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Go-go-go-go-go-go Bass, bass, bass Bass,
bass, bass Alright, so I got a new setup

if you're watching on YouTube I got a lava
lamp I got a I brought my little John

Tavares plushie up close I've got so many
things back here I'm gonna rotate through

what's featured in the forefront So, it's

It's a bit of a desk setup, but I wanted
to feel more like a late night host.

You know, I wanted to feel like.

Like I've got the desk.

That's what I wanted.

I wanted to sit here and be like, this is.

Conan vibe type of thing.

exactly what I wanted.

I just the next step is I want to screen I
guess it would have to be on this side.

Oh knocking my desk around I'm getting
used to this still.

I want to screen on this side so I can
instead of bringing up stuff picture in

picture I want to just like yeah I want to
be able I want to be able to do it.

Anyway I know I'd have to completely like
90 degree turn my

or just something you can pull it in and
pull out.

Sounds expensive though.

Ooh, I could mount it on this wall, and
then it comes off and I just, whoa.

See, there's just gonna be arms out of
everywhere, and this is gonna become a

disaster of a room where I have like three
square feet of space to move around and

the rest is just stuff.

Welcome back, leave us late night.

your fiance for those great ideas.

Her office is next door, she's doing her
own thing, this one's mine, this is what I

get to do.

Let's fill it with production stuff and
Leafs bullshit.

Speaking of Leafs bullshit, I missed the
game on Saturday, so did you, but

apparently the Leafs blew a 3-0 lead.

We did, I was out at an expensive dinner
in wine country and me and my friend were

hand signaling the whole dinner and we had
just, when it got right to the end, it got

very solemn for both of us.

Reminds me of you and I on set while we're
rolling just...

Let's go, let's do it.


That's exactly what it was.

Yeah, yeah.

Game was over, like, two double whiskies
over here, please.

I was I was in Toronto actually at a show
that a friend of ours was in and It was

three nothing while I was in line or maybe
for one or something and then I Went in

finished the show was like 90 minutes and
they were doing a Q&A period after so a

couple people were you know?

checking their phones during the little in
between and Like I heard a couple people

mention the same thing and I went they
lost in a shootout I'm gonna see someone

go right what the fuck

Yeah, that's not even like the gist of it.

90 seconds left, they were up by two

So they went in with 90 seconds left and
then with six seconds left.

And then they lost in the shootout.

Yeah, I saw the...

But the only replay I saw was that
Carolina pulled the goalie and scored

right at the end.

I wanted nothing to do with that game, I
was having a great weekend, and yeah, I

did eat that on my conscience.

It's funny, I didn't actually see the
replay of the goal.

I saw the replay of the bench, because
what was going around was the reaction

from the Hurricanes bench when they

They were all, ah, and then...

Yeah, I had to watch it back a second
time, because the first time I was

watching Carolina, because I didn't know
what was going on, because I didn't see

the game.

The second time I'm like, I want to see
how the Leafs reacted, and it's just a

bunch of heads just...

Jesus Christ.

Ugh, at least you're angry.

But then...

like two teams, like Carolina and not
someone like Buffalo or fucking Ottawa.

Yeah, I mean, Carolina, we've all been
kind of scared.

They loaded up and they're looking

I mean, Jay.

day and they came to Ottawa and they were
tied like 2-2 going into the third and

then they just pumped five goals into
Ottawa and just kicked the shit out of


So that seems to be their little back
pocket plays.

In the third, just let go.

I mean, adding Gensel and Khrushnetsov,
like, oh, get out of here.

Such an annoying team.


But alas, moving on, the Flyers get a
rematch against the Leafs.

Another one in Philly.

I don't understand the scheduling, but

Not a great puck luck game for the Leafs.

As one goes in,

right off the start of the game and then
right off the start of the second.

It's like, it's just, when you know it's a
game of momentum, how do you recover from

those, man?

I mean, you have to, but.

first minute of the period or the last
minute of the period, that's always really

tough to swallow.

It's huge for the team who can do it.

But Flyers are playing for their lives
right now.

They bench their captain in that game.

So, you know, like players got a message.

It's do or die type of thing.

They had to come out and they really
answered the bell.

And to your point, the Leafs hit what,
five or six posts?

Full disclosure, I really didn't see too
much of this game, but it sounds like the

Flyers did what they had to do.

There were a lot of posts on both sides.

I think it ended up being like six to four
or something for both teams.

Like I've never seen, it was insane.

Like they were just running the count up.

Like I've never seen this many posts hit.

And there was another one that just like
literally stopped on the line after a post

and nobody could find it.

Like, oh, it was brutal.


like just like off the side of the post.

Like when Nylander was in, like he had an
open net, he just clearly hit the post

dead on, on his backhand.

Matthew's hit the post just clean dead on

It wasn't like, you know, sometimes he hit
the post on the side and it'll go off, but

these were like very, very good chances.

Oh yeah, it was like beat the goalie and
the post saved the day.

Like a couple inches in and yeah.

Oh man, but there was a lot of talk around
the benching of the Capitano of the Flyers

there, back to back games now towards his
benched couturier.

And some players have spoken out saying
that, you know, it's old dinosaur shit to

bench your coach, like, or your captain
like this.

But to a lot of people's response and

uh, Torrance is doing what he does and
squeezing victories out of nothing, and

this team should be nowhere near the

So look,

actually came out this.

He's like, he was calling Torz out about
this, but this is what Torz does.

These guys are in the middle, in like the
heat dead of a playoff race right now.

And they bench their captain two games in
a row.

Worked once, didn't work the other time,
but that's what he's gonna do.

And if you're not playing the way he wants
you to play, everyone's up for it.

Like he doesn't play favorites.

Well, and especially when you've got kind
of an older and younger guard with the

team, and it's putting the pressure on to
show that like, look, there's guys that

are coming for your job.

Don't make them, don't make them give me a
reason to give it to them earlier.

Like, don't play yourself out of your own

Like, I'm reminding you that there's
people waiting for this.

I can kind of get behind it maybe like for
one game but for two in a row that's a

tough sell to everybody in the room as
well like I'd rather you pull them aside

and practice and be like hey man I'm gonna
play you 20 minutes no matter what the

fuck happens here you're my guy I'm gonna
run with you and maybe that's more of like

a motivator than actually pulling the guy
for two games one I can understand but two

that's tough

Yeah, I can see that.

Like, too, you get into the space of
sending a message to the rest of the team

that it doesn't really matter.


Are you seeing this thumbs down thing?

thumbs down me?

I didn't do that.

I don't know how this is happening.

There's a reaction thing on that's with
the new Apple update.

down my take?

No, I don't know how I'm doing these.

If it's like a, yeah.

Can I make it do a thumbs up?

I don't know, dude.

like that.

I don't know, if it's listening to me and
doing it off that, that's fucking scary.

This is so scary.

Anyway, what I was saying is, like you
could figure that out.

The message you send is that it doesn't
matter who you are, no one's job is safe,

and if you play off for one night, you're
going to be...

It doesn't matter, right?

Like you can't win any favor.

What you did two weeks ago doesn't matter.

What you did last night's the only thing
that matters.

And, you know, I can see both sides of

It's not a great message to send to your
young guys though.

No, it's really not.

And it's not a great message to send to
your vets either too.

Like if you have one bad game, like, am I
going to be sad for this all of a sudden?

Like that's going to weigh on me for the
next game.

Like I said, one game, I get it.

You're sending the message to your team,
but two games, especially for your


Like that's just a bit excessive.

So how you said they lost?

How did the game, the next game turn out?

Okay, well over time against the

So, I mean, still like they're clawing at
this spot.

Just pull up.

right on the cusp.

Standings real quick.

Where are they at?

I was looking at this earlier and I can't
remember wildcard philly is currently

Their philly is currently third in the


They are a point up on Detroit and they
have both played 70 games.

So that point they got.

they're in seventh right now.

That point they got from that game against
the Hurricanes put them out of wild card

and into third place in the Metro.

So that was actually important for them.

So, I mean, yeah, it's not a win, but the
torts is still like, you got to give them

a bit of credit.

What if you pull Sean back in the lineup
and like he has a mediocre game?

What would you do after that?

Like, it's, you know, it just opens a lot
of what-ifs.

I mean, I think at a certain point
management steps in and is like, look, you

can't just not play your captain.

If there's a problem, we can talk about
it, but.

I feel like he's scared to death of


I mean somebody's gotta say something, but
I don't know what we'll have to see who do

they play What are the fires play next?

they got 79 points.

So they're one point between Washington,

That's a pretty good race.

That's a nice race.

Bro, their next three games are Boston,
Florida, and the Rangers.

That sucks.

Shouse, you're playing Katori for those
for sure.

They do have, okay, so here's the thing.

The rest of their season, Montreal,
Chicago, Islanders, Sabres, Blue Jackets,

Montreal, Rangers, New Jersey, Washington.

So I would say they've got about a 50-50,
if not maybe 60-40 split of like bad teams

to good teams.

So they have a shot, man, of holding onto

And look, I would be interested to see.

here's an interesting thing.

Little lightning, their schedule going
forward is not...

Actually it is pretty easy, I lied.

Well, they got the kings, they got the
ducks, but they got the Bruins and

Islanders as well too.

Oh, they've got a pretty easy schedule

Sends, sabers, blue jackets.

not make it.

Ah, yeah, it's, it's-

three points and like four points on
Detroit, so that's quite a bit.

Game in hand, maybe, I'm just talking out
my ass actually.

and see, it's crazy when I look at the
standings and see where Tampa and Vegas

are, because I just kind of assume without
watching every day that they're doing

okay, but every time I see that they're in
a wild card spot, I'm like, oh, oh.

like, cause you like, you immediately fall
back to like Vasilevsky's, the best

goaltender in the world.

Kuch is having a heart type season.

But yeah, they're, yeah, they're three
points out of a wild card right now.

Vaslavsky's been mediocre this year and
I've had him in fantasy.

Yeah, average, not mediocre.

Mediocre for his standards though.

They're an old team though, they're an old
tired team.

they are.

Like the Washington Capitals, but my God,
there's still a couple little fucking

shots left in the tank there.

Look at Ovechkin.

He looked like for the first 60% of this
year, he looked old, weathered, and then

he's come alive since then.

Yeah, it was funny.

I see him standing in his spot, you know,
like he always does.

And it's like, it's 2024, it's March.

Are we?

like 17 years.

10 seconds goes by, I'm like, is this
actually gonna happen?

Pass it to him, clean, it's fucking in.

I'm like, what?


How do we keep letting him get away with

It's unbelievable.

And like to his credit, the one he blasted
by wall, it just went right over his


Like he tried to lift his shoulder up, but
like his accuracy, it's not like even the

hardest one time ever.

It's pretty hard.

But this is the way he puts it in.

He does a full breath hall.

It goes down on one knee.

It's incredible.


It's honestly, I mean, to make it about
the Leafs, it's what Matthews has been

trying to pick up this season.

He's been taking notes and that's the

He's been picking up that spot finally.

Speaking of the Caps and Hurricanes
though, did you see the score today?

Caps just beat them 7-6 in a shootout.

Oh, I saw it was 6-5 with like a couple
minutes left in the third.

The cast won?

Caps 176, shootout.

because of this fucking podcast, I have
not been able to check on my parlay's For

which I've got a great deal of them going
right now

Cool buddy.

Sebastian Ajo and Sonny Milano on each
side with a hat-trick, by the way.

March Madness, buddy.

I'm gonna have to start to go find me
pretty soon.

It's been a rough two days.

and if all goes south, you just blame your

Would you like to be my interpreter?

I will toss you a small amount.

you don't speak French we can go to some
QMJHL games

Oh, yes, that's it.

Man the reason I was pulling up the caps
though real quick is Connor McMichael who

I have never heard of and is all of a
sudden surging on this team and Look,

we've been talking about the Penguins and
Capitals as being teams that don't prepare

for the future and have just had to ride
Out what they've got because you cry Yeah,

so I have always just kind of operated on
not paying attention to any of the where's

this thumbs up coming from This is crazy,

I've just not paid attention to any
prospects on the Washington Capitals, but

my god, he's 23, but Connor McMichael This
guy last season was with The Caps and had

nine goals in 68 games 18 points this year
16 goals 14 assists 30 points

Nice, what a jump up.

Dude was with the Hershey Bears, like, for
most of last year.

He only played six, sorry, last year, he
only played six games with the Caps.

It was two years ago he had 18 points.

It's funny, because if you're to look at
both lineups of Tui in the caps and the

pens, I would probably take the pens just
on paper.

But the way the caps have been playing,
infinitely better than the penguins.

Yeah, it's pretty impressive.

I mean, yeah, to talk about the Leaf game,
they kind of ran away with that one in the

third period.

But, uh...

kicked the shit out of that game.

Like, the caps were on a huge road swing
before that.

I think this was the first home game in

It was a lot of games anyways.

So maybe they, I don't know if they had
the home nerds or whatever, but the Leafs

just beat the shit out of them.

Yeah, and I mean Lindgren's been good this
season and they made him look baaaaaad.


Yeah, they had no like...

they were not pulling that guy no matter
if they scored 10 goals.

Not many of them were his fault.

Matthews gets the deuce.

We had a hat trick for a split second,


His first goal is important, I think,
because of what happened against the


They reversed the roles there, right?

He scored in the first 15 seconds, which
was what happened the previous game

against the Leafs.

You're right, thank you, I missed that.


Flipping the script, of course.

What I was gonna say was that fuckin'
Bertuzzi on his...

like, doing Pilates on the ice there.

was on...

There was a shot of Matthews on the bench
and he was like looking up at the


He's like, for fuck's sake, it's like...

Take a stride or something like...

He was so pissed.

Without being super pissed.

That's just- Yeah, exactly.

That's just a- Dude.

Pay attention.

All you had to do was pay attention.

You would've seen the Domi and Matthews
have to slow up.

Just take- Everyone said it!

Just like, just ride the line for a sec!

Just slow up a sec!


hockey player knows that, but like you
can't really get mad at Pertuzzi, just the

way he's been playing lately.

It's the one little fault in his game.

Yeah, yeah.

Super sick too, apparently he's not
playing tomorrow, so.

Yeah, this whole like every day I get an

I have him and Marner in two different
leagues and I get updates

first shift until like 10 minutes into the

Yeah, and they had an ice time tracker
going and it was at like three minutes,

halfway through the second period.

Like he was really just getting out there
and then hopping back on the bench.

So the fact that he was even on for two of
those goals, it's like, good for him.

Actually, I-

you're saying about Matthews, though.

No, I was just, I wanna now bring up
Leaf's Ice Time from that game.

Because I wanna see what Pertuzzi ended up
actually playing.

like, he was just like, he wasn't himself.

He wasn't like as chippy in the quarters.

He was between shifts.

You could tell he was stretching out a

Like he would, something was going on with
him for sure.

Which begs the question, like, why are you
playing it right now?

We're fairly locked in the third.

Just give him a fucking rest.

You could have rested until Saturday.


Well, from the sound of it, it seems like
for the last couple, I'd say like three,

four weeks, like everybody's just been
playing at 80 percent at the most.

Like it's whoever isn't throwing up is on
the ice.

Whoever can get out of bed is on the ice.

So it seems like if they could give any of
these guys a break, there's nobody to tap


Fair enough.

I mean, obviously I'm just pulling from
what we've been led to believe, but...

Where is this?

Why am I...

Here, capitals.

They changed...

and stuff too, so yeah.

Speaking of Gregor, missing a couple teeth

Oh yeah.

a dummy play by Wills.

He was super heated earlier in the game.

You can tell he was just starting to boil

And then that play happened and he just
snapped for a second.

Let his stick go.

Took out a couple inches of Gregor's

And as soon as it happened, give him a
nice hug from behind.

He's like, I'm sorry, buddy.

I had a mental lapse.

I blacked out.

And apparently Gregor said he's lost those
teeth already, so he doesn't feel


He's like they're dead anyway.

Don't worry like oh Buddy that sucks even


So Bertuzzi clocked in at 14 minutes 19

So only more than like Homburg and

How does Robertson come out with like less


Because they don't play them.

They just, they don't play them.

For better or worse, some games, like they
still play them.

But yeah, I loved all the memes that came
out of like, you know, Pertuzzi being the

older sibling, that's like, no, don't tell
mom, shh, quiet, don't cry, don't cry,

don't cry.

Just immediate regret, like punched his
little brother and then was like, oh fuck,

I heard him.

I didn't mean to do that.

Like he's, it's Tom Wilson, we know what
he's capable of, but that was, like, I've

never seen a more,

He just he just lost it for a second.

And that's his nature is to be a piece of

So he let his arm go.

And once it hit his teeth, he's like, oh,

Like, I honestly didn't mean to do that.

And six games, he's going to sit for a
long time for that, man.

That's no joke.

It's the most dangerous, careless, stupid,
like accidental play of scene.

Like just somebody who is showing that
they have no regard for the stick they're

holding and their body and their strength
and just like, ugh.

Yeah, just somebody who, when they get
mad, they'll just like flip a table, just

like, ugh.

someone like hit like a shin pads or even
an ankle or something, but to go right for

the mouth, that's...

Yeah, and it's like he saw blood and just
kind of threw his arm.

My God.


oh, what have I done?

So I think if anyone else had done that,
considering like Gregor didn't go down,

there was no real injury, I would say one
to three games maybe.

But since he has such a track record, like
six games actually seems appropriate for


And like, and let's not kid ourselves
right now.

Six games is extremely important to the
Cavs right now.

They are in a vicious fight for a playoff

Yeah, I mean, when you only have 12 games
left, that's literally half the rest of

the season, so.

He's a hugely important player for them.

Where are the caps sitting?

I should just keep the standings open.

They're right in there.

Gotta go wild card caps are Yeah, 77 78
and then 79 for the flyers shit by else

they've got 13

both of them.


Yeah, this is tweet.

that's like that's a that's a big sussy

That's a that's half the games they have
left almost


And it's, oh man.

Can you imagine being the Bruins and
literally not knowing who you're gonna

play in the playoffs until like the last

How interesting would that be?

I mean, I feel like this is how it used to
always be, but yeah.

Yeah, now we're, we know we're playing the
Panthers, I think, at this point.

We've known for quite a while outside of
Zemmler, Boston, depending if we go out on

a massive heater or something.

Yeah, because it's seven points between
Florida and Toronto and seven points

between Toronto and Oh, Tampa just won.

So it's five points between Toronto and

Yeah, let's keep them behind us.

Yeah, still have a game in hand on them


So the leaves.


Oh, one, sorry.

Yeah, like I thought the same, but I think
their game just ended, so everything


So we got Oilers, Hurricanes, Devils,
Capitals again, fucking Panthers.

It's a hard schedule for the rest of the

Like I'm kind of glad that it's not a
coasty coast, like because it seems like

there's no way that the Leafs can lose
their playoff spot, I guess.

I'd rather them be ready, but.

Oilers, hurricanes, devils, capitals,

I mean, Oilers, Hurricanes, they're locked
in playoffs, they're not playing for their


Devils, I think they're out of it, so they
might not be either.

Capitals will be a very tough game.

Anytime you play the Sabres, they're
fucking so annoying to play against.

You've got two games against Tampa, two
games against Florida, one against


The two games against Florida is very
interesting because especially if you're

going to run into them in the first round,
like you're very like, you're very

familiar with each other at this point.

Yeah, and I know there's a lot of benching
of players at that point, but there's

still gonna be messages sent, right,
you're still gonna be starting fights that

are going to be followed up on in two
weeks, right?

Like, even if it's just a bunch of third
and fourth line guys out there.

Yeah, easy.

They're not gonna bench everybody.


Yeah, they're going to play a nasty game
for sure.

Those games are going to be like, yeah,
they're going to be messy.

I totally forgot, speaking of sending
messages, Wayne Simmons retired


Yeah, I think it was just yesterday or the
day before.

He will not be signing for the playoffs.

Uh, four days ago.


So I think he signed with the Flyers for
the day.


hear that.

That was my favorite scene when he was
with the suppliers.

So I guess it was right before the game
against the Leafs then.

Cool, he was on the panel at TSN I think,
I was watching one game not too long ago.


Yeah, I mean, look, I'm-

deadline actually.

Something like that anyways.

How old's this guy?



You know what?

Take your money.


yeah for sure man.

Good career.

Yeah, kudos.

I wanna talk some proposed rules.

Let's do it.

So I've got both from nhl.com and from
Elliot Friedman's tweet thread here.

So I'm gonna go through Friedman's tweets
because they're a little more, they

explain things better, I'll say.

The wording is for people instead of

Okay, I'm going to let you talk for one

I got to check some quick scores.

Okay, so first up we've got 63.A4.

Adding goalie to the list of players who
can get a penalty for intentionally

dislodging the net.

I feel like this one is gonna be

I thought this would already be a penalty.

Hasn't already been a penalty for a delay
game in very obvious cases?

Yeah, there's because we've seen there was
that goalie who threw the net off.

Oh, they I think it was like an automatic
penalty shot or something.

If you throw it off.

But yeah, if you're if you're pulling a
Matt Murray, like he used to do where he'd

kick the net off.

I think they're going to start getting
called for that.

So that's interesting.

Speaking of Matt Murray's taking the ice
again practice.



Tell us.

Wisconsin, a minus 250 favorite is down 14
points right now in the first quarter.

Just just blowing up my parlay, costing me
hundreds of dollars.

Grrrrah, no.

Let me get that out of my system.

I have them on two parley's of course,
because I'm a fucking idiot and

degenerate, so let's continue.

Super, super fun for Sothe.

Okay, on a face-off after an icing On a
face-off after an icing right now the

defensive center gets a warning for a
violation, but the offensive center gets

tossed So when you see them get tossed
from the face-off after an icing The

offensive team does not get a warning
before getting tossed.

They would like to add a warning for them.

I Think you get enough of a penalty in not

not switching your line, I think that
like, that's the penalty for icing.

There shouldn't be other little things.

If there's other little shit that like the
fans don't even know about are going on,

like that's one that no one's aware of,
I'm sure.

Yeah, completely agree there.

If a goalie is pulled Yeah, if a goalie is
pulled by concussion spotter

is shitty on dropping the puck, so it's
not always on the players.

Sometimes it's actually on the refs too,

Oh my God, in the amount of times that I
see Tavarez get tossed from the playoff

circle on icings, now it makes sense.

It's like what?

all different.

It's like you really think this dude is,
Taveras of all people is gonna have a

violation of the playoff dot or the
faceoff dot.

Um, but, but if Goldie is pulled by
concussion spotter slash injury,

replacement gets a warmup.

I think it's like 45 to 60 seconds.

So you, they want to warm up for the
goalies before tossing them in.


Like a minute, whatever.

Like they usually just stretch around

If it's, yeah, if your goalie's getting
pulled not by your own call as the coach,

then yeah, you should be able to.

So wait, like they get to have a player go
like shoot on them or something?

I don't know, it doesn't really specify
what a warmup is.

Let me see if there's more on.

stretching round is adequate, but uh...

Shooting would be a bit ridiculous.

Yeah, no.

Oh here.

Oh, so when a net has been accidentally
dislodged, disallowing a team to make

changes and giving the attacking team the
right to choose which side of the ice it

wants the face off to take place after the
defending goalie or skater accidentally

causes the net to be dislodged.

That's gimmicky.

Whatever side the pockets on, that's like,
it's the same thing.

Like just keep it regular.

Don't make things more complicated.

Like adding all these meta game plays
where it's like, oh, let's do this and

then we move it to the other side.

And it's like, don't, whenever you do
these things, you give people dumb galaxy

brain ideas.


These guys can barely keep up with the
rule book we have.

Don't make it more complicated.


This game is so fast to referee like it's
hard enough

What else we got?

Face-offs after stoppages when goalie's
mask comes off.

When a stoppage is necessary because a
goalie's mask falls off or he takes it off

for whatever reason, the face-off should
take place in the goalie's defensive zone.

His team will not be permitted a line
change and the attacking team will be

allowed to choose where they want the

Tough one because I agree that it should
be in that team's defensive end, but no

line change.

If the guy takes a slap shot and his mask
goes off, why should one team be penalized

for that?

Yeah, because it's so arbitrary, the
wording too, because it's like, if or he

takes it off for whatever reason or if it
falls off.


seen like a goalie just pull their mask
off to end play?

That doesn't happen like almost ever.

It's like, I don't like when they try to
make a rule because one guy did one thing


It happened one time exactly, yeah.

Um, like I said, I completely agree with
the being in their own zone, but, uh, the

no line change that seems a little harsh.

New coaches challenge if the penalty is
called for puck over glass they can ask

for a video review to prove It did hit
something This is only for when a penalty

is called cannot be used to call a penalty
on another team if you're wrong on this

challenge It's a five on three

A five on three, whoa, steep.


So I guess when they call the penalty, you
can say, hey, like if you know for sure,

your video guys catch, hey, that hit one
of their sticks.

That wasn't just us shooting it over.

so you can only challenge if a penalty has
been called, right?


Yeah, I kind of like that.

Because those are really bullshit
penalties that like if we're going to

start reviewing some of them, review all
of them.

Like there's the next one falls into this
category, too.

If we're going to start reviewing a lot of
stuff and slowing this game down, there

has to be legitimate consequences for it.

So a five on four, I agreed a hundred

A five on three, like that'll make you
think twice.

Yeah, I like it.

And the next one here in the same category
same for a what is with these thumbs up

same for a Minor penalty for high stick
can challenge to show that it was a

teammate stick or own stick Again five on
three if wrong

Hate that, because you're taking out the
human element of refing.

What are you gonna start doing that for
tripping and slashing to like, where do we

draw the line?

These are just suggestions, they have to
go through a bunch of rounds.

But, yeah.

a human element into refing.

And for the most part, as much as we shit
on these guys, they do get it right.

So let's leave it at that, I think for the
most part.

Yeah, where it gets tough is like you
can't put video reviews back in the box,


So when we start reviewing some things and
you show everybody, oh, this is what


You show all the fans, hey, this is how
they made the wrong call and there's

nothing we can do about it.

It's just either we accept that's part of
it or it's not.


You accept it.

That's the human element of it.

then we should review less things, if
that's the case in my opinion.

Like, it should just be more on the human

I like the goalie review, and if I'm
perfectly honest, I wouldn't review more

than that.

Those are the two things that's it.

Yeah, I'm okay with that.

The offside one, I think there needs to be
an asterisk on it where like, you can't

wait two minutes for the team to score a
goal before you challenge if it's offside.

Like there's gotta be a statute of

the play?

If the one team is controlling the puck
for two minutes and the other team can't

stop it, like what do you do?

Do you like toss a flag like football or

Well, I think the idea is that the play's
gone on long enough that like, just...

Ah, no, you're right.

and then bury a goal.

Like, so how are you supposed to stop

But I agree with you.

How do you reverse a minute and a half of

That's a very tough thing.

Yeah, and we've seen it happen.

We've seen entire minutes come back on the

challenge to be quite honest with you.

I'm a big proponent of refs make mistakes
and that's, you live with it.

It's sometimes it goes your way.

Sometimes it doesn't.

Okay, next one.

If a player refuses to play the puck off a
high stick or hand pass, the non-offending

team, you could say the defending team,
will get a face-off one zone better than

where the play occurs.

If it happens in the defensive zone, then
the play will be in the neutral zone.


it, hate it, hate it.


So no, just the whole point is that the
play got, it's called Dead, just reset.

It's not like you gain yardage.

Or if like you high stick it and it comes
straight to me and I wait and then another

player comes and he touches it first.

It's always like an interesting play that
happens right there.

So you're taking that away.

I don't like that one very much at all.

A lot of these things seem like they're
gonna slow the game down.

I don't like that.

like that either.

I mean, Goalie's getting a penalty for
dislodging the net, sure.

If we're gonna, if it's blatant, but if
we're gonna start splitting hairs and

reviewing and challenging, oh, was this a
kicking motion?

Did he mean, was he just pushing off of
the post or did he mean to dislodge it?

Like, it's one thing, it's one thing when
they turn and push it off and you're

Jordan Bennington and you're like, fuck

It's another one, you're Matt Murray and
you're like making a play and you,

do a little, oh, oops, like, oh, that's
gonna get messy as much as I do think

it's, it should be there to discourage
people from doing it, but it's just gonna

get messy with how you call it.


I feel like a lot of this stuff is just
taking away from what's happening on the

ice and who's actually like officiating
and playing on the ice.

It is a very slippery slope.

If you start doing high sticks, goalies
knocking over pucks, you're going to start

doing tripping or you start to do

Like where does it end?

So just by going off of likes on each of
Elliot's tweets, the ones that had the

most likes are the goalie getting a warmup
if they're replaced, and the review on the

puck over glass penalty.

Because I think a lot of people since
that, I think since that's a newer

penalty, a lot of...

I mean, I'm not trying to make a
stereotype, but a lot of people that have

been watching the game for a long time
before that rule came in hate it.

My dad especially hates that rule.

So whenever it's called badly, it just is
kind of insult to injury, where it's like,

if you're going to have this rule, call it

And it's...


me a little while to get used to as well,
but I totally get it.

Like, as someone who played hockey for a
long time, you're dead-ass tired.

You know your boys are tired.

You flip it out, out of the rink, and you
just get a whistle, you get a line change.

So I really, really get this rule.

I actually quite agree with it at this
point, but for, like you said, if it's off

somebody, then it should be reviewed.

Because the amount of times you see like,
you're behind your own net, you try to

throw it along the glass and there's
another guy in front of you and his stick

hits yours and it goes up and over and
they're like, oh, that's delayed game.

It's like, you really think he was trying
to put that over the glass?


But imagine if that wasn't a penalty.

These guys would be flipping it over the
glass all the time.

It would happen several times a game.

For sure, I don't think it shouldn't be a

I just, I'm saying I agree that we should
be able to review it because there's a

couple times that this gets called where
it's like, come on.

Like, don't start, I like that they added
the caveat, like you can't use this to

call a penalty that's not there.

Like you can't ask for a review on a
whistle to say, hey, that, no, that was

delay a game.

Yeah, and again, it's a five, it's a.

Yeah, and again, it's a five on three if
you get it wrong.

So that's like, you better be right if
you're gonna go for this.

Yeah, that's like a steep concept.

I wish they would do that for off-sides or
any other review you do.

Well, I was actually going to ask that,
like, do you think they should do five on

three for all of these Goja's challenges?

I really do.

You have like Charle, for example, like
the guys who are on the review team,

they're so fucking good.

So if you get these wrong, I think there
should be a consequence for it.

Yeah, I guess the cases, there's not many
times now where you can review a penalty,


Like, I don't think there are any.

No, but like even like goaltender
challenges are like the rare offside one.

This should be heavier.

is, if it's a major, you can review it, or
a double minor, I think.

Or if it's a major, you can review it to
reduce it.

I think what they added last year or the
year before was, if you call a major

penalty, you can, the refs are allowed to
review it to reduce it, but they can't

increase one from a review.

It only goes down.

So that way, sometimes they'll call the
major just to be safe and then go to the


But otherwise, if a goal happens,

Yeah, like other leagues, if you're in the
last like three minutes or something, it's

an automatic review for a certain place
like that.

So that I can understand as well.

But if you're like the top of your period
or like even halfway through, then tough


Yeah, I mean, it's like we talked about on
the last one with the missed stoppage on

that goal with the hand pass from Matthews
where it's like you know, some things are

reviewable to overturn a goal, but some
aren't and so I think

never have been reviewable.

The colony ice is made.

Let's leave it up to the refs.

For better or worse.





What was the other, there was something,
oh yeah, kinda hinted at it earlier, but

if anyone isn't following.

Baseball got interesting.

Oh my God.

So the Dodgers spent a billion whole US
dollars on two players.

um, one of whom who has never pitched a
game in the mlb and tried to and Had five

earned runs in one inning and got pulled
like You don't need to watch a lot of

baseball to know that's bad

That's pretty hard to do, yeah.

That's horrible.

I mean, obviously it's an adjustment, but
like, it's just fun making fun of the team

that spent a lot of money.

I mean, we're talking about our $700
million player, his interpreter.

Well, and then there's that whole thing.

So if you missed it, Shohei Otani's
interpreter was fired and accused of

stealing $4.5 million from Shohei to cover
his gambling debts.

So many things have come out since that
initial headline dropped.

of twists and turns in this story.

Like ESPN went through and found bank
transactions, like wire transfers that are

public record that have Shohei Otani's
name on it transferring $500,000 twice to

this guy's account.

So like, I mean, you can say it's theft,
but there's, he signs off on wire.

Like there's ways that could be theft, but
it looks pretty bad.

Even like one of the original stories was
that like he was just giving him money to

pay off his debt.

Like this guy's a degenerate gambler,
Shohei's such a good dude, he wired him

4.5 million or whatever it was, and that
quickly they disavowed that story.

Lawyers said it was a massive theft.

And here we are now.

Yeah, and of course, the problem with any
story like this where we don't get all the

facts is people start to speculate.

I mean, I'm not going to get into it a
ton, but there was a time earlier this

year in hockey where you don't give people
all the facts, they start speculating.

And now it's, hey, did Shohei get this guy
to cover for his own gambling?

Like, people are going to run with this.

I feel like this is a really, really big

Like he's entered his Pete Rose era so

Um, that's a, that's a lot of money.

Like he's got a lot of accountants.

How does this chunk of change not get
noticed up until this point?

Like, Oh, I had no idea this was

Like, are you for real?

Like, and like you said, like the signing
off on small amounts, it's.

Like you don't steal four and a half
million dollars in $500,000 chunks.

Like to do that unnoticeably, like the
only time I can think of is like Dane Cook

talked about how his brother who was his
manager was like siphoning money off of

him for years.

And over like a decade took like a couple
million dollars.

Like it takes, it's a long con to steal
that money without somebody noticing.

played a game a day or two before they
were like, where they were both into

dugout and they were best friends.

They were interacting super happy.

It's just a super weird story.

I'm not saying one thing or another
because we don't know, but...

I just think it looks really bad for the
major sports and being so close to the all

these betting companies because like what
happened with Shane Pinto there was so

much that didn't become public no one
really knows what happened it's someone

was using his account to play some bets so
we're gonna suspend it for 41 games okay

that's a very weird

in from it is such a massive revenue right

So if you're actually have an infraction,
especially with a player like on Shohei's

level, that's the biggest story you can

Yeah, I mean look Shane Pinto is one

Shohei Otani is literally like the biggest
name baseball has had since like Babe


Yeah, so they've really got to figure out
the lines here.

You know, if you're going to be pushing
this so much and it's going to be so much

a part of day-to-day lottery gambling as
it's become, like, yeah, they got to

figure out how it affects the players.

I mean, they know what they can do and
what they can't,

for this stuff.

You got to find out how to properly
monitor this.

They have to like have their accounts go
through something.

I don't know what it is, but they need to
tighten up on this quick because we've

seen a lot of industries be too slow to
catch up on the tech.

This is one they got to get now, or it's
going to be trouble.

Yeah, you got to really get in front of

And like, it doesn't seem like they've
done a great job of that.

What I mean, look, I'm thinking all the
way back to, uh, what was that operation?

Slapshot or whatever, or the.

Phil.hu thing with the NBA.

Now, that wasn't like Redskies.

Oh, Janet had a big thing too when he was
in Arizona.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, there was that big hockey.

It wasn't like people betting on hockey.

It was hockey people betting on football.

Like, but it becomes a whole problem
because it's people that are involved in

sports betting on other sports because

then that's all you need, like...

It's almost like the insider trading of
gambling because sports is one of those

weird ones where it's almost chance, but
it's kind of not because it's people's

efforts individually involved.

And if you are in that industry, you have
information, even if you play a different

sport, your agent manages people in that

Like you have information that other
people don't and you can make more

educated bets than the general public can.


I like even embedding on other sports gets

And this is getting far away from the
Shohei thing, but like this is the point,

is like when you mix these things this
closely, this is what happens.

Yeah, there was like two NFL players a
year or two ago who got suspended for a

whole year for betting on something
outside of NFL.

So like, this has to be taken very

Yeah, I mean, look, you got to give kudos
to these people that manage the leagues

because they are, I mean, we'll see what
happens with Otani, but at least we've

seen suspensions that are substantial for
these things, like they're not taking it

lightly because they understand it, the
gravity of it, but they're not there.

It's been a reactionary, right?

Like they're not putting the safeguards in
place to prevent these kinds of things

from happening.

They're just catching it afterwards and
laying suspensions down.

So now the next step is

You know, what are we doing here?

I mean, like, they're saying they're doing
an investigation.

I mean, like, this guy is the face of MLB.

What are they really going to do here?

They don't have a smoking gun or anything.

I think it's probably going to get swept
under the rug.

Yeah, like.

if it was some like, Roger's employee, he
was like, hey, I'm gonna fucking dig deep

into this guy and...

Spurn you for not signing with the Blue
Jays, but...

Wouldn't that be sweet?

But no, I think it's really suspicious
that right off the bat, he came forward

and like approached, I don't know how to,
I'm sorry.

I'm not even gonna attempt to say the
guy's name, but the interpreter approached

the team and said, you know, I take full
responsibility for this.

Like he, it almost seemed a little like,
you know, you're gonna do this.

had a full interview that it was supposed
to be released before all this happened

and they just canned it.

They blacked it out and the lawyers are
like, he was a massive thief.

That's all it was.

So he'd actually never got to say his
piece before it actually came out.

Yeah, this is all so fishy.

really big thing.

So it seems like they're trying to get a
lock on this and control the story because

if people knew that they're just kind of
giving a pass to their biggest star, like,

fuck, what do you do if Connor McDavid
gets caught up in this?

Like, you can't, like, how?

even really compare it.

Like you're talking like 16 million
compared to almost a billion dollars.

The amount of money that has evolved is

But if you're talking like greatest
players of league for sure, but this is

like, unlike anything that's ever hit the

Well, yeah, I mean, money aside, it's like
the person that you're trying to make the

star of your, the face of your sport, the
person who's in commercials for bedding


like in talks of being the best most like
best baseball player of all time

Oh lord, I am so interested to follow

So how do you see this actually playing

I think it's just gonna be that this
interpreter, the MLB cuts him some deal

behind the scenes that like they'll give
him some cash and he's gonna take the fall

publicly for it.

They'll make sure he's taken care of, but
we can't have Shohei take any heat for


Like you're gonna say that, like that's
why you-

heat for this.

I think that he just comes out and says
that he tried to, he was aware of the

guy's gambling problems, but it was, you
know, late.

Yeah, like tried to help him out, didn't
realize how deep he was.

And then I don't know how they're gonna
try to finagle the stolen money.

Like they came out and said that he stole

So like, I don't know how you backtrack
that or.

thing is just like a side thing like
that's not on the front burner for MLB.

I actually think that they're gonna show
hey, we'll probably get off with nothing.

Maybe they paid this guy off on the side
who actually knows.

But he's 100% going to take the fall for
what happened whether he was in the wrong

or he was I don't think we'll ever know

Yeah, I don't think this one's gonna ever
be unsealed.


I think he knew a little bit of what was
going on.

Whether like he just wanted to cover his
gambling debts or like he was trying to be

a good friend or something, but like he
knew some shit was going on.

Look, Shohei seems like a genuine nice guy
and he just signed an absolutely ludicrous


So, look, if one of your friends is like,
hey, I made some mistakes in the whole

four million, it's like, hey, I make that
when I walk up to the plate every time.

Yeah, like, here you go.

Like, I get it.

I'm going through March madness right now.

I'm not doing too good, buddy.

How can you help me out?

Uh, do...

what do you do when...

What do you do when you hit on one?

What's your go-to?

What's my go-to?

Withdraw, baby.

I leave a little bit of money in the float
and that's all I do.

I'm trying to figure out like we feel like
pre celebrate as though you've won

Oh no no, I don't do that.

I do pretty good though, I'm not gonna

I usually win a lot more than I lose.

Although, March Madness?

Hardest sporting event of all time to bet

Well, I was just saying today, I don't
watch it, but for some reason I get, I

don't have basketball notifications turned
on from TSN, but they send me March

Madness every year.

And all day it's just this seed upset,
this seed upset, that seed upset.

Like, I feel like all of March Madness, I
mean, it's madness for a reason, is just

top seeds losing a lot.

A lot of top seeds fucking losing and not
in a great way.

Like Auburn today, fourth seed compared to
Yale, 13th seed lost.

Kentucky was the third seed yesterday,
they lost.

A couple of other ones just fucked me.

I have never bettied on this goddamn event

Hey, they're children.

What do you expect?

You can't win.

I can't pay rent this month.

You know, when you're talking, oh no, I
was gonna make a high school musical

reference, but this is college, it's a
little different.

I was gonna say with, when they have to
choose between the practice for the

musical and basketball practice, sometimes
things change for the championship games.

I feel like I my first introduction into
gambling was March Madness probably when I

was like 18 years old hang out the homies
on March break doing a little gambling on

proline or whatever.

But the first the first round the second
round was always a lock and it's just

flipped upside down right now you don't
know what's going to happen no one is


Yeah, my advice to gamblers out there is
don't do it.

You're not gonna win.

Don't just don't like.

I learned early from playing the slot
machines and Pokemon games as a child that

like, oh, this is addicting.

I have to cash out so quick the few times
that I do go to the casino because I know

I'm so bad for like, what if I just, no,
just leave, just leave.

I know you've been here for 20 minutes,
but you won, leave.

It's not about sticking around at this

I'm a pretty good gambler, but yeah.

In the words of Nancy Reagan, just say no.

Do I?


I learned after the first time, I think it
was like 300 or something I won.

And I was like, well, what if I just like
put some of it aside and I keep playing

with this?

And then I keep doing that.

And then I'm like, how did I lose money?

Oh, it happened so quickly too.


Yeah, well.

So all this to be said, anybody who's out
there listening, let's send out a little

prayer to Wisconsin right now, especially
to Beaner.

You're in the home state, buddy.

You did not come on the podcast tonight.

You owe me this.

A little prayer tonight.

We're down 15.

We've got 20 minutes left to go.

15 and oh my god Yeah Being a graphic we
need you to sneak in and give a pep talk,



Give one of your famous pump-up speeches.

next time.

Oh man.


Other than, you know, go all of your teams
you've put on anything you want to say

before we head out.

Uh, no.

Um, let's just hope none of the boys get
injured towards the end of the season

because we're locked into our positioning
and Yeah, it's just gonna be a slog the

rest of the year.

That's all it is.

We're waiting for playoffs.

Who designed this lovely Beavis and
Butt-Head, Bert and Domi shirt you're


FlowBuds, check him out on Twitter.

He's on Etsy.

He's got some great stuff.

Couldn't recommend him higher.

Love the shirt.


Okay, I will post...

Oh, yeah, Joey Ferguson.

I didn't...

Yeah, FlowBuds.

Domi looked at it and he loved it too.

Hell yeah, I love that this stuff is taken

Got the Poppy 34.

Island shirt he had the other day, the
same guy.

Yeah, Brick Wall, the Mountcore 4.


So many styles.


It's like I was saying, the Leafs need to
start reaching out to people that do fun

things like this and do some real collabs
instead of having everyone ride the line

of copyright.

Ha ha.



we love the shirts.

We do.

And it's all within fair use.

So it's just, you know, make it, let
people make more money, you know?

in the realm of legality.


Oh, uh, tomorrow I'm going to PWHL Ottawa
versus Toronto here in Ottawa.

Yeah, one o'clock.

at what time?

Oh, it's at 1pm.

I thought you said 11 o'clock.

I was like, Jesus Christ.

One, okay, that's fine.

At Lensdown?

Yeah, they're super good.

I've been making a ton of money off that


Like a lot.

See, this is where I'm like, I started, I
watched the first couple of games of

Toronto season and I lost the first two
and I was like, oh, you know what, I think

I'm gonna go with Ottawa.

And then it went like, wow, like straight,
straight match of the NHL Ottawa just went


was the stat?

They have like the longest winning streak
in Toronto history right now, I think.

Toronto hockey, the Raptors have a 15 game
I think from 2020

Oh, yeah, that's true, they do.



We got life here, buddy.

My favorite is people were commenting
saying that like, oh, you can't really

compare this to the Leafs because the
Leafs play against 30 teams.

It's like, I'm sorry, were they not in the
original six for an extremely long period

of time and that's when they won their

Like, don't even start.

you play against a team that's in front of

Let's not belittle what these fucking
great hockey players are doing.

Also, when you only have to play five
other teams, that means you're playing the

team in first place a lot more often than
when you play against 31 other teams.


Like that's a tough matchup.

Yeah, it's like, yeah, exactly.

You're playing series at that point.

we've been going out lately and at the
bars there's always a women's game playing


We love seeing this.

Yeah, I'm excited to see one in person for
the first time.

I've, I mean, some of the, some of the
reels that I've seen going around of like,

you know, they, like in Colorado, how they
do all the small things.

I saw they were doing Taylor Swift at one
of the games.

They stopped the music like, cause the
game started again and the whole crowd

just continues singing Taylor Swift.

So we're probably going to podcast

So I definitely want to like have a recap
about it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll let you know what it's like.

Alright, I gotta go back to my degenerate
gambling tin.

Have fun and good luck.

Thank you, thank you.

come back soon.

We'll be here.

We're just late night.

We out.

Where's the thumbs up or thumbs down here?

This fucking thing doesn't know what it's


That's so goddamn weird, man.