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What is Pickleball Therapy?

The podcast dedicated to your pickleball improvement. We are here to help you achieve your pickleball goals, with a focus on the mental part of your game. Our mission is to share with you a positive and more healthy way of engaging with pickleball. Together let’s forge a stronger relationship with the sport we all love. With the added benefit of playing better pickleball too. No matter what you are trying to accomplish in your pickleball journey, Pickleball Therapy is here to encourage and support you.

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Hello and welcome to Pickleball Therapy, the podcast dedicated to your pickleball improvement. This is a special episode of our podcast, which is going to be chatting about the Pickleball Summit, the 2024 Pickleball Summit, which is technically kicks off this Sunday, but in actuality, kicks off tonight and Thursday with our pre-summit event, which I'm going to talk about more in-depth in a second. If we haven't met before, my name is Tony Roig. I am the host of this weekly podcast. What we're going to talk about today or what I'm going to share with you today are the details of the upcoming Pickleball Summit. Right now, I'll share with you one idea of how to get the most out of the summit experience. I highly recommend you plan on attending the summit. It is the largest Pickleball event of the year. It's entirely online. What that means is no excuses. You can watch it from anywhere in the world, and there's no cost. So there are no hurdles coming to the summit. So you don't come to the summit, that is entirely on You can make that decision. You know we talk about agency on this podcast, and you have agency, you can make decisions for yourself, what's best for you.

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But don't not come to the summit for any reason other than, I chose not to come to the summit. That is definitely applied, your agency, your intentionality, your decision-making to your life and to your pickleball journey. What I'm going to do is I'm going to run down some highlights from the summit, some of the next events that are coming up, and so that you can have them all on your calendar. This particular podcast is brought to you ad free by the Better Pickleball Academy. So check that out. All right, here we go. So we have tonight, actually, because this episode is going to drop on July 11th. Tonight, this evening, I should say... Actually, July ninth. I'm sorry, it's going to drop on July ninth. So this evening, July ninth, which is a Tuesday, we are going to have an Ask Me Anything with yours truly and C. J. Johnson. We're going to be talking all fun stuff. It'll be a very nice presentation, just chatting about pickleball, talking about any questions that you have, we'll answer. You can put them in the chat. We'll be on the YouTubers. The way you're going to know how to access it is you're going to get your summit ticket.

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You get your summit ticket, you get your email that tells you how to access the Ask Me Anything on Tuesday, July ninth at 4:00 PM Pacific, 07:00 PM Eastern Time. Then on Thursday, we have a new event for summit. It's called the Pulse of Pickleball. It is a panel conversation with several... The panel, I believe, has seven of us or eight of us on it. It's going to be basically talking about trends in the sport, what we're seeing, the international scene, pet peeves. We're going to talk about all kinds of fun stuff. It's a very light-hearted, but... Not but. It was a light-hearted and fun conversation with some substance to it, but it's just going to be a lot of fun. That's on Thursday, July 11th at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Eastern. Again, if you register for the summit, you'll get invitations to all of these things. Then on Sunday, that's on July 14th, we have our summit kickoff, the formal kickoff of the summit. That is going to be commenced by myself and your favorite coach, C. J. Johnson, my favorite coach as well. Then we go on with one of our good friends and an amazing presenter, Nicole Havlechek.

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Nicole has been with us since the beginning of the summit, and her presentations are always highly well-regarded. I'll give you the title of her presentation so you know what it is. It's high percentage pick-up-all plays for winning points at every level. Now, who doesn't need that is what I want to know. That's at 4:00 PM Pacific, 07:00 PM Eastern. You're seeing a trend here on these, right? That is on Sunday, July 14th. Mark your calendar. You don't want to miss that. Then on day one of the summit, Monday, July 15th, we kick it off at 8:30 in the morning Pacific, 11:30 Eastern. I'm I'm not going to read everything on here because it's too much stuff, but I'm going to give you just a couple of highlights. Not mentioning one of these presentations does not mean it's not a great presentation. It does not mean it's slight to anybody. It's just for the sake of time. I will tell you that we have numerous presentations throughout the summit that are mental part of the game. We have, let's see, there's one on Monday with Dr. Kays and one on Tuesday, I believe, with Dr. Scale, Coach Pete Scale.

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Really good presentations on the mental side of the game. We also have some presentations on the body, which are not commonly seen. Basically, how do you get your body ready to play pickleball? On Monday, we have Judith Castillo. If you don't know who Judith is, Judith is an amazing athlete who has risen in the ranks of professional players, and She won broads and singles this last PPA tournament this last weekend or two weekends ago when you're hearing this podcast. Judith drafted Ty Woodie, who's been working with her on her body, and she's She's going to be talking about the importance of fitness. She's a singles player, so you got to imagine that's pretty intense, right? We have several top senior pros. We have Kwan Dong, who's one of the top pro players on singles in particular, talking about singles on Monday. And again, several top pros. And we cap off the day with the number one pickleball player in the world, Dylan Frazier. And his presentation is a soft game in pickleball dead or just evolving. You don't want to miss that presentation if you want to know what's going on in pickleball. Dylan is winning at the highest level of pickleball.

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He's going to share with you his thoughts on this sport. Don't want to miss that one. Then on Tuesday... So anyway, let me give you the time. Dylan's presentation is 4:30 Pacific, 7:30 Eastern. So 30 minutes difference from before. But there's plenty of presentations throughout the day. Here's the thing. When you register for the summit, you're going to get a playbook. That's what I'm referring to here to look at this to get you the information. You'll get this full schedule on there. You'll get some helpful tips in the playbook. You'll get an agenda you can follow, the exhibitor hall, all sorts of fun stuff that you can check out, which reminds me, we do have an exhibitor hall as well. I believe it's 12 exhibitors that are going to be there sharing their wearers and with summit discounts and everything, so you don't want to miss that. Then on Tuesday, we have, again, numerous really good presentations on the body and on the mind, as I mentioned earlier, several senior pro players and coaches on Tuesday. We're going to be talking about anticipating and recognizing a tack of a ball, an offensive serve. You all want offensive serves.

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We got you covered at the summit. I like this one. May the fourth be with you with our friend Linda Thompson. Then Sarah Mitten, another really good friend of ours. She's going to teach you how to use a governor for your third shot. She's English, so she means governor in the fullest way. Then we wrapped the summit. We wrapped day two of the summit with Barry Kinshula from the Pickleball Kitchen. How to do transition resets like a pro, so you're not going to miss that. Then on Thursday, July 18th, at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Eastern, we have improvement panel, expert answers to elevate your game. Here we have a panel of top coaches that are going to help us understand what we need to really improve our pickle ball. Remember, when you register for the summit, you get the playbook, you get additional information, you'll get emails reminding you of when different things are. You can sign in for the texting if you want that, too. I know I like receiving text from the airlines and stuff like that, like my flight's delayed and that stuff. You can get text from us when certain things are starting.

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It's just a really well-rounded event. You get to join the largest pickleball event of the year. Last year, we had over 15,000 players who registered for the summit. You want to join a really fun event and have an opportunity to learn and learn more about pickleball and learn more about what perhaps you need to improve, join us for the summit. I will put a link down below, and I look forward to seeing you this evening, July ninth, for Ask Me Anything, and then again, Thursday and next week for our Pickleball Summit. Be well, and I will see you guys and gals this evening and the rest of this week. Talk to you later.