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What is Veteran's Affairs Plus W/ David L. Washington?

Veteran's Affairs Plus discusses the issues that veterans in Las Vegas deal with on a daily basis. Your host, David L. Washington connects listeners with relevant community resources and information that they need to help veterans or themselves.

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You can see what's going on what's going on what's going on. Good morning, Las Vegas. This is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. I'm Dave Washington, your host. And as always make a few comments before we get our guest on commander Ensign. We will talk to him in just a moment. Once again want to acknowledge Shirley Herndon and her son, Kelly Herndon, who are having birthdays this month. And as many of us know this month, particularly in fact, the day of the airing of this show will be Veterans Day. And as such I've brought on a number of veterans in the show was called Veterans Affairs plus plus. So we can talk about other things that we may choose to talk about. But again, I want to definitely do some focus, particularly on veterans as we embark upon Veterans Day. So today we have commander Vinson, and I'll let him give his last name and also the organization that he represents. And I'll have a few statements and questions to ask them. Great. Vince, how you doing?

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Thank you, Dave. My name is Vincent Palmieri Jr. and I'm the commander of military auto, the purple hot chapter 711 of Greater Las Vegas.

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Okay, how long has it organization been in existence? Vinson

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plow? Well, I've been a member for eight years since I've been in Las Vegas. But I know it's been around a lot longer than that. We have approximately 183. Members.

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183 members. So where are you from? Benson.

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I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York. And I'm sure everybody can tell by my accent.

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Know, what branch of the military did you serve?

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I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and at the end of 1966, after I graduated from high school. Oh, wow.

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So what were your jobs while you serve?

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Well, if anyone knows about the Marine Corps, when we go to boot camp, which is 12 weeks, everyone is trained to be a rifleman, no matter what your MOS is in the Marine Corps that stands for military occupation. And mine was Oh 311, which was the infantry or as we say, in the Marine Corps, Grunt.

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grunt. So you did that throughout your service? And did you complete a 20 plus year or did you just do for six years?

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Oh, I wish my my dream was to make the Marine Corps career. But when I enlisted was right at the height of the Vietnam War. And when we were in bootcamp, our drill instructors told us everyone will serve at least one tour of duty in Vietnam. So I enlisted for four years. And I spent almost all my time in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, and I graduated from bootcamp. I was part of the fleet force in the Atlantic, then came back and had audits to go to Westpac, which means that you're going to Vietnam. And unfortunately, I was wounded twice, and after the second time, I could not fulfill my duties according to the Marine Corps, so they retired me, so I never got to finish my even my four years.

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Okay. Well, God bless you, you're still here. So, you said that you have over 100 around 183 members. So tell us what the purpose and the goals and objectives are. of this organization.

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The objective of the purple hot any purple hot organization, and it's a national organization is to help other veterans, not just purple hot veterans, right. And that's what my chapter focuses on. We do a lot of different type of fundraisers for ourselves, we support the Las Vegas veteran's treatment court. We support the Fisher Foundation, and we raise money to support those groups and individuals, veterans who are in need.

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Excellent. You know, we had Congresswoman Shelley Berkley on an earlier show. And I can tell you that she says some things that I certainly agree with in areas pacifically, we should do a lot better in taking care of our veterans. Because I know in my travels, I've been around here since I was three and a half. And I served in the fire service. And sometimes you knew, I may get called out on on a fire or some emergency early in the morning, late at night. And I will see. And I knew that you could tell when somebody's a veteran by some of the things that they were, how they carry themselves. But we can and must do a better job. And I'm gonna continue to say that as long as God gives me breath, because I think that we have not done the best that we can, as one of the, quote unquote, leading nations in the world, we can do a better job. We do a lot of others, and we send foreign aid here, there and everywhere. What about our veterans, let's take care of them. As as the old saying goes, take care of home first.

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I agree with you 100%. And I preach that all the time. And if you ever saw my Facebook page, you would know exactly where my heart is. Because I feel that God gave me not two chances, but three chances in life. And it's time to pay back. And I'll do anything I can to help veterans and for most veterans clauses. And if you don't mind, Dave, what I would like to do right now is just let everybody know about the Veterans Crisis Line. Absolutely. A new number is 988. You dial 988 and then you press one. A lot of people are not aware of this number. And I'm working with a group of veterans now from Las Vegas, called the Vegas not Vegas, Community Resource Center, we're trying to promote more awareness in veteran suicide to print media and social media, and TV and radio.

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Excellent. Well, you know, I've written it down, and I will continue to talk about it on the various shows that we do. Have, in fact, we got three. We got three more this month. One of my primary goals here is to do what I can to assist things and people in places that are helping veterans because I think we all have to, as I say, get our hands dirty to an extent in terms of doing the work. You know, everybody can talk a good game, but it's not about talk. I'm an action oriented guy. It's just, it's my nature. So we air every Saturday at 7am. I know it's early for some but I'm an early riser, and hope that others will, will rise early and listen to the show because of people like you Vinson, what you do in coming here and talking about what you do for for our our veterans particularly, and you say it yourself, not only purpleheart individuals, but anyone who served in the military, who needs help, that's admirable, and I'm gonna do all I can in these airwaves that we have, you know, 91.5, Jas or more. That's great work continuing. Exactly.

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And I would like to make your show more web because I really had no idea about your radio show. So if you could just tell me quickly about and what time the show's air, I want to put it on our Facebook page and on our website, and let people know what you're doing.

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Excellent. Well, it's called Veterans Affairs plus, then again, the plus side is because there's other things sometimes that we have to talk about. That's going oh, and we should talk about that school and community. So that's the plus side. On the Veterans Affairs. I bring people in who talk about things that can help veterans we have on one of my regulars is Tony Marshall. He is a service officer. He's not uncertified at this point, but he's working on a certification now with the without a certification. Tony gets the job done. He meets with Pete pool, and he points them in the direction that they need to go. So, certainly 91.5 Jazz and more. We air at 7am Every Saturday morning. 7am. Okay, and then it also it also goes to podcast.

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Okay. And I was with Tony, this morning.

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Oh, okay. You know, Tony. All right. And

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I, I mentioned to him that you and I were gonna have a conversation this afternoon.

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Excellent. Excellent, excellent. Yeah,

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he's a great guy. He's a hard worker, a brother Marine. And what I like is the group that we have up in Las Vegas, we all work very well together. Excellent. In fact, I'm also the president and founder of another organization called Asian Pacific community awareness. And why did I stop this? Because I had some Asian women who were married to American military men, and have no idea about any benefits. They're entitled to have no idea about anything civil emotionally going on. And that's what we do. We try to give out the message through social media to everyone. All right,

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well, why don't you give us your website as we close out? We got a couple more minutes on the air here. So please give us your website that people can kind of stay in touch with the various things that you're doing for our veterans throughout our community.

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Sure, I appreciate that our website for the nonprofit is And you'll see things that we posted. We into also interviewed candidates, but we do not support or endorse any candidate or party. We put the information out there as information for the viewers to know who they're voting for if they want to vote, right. And the other one, of course, is our purple hot organization, which is www dot purple. SOT seven Okay.

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All right. Well, we appreciate your time, and we'll get you back on the air again sometime because I think the work that you're doing is admirable and I certainly want to assist in any way that I can to help you, Benson, thank you so much your man and take care of yourself. Be safe.

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Thank you. You too. Dave. Have a great day and stay safe, my friend. All right.

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This is Veterans Affairs plus, on 91.5, jazz and more. I'm your host. We'll be back on the other side with Commander Jeff Jones of American Legion Post team.

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Once again, good morning. This is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5 Jazz and as I mentioned, as we completed the first segment with Commander Vinson, Palmieri Jr. We would have commander Jeffrey Jones of American Legion Post in Good morning, Jeff. Good morning. How are you, my friend, I'm doing well doing well. As I as I see it, as you walk in from the firing line. This is a well traveled brother every time I look around in the group texts, he is here he is there. So give us some indication, some updates on some of the things that you're doing, particularly as relates to our veterans. And then you can add to of course, American Legion posting

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what I am doing, as far as veterans go, I'm really trying to spread the word as a whole of veterans suicide prevention, we are really trying to push that because if veterans are committed suicide daily, you know, not knowing that our outlets that have resources that they have to talk to it's a different world that we live in, we live in a world they see but our mental state, and where we are in the things we've been exposed to is totally different. So it's up time it's only another veteran talking to him that you can pull that out of him. Right. That and housing, we're trying to ensure that we don't have any homeless veterans on the street, give them access and information where they can get shelter, and get medical care.

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Those are excellent things to to wish to achieve. Because I was telling Vince and also when Congresswoman burger was on last week, we talked about how America don't do as good a job as she should and taking care of our veterans people. We have sent off to war and then then they're walking around homes and we can do better. So pushing and I think also as we talked to Commander, Vince Palmieri and he talked about vets 188 press one. It's four. It's a slew of Fire Prevention type line that vets can go on to. So that's admirable. So two key things you talked about was the homelessness and the amount of suicide as relates to veterans.

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And yes, and I had a VA appointment today with a psychiatrist. And the last thing she did was give me a suicide prevention cord. And just in case you never know, when something's gonna arise, and what the thing is going on now, in the Middle East, again, a lot of that stuff is coming back up to a lot of us bets, you know, seeing the things on TV, and oh, man, is it bringing back a lot of memories?

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Oh, I can only imagine, you know, and I didn't even think about that the fact that he could have on people who have been in because I was never in a warzone. And that was in the theater, as they call it. And I thank God every day. But as I saw picture this morning, on my computer, this baby and her father had you can see, man, I can't imagine how traumatized these children are. And all we can do is pray and say, you know, and I've said it several times on the show, I ain't trying to any word about what side I'm talking about. Let's just stop the madness, because there's people getting injured kill, and those who live, they're gonna be traumatized for the rest of their life.

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And that's a true statement. And this is one of those sayings with us being veterans, like I said, it's, you're not reading on the side, you're just trying to get it to cease. Right? You know, because like I said, everyone's affected, even the ones that are causing it. It's still a cause and effect on them. So absolutely. And it's just man, man trying to get more than he deserves. Oh,

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yeah, yeah. So on on the homeless side of things. Are there some initiatives that maybe city county state may be trying to assist? Or is something that this has just got to be driven by the veterans groups to push them to get something done as relates to housing for veterans? Well, it's

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up to us to get out there and find those who do want it. And some don't, you know, like I said, it's some conditions and where they live, and that's them, we only can advise them. But there are a lot of avenues out there not empty beds that they can stand. It's just what they're used to. Trying to get back under, being told when to come in, have to be in can't do this can't do that. And some of them don't want that, you know, their comfort of just living. You

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know, I'm smiling, because I had. Richard Jackie's with the gentleman by choice. And we were talking about he was on an earlier show. And we talked about how important discipline is to learn the pros and cons of why one should be disciplined in dealing with life's issues. And I know that a lot of folks because in fact, I go way back in my fire service career, you know, I was asked by brother who was a guard out it wanted to prison. Dave, would you come in and we want to talk about some fire safety, blah, blah, blah. I said, sure. I'll come out. And he goes, Oh, man, look at you. Because I had remember, I don't know if you remember me. But years ago, I used to have just a little gray patch. As you can see, now it's all white. But it's Oh, man, look at you, man. I see. Yeah, you know what? The difference between you and I, in a way telling me when I gotta go to be I can get up, I can come and go as I please. Oh, man, you crazy. I say look where you are. I think it's easy. In civilian life, we all have to follow certain guidelines. We don't get to do what we want to do. And just because so all those things are important. And as we talked about these young men, and I was watching how Richard Jack was dealing with these young men as the gentleman by Choice Program. Somebody made a mistake. He made them all do push ups. And I'm like, that's gonna draw them closer together. I guarantee you, because I've seen it done in sports. I've done it myself as a training officer with the fire department. But some people it perturbs them, but it'll draw the team more times than not they'll draw them closer together. But the whole issue of homelessness because I see it on a routine basis, man, there's certain areas of town that you drive through. And you see, and I'm talking about practically anywhere in this Clark County. Don't give us clark county, city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, you see homeless folks, and a lot of them are veterans.

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And I'm a 20 year retired Metro corrections officer and a lot of veterans were in there too. And they do have programs within the jail when they come to separate them to try to help them while they're there. Right. So they do get out of jail. They don't go right back to homelessness. They try to set them up while they're there. That's

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excellent. That's a good program. Because, you know, some people you know, they put, they want to talk down, but I'm telling you, me and when your life has been traumatized, and you've been out, and I can say I have not been affected by the GF. So it's like, how do you know, I'm only going by what I've seen, and I know that it's going to have it can have a tremendous effect to see somebody with their head blown off. like blowing up, you don't think that's gonna affect them in for the rest of their lives from home and you see, and you know, I was talking to my daughter the other day and, and one of the things I was never EMT when I came on in 74, I learned basic, basic first day, that's all I knew. And, Jeff, I've seen dead bodies I've seen all burned, but you name it. But if if somebody's bone is protruding through their skin, or brother's gonna be a problem. Yep, I fall out. But that's me. And all of us are going to be affected by it differently. There's some people that have stronger mental capacity to deal with things. And it's just life. But we still must try to address and help those who for whatever reason, they're weak. In some terms, and certain issues, we still got to try to help them. And

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that's a true fact. And we are one mistake, and it's time for me to go into jail, or it's being a gambling, town, gambling all your money when you find yourself homeless. So it's just a lot that this town has, that could cause you to be well, one day and in the food supply the next

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minutes, right. So what's going on over at American Legion Post teen? Well,

Unknown Speaker 21:13
we just recognize one of our members, Leonard green, if you come by our building, 1906 H Street, you see all the murals on the building, he painted all of those, you know, out of kindness of his heart in his own time. So we did recognize our brother with that, give him a plaque to show him, you know, we really appreciate that. Right now, we just got a tax exempt for the state. And we're going to be let's look at the solicit some of the companies and things I have here, because like I said, we are trying to upgrade over there and keep up with city, what they were going to require from us. So we're looking to do some improvements of the building. We already have to trunk or treat at night for the kids. But now we're going to be doing our pass commanders ball on December 9, so we're going to be recognized the past commanders there. But we always have service officer there. So if anyone wants to make an appointment, it's prior to getting their benefits up. There's money out there for offense, right, but you got to take the time and sit down and put that paperwork in and make your appointments. So like I said, there is hope out there for that. But a lot of it's a sad, I don't want to deal with the headache. One. It's not a headache, when the checks start coming in. And you deserve it, you work for it. And you expose, as we talked about, you expose it and things that bother you for the rest of your life. So that's when we need to we need to take advantage of what we work for. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
And speaking of the various activities that you have, well, but I know you're proud of your woman's auxilary headed up by Sandra Marshall. They were on the show up Vivian and that was pam pam anyway. Sure. So Vivian, and Sondra, man, they, they're doing some great things, man, every time you look around, he got some function going on. So you know, you got a great team to make things happen.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
And like I said, you do need that lady support, they're gonna draw more people in and they got more. Go get it attitude. And I really am happy just about taking work over Sandra as a president and she has done some great things coming on board there. And whenever we need your support, they write that for us. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
You know, through my life experience, I always tell people where if you want some done, get some women, and boy, they gonna make some stuff happen. And guys, we stick around, you know, talking a good game, but women, they are action orientated. That's why I've always in the various groups that I've participated, I've always expressed appreciation for the women who are involved because more times than not they go make something happen. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
And I make sure that if I can't be there physically, if it's financially I'll do something for them to let them know that behind. Yeah. 100% and it's been good work with them.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
Good. So you are in this is your second term, the first term, second term, second term, the terms or two years or one year, one year each day, okay. Is there there's no limit

Unknown Speaker 24:13
or is it No it's just your yes and just a willingness to want to do it. But it's a good group. Our core group elected officers are really doing a lot of good things you know, it might not be it to pay some people might want to see it but we had to be patient to make sure we're doing the right things but right now we're on the right track.

Unknown Speaker 24:34
That's good Well, I'll tell you you know about patients and and change one thing about the human spirit we resist change I don't care what business you're in man. Don't nobody want to change. And everybody and we talked about we talked we talked about the young folks and how they are right now group will some of us old folks including me are in the right now to man I need it now. You know, I got to NTP Wait, now you got much more time. You mean, everything will happen overnight?

Unknown Speaker 25:04
It doesn't. And like I said, it's the willingness of the members to help. Like I said that the core group is doing what it's doing. But we know we need other members to step up and assist in what we do, especially when a band like myself traveled a lot to

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Commander, Jeffrey Jones, I appreciate you coming in look, as we wind down on our time. Tell us a little bit about the post where it is. How can you become a member or a member of the Women's auxilary? I think people out there in our listening audience would like to know that

Unknown Speaker 25:39
post 10 is located 1906 H street over on the historical West Side. Any veteran that served more than two years is to bring in your DD 214 As long as you have honorable discharge $30 A year membership fee for auxilary. That's spouse or your father or grandparent or somebody has served but we have to make sure we see the blog connection boy DD 214, also and how you related to them. But we are trying to get the riders together, we get someone riding motorcycles and Santa Legion if your father or mother was part of it, military, but you weren't and you are son, then we want to start that up too. So there's various avenues for them to join. Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Excellent. So you guys heard it, there is a means of becoming members, those who aren't members of any particular veterans organization. And as I mentioned, I am not a veteran of foreign war. I'm, I'm an American Legion because I didn't go into the war zone. But I can tell you, there's lots of work to be done. And I commend you, Commander for the work that you're doing. I think, I think when I think you brought some stability to the organization into the polls, and that's important, because people, sometimes we don't we don't want to do certain things, man, we just want to do it our way. And I'm like, No, there's certain things to include me because I remember one time I was trying to get a friend, he's, he got his idea. And I'm like, You know what? He's right. He's right, you know, because once you start breaking rules for one, everybody's going to expect you to break them, and then you're going down a hill to nowhere. That's

Unknown Speaker 27:18
true fact. But like I said, I appreciate cooperation, too. Absolutely. I said everyone will enjoy it. Like I say, be patient, everyone would benefit.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
All right, well, Commander Jeffrey Jones of American Legion Post teen and many other local organizations. Excuse me. This young man does a great job. So I commend you and keep up the good work and Godspeed and keep doing what you're doing.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
Thank you. Thank you again for having us all.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
All right, for sure. This is Veterans Affairs plus on any 1.5 chairs and more. We had Jeffrey Jones, the commander of American Legion Post 10. They're doing wonderful work. If you know some vets out there, or family members who are just thinking about it may be willing to join because there's a lot of work to be done in our community and they're stepping up to the plate. Thank you all talk to you all next week. Las Vegas this Veterans bears blitz on 91.5 Jazz and more signing out.

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Hey, when I said all the way

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