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In this captivating season finale of the Service Based Business Society Podcast, we dive deep into the essence of staying true to your objectives, both in business and personal branding. Episode 25, titled "Rooted In Objectives," marks a significant milestone as we wrap up season three with a blend of reflection, insights, and forward-looking anticipation.

Tiffany-Ann shares a mesmerizing story from a seemingly mundane visit to the nail salon, which unexpectedly sparks a profound contemplation on consistency, authenticity, and the essence of branding. This episode explores the intriguing contrast between a self-sustaining lifestyle in Asia and the unexpected sight of a glitter Chanel shirt, unraveling lessons on brand alignment and the power of staying true to one's essence.

As we bid farewell to season three and prepare for a brief hiatus, this episode serves as a reminder of the importance of coherence in our messaging, the value of understanding our audience, and the impact of our choices on brand perception. Whether discussing the allure of simplicity, the significance of a consistent color scheme, or the implications of a public figure's actions, "Rooted In Objectives" invites listeners to reflect on their own objectives and the authenticity of their personal and business brands.

Join us as we delve into these themes, drawing parallels between everyday observations and broader business strategies. We also take a moment to express gratitude for the journey thus far, highlighting standout moments from the season and teasing the exciting developments planned for season four.

As we transition into a period of planning and growth, this episode stands as a testament to the journey of the Service Based Business Society Podcast. It's a celebration of where we've been, where we're headed, and the unchanging core values that guide us. "Rooted In Objectives" is not just a season finale; it's a beacon for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of branding, consistency, and the relentless pursuit of their objectives.

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Tiffany-Ann is a savvy business strategist who masterfully juggles her roles as a podcast host, leader of a management agency, and mother. Her innovative approach combines strategic thinking, technological savvy, and a passion for authentic connections, bringing a refreshing viewpoint to the world of modern entrepreneurship.

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Hello and welcome back for another episode. It is episode 25 of season three of the podcast. Here we are, it is the final episode of the season and we will be on hiatus. We will have so many different things on the go, planning season four, meeting with incredible people. There is all sorts of exciting things coming up, but the actual podcast will not be on the air until September. So. We are going to talk today about a few different things in regards to the wrap up of season three, but I have a valuable and interesting story to share on this week's episode. So we're gonna start there. I was at the nail salon with my daughter, and they always have the same YouTube channel playing at the nail salon. So there I am. She's getting her nails done. I'm getting a pedicure. We're enjoying and they always have the same show. I don't think I would watch this show anywhere other than at the nail salon. I don't even know if I would call it a show. It's a vlog. The channel is about this woman who lives somewhere in Asia. in this small town. I don't know if you've ever seen it. The videos are incredible. And as you're there in the nail salon, I find the vlog like mesmerizing. There's no talking, but you hear the sounds of what's going on. And basically this person has like a whole self sustaining, it seems kind of house in the mountains. And so, you know, we're chopping down bamboo, we're feeding the pigs and the ducks and we're doing all of these things. We're building the tools, we're making everything from scratch, we're foraging next to the river. It's absolutely incredible as a person who isn't really super, I mean, I can cook ish. But I will say that my solution to most kitchen problems is to buy another kitchen appliance. It doesn't help. So this person, you know, we've got like a machete and this person comes up with the most incredible things. If you haven't checked it out, just take a peek, watch just like even just a few seconds of a video. And you'll be like, okay, this is interesting. Like I said, I probably wouldn't watch it if it were not on at the nail salon. I wouldn't like sit down with a bowl of popcorn, but here's what I noticed. So I'm sitting there watching and this person is literally gardening in bare feet. She's like building the shovel and then we're transplanting these wild. She's doing all of these things. We're literally building the tools. We're cooking things on fire. We're doing all of the things. She's wearing no shoes, hiking in the mountain to forage for the appropriate piece of bamboo to make into the duck feeder. And she turns around and she's wearing a glitter Chanel shirt. Glitter. You're wearing no shoes in the dirt building a shovel and you wear a glitter Chanel shirt and it was like, whoa. It was just shocking. The glitter Chanel shirt anywhere else. Less shocking.As you're standing on the mountainside wearing your hand woven basket knit with straps. It's like a laundry basket backpack. Best thing I can describe it as. With no shoes. And you're wearing a glitter shirt. It didn't make sense. It would be like watching I Love Lucy. And all of a sudden, the Jetsons house made robot rolling in. It's out of place. And it got me to thinking as I'm sitting there, because my mind gets going, I don't know if this happens to you, you see something random and you're, all of a sudden you're like, whew, and you're so far down a rabbit hole. And, I find that whether it's like getting your nails done or a massage, or going for a walk, showering, any time where you're just, almost just like at peace with yourself, my mind is like down a rabbit hole. And so, I got to thinking, how does this apply to other things? I'm thinking about business, of course, and it comes back to marketing, website, branding, all of these types of things. Where it's, what is out of touch? What is out of place? What doesn't feel on brand? And whether that's you for your personal brand or for your business brand. And I do think that those are two separate things. If you go back to our episode on branding with Steph that we did at the beginning of the season, we were talking about my journey in leaving corporate and not really knowing how I fit in in the online space and then almost going too far one way and then kind of pulling it back the other way to be authentic to who I really was. I think that when we are so consistent in our authenticity, when things are out of place, it's so obvious. So if you have a brand that's kind of mix mash, out of place, it doesn't stick out as much. But when you're super consistent, It almost feels more offensive to all of a sudden be off brand. I mean my whole business brand, everything is so orange. And when we're going through the rebrand, someone asked me, Oh, are you gonna change your colors? And I said, no, no, I can't change the logo, but I'm not gonna change the colors. I'm like, first of all, that would cost me a lot was my first thought because I see things, just the other day I got this super cute notebook. I was in it at chapters and I saw it's the perfect shade of orange and it says, work in progress in this cute kind of thing and I was like, oh gotta come with me. I love the work in progress, but if that were a purple notebook, it would just be so out of place for me. You really have to decide who you are in your business, in your brand, in your personal brand, and then be all in on that. I look back at that episode and I think, For me, it was so distracting because I'm like, huh? This same person on another nail appointment. There she is growing her vegetables and taking them to town to sell them. It seems like a very small town. As we all know, social media, content creation, all of these kinds of things, it's not always as it appears. And the Chanel glitter shirt for me was like, hold up, where is this? What's going on? It shook the entire thing. And I know that you may think that is so silly, but I want to tell you about another situation and I almost feel, bad for saying this. You know, I've talked about Taylor a few episodes this season and you might think, Oh my gosh, we're talking Taylor Swift again. Just very briefly. When Taylor Swift was at the Superbowl watching her boyfriend play being a regular human, there she is on the jumbotron taking shots with her friend. I was like, Oh, And my husband said, why are you cringing? I was like, well, I just, oh, it's kind of, it's not great. It's not great. And he's like, she is at the super bowl. Everybody's doing shot. And he kind of like reminded me and I was like, you know what? You're right. I shouldn't, I shouldn't, but we do a little. And so I think, when we're out in the world, it's the same thing, I think, when someone's driving down the road. Now, if you're from Canada, you know that there is a big group of people that have, some big stickers on their vehicle protesting the current government. That's all, I'll leave it at that. The other day I saw someone with a daycare van. There she got her big daycare logo on the van. And just below it, we've got a big, FU the government, in full letters, on the van. And I thought, eww. Then you see someone else that isn't a business vehicle and while I wouldn't personally, although I don't love our current government, passionately don't love our current government, I would never put that on my vehicle, but if it's not a company vehicle, eh, it is what it is. But here's the thing, your business can service people who like the current government and don't like the current government. I just don't think we need to be offensive. And while I'm not comparing Taylor Swift drinking shots to that, I am loving that she's able to go and live her life. I think that when you do things that seem off mark from where you currently are, it causes question in the mind. It's not a bad thing. I mean, I've been down to have a few drinks, shots included but I wouldn't do it at a company event. And now she's a public figure. I think it was just totally off chance that the Jumbotron, like, was, that's when she was on. Kind of one of those, like, whoops! It's just one of those things that makes you think, Huh, it's off brand. She comes across as very wholesome. You can do whatever you want. And sometimes, if we're thinking Taylor Swift, let's talk, you know, Miley Cyrus.she was so wholesome. Very like Disney pop princess. And then went, way the other way and if you've ever heard her talk about it, she almost had to prove she wasn't the kid from Disney anymore. And so if you're trying to change, if you're trying to rebrand, then yes, you're going to do those kinds of things. But know that when you step out of whatever your normal box is, people think about it, people talk about it. And in marketing, people thinking about you and talking about you is not a bad thing. It just comes down to, what is the objective? I know I've said it over and over on the podcast with so many different guests because ultimately it always comes back to this question. So if you are doing your marketing and you want to get people talking, you want to shake things up, then do things out of the norm. If you want people to know that you are consistent and offering the same thing tried and true, well then do that. If you want to be known as the person who's in the woods with no access to running water or electricity, And you're going to garden in your bare feet, then I would suggest not wearing designer glitter clothing. But that's just my opinion on that. It's one of those pieces where, we have to be consistent to what we are. And I think that, over the years we've heard lots of situations where we thought something was one way and something later comes out in terms of like, Oh wow. And it's shocking. We just have to decide when we want to use that. Where we can use it for our benefit. What is the objective? I would say overall, I try to just be consistent. That's generally who I am. So I was recently at Costco leading up to an event with a couple of friends. Now I'm known in the group to be the introverted, quiet, non peopling one. Of the three of us, that's just who I am. There we are, we're in the Costco. And I'm standing next to the berries. And this lady said to me, I don't even remember how it started. I don't typically talk to people in Costco. But she said something to me about the berries if they were really expensive or something and I said whoo. You know here you are at Costco buying the jumbo pack of berries and I always think are my kids gonna eat them fast enough before they spoil. And I said, oh at that price they better eat them fast. I feel like is what started the conversation and she said oh I washed my berries in vinegar and blah blah blah and then I put them in jars and it just helps them last so much longer. And I said, Oh, that's great. My two friends that I'm at Costco with are standing next to the cart and the look on their faces was like they had seen a ghost. I was like, what's up? You were just talking to a random stranger next to the berries in Costco. And I was like, yeah. They were like, what?, We're so confused, because it was outside of my normal. And the funniest thing was that night we're at the event. That's why we were at Costco. We were getting some stuff for the event. We're at the event and my mom is there. And one of my friends says, and then we saw her talking to someone at Costco next to the berries. And my mom was like, Well, that's unusual. What was going on? Like what's going on? It was so out of character, everyone's mind got to just keep them guessing, but taking that to your business. And so we often feel like we have to create new messaging. We have to say the same thing in a different way. And I think that in some instances, yes, we can't take the same posts. We can't take the same thing, but I think we can do it a lot more than we all think we can. It's interesting because if you go through really successful TikTok channels, you can see that oftentimes they've taken one thing and talked about it three ways. Because on the feed, you're not watching the first video and then the second video and the third video. We're focused on our profile, almost having like a collection of things, but in order to really nail it, it needs to be consistent. And I think our messaging, our services, we talked last week about, knowing who your market is now compared to who they were when they started with you. And I think that that all really ties into the discussion here where we're talking and saying, okay. We need to be consistent in what we're doing. We need to know who we are and we as a business, who are you? It really is a continuation of the discussion from last week in that we need to know who we are and what message we're putting out and not think that we have to always do something different. I have a client, and she has marketing done by a team. I was doing some research for her looking at a few different things that she was offering and whatnot. And I thought, Oh, this is a beautiful, beautiful feat. As I kept going and looking at it, I thought, okay, it's very consistent. You know exactly what you're going to get. But if people like what they're getting, why would you need to give them something else? You can just give them more of what they like. Every day I go and I get a coffee. I was a coffee drinker and then I laid off lately. But I don't go, you know, you go to the place. You still get the same thing. I don't think I had a coffee yesterday. I better mix it up. Humans like consistency. No one really likes surprises. Not all the time. If it's not a surprise party, I don't want any surprises. I like consistency. You have to know what you're getting. How does that all tie in? Season four of the podcast. We're planning, we're prepping. And I've been talking about it, I really feel like I've almost been sentimental about the podcast journey the last few episodes. We've been doing a lot of planning for season four, digging into old episodes, what did really well, what didn't do as well. There's a few episodes along the way, I will say, that have really crushed it. People email about them, people ask questions about them. They re share them. They're still some of our top episodes. And so, you know, I look to that and I think, what are people really enjoying? How do we give more of that? Because the podcast, really by design, offers some pretty wide range of topics. We've almost always done a solo episode followed by a guest episode, alternating. There have been times where we have adjusted the schedule based on different things. Sometimes a guest has a specific date that they're launching, you know, a book or an offer and they really want to tie it into that. Or,we change the recording schedule based on sickness or whatever. technical difficulties, those kinds of things. But I will say that season three, we've kind of narrowed the topic a little bit. And the feedback on that has been great. While we serve service based businesses, and we continue to grow the podcast. I'm so excited to share with you season four, some of the guests that we have been chatting with, getting these calls scheduled. It's going to be fantastic. I'm so excited about the direction of the podcast and really so appreciative for how far we've come. I have so much gratitude for those who were guests on the podcast in season one, because all of those episodes, almost all of them were recorded before even the first episode went live. I touched on it last week, but those that were willing to share their knowledge and connect and do those things before the podcast was really a podcast, those people really believed in what we were doing. I have so much gratitude for them. Season two, we saw, different guests, some repeat guests. We do have guests back when people have really been positive about the episode. We've done it a couple of times. As we keep growing, and keep going, we've narrowed the focus a little bit, but still continue to really have a wide range. Going back, I look and we have some guests that have contradicted other guests. And I kind of got to wondering, is that okay? Should we change that? Does the message always have to be consistent? And I think the part that is always consistent is, that I'm going to ask someone, why did they get into their business? I'm going to tie it back to what is the objective? I'm going to ask for a tangible tip. There are certain parts of this podcast that are very consistent. And I think that every person's business situation journey resonates with something different. And so while we have tightened up the topics a little bit, there were a few things in season one and two that were just. They were just a little bit more in the wings of the topics. So we've narrowed the focus a little bit, but I like that the guests give different thoughts, different opinions, because you know what, we really talk them through. There's so much value in learning and having conversations with people who have opinions and thoughts different to your own. And so this podcast will continue to share different opinions, different thoughts, different points of view, but it will always be rooted in going back to What is the objective? It will always be rooted in providing tangible value to our listeners that they can take and implement into their business. And we will continue to have incredible guests that offer their knowledge, wisdom, insights, so that you can go and scale your business and do amazing things because that is one thing for certain is that this podcast is for people who want to change the game. They want to revolutionize their business. They want to scale, they want to grow. Maybe they just want to create massive impact in their industry. At the end of the day, that is our focus. And season four is going to be absolutely incredible. I want to say thank you to all of our listeners who tune in. If you can please leave a review for the podcast, it helps us grow. It gives us feedback. It gives us and lets us know what you want to hear more of. Share the podcast with someone else who is looking to grow and scale their business. Guys, it has been an incredible, incredible season. Going back through this journey, where we came from, where we are now, I can only have so much appreciation for those who tune in, give the feedback, share the episodes. Thank you. Season four will launch in September. Stay tuned. We will update on the official date. Guys, thank you so much for being here from the bottom of my heart. Thank you..