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Introduction and Discussion of Ike Runner Story
Leafs Goaltending Situation
Potential Trade or Waiving of Goalies
Impact of JT and Mitch's Return
Leafs' Performance and Coaching
Standout Players: Lily and McCabe
William Nylander's Overtime Goal
John Tortorella's Comments on Young Athletes
NHLPA Appealing Morgan Rielly's Suspension
League Updates: LA Kings' Struggles

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Alright, welcome back, welcome back.

In case you missed it, before we start, we
gotta talk about this crazy Ike Runner


Did you catch this one before, there in
the pregame?

I didn't see it during the pregame.

I had seen it pop up on my phone earlier

It was a little bit of a crazy day.

So I never read the article, but you were
talking about it and then they talked

about it later on in the game.

Oh, same.

So I kind of turned on the pregame just in
the last couple of minutes of it to see

the end.

And I kind of could put two and two
together of what had happened, but I

didn't know the whole story.

So I read the article in the athletic from

And what a wild story.

So these two teams prestige worldwide and
the Jaeger bombs like couldn't be more of

a random ass league.

These guys are playing on one of the ranks
at, I guess, the Leafs practice arena.

Can you just rent this?

This is a thing.

I've never looked into it, but I think you
could rent the MassCard Center.

I guess these guys must have had like a
tournament or something going on.

So anyway, Ike shows up and he says he
mentions he said he mentioned he mentioned

seeing the all the players cars were

So they must have just finished practice
and that the ice was all nice as though it

had been zamboni properly and everything.

So they were still in the building that
had left yet.

And a freak accident skate comes up and
slices his throat.

And within a minute, it's like the entire
Leafs medical staff is there helping him


literally saved this guy's life.

Like, who knows what could have happened
otherwise if they had relied on, you know,

first response time to like get an
ambulance over there.

The guy could have bled out.

Like, that's wild.

Oh, yeah, it really makes you think and
the fact that, you know, the game's been

around for well over a hundred years and
we're only really seeing these types of

injuries lately.

Like the first one I ever recall seeing,
obviously there was cuts, but there was

never anything severe until Clint

And then, you know, we had a really good
run after that, right up till Zednik, just

after the lockout.

And then obviously this year has been bad
for it.

Yeah, I don't know if there's anything we
can attribute to it other than bad luck.

Like, I don't know if changes in
equipment, you guys are more confident

when they have more padding on than they
did back in the day to not control their

flailing limbs as much.

I don't know.

It's hard to say.

like, if you took a skate blade from a
skate today and compared it to back in the

day, it's like comparing a katana to a
butter knife, but also the speed of the

game, I think.

what helped Ike's cut not be as bad as it
could have been.

They said because it was so sharp, it was
a clean cut.

Sorry to get graphic, but like, I mean,
that's how these things work.

Like if it was a shitty, dull skate blade
like back in the day, it probably would

have done more damage.

But yeah, I guess the speed does account
for it.

If somebody goes down, they have more
likely a higher chance to have a leg fly

up than they would if they're going half
the speed.


Mm -hmm.

It's freaky.

Freaky deaky deaky.

Bow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

Alrighty, welcome back, welcome back,

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So we had some interesting news come out

Obviously Leafs goaltending has been in

There's been people hurt and we've had
many guys take the net this year.

But the news today was that a fifth locker

was added.

So we have Martin Jones, we have Ilya
Samsonov, we had Dennis Hildeby, we have

Joseph Wall, who is now practicing again,
and Matt Murray.

Where's my button?

Not even that one.


Guys, Matt Murray.

This was like, loophole slash Robi dot

We thought this was to tuck him away for
the year, let the contract run out.

He'll be fine after 12 months of

That's how it's going to go.

But lo and behold, he's back.

We don't know how back he is, but it seems
he could be taking practice soon.

Holy shit.

Yeah, it would definitely be a surprise,
especially when you have, you know, the

lower body history that he has in that
position, but it's definitely doable.

And I think it, if I remember correctly, I
think it was Marty before the season

called it that he'll pull a Kutcher off
and come back for the playoffs, didn't he?

I mean, look, we'll take it, I think.

But it opens up an interesting conundrum
here where you don't have the money to

activate him even if he is healthy.

Yeah, but there's a lot of time for him to
have to rehab.

Like, you figure this is probably the
first time he's been putting skates back


Oh yeah, he might not play this season.

It's definitely a giant question mark.

But look with the medical staff that we
know the Leafs have, look at that Amazon

documentary when we saw him wasn't hooked
up to a literal electronic bone mending


Like these guys will get them back as fast
as they can, I think, unless they really

don't want them to come back as fast as
they can.

But look, it opens up the opportunity

potentially move somebody if he's going to
come back and walls going to come back and

like you you literally have too many

Who do you keep?

with the injury history that we have, do
you have too many goalies?

Well, if they all come - if they're all
healthy at the same time, yeah, you do

have a problem, because you're gonna have
to wave somebody.

Well yeah, so realistically with how it's
been going, I don't think you would want

to gamble with anything more than Joseph
Wall and Ilya Samsonov.

Maybe you hope Jones clears waivers and
you can send them down.

See, I don't think Jones clears waivers

I think a couple months ago he would have,
but because of the opportunity he's gotten

and what he's shown, like there's a lot of
teams looking for at least a backup that

would grab him.

With his last handful of games though, I
don't know.

Because I'm not saying he's been horrible,
but he's been, you know, regressing back

to the mean.

it's fair.

But again, people I think are more likely
to take somebody that they've seen play

games this year than where he was at
before, where it was just a kind of a

roster move.

Yep, no, you're right.

If Trey Living has balls of steel, he
might try and like trade Sammy and

activate Murray or something crazy like

But I think that would be a crazy gamble.

Like I would love the story for Murray to
be able to come back and, you know,

potentially play really well for us in the
playoffs if something happened.

But you can't be expecting that.

We've got basically a week and a half for
Wool and Murray both to get completely

healthy and start playing games before the
deadline for us to be able to make a

confident decision here.

So I don't think that's happening.

Joseph Wool might come back though.

Like that's a definite possibility for the
next week or two, it seems.

So in that case, like I'm still asking, do
you waive?

say Martin Jones and risk it or do you
trade Samson of like trade Jones like

what's the what's the play because I don't
know if you can carry the three of them

and then you've got like if you trust
Hildebe to be the backup in these

emergency situations he can be your third
or fourth guy like he doesn't have to be

the fifth at this point.

I agree with that.

I'm still a little pissed that Keith
hasn't at least given him a game.

Yeah, I don't know why we keep bringing
him here if he's going to sit on the

fucking bench for games that like he could
definitely be playing in.

With how the Leafs have been keeping
opponents to like less than 20 shots a

game, especially when they don't trust
their goaltender, let him have one of

those like we've got Arizona and St.

Louis and.

Like what's the other one?

There's another easy game, but Anaheim
exactly Anaheim or the Coyotes let Hildeby


Yeah, no, I do agree.

He needs to get a game in here and there.

We need to see what we have.

It should have happened earlier in the
season, but I don't want to get into

coaching tonight.

I've been doing that a lot lately.

Yeah, but like, I still think at the end
of the day, Wall's probably our guy going


So as long as he can...

you know, show you or instill in you a
little confidence that he has recovered

from his injury to at least be what he was
earlier this season, then I don't think

you need to do anything too drastic.

No, and I think really what this comes
back to, if you missed our last episode,

is the cupboards pretty bare when it comes
to what the Leafs have to make any moves

at the deadline.

So if you can turn one of these extra
goalies into even a second round pick,

like that opens up a huge opportunity to
bring in somebody for the bottom six that

they desperately need.

Like, oh my God, we're so happy that Bobby
McMahon is the next is like the Seymour

Benoit of the forward group.

Like, great, you're here and you're

Reeves, pack your shit.

McMahon got your spot.

Like this guy is playing his heart out and
kudos to him, but we need somebody like

with a bit of experience back there to
keep it solid.

Well, I think you need a little more
structure really.

Like, McMahon, Greger, Holmberg,
Robertson, like, we have guys who play the

s or who can play the style that you need
to play in that bottom six.

So if we're gonna be using assets, I don't
know if we need to necessarily use assets

to - to reinforce that.

If everybody plays a little more

I just feel like they needed an anchor
back there because it hasn't been camp and

it's not Domey.

Like, I don't know.

Somebody's got to really like drive that

Like, like tell the other two guys, like,
this is what we're doing, you know?

Keith's not gonna play them anyways, even
if you won't get someone.

I just

the most even I think I've ever seen the
ice time for any of the Leaf games this


Well, and I mean, you're also trying to
nurse the fact that two guys are coming

off an illness and couldn't even play the
other day.

So it might be some of that working into

So you can't even give them that much

What I do want to talk about with tonight,
though, is my God, the Leafs were a

completely different team getting JT and
Mitch back.

Like they play so much differently when
they're shorthanded their stars.

Like, I mean, obviously Riley's still
down, but it was night and day.

the team that hit the ice in the first

They've always been like that though.

Like right from the beginning of this
Matthews era, 100%.

Like it'd be a big storyline, oh Matthews
is down, how are the Leafs gonna do?

They're gonna struggle to score and then
they go out and they put up four or five.

Like it's kind of similar to the Penguins.

Anytime Crosby was out, people would worry
and worry and worry and Melkin and LaTang

and everyone else would step up and
there'd be no concerns.


I think that just goes to show that the
players know how they're supposed to play.

Like if they played every game, like they
played the St.

Louis game, now unfortunately I had to
work super late that night, so I couldn't

watch it that night, I had to watch

But that was one of their best games all

Like structure -wise as a team, right?

So they can do it, they just need to do

And that's preparation and commitment


Yeah, I mean, not to dwell too much on the
coaching, but it does seem like there's a

strategy like he knows how to work with a
certain format of team.

But as soon as these guys come back in,
like he doesn't know what to do with them

right now.

And it seems like I don't want to blame
the rest of the guys for, you know, oh,

the stars are back.

Let's phone it in because it literally
seems like they're playing a different

game in a different structure when these
two guys get put back into it.

And it's a game that doesn't work and is
proving it doesn't work the last month and

a half.

So I don't.

I don't know why we're not building on
what works instead of going back to

fucking anyway, not to dwell on coaching.

Like I said, Sammy tonight, not good, not
great, not bad, not great.

Yeah, not horrible, but not great.


a little bit of swimming, he had a couple
decent saves, the one bomb on the power

play late, he did get it with his glove
but he couldn't hold on to it, so like,

better than he was to start the season,
but not how he was before the All -Star

break if we wanted to sum it up.

I'd say the only one that I like back from
him is that second one, the big rebound

that ended up coming back in.

But really, like the fact that the Leafs
gave up a shorthanded goal and two power

play goals, like it's really hard to put
any of it on him.

Holy shit, they were bad, like sloppy game

I mean, the first period was obviously the

The second is all Austin Matthews.

Like, I mean.

Obviously, Mitch was setting him up and
everyone kind of feeds off of that.

But it seemed like in between those little
spurts of Matthew scoring, like two

minutes before he started scoring and two
minutes after the team just deflated.

Yeah, and I couldn't help but think of
previous comments between you and I when

Matthew's got his first goal.

As you always like to say, if he's not
scoring, what are we paying him $12

million for?

And it's like, yep, there's the scoring
that we're talking about.

Just walks in and rifles it.

He made that look so easy.

It didn't even look like he put anything
on those shots.

It was just no celebration.

There it is.

I'm glad he at least smiled when he got
the hat trick.

But like, holy shit, this guy was just a
mutant tonight.

He was scoring pissed.

This was like, I can't believe that I have
to do this alone scoring.

That was the look on his face like, fine,
I'll do it.

You're not wrong.

And then they got a little cute trying to
find him for the fourth goal.


was, oh my God, Mitch, come on.

Don't make a six inch pass.

Like you made it all the way there.

Just take the shot.


He already has the hat trick.

What are you doing?

I could get it if it was like he's going
for the double hat trick or like Sittler's

point record or something like that, but
for just a four goal.

in a game against Philly in February.

Like, don't do this.

Yeah, no exactly.

But some sloppy penalties, I mean, in the
offensive zone, like what is Bertuzzi


Gio with the embellishment there.

I do want to get to that, but like just
some bad penalties.

And they got away with murder before too.

Like there were two missed high sticks
that they showed replays of.

Like, oh my God.

Yeah, the...

Like, I don't blame anything on the
officiating, definitely not for this game.

It was bad play and bad structure by the
Leafs that caused...

that allowed the comeback.

But, um...

Like, Gregor's penalty...

Okay, yeah, he shouldn't have done it, but
Sandheim probably could have got brought.

Yeah, you know, that kind of situation.

You take both of them or you take neither
of them.

Yeah, Philly is really embracing the Broad
Street bullies again this year.

Holy like that fight Benoit.

I know.

I know.

But that that thing with Benoit, I don't
understand how it's not an instigator.

Like if you hit a guy and another guy
comes in and shoves you into the boards,

you can't go anywhere and they start
hitting you.

Like, is that not an instigator penalty?

Deloria got the instigator.

Not on the...


Mm -hmm.

Oh, okay, then I missed that.

I thought that went without one.

Yeah, no, he definitely got the instigator
for that one.

Okay, good.

The other one the embellishment on geo,
like that was probably the most

embellishment embellishment call, but I do
think that they need to be a little more


Like if you're going to call embellishment
ever, then call it like we, we can't say

people are good at drawing penalties, we
can't use the term drawing a penalty if

there's also a penalty for embellishment.

Like if someone taps your foot,

and you fall down and they get called for
tripping, like you're telling me that guy

couldn't have stayed on his feet if he
wanted to, if he really wanted to keep


No, he went down because he drew a penalty
because that's how hockey is played.

That's what we call drawing a penalty.

Well, yes and no.

There's definitely people who are better
at it.

Like Tim Stutsell, for example, he is a
notorious diver to the point that he's got

a reputation for it now.

And then you go to the other end of the
world, the best player in the world,

Connor McDavid draws, I think he's in the
like the bottom five or 10 in the league

for penalties drawn, which is absolutely

Oh, and mean, Crosby went through the same
thing, and mean, Matthews has gone through


It's hard for the stars to draw penalties
because the refs, I think, just figure

that they're always going to be chopped

If you're going to start calling
everything, then it's just going to be


But what I like, OK, I'm not against
diving, getting called if there is no

contact and they're trying to make
something out of nothing.

But if there is a penalty on the other
side, like if it's a

a hooking call and embellishment.

This is a bad example because honestly,
Gio did sell it.

Like if you're what they try to call is
you're showing the ref something and

trying to do their job by being like, oh,
look, he hooked me.

It's like, yeah, I see he fucking hooked

You don't need to act it out.

I'm not blind.

I was going to call it.

But because you did that, you insulted my
intelligence and I'm going to send you to

like that's what it feels like to me.

Yeah, but players would be a lot less apt
to try something like that if the calls

were actually getting made.


This is my point is like, you can't call
embellishment when you're officiating is

so shitty.

Like, it's so inconsistent and like,
naughty, like Department of Player Safety

aside, like just in game, roughing calls,
like we saw, like I said, two high sticks

missed, and then they're gonna call
embellishment on this.

It's like, you have missed things in this
game, I need to make sure that you saw

this happened.

Fucking sue me.

Like, I just.

It's in theory and on paper it makes
sense, but in the context of how this game

is actually officiated, it's almost
impossible to call it accurate.

well especially with the speed of it.

Yeah, and it comes back to all of it or
none of it.

Like, you know, it's it's same with like
this offside review thing, like review all

of them or none of them, you know, the
Matt Duchene thing needs to just be an

outlier at this point.

Like, I'm so done with this.

It should be an outlier, but it also never
should have happened in the first place.


Oh my god.


a tracker in the puck.

I'm done with wasting time.

It's so frustrating.


trackers in the puck, but they can't start
using them accurately because then they

wouldn't be able to call goals back
against the Leafs when it fits their



the Panthers, like it's happened to us.

Yeah, that one that Morgan Reilly
definitely scored.


Anyway, I digress.

I need to breathe, breathe, breathe,

my new meditation button, it gives me 10
seconds to just collect myself and feel

pretty good.

That's what I'm gonna use that for.

That wasn't what it used to be for.

But let's use it for what it is actually
for, who was pretty good tonight.

Um, well, if you take the obvious out of

as we try to do with this segment.

I'm gonna have to say Lily.

We were shitting on him the other night.

And you know what?

He's so far, he's actually stepped up
pretty well in Riley's absence.

And yeah, OK, that's fair.

I'll give him this game was good.

The last one was bad and people were
saying it wasn't.

And I'm like, you didn't watch him then.

I'm going to give it to Kaber because he
has really been the one that's had to step

into Riley's role and take the most
minutes on and going in in overtime like

that, like he's not the person that you
would think the Leafs are going to play


But because of where, you know, Brody and
Geo and Lily's play has been, Timmons is

out like who?

Like we don't have a puck moving

He's like the next closest thing.

So the fact that this guy is kind of
stepping out of his element and still

holding it together, like, I don't know.

I think I give it to McCabe.

Lily's definitely a little more of a puck
mover, but he definitely has not been

playing the greatest this season.

So that's why I had to kinda give the
shout out to him.


And I get that.

I just think for as far as overtime went,
he doesn't have Keith's trust right now to

take that spot.

Which is a little surprising because they
were pointed out on the broadcast too,

Lilly's basically his entire time in North
America he's at Sheldon Keefe as his


Eight straight years.

Yeah, and I feel like guys can fall in and
out of favor, right?

Like you make a couple of mistakes and
they start benching you.

We've seen that with a lot of guys with

Like, I mean, he was laying into knives
tonight and sat him for a shift.

Like that one goal was his fault.




Yeah, I mean, it's one of the things that
I will give Keith.

He's not afraid to, especially now that
Dewis is gone, he hasn't been afraid to

sit guys for shifts and say how he feels
without walking it back.

But, yeah.

Yeah, but if you did it more often it
might actually have an effect.

Like if you actually did it when someone
deserved it, not just when you're trying

to shut the media up.

Well, it seems like he still can't talk
about Mitch, but you know, that's another

story in itself.

Over time, though, William Nylander.

Thank you, sir.

King saves the kingdom, as I said, because
my God, someone needed to.

It was like the deserve to win a meter was
shifting too far the other way.

Like, honestly, it was never in the Leafs
favor except for like that span between

the first and third goal that Matthew

Other than that, I think like.

They were playing pretty sloppy and Philly
took advantage of it a lot.

Sammy saved their asses on a few
breakaways that happened, turnovers out

the ass again.

Like I just.

Oh, Willie, thank you for putting it home.

Core four.

Let's do it.

Well, even all of them in overtime, like
Marner and Matthews, I think they're

starting to kind of realize that, okay,
you know what, the glory would be nice to

get the goal, get the beautiful play, but
they're trying to be a little smarter when

they're trying to go for it.

Because especially with 3 on 3, if you
miss the net, it's pretty much a

guaranteed goal the other way, right?

Because you're always outnumbered.

which is interesting that they let
Nylander shoot it because he is notorious

for either scoring or missing the net

So good on him for hitting it.

Yeah, but he also had nobody on him.

No, but that never matters.

You kidding me?

Like if that was if that was the case,
soccer would have every ball go in the net

all the time.

Players choke when they have wide open

No, but honestly, Nylander and Marner.

Did you come back to that in a sec?

I think from coming back from an illness
like Marner and JT both had pretty good

games, Marner especially.

I didn't notice JT as much, but Marner
with Matthews, they were really buzzing.

Matthew's definitely missed his buddy.

He was not as not as noticeable

It was just him and Newlander the other

So it was good to see back.

But with Ridley Greig, did you see someone
broke down like other types of wide open

net shots you could do instead?

Oh, no, I didn't see that.

Oh my God, I'll maybe try and find it for
the end.

But it was, he had one like the canoe
where you're coming in and you sit on the

puck and like ride it into the open net.

Tiger Williams.

Or if you're coming in and you stop it on
the line and wait for the defender to get

close and then, oh, I almost had it and
tap it in.

Just like every one of them I'm watching,
I'm like, these are all going to get you

jumped in an alley after the game.

Oh, definitely.

Speaking of, did you hear Torz's comments
on it?

Uh, no I didn't.

Okay, so they asked towards about the
situation, which is interesting because I

thought, you know, it's already Thursday.

I don't know why we're asking what John
Tortorella thinks of this from Saturday,


What do you whose side do you think he's

Um, from what I've seen in the past of
Torts, I think he would probably be on

Riley's side.

Like, you don't do that type of thing.

You would be correct.

And his stance was basically that without
naming names, but everyone in the comments

is like, wow, that was very obviously
against one of the two.

He goes on to say that a lot of the young
guys are moving up the ladder too quickly

and thinking that they deserve more
respect than they have.

And they're surrounding themselves with
entourages that are hyping them up too

much and making them think that they're
bigger than.

than they are and guys think that they're
stars before they actually have anything

to prove it.

And I'm like, holy shit, this dude is
ripping Ridley Creek a new one.

Well he, he hated, uh, wasn't it like the,
the Zegress and Sonny Milano goal?

Like the Michigan pass or whatever the
hell they're calling it.

Like he was ripping that.

Cause I think he was a panelist at that
point, was he not?

Yeah, that was his panelist year before
they were like, okay, you are out of


We're gonna go a different direction.

Thanks for trying though.

Oh my god, I can't spell Ridley Greig.

Oh, there's no E, that's why.

on one hand, I guess you don't want to
pull like a Patrick Stephane, but yeah.

We talked about it the other day, you
still can't do that.

He said I guess the thing with the young
athletes is sometimes you have to wait

your turn, right?

As far as gaining respect and not wanting
everything right now and not expecting

everything right now as far as ice time as
far as your contract whatever it may be

sometimes it's good to just wait your turn
and earn it.

I think that's where athletes have

They have entourages around them that I
think direct them the wrong way.

The hierarchy of a room, the hierarchy of
what it is to be a pro, the process you

have to go through as a pro I think has
lost a little bit with the athlete now and

it's something I miss terribly in being in
the league for so long.

Seeing where it's gone now.

Great athletes, great skill, great speed,
but the mental and understanding what it

is to be a pro and respecting the National
Hockey League.

That's where I have some struggles.

Holy shit, Torts.

Well said.

That's somebody who I just said out of
touch and removed from the panel, just

dropping bombs.


Meanwhile, did you see the Morgan Criley

Oh yeah, the one you posted in our group

Yeah, so it's actually a, here.

Somebody posted it in the Leafs Reddit.

It's actually a friend of a friend, I'll
say, who is the one who makes these, which

is pretty funny.

Where's my button?

How do I share this screen?

How do I share my screen?

Share screen.

If you all haven't seen this.

So if you know,

Brian believes who does all the doodles
and comics and drawings of leaf games.

There is Doodle and Darryl, who basically
does the same thing for the sense.

And he made this shirt.

So on our side, we've got Joey Ferg making
motorious and they made Morgan Criley.

Like, get the fuck out of here.

It's so good.

And like the NHL posting the the
Valentine's Day card that says with like

Ridley Greig, it says, I'll shoot my shot

It's honestly I like what it's done for
the entertainment of the game.

Like it's gotten people talking about the
right things.

And on the other side of it, I guess we
could talk about the NHLPA appealing

Morgan Riley suspension today, which is
something that Southey and I said we

probably wouldn't see happen just because
it's five games.

I mean, it's usually takes that long of a
process anyway.

But hey, if it means you get some money

Apparently, Dra - Yeah, cause he needs the

Apparently, Drager was saying that
Betman's expedited the process.


So, they're thinking that if it does get,
you know, dropped at all, then he might be

good to go for, I think they said,
Wednesday's game.

So that would end up being what three

Four, okay.

So even if he misses four games and Betman
reduces it to three, he would get the

money from that fourth game back, which is
what the PA wants to do, because it's

their job to have a resume that they've
always fought for their guys.

And you know what?

Marty Walsh is having a good year, so I'll
let him keep going for the dubs.


We might have Riley back.

Is that the Anaheim game?

I know who we're playing.

Anaheim's Saturday.

Wednesday should be Arizona.

Yeah, Mondays blues, Wednesdays, Arizona.

Yeah, it would be nice to have him back
before we go Golden Knights, Avalanche

Golden Knights, so he gets like some reps
in after missing a week, but wishful


We'll see.

Anything else happen?

Any other things?

What else is going on?

Um, I've been really swamped at work so I
haven't been following much more than the

Leafs lately.

But you know, everything's picking up in
the league a little bit.

We talked last night about LA being on an
absolute downfall.

They lost 7 -0 the other day.

I mean, we looked at the numbers.

They're not as bad as you would think.

Like, they've lost, I think...

I think they've won 4 of 12 or something.

Like, it's not good, but it's the way
they're losing, 7 -0, 5 -1.

Like, they're getting absolutely caved in.

They can't score.

They have no goaltending.

Like it's that's kind of the story right
now, at least for for me.

Dallas just beat Nashville nine to two.

Holy Frig.

And Jamie Ben has donuts.

Thanks, you useless plug.


Anytime I'm looking for for news, I just
go to fantasy and something will pop up.

But yeah, nine to.



Louis beat Edmonton 6 -3.

That's pretty embarrassing.

Yeah, thanks Skinner.



Well, I think that's it then.

We'll just keep it a quick one and then
we'll be back on Saturday.

And, you know, maybe we'll have more of
the gang and do a full play some games.


I think that works.


All right, we out of here.

If there's a game that you want to have us
play send in some requests.

We'll do some I'll write a couple and you
can pick your faves.



and TikTok.

Man, TikTok is crazy.

I'm just ending on this.


Algorithm wise, I have for this, for our
show, our Instagram is at 500 and

something followers.

I posted a reel.

It got six plays.


In that same amount of time, I posted that
same thing to TikTok where we have six

followers and it got 1200 plays in that
same five minute span.

I do not understand that fucking algorithm
on TikTok.

It is nuts.