and the United States. I played that video. I have a forever warning on my YouTube for playing from the president of France saying we need a single world order. And I wrote, I thought a new world order was a conspiracy theory and it wasn't, but they censored it. Okay. So listen, I just want to end with this. I'm grateful for Twitter as of right now. Thank God we have an internet digital space where we can have free speech because without free speech, you have very little. Never was there a society in human history until the United States of America that had freedom of speech, like codified in the Constitution. And we must protect that. They were smart. These founding fathers were pretty smart, pretty crazy. I said it's the best startup of all time. Okay. I'm getting off track, but I think it's very important that we respect free speech because without free speech, you know there's no Jonathan Kogan Show. That's for sure. Okay. All right. That's all I got today. I missed a couple of things. You know what I'm going to do? I'll do an extra podcast episode about, I don't know about 12 hours or so. Uh, I'll do it tomorrow morning, wherever you are in the world. You are blessed. I love you. The John the Cogan show, the fans, the audience love you. We all love you. If you want to donate, go to forward slash ownership economy. Give a $5 a month donation helps the pod helps bring this worldwide. If you share this with three peasants, we can grow this movement. This podcast is more popular now than it ever has been because people are hungry for the truth and I bring you the truth. Look at the track record. Okay. We got almost 200 episodes of pure truth bombs just dropped. If you want truth bombs on the hour, every hour, basically at KOGZ on Twitter. Listen, I'm not toot my own horn, but the truth needs to get out there. And that's what this podcast is for. I love you and have an amazing day and amazing afternoon, amazing night, wherever you are. God bless your soul. I love you. Bye.