My Studio - Mikroyrittäjän podcast

Starting a business is easy in Finland, but there are many things involved that are good to know before setting up a company. Why should you write a business plan? Which networks should you take part in? Do you have to learn Finnish to gain success? These and other first steps of a beginning entrepreneur are discussed by entrepreneur and Project Specialist Pamela Spokes and Network Manager (Migrant, young and creative entrepreneur networks) Sari Laitinen from Suomen Yrittäjät. Hosted by Markus Rytinki from Micro-entrepreneurship Center MicroENTRE.

What is My Studio - Mikroyrittäjän podcast?

Tämä on mikroyrittäjyyden verkko-opintojen MyStudio podcast -sarjan toinen tuotantokausi, jossa tavataan yrittäjiä, professoreita ja muita vaikuttajia keskustelemassa mikroyritysten johtamisesta.