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This week's froggy friend is a frog!

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This week's froggy friend is a frog!
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What is Frog of the Week?

Every week we'll choose and highlight one frog to be the frog of the week! Doesn't that sound fun?

Episode Fifty One: Common Frog | Week of May 2nd



Wow. It's May 2nd, 2022, I’m Kim, and the frog of the week is the Common Frog.

This frog is found throughout much of Europe, including as far west as Ireland and as far east as Western Russian. Its northern range stretches all the way to Scandinavia, including areas within the Arctic Circle. In these cold, northern regions, the frog may spend up to 9 months of the year living under the ice.

The Common Frog can be a variety of colors, including olive-green, brown, reddish-brown, gray, or yellow. Common Frogs of all colors have dark brown markings on their skin, including a mask over their eyes and eardrums, as well as a chevron-shaped spot on the back of their necks.

Male Common Frogs change color during the mating season. Most of their bodies become a light gray and their throats turn blue, although not as bright as the color of the Moor Frog from episode 16.

The call of the Common Frog is a low, vibrating croak. I think it sounds a lot like when you rub your finger over the teeth of a comb.



New ASMR trigger just dropped.

I like this frog because I think it's kind of an underdog. The name “Common” might suggest that they are boring or mundane, but there are a lot of really cool things that happen to be common.

Take, for example, the letter E. It may be the most common letter in the English alphabet, but without it, we wouldn’t have cheese, bees, geese, the number eleven, or the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Other really cool common things include brown eyes, which you may know from the hit song “Brown-Eyed Girl;” September 9th, the most common birthday in the world; and beloved American rapper and actor Common.

And that’s the frog of the week. Thank you to the listener who recommended the Common Frog, who identified themselves only by a smiley face. I can only assume it's an artist formerly known as Prince situation, and I respect the heck out of it. Our website is and our Twitter is @WeeklyFrogPod.

Thanks for joining us. See you next week.