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In this episode, I, Joey Massio, a former middle school teacher turned teen coach, share insights on effectively dealing with annoying people. I categorize annoying behavior into three reasons: lack of knowledge, unwillingness, or inability to stop. I suggest communication and setting boundaries for those who lack awareness. Changing your perspective on those unwilling to change can reduce annoyance. When faced with individuals unable to change due to their nature, reframing your thoughts about them can mitigate the impact of their behavior. I emphasize the importance of controlling your reactions towards annoying individuals to enhance relationships without expecting them to change.

Show Notes

Joey Massio, a former middle school teacher turned teen coach, discusses how to deal with annoying people. He categorizes annoying behavior into three reasons: people don't know how, don't want to, or aren't able to stop being annoying. Joey suggests that communication and setting boundaries can help with those who don't know how. For those who don't want to change, it's best to change how you view them to reduce annoyance. When someone is not able to stop being annoying due to their personality or habits, Joey advises reframing your thoughts about them to lessen the impact of their behavior. Ultimately, he emphasizes that controlling your response to annoying people can improve relationships without needing them to change.

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Joey Mascio
Teen life coach & creator of Sidekick to Hero, a gamified mindset training app that helps teens build confidence, develop social skills, and achieve their goals

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