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In this episode of "Mind Body Spirit Trifecta," I, Candace Nas, discuss the power of recognizing repetition as a pathway to divine revelation within the human trifecta of mind, body, and spirit. Emphasizing the importance of gratitude and spiritual goals, I share my personal focus on enhancing spiritual communication to perceive divine messages clearly. By reframing repetition as a clue to divine messages and expressing gratitude for multiple confirmations, I encourage listeners to observe patterns in their lives for deeper spiritual connections. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and divine inspiration by tuning in to "Designed for Greatness with Candace Nas" and accessing valuable resources for transforming self-talk. Remember, you are designed for greatness.

Show Notes

Today I, Candace Nas, a physical therapist, wellness coach, disciple of Christ, and a mother of six, welcome you to the Mind Body Spirit Trifecta, where I aim to liberate love for God, oneself, including the body, and for others, even those challenging to love. My mission is to enlighten and empower individuals to elevate their mind, body, and spirit to embrace their divine greatness. As today marks Thankful Thursday, I encourage reflection on gratitude and spiritual goals within the human trifecta of mind, body, and spirit. Personally, I am focused on cultivating spiritual gifts, particularly seeking clearer spiritual communication to perceive divine revelations and inspirations distinctly. My aspiration is to discern the voice of my Savior, act upon received impressions, trust my intuition, and amplify the whispers of the still small voice within. I find inspiration in a quote by Henry Irving emphasizing the significance of recognizing repetition as a conduit to revelation. Reframing the notion of “should” to an invitation to rivet our attention, I acknowledge the power of repetition as a significant clue to divine messages. By heightening awareness towards recurring experiences, I have realized the potency of acknowledging repetitive occurrences as potentially significant, leading to a deeper understanding and certainty that these are divine messages meant for me. Expressing gratitude for a benevolent God who provides second and third confirmations, I value the concept that repetition serves as a guide to focusing our intentions. I challenge you, the listeners, to observe patterns in your lives, recognizing repetition as a pathway to receiving divine revelations and inspirations from above. Remember, repetition invites riveted attention, facilitating a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. I appreciate your presence in today’s journey and believe in your potential for greatness. For more insights and inspiration, I invite you to listen and subscribe to my podcast, "Designed for Greatness with Candace Nas," and access my free video resource on transforming self-talk from negative to positive. Join my Thankful Thursday email community for ongoing support and guidance. Feel free to reach out to me via email; all relevant links are available in the show notes. Always remember, you are designed for greatness.

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