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95: Turn Your Fears Into Fuel In Podcasting With Deon Teh

Show Notes

95: Turn Your Fears Into Fuel In Podcasting With Deon Teh
FWEP00095- Turn Your Fears Into Fuel In Podcasting With Deon Teh

Today's special guest is Deon Teh. She is the winner of Elite Instant Podcast Leader Award as well as Platinum Instant Podcast Leader Award. She has done two Seasons of podcast bilingual. One season in english and one season in Mandarin. So today she’s gonna share with you from being a manager director of a company to beginning her journey of podcasting. Some of the fears and thoughts that she had and eventually overcame. And even though English is something that she had problems with, she thought that she would never be able to do it and yet she did it anyway. So let her story inspire you to turn your mess into your message and turn your fears into fuel.

Conquer your fears

(2:48-03:01) I truly agree that a podcast is not only about purely online presence  but most importantly it helps me sort out my thinking on my past.

(3:13-3:23) I successfully use my second language in Greece to present in my show. Something which I never thought was possible.

(3:44-4:09) One of my colleagues was curious about what I was doing and asked me what it was for. I’m proud to have my own podcast. And in Season 1, it has 55 episodes and can listen on more than 20 platforms all over the world.

(4:24-4:35) As a leader in a company, I'm concerned about how to really do business online for this modern world.

(4:37-4:56) I used to rely on books as my mentor. I was able to learn a lot from books that I read and they directed me to what I am. However, I need someone that understands the market and trends that where I am.

(5:02-5:22) At first, I joined the Soul Rich Women Blueprint. And I learned how to use modern technology to promote our product. However, I was craving for what is the next and I decided to join 4in1 group coaching. And after that I want to be more focused.

(5:28- 5:48) I want to help my company to go online. Well, undergoing mentorship, Genecia told me that in order for me to help my company, I need to build my own brand first. Then I realized that I forgot to love myself first before loving others.

(5:50-6:08) I told Genecia that I wanted to publish my own book in the near future during our mentorship and she advised me to take up the podcast, which is the fastest way to boost my authority especially as I’m a leader to my company.

(6:12-6:24) I was not clear on my life purpose and journey. Through doing the podcast, I was able to find my direction and it was also a soul-healing journey for me.

(6:35-7:01) I was camera shy and I’m unable to express myself nicely if i were to be on a live podcast or a video recording. Of course, I have many fails before doing my work. People look at me, what if I cannot take it, the comments. With the help of my podcast coach Joanne Lee, I was able to overcome my fears. 

(7:02-7:22) And since Soul Rich Woman helps with 95% of the work behind the scenes, the production system by them. And I don’t have to worry about any administration task, i just concentrate to write the script and dig deeper myself.

(7:31-7:50) Genecia, being my guide, told me that I can use my past experiences. Transform it to tell people my story, and people who listen can benefit from my experiences and have a guide also, and maybe can shortcut their necessary path

(7:58-8:20) How would people react? Am I sure I want to continue? And I’m not that professional as others that are well-trained. However, after discussing with Genecia, I have confidence that the team was helpful and helped me to overcome this and I went ahead to do my podcast show.

(8:22-8:56) I was also feeling anxious and uncomfortable about sharing my story and being truthful about what I feel deep inside. But realizing that this is me and people hearing my story, they suffer real deal. I still went ahead with everything that came from my heart. Understanding that my intention is to share and inspire, and not to criticize or destroy other people's lives.

(8:58-9:02) Gave me the courage to go out and do the podcast. 

(9:04-9:21) Initially, I have to convert my writing for podcast episodes into english. I got tired. And so I have to use up a lot of energy, thinking of what to say and sitting on the table to think about my past.

(9:49-10:08) Having launched the podcast, I am also anxious about what would happen next. Then by going back to understand my intention and my goal that this would be about doing something positive for me and for others especially for the working mothers.

(10:09-10:20) And by knowing that I have a strong team of Soul Rich Womans to support me, my worries are temp and controlled.

(10:33-10:41) I feel that I am also blessed to have crossed paths with Soul Rich Woman team who could help me make it possible.

(10:42-10:56) Launching the podcast gave me great happiness. There I was able to share my message so instantly to the public. And I’m the first listener to my own podcast episode every week.

(11:12-11:33) And  I continued to hide under my fears, I would have not touched people's hearts and most importantly my family’s hearts. I have also proven that this is never too late to learn something new. There’s no right or wrong but this is about taking action.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Your dreams are valid.
  2. It is time to get your voice heard
  3. It is never too late to learn something new.
  4. Overcome your fears.
  5. Touch other people’s lives.
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