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Struggling to keep up with the evolving demands of Data Centers? Join Max Clark, Founder at, in a revealing conversation with Jay Smith, Vice President of Business Development at Evocative.

We explore the evolving world of Data Centers, the unique approach of Evocative, and the intriguing shift towards Bare Metal. With over two decades of shaping the Data Center landscape, Jay offers unparalleled insights on customer demands, AI and ML trends, and some bold predictions you don't want to miss!  What's your take on the Bare Metal vs Cloud Debate? Share your thoughts in the comments👇 

Time Stamp: 
0:08 - Introduction to the Episode: Deep Dive in Internet Infrastructure Developments for 2024 
0:51 - Exploring Jayson “Jay” Smith's Two-Decade Journey in Data Centers
3:29 - Building and Buying Data Centers
9:33 - Analyzing Data Center Demands: Repatriating Cloud Workloads
21:24 - What Does Bare Metal Mean with Evocative?
23:52 - Bare Metal Management
29:23 - Walkthrough for an Engagement in Bare Metal
32:31 - Shifting to Bare Metal? Get Expert Insights for a Smooth Transition
35:16 - Bare Metal Savings Uncovered: Separating Myth from Reality
44:51 - Demystifying vCPU Metrics: The Benefits of Bare Metal over Cloud
46:50 - What's on the Horizon: Predicting the Future of Data Centers
54:29 - To Build or Colocate? Making the Right Decision for Your Data Center Needs

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