The EcoSend Podcast

Find out what's in store for the first season of the EcoSend Podcast!

Show Notes

Join us on our journey to becoming a climate conscious business.

Each week we'll be learning from founders, marketers and leaders who are all championing the climate in whatever they do, to find out what we can learn about how to run a business that is not only successful, but that has a positive impact on the planet as well.

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Creators & Guests

James Gill
CEO of GoSquared

What is The EcoSend Podcast?

Our journey into the world of being a truly climate conscious business. Join us as we talk to fellow entrepreneurs, founders, marketing folks, and campaigners to help us build our new product, EcoSend: the climate conscious email marketing tool.

Introducing EcoSend Podcast, a weekly podcast on becoming a climate conscious business

Who are we interviewing?

- Founders
- Marketers
- Leaders who are championing the climate

Why would you listen?

- You run a business or are responsible for growing one, and you want to have a positive impact on the environment in whatever way you can.

- How can my business be more climate conscious?
- What if I say the wrong things?
- How do I balance making money and doing more good?
- How do you even know your impact?

- Every episode you will learn something and be inspired to take some action.

Who is the host?

- James Gill, CEO and co-founder of GoSquared, the makers of EcoSend.

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