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9 to 1, are you joking?

Wait, 2?

9 to 2.

9 to 2!


And there were two 9 to 2 games tonight.


Yeah, that's unreal.

Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty

Oh, baby.

I got to be careful because we both have
cats walking around us right now.

And at any second, I could get a claw on
the leg.

All right.

So I realized right before starting the
show that it hit me.

I've been hitting the wrong intro.

I made a new one specifically for this
season and I premiered it and everything.

And it disappeared from my board.

And I've just been hitting one that was
labeled intro new.

And it didn't even hit me like this is

the right one.

So welcome back.

Welcome back, new old new intro.

So that game was a little nutty, like talk
about records.

I mean, the whole time we've had these
guys on the team, it's been we're always

talking about fastest Leafs to do this
fastest leaf to do that.

But some weird ones this week where we saw
Bobby McMahon, an undrafted player.

First one since Tyler Bozak on the Leafs
to score a hat -trick.

Then the next night we see Matthew score a
hat -trick.

And then tonight, Matthew scores another
one, and McMahon almost gets another one.

What is going on?

Can you imagine if you go in the next game

Four in a row?

Like what's the stat on that?

Four in a row?

I have no idea.

They said three in a row was Washington in
09, I think?

But Matthews is the first since Gretzky,
they said, to get two in a row.

Yeah, he's also the first since Lamu in 95
to get 6 in one season.

And it took Lamu a whole season to do

He still has 29 games left.

Yeah, there's only a handful of guys who
have seven and then it's eight nine ten

Gretzky with ten.

chat tonight, you said he could hit 10 and
I've at first I looked at it was like

there's no way and then it took me like
half a second to realize Like this is a

real possibility.

This guy could hit 10 hat tricks in one

Yeah, because it's not like he's done it
spread out.

They've all come in spurts.

Like the first three were in five games or

And then now we see two and like this is
nutty, absolutely nutty.

I mean, obviously, Anaheim is in a whole
whole my God, I'm sorry.

Later rivals pod.

They're not in great shape, but man,
Matthews is on another level like he

didn't even want to celebrate.

like he was doing pretty good at the
beginning of the year, but he was not

getting the puck look that he was now.

So it seems like it's more, it's
progressing more to the medium and like

every time you shoot, you just think it's
going to go in, right?

Yeah, it's just the confidence is flowing
through this guy, like the prime energy

he's being sponsored by.

And meanwhile, in the absence again of JT,
and obviously Riley, we have McMahon

stepping up Domi taking second line
center, like everyone's really holding on

to these roles.

And we've talked a lot about how the
struggle with this team has been in

development, the

The spaces aren't there to give these guys
the shot.

So this has been a really good chance to
see a world without the core, you know?

% because like more more added
responsibility added ice time it will make

or break players and it has been it looks
like it's been really making these players

right like McCann Domi everyone
Robertson's playing better with this added

ice time the only guy I can say who's kind
of regressed might be Gregor.

Yeah, Gregor, I mean, who'd have thought
the guy who scored the first goal of the

season for the Leafs would be, you know,
in the same boat as Bertuzzi looking for

his first since December?

He had over 15 minutes tonight and like I
really didn't recognize him almost at all.

No, especially with the rest of his line
being so loud all night.

I mean, there were a few.

Don't you step on my keyboard, you little

There's a few chances he had where he at
least kept the puck in the end and fretted


He was playing with with McMahon, right?

Like that was that line.

Am I wrong?


was out there a lot of time with him.

So I mean, of course, McMahon was the
workhorse tonight and, you know, fighting

from his knees again to keep the puck in.

But look, those things don't happen
without the whole line.

So I mean, as unnoticeable as he was, I do
have to at least give him give him credit


not being shown on the score sheet.

I mean, we hope so, but he has been quiet
for too long and I am hoping for more to


But I mean, if your other 750K guy and
McMahon is working out, I think the plan

there is offer him something cheap before
he starts scoring more.

Yeah, 100%.

Get them on a really nice team friendly

Yeah, and I mean, you do have to be
careful because look at the situation

we've got ourselves in with camp for, you
know, you expected to to continue or go up

and it just kind of regresses.

So maybe maybe a couple more games, but.

It's not it's it's really not.

bad game or anything, but he just doesn't.

Even like compared to last year, he
doesn't push the needle nearly as close as

he did.

His penalty killing is great, but like he
just doesn't do that much for us right


Don't bite my headphone cord.

Oh my God.

His penalty killing has been great, but
it's not been the same offensive threat

that it was last year.

Like he's great in his own zone, but it's
not like, oh, he's going to get himself a

breakaway that could mean something.

Now if camp gets it, I'm like, oh God,
this isn't going in.

does his defensive responsibilities in his
zone and he starts to take it to neutral

zone, then that's it.

His play just dives off.

He dumps it in and maybe change.

So just to go on somebody good again for a
change here Timothy Lilligran who I've

been ripping on the last couple episodes
three points tonight has really stepped up

in Riley's absence He was playing on the
power play.

Yep, five points in two games now Yeah,
like I said on the power play was getting

some good looks moving the puck.

Well Broke up some play.

Yeah broke up some plays going the other
way with from Anaheim

Even setting up that play with Robertson
at the end there, like that happened

because Lillagran broke a play up.

So, I mean, he was doing well.

be in the game.

It was like, what was it?

Two and a half minutes into the game.

Anaheim was kind of they came out a little
harder than we did, and they had a good

cycle going on and Lily just crushed
someone in the corner, ended the cycle,

got rid of the puck, and that was game.

After that, the Leafs never looked back.

So he he's slowing his game down a bit.

He's been a lot more responsible.

His giveaways have been weighed down.

And you're finally seeing a really good
side of him right now.

And God, I hope it keeps up.

Oh my God, talk about a good night for
stats though.

Guess how many points the Leafs had in




very close.

I got 26 here.

Ooh, that's pretty good.

Yeah, five for Matthews, Lillagren and
McMahon and Nylander all had three.

Yeah, I mean, it's I know if Don Cherry
were here, he'd say not to to keep trying.

Like, look, the Leafs were trying to score
right up until the buzzer went like they

were trying to pull plays off literally up
until the end of the game.

It looked like they let up a bit in the
third, but yeah.

For sure, but they didn't exactly kill
time for the last 30 seconds.

Like they were going for the 10th goal.

And look, I know I know Don Jerry would
say, you're not supposed to hem them in

when you're already up by this much.

But look, when so many guys have been so
hungry for points and like Bertuzzi

especially take advantage of games like
this where it's just a shit show and put

one in like stand in front of the net and
just get it.

guys need to feel good about themselves
right now.

And that's why I thought when Keef did
that challenge, maybe you're up 8 -1,


You really don't need to do it.

It's not going to have any significance on
the game.

But we don't owe the league or the teams
in this league shit.

So I'm really glad that he did it.

And it sent a message to his team.

It sent a message to his goaltender who
has not been playing great the past few


And I thought that was a great move.


Like I said, that encompasses exactly what
they have been doing this whole game.

It's just not letting up.

And the confidence really spread to the
physicality of the game.

I mean, Ben Wall, absolutely demolishing
people and McCabe demolishing people.

Domi demolishing people.

OK, Radko Gudis is officially the most
hated NHL in Toronto.

I'm so glad, like the amount of people
that are just fucking screaming every time

he touches the puck.

It's great.

Yeah, so good.

McMahon scores that beauty.

It wasn't much of a cross -check, but he
pushed him.

And it's still, see Domi coming after

So good.

just flies in, dad's in the crowd too.

And last but not least, Ryan Reeves, who
finally showed what we're paying him for

for a night.

Like it's been a while since this guy
really showed his teeth, but oh my God, he

had the crowd going every time someone
backed away from him, people were booing,

like, we'll take him on.

Oh my God.

the way like he didn't fight anyone like
he said his actions tonight that presence

that's not something that leaves have had
in a while and even his play like his play

has been a lot better since he's come back
from that injury and I'm not a Reeves fan

whatsoever but I feel like he's earned his
spot on the roster right now especially

after tonight.

The penalty you drew at the end there, the
unsportsman, like even the the announcers

were like, oh, wait, it's not on Reeves.

It's like, no, he's.

at the end too, they gave him 10 minutes.

That was the quickest 10 minutes they've
ever given someone before.

Like, just get him off the ice.

so good.

It's like he's gotten to the point where I
mean, look, if when it's eight to nine to

like, don't step on my keyboard, you

When it gets to that point, like the
amount of chirps you can throw at the

other team, like anyone tries to fight
you, it's like, buddy, you're down like


I'm not touching you.

And then you can get that rise out of

That's the best opportunity for Pertuzzi
and everybody else felt it.

be fighting reuse when it's that score to
be fair.

Like everyone who's getting mad about it,
like he's not going to do it.

No one in the right mind would ever do it.

But the fact that he can get under his
skin and make that a storyline in this

game is really, really big for the Leafs.

trying to pull up how many penalty minutes
you got tonight.

Domi had 11.

too, he had a really good chance.

Why does it say Reeves only had two
penalty minutes?


Is that right?

Like am I...

am I crazy or did he have way more penalty
benefits than that?

Well, he did get that 10 minute at the

No, it wasn't him though.

Oh, what, wasn't it?

No, so, let's look at some penalties.

How do I look at that on this frigging
plate here?

Play by play.



Yeah, you might be right.

Eternal is 15 this game.

wow i thought he got more than that that's
crazy so domy ended up with the most

Yeah, he played a beauty game.

Like he wasn't really potting goals, but
the stuff he was doing, like standing up

for his teammates and just flying around
out there and hitting people.

Papa must've been proud in the stands.

So Reeves just got that one
unsportsmanlike against Guddus when Guddus

met the roughing against him.

Yeah, that's it the whole night Domi got
the one for fighting Guddus and Hooking

the Toronto and Roughing against Guddus
and a double minor there.

So yeah, and Sam Carrick got the 10
-minute misconduct at the end

Okay, Reeves didn't get one as well.

No, that's why everybody was surprised,
because he was just egging him on to the

point where the character snapped.

for the rest of the ice.

The rest of the game, sorry.

Yeah, and it's weird in that situation for
the refs to be like, no, we're going to

take a...


He's the instigator in this situation.

Reeves has not been the problem all night.

Oh my God.

What a fun game though.

It was.

I mean, like, it's been a bit of a strange
couple months in the new year and with the

suspension and the illnesses, it's been

So the fact that the Leafs have won a
couple in a row here and the game was

exciting, it's nice for the fan base,


Um, okay.

Sorry, go on.

There's something I really noticed tonight
too, and like there's a lot of people

talking about the whole captaincy thing,
but you can tell Matthews is like the

defective leader of this team now.

Everyone wants to sit beside him on the

They rally around him.

He's laughing with everybody.

His demeanor is so much different right
now than it was even like a couple months

ago, especially like early in his career.

He's really taking this team and like he's
leading them now.

It's really, really, really fun to watch.

Oh yeah, I mean when he's on the whole
team's on it seems like.

Even on the bench, like he's laughing with
people, he's interacting way more.

It looks like he's having like a lot more
fun out there.

Him and McMahon on the bench was great to

A prime example, like this kid is getting
so much confidence just by being around

Matthews right now.

He is the leader of this team.

what did McMahon have on his career?

Two or three goals coming into the other
night when he got the hat trick.

Now he's got like more than he had in his
whole career in three games.

And you get to sit beside the leading goal
scorer and a Richard winner.

It's like, you know, that's just the
little things.

Yeah, that feeds your ego.

That makes you a better player.

I hope so, because if McMahon can keep it
up, then it really answers a lot of

questions that we have.

Like we were talking at the last episode,
we got to find a lot of the solutions

within because the Leaps have nothing to

So if you can find some diamonds in the
rough here in the absence of some of your

bigger guys, great.

Yeah, like you got Min coming up, you got
Cowan who's on like a 22 point game streak

right now, game point streak.

It's unreal what that guy's doing right
now too.


So I guess the elephant in the room is, I
mean, the Leafs do really well without

Morgan Reilly.

And no one can explain it.

Like, is it a fluke or is it something

are just stepping up.

Morgan Riley is not a detriment to this

I don't even think that's like an

No, I don't either.

I think it's just one of those things
where, like we said with everyone else,

people get into a higher role that they've
been practicing for, you know, they know

how the team works so they can step into

They've been watching that person like
it's not sustainable over 30 games.

Like it's it's something that the Leafs
are good at doing.

Like when Matthews goes down and the Leafs
have a crazy record, you can't say that

the Leafs are better without Austin

If you played a full season with that
lineup without him, you're gonna be way

worse than you are with him.

The only one that I'm kind of questioning
is John Taveras because of the, I don't

know, just the value of that second line
center spot.

Not that you want to just have a
roundabout group of guys filling it in,

but I think we've gotten to the point
where we might be missing out on some guys

that could have filled that role.

Like I'm tired of seeing guys on other
teams that are ex -leafs doing so well

when we just couldn't give them the
opportunity here.

And I think now that he's getting to the
end of the deal, it's like,

if you're like comparing cost with
production, he does make a shitload of

money that that that makes the pill really
hard to swallow.

But when he's on, there's no one that
you're plugging in that position that's

gonna be better than him.

No, I think it's more that you're not
giving yourself the opportunity to find

somebody that gives you production for a
much cheaper contract.

Like you're handcuffing yourself to always
running that back.

the move is you start to put him at wing.

I mean, yeah, I think if it's really going
to depend on what his next contract looks

like if he sticks around with the team,
like if it's something where you can

feasibly put him as your maybe third line
center or a second line wing, like I don't

I don't know what it is, but.


He's not a third liner.

It depends how much he's going to want and
how much his, especially like, I think his

skating has regressed by then.

If not, then I don't really think he makes
sense with this team.

You don't think he would play like at a
reduced role on the third line and at

center to keep that to give somebody else
that's younger and faster.

Maybe you'll play like second power play
unit too, but like you want your third

line center to be able to back check like

That guy's got to be able to contain even
a matchup like the first line center.

Um, yeah, I see him as like a second
liner, but a third liner.

That's, that's hard for me to see.

Okay, fair.

Quick question here from the crowd.

We got a bunch of them tonight, but let's
jump into one.

Do we have the new McJesus in town?

I mean, it's not the McJesus we wanted,
but it's the McJesus we deserve, whatever

the line from Dark Knight is.

He'll hold the, he'll keep the spot warm
until the real me Jesus comes in a couple

of years.


Who do we trade?

Cam for Reeves.

One needs to go.

I mean, if you can get someone to take on
Reeves, not Reeves, as a Camps contract,

do it without giving away like a high
pick, but I don't see any of them actually

being traded.

I think if you're going to trade one of
them, I agree it's camp because Reeves

contract is cheap enough that you can
obviously scratch him and bury him in the

HL as they've proven much to his chagrin,
but you can do it.

Camp just making over two is a lot harder
to do that.

You don't get the cap relief.


get rid of camp, I think you get rid of

Yeah, just again, I don't I don't really
see anybody wanting to take that on and I

don't want the leaves to have to pay to
have someone do that.

I think that's just you got to swallow
that pill.

to you that if you bury him, his contract
doesn't count against the cap?

Yeah, and there's something about the
buyout on it because it's it is a 35 plus

but it's not protected against buyout so
they they could if they want to but it

really doesn't make any sense you might as
well just bury it.

Does that loss for the ducks make any
difference for the value of Adam and reek

come trade deadline?

No, this guy is 34 years old.

You know what he is at this point.

One loss on a shit team isn't going to
make a difference.

Yeah, I checked his numbers.

I mean, he's been on New Jersey and

Both of them, well, they've been not

And he's a career 40 -point guy.

Like, he's never really faltered from

Like, the lowest is 30, the highest is 50.

Like, you know what you're getting with

I think...

David Camp if David Camp were good.

That's a good way to put it.

He kills a ton of penalties.

He's a great penalty killer.

He's like 55 % I think on the faceoff.


Yeah, I think it's a really good depth
pickup for a team that's already full

going for the cup.

Like, I think Vegas might go for it or
Colorado or like one of those guys just

because they can.

use a solid pickup.

I don't see the Leafs doing it because we
don't think we have the room for it,


From Maple Leaf Fan here, sorry I'll shout
out everybody we got at Leafs34 McCabe's

nose at Moose Koken and Mike23Dreamer
thanks guys for the questions.

Next we got Maple Leaf Fan, do we make it
fourth hat trick in four games if yes who

steps up to do it?

I mean, easy money.

Supposed to be on Matthews, but if
someone's gonna do it, I'd say Willie.

I was going to say if it's not Matthews,
it's Nylander because he has been kind of

floating around the edges and still
scoring through all this.

And I got one tonight and he's been
looking hungry.

So yeah, I think it's one of those two.

If it's McMahon, I'm just like throwing
everything out the window.

McAddy, if he does it again and they just
keep going back and forth, it would be the

most unreal thing.

Oh yeah, that's like a storyline for the
rest of Leafs time.

And who do?


And what do we get next?


Like, oh no, St.

Louis and then Arizona.

Still doable.

Second part of the question, for what it's
worth, Riley needed time off.

He was playing mammoth minutes.

A nice rest will only help him.

Same with Gio, the older players in the

Although it is terrible what happened to

Rest in peace, Mr.

Gio Dano.

Yeah, agreed.

Thank you for that.

totally agree.

You want to...

Keith hasn't been great at doing time
management with older players this year,

or even like his workhorses, like you

Raleigh's been playing a ton of minutes
and he just hasn't been getting much of a


So this is...

You don't want to see him sit over five
games, but this is a blessing in disguise.

Yeah, I mean, and apart from Matthews
getting five points, this was the lowest

time on Icee's had all season.

He only played like 14 or 15 minutes.

Fun fact, this is the only time he's ever
gotten five points in a game.

I blew my mind that stat.

Yeah, especially because he got four goals
one game.

It's like, bro, you.

Hatties this year and he's only, he's
never gotten more than four points in the


That's why that Coach Chippy video was
like, hey, boys, what's that?

What's that a category?

Austin, that's a sis.

Oh, what does that mean?

You get you get a point.

You get a point for passing the puck to
the guy who scores.

You get a point for that?

Yeah, so good.

Yeah, it's pretty wild that the guy has
scored four goals in a game more than once

and has never had five points.

Yeah, that actually blew my mind.

Wow Can this team win against a contender?

Oh, we'll see we got Vegas Colorado Vegas.

So gonna find out real quick

tough three games after St.


But yeah, they can.

fan of Van, what is Bobby McMahon?

We said it earlier, McJesus.

No, he's a player who is just starting to
find his confidence.

He's been playing the way he has been
playing his whole life now.

He's not afraid to make mistakes.

He's playing up to his potential, and it's
really fun to see.

How old is he?

He's 27?

Are you joking?

I didn't know he was that.

I knew he wasn't like, you know, 20, but I
thought he was like 22.

like he held the stick super tight.

He was afraid to make a mistake and he's
just not playing that way right now.

Wow, so this guy just looking through his
career here, 2021 Wichita Thunder in the

ECHL, then the Marlies, Newfoundland
Growlers, Marlies.

Like, can you believe that during the
pandemic, this guy was playing with the

Wichita Thunder of the ECHL and now he's
got fucking, what's that, 13 points in 29

NHL games with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

it up with Oscar Matthews on the bench.

Absolutely incredible for an undrafted
player Yeah, it's it's great and although

the media attention he's been getting I
mean everybody wants to talk to him that

everyone's loving the story It's it's
something that we don't have often, you

know, it's great

It's a really, really feel -good story.

A great feel good story.

But but but but who do we got here?

Mikey D start bench cut.

Oh my god, so it's a bunch of variants of

I don't know if you've had any of these.

There's Reese's cookie biscuit.

I have not had this.

Reese regular Reese or Reese's with Reese

What's a Reese puff?

Well, I think it's like the ones that have
the cereal inside of them.

I've never had this.

He said Walmart's got some elite Reese's

I have not had any of these.

I mean, obviously I've had a regular
Reese, but like these special ones, I'm,

what is this?


I'm so lost.

I don't usually fuck with chocolate, but I
do like Reese.

So the OG has to be, you start that one,

Yeah, I'm gonna start the OG, but do I,
I'm just looking at the picture here.

He's got of the Reese's Pieces with
Chocolate Cookie Biscuit.

Cookie biscuit, that sells me.

You bench that and you cut the puffs.

Okay, so what it looks like is, you know
how there's the like the way that peanut M

&Ms are shaped.

Imagine that.

But instead of like replace the chocolate
with cookie and replace the peanut with


And it seems like that's what it is.

It's like a Reese's pieces covered in a
biscuit with the coating on the outside.

Yeah, that's.

Bench that one, and then I'm cutting this
this Reese's with cereal inside of it.

Don't need that unnecessary.

Yep, that Frank and Reese can go, thanks.

Okay, thanks guys for the questions.

Moving on to other news.

Yarmouk, Carolina and after 11 years in
Columbus is let go.

Only weeks ahead of the trade deadline.

Weird -ass timing.

super weird timing.

Apparently, John Davidson, the owner, or
not the owner, the president said that he

had back surgery and he's been out for a
bit and that's why the timing happened

what it did.

But like, you couldn't have done this
before, you couldn't have someone else do


Like, it -

over like a trade deadline?

Is it is John?

They said that he's like acting for now
while they search for someone, but it's

like, I feel like they, John Davidson
knows that his job might also be in limbo

right now.

And they're not naming him as like the
actual interim.

They just said like, we're looking for

So I don't know, things are not going well

And I can't at all feel bad for Johnny

No, no, definitely not.

Man, I bet he wishes he had a redo on that

Like if anyone in the league had a redo on
where they signed he's got to be top of

the list like

he, but if it was failure Columbus, he
must've been wishing like he was in

failure right now.

And that's not even saying that much.

Mitch Marner, it's literally you get to
see the Marvel what if.

If he went for the money instead of, you
know, stability.

Oh, my God.

who are they going to hire?

Like they said they wanted someone with
good experience, but.

Man, that place is a dumpster fire right

Yeah, and as far as experience goes, I
mean, there's not many guys that for good

reason are out of a job, you know, or with
like, how do I put that?

All the guys that don't have a job right
now don't have one for a good reason.

So your, your pickings are slim.

experience, like a Billy Garren, what he's
doing in Minnesota right now.

He would be a great fit.

That type of person in Columbus.

Yeah, I don't I just don't know how
someone's going to come in literally like

it could be a week or two ahead of the
trade deadline and is supposed to supposed

to move something.


You let John Davidson and that team run it
until after deadline at least.

The other rumor was that did did Yarmou
pitch a trade that was just so, OK, we

can't do this anymore, that they were
like, we're not we're not letting you go

to the deadline because you might do
something that's like.

shot down in like NHL 24.

It was so bad.

Yeah, I just -

to be like atrociously bad for that to

That's such a knee -jerk reaction.

There isn't such a shitty situation.

I mean, they've got guys that are

Obviously, Linus going through his mental
health struggles, and we hope that he can

work that out.

But I mean, that's one of your top guys

Gatrow's underperforming.

I mean, what do you...

You got some guys...

at the end of this at the season like.

All -star Boon Jenner.

Isn't that bad pickup?

You're talking about Henrique.

I think Boone Jenner is a better pickup
than him.

Well, that's the thing.

There's a lot of guys on that team that
are on the trade board and without a

stable GM or potentially Davidson doing it
like you have either.

I think it's one of two scenarios.

They make a bunch of bad trades or they
don't do anything and these guys just sit

and then they've wasted the pieces that
they have on expiring deals and then they

just run it out.

You trade off a couple of your pieces like
Jenner and whoever else, but then you

just, you figure out what you're going to
do in the off season and then go from


Because you figure every GM is going to
try and take advantage of this and blow up

their phone with like the worst trades

Sure, 100%.

You're not doing your job if you don't.

But like the whole Gujuro thing, that
really hurts.

They banked on him being infinitely better
than he is.

Well, I mean, yeah, he got 150 in points.

Yeah, he was legit.

Just like they have a couple of shit
contracts there on defense too, right?

Like, oh yeah, so Wuranski, nine and a
half and then Severson at six point two

five Ivan Provrava four point seven five.

Eric and Branson at four like.


If that's like twenty three million
dollars between four defensemen, that's a


I mean, I was coming from a Leaf fan, but.

Then then you're.

now too, I'll have to listen.

Elvis and Tarasov.

They don't.

Jake Bean is their cheapest defenseman at
two point three million like that's that's


All other guys make more than two.

It's and they take the hit on forward.

I mean, this holy shit.

OK, so Goudreau makes nine point seven.

Roslavik makes four.

Boon Jenner makes three point seven five.

Karali makes two and a half.

Taxier makes one and a half.

Look, that's how quick this drops off.

Oliver Matthew makes a million.

Everyone else makes under a million.

That's insane.

No wonder this team is shit.

Like, yeah, obviously, Fantilly and Kent
Johnson and Cole Sillinger are in there.

But and Igor Chinnikov, like they're
taking advantage of so many cheap deals.

But like you this is the same situation in
Anaheim's and you can't have a bunch of 18

year olds on fucking ELCs skating around
there with no help.

it out with some professional hockey
players, right?

Like some older vets who've been there who
can show these guys how to be a pro.

And that's supposed to be line A in
Godreau and that didn't work.

Nothing against Lainey's struggles, but
even without that, he's not the type of

guy I want ushering in like a younger
group of forwards.

No, and I don't think either of them would
be penned as like star leaders on their

team, right?

Like, they're, I mean, we talked about
this before with them.

They're not like one A guys.

They're the one B.

They're like a complimentary to your star

They're the Mitch Marner, right?

Yeah, exactly.



They're going to score a bunch of points,
but they're going to have to do it their


And if it's not their way, they're not
going to be fun to be on your team.

Yeah, so honestly, I'm excited to see if
Columbus just ends up selling the entire


Like, I mean, look, they have all the
young guys, they don't need the picks.

If they can move some guys and get
something useful back, like maybe this is

the time to do it, but who's going to do

I don't know.

really don't see them doing too much other
than like dumping Jenner at the trade


Yeah, I think any adjustment there is
going to be signing somebody in the


Especially if you're having like a new GM
come in, he's going to want to put his

fingerprint on this and just have a couple
like a five year plan going into it.

Yeah, really, it's just going to suck for
a couple of these guys that could

potentially go to a playoff team, but
might just end up having to spend the rest

of the year in Columbus.

Could be, maybe it will happen.


There was something else wasn't there that

I mean, obviously, shout out to the PWHL
Toronto Montreal game on Friday night,

Toronto winning three nothing, the solo

as a tenets ever for a women's hockey

A hockey game rather.

I think people are really getting into

I mean, I think I know it seems.

I heard that people are not going to buy
tickets for women's hockey though.

Wolf, come on.

I mean, it's crazy seeing how it was
predicted beforehand and you can see based

on the size of the arenas across the

Minnesota, for example, shares their arena
with the Wild.

The 67s share theirs with Ottawa's PWHL

So it's not NHL size, but it's big.

It's OHL.

And then Toronto plays in a 1 ,200 -person
practice arena above La Blas.



But like I don't blame him for wanting to
do that right at the beginning of the year

because you don't know what's going to
happen in the inaugural season.

But what it showed last night is that
people really care.

Like that building was incredibly loud.

The vibes there were huge.

Social media was really big.

They checked off every box.

It was it was awesome.

Oh, hell yeah.

And no, my point was more just that it was
so unknown how this is going to do that,

like the capacities across the league are
just like so vast.

But it's awesome that in creating that bit
of exclusivity, I guess, with Toronto,

when you do open it up to to Scotiabank
Arena, everybody that's been waiting gets

to go.

So and it's people that have been waiting
for this.

I mean, like a lot of like young girls
that have wanted to watch women's hockey

that haven't had a chance to and.

mention, like, think of all the people in
Toronto who maybe want to bring their

family to a hockey game, but they just
can't afford to do it with the Leafs.

So now they have this other great

That's exactly what I was going to say is
it's a professional hockey game you can go

to in Toronto in Scotiabank Arena that's
not $500 a ticket to bring, you know, your

two or three kids to, right?

Like it's a...

young girl who's like five or eight years
old and their eyes just light up and all

of a sudden this changes their hockey

Like their path rather.


And I don't know if you saw it was Sarah
Nurse was on with what's his name.


Talking about the branding and how, you
know, obviously it'd be nice to have a

name and everything.

But like they put this together in six
months, which you really have to give them

a lot of leeway with.

There's the fact that they've been able to
put this great of a product on the ice and

have a whole rulebook together.

I mean, look, the NHL's rulebook is such a
piece of shit.

The fact that they were


an entire league from the ground up in six
months is insane.


it's going to be like an ever evolving
thing, I think, for the first like two to

even five years.

It's going to be molding it into hopefully
what's going to be like a really, really

strong and good league.


And I mean, like everybody, including
myself, had a lot of criticisms of them

starting without names and logos and the
branding and everything.

And like, like not that my mind has
completely changed on that, but I think

now that there's been so much hype around
it and people are kind of waiting for it,

it's going to sell like crazy when it does
come out.

I mean, asterisk, if the team's names and
logos are good, because if it's anything

like the ones that were registered a while
ago, they were not great.

branding is pretty important.

Young people are really successful to this
and they're going to latch on to it.

So if it's something they can really
connect to, that's an important thing,


You just don't want to be called the
Ottawa hockey team.


So I think once people have a name they
can latch onto, it's going to bring this

even further.

So the fact that they've been able to do
this much without names and logos and

being able to like it.



The fact that people are buying sweaters
that just say PWHL Ottawa and PWHL Toronto

and everything is awesome.

So they're.

Oh, God, yeah.

a lot more physical than I thought it
would be too.

That's one of my biggest surprises.

Yeah, same.

I didn't realize like, obviously
international hockey has different rules

than, you know, the NHL does.

So I didn't think about the fact that when
you get these women to sit down and hash

out a rule book together for like a
national league in North America, they can

say, OK, like what level of hitting do we
want now that we're not in an

international tournament?

And they accepted, OK, as long as it's
along the boards, we're not doing open ice




Let's do that.

And everyone watching was like, I'm sorry,

We're going to watch people smash each

you're good.

Like you can rub up against each other.

You can plow each other on the boards.

It's been really good.


And I mean, the some of the highlights,
the goals have been great.

The the goaltending is great.

The fact that Toronto has Campbell in net.

Come on.

We got another soup.

Probably the best Campbell to ever play in

I mean, come on, Jack Campbell.

Jack Campbell's elite, remember?

Oh, she did.

And I mean, look, to just bring it around
to something else here to close it off,

talking about branding, after we signed
off last night, Justin and I were looking

through KHL jerseys.

I mean, to say anything, we were looking
specifically through players that are just

still kicking around in the KHL that we
forgot about.

But and looking at the jerseys were like,

Can I buy this one?

Like, where do we get this?

Some of these are pretty sick.

So product aside, I mean, if you have a
nice looking Jersey and logo, people will

buy it.

will buy it, even for 300 rubles.

It was actually 400.

Oh fuck.

Also, you cannot find a Kuhnlin Red Star

Like, it is so hard.

It's like not possible to buy one in the

Like, you probably have to buy one.

is the old Soviet Union, like the CCCP one
with the iron sickle.

Such a classic.

Yeah, we were we were trying to find the
Red Star one, but I think you have to buy

it like in like through China somehow and
have it shipped here because like you

can't actually buy them from our Internet.

Just back channel.

The other hilarious thing actually about
that team here, I do want to bring this up

for a sec.

So when you go to the team's website, it
says that all all their players are

Chinese because they've like gotten
nationality or whatever.

If you go to like elite prospects and look
at their team where it says like where

they're actually from, it's so funny.

OK, so this is.

This is China's KHL team for anybody that
doesn't know.

Illinois, Minnesota, Illinois, BC,
Ontario, Saskatoon, Massachusetts,

Ontario, Ontario, BC, Quebec, Ontario,
Alberta, Alberta, Ontario, California, BC,

BC, New York, Finland, Ontario, Ontario,
Alberta, Alberta, BC.

One European, that's it.

Yeah, and they've got I did skip over
there's like one or two Russians.

Yeah, there's two two Russians on the
team, one Finnish guy.

And what is what is BLR?

I don't know what that is.

bunch of yanks are Canadians.

I don't even know what this country is.

But yeah, so their whole team is

Oh, there you go.


So their whole team is just a bunch of
Canadian guys.

And it's so funny.



I mean, get your quop however you can,

Never give up, the dream's still alive,

Jake Chelios, any relation?

Father, Chris Cellios.


I only thought he had daughters.

That is crazy.

So his kid, Jake Cellio, is 32 years old,
plays for Koonlun Redstar.

Yeah, isn't that crazy?

Keep getting them checks, buddy.

Yeah, good for you.

So, wait, let me get this straight.

Chris Cellios only retired from the NHL in
like 2010?

His dad's probably still a better player
than his son.

Wait, so he retired from the NHL in 2010,
and in 2010, his son was playing for the

Chicago Steel.

That's wild.

I'll you.

My god, I this is what we did the other
night you just dive down if you're ever

interested in like where some of these
players disappear to Like Valtteri

Filippoulos playing in the KHL like
there's so many random random names that

you can find still kicking around over


like players you completely forgot about.

Oh, God, yeah.

Just search by like age.

Yeah, exactly.

Just search by age and like nationality.

Look for any Canadians still kicking
around over there.

It's pretty funny.


Um, last thing, because I didn't get to
talk about it with you, I think, but Phil

Kessel joining the Vancouver Canucks.

What do we think?

Is he officially joining them?

He looked pretty gassed when he was at
practice with Abbotsford.

Oh, is that, uh, I haven't seen that

Isn't that where we're at with him?

From what I understood, it was just like,
come show us what you got type of thing.

Canucks continue patience with Phil

Future Hall of Famer must pass


Canucks downplay Phil Kessel News.

Okay, so they're trying to like, whoa,
cool the Jets.

We just.

this under the radar, but like you can't
do under the radar with Phil anymore.

No, as soon as he gets invited anywhere,
it's going to be, oh, finally.

Because I think the thing with him is
anywhere he signs, they have the

responsibility of keeping his Iron Man
streak running or not.

That's a thing too, right?

But I'm sure he must have had talks with

That doesn't mean anything to him at this

He probably just wants to play.

Yeah, and the other thing is because
playoffs don't count for that, I think we

might see him sign with somebody close to
the playoffs where he can play maybe the

last two games this season.

And then it's just, OK, we'll keep the
Ironman Street going by benching you

through the playoffs.

We can play a couple of games as an extra
in case someone gets hurt.

you'd probably want to see him play at
least 15, maybe 10.

But even last year with Vegas, he was a
healthy scratch a lot in the playoffs.

So I'm not really too sure how much he can
offer a team like that.

I think he'd be good on the second power

Maybe a couple of second, third line
minutes, but I don't expect too much from

him at this point in his career.

No, and it's unfortunate because, yeah,
he's just so funny.

Like, we need characters in the NHL.

And of course, there's a lot that are
coming up in the last couple of years, but

it's just sad to see one go to retirement,

I think he's got one last hurrah.

I think that'll actually bring him on.

I hope so.

It's just, you know, especially with the
Canucks, they're so good and so deep that

I don't see them really needing to play
him a ton.

But I don't know.

Yeah, and I mean, that's that's what
anybody would bring him for, but we'll


he'd only go to a contender, right?

He's not gonna go side with, you know,
Arizona again or Montreal or something

stupid like that.

I don't think anyone's going to sign with
Arizona until they know where the team's

going to be.

Yeah, yeah, no shit.

Quick look at the standings, the leaps did
hop over the Tampa Bay Lightning.


We're third place in the Atlantic, only
behind the Bruins and Panthers.

I don't...

My god, Panthers won 9 -2 over the
Lightning tonight.

Who knows anything about that?

Yeah, god.

I have him on my fantasy team and I'm
absolutely devastated.

That surgery really brought him back to

It really, really did.

They're going to have some questions come
off season, especially with Stephen

Stamkos' contract up.

That's a huge question.

So yeah, the Bruins have 75 Panthers of

We've got 66 lightning of 65 so Kind of a
toss -up between first and second and

third and fourth.

It looks like The Red Wings are starting
to drop off a little but they're still

right behind Yeah, and that's kind of it

drop off a little more towards the end of
the year as well.

Man, I really thought it wasn't going to
be Saber's Canadian Sends at the bottom


I really, really hoped we'd see a little
better out of the three of them, but fuck.

thought Montreal would be down there, but
Ottawa surprises me more than even the


Yeah, I mean, it seems like the second
half of the year is great for both the

Sabres and the Sens every time.

And you think like, oh, this is promising.

And both of them go into the offseason.

I mean, look, we always say the Sens win
the Cup in August.

Like, they always look like it's going to
be good.

They're building on success.

And then they just don't.

I heard it from somewhere tonight that the
comparison was that the ducks were the

sands of the west.

Just a lot of good pieces, but they can
never really break through.


And every year it's a question of, you
know, do we trade this one guy that we've

been holding onto for a while?

Yeah, and like at least Anaheim has legit
gold tender.

Yeah, I mean, as long as he's not in trade

Or hurt.

But Jacob Chickren could be on the move

Which like this poor, this poor guy has
spent his entire career on the headline of

Where is he going?

I get the vibe he doesn't want to be in
Ottawa though.

This guy hasn't wanted to be anywhere he's

He's a good player, but he's hurt a lot

I don't think I'd want him on my team.

No, and it's unfortunate that he's had all
the injuries.

I think if he'd been on, you know, been
traded from Arizona to a better team a lot

sooner, we wouldn't be talking about him
this way, but...

he, like he had trade rumors for like
three years before he actually got traded.

god, literally.

Okay, um, that's all I've got for tonight.

Anything you want to touch on before we

I do believe that is everything.

Well, let's hope for another hat trick
because it is just unbelievable the amount

of goals these guys are pumping out.


Louis, we got a chance.

We do.

I would love to see Bennington and Net and
just see him and Reeves chirping each

other all night.

Do we think Tavares is back?

Like, what's the word there?

Was that the illness again?

No, it sounded like he has a minor injury.

They didn't reveal what it was, but
nothing serious.

Okay, well we'll see.

Not like anything was rough tonight, but
interesting to see in a different scenario

that's not the ducks.

Yeah, I have a feeling you're probably not
gonna see it.

Well, no skin off my back.

Where where the frig is my outro?

well We out of here remember to give us a
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you're listening to this go over and check
it out Have a good night.

It's never too late for the Leafs only


My cat is sleeping or I would have picked
her up as well.

Wah wah.

Yeah, mine was too, he's actually been
quite a good boy.

But I woke him up.