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We talk training Camps, Hiller being pulled from the Open, Dave's week in Review, Plus all the goofy stuff you love from the Podcast. Should the Open be Scaled?  What about a skills challenge like the NFL Pro Bowl?

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what is going on everybody

welcome to the class zone

media roundtable where

there's already comments in

the comment section we

haven't even got started

what's up not much what's

up with you guys well hey

let me give you guys a

heads up so um it's parent

teacher conference week for

me so I've been busy prepping

Talking to parents about their kids.

Love that.

But I might have to bow to

here a little bit early

because got one scheduled coming up.

Not a problem.

We totally understand.

Snake Cat's on vacation.

So it's the three of us.

Charlie, what's going on with you?

I'm here.

All day.

Every day.

He's the people's champ.

People's champ.

So there's even a Facebook

or Instagram post with the

champ this week.


It's about time.

Getting some notoriety.

It's weird he put it out this month.

It's kind of a big deal.

That's President Cohen.

Biden needs some help.


He's calling people champs.

Speaking of, a Charlie moment here.


The Rock.


Back in WWE.


On the board of directors.

Taking spots from people.

Taking spots at WrestleMania from people.

And now owns the name The

Rock for the first time in his life.

Which is surprising.

I thought that was a couple years ago.

I just read a story two days

ago because he became on

the board of directors.

That was part of his

negotiation to be on the board.

So I was just gonna say they,

some people in the WWE

can't really get in legal

battles at this point since

they got other things happening.


Give him what he wants.

I got, I'm busy.


I got other things to worry

about right now.


Uh, the rock.

We talked about this, I think,

in class the other day, Charlie,

but let's bring it on here.

Natty or not?

Oh, not.

Nobody cares.

I know.

I said something like,

joking when I was coaching, I was like,

you think he's on TRT?

And they're like,

I think he's on a lot more than just TRT.

He said no.

He says no.



Everybody in the WWE is on something.

Bob Backlund wasn't.


He came out the stands.

He was going to choke people.

I mean,

I think even McAfee's admitted that

when he performs,

he does a little something, something.

Oh, yeah, he does.

He says he's not.

He wouldn't pass the test today.


All right.

Well, we're not a WWE show.

We can't be.

no we're not um charlie yeah

you worked out today I know

because I was coached um I

i was an independent woman

today and scaled and that

was very appropriate for me

to scale today um so scott

we follow mayhem

programming and they do

like three different tracks

So one is the freedom track,

the independence track,

and then there's a Liberty track.

And it's just kind of nice

to have like these three

different tracks kind of,

cause it can help you

decide basically on where to scale.

Although sometimes it's not

quite appropriate.


like today the freedom track was five

bar muscle ups and 15 toes to bar.

And then the independence

was still three bar muscle

ups in like 12 toes to bar.

So it's not always like,

quite appropriate.

And I think later in the week,

there's like handstand walks for freedom.

And then it's like, oh,

it's only 15 foot of

handstand walks if you're independent.

So it's, you're like, yeah,

but I went to independence today.

That was the right thing for me.

And yeah.

So Scott.

They've picked the volume up for sure.



Picking the volume up.

That opened right around the corner.

Here we are.

Speaking of.

You signed up?

I signed up.

Did you sign up?

I am signed up,

so I can see my name over top of Corey's.



Am I signed up?



Um, I am waiting to see how this,

whatever goes in my lungs.

You have several weeks you can do.

I mean, I'll probably will.


It's number 12 for me.

I know you almost have to,

you do have to at least

minimum work requirement.


So you didn't work out today

because it's Tuesday.

It's Tuesday.

And I found out today from

the doctor that I have a lung infection.

And if you've watched the weight loss show,

we've been talking about like,

I can't seem to get my cardio back.

Well, now we have an answer for it.

And yeah.

So now we're starting on something,

checking in on Monday,

seeing where we're going from there,

and whether we need further

testing or not.


I guess what I'm hearing is these

steroids that you've been putting on,

you will be ready to be on WWE tomorrow.


my doctor assures me they will do

nothing for my performance.

Dang it.

I was going to say,

if you don't use it all.

The wrong kind.

we can probably get you some

this isn't in our notes or

even on like the slide but

you guys brought up

something about your mayhem

programming I was listening

to hillar and athena last

night talking about getting

her ready for the open and

he's having her do one um hard thing


but one open workout every Friday

leading into the open, which is typical,



But they got into this

discussion about should the

open be scaled?

And Hiller's argument was it

should not be.


If programmed correctly,

you can do the best you can for an RX.

And then the next year you

should try to do better than that.

Like get better.

And, um,

and so I just wanted your opinions.

Cause I know you probably

have strong ones.

Athena had been doing

foundation level open for

the last couple of years and

after the argument I think

she kind of agreed with

hillar so he's he's saying

you want to be able to

compare apples to apples

pretty much but for

yourself not for the

overall same workout every

year but there's always the

same movements that either

that are your stopper or um

Or, you know,

like back in the day when I

was really fit,

chest to bar were a stopper for me.


I could come within a gnat's

eyelash of a chest to bar.

It was like one of the

things I had to work on.

And the next year I wanted to beat that.

For Amy, it's a muscle up.

Like every year she wants to

get past her stopper.

So even though you're not

doing the same workouts,

you have the same stopper

that you're trying to get over.



yeah but essentially could

you use that same theory

with the scale movement so

if it's like the scale the

pull-ups and I did 10 next

year I'm doing 15. so what

would be the difference yeah i

He pulled up an example that

she's doing this Friday.

It starts with dumbbells,

then goes to burpee box overs.


she can't do the burpee box overs RX.

So she can scale those in

her workout for them this week.

But her RX score is doing the,

because she can do the dumbbell snatches,


So she should give herself credit

So here's what I, yeah,

here's where I'll go and say.

I like the idea of something

to work towards.

I think that is really important, right?

Like my stopper has had me

busting my butt for a while

to try to achieve that goal.

And so I think we need

something to look up for, up to,

and to work towards.

I understand also that

people are not gonna be

able to do movement and I

don't want someone

necessarily to go beyond

their means and do something unsafe,

but I do think it's

important to find something

to challenge us.

And I mean,

I like the idea of there being

a foundations option,

a foundations and an RX option,

just because it will allow

more of the newer people

that are part of a

community to kind of become

more integrated with the community,

although on the more scalable, um,

appropriate level.

So is,

is Hill was Hiller saying like he's

anti the foundations or

just anti people doing foundations?

I think he was not anti.

I think he was anti scaled

and foundations as an

official thing for leaderboard.


If you get to your stopping

point and you want to move

on and continue to work out, that's fine.

But he thinks Athena should

get credit for a 35 pound

dumbbell snatch.

I see.

As opposed to going to

foundations and doing a 10

pound dumbbell snatch.

It's not even challenging.


I see.


I'm in agreement with that.


And I think that's perfect.


No, you're good.

I was going to say, I,

I feel like the open is a

test of your fitness.

And if I'm doing a 50 pound

dumbbell snatch and I can

do it once in the next year,

I can do it three times.

That doesn't say that I'm more fit.

Whereas I don't, I don't think you're,

when it becomes a weight issue,

now we're just in

powerlifting competition

and not a fitness space.

Improvement is improvement.


He also argues that it's now

not a test of fitness.

Three workouts is not a test of fitness.

So it's really just like

figuring out where you want

to improve and being able

to compare that year over year.

But I think what it came down to is.

Is, is Athena proud of doing 10,

10 pound snatches to get

into a scaled thing that

she doesn't even do during the year?

Or do you take the 10,

35 pound snatches that you can do,

get a score of 10 and then

just scale it appropriately

for you for the rest of the workout?


The next year, try to do better.

I guess when I look at foundations,

like I'm looking at

somebody who's maybe six months or less,

like that kind of like,


I wouldn't necessarily want

to encourage people to do

foundations every single year.

I would be like, okay,

you're just getting part of this.

Let's get you going on the foundations.

And then next year,

when we hit up the open,

you'll be another year of experience in,

and we can push your limits.

If that means that they

can't do the 25 yet,

but they can do more than 10,

I would probably have them

do a scaled version in my class.

Meaning, all right,

pick up the 25 pounder.

Here's where I think the

appropriate thing is.

And as you guys know,

I started the open when

there was no scaled.

It was all RX.



And I was the guy hanging

from the pool bar for nine minutes.

Trying to do toes to bar.

To do toes to bar or chest to bar.


And, but...

coming close was an achievement for me.

Like it,

it brought it into something I could do.

I think where I would go

with this and I don't want

to put it words in Hiller's mouth is as,

as a coach of an athlete,

I know better what they

need to do to get better

than a template foundations

version of the open or

scaled version of the open.

Because there may be

elements that that person

can do Rx and probably should do Rx.

So they get closer to being

able to complete one in the open.


And you're going to get

people who are going to hurt themselves.

Well, that's the coach and the coaching,


Yeah, but.

As you all coaches know, I'm not a coach,

but I play one on TV.

You guys can say all you want.

And there's people that are

not going to listen.

Do what they want.

They got no business doing it.

But the mindset is I have to

do RX because it's what's written.



you're not going to change that with

a templated scaled or

foundations because they're

going to do it anyway.


It's a competition and

people's minds get lost.


I just,

I thought it was an interesting

topic and I thought that

was a good discussion.

Cause I can assure you if

Corey puts 300 and an overhead squat,

I'm going to try it.


You're not.


Watch me.


And I'll pick up your left

and Amy can pick up your right knee.

I'm going to just turn that

hip on to explode.

Get me out of that hole.


You're going to need some,

some working hips to get out of that.

There he is.

He's a different dude.

He scales.


Oh boy.


I would say when I saw him

at the beginning of the weekend,

he was a different dude.

And by the end of the weekend,

he was dog tired.

So you need more every time

when you're in your forties.

Well, I don't think he's used,

was used to four days of,

or three days competition.

So, uh, the, the, uh,

he admitted he was beat down.


Um, I,

I talk about camps on the thumbnail

for today.


There's been some news kind

of floating around about proven.

And, um,

we announced HWPO is a lineup for

this year.

We, uh,

proven has,

I don't think Comtrain has anybody left.

They, um, they, they all split off that is,

and took their athletes with them.

Um, but I,

there was a moment where camps

were the way to go.

And my internet is lagging.

I wasn't sure if he was mine too.

That's why I was like, what's happening.

Uh, I'm getting rid of spectrum.

This is stupid.

Um, so there was a moment where,

where camps were that all the rage,

where do you think we're at today?

Well, it doesn't seem to be the rage.

It seems to be people just,

or they're jumping camp and,

and trying something else.

I don't, I don't know.


I feel like people aren't giving it

also things enough time.

I feel, I feel like it's,

and I may be wrong, but it's,

I feel like it's different

because nobody's like in the same space.

They're with a camp,

but they're doing it in another space,

the different coach.

And it's not like we're all

here in a group getting after each other.

I would say if I was a competitive athlete,

I'd need push.

I'd need others around me.


But there are a lot of

people like Ariel working

out by herself in the garage.

Like I couldn't do that.

No way.

No way.


that's because she's the fittest mom.

Well, until maybe Tia comes back.

And there's different types of camps.

Like we have the underdogs,

which is kind of mostly

on-site for their elite athletes.

And Proven is getting there

with their new big facility.

HWPO has a lot of their athletes up there.

We're at least bringing them

in for periods of time.

And then you have something

like Corey did this week.

with the Southland camp

where there's no real coach.

It's just a bunch of dudes

and ladies getting together

and throwing down for a weekend.

And they pick one coach to

kind of just organize and program.

And the only reason I know a

lot about this is Rudy is part of that.

Rudy Berger,

who is our friend here and pal

and Lynette did a lot of

the coaching this weekend.


and I also saw that their daughter

got a ring muscle-up.

She did.

See her coaches work.

So, we're going to need some coaching.

How old is she?

Middle school.


13, 14?

Yeah, she's more pliable.

She's light.

She's more mobile.

No, but that's awesome.

Coached by Shelby Neal.

And Alexis...




So yeah.

Well, that girl is fit.

If you've never seen that girl workout,

she is, she's amazing at rope climbs.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Weight stuff.

She's incredible.

Would not be surprised if she wanted to,

to see her at the teen games.




uh scott tetlow forgot he

was there yeah oh yeah

there was a lot there yeah

I guess so to answer your

question like I i think

it's great for athletes

competitive athletes to

have each other to compete

um with and to to drive

them on their um competition season but

like I was saying before I

feel like there was so many

changes like it's like and

I get it like if you try

something and it's not the

right fit then move on

right but I also feel that

sometimes they don't give

it enough time to like

really kind of get into the

groove and to get it to

know a coach well enough in

my outside opinion before

they just move on and say

oh that's I'm going to the

next thing so yeah I agree

with you I think a lot of

people give up too early

um it was interesting on

their weaknesses oh

yesterday I listened to

nick johnston on coffee

pods and wads and he talked

about the exit interviews

with brooke and saxon from proven

And their complaint was that

Proven didn't have

dedicated area for their athletes,

that they were commingled

in with this gym.

And it was frustrating for

them to get work in at times.

But now there's a Proven headquarters.

Yeah, that happened after.

That happened.

As a result.

He explains the whole story.

Got it.

Because there's been some controversy.

about that that the story

was that east nashville

asked proven to pay and

they hadn't in the past and

proven said no we're

leaving but that's not

really what happened there

actually was an effort for

a group of athletes and

proven to buy east

nashville because the owner

was selling but because of

they're like two blocks

from the titan stadium and

the titan state are by are

building a new stadium

they were not allowed to

alter the building.

Got it to make a separate space.

So it was it was a really good interview.

And Nick, as CEO of proven now,

really open and transparent

about things that have happened.


Where is Saxon?

Do we know?

He's still in Tennessee somewhere, yeah.

He's with Mayhem.

He's back with Facundo.

But he's training at a different gym.

Is Spence also?

Spence wasn't at Mayhem anymore.

Oh, he was at Brute.


Well, Nick Fowler.

I don't think Nick Fowler's

with Brute anymore.


So LDY2742, well,

for the second year in

preparation for the Open,

I've pulled my calf,

which I only need for the Open.

We know they will be in it.

Maybe give up the Open and

just enjoy fitness without dubs.

I mean, you do have two calves,

so put in one leg.

I mean, we saw Roman do it.

Do it on your hands.

And a handful of Masters athletes.

Look at the guns on that picture.

You do it on your hands.

um so yeah there's that the

other thing I didn't get to

talk to you guys about is

killer being uh banned from

the open I didn't even know

that he cannot compete

because he admitted to

using sure drugs yeah I

sent him an official email

saying that he will be

removed from the open and um

And his response pretty much

that good you caught me.

This is what you should be doing.

But your thoughts because a

lot of people are clamoring

that they think you should

be allowed to do the open.

Just not be on the leaderboard.

No, he can.

He can.

And just not post a score.


Yeah, that's all he needs to do.

He can't put it on the leaderboard,


No, he can't.

And he would be against that.


I mean, that's exactly what he said.

That's what they should be doing.

He is a very humble dude, Corey.

Or put him on there and see

if he can actually, if it actually helps.

so the email that he

received did not say

four-year ban but I can

only assume I think he

hasn't got the punishment

email because they're

waiting for him to appeal

um so maybe we'll find that

out in the coming weeks uh

philip kelly trying to rock

the boat it took me for t

to put her scores on the leaderboard

She did not test positive

and she didn't admit.


Since he didn't actually compete,

he didn't actually cheat.

So I don't know why you give

him a four-year ban.

He signed up.

So he did legit sign up.

It was explained to me by somebody,

I can't remember who it was,

that the water rules are if you admit,

it's as good as a positive test.


Now, they're, like, CrossFit is underwater,

so it doesn't mean they

have to follow that,

but the logic is there.

Yeah, just do the workout.


He's got enough followers.

He'll get more people

watching his video than

most of the others.

yes yeah I don't I don't

know I don't know what he's

on I mean he admits what it

is I am not enough to know

I don't I'm not

knowledgeable enough to

know what all of that means

and how long the half-life

is and all of that stuff I

know like basic trt once

you stop using it pretty

much goes away pretty fast

But the other stuff he's using,

the peptides,

I have no idea what happens.

I'm sprinkling out.

The elites know how to pass the drug test.

I completely agree with you.

And I think that there was a

piece of Hiller that wanted

to see demand a test and

see if he could pass it.


I don't think that's going

to happen either.

And Charlie took down this.

That's the peptide you're on?

Or that's the one that gets passed?

I don't know.


Most peptides are like

numbers and letters.

Like some kind of scientific... SR 744...

Whatever it is.

Ricky was on.


I don't think Ricky was on a peptide.

He's on something.

There you go.

Like PPC 157.

Is that an airplane?


Helps you fly.

Yeah, I don't.

I don't know.

I'm trying to remember what

was on the thumbnail.

Let's make sure we cover everything.

I'm going to look in real quick.

That was it.

Don't forget to like and subscribe.


Oh, Dave's Week in Review.

There's something on there I

wanted to mention.

So we talked about open

announcements last week and

making them more interesting.

In the Week in Review, Dave

talked about having an all

day competition between

several athletes through

the day of the open announcement.

And just one of the events

being like 24.1.

So you do like two workouts in the morning,

rest up,

do the 24.1 and then maybe one

more after.

And they would have like a prize,

like the golden barbell.

For the person who won that.

I'm figuring I have to put cash on it.

Oh, I'm sure.

To draw the right names.


It only works if they

televise the other three.


Yeah, you'd have to

Cause it won't be the point.

Hey, this person won.



Or use it as highlight package.

When you come into the open

announcement this morning,

they went head to head on

this and this here's the

highlight package, blah, blah, blah.

They didn't do the open announcement.

And it sounded like in right

before they go off the air,

they would do one more.

Now that will be cool.

What Corey is saying, a golden ticket.

If you won all five,

you just automatically go to the games.

That would be pretty sweet.

You could skip the quarters

and the semis right to the games.

And then probably get smoked at the games.

But that's either here or there.

It depends on who they invite.

If it's Fikowski and Vellner and


and Tia and Laura and... To skip

all the stuff, they'd all do it.

Hell, Matt might come back and do it.

I was actually going to put

something in his mailbag to

see if he'd read it,

but would CrossFit ever

consider doing like the Pro

Bowl competition skills challenge?

Like take elements, break them down,

We're going to have a

pull-up challenge to see who's the best.

We're going to have one rep

max clean and jerk to see who's the best.

Do you get randoms winning?

Anthony Davis would win.

It'd have to be a live competition.

And you have to be invited,

like the Pro Bowl.

You're in the Pro Bowl of

CrossFit because you

finished in the top whatever.

then you have a couple wild

cards like you won

wadapalooza you won rogue

so you automatically get in

or something like that

right and you draw like a

little batch of eight

athlete eight men eight

women and you can sign up

for half of the events

we're gonna run you pick

that sounds like some rogue would do


I think it'd be really cool to

like break it down.

Who's the best runner.

We're going to run a 5k.

Who's the best.

We have Sam breaks come in

and just destroy everyone.

60 years old.

You'd have to make the pro bowl.

She would.

But maybe that's cool, too.

Maybe you do bring in a couple athletes.

If you won 35 to 39 or 40 to 44,

you get to come in and compete.

And can maybe a Masters

athlete beat an elite

athlete in one event?

I bet depending on the athlete, yeah.

16, 16, 17 winner gets to come.

35, 39.


I think it'd be a cool event and it'd be,

it would be an easy watch, right?

Because they do their one

set of pull-ups and they're done.


And then we come back later

in the day and they do a 5k.

And then we come back later

in the day and they do GHD sit-ups and

You know what I did like?

They used to do.

They don't do anymore.

It was like America versus

the international teams.


Why don't we go away from that?

I don't know.

I think Castro's floating

brings some of the stuff back, but again,

I don't know what the expense of that is.

I mean,

I don't know who America would have

on their team, but.

Well, men's side, they're fine.

It was always the women's side that was.

But we're getting better.

I guess Emma would be there.

Emma Carey.


Ariel Loewen.



I actually saw,

so now onto a different subject.

I saw an interesting

interview with Emma Carey

on Mayhem's channel,

Mayhem Athlete Podcast.

It was our first one.

She talks about a moment, and actually,

we're having Ariel on the show next week.

I just got confirmation

right before I came downstairs.

And I'm going to ask her about this.

When they were at the

Granite Games together,

it was Emma's rookie year

trying to make it to the games.

She was in first place going

into the last event.

It was the dumbbell overhead

lunges that Andrew Sten,

if he's still in the chat,

was judging and no repped

her at the line.

And she had to go back and start over.

She talks about how in the back,

in the corral area was so nice to her.

Like that you got this, you go out,

you do the best you possibly can.

Emma said that intimidated

her more than smack talking.

Cause she didn't know what to do with it.

She didn't know how to

compartmentalize it.

She didn't know.

And it really threw her off her game.

And I was like, that is crazy.

she must've thought this

girl thinks I'm just here

to have to do my best.

I can't beat her.

So she's not even worried about me.


what's funny is Emma was in first

going into that event,

Ariel ends up winning and

going to her first ever CrossFit games.

So it's, it's it's crazy.

that that happened that way.

And now Emma's like,

I want to be like Ariel.

So Ariel's like Patrick Mahomes.

He's like, Oh yeah, it's fine.

You're winning right now.

That's fine.

It's fourth quarter.

Now it's time to go ahead.

Go out there and give it your best.

Good game.

You got this.

And then Patrick Mahomes slices and dices.


It's, it's a great, great interview.

Rory does it.

Jake Lockhart's there,

but he doesn't ask too many questions.

It's really like just Rory

and Emma and it's really good.

um but yeah I love the

invitational idea whether

we do international whether

we do like the pro bowl

skills challenge and you

could do this skills

challenge by country yeah I

just like to put up your

best 5k runner yeah I mean

the whole attitude of that

was one of the best parts

of rich's documentary was

like I'm not letting her win

Let Sam win.

I got to get it for America.


I think it's a good idea, but then again,

it's mine.

So, of course,

I would think it's a good idea.

Well, it'll happen.

You won't get any credit.

So, yeah, there's that.

I mean,

I brought this up a long time ago

where I said we should have belts.

Like, if you win the pull-up challenge,

you win the belt,

and you get it until the

next time we do that event.


then can anybody take it

from that person can you

cut promos well you should

yeah or are you going to be

joey chestnut and hold the

belt for 15 years choking

people out and still win yeah


So I just thought it'd be a cool concept.

And it'd be cool with like a

cool thing to display for

the year you own the belt.

And then hopefully you can defend.

Can you imagine walking into

the games and just have the belt?

You just,

every minute you're just walking

in with it.


Friends up at the games,

so you pull your pull-up belt.

Walk in.


Everybody's too nice.

We need a villain.

We need villains.

I think we're getting out of that.

Who's the bad guy?

Who's the heel?

I don't know if there's...

Roman right now is the heel.

Yeah, but

Ivan Drago himself.

So he needs someone who he

needs a Bridget who just

gets in here and.

And Colton Colton's talking shit.

If you didn't see it mic'd up.

There's a part where he says.

Bunch of these guys won't

get in the fight.

And he goes to name some,

and then he stops himself.

No, I better not say their names.

I'll see you now.

He needs to name names.

That's when you're a heel.

But he's like,

when a workout ends with 60 burpees,

there are guys out there

that will not jump in that fight.

Well, that's true.

He should call them out.

So, yeah, it's a good one.

He doesn't say much on the floor, though.

You only get them kind of after.

Yeah, so you need a before, middle,

a full Ric Flair.


Yeah, when the one event changed, he said,

when this got changed,

everybody knew I was going to win it.

That's what I'm talking about.

So, and that they...

I think what Corey's

referencing is there's a

point where everybody's

rolling around on the

ground after the event and

he's just standing there

and that's when he called them.

Yeah, you know.


Yeah, Hopper's not it.

His mic'd up is great though.

It's so good.

He's going to come for people, but he,

but he's comes from that football world,


Where everybody talks.

I was watching an old, um,

Peyton Manning with that,

that show he did about the NFL.

Oh yeah.

And he goes back to talk

about the movie with Kurt Russell.

East LA.

No, it's a football movie.

And Robin Williams is in it.

And they get back the old

team to play this other

team 20 years after they

graduate high school.


And Rob Williams lines up

against this corner whose

name is Dr. Death.

And Rob Williams is like, Dr. Death,

I'm pretty quick for a white guy.

And then the ball snapped

and they just crush him into the ground.

It's the best of times.

That's the name of the movie.

Best of times.

It's Peyton Manning's

favorite football movie.

I'll have to see if I can find that.

It's really stupid and corny,

but it's pretty funny.

The football in it leaves a

little bit to be desired.


I mean,

I'll see Robin Williams as an elite



the premise is he dropped the ball at

the big game when they were

in high school,

and he wants to play it

again so he can catch it

and avenge himself.

But anyway, we're rambling now.

With that,

Phillip Kelly wants to know if

we've seen Flubber.

Oh, yeah, I've seen Flubber.

All right.

Well, with that,

I'm going to go take care

of this lung infection.

And we will see you guys

next time on Clydesdale

Media Roundtable as soon as

I find the button.