It’s All Your Fault: High Conflict People

In this episode, Megan and Bill will explain what the 4 Fuhgedaboudits are and why they’re so important.

Show Notes

Interactions with someone with a high conflict personality often become contentious and you may eventually get upset, storm off, or simply feel inadequate. We’re often left wondering why our best skills don’t work in these interactions. 
A primary reason for this is because we often respond in a way that doesn’t work — our own defaults that work well with most people. 
There are 4 Fuhgedaboudits in high conflict interactions that will revolutionize them. They are necessary but we often forget about the 4 Fuhgedaboudits.
In this episode, Megan and Bill will explain what they are and why they’re so important.

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Note: We are not diagnosing anyone in our discussions, merely discussing patterns of behavior.
  • (00:00) - Welcome to It's All Your Fault
  • (01:10) - The Four Fuhgedaboudits
  • (03:55) - Choices Not Insight
  • (06:11) - Don't Emphasize the Past
  • (07:04) - No Emotional Confrontations
  • (12:52) - Focus on Managing Your Relationship
  • (13:48) - Opening Up Emotions
  • (16:26) - Training Your Amygdala
  • (19:00) - In the Moment
  • (20:00) - Reminders & Coming Next Week: Alienation vs. Estrangement

What is It’s All Your Fault: High Conflict People?

Hosted by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. and Megan Hunter, MBA, It’s All Your Fault! High Conflict People explores the five types of people who can ruin your life—people with high conflict personalities and how they weave themselves into our lives in romance, at work, next door, at school, places of worship, and just about everywhere, causing chaos, exhaustion, and dread for everyone else.

They are the most difficult of difficult people — some would say they’re toxic. Without them, tv shows, movies, and the news would be boring, but who wants to live that way in your own life!

Have you ever wanted to know what drives them to act this way?

In the It’s All Your Fault podcast, we’ll take you behind the scenes to understand what’s happening in the brain and illuminates why we pick HCPs as life partners, why we hire them, and how we can handle interactions and relationships with them. We break down everything you ever wanted to know about people with the 5 high conflict personality types: narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, antisocial/sociopath, and paranoid.

And we’ll give you tips on how to spot them and how to deal with them.