Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020

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Should we aggressively go after the market?

Show Notes

Jon and Justin are wrestling with thoughts about growth:
  • "Our current rate of growth is nice: it feels sustainable." – Justin
  • "It feels less sustainable for me, because I'm working a full-time job." – Jon
  • We’re able to keep up with demand, and enjoy the process.
  • There are all these stories about folks whose companies are growing like crazy. They’re just always adding more people, more process, more stress. Do we want that?
  • Peldi tells this story about starting Balsamiq. He said his launch was like “holding on to a rocket ship with his fingernails.”
  • Some folks would say we should be capturing more of the market. There’s this idea that you can’t be satisfied with what you have. That you have to juice every bit of growth you can.
  • But then you’re building all of these dependencies that you have to keep up even when the market goes down.

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What is Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020?

Can you bootstrap a profitable startup in 2020? Thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to launch their own web apps. But with so many venture-backed startups now, is it still possible? Follow Jon and Justin as they build their podcasting SaaS,