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[steph]: Yep,

[steph]: No,

[roscoe]: So what you're hearing there is we're live day. Dartybroder
is in the car right now or doing a car. cast. welcome back to

[roscoe]: Leafs late night. Sorry for the delay. Everybody. I
know, we usually do this after the game. But someone somebody

[roscoe]: had a long day of shoveling snow. Apparently,

[steph]: Eh, oh my God, everyone knows in the T. T. even in Autoa.
Apparently you sent to pick there. We got a huge dumping of snow

[steph]: and it obviously didn't suffice in one. you know, event
of shoveling, you had to do multiple, and then the next day when

[steph]: the sun came out, it just turned to heavy wet snow and
it was tiring and exhausting And then I fell asleep during the

[steph]: game. I'm so sorry, guys. I know, O my God, I was looking
Forward to it as well, but yeah,

[roscoe]: You didn't miss much at the end. I'll say that lots
of things to take away from it will get to that, but yeah, snow

[roscoe]: has been ridiculous. I don't know if it's the same where
everybody listening is. I know for our Australian friends, it's

[roscoe]: not but

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: my street in particular, like I don't know how to describe
it, other than I can't see out of my driveway because the snow

[roscoe]: banks are really tall and it's like that for the whole
street like it's insane.

[steph]: Same here. yeh, look out the window. You just see a white
and yeah, my arms, my back. They still hurt like I'm still recover

[steph]: here, but I can't imagine for dirty. I think you're in
the north and now, like near Keswick or something. You guys must

[steph]: have had a ship on the snow.

[darty]: Yeah, so funny, you said. I don't know what you said.
My arms, my back, and all of a sudden my mind went to my neck,

[darty]: my back, but then I also went

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: to my back Is broken spinal.

[roscoe]: Uh,

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: so I get a

[roscoe]: uh,

[darty]: little bit of two vives going on here. But yeah, it was
pretty bad, except that dirty lives a very privilege life, and

[darty]: that his. His driveway is very small now in comparison
to his old driveway, and all four cars are on the driveway, so

[darty]: the amount of snow I had to shovel was minimal. They
took up the entire

[steph]: Nice.

[darty]: space, which is not something

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: Dart has ever

[roscoe]: H.

[darty]: experienced in his life. I have consistently lived in
the sticks with dirt roads, and shoveling was the most atrocious

[darty]: thing. but I'm not gonna stand here, but you're not a
Mary already had it rough for anything. It's just I hate shoveling,

[darty]: so like now in my new semi domestic life Like it. It
was nice to know that. Oh, it's just as like Okay, Go shovel

[darty]: the pathway and like that's great because the path Way
is only like maybe a couple of yards. you know, lie like

[steph]: M.

[darty]: it's not. It's not like I have to travel like you know,
an entire kilometer with the fucking shoveling just to get out

[darty]: of my driveway. you know like it's thank God

[steph]: Did you also walk to school uphill both ways in like
six feet of snow Back in your

[darty]: Back

[steph]: day.

[darty]: in my day just to get a comic book and have to walk like
five. six, maybe ten clicks. I don't remember any more to the

[darty]: general to the general store I steal money from from
my mom's fucking bowl of change. Get like

[steph]: Oh

[darty]: five bucks. You know, scroundjump enough for a Bongo
Simpson's comic. and maybe just maybe enough for like a Jolt

[darty]: cola. All right,

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: You.

[darty]: We're wearing my Thomas Caberlay jersey.

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: You know what, And with the mention of Thomas Caberlay,
let's get to the leaf's welcome back to Leafs late night where

[roscoe]: it's never too late for the leaves.

[roscoe]: Everything is awesome. Everything is totally fine. I'm
not projecting positivity into the world at all, because we definitely

[roscoe]: need it right now. Welcome back. I'm your host, Rosco,
joined by step, the finals and dart broder. as you have heard

[roscoe]: already. Yeah, so without really getting into the nittygrity
of the game to start here, the alarm bells are going off on Twitter.

[roscoe]: In the media, I'm sure on Facebook and everywhere you
can express you Opinions, it is discourse about the Leafs and

[roscoe]: it's not good, so unfortunately I know you fell asleep,
but to run you through the things that happened in this game

[roscoe]: first period extremely physical. We say J. C, J. T,
get absolutely mode down twice within like two three minutes.

[roscoe]: Matthews blocks a shot in the first period, hitting
him on the inside of the knee. He luckily came back. I think

[roscoe]: it wasn't the end of the first. It wasn't second And
then in the third period, We have or no, I think it was in the

[roscoe]: second, Even Riley blocking a shot hitting his finger.
I think it was from even Matthews, so it wasn't on purpose at

[roscoe]: all, and he was seen in the arena with a splint on his
finger, which we now know is broken with no time table for return.

[roscoe]: So that is not one, not two but three centers that are
now less than a hundred percent, And that's putting it lightly.

[steph]: Uh, yeah. I watched the first. Okay.

[roscoe]: I know

[steph]: This game was hot and heavy like, I mean, people were
all over the ice. Luke Shin coming back in his return not too

[steph]: long after trade deadline in the opposite dressing room,
And then we're so excited about Matt Murray returning Right?

[steph]: Is he going to put on a murazick performance or a Murray
perform performance?

[roscoe]: It's a good one.

[steph]: I tweeted out, You know, Game day to eat, and I accidentally
put in a morazic gift and someone called me on on it and I was

[steph]: still seeing seeing stars from shelf. I swear. so so
yeah, that's where that came from, but yeah, man, like seeing

[steph]: Lushin throws weight around and everyone, I guess helping
out, but I noticed a lot of penalties to right like Trana with

[steph]: three penalties in the first period,

[roscoe]: Jake

[steph]: Vancouver

[roscoe]: Mckabe,

[steph]: with

[roscoe]: casually

[steph]: two.

[roscoe]: going to the box for seventeen minutes, which I've

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: never

[steph]: my god.

[roscoe]: seen before. Like the guy. If I'm remembering this correctly,
because I was, I apologize. I was planning on doing one that

[roscoe]: night, so I didn't take notes on this. Um, somebody
was hit And and she jumped in and Bunting jumped in, And then

[roscoe]: Mckabe finally comes in and starts the fight. so he
gets an instigator. Do you have the penalty in front of you?

[roscoe]: I think it was instigat Fighting and attend ment misconduct.

[steph]: Yeah, yeah, so first it was for fighting than ten minute
misconduct, like you said, and instigator, yea, like I listened

[steph]: to this, and the commentators were just like. Oh, are
they pulling this out of their sort of thing Because first minute

[steph]: we're getting a two minute or five minute major, and
then it turns into like seventeen minutes off the bat.

[roscoe]: Yeah, it wasn't until the second period that Jake Mc
Abe came out of the box, which is insane, because the leaves

[roscoe]: were playing short already. It's just yeah, super fun,

[steph]: Yeah, and another thing I noticed in the first that they
mentioned was that you know the leaves have not scored more than

[steph]: one power play goal yet this season. in a singular game

[roscoe]: Huh,

[steph]: I did not realize this.

[roscoe]: They, also on a positive note, haven't been shet out
in like a hundred and thirty something games. They have the N

[roscoe]: h record for most consecutive games with a goal that's
insane. That's this entire year and most of last year that they

[roscoe]: haven't been shut out.

[steph]: Yeah, and also you know that's your dem co, coming back.
This is the third game back after sitting majority of the year

[steph]: right, This guy hasn't played and he's coming off a five,
four winn Dallas, and then a two one lost posting in nine forty

[steph]: four S percentage. I didn't really know where this would
go because everyone's telling us you know Vancouver is so horrible.

[steph]: Blababablabla and then we look at the record. Man Leaves
has lost the last six Teen out of eighteen in Vancouver, and

[steph]: the last six straight. I believe in their city as well.

[roscoe]: Yeah, six different

[steph]: So

[roscoe]: goals too.

[steph]: Oh my god, Dart, Did you catch the game at all?

[darty]: I was listening to bits and base the game, and of course,
like you,

[roscoe]: Oh,

[darty]: always

[roscoe]: I think he's

[darty]: catch

[roscoe]: still

[darty]: the

[roscoe]: muted

[darty]: game on

[roscoe]: over

[darty]: Twitter.

[roscoe]: there.

[darty]: All right, you know, you know exactly

[steph]: It's all right.

[darty]: people's. You know how the game is going, based on the
on the Re Tweeds and the twets. All right, because that first

[darty]: period obviously was pretty

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: funking. you know, hot for the leaves in a positive way,
but oh, you know, now I was actually thinking in the top of my

[darty]: head, you know, like I mentioned earlier on Twitter about
Murphy's Law, but I was going to say there's got to be a new

[darty]: law called Dubiss Law, which is no good Trade acquisition
goes uninjured. All right, That's that's Dubois

[steph]: Right.

[darty]: law for you. Okay and totally fuck, can we not catch
a break with our, you know, with our big trades, Just like nobody.

[darty]: Nobody, nobody can stay healthy. What's going on and
what's going on there? but the game, The game itself, it was.

[darty]: I said. It just turned out if I'm goin, if I'm gonna
gloss over everything. not just this game but the past couple

[darty]: of games. obviously, Um, the visual. The grand visual
is not looking good because of you know, we all were on a huge

[darty]: high because of all these I really nice pieces that we
picked up, and for you know, for what we gave away, Basically,

[darty]: I think the only thing anybody really cared about was
Rasmassandine, and I feel like that, especially with that game

[darty]: is smething. that will bite us a little bit like it doesn't
feel quite as nice now losing Sanden, But it's just if I could

[darty]: say something before I get cut off. Don't like. Don't
turn the alarm bells on Yet. I know I've said a lot of ship,

[darty]: because that's what I do. I talk ship. but the alarm
bells are not on for me. All right, this Dubois guy. He's got

[darty]: it figured out. He's got some bad fucking luck though,
but he's got it figured out.

[roscoe]: Yeah, honestly, it just comes down to luck at this point
with these injuries. it's so kind. O noying, but okay, So to

[roscoe]: start with the first period to take some positives away,
the leaves played a physical game they were able to keep up,

[roscoe]: and honestly, like I twitted it out, I said this is
a different team. Everybody was answering the call and keeping

[roscoe]: up with everything Vancouver was throwing out. Matthews
and Marner were adjusting to being hit. They even mentioned on

[roscoe]: the broadcast, You know when there's somebody basically
hunting you, the whole game. You, You don't get that space like

[roscoe]: the leaves usually have where there's a box That they're
just kind of passing around Trying to find an opening. This was

[roscoe]: someone constantly chasing them down And you know they
were able to get away from that and it seemed pretty even in

[roscoe]: the first period. So

[steph]: Also, you know, shots fourteen to five for Toronto in
the first, but at the same time when you lose Jake Mc Cabe to

[steph]: penalty for majority of the period, you're down another
D and you're already down forward with Matthews going out, so

[steph]: you're down to ten forwards and six D. and then the rotation
kind of gets jumbled, because once J. T did he sit for a couple

[steph]: shifts there right, and with all these penalties these
lines must have been just I don't know. brutal.

[roscoe]: Oh, it was a mess. And and really the problem came down
to. I, I'm not sure if you caught this. I guess this wasn't the

[roscoe]: third. the the least. picking up. Finally a double minor.
They get four minutes to try to open this game up. It was tied

[roscoe]: one one and twice in forty four seconds. Vancouver scores
a short handed goal. This was just abysmal. It was like a lot

[roscoe]: of people throwing this on Morgan Riley. I personally,
and I mean, Tardy brought it. We try to standing for Gustafson.

[roscoe]: I know Gustison has an offensive upside. He had a hat
trick against the leaves this year, but I mean,

[steph]: Yep,

[roscoe]: that's almost half of his entire goals for the year,
so that's a little scared. He since has he's joined the leaf?

[roscoe]: All I can say is he's a butter finger Like the amount
that this

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: guy has had the puck slip off of his stick at the blue
line and caused to turnover is a little concerning. I know it's

[roscoe]: only been a few games with him, but it's It's just frustrating
to watch because I know he has that, and on the other side, you

[roscoe]: C. C. Dean getting three assists in his first game with
the Capitals.

[darty]: Okay, so

[roscoe]: So

[darty]: hold

[roscoe]: it was.

[darty]: up. hold up. hold

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: up. Everybody

[roscoe]: It's a little annoying to watch.

[darty]: here here's my question for you, all right, Because this
is is just going to change the perspective of how we're going

[darty]: to talk about sanding. All right. Do you guys not think
that this guy actually wanted to go? Because if we're looking

[darty]: at like, you know, why would we trade a guy like Sandy
Like he obviously has more than just potential. you know he.

[darty]: I don't think he was. He's marginally better like, Don't
think Ugustison's that much better or worse or whatever. Like.

[darty]: I don't see why you make this trade right. So if you,
if you had To think, why the fuck is this trade happening Is

[darty]: he really? Because like dubs, knows that sanding like
not necessarily wants out, but there's that sour taste in everybody's

[darty]: mouth because of the that hold out for one point. For
you know, there must be some some bad blood there, and I don't

[darty]: mean like we shipped him out, but more so like This was
kind of a favor done on both sides. That's what I'm trying to

[darty]: say, because there's no, I like justice in. I like what
he did for me in fantasy, but I would have rather kept sanding

[darty]: right. So where's the know? Where's the? You know? They
say the roofs in the pudding. Where's the fucking pudding? Right?

[darty]: Like explain.

[roscoe]: I would say it's going to come down to the resigning
of both players. like to, son. You're going to be able to potentially

[roscoe]: maintain Just the guy is only on an eight hundred thousand
dollar contract this year. You can probably get him for what

[roscoe]: you sign sanding for this year. Like maybe like one
on one. If you want to keep him around. Maybe he sticks around

[roscoe]: for the same. S On this year. Sanden s going a pop off
in the next couple of seasons and he's going to want more and

[roscoe]: more and money and I don't think the Leafs can keep,
like I've said, it was always going to be him or Lolagran Thought

[roscoe]: it was going to be sand that they kept around. But I
guess because the value was there, they were able to move them.

[roscoe]: I don't know. I think if there was an offer for Liligrand,
they probably would have done the same, but the interest was

[roscoe]: in San Dine, so that's what happened and now Washington
is gonna have to try to fit him in, And I think it makes more

[roscoe]: sense for them. They're an aging team. They need to
start bringing in some new people and the leaves are in Win now,

[roscoe]: and Sanine wasn't going to get first pair of minutes
with the leaves. And now look, he's literally straight to the

[roscoe]: first parent. Washington.

[steph]: Also Kyle devises little project here needs to play and
in order to do that, we had to move out some capital in order

[steph]: to re, activate him. So by these moves we had to activate
Matt Murray, right and sanden. Once Jake Mccave came in and everyone

[steph]: else, he just got pushed down the chart. Well Keef's
chart right, We know he has potential. We know. Um, he was on

[steph]: P. P. To, We Ve seen what he can do in the last five
years with the organization, but he can't play the right side.

[steph]: We've tried that. Been there. done that note, the new
acquisitions. they fill holes that we need. not just the offensive

[steph]: side but the D, which is, everyone's been talking about
the physicality, Even though Sandi led the D and Hits, not going

[steph]: to live before Lucsian's days.

[roscoe]: Throw some big

[steph]: It's

[roscoe]: ones.

[steph]: just yeah, like this hurts. I know this hurts for life's
nation. But we got a first back.

[roscoe]: I was going to say You

[steph]: We

[roscoe]: do

[steph]: got

[roscoe]: get the first.

[steph]: you get the first, which is the biggest thing. You scratch
each other's backs like you said Dart. Because it was prime time

[steph]: opportunity for dubs. He held out last summer. you know,
gave him the contract at the end of the day. Now he's doing well

[steph]: even though he missed some training camp. Sandy fully,
said, Um, It's been a rough start like it's been a low start,

[steph]: but we immediately acquire someone who leads the team
in points for defenders and has power play. You know, Opportunity,

[steph]: like off the bat, because he ran Washington's power play
unit, So it's it's tough to see the butter fingers happen with

[steph]: Guess right now, Because you want that hole to be immediately
filled. You don't want any mistakes, but people have to realize

[steph]: we're pretty much plugging imnubion, every single line

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: after dread. trade deadline, here on the road, the leaves
in Vancouver game. Wmas, the fourth game or Fourth game? third

[steph]: game in four nights, or whatever it was or three nights,
or yeah, it's just been a lot and I don't know it hurts. but

[steph]: at the same time it was time.

[roscoe]: Yeah, and look, look around. Tampa is on a five game
losing streak. I don't know if you guys saw this, but cutoff

[roscoe]: point and stam. Cos, were bench for the entire third
period and then the next game they get shut out Six. Nothing

[roscoe]: to Carolina. So I mean, if you want to sound the alarm
bells here, it's not like everything is honk dory on the other

[roscoe]: side of this round one match up and nothing is going
to change Like they could really both go on a couple game skid

[roscoe]: here, and it's still going to be the two of them, but

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: It just goes to show that this is going to happen. I'd
rather people playing well, but maybe a little banked up before

[roscoe]: the playoffs. and hopefully they're all back then, like
your top line cracking under pressure right now, because that

[roscoe]: seems weird for for Tampa, especially defensively. they're
collapsing. So I don't know.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: this is kind of the better of the two. It seems like
Matthews is okay. J. T. Ll be back in a few. hopefully fingers

[roscoe]: crossed. Oriole. S the one that I just don't know

[steph]: Yeah, and that just my last point on Sandy. You know,
the guy always wanted ice time and it wasn't going to happen

[steph]: in Toronto. Unfortunately, and I don't know. I just I
feel everyone's still complaining on Twitter. And I saw your

[steph]: tweet there dirty, too. You said he was a piss baby.
I saw that, But I don't know. Now we have a new guys. I'm honestly

[steph]: utterly shocked that we have Shin and Mccabe, Like I
thought, if Dubs was out to get a player like that, it would

[steph]: have been one. Not both.

[roscoe]: I know and of course the report comes in. He was swinging
on Eric Carlson, but of course the price was away too high.

[steph]: Oh yeah, yeah,

[roscoe]: Okay, so P continued to be good in the first. I'm just
looking through things that wetted. Oh, I'm gon Kevin. B. First

[roscoe]: intermission is like, You know Matthews could be fine,
but you know something like that could also be a really small

[roscoe]: M. C. L. terror. it's like Don't don't put that out
in the universe, you dick. That's just

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: we don't need that.

[steph]: Yeah, but

[roscoe]: Oh, the cool thing was when what was it that happened?
Was it? when Riley went down? something happened that they moved

[roscoe]: to Varas, Marner and Matthews onto one line together.
I think it was because Matthews. Oh, it was when he came back

[roscoe]: out after he was hurt. he came back out onto the wing,
and to Varas and Marner were already out there, so that it was

[roscoe]: like the thirty three million dollar line for the first

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: in No five on five, So I thought that was pretty cool.

[steph]: Um, go ahead, Ardy.

[darty]: I'm glad you're actually looking at the screen. I really
appreciate that,

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: So I have. I have Park now,

[steph]: no,

[darty]: So there's no

[steph]: I

[darty]: more

[steph]: saw you.

[darty]: illegal illegal interaction on the show. I am. The first
thing I want to say is that I want to congratulate Bxffor getting

[darty]: his degree at Web, M D University All right,

[roscoe]: Uh, uh,

[steph]: M.

[darty]: And and second, I also want to say I did not call Sandy
a Pis baby, but I might have retweeted it so

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: that those are

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: not my words. Whoever Me up, the term

[steph]: Um,

[darty]: pis baby, like I've there's always something new I can
add to my vocabulary. M. Yeah, there's some definitely some scary

[darty]: scary moments out there, but I'm glad that Johnny brought
that up about that that to Varus Matthews, and was Tmarsmathe's

[darty]: Marter line. Yeah,

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: it's like less. we forget that we still have some of
the best players in the N, regardless of they're going through

[darty]: a slump. And so sometimes all it takes is just you know,
Just got to change. rearrange the Quation and things can you

[darty]: know? They don't always look look great. But the thing
is is that that is possible. now. I'm gonna jump forward in the

[darty]: conversation, but you don't have to refer to it right
now, but talking about rearranging equations. Unfortunately,

[darty]: I don't think everybody is very happy when they have
to rearrange the equation by putting her foot on the first line.

[darty]: But you know you know Selav. Guess

[steph]: Keith said, Curfoot's been playing better than bunting,
and he's earned that first line role. We all know Keith sees

[steph]: all, but at the same time it's like you see the line
up O're like. What the hell? What? What's going on here? And

[steph]: seeing J T in a gray sweater today kind of throws you
off in a sense, but yeah,

[roscoe]: I feel like Since the acquisitions we've talked about
this through, Kurfoot's been playing a lot better, and I've noticed

[roscoe]: over the last month or so, Bunting's discipline has
really gotten a little bit of hack like there's a difference

[roscoe]: between being annoying and just being like Jordan Bennington,
and it seems like he's starting to lean towards that where he's

[roscoe]: like getting too riled up about things, and when there's
no call made, you can hear him yelling, like on the broadcast

[roscoe]: you can hear him down on the ice, and I don't know things
that are going to get him called more often than it's being effect

[roscoe]: If I think he just needs to be careful with how he's
playing this game and remember what the objective is and not

[roscoe]: get so emotional with it.

[darty]: He needs to get a phone call from Nasumqadri. Okay, because
that's very

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: qadrieske.

[steph]: Uh,

[darty]: very like

[steph]: uh.

[darty]: not cadre, as we know him

[roscoe]: Very

[darty]: now,

[roscoe]: much. Yeah,

[darty]: but care as we knew him. All right, I'll stop talking

[roscoe]: No hundred percent. That's really good comparison. it's
it's old cadre, old leaf cadre.

[steph]: Well, the biggest thing that sticks out to me is for
that game. Anyway. Are these two shorthanded goals on the same

[steph]: power play opportunity

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: for for the Vancouver connects. Just What? what now?
Right? like? just learning this after this game that the leaves

[steph]: haven't scored more than one power play goal in a single
game. This is my biggest worry. like

[roscoe]: That's a. I mean. that's not something to really worry
about, because look one, one power play goal on two opportunities

[roscoe]: is fifty per cent. One power play goal on three opportunities
is thirty three percent. One

[darty]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: on four opportunities is twenty five percent. All of
those you are still either number one or in the top four in the

[roscoe]: league. Like

[steph]: For sure, but

[roscoe]: it doesn't.

[steph]: my

[roscoe]: really.

[steph]: point.

[roscoe]: It doesn't really

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: like. the leaves don't get that many calls in a game
any way. Like how many power play opportunities do? They haven't

[roscoe]: even had a five on three this entire season,

[steph]: That's true, and they also took the least amount of penalties
in the month of February, but at the same time it's you know,

[steph]: when you have so many opportunities, it's what make or
break the game. And the first goal for Vancouver was on the power

[steph]: play. the second one for the Leaves, also on the power
play, But it seems like five on five.

[roscoe]: The

[steph]: nothing

[roscoe]: only

[steph]: was

[roscoe]: one for

[steph]: budging,

[roscoe]: the leaves,

[darty]: You know what. I just want to.

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: I

[steph]: the

[darty]: just

[steph]: only

[darty]: want

[steph]: one.

[darty]: to point

[steph]: sorry,

[darty]: out that I honestly love our Uncle John's bathroom reader
version of sucking. You know, fancy statistics are fancy facts

[darty]: about the leaves like these are the worst possible. Like
you know, records that the leaves could have you know like it's

[darty]: just like like

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: nobody wants to know this. You know what I mean. Like

[steph]: M,

[roscoe]: But, but really, like I put a pull out, I said. What's
the most concerning right now? Riley's hand, Matthew's leg, or

[roscoe]: Morgan's Riley, Because I thought that was funny. Yes,
I spelled Riley wrong. I know. Um, there was one, two, three,

[roscoe]: four five. I don't know. Like twelve. All of the above
and a lot of people saying the power Play specifically, Um. Fulton

[roscoe]: read saying the power play getting thirty seven likes.

[steph]: Hm,

[roscoe]: a lot of people In between. I mean, there were seven
hundred votes of Power Play would still probably be up there,

[roscoe]: Morgan, Riley, being number one, closely followed Bio,
Riley's hand and the power

[darty]: Who's

[roscoe]: play.

[darty]: surprised

[roscoe]: So

[darty]: by a life defense

[roscoe]: I mean,

[darty]: man taking a fucking ship kicking? You know what I mean
from the fans that

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: Yeah, ever since, I mean, since I was a kid, Mcabancaberle
and then Gardener, like there's always somebody

[darty]: The

[roscoe]: right

[darty]: life

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: The Gardener

[darty]: lies

[steph]: Express

[darty]: version of curse,

[steph]: way.

[darty]: Employe the month you know

[roscoe]: So to not spend time ripping on that because it's a
little played out the power play itself like, Yeah, it's an issue,

[roscoe]: but like I said, if they're scoring one a game unless
they're getting like more than four opportunities. That's not

[roscoe]: overly concerning. Would it help them yah? But like
they're five on five game has been good, so I'm not really worried

[roscoe]: about that. Like, like if they're scoring three, four,
five, six goals a game like they have been in the last two months,

[roscoe]: And they're still only scoring one of the power play
and all those games like. it's not a problem.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Like how many

[steph]: I guess

[roscoe]: games?

[steph]: it's just disappointing.

[roscoe]: How many games do you think they would have won if they
gotten one more power play goal this year? Like there's very

[roscoe]: few, they either win or they get blown out like they
don't really lose by a goal anywhere in the season.

[steph]: I was looking at our New Jersey stots looking forward
and we lost the last one by one and same with Boston like it

[steph]: adds up, man, like just the power play and thinking of
how, I mean, we're fourth overall, but

[roscoe]: Yeah, exactly out of thirty two. Like

[steph]: Carolina converted on four out of five power play opportunities
yesterday when blowing out Tampa sick. Nothing

[roscoe]: Okay, are they? Are they in the top three above us on
the power play?

[steph]: They are. I'm not too sure off the top of my head, but
I'm pretty sure they're doing well. They must be with its new

[steph]: acquisitions. Oh my God, just seeing that though, And

[roscoe]: You know what their power play is?

[steph]: What,

[roscoe]: You said Okay, So one for five, even twelfth, so throw

[steph]: Okay,

[roscoe]: point out the window. Only Edmonton, Tampa and L have
a better power play than the Leaves do. like. I don't understand

[roscoe]: this argument that the leaves power play sucks. It's
twenty five percent. They're just better

[steph]: I'm not

[roscoe]: than

[steph]: saying

[roscoe]: Buffalo,

[steph]: it sucks.

[roscoe]: but a lot of people are.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: a lot of people are saying it's the most concerning
thing. They are fourth in the league on the power play. They

[roscoe]: are first in the east. Well, sorry, second, other than
Tampa on Tampa is only less than half a per cent ahead of them

[roscoe]: like they're both at twenty five per cent.

[steph]: So Carolina's twelfth in the league, And what do they
do at trade deadline pick up Shane Goss to spare to anchor that

[steph]: second unit boom, four points and two games called Kinyemi
Career Hive Five point night, Three or four of those points came

[steph]: on the power play like it's just crazy how these fixtures
will like impact your team in this aspect. So as Leaf fans, I

[steph]: think the expectation is a little high because we have
these bigger names And you know

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Yeah, yeah,

[roscoe]: and one

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: of them has a broken finger and one of them got waked
in the head, and one of them got shot to the knee. If you give

[roscoe]: a couple of games for this to work, these guys are on
a, have the best power Like, even better than Tampa. That's all

[roscoe]: they

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: need to be, and they're barely worse

[steph]: agreed,

[roscoe]: than them. Go ahead,

[steph]: agreed

[roscoe]: tardy.

[darty]: So sorry, so just give you another crazy anecdote Is
that someone famous? I once said that if you mind your own biscets,

[darty]: life will be gravy. and unfortunately for the leaves,
is that when it comes to those opportunities to, to you know,

[darty]: whin those tight games right when on went down to one
goal you, we don't find the biscuit getting in the back of the

[darty]: net and I think when we're I said, which I was talking
with Bag Head and I was talking about. Like those fans who just

[darty]: seem to sit there in that negative pit of despair And
you know, never get out. It's like we. There's a reason Why this

[darty]: is not like unheard of. Because you know you are. People
say you are what your record says. You are. okay. Yes, we are

[darty]: fourth, but you know another record we have is fucking
disappointing failure. All right, it's not coming through when

[darty]: we need it, and the one time we need to see it. unfortunately
it sucks are those stupid bullshit games that come down to those

[darty]: on one goal, regardless of whether we're paying a bottom
feeder or a good team. And if we can't see that in the regular

[darty]: season, how the hell are we supposed to expect that from
them in game seven. I know it sounds crazy. I know it sounds

[darty]: like I'm shouting to the clouds, but it's true. How can
we expect that of them when the fucking time comes already, My

[darty]: coaches through the years of playing fucking pe sports
to high school football. they constantly always tell you, because

[darty]: I know this because I was a ship player and I barely.
I probably have more splinters on my ass from riding playing

[darty]: than anything else. I know this because the term is practice
how you fucking play all right, And if the regular season is

[darty]: just practice, then win those King games. Holy shit,

[roscoe]: Uh,

[steph]: A bitch. Yes, girl,

[darty]: So

[steph]: please

[darty]: sorry

[steph]: yell

[darty]: for everybody's

[steph]: that to the

[darty]: audio, but that's like. I don't want to be a bad head.
I don't want to be that guy that's constantly shipping on the

[darty]: leaves, But I understand the fury. I understand your
pain, and I understand why people are telling Morgan Riley, calling

[darty]: the new Jake Gardener, because we want to see them do
it in the regular season, even though we know their chance games

[darty]: or bullshit games or bottom feeder teams, Because if
we see, we see them doing it in those moments, we can feel more

[darty]: confident about them doing it in a game. Seven, Hell
in a game Five, All right, It's yes. this. this is just a small

[darty]: sample size. These four games. you know, the good thing
you guys mentioned was about Tampa, Like I did bring that up

[darty]: as like. How can we? You know we're sitting on the least
right now, But how are the other teams doing? And I actually

[darty]: didn't know I was expecting people to answer, because
I like, I tweattriter, like ogle, and the people did answer

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: right. the people

[roscoe]: hm.

[darty]: answered. Finish now,

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Yeah

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: and

[roscoe]: Tampa

[steph]: look at

[roscoe]: is

[steph]: Twitter right.

[roscoe]: on a skid man.

[steph]: Yeah, like I've seen twits today being like Kit has lost
the locker room. Oh my God, he's lost this team. Now. Faris is

[steph]: practising on the fourth line. What is wrong with him?

[roscoe]: Oh my

[steph]: Like?

[roscoe]: God,

[steph]: a lot of this is just ignorance because they don't know
what's actually going on with a depth of injury and such, But

[steph]: the other half is what Dart's mentioning. this p, t,
s, p, t, s. D moment where it comes back. It's like these haunting

[steph]: memories Like we want to see it now or else we don't
think it can happen later. And yeah, everyone's kind of pissed,

[steph]: but we're We're not like that. We. we watch every game
almost and break this ship down and realize you know we can take

[steph]: the good parts out of this game, right Murray is back.

[roscoe]: And

[steph]: He had

[roscoe]: he

[steph]: a solid

[roscoe]: that

[steph]: game.

[roscoe]: save on that two on o or two on one where he kicked
all the way across the net. That was crazy. That

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: should have gone in.

[steph]: Yeah, considering that we lost like, even though he posted,
what was it? A? eight thirty three right. Not

[roscoe]: Not

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: his fault.

[steph]: not a lot of shots on that. it's not his fault.

[roscoe]: The first one that went in. he was, Justin Hall, was
standing literally directly in front of him, like he loves to

[roscoe]: do and not block the

[steph]: Double

[roscoe]: shot.

[steph]: deflection.

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: and he blocked it went off of his leg or something and
into the net because he's so great at screening, And then the

[roscoe]: other ones were all just the turnovers off the the power
play and then they scored an empty nutter.

[steph]: Yeah, we find out you know Ryan Riley breaks his finger,
but he could have been worse like Marty tweeted. Today showed

[steph]: out Marty just saying he could have in like, broke his
back right, and could not be back for the playoffs

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: Like we know this is an injury. that he's going to come
back fully healthy. Cadre and Gadroe did it within ten fucking

[steph]: days last year and came back and played. I'm sure he'll
be fine And then the whole J. T thing like he took the day, Was

[steph]: the last one on the ice at practice to see how we felt
and trust me those trainers. If there is any signs of concussion,

[steph]: they will not let him put on a jersey. So these are good
sciences and we have to take them, appreciate them and move forward

[steph]: and welcome back Lilegrin next game. And you know we'll
see who's a net. Does Murray get the next start? Do you guys

[steph]: think?

[roscoe]: That's a tough one. Actually, I mean, I think because
of how long there's been between games. Like why not? Sammy clearly

[roscoe]: was playing a little hurt waiting for Marie to come
back. So

[steph]: Yeah, and also just a plus for the Vancouver side of
it all this game. Quin Hughes becomes the fastest defender in

[steph]: Anchel history to reach two hundred assist.

[roscoe]: That's

[steph]: Just

[roscoe]: pretty cool.

[steph]: beating out. Yeah, Brian Leach, body or he did it in
two sixty three. Brian Leached in two sixty four.

[roscoe]: Wow, good

[darty]: And

[roscoe]: for

[darty]: the

[roscoe]: him

[darty]: feel

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: good story about all

[steph]: yeah,

[darty]: of this

[roscoe]: last.

[darty]: by the way is that the Leafs are continuing their good
charity and allowing the Vancouver Connect to have a wonderful

[darty]: victory over. you know the big Bad leaf. You know everybody.
Any time they play the leaf it it feels great to be at the leaf

[darty]: so well, you know what. we did Them a fucking

[steph]: M,

[darty]: solid because their

[steph]: M,

[darty]: dumpster fire of a team and their idiot of a fucking
management aquiline. They, finally, they have something to look

[darty]: forward to. I saw the rings out there from Casco, Twitter.
All right,

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: so enjoy

[roscoe]: hm,

[darty]: your win Is because I'm sorry, Shadow, to not go from
nuckmeams, but you're fucking suck. so there you go.

[roscoe]: Yah,

[steph]: And another thing to write, Lucan. His wife's giving
birth in the next like any second now, so they left him behind

[steph]: and actually rented out ice for him to practice on and
left a trainer back with him Like the Leafs are very dedicated

[steph]: to get all of their new players to jail with this team.
Like even leaving back a trainer with him like, Wow, like, I

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[steph]: was shocked to hear this, but moving forward, the other
plus side, home, Urg and Steve's are called up. Homeburg obviously

[steph]: played his way into this roster before trade deadline
and he shown us what he could do like. I was pretty confident

[steph]: in camp in Homeburg, as our bottom six centers, We got
to this point in the season thanks to you know, the buds before

[steph]: trade deadline. I think Steve's, for example, is going
to light a fire under everyone's but just bringing this fast

[steph]: pace game Up to speed because it feels like the leaves
haven't been up to speed right, and

[roscoe]: No

[steph]: like they need like

[roscoe]: one of

[steph]: a

[roscoe]: those

[steph]: little kicking

[roscoe]: who

[steph]: the butt.

[roscoe]: who were they playing the other day where it was like
they were constantly losing every race to the puck Like I forget

[roscoe]: who one of their opponents was the last couple

[steph]: Calgary,

[roscoe]: o games. Yeah, I was Calgary, where it was like every
time they were going for it, it was like guys. How were you losing

[roscoe]: every foot race for this? I know you guys aren't slow.
Like what's going on? So just somebody to get them back up to

[roscoe]: speed. Really? it would be nice. Last thing I want to

[steph]: We

[roscoe]: say about

[steph]: see.

[roscoe]: the power play though, because I'm still

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: looking at this thing. Fun fact,

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: Edmonton was The best power play in the league right
now. It's just under thirty. Two percent has had two hundred

[roscoe]: and twenty six power play attempts, which is second
to Autowa. Only the leaves, however,

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: have had thirty five less power plays at a hundred and
ninety one, putting them nineteenth of thirty two in the league.

[roscoe]: So anybody complaining about the power play their fourth
for percentage, like ninth, for or seventh for actual power play

[roscoe]: goals, and their nine Tenth for opportunities to do

[steph]: Okay,

[roscoe]: So shove it. I know Morgan

[steph]: Wow,

[roscoe]: Riley is not playing well offensively right now, or
maybe defensively do, but everybody else is picking up the slack.

[steph]: Yeah, Well, it was evident when we had the five forward
power player as well, it. it worked when it worked and then it

[steph]: didn't work when it didn't like. It's nice to have that
mix up there, but now that we have now all year, the leaves have

[steph]: been battling injury and this adversity, and we're here
for a reason, and now we get to use a new bud. you know, Lardy,

[steph]: plugging in on the second line at center right. This
was a capability as a a plus, coming to the last right

[roscoe]: Oh, happy

[steph]: you can't

[roscoe]: birthday,

[steph]: have

[roscoe]: by the way,

[steph]: and happy Elated birthday, Sam Lafferty.

[roscoe]: Isn't it today

[steph]: Um,

[roscoe]: or was it say or was it yesterday

[steph]: it was yesterday.

[roscoe]: now?

[steph]: Yeah, but it's nice to have an extra center option and
then they trust him enough to plug him on the second line like

[steph]: that's That's good and it's not her foot right, like
her foot still on the first line left wing,

[roscoe]: Yeah, okay, so we got to go to questions because we
got a bunch of them and we're going to run at a time. So first

[roscoe]: of one,

[steph]: Okay,

[roscoe]: Zach Nelson pulled up the picture from the broadcast
where they showed the Leafs lost five straight in Vancouver.

[roscoe]: So Michael Hutchinson, here, you know what I gave you
guys, Hutchinson. See if you can name the other four goals that

[roscoe]: the Leaves have lost their last four games to Vancouver

[steph]: Gran,

[roscoe]: No.

[steph]: Oh, mara,

[roscoe]: Yep.

[steph]: Um, campbell,

[roscoe]: Yep,

[steph]: Um,

[darty]: Anderson. Yeah,

[steph]: Anderson

[roscoe]: Yep, and

[steph]: And

[darty]: Sparks,

[roscoe]: Nope.

[steph]: Oh,

[roscoe]: it was twenty twenty one.

[darty]: Castmrcascasio,

[steph]: Oh wall,

[roscoe]: No,

[steph]: M,

[roscoe]: but if

[steph]: Hm,

[roscoe]: you guys missed it, Casimir Casco, so nailed a rap in
the back of the head with a water bottle from like forty feet

[roscoe]: away and it was sick.

[steph]: Yeah, join the M. l. B man like well, That was a nice

[roscoe]: Okay. I'll give you guys

[darty]: David

[roscoe]: one more

[darty]: Rid,

[roscoe]: guest. Hell. Yeah, it's David Reddick,

[darty]: Did I

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: finally got a fucking question right out of every single
episode? I'm

[steph]: Thinking

[darty]: terrible of

[steph]: day,

[darty]: these. I'm terrible

[roscoe]: M.

[darty]: of these. I finally got one thing right, Just one. like

[roscoe]: Nicely

[darty]: part.

[roscoe]: done. nicely done. Um, So

[steph]: Nice

[roscoe]: the actual question from Zach Nelson Murray was awesome
tonight. What is going on with Matthews right now? He seems off.

[roscoe]: So what's going on with Matthews right now?

[steph]: Man. I think everyone has this expectation that he's
going to instantly score fifty again and his name has been plastered

[steph]: absolutely everywhere from N H, L covers times two, two
commercials. To you know, the expectation is high. He's deep

[steph]: in this league now and coming off this year and on pace
for thirty goals and like ninety points. people think he's going

[steph]: downhill when technically he's still an amazing player.

[roscoe]: I just want to

[steph]: Hm.

[roscoe]: pull up a graphic that Marty posted. Shout out, This
is Matthew's last year Versus this year, So after fifty six games

[roscoe]: goals for on ice, he's looking at sixty three expected
last year and fifty six this year. So let's down on ice

[steph]: Hm,

[roscoe]: goals against last year, forty seven this year, twenty
eight. So if you're asking what's going on with Austin,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: He is scoring a couple less goals while stopping twenty
of them from going in. so he's

[steph]: Leading

[roscoe]: changing

[steph]: forwards

[roscoe]: his game up.

[steph]: with blocks. Yeah, I think he's second on the lead in
the on the team with blocks,

[roscoe]: Oh

[steph]: and

[roscoe]: yeah, blocks

[steph]: just

[roscoe]: last

[steph]: being a

[roscoe]: year on pace for thirty nine this year seventy four.
He's sixteen more hits, up to sixty from forty four last year.

[roscoe]: Like, come on,

[steph]: Yeah, it's

[roscoe]: Sure, he had eleven more goals last year at this point,
But really like you've spread, you've spread that out. Marner,

[roscoe]: scoring more. J. T is back on his game, Willis on fire
this year Like they can spread this out. Well, he can make everybody's

[roscoe]: lives hell. and I love it.

[steph]: It's easy to get comfortable with the idea that Matthews
is the instant choice to score. and like every format, it's just

[steph]: I'm happy that he's working on his two way play. Obviously,
it looks like there's something wrong with these expectations,

[steph]: but I'm sure Dart has a great explanation because he's
talked to many peoples on the Inter Webs about this topic And

[steph]: yeah, I would love to hear your expert opinion.

[darty]: It's so hard to sit there and not to say anything, because
I always have these really funny things that just they sit in

[darty]: the back of my head. I'm like I got to say. I got say.
I got to say, and this time let's hope it comes out properly,

[darty]: But what I was going to say is it seems like Austin's
lost his moo, But when we look at the, when we look at Stott's

[darty]: like that, he's certainly got the power all right, and
one of the

[steph]: M.

[darty]: things that you know we needed from Austin was to adapt
and change this game up a little bit, and not just scoring right.

[darty]: Because we've learned Scoring goals isn't just going
to win us games. It's great and we, we love when we outscore

[darty]: our opponent, But as the other qualities, that from each
of the players, but particularly from Austin Matthews, that are

[darty]: going to win us in those really weird situations right
like sometimes just can't out score your opponent. but you can

[darty]: outfinessthem. you can't out block them. you can out
hustle them. And I think he said we're talking about Austin losing

[darty]: his modo. literalytht's. what people are saying. People
are saying that Austin, Austin Matthews doesn't look good out

[darty]: there, but I think that's just There's like almost like
you know, trying to use big words here, but it feels like I guess

[darty]: like a paratime shift in the way that the Leafs are,
you know, operating right now, and especially with all the players

[darty]: moving and and you know everything you're seeing online
and you know it's stuff that they probably are ealing with mentally

[darty]: too right. It's not know. they're the athletes. They're
the ones they're doing this. So they've had to change Has been

[darty]: a lot of change has been a lot of ups and downs injuries.
unexpected circumstances again. Like, what do we want to see

[darty]: from Matthews? Do we want See him score more goals? or
do we want to see him get better, And if getting better means

[darty]: to staying, you know, staying out of injury. Maybe block
and show is probably not going t save you from injury. But but

[darty]: we do like I'm not gonna.

[steph]: Oh,

[darty]: I'm not gonna ask him to score more goals. When I ask
of him is to be the best he may that he can possibly be. Does

[darty]: he give a funk that I'm asking that? Probably not. That's
what I am sitting here asking about Awes Matthews.

[steph]: M,

[darty]: If I can get that from Losin Matthews. That's that's
all that. That's all I can really ask from him. I had more to

[darty]: say somewhere, but I lost my trail of thought, so stop

[roscoe]: Look, I think the point comes down to you don't need
six goals to win a game. We're not the Edmonton Oilers. You just

[roscoe]: need one more than your opponent does right, So he doesn't
if we're

[steph]: Maybe

[roscoe]: already,

[steph]: on the pawraplay

[roscoe]: look if we're already up. five, four to one or something,
And he's scoring the one that makes it five to one. Like extra

[roscoe]: goals here and there are not what I'm looking for. If
that's going to be. You know what? What sets him from fifty to

[roscoe]: sixty Great, But really what's the difference maker
this year is? Can you stop the other team from scoring those

[roscoe]: important goals and can you score the important goals
when we ne. They and I have not thought that's been lacking for

[roscoe]: Matthew's game this year. Like whenever they need a
goal, these guys have come up clutched hen they need to. It's

[roscoe]: not like I'm sitting there when it's a one goal game
like, Oh my God, nobody can score every single time there's been

[roscoe]: the odd time. Yeah, but that's the game like. I feel
like running away with games is not really like. Yeah, it's fun,

[roscoe]: but it doesn't get you any more points than just winning
by a goal does right. So

[steph]: M,

[roscoe]: as long as you

[steph]: Hm.

[roscoe]: can stop the other team from scoring more often like
it's six to one to me.

[darty]: I also want to point out to that Austin Matthews is very
close friends with Justin Beaver, and anybody who's been, you

[darty]: know all those cats out there that are paying attention
to tiktok. You know you, you fellow rascals, rapscallions. paying

[darty]: attention to your tiktok. U. There is a lot going on
with that old Haley Beaver. And And and that you know you know,

[darty]: Nick said at best that you've got to keep an eye for
Selina All right, So if there's anything if there's anything

[darty]: that could be poss

[roscoe]: Oh,

[darty]: Bly

[roscoe]: my

[darty]: on Austin,

[roscoe]: lord,

[darty]: Matthew's mind right now. I know he's a young young lad.
He's into the social medias, And why not? So I'm sure that's

[darty]: probably up there too, so I got to tell him, just like
the Can government right now. Elate the tiktok buddy. All right,

[darty]: You got you got to keep you know. Keep your eye office,
leaner right, keep your eye on the fucking puck. All right. keep

[darty]: your stick on the ice and keep your head up. there. you

[steph]: It's funny you say that because coming into this year
on his slow start, many people on Twitter was like, Um, he has

[steph]: a new girl friend this year, maybe spending way too much
time with his girl friend rather than his buds. That speculation.

[steph]: Of course,

[roscoe]: You got to keep an out for Salina Is like the best quote
you've dropped in the last month.

[steph]: M,

[roscoe]: What a throwback. Mike. the fanatic

[steph]: M,

[roscoe]: asks what his dues do with Morgan Riley this summer.
Seriously, Riley, for J T Miller, The decor looks so much better

[roscoe]: with Riley out than ever have with him in the line up
so disheartening because I absolutely love Mo as a person, and

[roscoe]: Scott poet Scotia, following up very fair question.
He's not been right since coming back. temporary. If not, then

[roscoe]: what should the leaves do? Stuff you want to start it?

[steph]: Um, just thinking in a management perspective, even though
I'm not them, I just think they are not even going to touch Morgan

[steph]: Riley whatsoever until the time is going like, near the
end of his contract. he's going to be forever leaf. In my opinion,

[steph]: And what do we do? I don't know. We just have to prepare
for play offs. Get em used to multiple D partners right, like

[steph]: we've seen the hall show during Van Hoover. Who was it,
Brody, And then now he's being paired back with Lily. Like the

[steph]: pears are all over the place. I don't see the leaves
ever getting rid of Morgan Riley, but that's just my opinion.

[roscoe]: Tardy. take it away

[darty]: You know, I've been trying to say this all day, but when
it came when it came to Morgan Morgan, Riley, and like the hat

[darty]: and Vital, which I have been a part of just because like
man, I really wanted this guy to be the captain. he leaps a long

[darty]: time ago, and I just feel like I feel like there is some
care over attitude from the leaf that he grew up with, You know,

[darty]: the ones where he was sitting in the locker room while
Phil Castle was saying. What was the one he's talking? He's talking

[darty]: to the Funks name. again. That That short?

[roscoe]: For

[darty]: No,

[roscoe]: nough.

[darty]: not enough. The the coach was. it was it good one? Any

[steph]: Oh

[darty]: one good one. And

[steph]: Randy

[darty]: see,

[steph]: Carlyle,

[darty]: Morgan, Riley

[roscoe]: Oh,

[darty]: was in

[roscoe]: that

[darty]: that dressing

[roscoe]: whole thing,

[darty]: room Because

[roscoe]: eh,

[darty]: even the back of the video and I feel like I feel like
there's some carry over like, maybe depression or disappointment

[darty]: from. like you know, every year we fall short Right and
he's He really has gotten away with murder. All right. Like s

[darty]: best friends with Jake Gardener, I've seen these guys.
You know, I creep them one time I happened, they have to show

[darty]: up to my work and as like, look at these guys, they're
like shaking hands of buddy Buddy. They seem like couple of cool

[darty]: lads. I'm like this Morgan Riley fellow. All right, he,
he is an amazing defense man. And again we're talking about someone

[darty]: who lost their way who lost their modo. It's Morgan Riley,
and I know he has it still. Unless there's some injury. we don't

[darty]: know about it. You know all these guys are hiding something,
but Morgan Riley. I have given Justin Hall so much leeway that

[darty]: Though I've been chirping Riley, Eve, though been saying
some bad things, I take it all back all right. I want nothing

[darty]: but the best from Morgan, Riley, especially because he
is healthy on paper. We just got to help him get his mo. go back

[darty]: so everybody can finally like. Don't listen. Don't listen
to old me of five hours ago when I tweeted some probably mean

[darty]: ship about Morgan Riley.

[steph]: Oh,

[darty]: Listen to me now

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: when you're listening to this episode and let's send
out those positive vibes All right, because yes, I want to fucking.

[darty]: you know. throw this guy through the screen sometimes
because it just seems like, especially after tha One quick earlier

[darty]: in the season is like, Oh, yeah, it's really easy to
ignore the fans yelling. shoot. Yeah, well, then why don't you

[darty]: shoot the uckingpuck all right, Like if you're aware
of it, then don't be a little brat. you know. Don't be that kid

[darty]: like I'm not going to do it. Just fucking go out there.
You know what to do. Hammer down, boys, So we're talking about

[darty]: Morgan, Riley. We need to help this guy get his modo
back. Not a hundrpercent happy with him, but I'm sending out

[darty]: all the positive vive because he's the only guy we got.
He is our number one. He is our Victor Headman, And you know,

[darty]: don't even think Victor Headman is doing that great.
Take what we like. Let's not take what we have for granted. All

[darty]: right, I feel bad for shading on them. We do take him
for granted. I take him for granted, and I'm sorry,

[roscoe]: I think

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: we take

[steph]: hm,

[roscoe]: all of our defenders for granted in Toronto, but I would
say he can figure it out for the next what? twenty games. Because

[roscoe]: come play off time, I'm sure he's going to snap out
of it. He's He's got the most like you said. He's been here through

[roscoe]: this whole thing. He's got the most to prove. I think
being here through all of the debocals of past, he's carrying

[roscoe]: the most weight as a leaf. Like I don't know. I just
I feel Now with everything in the right place. Granted all these

[roscoe]: guys have to come back healthy, but I feel like this
is a time where he's really going to pull it together. I don't

[roscoe]: know. I hope so, just to echo what you guys

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: said like, I just, I hope for the best for him, but
I don't think they're goin to move on

[steph]: Me

[roscoe]: from

[steph]: too.

[roscoe]: him. But if it does get to the off season, and like
you know, everything falls apart and he is the reason that you

[roscoe]: know they lost game seven. Like just theoretically speaking,
knocking on what, Um, in that crazy world it's very easy Contract

[roscoe]: to move at seven and a half million for what he is,
just because the market was set after he signed it at like nine

[roscoe]: plus for what he is,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: So

[steph]: he's a steel.

[roscoe]: I think if the crazy crazy scenario came up where they
did want to move on from him, even if it isn't a couple of years,

[roscoe]: like you said, near the end of his contract, like they
want to do him a Kyle Lavery favor, and just for his last year,

[roscoe]: send him somewhere to win. I think it's an easy one
to move, especially towards the end of

[darty]: And

[roscoe]: it.

[darty]: the sad part is someone's getting a

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: steel right because like it's

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: it's also

[roscoe]: of course,

[darty]: the leaf's curse like there's multiple, like cursed things
that we do that we have, And one of the leaf curses

[roscoe]: Hm.

[darty]: is is that Are you know our players who are? So you know,
they've got that dark cloud over them and nothing can go right.

[darty]: All of a sudden, they go somewhere else like say, and
they just somehow our lights out and just put us to shame. right

[darty]: so Nd that would be that would be the perfect example.
I know he's a little bit O. K. I guess older. Now how long You

[darty]: been in the league for an entire decade? If not more

[roscoe]: Yeah.

[darty]: so, but still

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: like some, one'd be getting a steel out of Morgan Riley
Felix, you know I wouldn't want to lose him, and it would be

[darty]: a shame that you know you know how it's going to be if
that's the case if it comes down to, you know you know. Oh, you

[darty]: know, Morgan Riley equals Jake Gardener. two point. all
of a sudden, you know he's gone. He can't help it, just how it

[darty]: is in this fucking city. And and I am part of it. I am
to blame too.

[roscoe]: I think the

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: Curse of X leaves is coming to an end, though, because
I mean not that I'm cheering for people to have lesser careers

[roscoe]: by any means, but Capi and Yanson have not really panned
out since moving on from the Leafs, and those were guys that

[roscoe]: I thought we're going to be. You know, unfortunately,
we couldn't keep them kind of guys. And

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: really it's just been. They've bounced around and barely
made rosters, so the only thing I can take from that is maybe

[roscoe]: the curse to starting to lift.

[darty]: Maybe it's

[roscoe]: I

[darty]: weird

[roscoe]: don't

[darty]: to,

[roscoe]: know.

[darty]: because Capinin was like neelanderd, two point o, right,
or I guess like one point six or something. You

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: know E was like well, like

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: he wasn't really Ne Lander, but he was our stop gap when
Ne Lander was holding out, And it was you know, the talk of the

[darty]: town at that time was Why the hell do we need New Lander
if we have cappening, If you know what's happenin Casper Cappening,

[darty]: right, So it's very strange to think that this guy's
gone to the pit of misery along with Johnson, who I totally forgot

[darty]: about, So

[roscoe]: Yeah, and he was just part of a trade on deadline. One
of the big

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: ones. wasn't he for Meyer?

[steph]: I think so. yeah, yeah,

[roscoe]: So he's going out to San Hose. No, Andrea Johnson. Okay,
next question from Olaf Zenegar at Zenegar Why haven't the Leafs

[roscoe]: been able to make clean passes over the last three games?
I've been saying this. It's insane They can't make a pass all

[roscoe]: of a sudden. They used to be so good at this and then
it's just nothing is going in the right place. I get it. There's

[roscoe]: a lot of new guys. They're adjusting to how like we
talked about, People pass hard and that's hard to get sometimes.

[roscoe]: But like the professional hockey players they've had
practice. I don't know why this isn't clicking. Its. You're a

[roscoe]: little for us right in to watch. And like I said with
Gustafson, and like him and Riley, have lost a couple of the

[roscoe]: blue Lion. You've seen some passes in the slot to just
go to nobody, like they're trying to do

[steph]: M

[roscoe]: too much,

[steph]: You. I think they just have to get up to the pace even
with the one of the sorties from the Vancouver game. I believe

[steph]: Bunting passed it from behind Dem co, out in front to
Shin, who completely missed it. And then it went to Vancouver,

[steph]: who easily cycled and got the goal.

[roscoe]: And the other one was to Vars, throwing it out in front
of the net to nobody. So

[steph]: Yeah, and like there's three or four Vancouver kanus
right in the center like you're not getting that through. But

[steph]: like you just gotta stop panicing and think about it
for a second and I think

[roscoe]: When your task

[steph]: you know

[roscoe]: is intercepted

[steph]: it would.

[roscoe]: by J T Miller, give your head a shake.

[darty]: No, no,

[steph]: It's this tough league. Re like it's anything can happen
and people play their best against the leaves. Always like everyone's

[steph]: either from Ontario, they want to put on their best shoot
showing. Where this game welcoming back. Like every game, there's

[steph]: a list of events going on and there's always something
to celebrate or another record record broken. But now I think

[steph]: the guys need to just breathe. Finish this road trip.
you know, Have a good couple practices and get back to Basics

[steph]: like defense, and then the offense will come like, Don't
try anything fancy, and then it will come.

[roscoe]: Agreed. Okay, So now we've got a couple of questions.
I love these. These from Chris Harley at Early sports. Um,

[steph]: Oh

[roscoe]: so we got a few here. fun ones. first one. like I know,
Arizona's attire, fire, and doesn't even have an arena, But we

[roscoe]: have to be the most embarrassing franchise right, and
for anybody who is familiar with like Dungeons and Dragons out

[roscoe]: there, it's like the leaves don't just miss. They roll
a natural one when they lose. So for for reference, like what

[roscoe]: that means is You have a twenty sided die and if you
roll it and you get a one, say you were trying to like fire your

[roscoe]: bow, instead of just missing the bow, snaps and hits
you in the face and you do damage to yourself like it's the worst

[roscoe]: possible thing that could happen because you rolled
the lowest possible thing like I feel like that's what it is

[roscoe]: With the leaves. They can't just lose a game. It's they'll
win. Everything is fine. They'll dominate a couple of games.

[roscoe]: The win. that one was getting a little close, and the
next game it's like people trip over their own sticks. It's like

[roscoe]: Is happening. How are you? a completely different team
than last week?

[darty]: I just love rolling that one on the D twenty, you know,

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: and then rolling it again.

[roscoe]: Buddy?

[steph]: Yah,

[darty]: What is it? Though they call it like a roll

[steph]: Uh,

[darty]: for misery or something.

[steph]: uh,

[darty]: When you have to roll one that you roll one. you got
to roll again. And then that happened to me so many times it's

[darty]: like Yeah, I guess I'm getting fucking wrecked today.
never playing that game again.

[roscoe]: Yeah, it's just the leaves know how to lose in an embarrassing
fashion. I don't know. It's the frustrating thing is, and the

[roscoe]: also silver lining is, it's two points. Either way you
can win by. like I said, you can win by six goals. You can win

[roscoe]: by one. It's still two points. You can lose by six

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: and you can give up two short handed goals. It's not
like you know you lose any points for it like it just looks worse

[roscoe]: to everybody watching the game.

[steph]: There's always something right or Justin Hall gets activated
by putting two Tam Pons in his nose, like something

[roscoe]: Oh my god,

[steph]: king random, and it becomes a headline

[darty]: Heard

[steph]: so

[darty]: of a champion right there.

[roscoe]: You

[steph]: I don't

[roscoe]: know,

[steph]: know.

[roscoe]: Yeah, but in a couple of weeks

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: this is just going to be a game that they lost and we're
going to be more focused on the time line for Riley. Coming back

[roscoe]: is O far as back up to speed. and which goal is n't
like. These things aren't going to be a conversation in a couple

[roscoe]: O weeks, especially heading into the playoffs. It's
just really, really, really annoying coming down the stretch

[roscoe]: to lose a game like this again. I've

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: shouted out to the Tampa fans inside the rank because
my God, they've been screaming.

[darty]: You know it leaves.

[roscoe]: I can't image What it's like

[darty]: Leaf

[roscoe]: over

[darty]: fans

[roscoe]: there.

[darty]: just really really want to have their cake and eat it
too. And I know people say you.

[roscoe]: Yeah, you got

[darty]: You

[roscoe]: to

[darty]: know,

[roscoe]: win

[darty]: they

[roscoe]: eighty

[darty]: always

[roscoe]: two

[darty]: say

[roscoe]: games.

[darty]: you can't cake to, you know, the stupidest old fashioned
archaic statement, But the truth is that the reason that we want

[darty]: to is because everybody else seems to you know, like
for some reason Boston, nothing can go wrong for Boston. nothing

[darty]: can go wrong for that rat Marsh, and you know we're all
finding you know, team friendly deals, not fucking postawtveron

[darty]: Un. You know,

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: rose,

[steph]: Uh,

[darty]: rose color

[steph]: uh,

[darty]: glasses and red flags. And what not?

[steph]: Fox.

[roscoe]: Okay, so this next one is going to be just for the sake
of me clipping this and putting it on our Instagram. I'm going

[roscoe]: to call this start, one bench one and cut one cool.

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Hardly know.

[steph]: I

[roscoe]: that's

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: not

[steph]: these.

[roscoe]: what you wrote, but I got to censor. I know we haven't
censored a lot, but I want to post this So first is plain chips?

[roscoe]: Okay, so not no flavors, just plain chips. pringles,

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: lays and ruffles start one cut, one bench, one,

[steph]: Um, I think the first choice to cut is obvious Here,

[roscoe]: Which is.

[steph]: Pringle

[roscoe]: Oh,

[darty]: Yeah,

[steph]: funk that

[darty]: I'm cutting pringles

[roscoe]: okay,

[darty]: too, just because I like you have to define lays. If
it's is it just lays original or lays like any type of lays.

[roscoe]: No dude, all all original.

[darty]: All

[roscoe]: All

[steph]: All

[darty]: original.

[roscoe]: these are original.

[steph]: original

[darty]: Okay, but

[steph]: Yeh

[darty]: okay, here's my issue again. I always make things complicated.
The lays taste better like if you dip them like, I'm pretty sure

[darty]: like people like, put like cream

[roscoe]: No

[darty]: or something on them,

[roscoe]: plane plan

[darty]: but

[roscoe]: chip.

[darty]: just the chip themselves. I'm cutting the lays. Sorry,
I'm cutting he lays.

[roscoe]: Thank you, plain lays. If you've had like when I was
the last time you bought a bag of plain lays chips. There are

[roscoe]: so many You go to the grocery stores like there's kettle
cooked ones. There's like even the store brand kettle, cook chips,

[roscoe]: salt and vinegar, even the plain ones like they're better
than lays. They're not

[darty]: Miss

[roscoe]: good.

[darty]: Vicki's

[roscoe]: They're

[darty]: ruined

[roscoe]: like,

[steph]: Guys.

[darty]: my life.

[roscoe]: S like tissue. It's tissue paper, Man, like it's sold
tissue paper. There's nothing there

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: cut. lays.

[steph]: but they hit the spot when you're mowing and you're downing
a bag like myself. The plane lays are easy to eat and they don't

[steph]: freaking stab you in the mouth

[roscoe]: No, the

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: great either,

[steph]: a ruffle. Okay and I can grab a whole handful because
that's the only way I eat chips like a savage and pop corn, and

[steph]: I just shove that ship in my mouth and make a huge mess
and it has to be lays from these three like pringle. Yeah, plain

[steph]: lays, yea ruffles. Though, if there's a dip, it has to
be a ruffle because there's support in that ship

[roscoe]: We're

[steph]: so

[roscoe]: talking

[steph]: it can hold

[roscoe]: plain

[steph]: the dip.

[roscoe]: chip

[darty]: No accoutrements

[roscoe]: only

[darty]: All right, But the,

[roscoe]: Paramon,

[darty]: The, The

[roscoe]: Sonacuraman,

[darty]: lore, So the the Pringles, Though, the one thing I do
like with the Pringles is they're basically Mc. Donald's French

[darty]: rise. All right, They taste the exact same. Yeah,

[steph]: No,

[darty]: they taste the exact name of Mcdonald

[steph]: No,

[darty]: French prize.

[steph]: they do

[roscoe]: They do.

[darty]: Yes,

[steph]: not

[roscoe]: They do

[darty]: but I think also to the Mcdonald, French tries to have
heat. You're never gonna have a hot pringles. That is the difference.

[roscoe]: Okay.

[steph]: True.

[roscoe]: Just okay.

[steph]: Yes,

[roscoe]: I'm starting starting pringle bunching ruffles and cutting

[steph]: How ship are cold Macdonald's fries here? Okay, so you
want to ringle? That's equivalent to a cold Macdonald fry

[roscoe]: If it was

[steph]: over

[roscoe]: flat

[steph]: a

[roscoe]: and

[steph]: ruffle

[roscoe]: crispy,

[steph]: and lay.

[roscoe]: I would eat a cold crisp, Macdonald's fry any time like
the little, like, if you find one of those crises in the ottom

[roscoe]: of the bag, Not like, like hours old, but like if it
was cold, I eat that I wouldn't touch the rest of the bag

[roscoe]: Because crispy potato salt, which is basically what
all of these are okay. This one is a little easier. More interesting,

[roscoe]: pie, cake and ice cream.

[roscoe]: Start,

[steph]: That's

[roscoe]: one

[steph]: hard.

[roscoe]: bench, one and cut one. I will start. I'm going

[steph]: Okay.

[roscoe]: to say,

[roscoe]: Oh my lord, Okay, so here's why I am somebody who finds
myself craving cake, but I'm going to cut cake because it's the

[roscoe]: idea of it is always better than the actual cake. like
I very rarely have a cake that's really good Like you can buy

[roscoe]: more chitty cakes than you can. good ones and good ones
are expensive

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: pies. You can spend six ninety nine on an apple pie
at the grocery store. It's a pretty good pie like you can make

[roscoe]: a pie at home, and even Like when it's not that great,
it's still pretty good. You can buy a can of pie filling and

[roscoe]: make a good pie. You throw some ice cream on that. It's
perfect for that reason, I start ice cream because ice cream

[roscoe]: makes every desert better, Meaning ice cream is the
King. Pie gets benched and cake gets cut.

[steph]: Okay, see your reasoning there. This is hard for me because
I do not have a sweet tooth. I'm a savory person. I'm really

[steph]: like. I'm not picky. I just don't want it like I can
eat apple pie, but I'm not really enjoying it because I'd rather

[steph]: have like I don't know Sor bay. I like fruity sore bays.
I don't. I'm not like a huge ice cream lover either, So if it's

[steph]: like Mixed fruit sor, I would love that, but

[roscoe]: Fine

[steph]: H.

[roscoe]: ice cream

[steph]: d.

[roscoe]: is

[steph]: Q

[roscoe]: King.

[steph]: cake. Yeah, d, Q cake over everything every birthday

[roscoe]: That's

[steph]: it has

[roscoe]: mostly

[steph]: to be

[roscoe]: ice

[steph]: D.

[roscoe]: cream.

[steph]: Q. That's the only cake I'll go for. I can eat a cake,
but like my, my favorite d. Q. If we're just talking about cake

[roscoe]: That's

[steph]: cake,

[roscoe]: an ice cream cake, which proves my

[steph]: There's

[roscoe]: point that

[steph]: too

[roscoe]: ice cream

[steph]: much

[roscoe]: makes every regular dessert. Better Ice cream is King
or a dairy. Please sponsor us

[steph]: I like treatzapizza too, from D. Q.

[roscoe]: Again.

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: it has ice cream.

[steph]: Yes, so ice cream wins for me as well

[roscoe]: Thank you. dirty.

[steph]: caking pie.

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, which one

[steph]: I don't

[roscoe]: between

[steph]: know.

[roscoe]: cake and pie?

[steph]: I have to go cake, because you know I'm one to eat around
the crust as well. I like the filling. I'm not a big crust person

[roscoe]: Sorry, So which one are you cutting?

[darty]: Uh, uh,

[steph]: Pie.

[roscoe]: Okay,

[steph]: This

[roscoe]: Sorry,

[steph]: is hard.

[roscoe]: I could not make sense of your reasoning, which, whether
it was good or bad,

[steph]: Okay, I like them all Guy is. I just rather not

[roscoe]: Um,

[steph]: Trizapizza

[roscoe]: Okay, Dart,

[steph]: from

[roscoe]: and

[steph]: D.

[roscoe]: then

[steph]: Q.

[roscoe]: and then we'll do favorite pies and we'll sign

[darty]: All

[roscoe]: off.

[darty]: right, You ever like like? I feel like my thoughts are
so loud sometimes that like like I'll be sitting there like you

[darty]: guys are talking and I'm just thinking about. Like pie,
pizza, Was my wife calling and then I'm like thinking about like

[darty]: Holy fuck, my mike was on. Was I talking? So I do apologize.
I was like just randomly, like blurting out. I don't know. My

[darty]: thoughts felt so loud because I got lost in the in the
pie. I lost in the sauce. All right So but while you guys were

[darty]: going on, I was really,

[steph]: Do you hear the baby crying?

[darty]: I'm outside in my car, So I can't, but maybe my spiky
senses are tangling, But yeah, I was like, really lost in my

[darty]: thought about like pie and cake and then chores. And
if I had to choose one like I have to, I have to start pie. I

[darty]: love pie. I love all kinds of pie, even apple pie, which
I think can be very basic and boring. Sometimes I'll choose that,

[darty]: Especially it's hot, like a hot apple pie from like Mc
Donalds, or like you know, fresh out of the know, baked

[roscoe]: Oh yeah, pies got to be

[darty]: baked

[roscoe]: hot.

[darty]: by your, you know, your grandmama, or something like
that, but O your grandpa. Now some grandpa was a damn good pie

[darty]: maker too. All right, He made made a really good pumpkin.
but I like pumpkin pie. Some people don't, but you got t have

[darty]: the whip. All right, you don't have the whip, So I'm
starting pie. I am cutting. I'm cutting ise cream only because

[darty]: I only like one or two flavors and I usually find myself
only. I usually find myself over eating it. I don't think I have

[darty]: like I used to love, Like the idea of having three scoops
and I usually like At the end of the day, I probably only need

[darty]: The baby cup and then I'm good. Anything more than that
just seems like I'm just like. I'm like

[steph]: Me

[darty]: drinking

[steph]: too.

[darty]: milk. you know, like, like, like, like, Like choctelieyou.
know like a lot of chocolate milk. You know. I mean lie. Yo know.

[darty]: you just drink too much of flavored milk. Just you want
throw up just any milk. So it's you know dairy challenge yourself,

[darty]: So it's definitely T's.

[steph]: Rascal's

[darty]: It's

[steph]: dying.

[darty]: definitely start, Pye bench and cake, Because like cake
is good, but I just don't know it sitting on the bench All right.

[darty]: And yeah, we're cutting. We're cutting the cutting. The
ice cream Go.

[roscoe]: I'm lacdosintolerant and I picked ice cream as the winter.
What does that

[steph]: Uh,

[roscoe]: say?

[roscoe]: Ice cream with

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: King? Okay, So pies, I have to say, because it already
just made me think about pies. My favorite. I said, all pies

[roscoe]: have to be hot. All pies don't have to be hot, but

[steph]: No,

[roscoe]: most pies are better when hot, but

[darty]: Some like Get

[roscoe]: lemon

[darty]: hot

[roscoe]: marang pie is fantastic and it's not hot. Same with
coconut, cream pie and butter. Scotch pie is

[steph]: What

[roscoe]: really good and I like. I like all fruit pies, cherry
pie, apple pie, strawberry roubarbpie,

[darty]: Sweet Jerrybye.

[roscoe]: like they're all Good. Blueberry pie.

[steph]: My favors. lemon marang,

[roscoe]: Never met a piotidn't. like.

[darty]: I don't know why, but I still say

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: Lemon

[steph]: yeah,

[darty]: marang is lemon Marin, just because I'm I think it's

[steph]: M.

[darty]: because because I just want to be purposely obtuse

[roscoe]: Levin Rite is

[steph]: I like

[roscoe]: really

[steph]: lime.

[roscoe]: good and Key lime is

[steph]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: good too.

[steph]: I like fruity. I do. not okay. I'm not a picky person
Guys. There's like enough things. I can count on the top like

[steph]: one hand that I hate in this world, and one of them is
coconut. So

[roscoe]: What

[steph]: coconut is out. I hate coconut with a passion. I can't
even smell it. It smells like ship to me, So if you have coconut

[steph]: body wash, you smell like ship.

[roscoe]: Interesting? Okay? What about?

[darty]: Step

[roscoe]: what

[darty]: is

[roscoe]: about

[darty]: not in

[roscoe]: cheese

[darty]: love with

[roscoe]: cake?

[darty]: the Coco.

[steph]: No,

[roscoe]: Not

[steph]: Well,

[roscoe]: a love with the cook. What about what about cheese

[steph]: yeah,

[roscoe]: cake?

[steph]: no coconut here,

[roscoe]: Cheese cake

[steph]: love

[roscoe]: is a dividing

[steph]: cheese

[roscoe]: one.

[steph]: cake, love cheese cake. Okay, so if it's a desert, I
go for cheese cake, not cake cake.

[roscoe]: See those are good. I like the ones. I know. they're
like Cisco. You know, every restaurant has them, but those big

[roscoe]: cheese cake that has like the chunks of stuff in it.
Those ones are

[steph]: M.

[roscoe]: really good at restaurants,

[steph]: I like fruit. I like score. I like Carmel, chocolate
stuff like that, but

[roscoe]: So basically anything you can put on a cheese cake,

[steph]: Yeah, pretty much

[roscoe]: I lean more towards fruit cheese cake than chocolate.
I don't know. I find like the chocolate. I don't. no, I. it's

[roscoe]: the texture or the bitterness of it just doesn't. I
mean, chocolate and cheese obviously go well together, but it's

[roscoe]: like the texture. I find a little little strange. I
don't like peanut butter with it for the same reason.

[steph]: I like dark chocolate and Carmel, sea salts with

[roscoe]: Oh,

[steph]: dark chocolate,

[roscoe]: Carl. see salts good, but I think it's the acid and
the fruit goes well with it. you know, cut some of the fat of

[roscoe]: the cheese instead of adding more to it with chocolate.
I'm getting really molecular with this I apologize. just thinking

[roscoe]: about cheese cake.

[steph]: Dirty

[roscoe]: Now?

[steph]: favorite pie.

[darty]: In the words of the great Marts show, we are examining
the minutia of this this topic

[roscoe]: Yeah,

[darty]: and

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: my favorite pie. definitely like a strawberry roubarbut.
I don't know. I think that like, I

[roscoe]: Wow,

[darty]: think, I think foods, I think smells and scents like
they can definitely bring you back to like a place of nostalgia.

[darty]: You know, if I want to be like Down Draper here, you
know, talking about nostalgia and I don't know what it is about.

[darty]: strawberry rout bar pie. I don't think I think it's the.
For. It just reminds me of a place of this one time when I was

[darty]: a young when I was a young boy, and I had every single
grandmother and associated grandmother in my life in my house

[darty]: like they were. They all went like strawberry picking,
and I guess rubarpicking and then they wanted to make every.

[darty]: They wanted to use every single mason jar imaginable
to make jams and jellies and pies, and for an entire like week,

[darty]: I was eating pie and jam and jelly,

[roscoe]: Oh, hell, enough,

[darty]: and I was just In heaven And that is where my problem
is with wet started.

[steph]: A.

[darty]: But but now

[roscoe]: M

[darty]: take back from a. I just want to be funny, but honestly
though it's like you know, it's as a kid, you just can't help

[darty]: yourself and you cannot stop eating like our man. I don't
recall a single day that week not having pie. It was so good

[darty]: and like I don't have. I don't really eat that much sweets
now anyways, like every now and then, I'll I'll you know, buy

[darty]: a larocca cake from Grocery store and destroy one of
those. whatever it happens to be like a chocolate truffle or

[darty]: something. But,

[steph]: Uh.

[darty]: but when it comes to pies like you know, I don't really
buy store bought pies. I did choose pie over it, though, because

[darty]: of those memories and because, if I go and say, if I
go to a family gathering, if it happens to be Thanksgiving or

[darty]: something, you know, the first thing on my plate, it's
going to be that pumpkin pie All right and I know it's It's not

[darty]: for everybody like I, I love the straberyrubar pie. I
love the cherry pie, but there's a special place in my heart

[darty]: for that pumpkin pie. All right. So and the whip you
got to have the

[roscoe]: Frick.

[steph]: What it

[roscoe]: Fun fact, I don't know if you guys have tried this brand
before and I can't remember what is called the top of my head,

[roscoe]: but there's a brand of jam that they have a wall mart
that has like a bunch of different flavors and one of them is

[roscoe]: strawberry rubarb jam and it's really good.

[steph]: Nice.

[roscoe]: Highly

[steph]: Never tried it.

[roscoe]: highly Rico

[darty]: Please sponsor us?

[roscoe]: right.

[steph]: I did my garlic con fe today because I do that

[roscoe]: Oh,

[steph]: a lot. so I spread that on toast with like avocado and
other ships, So

[roscoe]: Oh, damn,

[steph]: like

[roscoe]: look at you.

[steph]: I, It's so easy and like it lasts, so you get garlic
oil out of it as well, and like flavor things instantly. It's

[steph]: great. So all this desert tug like I'm usually cooking
savory ship like I've haven't baked and I can't even remember,

[steph]: probably since I was a kid, But cook. I cook every day
like and I cook from scratch too like. I hate store bought ship

[steph]: and frozen ship. So Well I try with the spending means

[darty]: Yeah,

[roscoe]: Oh

[steph]: Girls are expensive man. Oh my god,

[darty]: I had to cook three weeks

[steph]: right,

[darty]: in a row, because I'm not a good chef. I'm my Heffer
Will kill people. Gordon Ramsey would never stay at my house,

[darty]: but I had to cook three weeks in a row. I know there's
people listening like Wow, dirty Uramouron, people cook every

[darty]: day. But but again I said, I prefaced by saying like
I am not the main chef in my house because people will die, but

[darty]: I cook three weeks in a row because I screwed up and
did not cancel my Hello fresh orders for Three weeks. I don't

[darty]: normally use Hello Fresh, but I, I got it because someone
gave me free Hello fresh and was like Oh, That sounds like a

[darty]: cool idea. I'll start cooking because it seems simple
and I'm not trying to plug Hello fresh here. They're not paying

[darty]: us and this definitely not a good story for them, Eve,
Though the food was great, but but yeah, I kept get. I kept

[roscoe]: I.

[darty]: getting those subscriptions like God, damn it. I thought
I skipped it. I thought I skipped my subscription this week and

[darty]: they kept sending it to me And so because I initially
picked five meals, they sent me five meals every week, and that's

[darty]: you know, you have to make a meal Every single day, so
I'm like, God damn it, if I don't make it, it's going to go bad.

[darty]: So every day, like for three weeks, was an experiment
and like not murdering people, and you know, sending people to

[darty]: hospital, and I got to say My, My odds were like two
out of three, you know, Like two thirds of the meal is turned

[darty]: out pretty good. One third of them probably would. never,
you know, would would get

[steph]: Nice

[darty]: me. You know Gordon would come to my restaurant and be
like you, bloody idiot. You are an idiot sandwich

[steph]: Is going to

[darty]: guarantee.

[steph]: say that

[darty]: So I said, two of three ain't bad for darting and cooking.
And so if there's my plug for Hello Fresh is, just make sure

[darty]: that you remember to skip or cancel your subscription
because you will be stuck with a lot of food.

[steph]: I'll

[roscoe]: I.

[steph]: send you all my flyers for them.

[roscoe]: On that. I just canceled a couple of subscriptions today
that have just been kind of sitting around and it felt good.

[roscoe]: so reminder friendly. Remind you to do that if you haven't
in a while.

[darty]: Credit card will thank

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: you.

[roscoe]: Heck, yeah, okay,

[steph]: Well,

[roscoe]: let's get out of here.

[steph]: Leaves play tomorrow night, New Jersey Devils. guys.
We won one, lost one so far, so hopefully we can beat the this

[steph]: beast of a team who has new players and team O, Myer
and company, and we'll be back to talk about it.

[roscoe]: Just got to beat the devil out

[darty]: I'm

[roscoe]: of

[darty]: just

[roscoe]: it.

[darty]: on a ell you right now, sorry,

[steph]: Yeah,

[darty]: fellows, and step and all of you beautiful people out
there. but we did. We only lost one game. That first game did

[darty]: not count. All right, We definitely,

[steph]: Yeah.

[darty]: we definitely sucked them so hard with the rest right,
which has never happened. So let's actually win a game for real.

[darty]: Let's show them that we don't need the rafts and let's
kick some freak in as, because like the boys deserve it out there

[darty]: right,

[roscoe]: Go. let's go, baby.

[darty]: And follow me for more of that hot tik tok gossip.