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I freakin' love Paul Jarvis. He's creative, he's unique, and he's Canadian.

Show Notes

I freakin’ love Paul Jarvis. He’s creative, he’s unique, and he’s Canadian.

Notable quotes

“When you work for yourself, your boss is an asshole” – Paul Jarvis

“I’m vegan so I’m always hungry” – Paul Jarvis

“I want to help people build their business online.” – Paul Jarvis

“It’s funny: people think that when they’re done school, they’re done with homework. Do a bit of homework! You’ll stand out.” – Paul Jarvis

“People don’t hire web designers because of skills. They want someone they trust.” – Paul Jarvis

“You gotta go to them: you got to go where your audience lives and where your audience spends their time.” – Paul Jarvis

“It’s all about who you know, and whether those people trust you.” – Paul Jarvis

“The only way to guarantee failure is to stop trying.” – Paul Jarvis

Show notes

Note from Justin

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Justin Jackson

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