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Daily Boost - 1 Shvat

1 Shvat: New Like The Moon

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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When the Jewish People sought to construct the golden calf, Aharon told them to take their wives’ and daughters’ gold jewelry. He knew that the women would refuse, and he hoped that this would end the matter. Indeed, the women refused, saying, “You want to construct an idol and image which is an abomination and has no power to redeem? We will not listen to you.”

The Holy One, blessed be He, rewarded the women in this world and the World to Come. In this world, they observe the new moon as a greater festival than men, and in the World to Come, they are destined to be renewed like the new moon.
(Pirke DeRabbi Eliezer, 45)

Today, women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men in many areas. This departure from societal norms lasting thousands of years is a forerunner of Moshiach, when the role of women will be renewed like the moon.

While true in general, this especially applies to areas of Torah and mitzvos. As we approach the era of Moshiach, women must renew their commitment to Yiddishkeit and their efforts to strengthen Yiddishkeit. Their involvement is crucial.

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