Morning Motivation for Educators

In this episode, I discuss the importance of fulfilling our spirit's needs: connection, contribution, and growth. I encourage listeners to seek more of these in their lives and offer resources for support. Let's prioritize our soul's fulfillment.

Show Notes

In this episode, Candace Nas, a physical therapist, wellness coach, lifelong Christian, and mother of six, discusses the importance of fulfilling the needs of our spirit: connection, contribution, and growth. She highlights how humans are designed to seek these three vital things for their happiness and well-being, as well as for the progression of our species. Candace expresses gratitude for the ability to fill our souls with abundance by participating in retreats, conferences, events, courses, and programs that provide opportunities for connection, contribution, and growth. She reflects on recent speaking events and clients completing their courses and acknowledges how each experience was connected to these three pillars. Candace encourages listeners to seek more connection, contribution, and growth in their own lives through various means such as taking courses, listening to podcasts, or finding ways to feed their spirit's desire to grow. She emphasizes that just as our physical bodies have basic needs, our spirits also have vital needs, and fulfilling those needs can lead to greater fulfillment in life. Candace challenges listeners to intentionally fulfill these needs throughout the week and offers her courses and podcast, "Design for Greatness with Candace," as resources for those looking for more connection, contribution, or growth. She expresses gratitude for her listeners and believes in their ability to fulfill their own soul's needs.

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On this show, educators get a daily dose of inspiration helping them do the most important job in the world, helping students become amazing adults. You’ll hear from a variety of formal and informal educators who help put this podcast together. If you’d like to contribute your voice to this show, please go to Morning Motivation E D U dot com to apply. 37 Connection, Contribution and Growth Candice Noss.vtt